New CMS Superintendent Opens Up About Metal Detectors and His Late Mom

Brett Jensen
August 13, 2019 - 3:11 pm

WBT reporter Brett Jensen had a chance to sit down with new CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston, and they talked about many issues surrounding the nation’s 17th largest school district, which has some 148,000 students.

The two talked about Winston's relationship with the previous Superintendent Clayton Wilcox, what he brings to the table by not being a prototypical superintendent, as well as security measures to help ensure the students will be safe at school.

At the end, Winston opens up about his late mother and a letter she wrote to him while he was a freshman at Ohio Wesleyan University nearly 30 years ago and how he used it for motivation in a meeting with the 400 new CMS teachers starting this school year.   

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