The Best Moments From All Or Nothing

Jason Huber
July 22, 2019 - 3:52 pm

From starting the season 6-2 to losing seven straight games, Amazon Prime's season four of All Or Nothing featured every high and low from the Carolina Panthers 2018 season. 

There was cursing, crying, drinking games, phone calls, injuries, funny quotes and plenty of emotions throughout the eight-episode documentary but there were some moments that stood out above the rest. 

Here is a look at the best eight moments from season four of All Or Nothing: 

1. Ron Rivera's Halftime Speech During The Steelers Game 

If anyone had any questions about Rivera's capability of being hard enough on his players, those concerns were put to rest. 

When the Panthers were down big against Pittsburgh in Week 10, Rivera cursed out the locker room trying to motivate the team. Boy, he was upset. 

Rivera was seen challenging rookie cornerback Donte Jackson after getting beat by Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and reiterated that Pittsburgh's history is winning and the team has to challenge them more.

Obviously, there was a lot more language than just that. The rant was around a minute long and the F-word was said A LOT. 

The scene can be seen at 42:20 of episode five. 

2. Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly Facetime Josh Norman

This scene has been one of the most talked about in the entire documentary. Newton and Kuechly called up former teammate and current Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman before their Week 6 matchup. 

One of the first things Kuechly said to their old friend, Norman was "You look kind of fat right now." 

Newton laughed and chimed in that Norman looked fat on Dancing With The Stars, too. 

The scene continued with all three players making jokes and laughing with each other. 

The conversation ended with Norman asking if tight end Greg Olsen would be playing this week after being injured the first few weeks of the season.

Kuechly replied "No." Olsen was indeed coming back that week so Kuechly was bluffing but Newton continued the joke saying "Damn, bro! Whose team are you on?!" to act like Kuechly exposed the Panthers game plans. 

This scene can be seen at 10:16 in Episode 4. 

3. Devin Funchess Gets Emotional 

The now former wide receiver received a lot of criticism during the 2018 season due to his poor play and dropped passes but with the Panthers Week 11 game looming against Funchess' hometown team, Detroit, viewers get to see a raw scene of Funchess talking to Rivera and quarterbacks coach Scott Turner about a confrontation he had with Turner in Week 3. 

Funchess apologized to Turner letting him know that his cousin was killed that week and he hasn't taken things for granted anymore. 

"I just like to play ball, that's it. I ain't mean that shit," an emotional Funchess said. 

Rivera then takes Funchess to the sideline and extends the conversation letting him know that if he ever needs to open up that he is always there for him.

Funchess continued to struggle against Detroit and is later seen receiving a pep-talk from Newton about how good of a player he can be if he doesn't get in his head. 

This can be seen at 5:05 in Episode 6. 

4. Donte Jackson's Rookie Growing Pains

According to his Twitter account, Jackson was not happy with how he was portrayed in the documentary. 

Jackson had a solid rookie year with four interceptions but also had a lot of mistakes like most rookies do. 

Jackson was highlighted prior the team's Thursday Night Football matchup against the Steelers as veteran defensive backs Mike Adams and Captain Munnerlyn were seen trying to motivate Jackson.

Adams said Jackson has a lot of potential but can't continue making the same repetitive mistakes. 

"I need you to lock-in. The picks are starting to hide it but they can't hide from us because we're on the field," Adams said. 

Jackson responded by saying he's his own biggest critic and they need to relax. 

Jackson was seen having a similar conversation with assistant secondary coach Jeff Imamura in the episode. Imamura was let go later in the season.

This can be seen at 26:56 in Episode 5. 

5. The Emotion Of Ryan Kalil's Final Weeks 

Longtime center, Kalil was seen crying in the team meeting room after the team's Week 15 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

This was an emotional scene because Kalil entered the season hoping the team could make one last playoff run before he retired.

After 11 seasons in Carolina, Kalil was at first seen sharing a moment with linebacker Thomas Davis after the team's loss to Tampa Bay in Week 13.

Before Carolina's Week 15 game against New Orleans, Kalil gave a motivational pep talk to the offensive line. 

Following the loss, Kalil tells Rivera "I'm sorry" in an emotional exchange. 

This can be seen at 4:12 in Episode 8.

6. Luke Kuechly Studies Film And It Pays Off 

Ahead of Carolina's Week 5 matchup against the New York Giants, Kuechly is seen late at night studying film on Giants rookie running back Saquon Barkley. 

"If I could maybe make two or three tackles based off what you've watched you never know how that can affect things," Kuechly said. 

Kuechly took note of a crossing play and later in the episode, Kuechly shouted to linebacker Shaq Thompson "Here's our play!" and Thompson stops Barkley. 

Kuechly studying film can be seen at 14:13 in Episode 3 and the play from Thompson is at 23:19. 

7. Efe Obada's Emotional Journey

By now, we have all heard about Obada's journey from being trafficked in London to working his way through the NFL's International Pathway Program. 

But it was very cool to see an even deeper look featured in the documentary. 

In Episode 2 viewers get to see a closer look at Obada's breakout game versus Cincinnatti and later on watch him travel to London during the team's Bye Week and reunite with his former teammates. 

Obada's story starts at 18:30 in Episode 2 and his trip home at 35 minutes.

8. Anything Cam Newton

Newton was by-far the star of the documentary and deservingly so. Newton brought humor and leadership in addition to the hardship of his shoulder injury later in the season. 

The show immediately starts with Newton attempting to play Beyonce' at practice and continues with scenes of Newton getting a haircut discussing the team's goals, talking with his stylist about playing good and looking good gets you paid good and an early morning bike ride on the way to practice. 

After Newton gets his shoulder reinjured by Steelers linebacker TJ Watt, Newton blames himself for turning the wrong way while attempting the pass. 

When Newton was shut down for the final two weeks of the season he embraces quarterback Taylor Heinicke and takes his shoulder surgery with pride. 

Other notable moments: 

Our own Jim Szoke can be heard in voiceovers throughout the documentary 

The Eric Reid signing ( Episode 3) 

David Tepper's pep talk with the team (Episode 8) 
Tepper was a huge part of this show and brought a lot of fun moments

Greg Olsen's foot injuries (Episode 1 and 7) 

Steve Smith Sr. talking with Newton and DJ Moore about fantasy football (Episode 4) 

Julius Peppers visits Hurricane Florence survivors (Episode 2) 


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