COVID-19 Cases Continue To Increase As NC Mask Mandate Goes Into Effect

WBT Newsroom
June 26, 2020 - 12:22 pm

(AP Photo/Mic Smith)

Over the past 10 days, 8 of them have seen at least 1,000 new COVID-19 cases in North Carolina. The state health department Friday reporting an additional 1,635 cases for a total of 58,818. This as North Carolina’s face mask requirement takes effect Friday at 5 p.m.

There were 13 additional deaths, and 892 total. The positive test rate Thursday was 10%, up from the previous day. The number of coronavirus-related hospitalizations was up 1 to 892.

Mecklenburg Country health officials Friday reported 9,320 COVID-19 cases and 147 deaths among county residents. Hospitalizations continue to increase, with average of 134 people with coronavirus hospitalized in Mecklenburg County acute care facilities, up over the past 14 days. The positive test rate was 10.3% during the past week, a slight decrease over the last 14 days.

Most of the 147 deaths in Mecklenburg County were among those 60 and older, with 16 deaths among those 40 to 59. All deaths except two occurred in adults with chronic underlying illnesses. Nearly 2 out of 3 deaths were connected to active outbreaks at long-term care facilities experiencing an outbreak.

The United States now has had more than 2.4 million COVID-19 cases and over 124,000 deaths. Brazil’s number of cases has climbed to more than 1.2 million followed by Russia with over 619,000 cases, India with nearly 500,000 cases and the United Kingdom with over 309,000 cases.

New York has had the most cases in the U.S. with over 390,000 followed by California with more than 200,000, New Jersey with over 170,000, Illinois with nearly 140,000 and Texas with over 130,000 cases. North Carolina has the 14th highest number of cases, and is the 9th most populous state. Montana has the fewest cases in the U.S. with just over 800, followed by Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, Wyoming and West Virginia.

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