"They Want to Impeach Him Because They Cannot Defeat Him"

Recapping Diamond and Silk's Pre-Impeachment Hearing Views

December 02, 2019 - 3:06 pm

On October 28-29 famed Social Media Influencers and Political Vloggers Diamond and Silk joined Brett Jensen in the WBT Studio for 2 days of radio unlike WBT has ever seen. 

These 2 outspoken sisters had the phone lines lighting up like a runway and WBT social media buzzing at a record pace.

The ladies came on the air and told the story of thier rise to national prominence as vocal and loyal supporters of Donald J. Trump.

Their appearance gave WBT listeners some moments they're not likely to forget and some great catch phrases too, like "quiet as a mouse peeing on cotton".

While their appearance happened before the Impeachment hearings were under way, Diamond and Silk still had strong opinons on the matter.


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