WBT Remembers: Hurricane Hugo at 30

Bo Thompson's Century Podcast

Bo Thompson
September 20, 2019 - 8:22 am

“Russell and Flynn” hosted mornings on WBT from 1987-1990, and were on the air on September 22, 1989, as the powerful storm made landfall in South Carolina and then took an unexpected detour through Charlotte. The damage totaled $464 million in NC alone, including the loss of 4800 trees in our local community. Many people lost power for several weeks. 

Don Russell calls it “the greatest day in the 47 years that I spent on the radio… because we saved people’s lives.”

James K. Flynn still gets choked up when he thinks about a listener who told him she was huddled in her basement with her two young children on the night Hugo ripped through the city. Her husband was out of town and the young family was terrified. As trees crashed outside, all they had was a flashlight and transistor radio. When she heard WBT, she “knew everything was going to be ok.”

For the first time in 30 years, the morning duo reunites to tell the legendary story of a storm that changed a city… and a radio station. 

WBT presents… Bo Thompson’s Century Podcast, Episode 2: Hugo at 30 with Russell & Flynn.
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