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December 07, 2017 - 4:34 am


NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. (AP) - A Pennsylvania gas station is testing whether blue lights in bathrooms can discourage drug use by making it difficult for people to see their veins. The Sheetz gas station chain has installed the lights at its New Kensington location as a pilot project. A Sheetz spokesman says the company is working with local police on the initiative. Nick Ruffner says the lighting is designed to help customers and employees "avoid dangerous situations." He says it's being tested at that store "for the time being." New Kensington resident Nathan Murray Sinicki tells WPXI-TV the bathroom's blue hue is jarring at first. But he says if the unorthodox deterrent is found to work he supports it.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco could have recreational weed for sale the first week of January under legislation signed by San Francisco's mayor. Mayor Ed Lee has approved legislation that sets up a permitting system and dictates where future pot shops can be located. San Francisco will not be ready for sales on New Year's Day when recreational weed becomes legal statewide, but more than 40 city outlets already authorized to sell medical marijuana could start selling adult-use pot Jan. 6 if they meet local and state requirements.


TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - The little blue pill that's helped millions of men in the bedroom is turning white. Drugmaker Pfizer is launching its own cheaper generic version of Viagra rather than lose most sales when the impotence pill gets its first generic competition next week. Pfizer Inc. will begin selling the white pill at half the $65-a-pill retail price on Monday, when its patent-protected monopoly ends. Generic maker Teva Pharmaceuticals can start selling its version then, but isn't disclosing the price. Many more generics go on sale next summer, which will steadily slash the price of generics, possibly by 90 percent.


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The body of murder mastermind Charles Manson was barely cold when relatives and longtime associates started bidding for his remains and belongings. Their plans have not been divulged, but some fear they might create a shrine for those who are still fascinated by the man behind the bizarre celebrity slayings that terrorized Los Angeles nearly a half-century ago. The value of Manson's belongings — said to include music, artwork, writings and at least two guitars — is unclear. But probate attorneys said the real value of his estate could be in controlling the use of his image and the power to authorize any biographies or documentaries.


WASHINGTON (AP) — With a bill like a duck but teeth like a croc's, a swanlike neck and killer claws, a new dinosaur species uncovered by scientists looks like something Dr. Seuss could have dreamed up. It also had flippers like a penguin, and while it walked like an ostrich it could also swim. That's the first time swimming ability has been shown for a two-legged, meat-eating dinosaur. The tiny creature, only about 18 inches tall, roamed 75 million years ago in what is now Mongolia. Its full curled-up skeleton was found in a sandstone rock. A paleontologist who co-authored the journal Nature's study on the creature says its mashup body let it run and hunt on the ground and fish in fresh water.


015-c-26-(Seth Borenstein (BOR'-ehn-styn), AP science writer)-"it was real"-AP correspondent Seth Borenstein reports that paleontolgists have unveiled a tiny dinosaur whose bizarre attributes may have helped it hunt both on land and under water. ((note length)) (7 Dec 2017)

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016-c-22-(Seth Borenstein (BOR'-ehn-styn), AP science writer)-"ostrich on land"-AP correspondent Seth Borenstein reports that a new dinosaur recovered in a fossil from Mongolia looks like something Dr. Seuss glued together. (7 Dec 2017)

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ROME (AP) - Christmastime Nativity scenes usually feature donkeys, cows and sheep. That could help explain the interest generated when divers mounted a creche in the shark tank of the aquarium in the Italian Adriatic city of Cattolica. The sharks who call the Cattolica Aquarium home - a 10-foot-long sand tiger shark named Brigitte and her fellow tank-mates, closely inspected the work this week as divers installed the ceramic tiled Nativity scene on an underwater column. Italy is famous for its "presepe," the hand-crafted Nativity scenes that often take over entire Italian living rooms at Christmastime.

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