GRAPHIC VIDEO: Officer Involved Shooting of Danquirs Franklin at the Burger King in North Charlotte

April 15, 2019 - 3:50 pm


The raw video from the body cam of CMPD officer Wende Kerl, who shot and killed Danquirs Franklin in late March in a North Charlotte Burger King parking lot, was released to the public Tuesday afternoon.

The video clearly shows Franklin squatting between cars in the parking lot of the restaurant. He was beside an open door on the passenger side of one of the cars, which had a person sitting in the passenger seat. The driver side door of the other car was closed.

The officers on the scene had Franklin surrounded and yelled at him more than 20 times to drop the gun he was holding.

He finally responded, “I heard you the first time.”

However, he didn’t drop the gun.

Just before Kerl fired two shots, he moves his right hand forward from his body, while holding the gun. At that moment, Kerl fires two shots, causing Franklin to slump against the open car door.

Kerl immediately radios in to dispatch that shots had been fired and that she pulled the trigger.

At that moment, Kerl moves forward and picks up a pistol off the pavement from beside Franklin, who was laying facedown.

Police responded to the Burger King at 2601 Beatties Ford Rd., after police received multiple 911 calls on the morning of March 25 saying a man was in the restaurant with a gun.

Franklin was transported to Atrium Health, where he was later pronounced dead.


Mark Garrison and Joe Gillespie analyzes the video frame by frame..

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