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© Mark Emmert

Josh Parcell: "Bizarre" For The B1G To Release Schedules, Only To Make Cancellation Plans

The Bo Thompson Morning Show
August 11, 2020 - 12:08 pm

WFNZ's Josh Parcell joined Bo Thompson Tuesday on WBT's Morning News following rumors of a canceled 2020 football season for the Big Ten Conference. Only two schools voted in favor of the 2020 season on Monday, and an official announcement is expected from the Big Ten Tuesday afternoon.

Parcell expressed a lack of confidence in the viability of a season for college football overall, but doesn't "think those decisons should be happening on August tenth or eleventh."

Thompson asked if other power conferences, such as the Atlantic Coast and Southeastern Conferences, would follow suit. "First of all, those conferences, they're not bound to follow whatever the Big Ten does," Parcell replied, "but I think being patient in this case is the right way to go."

Parcell closed by discussing the impact this could all have on the NFL. "If college football doesn't happen, the NFL could take over that real estate... you could absolutely see some Panthers games and other games around the NFL" on Saturdays, the WFNZ host remarked.

Full interview below!


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