Pat McCrory Show: Mark Harris In Studio / House District 103 / Top 5, from the Speeches!

The Pat McCrory Show w/ Bo Thompson
January 09, 2019 - 10:42 am

Mark Harris shares the "escape" from the gov't center story.  "I screwed up", a rookie error, and I'm new at this thing.   Mark Garrison joins in.  House District 103 is now in the news.  Garrison shares the story…300 absentee ballots) that were accepted yet should have be rejected. Should Rachael Hunt be certified today?  The Bill Brawley/Rachael Hunt race and the not legal "absentee ballots".  A group, the NC Values Coalition are now saying she should not take office.....we have a song….Foreigners "Hot Blooded", got a fever of 103!


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