Funeral Home Raises Eyebrows With Estate Sale: Vintage Playboys, Naked Baby Dolls, One Nightgown

May 12, 2020 - 10:42 am

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No one knows what goes on behind closed doors: It's true in relationships, offices, and ... funeral homes.

Any doubt? The Krot Funeral Home in Hamtramck, a suburb right outside Detroit, has been in business since 1935 and later this week it is hosting a massive sale of items in an online estate sale as it closes the doors forever.

There's a lot of things you would expect for a funeral home... such as holy pictures, candle holders, kneelers... even caskets and an electric organ. Chairs, lamps, and antique furniture are also being offered. 

But, some of the more unusual items that caught attention on social media include collectible plates, vintage Playboy magazines, and random naked dolls. 

A pair of cherub lamps will set you back $125, a Hammond organ goes for $450, a velvet-draped kneeler for the more adventurous home decorator is $400.

Meanwhile, a pile of naked plastic baby dolls are going for $10, boxes of slippers are $5 each and vintage Playboys are a reasonable-sounding $2.50. One has Anna Nicole Smith on the cover.

Among the oddities in the auction, there's a single pink nightgown, oven mitts emblazoned with the funeral home's name and address. and a $150 marble slab, which we're guessing no one wants in the kitchen after its origin is exposed.  Of course, coffins and urns -- presumably empty -- are in the mix too.

In the market for any of the above? The online estate sale for Krot Funeral Home runs this Saturday through next Tuesday. See the auction HERE.

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