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I check my girlfriend and I check cowards source directorate WJ ZYO 46 season no but cared for the owners' meetings although temper spoke about two hours ago so. I'm thinking at this point chuck Howard's probably. Bucky had swimming full cocktail on literally quite sure exactly worry is they jock. Wait Q well could. You know look. I'm gonna pretend like I'm live at 6 and 10 o'clock whatever really will be at DI will leave hotel. Bar here in buck can't. George said you are calling it five or 530 that we better get him at 5530 could be totally wasted. So much repeated repeatedly but I Wear well pretty near everybody hey good to talk to you so I talked Miller but I did see the tail end of the David tepper a press conference. He seemed to. As interesting Ian Rapoport reserve making funny and wrap reports had error and stuff like that he was pretty loose today. Yeah. I think I probably would be as well you know if you think about it you need to join what are the most exclusive club. There in the entire world and you know I just mentioned to somebody that you know you couldn't. You can't like Greg great obviously in battle I don't blame him I mean hey. He put his time and he's worked hard he brought himself up from his bootstraps hardscrabble beginnings then. You know he's earned a ton of money and could you know so I would be proud of plywood to him and you he was wearing it and you know okay about you know job and I think if you didn't see it ID BF. The interview session or when even the announcement. Do you think at first blush she seemed like a very self. You deprecating guy. I think he know I think he's somewhat humble you know didn't irrigated money money wasn't given to woman. And I think he realizes what he has been you know what he had just purchased and it's one of the most valuable things. In in not just all sports and all of you know industry if you will. He also comes off budget to me and just the short periods I've seen him by as commanding these in control why he likes to the environment around him to be. Not in his control I think he's pretty proud of himself I don't think that's though that that's not a negative when I say that I but I think this is the guy with a lot of confidence. And he should have. Oh absolutely I'm a firm believer of that in in any occupation or vocation. Did you do ride to the top do you get a certain modicum of success in life. Are you good you know you're gonna have to have their competence you know the job. The other is saying to meet your will inherit the earth but the meeker not gonna inherit an NFL franchise or are. A multibillion dollar hedge fund and I don't mean to be flippant about after their justification and you know he you know he's earned his way up like I said. He stopped it and you have to be in there's not a guy in this hotel the other route 31 owners that are competent as well and what they do and too weak to get to that you're point. You've got to be that way I think it bodes very well for Carolina they had their opinions I mean you know when he came out did you know. First thing I'd do it when Beckett thing I'd do a blend third thing I'd do is win and what I think will be very interesting to hear about David Kemper and I. Think what we're going to probably like about him. Compared to maybe some of the other owners around the league who don't have. His bank account. You know David pepper money's not gonna be an issue for him I don't think. He got to worry about cutting corners. You know key kid. He just check off one of the biggest boxes. Of you know his lifetime you know golden. And you know career goals in life goals and so now the next step is. Let's go win a Super Bowl trophy and that's what would be the coronation you know forgetting this franchise so I think. You know I think things are heading in the right direction. Obviously you know a lot of folks have mixed emotions about. What's gone down would Jerry Richardson I'll be the first to say that too I think it down in 1995. Is that. You know kid from buffalo who had darker hair the time and was brought in to cover this expansion football team. And for a long time had a pretty good relationship with Jerry Richardson first name basis you know but that has waned over the years obviously like it has with a lot of people. So I remember the jury of old they're not excusing anything that allegedly gone down but I think a lot of fans also have debt bittersweet. Feeling if you will because you know Jerry white the man who brought the NFL to Charlotte. And I don't want to say. Well Charlotte on the map but it certainly did help it in so you know it's kind of a weird day but at the same time I think fans are just you don't wanna move on to that to the next. Step in this and just this he would David jeopardized and I think we all hope that Gerri can no you don't have you know evident joy ailment that enjoyable retirement. You know and hopefully be around a long time and be able to enjoy his family and via one point five billion that he takes out here today. Hang right with me for a couple say it's let me go get traffic update no matter come back criteria Mandela talked you bastards are in for a second. Talk to check out artisan Atlanta for the NFL owners' meetings was there when David tepper spoke today following his unanimous approval by the NFL owners to be the next owner of the Carolina Panthers he won't actually take control. Of the team until July he is so loud to our show up for the owners' meetings at this point but does not assailed voter that won't take place. Until the team actually becomes under his control in July. Chuck was Jerry there there was word that he was gonna address the owners today hadn't been doing owners are meeting in no sometime but what did he show up today and did he address the owners. We need got a buddy then he did show up. Came in. Undercover back dork nobody would be able to see him but the work was that he did show up along with Tina backer but. There's been no statement from Jerry and we weren't able to see him and you know I think so much we're hoping that you know this. Sort and we're assuming had a lot of called a swan song I don't know that the right way to put it but you know I do think you know despite what has been going down. You know off the field if you will Lou with the allegations. Think some folks were hoping maybe similar to the media sometimes you know hope hope hope risk cope. We hope for a lot of things but you know I do I do think sort of Jerry darted at least hole. The band Good Charlotte are big men maybe that's forthcoming I mean let's make it did today with David pepper today so. I don't wanna put the cart ahead of the horse but I you know. Jerry made up a lot of money. You know didn't from the fans of the PS cell owners in it and many folks I think I'd just talking to some of the pain and just like they had like to hear from Jerry almost at the thank you that it's human nature writes quote. Now well good luck on that comment at it in any idea how long we're gonna have to tell mr. call mister tepper mr. Well you know it's budding. But I think it's up to each individual and I guess. I'll be calling him David. Can't hit the Iowa coach Gary Jerry and I guess if people know me that's not gonna surprise people but. I've got a sneaky feeling that did David do temporal wanna be called David and you know some books they call mister Jeff tepper we get into your paychecks signed by him but and I think you know he is the founder guy. There are other things on the owners' agenda re imaged re imagined kick off an expanded replay an anthem policy and stuff like that did they get to any of that today or was today pretty much David covered it. But so far been out David tepper day they'd had a little session a little while ago that none of us from the shall be repairing a gadget you're talking about. You know some of the rule changes and I'll be I don't think they've output limits don't they're gonna vote on some of those things didn't. You know tomorrow always win the Roger Goodell holds did official spring stated the is state of the league address but. You know all I'm scared all I care about is that David pepper is now the new owner of the Carolina Panthers. And we won't have to do our nightly who's gonna on the Carolina Panthers watched which has been going on now for six months I get my life back. And. Pretty silly to be able to write a check for a 2.2 billion dollars and I have attach your liquidity at all you know that I mean that's saying congratulations to amber put himself in that kind of a position but. Man that's that's what money has has all the sudden you ought to join an exclusive club and he can write the whole Jack and never looked back that's that that's that's pretty amazing. Now and again I kind of alluded to that earlier John bed I think bodes well and you know why some of the other investors you know we heard reports that perhaps. Navarro it was higher. Then. It peppers slide but. These other groups we're gonna have a have to cobble. That you know two billion dollars together would multiple investors. In this result coming from one man and the NF Bowe owners blood bath because. The other does one man. To answer to now granted Jerry had 49%. Ownership stake in would be voice of the Carolina Panthers. But he didn't make every decision without going to back at some of these investors now. David pepper my guess is that at some point is going to add. Some other partner that I think probably a female partner perhaps also way. You know an African American or another minority as well which you know which is a good thing up so I think it'll come down the road. They appreciate your time. A safe travels on the way back and I have another Scotch and water before you do that 530 brick on Jay-Z one. Good good and I'd love to tell your listeners to police turn up John at 620 to make sure you log might sportscaster fox 46. That's okay I'm out here at 6 o'clock you can tell what are we want. Our bureau our buddy thanks Jack appreciate it already goes jock Howard does sports director WJ ZY over to the WBT news there we go or Mike Doyle as today's big story.