North Carolina COVID-19 Cases Show No Sign Of Slowing

WBT Newsroom
June 24, 2020 - 7:14 pm

More than 1,700 additional COVID-19 cases were reported in North Carolina on Wednesday, for a total of 56,174. Approximately 17,000 tests were conducted Tuesday, with 8% testing positive. That’s down slightly from the previous day. Another 20 coronavirus-related deaths were reported, for a total of 1,271.

After reaching a record high the previous day, COVID-19 hospitalizations dropped slightly, but remain over 900. A reduction of 9 brought the current total to 906. A month ago 587 people were hospitalized. Mecklenburg County has had 9,333 cases, up 247 from the previous day.

More than half of North Carolina coronavirus-related deaths have been in nursing homes and residential care facilities. There have been 4,294 cases and 646 deaths in nursing homes, with 1,191 cases and 108 deaths in residential care facilities. There are 108 ongoing outbreaks at nursing homes, and 62 in residential care facilities. Mecklenburg County currently has 15 nursing home outbreaks and 8 residential care facility outbreaks.

Both North Carolina and South Carolina were among the states with high coronavirus infection rates whose residents will be asked to go into quarantine if they want to visit New York, Connecticut or New Jersey. The governors of the three states announced what was presented as a travel advisory that will quarantine travelers for two weeks from the time of last contact within one of the identified states. Enforcement will vary by state.

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