McCrory: How Dare You Nancy Pelosi?

The Pat McCrory Show w/ Bo Thompson
January 10, 2020 - 2:19 pm

In a press conference question and answer session, Nancy Pelosi made an anology comparing high ranking US officials to Iranian General Quesam Soleimani.

Pelosi said "If the United States had a high level, maybe the second most important person in the country assassinated wherever, The United States may consider that an assault on our country......and the Iranians might as well."

Pat McCrory voiced his disapproval of this analogy calling it a false comparison.

McCrory points out that Soeimani was "a known terrorist who has put road-side bombs in the middle of road and maimed hundreds of US soldiers and coordinated an attack on the US embassy in Iraq just a few weeks ago."

"How dare Nancy Pelosi compare the killing of this general with them possible killing a powerful United States leader, there is no comparison."

McCrory concluded his point by encouraging other Democratic leaders to condemn the remarks as well.

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