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Brett Jenson/WBT reporter

Election Update: What's Happening In Charlotte

Brett Jensen
November 07, 2018 - 11:58 am

The much anticipated and talked about midterm election came and went with a couple of surprises, expected results and some things yet to be determined.

The congressional race in the 9th district between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready wound up being as close as many prognosticators had predicted, with Harris holding roughly a 2,000 vote lead with 99.15% of the precincts reporting. That will surely mean the McCready camp will ask for a recount, which also means it could be weeks before an actual winner is declared.

Two other races, both involving seats in the N.C. Senate, came down to the final hours, with one of them also most likely headed for a recount.

Republican Dan Bishop eventually pulled away from democratic challenger Chad Stachowicz and won 53% to 47%. However, it is the race between incumbent Bill Brawley, a Republican, and Democrat challenger Rachel Hunt, the daughter of former governor Jim Hunt, that appears to still be up for grabs.

With 100% percent of the 17 precincts in Mecklenburg County in, the difference between the two is a scant 52 votes.

The County Commissioner races did see that “blue wave,” as all three incumbent Republicans lost their seats to upstart Democrats, which stunned most political pundits.

Elaine Powell easily beat Jim Puckett by a count of 56% to 44%, while Susan Rodriguez McDowell beat Bill James 51.76% to 48.24%. Susan Harden narrowly beat Matthew Ridenhour 50.63% to 49.37%. A recount is likely in order.

In the six state constitution amendments on the ballot, the votes went completely as expected, with the only two amendments not passing were the ones that tried to strip power away from the governor involving the selection of judges. The most famous of the amendments, the Voter Photo ID amendment, passed rather easily.

All three of the City of Charlotte bonds passed by a 70% to 30% margin.

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