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© Sarah Phillips

Eric Trump: Kamala Harris Is A Great Pick If You Want N.C. To Resemble San Francisco

The Pat McCrory Show w/ Bo Thompson
August 12, 2020 - 10:06 am

Pat McCrory and Bo Thompson spoke to President Trump's son Eric Trump Wednesday morning, following the news regarding Kamala Harris and the 2020 Democratic ticket. 

McCrory asked Trump to share his thoughts on the addition of Harris, to which he replied "if you want North Carolina, or you want, you know, our country to resemble San Francisco... she's a perfect VP pick."

Trump confidently expressed that Harris would be at the helm instead of Joe Biden, saying "make no mistake, she's going to be the president" if Biden wins. Trump went on to question the competence of the former VP, rhetorically asking "I mean Biden can't get through a sentence, right?"

Thompson asked Trump about the Republican response now that the Democratic ticket is set. Trump replied "I don't think she got off to a good start yesterday. I don't think she had that kind of, you know, unbelievable opening scene that she thought she was going to have." 

Trump closed out the interview by saying "people are sick and tired of these career politicians, Biden's been in office longer than I've been alive."

Full interview below. 


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