Pat McCrory Has Words For Gov. Cooper About His Stance on Cooperating With ICE

The Pat McCrory Show w/ Bo Thompson
August 21, 2019 - 12:34 pm

 House Bill 370, a Bill which requires local sheriffs to honor US Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainment requests, passed in North Carolina yesterday with a vote of 63 in favor and 52 opposed. 

Former NC Governor Pat McCrory says that he would sign that Bill immediately, but fears that current Governor Roy Cooper will not do the same.

Governor Roy Cooper shared the following comment on HB 370:

"As the former top law enforcement officer in our state, I know that current law allows us to lock up and prosecute dangerous criminals regardless of immigration status. This bill isn’t about that--in addition to being unconstitutional, it’s about scoring political points and using fear to divide us."

McCrory addressed Cooper directly on his WBT radio show, "You don't seem to care about the victims of crime, you seem to care about political points."

McCrory continued to reference cases cited by ICE of illegal immigrants who have been released in NC, including some arrested for sexual assault on minors.

McCrory also said "Not only have you and your party gone so far left that a school system in Mecklenburg County has allowed an individual who had taken indecent liberties with children to work in our school system, we didn't do the proper background check and we didn't care that this person was an illegal immigrant."

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