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What can we ever decide to do with 505. Is still 505 petty. I guess we'll just have to wait till 505. And a but the geniuses decided. Day number 92018356. Days ago. 349. Did note 350 days to Christmas. Which means another 342. Days will be asking for money for its first. Which by the way thank you really great here we too terrible lot of kids. A lot of kids. And some other people as well and it was all because you're generous donations it was all because of white Knight drive. 900 bikes this year. 846. On bike night. I've admissible that we don't break the record every year. Let. We did this year. Joseph by as a 77 today Jimmy Page 74 today he'll an old. New version of Coca-Cola Japan includes a laxative. Too scientific teams I read the news today a voice and I have seen another dimension. Earlier Sox are. Public key apple investors are worried that the iPhone has two great attraction to young kids. And we spent more money I read the news today oh boy than ever on weather disasters last year strong three strong hurricanes and wildfires and hail and flooding and tornadoes. And drought homage. United States tallied the record high bill last year for a weather disasters 306. Billion dollars. US had sixteen disasters into what he's seventeen would damage exceeding a billion dollars. That ties 2011. For the number of billion dollar disasters but the number of the total cost flew way past the previous record of 250 billion. Which was set in 2005. Three of the five most expensive hurricanes in US history hit last year party cost 225000000002. Only to 2000 five's Katrina. While Maria our cost ninety billion that ranked third in Irma. Fifty billion. For the fifth most expensive hurricane of all times western wildfires fanned by heat racked up eighteen billion in damages. That's triple the previous US wildfire record. Over 77%. Of web sites. Track you. According to new research that will surprise probably almost no one although the numbers pretty steep. Over 77% of web sites tracked users as they now have agreed navigate around web. Widely used mechanism for much of that tracking is an image file of only a single excel. The researchers grocery and clicks. Examine 144 million web pages and found that just under a quarter 22 point 6% used no trackers at all. Symbol 52 or. Pink. Will be doing the National Anthem. Does that mean she gets. Little staged I would Justin Timberlake. Doesn't necessarily but I just kind of curious of whether he might. He can be there are so him. Singer I had has been chosen for the National Anthem the football game of the year February 4 mini apple. The big for pink and that. I wouldn't know. Think if you stand next to me. But when I've Siro and interviews and stuff like that at a cattle like her she seems to become independent and CBO put herself. Yesterday is it was known is known was known. Shall forever be known. As divorced day. While most of us are moving forward a positive culture in new year. On the first Monday of every year family lawyers gear up for what is known as their busiest workweek. Yesterday. Unofficially known as divorced day. The day when the largest number of couples around the globe begin initiating separation and divorce procedures. You really should of bought her what she wanted for Christmas.