"Next Manhertz Up"

Jim Szoke
September 21, 2017 - 7:12 am

USA Today Images

In the NFL, the phrase "next man up" of course refers to a back-up player being promoted due to the player in front of him getting injured.

In the Panthers case, 8-year veteran Ed Dickson becomes the starter for Pro Bowl player Greg Olsen at tight end, which leads to a chain reaction.

Ed Dickson is now Greg Olsen, so Chris Manhertz is Ed Dickson and Alex Armah is promoted from the practice squad to be Chris Manhertz, and to go one further Keyarris Garrett takes the spot of Alex Armah on practice squad.

Manhertz was somewhere in there, and will likely see more snaps as the Panthers host New Orleans this Sunday on WBT.  He played for the Saints part of last season, and I talked to him about his new responsibilities as everybody moves up a notch for the next two months or so.


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