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© Ryan Garza

Kenny Smith & Tricia Cotham React To Kamala Harris Pick

The Election Night Duo Joined WBT's Morning News

The Bo Thompson Morning Show
August 13, 2020 - 4:15 pm

Bo Thompson spoke to guests Tricia Cotham and Kenny Smith Wedneday on WBT's Morning News.

Cotham and Smith are no strangers to election coverage alongside Thompson.

First to react, Cotham said Kamala Harris is "going to add some very different perspective to the ticket, and I think it does say a lot that Biden did select someone who was a pretty tough critic to him."

Smith spoke up next calling it a "safe pick." He went on to highlight the importance of comfort between candidates, saying "it's going to be interesting to see what level of comfort the establish over each other."

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Full interview below. 

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