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Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, July 14th

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Rabbit out of Friday how about. And I hope this Friday when I give us a whole lot of brand new. Donald Trump junior Russians. It's never right. You go crawl there on fox president from defends son over Russian. CNN trump waves pairs of aggression firestorm I think that there's nothing else in the world going on other than this on Obama trump thing right. So what we'll see if we can that touch upon it lightly and and maybe make you smile about a supposed to. Just banging on it like good has been done all week long here for dive that's in my some information here and and then perhaps you can help provide me with some here's a public service to folks. Because we all know that this is barbecue season right people get out there on the weekends and a fire you'll grow and when on the slab of ribs may look chickens burgers and dogs and allied and then general there's some beer drink in the goes along with the police a lot of folks do right. Pound down a couple found on a couple more than just a couple. And then as a result sometimes the the next morning is not so very pleasant the the ever loving hangover. Can do last time it had hangovers but years. They're back in the college days or you're you get up in the morning and you and you go in you stumble over for that. Leftover pizza from the night before and that was the hangover cure rate announced that they made to the kind of made you know get through the day. So what is your cure for a hangover. Typical American hang over Kurt cures PD a light or Gatorade. Pickle juice I remember somebody saying pickle juices what's gonna handle it. And the hard part of that would be to strain that the the pickles through your teeth as you're trying to chug the juice out of the other the jar. Or do you just take the pickles out first and two of them are you due to a convenient march we're gonna mailing dominant as. And I'm and I'm guessing it's easy with pickles then perhaps like a big jar of relish. Talk about really straining things through your two to may be like a whale getting the what it would is that the krill that they eat. Us and build course. So but places across the world other places have a very different way of curing. Via the hangover or the brown bottles flew. In Ireland in these are some experience pounders the addition they should know there and of course in there at the top of the list here is far far accident years ago. Beat a full Irish breakfast is the cure consisting of bacon. Sausages. Black and white putting try to make a fried eggs baked beans and Soto Brit. There's a combination of things there that I never would have we put together. An image in the black and white putting little. So that's what they do. Where else here in Russia. There are some drinkers to. There's an yeah I mean that the vodka. I think after the of the fall of the Soviet Union and I would think from back to Russia they had alcoholism rate among young men. 35 well 35 to fifteen year old man that was approaching 50%. They were doing some serious pounders. So rye bread soaked in water sugar and yeast. That's so what you're supposed to do in the morning to you when your name that sounds absolutely disgusting. Pickled Herring. With Durkin and onions user is Germany. Which it will it's too but we should be talking about this and Charles around because he could do. For the food review of all these hangover cures and sure that they would have some. Insight into these. Salty pickled plums soaked in green tea. Is what they do in in Japan. Man. These are just really grown ups. A special rice porridge is so is what they do in China India lemon water and herbal team brought to wimpy way to do business. And in France. I don't know if I'm Matt Carle. Here's here's a drinker it's tolerable they hardy casserole. Porsche do filled with pork goose and duck and light beams. Some of these years almost sound worse than the hangover itself that it may yet. So let's have Larry I have it's got a WBT dot com or 704571110. I make it through via the brown bottle flew well past that along like it sends a public service announcement every once and a while the story that comes along he has got my god is this group who did this really actually happened. You pop up to the AP ATM you know you're sticking your card in the ATM and you think he money's gonna come out. Other managed to go situation it had nothing to do with money it was notes saying help me give me the hell out of here. Little bit of people pulling up to the ATM machine at the Bank of America unless people realize that there somebody stuck inside the rope or the machinists. This really happened to be around noon. Police say the bank building is closed for repairs of the guys trapped in the ATM room. Was there to fix the door look and he wanted to block did so housing gonna get up. We start sleeping nose to the customers through the machine. Who's. I'm sure you're. As far as who's got the whole should true. Not phenomenon. What they're customers must figure this is a joke right but eventually some Barley and Colbert are certain. Up until this season beauty tells us ago I was sort of Arab culture hours before his ball short programs and brick building there were. See this in your life. Somebody's got in the ATM machine it was just great. Chances are your legacy that would. And chances are you gonna receive because even if the guy we're stuck inside there you wouldn't be able seem to begin what so. His day got much much better the cup showed up my tennis your time good morning to you yesterday we talked to a high speed chases. We're not the only place that's discussing high speed chases you'll be interested to see who and where. And what their conclusion is we'll talk about it we'll do Korean. We're ready this deal being put up their little less health care. Be revised and updated one we'll give you some information about that come before the next half hour. And I think some folks at least. Things got him breathing a sigh of relief appeared accounting managers decided to not gonna have this meeting next week between the members of the county commission. And officials of Major League soccer. There was this back and forth as to whether or not this is going to be an open meeting a closed door meeting and some of the discussions was going to be a closed door meeting and now it's being canceled. Which I think is a good thing. This whole process with this soccer deal was just and so. And is it this is something that insidious might be too strong of a word for the there's something that just doesn't smell right and I don't like closed door meetings for HR kind of things you know employment related issues are giving you not gonna do it that way but when it comes to you county commission. Spending my money then I wanna know everything about it. So that's good news and I'm sure that it. Mr. stokes will continue to cover that as we make it through today during the above the top the hour newscast we talked yesterday about the the sad situation where we had a pedestrian struck. By a police officer. Who was driving a hundred miles an hour on morehead. And it was a misdemeanor death by vehicle India the attorneys. The and then attorney in particular who's a who's defending him. Says you know there's not a big this wasn't really crime chipset in his own words and he was troubled and that this was an accident. And went on to say that you wait a minute. Any officer. Any officer in the history of officers who's ever put on their blue lights and sirens are going to assume has exceeded the speed and he's saying that all officers street. Which. I think pretty much would be consensus. I'd be surprised. If they up police officer if you asked a hundred of them. That there'd be more than may be one that would say you know my bad my blue lights on and I never did anything above the speed limit. So attorneys probably right that everybody does that but my belief is that we need to call off the high speed chases and just say you know we're not gonna duties. Did it they're just not. They're not effective or not efficient there. And others face and not safe. There's their report that just came up by a grand jury in California that is now urging the placed there to ease up on high speed chases I think this a very Smart idea the reason. It puts innocent people risk. They have almost every single day. Someplace for sure and oh quite often these these chases reach just like the speed there are more it. More than a hundred miles an hour. And quite often at least in Los Angeles but only meal every police pursuit on the streets. They've. I'm gonna helicopter has gone on over the top there helicopters much better front and fun insulin tracking them down and they don't run into things. One of the folks who was involved in this study says my biggest fears is always a somebody's really gonna get hurt or die or there's going to be. Some extremely innocent person injured as a result. Under what circumstances would you consider it okay for there to be high speed chase. My believe would be that only. Only for the summit that is considered to be highly dangerous. And even dead. I would question a bit. Because if you're dealing with somebody who's just committed AKA heinous crimes. The mother's murder rape her or anything along those lines. They have nothing to lose the people that you're chasing have nothing to lose so. They may decide to go down in a blaze of glory. They made to listen you know decide that this is going to be there their fifteen minutes of fame even if it ends with them and their face crunched over their steering wheel. Brother had gone through the windshield. The notoriety. And and I gonna police force police officers would we'll tell you had you know some people do think that way and it's not fair to everybody else. This on the on the sidelines. That just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time Chris you've called 704571110. Glad you did good morning. Good morning hey. Yes probably a little outdated you know I think because picture as her mother you know OK. We've sort of evolved a little bit from there and I think David earned a meets. The refund. BC about. It's pretty expensive. But now they're they're thinking about couldn't someone license plates in the contract you you know that kind of thing. Let. Yeah I think we probably evolved from that the idea. High speed chases. I knew I would bet that today and and I don't know this for sure but I would be willing to bet there when it comes to the newer cars and especially the more expensive cars. They contract the car down. Based upon in view of the GPS it's inside of the car. Just some just some old school mentality I think that well we'll get in and I think it was an act I don't you know I don't think we kids. Potentially get value card and think and. No no not at all no I mean never. Me tell that to the parents say I'd get it but I mean he'd be how it is Libya has got the adrenaline running in the I think who I think will come out of this. No I agree with the in this is not to I'm not bringing this up again to point a finger at this this young officer here. You know this is it is in light of that and and had me thinking about it and start to look around to see what is the consensus what are the thoughts. About high speed. And you may be may be on the highway. Where there's a little little more open room that would. I've been to war came about that. But many get in the crowded areas you've been to us to them you know type populated streets. You that you can you see from time to time these helicopter you know when they're when they're filming it from up above. You know these folks. Sir ram and and but you said a moment ago they've got nothing to lose so I think it is about time that we really get some serious thought to whether or not. The high speed chases are worth it went all the shenandoah and and again this is a different situation than what happened with the officer because that wasn't enough high speed chase. That was a situation where they were speeding. To respond. To a situation that already happened and then in this particular case it was AM. An injury action he injury accident. So OC. As. An urban America writes him. And he has a hangover cure shall world again you know if you would like to to help your fellow man. Please don't be shy. Regrets in pickled Herring we Americans are known as Roma ups and taste much better than they sound you're brave man trying to trick. They are part of the German hangs over me although I was introduced to all at Ramstein Air Base for a Alton Brown also did an episode of good eats dealing with a roll mobs whose recipe was almost exactly how I was told it was me. So there you got one thumbs up for. The new role mobs the other German way. Two took over the other hangover mark writes and he says what he keeper portraying the sentiment more than a pedestrian was hit. As a police chase and and I clarified that that I'm not considering this a police chase. But police speeding is what got me thinking about the high speed chase is and that those need to go away. Again obviously very different scenarios I just mentioned they were on their way to respond to an injury call shall. There you gotta mark corrected. Maybe we both are if you ever see anybody watching porn at work. I haven't seen as a long long time I used to have area it co worker when I was back in Raleigh. And the kind of guy that would turn the air conditioning down about forty degrees you know one of those dudes and work in the wee hours of the night. And he was such a dork that he would leave. All the the tabs. Upon has a computer so that when I can going to do the morning show I would go to the computer prints and stuff off. And lo and behold he would find out exactly what this guy was into and it was weird stuff. But there's a survey now by the mobile phone companies and an insurance company that found about three million people. On a regular basis almost on a daily basis are using a work computer. We're a phone work phone to watch pornography. And amongst those about half those people who admitted to sending new pictures and videos. On a work phone. Yeah mark you write your jaw drops and I can certainly understand that don't you know that your IT dude. Can. Bring all that up probably even has some sort of I don't know trigger warning that says hey you know. We're seeing some activity if you like to call and here on this particular person's computer grandma my question is. How can somebody that's stupid find employment. It's a very good point. And stay employed in stay employed I mean it's you've got to be kidding me. What's it mean if nothing the guy you said getting off the tabs open the F heaven's sake Oda. There was a politician if you what last year sometime who reloaded Rea capture of his of his computer and it's like you know. A hot girls in Vegas or something like that was one of the tabs like. What are you think and we know is it wasn't on the screen capture was they actually took a picture of my finger at video of him and concede in the background OK you're what it was like wedeman if that's really doing the of the business of the American people isn't it. Clear because that's why we put your office we want you to be O ruling boobs essentially is is why we voted for yourself. To be careful about that again the other work phones. That seems to me to be the said the real. Idiot idiot route to go down to a start taken nick and pictures of yourself positioned never disappear. Absolutely never disappear so a break and Matt what's going on without with a White House and with congress and the other president in Paris. We're gonna go to a ABC's White House correspondent for the day Karen Travers got a day off so Mary Alice park's joins us in Jordan and a snack. So while more information coming about Donald junior and all these emails. Got a report that the president's outside legal case. Know about this email chains surrounded the other meeting between junior NB a Russian lawyer. Knew about it mourn three weeks ago. Attorney mark. Hassle it's MB Oprah thank mr. president's lead lawyer who's handling this well Russia probe deal was informed about the emails in June. And this was after they were discovered by lawyers that are representing Jared Kushner. In this report comes as the president told Reuters on Wednesday. That he only found out recently. About his son's meeting with the Russian lawyer last summer. Something else that kind of came out about the of the email chains they are consumed one of the things that. The Donald junior was saying is that news minute no this person was denote the meeting was all about in this country showed up and if you knew that there was going to be information but there was no contact. With anybody about this other than through emails and in one portion of the email chain the the connection there said you know about the meeting so so you know about the meeting. Which would indicate that there had been some sort of contact that would have indicated that they they passed on the information that there was going to be a meeting. So. The plot thickens and you know of course the Democrats here and you know. Can the pitchforks out here and light the torches and they're ready to take this so this whole campaign as well administration down but even some of the folks on the GOP side. They're starting to say where did I hear this is that this is reaching a boiling point and we need to figure out what to do next Mary Alice parks and ABC is joining us here announced. One of the big news stories yesterday that overshadowed. The Russian stuff for a while and may continue to do their. He's the revised health care bill and they're looking for support on this word is it's. And right now Mary Alice. You know it's not in good shape the energy use and up to hated bill yesterday and right at the bat to senate Republican senate they would not vote for it. More conservative member Rand Paul in Kentucky and more moderate member Susan Collins up in Maine. And so that leaves mr. Colin I had a lot of options he can't afford to lose anyone else. What's what are the main complaints for the conservatives and one of the main complaints for the moderates. You know the moderates are still worried about the big cuts to Medicaid they're still rolls back all the money that was given to states to expand Medicaid. And also just shrinks the program going forward. After that. They're also worried that it are really starts to eat away at some of those protections for people with preexisting conditions and that folks that need. More robust plans and more coverage that are buying their own insurance could just pay a lot more in premiums and out of pocket costs. And conservatives think that it just doesn't would repeal enough of obamacare they didn't like a lot of requirements that Iran insurance companies for everything that needed to be included in plans. And they don't like them the taxes on Americans expression of the wealthiest Americans so there's still a long way to go before. I think bishop how would sleep well at night feeling like he has enough vote. Yeah when does this get the the score from the CBO. Were perfect score soon maybe as early as Monday we know that leadership office was actually working with CBO the last few weeks. Honest updated draft and so they're a little bit ahead of the game we should have numbers out early. Okay and I'm god love to know what that process is like is there some sort of computer program they just put this number in the plug and chug and go lower. Do they have eighteen million analyst sitting around you know I don't know that x.s and o.s in the bloody lips. And they have a lot of analysts that are doing a lot of the exes and I was you know this is really complicated stuff. And it's also really hard sort of the further you get out it's hard to project how some of these numbers would play out if you get into 1015 years down the road CBO. It really uneasy about doing that. But some of the immediate numbers on how many people might lose health insurance if you immediately start rolling back Medicaid or are you immediately changed. How much money the government is getting active people in tax credits or subsidies to help buy insurance those numbers the analysts have been able to. To put out and frankly they've been pretty stark numbers and her for the Republicans to square okay I'm watching him aerials are. From ABC news will this year and if it can do they still have the provision in there were the states will be the ones that can determine. What they would like they have available for a for all participants. Kind of it lets states offer waivers to really change any requirements. But this still actually goes further it's being includes parts of an amendment that was offered by senator Ted Cruz. That would come allow insurance companies right out of the gate with honesty waiver to offer some of those bare bones plans that win in theory. Entice younger healthier Americans even some sort of letting them be rated and cooled separately. Into given we essar from different readings just because they're they're healthy. So that was appealing to conservatives because it would mean that right at a negate insurance companies can offer a wider range of options they again that gets into wisely controversial. For our doctors and hospitals insurance companies have some of the more moderate members of the party who are worried that would mean that sicker America cans or. Are frankly just Americans who want. Bigger plans an American that wants them maternity care and prescription drug coverage they would stay in our own pool their own market and could face higher costs. Dutch and Mary Alice parks with the ABC. Information on what's going on with health care appreciate your update you today former Obama administration attorney general Loretta lynch. She's doing what you can't distance herself from on this whole attorney and a target vessel in the sky. Who and I'm getting passage into the US before this big journal meeting the Donald Trump junior and the other folks. In a statement a spokesperson from lynch should bitchy does not have any personal knowledge of the attorneys travel. Now yesterday. While the president was in France he you appeared to cite a report. In the hill that the Justice Department issued a special immigration waiver so she could defend a client. In New York. And is interest in too good to hear. How the president characterized this should listen to this until we what your reaction is to have. Somebody said this is the president somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country. Was approved by attorney general lynch. Somebody said. So this is another one of those situations where it kind of makes me wonder with a home run. You you say on one hand that anonymous sources and those some people said things are generally fake news. But he's using it in himself so somebody said approved by attorney general. Lynch. He should now maybe that's wrong. I just heard that a little while ago but a little surprised to hear that Sunnis say maybe that's wrong. And then he says so she was here because of lynch. He's amazing Woodward's he's absolutely amazing with words to leave us. The last fought in the thing that we hear in the thing that sticks sinners in our minds was that very last thought. That she did it. She was here because a ritual fascinating is that 9:40 good morning to you and Nancy Pelosi would like to see commissioners security clearance revoked. I think she's gone bad loony crazy but there's something to be said about that ninth forties your time here at WB to eight. If it's 946 you're time higher in morning and Imus got the joke glad to hear from three to three. Weekend I don't know you. One of those kind of Wear you out we were together even today is not going to be any better. It was hurting and they need an excuse. Blowing up the roof solo. Again if you're gonna be outside doing anything hydrate. But to an overhead. Telling them but you know I mean that I'm missing but a bucket of your head between the main one of those rankings do wreck kind of things. Payment date to it to use one of those interesting story coming out of the other white house with the attorney for the president's. His personal attorney mark castle with its. It is in discussions and some some questions as to whether or not he's been drinking and work. He's now. Dealing with some kind of some allegations that he's gone on some nasty email rants to some folks profanity Lleyton email rants. Telling a guy who suggested that he resign. To watch your back. With Sharon Stone threatening telling me. Apparently this is going to be a situation where there's going to be a lot of classified information here there's a story suggesting the longtime lawyer may not be able to get a security clearance because. Of struggles with alcohol abuse including a stint in rehab. Now chasm which denies that he that more that he was under the influence. While work. But a man who emailed him with the subject line resign now. Which set him off. And just based upon what he sent to the guy I mean it would make you make you wonder I mean there's certainly ask yourself the question as to whether or not this guy was. Office rocker so when he wrote back to the resign now email was I'm on you know you are. F thing with me now let's see who you are watch your back. BO watch. And another one said call me don't be afraid. You piece of this. If you don't call you're just afraid. And apparently according to a spokesperson. Forecast to its. Susan is no excuse for this and his tirade came at the end of a very long day. And then it was past 10 o'clock and the day wasn't over yet. So for giving us the benefit of the doubt for the time being I I I can certainly understand via. I don't know the impetus to to go off on somebody who's just bug the crap audio. You know I've done in the past you know you have to hit send on those emails. And your little boy. I wish I could figure that one back. Focus they're really really could have taken that bad boy back. Times 949 here there's there's a poll that's out. What what is your take now here on the Russians. The Russians themselves. It's fascinating to see the love. That's come up for Vladimir Putin and the other number of people who seemed to be. Think in that this is the kind of guy that we'd like to have leading our country. And the other good loved his way way back and even back during the the campaign. President trump had quite a few things that. We're very flattering to us to mr. prudently should a great leader. Very recent and extremely diplomatic. That was how mr. trump describe mr. prudent and this was back in he was told me thirteen or substances while ago. About Rudy Giuliani vick's fans as well put decides what he wants to do any does it in half a day. So is he a bad guy. We see a bad guy or she just misunderstood do you think. Is is there's just something that you know that we is this a man that we need to. To get close to an end learn his ways and is wily ways and trust him that. What's good for Russia is is good for the United States is well. Because if you look at it there are a lot of qualities that he has. That could be considered. Admirable to a certain certain portion of the American people around. These conservative. Good thing he's got respect for traditional Christian values. And that is something that that he he's really done is to bring back the Russian orthodox church and put that into the forefront. Nationalist pride obviously domain it's America first year. But in Russia it's Russia first and there's a you know a very strong nationalist movement gone on to Russia as well. As well as they have an aggressive posture towards foreign adversaries in short he put all those together and it's like win habits he thinks along like we do. So maybe it's easy to understand or at least it's and accessible fought to understand why. People might start to admire discuss. There's a for a person at the director of the center for Eurasian studies at Georgetown says there are folks here who read into Russia things that they wish were true. Here in the United States. That there are. Family values oriented and that unfortunately we here in the United States are becoming very very decorative. And it be nice to go in the direction. Of what Russia is doing. Not Rush Limbaugh this is back in a 2015. And I remember this show and I saw this quote it's like oh wow yeah I do remember this. Rush it my guess is that trump voters would say hey you know what. I kind of like the fact that prudent has endorsed trump. At least pollutants killing terrorists. Police Putin's made an enemy and a vices we don't seem to be able to do that. So. And it or is this to oh positions polish. On some shoes and have gotten tarnished with some do you do wanna because of this are Russian investigation. Is that what this is is this is polishing and and and downplaying how potentially bad or how I hope. Damaging a detrimental relationship with the Russians could do. Scott AW BT dot com into running has written that I love prudent. He's a stud we need a stud in the White House and that's who we got. My big jobs are very strongly to another stud with a deal that would does cross your mind. Legacy the goods is studded good you know rides horses and please hockey. I think he mud wrestle Somalia and the miss universe contestants. No person made that up and he goes around with a shirt off so he's not a freight to it to be that manly kind of man. I think if we took a poll we laughed and that why you laughing. A man's man and relate well Fred I maybe maybe you should do we do a show about your shirt. I've done that before I get the heck. I was gonna work kill the other day but does that the person who was first delivered did not deliver sort of a little upset about that as far as as far as that goes so. Hotmail Mets got a WB two that can't you tell me your thoughts about the other the Russian. Dictator could let's face it when it all comes down to it. He is a dictator he's an authoritarian leader and and he's done a nice guy I really don't think there's anything nice. About this man's lately we've heard a lot of animal stories and a we've had bear attacks is a story about a Mountain Lion breaking into some lady's house. Alligators down in Florida are going crazy and now all of a sudden. It's snakes that seemed to be absolutely lose in their minds MB and everywhere Jim Ryan when ABC joins us now here and that you didn't do they task you would've gone out and didn't down and dirty or closed any of these snakes. Well in bid taxes it's not so hard to do you'd sometimes do that accidentally depending upon where you are spent a lot of people have been doing around here. Oh and waiting leave the building our houses near habitat that used to house naked. That Diego and it's that's what happened for the last few years numbers are way up according to people who watch this stuff emergency room physicians and poison control centers part of it also is the weather. Elliott had unseasonably warm winter around here across the south and that the city is conducive to a bit so venomous snake breeding and that's what's happened here crossed. This area from California although it. Florida suitors and that there's a lot more snake bites happening is that well art or snake bite I guess who do you remember in my eyes snake. I have not how close have you been to a snake. Thought the whole low power I had to Marisa and the Barbara read a bit forward and coach walking with my little daughter who was about. Six months old at the time I looked out over the snake right there and it might beat. Daddy wanted to point that it was a big black snake harmless sunning itself so I just walked away. You big wimp I thought this going to be like a rattle snake story some to do that now. In the copper heads are our bigger around here that I did in my backyard where I live is beautiful garden is there's a pool there. And there's these teeny tiny little copper had to come out and in some themselves just like wow and about the black snake. And as soon as I have a brother is flat hedge shovels. Now and that is my weapon of choice you. Just boom and just blew a little snip and take their head off. Yeah and it brought to you what if when we're done here shoot me an email with your dress and went when I get the next little copper hand and smacked his head up there. I'll stick it in a little we'll plastic bag and and mail it to you. And then you can tell your friends that you were the snake Connor about that I have to protect your appreciated I'm here to help I'm absolutely gonna help Jim Wright so. I'm not just here snakes and taxes and all across our country unfortunately they're going after us and brightness and other good news is most of them are not to. Not lethal bites are they. Know you've got relegated overzealous small percentage of this makes up there are in fact poisonous and so but yeah I gotta watch out for the ones that are learn how to recognize that and especially if you live in the end Kyra the country and they are pretty precautions there's a guy. Here in Dallas Fort Worth lives west of Fort Worth sort of have a country has a rancher earlier this week. You're walking out onto his lawn no shoes. Ed no flashlight it's dark. You field says things in his lay it turns out that he was bitten not once but four times like two different rattle his. This it gets to the hospital very quickly being treated now he's gonna be okay but it. This first time that did the doctors are humans ever seen that to bite Sarah for bite from two stakes. Yeah that's that's not a that's not a good day as the beginning of a very very bad day Jim Ryan and ABC now during the past twenty years or so there's been articles out. Let's suggest that stun guns being used to treat venomous bites and stings and they did some studying on this laboratory based studies. In their conclusion is that stun guns or other sources of high voltage. To treat venomous bites and stings. Not such a good idea. Just another winner yourself a break in back and I in the next to fifteen minutes are sort of talk a little bit more about. What's happening with health care in theaters he joins us from ABC here on WB two. Sylvia before the job the other words about snakes and mark you call 704571110. A marvelous achievement Cuba. You got to snake story for us Sarah what kind of scooping up. Yeah I do. Goose make good looks very much like a proper head except this pattern of reversed. And I haven't seen any long time that's a look at convict they call it dog look better over the the facts. And I think I think the difference is that one of them wrong belonged to back new little little shall I forgot. Anyway I shot a couple is going to Mario drainage great good decades ago was little tiny little BP shut them one bit took a look at won't. I mean it's hard to tell. I'm not really news but took a look at whatever it was standardized or opened a drive around which is not a hard provides presides socialists. So I took preferring down to us still not known what was it we're able to probably would render such a breakdown of the discover replacements have multiple orders not to. The northern waters steak and those. Those dangerous no. Okay. The protest and argue I cut fell at a local drive is a professor opened up and there was some of biology department at my door to door Syria since my. My political wanna cut wouldn't everybody vote now. What you just said about the eyes and and slits I didn't know that so is that is that true of all vipers. As far as I know almost like it's sort of but as far as I know levels smoking room and probably calls my concern Julio watermark since. Good to vertical slits. You know when they don't want her eyes are open to political slug. And you know what he called for your water smoke around pupils to afford the road just like humans. Yeah yeah I think gave him a remember that from like garter snakes and black snakes there Reiser around like like Teddy bear eyes out here OK let's. Our sister site to look at a period that the Republicans spent too much attention believe that Cyprus. And rumor no urge you to look to see if further. They put their mascara those little lashes and there is you're not you right. Up. I'm not a fan of that so hey I appreciate the insight and and then thank you very much dog a dog that professor call and Zealand gets the scoop on him. I like talking to experts on things especially things have come on the creepy side. So if Ursula it's like that that would make him look a little no more evil but I think. Money kibo lab fitted me marked. Could put your mind affront on here I mean if you if you're going to let go off I did not make a noise didn't make a noise protest because you held your mouth of your hand over your mouth. Yes now and not everything is suitable for airplay OK okay eclectic. You're gonna turn your brain I think every federal lawsuits over what I was gonna say that's a London I'm glad that you that you pitcher your hand of the amount still. Hi there I was talking about baby copper heads earlier and you've got a warning for his. Well. By the copper head they'll learn. Not to release all their venom a lot of adults when that aren't accurate (%expletive) about Matt and at this. And if they're in some conference historians say in my pocket but I don't release a lot of them but a baby when it park here. It releases sold by. And because more people probably are from the side view little light by then from the adult my my. No kidding. If I guess they can't be careful everybody copper haired don't have a agreement can't allow it into their payroll. That's what might be greenish yellow in error has that the juvenile copper haired. Chorus in the sun now and I'm getting royalties to scriptures of these animals. That that I'm gonna have to remember so sweaty guys in in a green tale. And they issued all their venom that once made it this is an awful lot for me to manage your in my in my feeble little break. You know as I say John Hancock is a Charlotte's most beloved. And I am still. Roaring around in the with the name the of Charlotte's most befuddled John hi good morning you're on WBT. Back when I was you know caught out not years old up any form of Rick Perry who would have markets like the challenge you'll relate kill. We have one draw on or after or if there probably will also not heard this far. Well more be what it was like 12 eastern down. Went right up. Pierce snag where where was this was this your North Carolina doesn't and South Carolina are about well our rocket. It was and eastern diamond bank. Obama picked Obama back there. Gaza's say those things can get what fifteenth he lost some Douglass thought about right we killed it but monetary resources plus there look that he was called Greg. And I never try to run back for that picture sort of popped up on the court that struck admit they are wow. I went back got my brother would hurt or shot what Kabul I November great shot. It almost eight ball wow out of my hips would that. Tagged gone. And okay so so now I know copper heads the babies have a green tale we look for the sleepy eyes the coverage of the baby ones get rid of all their venom. And and now you're telling me that if I encounter a rattlesnake. I don't go backwards and exposed the sideways. Or long why are you can run backwards or. Is there and they're too fast and in his where there are pointed at the strike what I want that read I don't know. Not there except where. But but once they extended and shoot themselves out then then they're done that's that they sort of shot there while there on that one little little a little jump. Yes it's great that we're looking at like a turn in the air their magic on their side and put Obama autos was stripped our vantage it. Barely hear what all. Do how long does it take for them to to regroup and recoil up so they could strike again you know. No matter what he relented then. And how can I get that back up we real quick it. We may give me less and less of fan of snakes as we go along through the horn speakers don't let a pre about. And now back start pierce had great site. I got back at you walk off what that actual wallop but it. That's good to note too that's another piece of information that not gonna pile of what it. Holy Moly I'm getting schooled on since next. Hopefully you're right others down to a crayon on the on the dashboard are your car your dessert could be some important information for you OP always big problem. Big big bust is the doctors are the ones at a push and a modest and you find out about these these Ph.D. medical drug dealers next. They are much Freddie. This weekend and actually get going and after that. Opportunities freed well ahead 21 of the Harris to the locations throughout town and and help us with PB and we are we raced peanut butter pierce teeters where there's a ban on you know it each and every entrance sometimes to millions depending on which here's to your. And then we take all that kind of wondering given to the second harvest food bank we know what has gone congress should give us our give us some help a few words you've got the opportunity. You go to WBT dot com to get the scoop there. Big giant bust I guess you could call a day I'm sort of a drug bust or deters key with ABC 400 some people busted doctors this time. In more than fifty doctors among the more than 400 were arrested in different prosecutions around the country all of them involving health care fraud that totaled more than a billion dollars of overbilling. Love Medicare Medicaid and other. Insurance providers. These. Prosecutions buried but that that the commentary was this overbilling. A lot of these cases involve mobile it's an helped fuel what has become. Authorities said crisis in this country. And the what do what do what they sang as far as a number of deaths each day because of Ohio didn't it. In 69000. Oh VOA deaths and in the country and then the Drug Enforcement Administration. Made rather. Stark comparison. They're asking us to picture. Eight Paulson nightclub massacre. Then which put 49 people were killed imagine one of those happening three times today every day and that's but to hold it that'll do it overdoses are taking. Tonight I read recently may have maybe you're familiar with the story there was a couple of doctors busted I think was in Florida. And they have written so many prescriptions for OP Joyce to the point where. He was and shift every I think almost every person in the country could get a bombing north of a day's supply of Oakley joins us and that's how many they had. Oh did below 11 clinic in the end Delray Beach, Florida the one clinic one doctor was writing more. Well Buick prescriptions than any other hospital in the state there are some some crazy statistics and there's. You know investigators. Were able to attract this in men and and general. You know investigators say this this have to be a priority this kind of prosecution going to vote. Yeah and and Anderson backlash obviously against the the actual manufacturers. I know that in Ohio the attorney general there Mike to warrant. Is is suing several dozen manufactures because they've been so hard hit there and none in the crossroads of America. In other states are are trying to limit TV. That that just the flow of prescription drugs and a number of a mobile it out thereby. Limiting the first time prescriptions to a seven day supply as opposed to a thirty day supply. It is other. Things that states you know are trying to have to tackle. In addition to cracking down on these you know doctors and others who were who are because of greed fueling the problem. Did not caricatures Q&A BC it's a problem it's not gonna go any time soon and as of right now the way that they health care revision looks there's not going to be enough money in there. True to combat field Buick situation. I found this to be a fascinating story and and I think it's ridiculous. That that we've gone down this road. Listen to this there's a senior pastor in Washington DC. At the metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church. Andy he says he's tired of presiding over funerals for parishioners who have died of heart disease diabetes and stroke. And then we talked a bit about this yesterday the the incredible obesity within the African American community with black women in particular it's it's over 50%. So this particular. Pastor and another one has filed a suit against Coca-Cola. And the American Beverage Association. And repeat that for you because you know when I first read it is like really are you kidding me. He's tired of parishioners dying of heart disease diabetes and stroke. And he's now suing Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association claiming. Soda manufacturers knowingly deceived customers. About the health risks of sugar sweetened beverages. At enormous cost to their communities. How dumb do you have to be. To not know. That. Drink in a a regular Coke or regular Pepsi tour regular root beer where it says right on it. What 240 calories or something like that I mean I have had a regular regular pop in a long long time. Don't from up north as an apartment Ko persona prime. Coca-Cola. So I mean I'm drink I get a dye mound do here and did zero calories and now the chemicals and at a probably gonna kill me from the inside out. But to not know and to say chi. Are there. They're just impression on this sugar on me here is gonna kill me and I'm tired of a serene scene that that Timmy seems to be the ultimate. In lack of taking responsibility for yourself. This is the kind of thing that happens in America that makes me just scratch my head in wonder. How in the hell are we gonna survive as a species. I mean so it enemy in the door with a story here is via the complaint. Alleges that Coke in the ABA ran an intentional campaign. You can confuse consumers. About the causes of obesity. They claim that DS soda marketing is made it more difficult for people to. Protect the health of their they're largely black based parishioners. No this particular legal teams tried this before. They thought they had a good idea once and they thought they tried again they did this first in California. Now I thought if they tried this in California and it didn't work the case was later withdrawn then why would they think that they could make it happen someplace else. Because if it was gonna happen anywhere it is certainly. Would have had been in in California. That is lawsuit is a I was kind of taken a different direction. For the the African American Latino community groups have been you know put it in the past relatively big our allies a big sort of for years. And policy fights across the country and this is despite overwhelming evidence. That the harms of drinking soda. Impact their communities distortion disproportionately because there is no question do Latino communities in the African American communities. Have the obesity issues hypertension diabetes and cardiovascular disease and at a much higher rate than the white population so to say. That that is an issue absolutely to blame it on marketing. He may break John hi WB two year on a good morning. Miramar air talking earlier I had the site yes. I'll bet the symptomatic of a big problem in this country about this is one of the biggest problems with the United States places like yeah. That's what I call abdication of responsibility migrate somebody wants to take responsibility. For their actions I need somebody to blame it ought. I agree a 100% as they went images 'cause I'm fat meg had diabetes it's not my fault it's your fault because you serve fried food. And and drink for sugar it was like wait a minute you can there's nobody. Putting a gun to your head and making you put that not money make nugget thing down your gullet and down a two liter party out to enter Coke. And it extends far deeper than that it even extends the US congress made refused effect responsibility. To resist. It's an epidemic of not responsible will be trying to blame somebody else trying to what government can say that what staking. I just corn no one wants to be responsible now war. Well I mean I think you're right and goes oh into the top women are those who would argue there right now. President terms not taken responsibility for what's gone on he's just pointing fingers and pulling blanked but you're right congress does it senate's senators do it. Business leaders do it it's is they know it's it's not my fault this is because of any fill in the blank in it's somebody else. So. I I understand. There's concern within the community you may be be upside of this if there is one. Is that the lawsuit will then. Bring attention to via their own community that there's a problem that's gonna. So that they can then start to educate their people. Everybody I mean let's face it we're all. On a slope and we were all diet every every every every day we're dying just a teeny tiny little bit you know the sun is is is moving towards the sun set. As opposed to the sunrise with us and depending on what we do it ourselves that sun's gonna move faster Gary hi you're on WB to eight. I ain't got it and we're glad document but hey yeah this is. Mean. This guy Coke poverty in the Paula open ballot drink Oakland you know what bit there's there's 36 grams of sugar and stuff. In one teaspoon of sugar all right well wow. So what you're due it. It would be the same is taken none of that piece spoonful of sugar imported and copy imported in the bank. That went live video and when you go the length black. Well I think great. So there are certain times and the third down they're like fifteen grams of sugar in Torrey over sixty now I got themselves. You're absent when you're considered just a little bit. You are down and we'll unbelievable. Amount. Shook. Yeah you and it's probably old days worse. There and then again experts are saying we don't even really need the sugar you know we did you have a back when we were hunters and gatherers do we. He just didn't exist it was fruits it's always had. Maybe we need to go back with it maybe they need to Phil Coke cans without the brits pushed grapes 1027 a break and bacteria get to you on the other side. But we need to take personal responsibility and includes stick in a star straw into a bottle and not sucking that down. So Pablo kill you. Soda pop tell us who live with super right. It's amazing they tourism pastors in DC hot it was supposed to call because they say that they've been misleading. And I understand that that these coax or are actually healthy trying to that they mean that's essentially what they're sank. And other senate too big goal line people die and hand on the left and right herb I pay their yacht WBT when he got. I got a little price oriented to describe people like that night. That that they had asked her bridal but it wouldn't have enough to bishop this thing out speeches. But I think you're absolutely right now that's a pretty a pretty apt description. Jerry real quick what he got. Scott you and I won't put the school we learned a local group. We learned very early exit there will all of it he still curious if that's correct that the I mean they were my age but people my age thirteen their grandmother they grabbed Barbara Starr would diabetes. And that's right that's what we know it. You know Coke and and I'll be there were part of we'll give you a yet didn't look I'm a sole ball. You know the cultural blackbeard motivation for not even impossible Paul McNamee but always a lot of the other involved a but it didn't either they live look there are callable cute about great people all all week. All right 300 pounds overweight. They've been around eating great deeply products are deliberately by the marketing it did pick and I'm bored yeah. Now I I agree we ought to percent Gerri it's it's a bad deal it is a bad deal continued via the discussion about the drinks in just a moment here. It's fascinating NN Seattle. There is a a sort of tax legislation. And it's it's led to criticism soda tax because. White and affluent people tend to drink more diet drinks and the tax is only going to be on the sugar ones who are saying that this is a racist rule. I would like a break please give it to me please give it to me red milky joins us now here Allegheny a quick little look at. The wall to provoke puzzle of the wall. Well I even be able to look at it because supposedly is going to be transparent right for an. You have maybe not be admitted invincible but at least he's on the other side of yep president trump. Gave and I think he's holding dual what this wall will look like to reporters in what was originally an offer records. Session now it's that is the White House has said it's on the record. And so he gave us some retail he said instead of just 2000 mile long continuous Walt probably going to be. 70900. Miles toward the construction he said. The Rio Grande and then some mountainsides. We'll take care of the rest. And then yet he said he wants to be able to see through it now it's bizarre that sounds bad actually coming from Border Patrol agents when the pastor said hey it's difficult to see what's going on the other side air if it's difficult to see what's going on the other side they can't tell who work. Haunting some of these bags of drugs sometimes weapons sometimes you can walk to church looking at Border Patrol agents. The other I thought the quote was great. But the president got a declared physically throw sixty pound bag of pot over the top of it and it lands on and that's bad it got it's that was that was great. Really yeah eighteenth pick in the sort of security heard about it at day's end up sounding rather bizarre and now I should mention that he did and you know we had seen that block of different sort of prototype designs we don't know what the department of public security one to using. We've seen versions of Plexiglas and things like diversity through wall. But what you brilliant at looking at age most of these cases is something resembling a good. Right I mean we have attempted to complete freedom. Hey president trouble on the campaign trail that he would never use anything so weak as the defense but that they in this case seemed to be exactly what Border Patrol agents are asking. Border as if for a big giant fence at. Not necessarily a chain link fence Brett appreciate the update to I want to find out what was happening with a wall the sugar stuff is is is amazing how people are up in arms about this and really in reality the bigger issue. Is is not sugar so much is it's the other high fructose corn syrup which is just. Death to our body George real quick what he got forced to Acer. George all right Scott peck a typical storm read the label trouble or search and what they are allowed to. Actually label or sugar already. And I doubt what are the biggest how should the world because. They just label it underneath sugar alcohol. Bag Cilic back regular sugar besides that you know your blood. Circulation your body. All the way could also pay little capillaries once I'm a bit. Well the first or sugar molecules. Under a biker though it actually looks like up. Then Nash here supported so I'll play. You've got the water should pay. So you got that float around to order up blow it every minute usually although lighting into the back Larry and everything else. Thought god totally out sugar pretty. They're like why they're just not be an ever bigger will she. Yeah you arriving. If you decide not to drink getting many coax sir you know fruit pies are in mind that if you put ketchup on your Fries you get a ton of sugar in that kind of stuff to Richards high going to be BT good morning. Hey good talking again god I don't want them doing it right in front page. You know hey you know I think. He can accept Coca-Cola drinkers who can't control their and so on chink actually probably treated like a sick smokers. Heavy taxation. You know taxation. Power attack in the card distraught but also for the power. Not attacking you is the universe. You know why should government. Allowing people on food stamps to go in addition Wal-Mart. And load up their shopping cart. Was the case after case of Mountain Dew. Coca-Cola. Ethnic you know the newspaper that you may are. You and me against the world. Sometimes I feel like it's you and you instant room filling carts with cocaine routier's. Financial woes and with got to take a break what we come back we're gonna take a look at a piece of of Charlotte history and then we'll get back into the assure discussions and Jeff and your whole month. About corn syrup log into it again after we make in the 11 o'clock hour. So camp green this weekend a pretty big to do we'll find out about it and see whether or not something you wanna participate and when we come back like what senate voted seventy time hi there Scott FitzGerald but having gone here's strapped on this Good Friday and weekend Illinois to be another hot one. A little bit cooler as we make it through the weekend that are part of deal with some sweating for at least the short term foreseeable future. Now I wasn't aware this bit but apparently surely gets knocked from time to time for not having history and they actually comes out of a headline from the observer. You're right we're TO joins us here now on WBT. So the headline is think Charlotte doesn't have history. Check out camp green this weekend so where does the that the idea of the concept that we don't have much history come from me on. Well I think in the city that the grown fat stiff Charlotte without hundreds of thousands of people many of them transplants new residents are coming in the last. Terrible decade. There can be a perception that you know Charlotte is that. Shiny new wonder city with this Grand Island let to sort of sprang fully formed out of the ground and there's been a lot of pare down the historic buildings through the years I'm in uptown. Other neighborhoods and backed contribute to a perception that. Got Charlotte is really all knew it doesn't have the same depth and history has some other. Let this right it's that is one big giants' triple essentially so well I'm glad to hear that that that there are some pieces of history here in its interest in. That your piece on cam grain. Came out here today because yesterday. I was driving back two or WBT here on the hill. And and somebody mentioned that this might have been part of camp greed and there's some sort of military history based upon. Our little bunker on the hill here you know about that. You know I'm not familiar with so with that specific area but I think that really gets to. Part of Charlotte history is and the debate about whether we have enough of that a lot of what we do have is unknown. Per example camp green many people are not familiar with this city's major participation. In World War I. And all of the history that's. Really just a mile or two outside uptown and folks don't realize that the main camp green comes from an actual major military camp. OK so and this is what number roughly the area Wilkinson boulevard and then west morehead is Iraq. Right it's around there and got some of the street names for that those areas I wasn't familiar with this. Come from their association with the military camp. For example RD avenue. Have to do it he artillery corps that would mean there. Well that's pretty cool and we don't and most people just Muniz kind of gloss by that I had no clue. We're right where are you know it's something that really isn't known widely and probably. I'm not as likely to contribute what to what was the the volume of troops that we had feared any given time you it was there it was a pretty big camps from what I understand. Right so can't green was established in 1917. Win the US entered World War I were suddenly a huge need to you train and equip millions of soldiers. And can't green at its peak had about 40000 soldiers. I'm based here and that led a time when the population of Charlotte on cold look about 56000. So really it was quite a you know a dramatic. Camp almost beside the city itself. And I have to imagine that an influx of people like that did a couple different things when people gut. Introduced to the area and may be thought when this is all said and done you know this might be a good place for me to stay. As well as the military certainly brings in a lot of materiel. Was there much left that could be used to help prop you know propagate via the building for the future. Yes and that will work to sort of spin off effect of camp green thumb they'll let you know a lot more people introduced here the area were suddenly a lot more a prominent and the influx. You know money from building. And also the physical materials you know. Really helped this city's post war boom in post war I'm 1920s growth for example. There were lots of leftover materials. Lumber wiring pipe being. Basically enough to help create whole new section of the city. In addition to that many of the people as you said who lived here. One away after the war. Thinking you know this would be a decent place to do business or perhaps even move at some point and helped swell the city's population when they were civilians again. I have to imagine and again you are put to use with a C from the observer. That there were a lot of folks who at that time were in business or went into business. And that was the beginning of of a long road of of steady growth for them because of all those extra people who are here that they could do business wit. Yes you know one side effect of major military buildup like World War I is of course. That growth and the associated businesses people who are contractors to serve the camp camp green. Serbs the troops and when you have 40000 people coming to a city that's only 56000 at the time. Obviously there's gonna need to be a lot of construction and everything from the building themselves to all the support the food everything that goes with that yeah and that contributed they are significantly to the growth of the city. You saw a lot of milk and eggs to a bunch of hungry soldiers your body is called in and day has got to get a comment about canned green. Bob hi you're on WB TN as well as your with the lime tortilla. Good morning to a Kamal belt title a lot of help over there ambassador street know up to exceed zero. Under so the houses there are concrete racks pretty historic artillery shell. It's a fascinating underneath that houses the people irrational left bitterly being any concrete racks. And so they can just built all of them. And then you do this Foundation's. Yes. And you know I've heard stories during construction and occasionally people will still on our sound an expanded ground. You know and unexploded munition and that that still happens in that area have employee you majority have you had your Scott we now where would. Actually I can't courses. That was another one that I was not familiar with that name Lee mountain road there or somewhere around 121000 courses based here I'm told in addition to the men. And down green mountain road was where they're calvary in their horses work. This amazing. It wasn't all that long ago that we weren't all that mechanized and and horses to play a big part in World War I it's. It's amazing the differences of of what we perceive to be finding now and what it was like Baghdad Bob and that was interest in commenting LC got porch that's all I noticed. We got it OK appreciate appreciate that very much. It's interesting you bring up well we're one that is really kind of be the overshadowed war there's just not much discussion about it. Especially in light of the fact that we're we're focused on losing. But the last remnants of our World War II veterans at this point in time so I find it fascinating to bring a war on backed up. Yes you know this is the 100 year anniversary of our entry into the war. And although it was rapidly overshadowed by a World War II in. The American now popular consciousness. About the impact the World War I really still continues opera resonate in Charlotte today. Yeah it does and a well the world as well because they were so many. Changes in the political landscape in the premier from a political world view. That we're still doing the ramifications are much from way back then and I appreciate appreciate your time. DS Centennial this is celebration on this you give us the scoop on that what's happening over the weekend. So this weekend out on Saturday you can have a chance to go out to camp green McCain screen neighborhood. And to be doubt how there which is one of the few structures from that time it was the headquarters for the unit that was based there. And you can see out Lian actors. Bugler. To red cross station and really flavor to what life in Charlotte and life for the soldiers. Who fought in World War I look like and that's start. This Saturday at 1030 and to get all the information you can go to. If gore camp green dot com. Historic camp green and that says green with a and to do if you have an older relative who served in World War II. Chances are their parents may have served in World War I so it might be a nice full circle us sort of memories. That we can bring our veterans out Tutu to have announced today and a very much right you I appreciate your time island Puerto talk anymore about what you do go up here in Charlotte Kazaa I am always fascinated with the stories that you come together my first. But I recollection of Reading you and really paying attention to you was it was a story you did awhile ago on the cranes in the number of cranes that we have here in this marketplace. Yes I'm within a few of them right now they're really up. Continue to be Charlotte birds so to speak you wolf few I think is an understatement. And not let regular one point time when you I think when you did the article I think you were fifteen or sixteen cranes up. And we got probably about my eighteen to twenty now I lost track exactly because they come up and go down. It's a changing number together like teenagers say they breed in the middle of the night and and make ourselves feel like thanks so much if somebody wants to find you online best way to do that. I you can find my article on Charlotte Observer dot com and you can follow me on Twitter I'm pretty easy to track down. Good W I appreciate your time on given awesome weekend if you do have a good of the canned green Centennial. Stay hydrated and maybe even do that and I caught kind of the wimpy thing in the sun to bring yourself an umbrella so you don't go burned all over yourself. I would take a break and when we come back on the other side here I'd like to to get back into the sugar discussion if you're so inclined because it is really pisses me off dead and environment are really just a hundred just fascinates me things that there's I hear noises in the back there. He's biting his arm. You'll hear that and every day do you. You don't hear that on every day. So was sugar we need to take personal responsibility for yourself is a's part of the discussion here and then the other part is this twist from Seattle. Ten attacks beat racist. Kennedy. Well putt yourself sort of problem we come back glance of the question for you here on who's 11109893 WB to me like jets 1104 items Scott FitzGerald. Thursday. Congressman GOP congressman to do floor and she. He's a little tired of the front children. Hear about this year he says you know what I'd be in the best interest of everybody including. Mr. mr. trump himself. If he removed all of his children from the White House and he says not only Donald junior. Who isn't really officially in the White House to my understanding shouldn't be because she's the one that's growing the businesses right. So get him out a vodka and injured as well. As I wish that he would get them out of the way so that we could have a professional staff at the White House when it comes to policy issues what you may not be a bad idea I understand why the president did this. It's always nice to have people around you you can trust. But if you people that you trust aren't necessarily the right ones for the gig then. Maybe expertise should trump. No pun intended. Trust when it all comes down to a I found is to be a fascinating story here the world of politics attracts. Some very interesting characters should hand out from time to time some folks come out of the woodwork to say that that they would like to beat. And charges are an important. So did you hear the story of who would like to run for congress. No it's not by anybody from Leonard Skinner. Worries about zero. He sounds like clubs. The big Kid Rock. If you imagine. Republican US senator Kid Rock. Do you think we have been asking me if he inhaled. Based upon this song in this Koresh. Can you tell me whether or not you can do background check this. Yeah. Oh you have differences yes. Maybe I should be in charge thanks sounds. Losers still question and as to whether he's actually serious about that are maybe he's just looking for. I don't know little marketing mode Joseph here. Robert James Ritchie is his real name. And if you would. What he would use his real name. Senator senator Robert James Richie has decided didn't know or would be senator Kid Rock. I think that the great at at. He's got to campaign web site. And and you may have heard used as an avid outspoken supporter of president trump and and many conservative policies so. No stranger things have happened right. Mean wasn't gopher. Congressman one point target Nia purpose stores and a with some Sonny Bono was here congressman want there to look at him he was when he died he was when he died in fact his wife took his seat. Fun if memory serves me knowing I think you're right I don't skiing accident wasn't we're us that a tree the in big trouble for a but that I did on him when he tennis skiing accident. It's a measure if we had one of those those those GPS devices that shows you your average speed. And ten and how it would you know between five miles an hour whatever it is and then slowly start taking down after after the the tree coalition. Yeah yeah to the complaints come back against got a double BT dot com thought you would like to go down that road so we got a comedian who is a senator Al Franken. And then and perhaps we could have area Iraq's singer. Deceased don't have his budget. Not like he owns the midget or anything like that remember they had via the little midget that used to dance within up on stage. I was thinking in G I've you've Arianna if you're you're gonna have a Medicare drug you gotta you're not have enough. Yeah we PS threes to do videos there was this little dude that. We got there on the stunned I'm thinking that maybe he passed. If my memory which is sometimes faulty serves me I think perhaps he has gone over the rain bluesy Dorothy and Toto. As Rosen available people there the government comes. Debbie Stabenow who is the current incumbent. So is there. Okay if he's doing this in addition take any chances. She sent an email saying this afternoon Kid Rock tweeted out that he was going to have a big announcement and hinted. But he was going to challenge me for the US senate. We don't know. If this is real or if this is just a publicity stunt. But she says after Donald Trump surprising win last year we need to act fast. I'm a farm is to be great. She says and further we you donate five dollars right now to help me raise what I need to fight back. Chains iBooks as well for five dollars. So you know when it comes to a campaign rallies quite often within the doings they have kept performers come out and and they you know they play their music in support of whoever the candidate might bait. You know because if you remember back during the Hillary days it was John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen. When it came to president trump it was quite a few that country artists. So who would saying that a Kid Rock rally. Or would all of his policies. When everything that he stands Fuller. And are being written into a song. I think that can be an effective way to get a message out but let's face it you know we we're into these teams ranked with the short little sentenced. Bumper sticker sort of philosophies. In the Vatican sort of you know get your attention very very quickly just imagine if you put this entire. Platform. Into the chorus of the song. Maybe he'll hard he did in that's we were smoking funny Smith's record shrinking at a popular candidates for for years have written books this is my book Mayo Newt Gingrich is notable for every time is gonna run has sure. That's sort of think well in this day and age why not have he could have he can do an album. He had a three minute song guys on things owner and a covering topics. Well that's very true mr. Richard several white paper he could have. The white album a strike at rock into the first cut me in my stance on wheat. Second cut would be in my favor Leonard Skinner saw. Third cut it could be you know doing it under the Michigan stars. I mean there's an endless plethora for entertainment as well as politics here so a break and back and we'll get to you when your telephone calls match. You wanna talk about the trump children will get to your first and then I wanna talk you about sugar. And other drugs it's on the way. 11:6 eastern time now here in the Vijay. Good to have you along here as we complain about people who are complaining about sugar. You know yeah. Part time inspectors. After brushing my teeth after I hear this. It's a reason they call the bubble gum pop right. Everything we. Has killed just this conflict but that was that Tommy roe was obscenities DRG snow's views. You know Tommy roe was districts. Okay. Oh the days of voting able to write songs are easily. We're gonna get to the sugar discussion have been met you've been you've been hanging on here and appreciate your patience very very much and got a comment about the these are the children of the president is a correct. Oh yeah there and get me I Kenya graduates there. Very. Or what although to you I'm starting to feel good about all of this data bring up well get Iraq. Truck. Whenever you that you don't think that would be a good addition to the held halls of the senate. Well I thought well maybe I thought well maybe they got my Iron Maiden was the guys just oracle won't ever editor. An Iron Maiden. That was so. I'm making a mistake though each other Boy George is now known around Alice Cooper. Oh Modell made it longer and marital me Marilyn Manson. Arm. Tony well your outside of my if you're outside in my real realm of music got metal it bigger than any event form. So the president. We share your lasting. JFK. Yes I'm balance. But his brother and his brother at the attorney general remember off. I'm very. What are your are out there running about. So trumps. Well it would never involved they don't have any political figures Erica. Meaning if they ever held political office. Well they're not they're not cabinet members when he put it that way. I mean compared. We're pretty much not be prepared to work are out walking. Your brother is turning journal. Nobody made a big stink about that that their remarkable though surely did well absolutely they made a huge stink about it. Nothing that came up. Who's who's annoying not being there will be discussion like that of course we didn't happen media today. All I dated back then have you have you looked at Al point I don't know. No it's I don't I don't think it is a mean I understand the point the Jamaican. But was she. Who was there. I think that there was even a nepotism rule that came into play after that. The list disappeared because. Yeah oh yeah that he had no getting a our exit from our nominee Robert Robert Kennedy was take up because it used to. Refused to prosecute him not being prosecuted tomorrow. So far about okay right now the way that his stance could JFK appoint RFK's attorney general where he president today and apparently we answers no. They. They ended up coming up with the them. It is it much ado about nothing is what I'm I guess that might well. What's going on now. Well I again I think the difference is. Well I mean it depends what you referred to as much ado about nothing is far as the trump children I think the difference is these are not folks who are necessarily experience. In the ways of the world politics say they are business experience so perhaps they have you know relatively decent business heads. But as far as being able to advise them about politics and policies. That's the question and that's what they up the senator out of texas' saying that perhaps time for them to. Two vote to crawl on a different carpets sort of speak. Well. By the ninth reject just because you don't have that knowledge that you should want to call five. I I can hear that America be. Well I think it would be nice to another system works to have. Ideas that are quote outside the box yeah absolutely and as I mentioned before you it's nice in and I can understand how important how good it would feel. To have people who were close to you be around you and to help advise you. But do they have to do that in an official capacity. I guess in order for good or NBA jobs and order for pushed her to be able to be on the inside. And to help with certain policies he would need to have the security clearance which is which is why lots of official position her. Not sure so it is that what you're saying it's it it's a much to do about nothing. All. Yes I don't see what it. Or because when you what you network of people and may be as bad as or logo I had hurt somebody that. Shirt talk to what harm that. There. It may help you being in your career or whatever so that's what your book the people. Hey I'm talking about the Russians. Yeah is doing a solid. No no Irish OK I need to what we hadn't gotten to that that wasn't part of the discussion between you just brought that part up here. No I'm I still think it's it's inappropriate I thought it was an appropriate for Hillary to do that with the ukrainians and I'm sure that it's happened to time and time again through the years. The the difference is that they got caught this time. You know Hillary got caught and and Donald junior got caught. I don't know that I necessarily like the way that the president has said you know anybody would do it. Which excuses and away or makes it sound like it's and every day kind of occurrence. I think it's I think that there's. A little more importance to it and it's a little bit more serious but what. Yeah all the posters here just pop in America. Our sense oppressed. In my opinion if we don't work out so they. That this meeting with the Russian person workbook are reluctant person he was thinking what could it then. All. Well the Watergate. All people are. He would be there would be although it does. Genie is ordered our whistleblowers. Well the difference is that it's it's not we're not dealing with somebody from a foreign country would deep throat. And details to help somebody solve a crime. Is opposed to potentially. Her. Perpetrating a crime. We're committing a crime are all. Unit sand. Well argue about all of that you my point is that. There was a crime with what we don't know the Clinton. I think getting information on that when you crack me not doing their job they they have their own people but they won't talk about it. It gets those conjecture are now but it. Yeah I think I think we're talking capsule apples and Lawrence and oranges in as far as as far as the press doing their job. I think the New York Times did their job when they got the story about the emails and in reported on it. That's what they're supposed to do isn't it. Because that's. There's those that's a factual story there is opposed to what we see. Time and again which is getting very very old and very in a cliche which is nothing but a hit piece. There may be nothing to this but the facts are that the meeting happened and the facts are as of right now that they this was in a non disclosed meeting. And they're talking about transparency would this. Roll. The press's job at least in my mind one of the things is supposed to do is to hold us accountable. People in power. Accountable to being transparent so we know what's going on. And and that's the reason I think that indeed in that particular situation the the press. Did their job so Allan writes in Scott I don't have a big problem with his kids in the White House is he the only president that we've had recently they actually had grown adult professional children. Maybe Reagan did to. In recent memory. Yeah. Well since Clinton. There's a George H. W. Bush obviously had the a couple of he's grown up professional children. The Democrats and argue how professional they were but we could certainly say so because wanted to becoming the governor of Texas and the the president. Another was a governor of Florida right. So before that Reagan knowing that a daughter. Which was panicked and then he had two sons. Ronald junior and then Mike Reagan. Who. Remember with a go migrate it was a radio guys are gonna as a dancer having to I'm not sure. So how much you let's go too much of Ross hi roster and a BBC good morning. Good morning how are you go into great for front I think you can hear Eric quit now or what have someone that army police are. If the email that would receive but Donald junior. Had been addressed the Bob Woodward reporter for more big city and bought at a site like junior act it. What order out take stated. Bob Woodward wasn't involved in the campaign. What you're. But junior was part of the yet junior was part of the campaign was a surrogate and that he was an active member of the campaign. Okay yeah I get back at where we're pretty as I keep hearing all the newspaper aren't too and take a rush. What I'm an email pop up at about asking what. Correct. So I need it it would respond to an eighteen. The the dangled there. Was that the you to meet with the attorney was and to me was not to meet with a publicist who you're right is a is a British publicist. It was to meet with the attorney. Hoot depending on which count your look at that was an attorney for Russia and for the F for the Kremlin. A break we'll continue the conversation on the other side Chris we'll talk about worse case Rossi got a question what about the emails that he received and we'll get to you stand by. Changing directions. Guess there are ready for Russian dope until Friday yeah yeah that's or just controlled emotion is a little beacons. So well we got stabbed on the final half hour here and other conversation for a while here's bent. The other trump children and whether or not that is time for them to. I don't know. To fund rug to sit on that's outside the White House. And maybe you know the competition started because there's a senator in Texas who says maybe it's time they are not doing the president any favors. And then also we find out today. There was another omission in in junior story. About this meeting. Where you looked at the fact that there was area another person that was at this meeting. Who'll I guess according to reports could have been a former Soviet counterintelligence. Officer. What that means what the implications are of that I don't really know yet I don't know that anybody has figured out what to could possibly mean. 704571110. Ryan good morning you're on WB two happy Friday. Happy Friday that particular culture know what what baffles me about this whole thing is how is it. That an American citizen receiving information. About corruption and are aware of the highest ranking people in it administration and can count to choose treatment. I think I want if you wanna hear. The nineteen eat go to moma go right. Eco the FBI agent allegedly and you could even hardened his I didn't vertical and why do you suppose that it. Because they were people within. The government at that horrible but without looking information like Yelp he didn't variant. Fourteen can kill fourteen and all inside then form for an umpire. If I don't play I would've been dead now he probably would have been dead vote so here we go we got information for around eighty people on our right to know hold up all run out Ryan hold on to say it. I don't really think that there's a comparison between. Watergate and that information and this situation because what what what deep throat was giving was information. True. To demonstrate what happened when the crime was committed and who was behind it because there was a crime and it was. We knew it was a different scenario we ordeal was somebody from inside the country talking about exposing crime inside the country is an excellent. Not with regard to the point I'm making the brand making is that information or it can be volatile when presented. About people and how. And that's exactly like what they thought I agree I like it or why don't people know when the media. As any question about that spot this it is a bit further looking information quashed. You probably that. Those are those those are big words you just years can you repeat what you just said again. Yet why he's a little more media are no question whatsoever. About the specificity that this is that this will all information that was going to be render. Right like you're watching Bravo we have hope that Hillary Clinton is it criminal probe. And right now beyond the immediate thought about it although I'll give me your book circuit early because he is greater due to look at making no doubt about it but don't. What are we are an auto show ER I've asked about it and then they're saying that there was nothing there you know that's the story that we're getting. From from the administration from jet from Donald junior is that there really you know there really wasn't anything there. So. We would question beyond do we really believe that is there to ask. Right right exactly you don't mean I mean I would love to know what it was and I and I don't believe for a single minute that there was nothing there. Well I I don't either initially it was so I want for the former federal investigators worked well for a ball go like he got her into the. The Pentagon and it would make people what sparked an older. No burial comparable I can tell you bet it's more mobile. Warren. Of classified information. They were good for you Ricardo that. Just one bit across information form coral and. We'll leave her home. Thought well you know the fact that she is not in jail. So it can't be everywhere in that we can no longer live look up look Robert Rubin and all the parts that how that houses where. That information. And an aunt and Great Britain come out without the call and did not crop and it is it this couple thought they gave Clinton that they. Immunity. It disgusting and the recent ignored because they know the crane now but for the most part the electorate. Don't know don't care dirt there. Their attention span can be measured in minutes. None I don't know seconds. Yeah they're it's seconds were up we are a bumper sticker political society at this point in time right. It and I and I agree with you on that in and nobody cares and the point that you made about being an oligarchy. Your right. And it's continuing. You know the one of the things that did that we've had a problem we have when it came to Russia. And content one of the things this attorney was working with was the I think it's them against ski. Prosecution or declaration or whatever that was that punished. Corrupted officials and human rights violators in Russia and withheld their money kept their money that was here in the United States and that pissed gluten off. And that's what he's so upset about and that's what this woman was supposedly working on a one point was to try. To get us to to start to put a stop to that. Answer me understandable. No I get that they they would like to see that because they like to get their money back. But talk about Oleg Gerke and talk about corruption that's on the other side and that's when Russia and to think for a minute that they wouldn't. That there be any sort of limitations on what depths in what links they would go to to give what they want. I think is underestimated and is under estimating that Chris a break and economic it's your first I promise worst case what is it. Well true or false will get to a mix. This is the karaoke version and it. But there's no words and there's no words there. There we. Your plan his son mark through a specific reason I would imagine you don't generally dig into via the library like that play songs such as this unless you have a couple of people reminded do you think would. Would benefit from a land on the weapons for a moment in time you know now known suggestions no. Compared. It was mixed in the rotation Roy is probably repression to and and very very appropriate. They would be nice if anybody who's having a discussion about and events going on the White House years that we. Control hog interest piece from France. But I don't see that is happening anytime soon so apparently what the latest thinks trump tower meeting included. Some others besides the the aforementioned Russian attorney. Find it fascinating that the jury commissioner. Had to read read do. The what he called of those clearance forms to you know to futures are security clearance. Agassi had a like another hundred people there hundred instances are situations. Andy a member of the a cushion staff apparently the story is that he prematurely hit the send button. On the form before it was completed. I'm not quite so sure about that sounds a lot to me like the aliens ate my lunch and took my homework and give it to the dog or something on the trust 'cause Scott hi good morning you're on WB two happy Friday to you. Going sir. The Democrats. I have it's obviously the Democrats have destroyed trump presidency they're never gonna stop hounding Amanda. Now they are determined to destroy its on. If it's also obvious to me and it should be obvious to the American people that. That's the same solid group of characters that keep appearing at the same all the time and I'm referring to. Charles Schumer. Is Adam Schiff Bernie Sanders Dianne Feinstein Michael Bloomberg and especially George Soros. And our other evil Jewish Communists what determined to destroy trust presidency. And create essentially a Jewish Communist nation that's what's calling on the. You're Scott I have a hard time believing that you I think you're gonna get away with target like that on this program. There there are certain words are not allowed to use on the radio. And I would call you one of those names because you are racist anti Semitic. Biggest. Inning Boettcher had so far up your but that you're looking at the North Pole. Chris hi good morning on WB take. There Barbara they're gonna do about it yeah. And look it won't take much at all man I tell you what he if you even breathe through your nose you gonna do a lot better a I almost all worked very good a mile per their polling memo. Why did it takes all kinds it amazes me that did that those people. Are allowed to procreate from one we'll leave it at. Don't know that people would say one person in all that label and tire. Ethnicity or race toward Arabs never wise it's never lies that we include every. Oh. Well people like that need to. They immediately more apparently mean I mean there's a frustration I just can't quite understand so who are Good Morning America it's a great replied the third I. Chris what he got maybe smile all right. Are about to make you smile but I hope we're gonna get vague I. You know I don't two under plug every other person on here have been listening and they're all in different ways that it and sort of information Rodger Rodger Rodger Rodger Rodger. I don't even understand like worse you know even at some of these things are is absolutely bad as they possibly could be. You know John junior watching that they've we've got certainly we. We've got group. Now Saudi Arabia gave a million dollars by Sunday church not a political up campaign or don't want ever the case may be. That there is match off. Shouldn't be working on a circle option thought about anything else shouldn't kill or try to expand the already declared cease fire that that payment won't save you. Would stop in Syria and bigger credible with the direction like surely not. Have any relationship should look a bit beat difference. Scientific. Programs that brought certain and the US they were working and get beat oral Bible all the plug in that all the Russian all. They have a lot of good things brought to the big plays and that you say they'll hoodlums are Republican and lots trumpet and and his organ weathermen. Let them know when it WikiLeaks are gonna drop and then drug take power air and you know totally destroys starts to destroy Roger economy were to basically based on oil. And outwards not supplying and taking customers and joke trying out sending missiles. As bad as such Dodd and I just don't see that you know I really think quoted on the strength in the word tablet discussion because. Why wouldn't this well I wouldn't like tell me why you know week Obama commissioners media are skewed made twelve junior commissioner and mayor report meeting. It lies and that not only comport themselves like you're playing ball side here and we're all running around chasing cartels I really feel like. The master puppeteer behind all visited Russia and he'd play ball side I don't understand why they'll bet now and discussion like people are. Even suggesting that that's what it seemed like so many you think man a former commissioner. You know to release these and if the lawyer dead. By all accounts you know all she could be a Russian operative so that would again lead us to believe that acts directly important. And we're allowing him to support during and point fingers or HR. When there's really. Much ado about nothing I mean I'm that's really what I think we're gonna come doubt you're just like the other. For a five bombshell that we've been dealing with in the last nine months well I. Chris I like like which is saying about Russia because I agree I I think prudent. Use is so much smarter than anybody on our side right now and he is manipulating things because. Think about what it is he'd like to accomplish he doesn't like a unified west he he he doesn't like the United States it's focused. In his direction he doesn't like the United States that has its act together and can actually get anything done so if his job was to destabilize America right now and have fingers pointing in both directions. He dropped the puck between the Democrats and the Republicans. And got the hell out of the way. And led both sides beat each other up think about breaks it as well. Who benefits the most if the European Union breaks up. I don't well but I can tell you Russian and world politics. They're the real thing you know we try to influence elections we go to Israel we've Obama you know campaign architect your tax dollars went through. Campaign against Mitt Netanyahu from what I understand in any event. We definitely need him to go all the protected don't let him campaign. You know these these things happen and brought to. All act shocked all act like oh my goodness are you kidding me somebody from Russia could've called and influenced try to give him from. That at that happening every day I agree there. No I understand but then that it when it comes to looking we're looking at the small picture right now and that's the internal squabbling to a we have gone I want our political system when the real big issue is. When it comes to the world. You know America first includes. Our role on the world stage and well it always will rip a note to your humanitarian paint or are we always well. Absolutely and let's go back to Europe for a second here you know that has been our bedrock of club trade in support and group of allies and and NATO has been. You know that. This spear pointed at Russia that's kept Russia from going to two expanded try to take over the eastern European satellite together but right now is disintegrating. They instead of being a unified Europe. The nationalism is rearing its head understandably. They're all trying to figure out how to deal with the all these refugees. Which you know I think was a Russian plot to begin with to destabilize the Middle East. Have all these Muslims take off where they gonna go well into the arms of the loving Europeans who warm welcome them. And saying hey you live in my house and all of a sudden they're losing their minds because they don't know what to do about it. England leaves the European Union so it leaves things shaky so Europe doesn't have its eye on it. Protecting you know it's entity anymore each individual countries trying to figure how to take care of their own and Russia's just laughing it is absolutely laugh and their bucks right. And it ended under any of like where you could tell from. What to do like it is there an action that he could take that would satisfy the last. What it would there is there anything you could say if he condemned it on Shawn SP condemned Russian said I'm cold and all doubt no blood alert nukes off I mean what what could he possibly do I do like the man has backed into a corner I think you are what it does her daughter's. It's going to be attacked. I agree. And if if he condemns Russia. Then there's going to be a certain group of people Hussein no no wait we can't do that because that'll make things standards if he doesn't condemn Russia then people are missing with a reason he's not condemning Russia's because he's compromising these weren't the Russians are gonna help him on something. So little you know it's skirt yet he truly is he's not in a very good place. And then when you add into that the fact that the Democrats in the progresses in the far left. Just sit around all day sharpening their knives because they wanna get rid of him. There's not much of a chance for him to move things forward here and it won't. Unless they get to the bottom of whether or not there is a there there and if there is no there there. Then I would see a massive turn around and attack on the left coming from the White House in a B well deserved. And hopefully will get this he got bigger that's obviously. The best case scenario for America in my opinion you know don't those 65 million Americans have or upper trough. We all want that agenda and the problem is rather partisan politics today it's the actual agenda that. You also scary and it's been being attacked from both sides will agree I can't imagine. Oh I extreme liberal USA would no checks and balances from any. Other real conservative voices down there and on the liberal would say the same thing it's did shake his curveball that. What what I can do it took Chris what I would like to see is for us as a country go when a weight limit more not the enemies of each other here. Russia is really the enemy you know North Korea is really the enemy can we get your side here. You know I'll scratch your back here you scratch mine and those turn around let's go after the folks that are really cause some problems. Chris I always appreciate when you call you always have some us a nice insights and you say Smart things in the and you don't take on the Jews so that's a nice change from the phone call before. Appreciate that very very much. A lot opium an awesome week has to be hot with sadistic hear yourself and the kids in the past especially the senior citizens until Monday wish you. Blue skies a green life stick to care.