Pat McCrory tells CNN Voters will determine who played politics on reopening NC

The Pat McCrory Show w/ Bo Thompson
May 21, 2020 - 2:28 pm

 Pat McCrory appeared on CNN Thursday morning and discussed how politics have gotten involved in North Carolina’s reopening plans. 

"Voters are going to be determining between now and November who played politics with the decisions," the state’s former Governor told the network. "Both good and bad politics."

McCrory told the network that the planned republican convention, currently scheduled for August in Charlotte, is likely why North Carolina’s reopening has become such a political focal point.

WATCH the interview with CNN HERE 

"North Carolina is a purple state. It could go either way," McCrory told CNN. ”If President Trump loses North Carolina, he probably loses the presidency, so it is extremely important to the Republicans and the President to make sure we get our message across and the convention is a major part of messaging."

Adding fuel to that fire, McCrory said, is the fact that the state has a Democratic Governor, Roy Cooper. 

"The dilemma you have is that Democrats in our state and our city may be making a decision for Republicans on whether or not a convention will be held," McCrory said. "There will be suspicion regardless as to whether that was a political decision or a science decision."

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