Pat McCrory: When Will the NBA Boycott China Like it Did to Charlotte in 2016?

The Pat McCrory Show w/ Bo Thompson
October 08, 2019 - 2:00 pm

Chinese state-run television network CCTV has suspended the current broadcast arrangements for the NBA’s preseason games in China.

This is in response to a tweet by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey in which he showed support for the anti-government protests in Hong Kong.

Pat McCrory had dealings with what he describes as "The moral high ground of the NBA" in the past. 

In 2016 when McCrory was Governor of North Carolina, the NBA boycotted the state and a scheduled Charlotte All-Star game as a protest to NC House Bill 2, a law dealing with individual's rights to use the bathroom of the gender to which they identify. 

McCrory says that he was told in a private conversation "We don't really cae about this issue (HB2)'s costing us money".

McCrory said "Nike makes all of it's shoes in China in near slave labor conditions and you say nothing, yet you boycotted our state and interfered with our election by expressing your political opinions without stating your opinion about other countries"

The former Governer is questioning the NBA and some of it's biggest stars, "When are you going to boycott China?"

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