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Friday, August 3rd

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing alliance. Saturation there are too many guns on the street blues 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. All rights. We're back rewards good news. That we. We start up for Friday Brad Kassell pure. Friday is going well. There's nothing like. The continued progression of good news on the economic front. And we certainly need it. After years. Of assaults from the federal government. In the form of president Barack Obama on the economy. I don't mind repeating this is what I said on day one of this administration. Before the administration actually start it. Just by taking the foot. Of federal government policy off of the next Americans. The economy can't help but to grow. It was just grown its own the economy does its thing. As we find out today. Job numbers. An increase of 157. Vows in jobs these are just some of the Drudge economic headlines today. Manufacturing adding 37000. Jobs. Hispanic unemployment at a record low by the way I'm not sure we shared this story today. But I some interest in news on the Hispanic front. Quite ironic when you consider. All of the media is tried to do to portray the president as being racist. One of the polling numbers indicating. The various traction. The president is getting with Hispanics. Boy that's shocking it's not supposed to happen that way is it. Nonetheless when you get beyond. All of the out propaganda. You find out. That the truth. Prevails. It. We did find also that our trade deficit has widened when it's kind of intriguing isn't it's crispy going the other direction. China. It's also planning to retaliate. With tariffs and sixty billion dollars in goods. Hopefully this nonsense will be over soon. Let's talk about these economic members. 155965000. People employed in July. This is the eleventh record breakers since president trump took office in nineteen months ago. President speaking at a campaign rally. Yes campaign rally can sit our economy is soaring. Jobs booming factories pouring back into the country. Coming from all over the world we're defending our workers. The words of the president's in Pennsylvania. Now these numbers are a little bit off from June there were 248000. Created in June. Unemployment rate edged down to three point 9%. The number of employed people reached new heights number of unemployed persons declined by 284000. Your 6280000. In July. Here are the major worker groups and the unemployment rates. Adult men 3.4 percent whites 3.4 percent declined in July. Jobless rates for adult women three point 7%. Teenagers. Thirteen point 1% blacks six point 6%. Asians three point 1% rural or no change month to month. But here's another interesting factoid the unemployment rate for Hispanics. A record low. A four point 5%. Down from last month's record four point 6%. Isn't this supposed to. These the other way. Our peace policies supposed to hurt minorities. It's not happening. First Tavis Smiley by the way. Number Travis smiley back during the Obama administration. Acknowledging the truth and you know the truth and I know the truth. Vendor Barack Obama. Blacks were worse off. Reservist now. Is he going to now. Talk about the wonders of the drug administration. After complaining about the failure of the Obama administration don't hold your breath. Labor participation rates held steady 62 point nine. Percent. Average hourly earnings all employees on private nonfarm payrolls rose by seven cents to 2705. So that's a summation of what's going on with the job market. Very important parts of the economic picture. And that picture continues to improve. But certainly hope that that continues. The other big story other bit of good news I was quite surprised. I've not all of the elections took place in November turns outs there was a very important race yesterday evening. In Tennessee. To become the next mayor of Knox County in Tennessee. I think that's a big chance. Because if you listen this program. I interviewed. The high profile candidate. Who is running to represents. This particular town as the next mayor in this county actually. Got to meet her right here in Charlotte it's just a few months ago he was here for liberty event. And I am very excited to tell you he will be. The next mayor undocks counting him referring. To Glenn Jacobs. Don't know Glenn Jacobs says you well before. He was just relegated. To the WW week known as cane. But demon campaign. But now more importantly. He is. Adding a new type mayor. And I think he's going to be a great one. One of the things that excites me about Glenn Jacobs I don't know. Everything about this man I do know enough to know. Then he is instincts are very much libertarian. I've also told you to watch this guy. Now I don't know if he has ambitions for higher office. But I'll tell you what if he does have such desires. He will be a force to be reckoned with if we desperately need this kind of leadership. Again good news. Out of Knox County. Tennessee and we certainly hope this is a preview of coming attractions let's watch and see what he does in this in this. Community in this small community where he will be serving. But if all goes well. Hopefully there's a pathway. For his voice on the national stage. To carry the message of liberty. We need more in the bullpen. I think you'd agree with that. Much more news as we continue to broadcast today we're gonna talk about a little bit of a smackdown that took place. Notice that choice of words after WW read. This one. In the press briefing room. You know this stuff is just getting rather silly but we'll listen to it and talk about it. As we continue our Friday broadcast. Friday edition the Vince Coakley radio program. Over on the tech slide. And dare I check out what is on here. Vince someone needs to find John Kerry and make him eat those words about negotiating a better TO can keep it. Vince I'm so proud of you for giving the president credits I know that hurts. But thanks for being an American really. Why that hurts. I said the very beginning folks this was going to be a mixed bag of an administration. So I have no problem with praising the president when he does good things. So it hasn't hurt. This is absolutely hilarious also having another conversation with they did tractor. By the way I want to share part of the what these distracted the tractor has communicated here. On the tax line this is my favorite part of its. No moral compass. You turn whichever way the wind is blowing each. You believe. What's so they list I have no idea whatsoever. But I would that was hilarious I just thought he had dispersant is up. Obviously not listening to the same broadcast I don't know what the deal is there. Miss the mayor has arrived at Knox county and he's bringing hell fire with him congratulations to Glenn Jacobs. Yes. Congratulations for sure do you think we'll see mayor Glenn Jacobs choke slam a progressive county councilor dread table. Yes they'll be rather entertaining would minutes. Really good stuff. Vince we have a Fox News alerts. Sprawl of Greenville. Making fun of something I always make fun of just how the media tends to hype nothing. Over and over and over again. You probably are well aware of the interview with the vodka trop. New York Post front page. Papa don't preach. It's trump vs trump as a vodka disagrees with relatives. Or they're just loving the story. First daughter sunny offered her father now her first child separation border policy. And a Foreman Washington DC. That was a very low point for me as well she said I feel very strongly about that. And very vehemently against family separation. In the separation of parents and children. Good luck also Brooklyn the president on the subject of the media. And the elder trump is referred to as the enemy of the people. Now I think I've made it clear here I think this is very irresponsible talk I really do. Plans most of its personal. This is one of the areas you know IE mentioned earlier. The things that are praiseworthy in terms of the president but I've said before. Money alone does not make for a healthy country and he had an atmosphere that is adversarial. In the country. And you further contribute to that it's not a healthy thing at all. Nonetheless. Here's what I vodka said I've certainly received my fair share of reporting on me personally. But I know not to be fully accurate. So I've had some sensitivity around white people have concerns or gripes specially when they sort of feel targeted but no. I do not feel the media is the enemy of the people. Good for her. I wanted to share this with you just to set the table for what is next. Which is an exchange that took place. Between one media personality. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders. No we don't listen to this ends will start and stop this if we're able to do this. But let me just tell you before we get into any of this and I repeat what is one of the things that your host has said you. About choosing between two different people. Primary choices that are set up. I do not like binary choices false binary choices. I don't care for them. And let me just state for the record here I'm not a fan of Jim Acosta. Nor are my fan of the communications arm of this administration. I mean honestly my heart goes out to Sarah Huckabee Sanders this is about an impossible job. Because I've made it clear before. President Donald Trump is not the most honest person in the world he's not the most consistent person in the world. So imagine being the media person and you've got to go out there. And tried to clarify. The truth whatever that is from the administration. That's a tough job. My heart goes out tour I would never wanna do that job and a million years. And sadly along the way. A lot of the media personalities and entertainers they've gotten very personal they've got nasty. In making fun of her and I are poured that is well I wanna make that very clear. But I think everybody has to be clear here. None of these people have clean hands you when you go out and defend in administration. Where your boss lie ace. You've got to take. Everything that comes with it. Everything that comes with it. Let's listen to this exchange beginning with Jim Acosta. I follow on its first question from New York she ask you about provocative columns statement that the press is not the enemy of people. Did she ask you whether or not the press this unity of the people. He wrote off a laundry list of your concerns about the process and then things you feel like it was reported. What you did not say that the press. Is not the enemy of the people I I I think he would be a good thing if you're sitting right here. Hi this briefing that the press and people were gathered in Israel right now. And doing their jobs every day asking questions of officials like the ones who brought forward earlier are not the enemy of the people life I think we we deserve that. OK let's stop here moment the first dot Jim Acosta you know what you deserve a good kick in the rear end. Let me just settled that. Siebert is part of the problem here is in this is where. This whole issue becomes inflated. Because you take one Jim Acosta. Who's pretty much a jackass or let's just be honest this guy is full of himself. Well my pet peeves. And I can say this as are former anchor and reporter is people who believe there of the story Jim Acosta is one of those people. And I think it's very unfortunate that the media gets broad brushed. Because there are a few bad apples like Jim Acosta. And what. People like this light to do is hide behind the media we all deserve an apology no you don't deserve crap. Let me make that very clear you don't. You're not the one who needs to be asking this question let someone who quietly goes about their job of journalism day after day in reporting facts without and agenda let that person bring up the issue of the media. Not you get the wrong message you're. Because what this does is it sets up the opportunity. For the very people who believe the idea the media is the enemy of the people. So like oh great it's Jim Acosta. They're gonna dismiss this immediately. Let's listen to a little bit of Sarah had. Has made his position. Known I also think it's ironic. I'm telling guys as an answer your question I politely waited and I even called in you despite the fact that you're in Iraq to me like calling on your colleagues. I said it's ironic that which is why eyes interrupted Amtrak and if you if you finish I would not mind letting you know follow up that would keep. You find this ironic. JOK let's let's just stop here in saver for after the break. Shot the hell up. The woman is talking yeah this is part of the problem isn't this ironic and she's right this is ironic that here's this guy. Trying to make the case the media is not evil not the Yemeni enemy of the people and how is he behaving. This is disgraceful and listen to more talk about it coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. So where. Listening in on this conversation between Jim Acosta. And the Press Secretary. For president Donald Trump and you know what's interesting about this debt and have already given your perspective so far I'm what you were hearing. This is really kind of a microcosm of some of the conversation is taking place the country. And unfortunately it's not a very healthy conversation. Because everything that is unhealthy about our current dialog is taking place here. First off you have a guy who's pretty much postulate eating in his so called question. Then he doesn't shut up and continues to interrupt Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she starts to give her answer let's listen to more of what she has to say. That not only you in the media attacked the president for his rhetoric. When they frequently lowered the level of conversation in this country. Repeatedly. Repeatedly the media resorts to personal attacks. Without any content other than to incite anger loud the media has attacked me personally I'm a number of occasions including your own network so that should be her grass has a life sentence. That I should be choked. Ice officials are not welcome in their place of worship in personal information is shared on the Internet when I was hosted by the correspondents association. Which almost all of you are members of you brought a comedian up to attack my appearance. And call me a traitor to my own gender in fact as I know. Out and the as far as I know I'm the first Press Secretary in the history of the United States that's required Secret Service protection tell immediate continues to ratchet up. The verbal assault against the president and everyone in this administration. And it certainly we have a role to play but the media has a role to play for the discourse in this country as well. And she's right there is a role the media needs to be responsible here but let me tell you something. The foundation. The very beginning. Went this is what's called leadership. The president. Needs to set the tone for the country. He has the utmost responsibility to do this himself the things that I'm hearing Sarah Huckabee Sanders say about the media the president has done. This man excels at personal attacks. But all of a sudden. When they come back to the administration and its employees. Always the into the world. Now some of you might be saying well who's side are you want Vince I'm on neither side. Because they're both free didn't wrong here. And this needs to stop. That's the point that I'm making. Who cares. About the feelings of Sarah Huckabee Sanders who cares about the feelings of people like Jim Acosta. It feels like. The media. Has been an insult to hit. The media has been attacked Boone who who. Do you see you tackling to the country. This is not healthy at all. And the best thing that can be done is at the very top. At the White House. There is a change of attitude. Some review well couple. They've been doing to this to us for years you know we're just trying to fight back fight why it. Are we gonna try to show that we can be just as nasty as the left is that our goal. So my appeal is for all of us. Don't accept any of this is being normal acceptable or praiseworthy because it's not. It's just a stupid freak and food fight that's what idiots. No redeeming value in it whatsoever and yes people might feel good ol' boy he really she really started to him. So weren't. At the end of the day. How is this country made stronger. How do we have a more perfect union based on this kind of nonsense. Now. You say oh caught bush he looked he was in office and it took me attacks all those years and looted before it back and got a yadda yadda yadda yadda. Maybe it's because George Bush had to secure identity. Kenny didn't care what people thought of him. In fact I'm gonna go out and a limb and say that. There's a security. Any greater sense of identity and who he rise. Doesn't mean I Greenwood George Bush and his policies and everything he did. But when your secure. You don't have to go around defending yourself including the size of your manhood. You hear me you feel me. Let's go out to a call from Jerry in Charlotte it's good morning Gerri. There hey bill and that rights there. OK I think there have been about very articulate I think. Our I agree what you just said about everything the left there light he thought eight it is possible to be acting and what federal. But I haven't heard one. Knew that you Democrats CNN WM SN BC you'll make it network. When Maxine Waters is out there say if you see anybody get up administration had a gas station or restaurant did admit states. Scream at them shout about twelve. Oh yeah do you like yeah I haven't heard one person say that of course I'd be thrown out. And do you know why they don't wanna do that Jerry. Because they wanna be the first to cover the story when that happens. Right and and you're like Jill Scott but you know I guarantee you he got older. Those are the most people today with little kids. But I'm sure he knew the woman agreed with every cute you get a trophy. Nobody can have a win they don't keep score everybody wins everybody you could not searching the globe award in cattle didn't. It gives you power. It makes you about a perfect. Yeah it's just it's just ridiculous and whenever you hear these guys. They say. What do what do you wanna be journalists well I wanna change the world some. Journalists adult deer instructed to is to report certainly in the world. Not your personal opinion or what. They think they should do about it. Yep but if you have made some great points there hey appreciate your call their Jerry and you know it beaten going back so Maxine Waters thing. You know aged and I may have said this before the media is more concerned about the issues. They're more concerned. About covering the conflict. And they are seeing problems solved. Because conflicts. Mean stories. Strife means stories. And I don't hesitate to say this. If we see more strife to the port of violence. Watch the networks cover that with glee they will. Great ratings. Let's be honest about this because that's how it works. John in Fort Mill good morning. Yeah yeah you do and yet just simply you know move around different note could. Yeah I guess I've uninteresting. Yeah it's Democrats think that Russians can interfere now elections. We don't even live here but illegals who aren't here and they came in to fear. And it's the Democrats are so concerned about election crew like then why aren't they banking voter IDs. They don't care guy and you know the reason for this because who are they gonna vote for what are the chances if they are illegal. Who is it likely they're going to vote for John and a Democrat. Words this is not works and and you know and and John I do appreciate your call one of the things you have to understand here. All of these stings media bias. Cheating. Illegal voters. But I take all of these things as a given. We don't need to explain these things because they just are this is how the left works. And we should expect nothing less. Because for them. I know the ends justifies the means their causes so righteous. Don't ever forget that. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I just appeal to your. Part in your mind for a moment. When things I said. And I've said this repeatedly this is time in history where we need leaders and leadership. And it's vital that every single one of us except this mantle. Don't follow don't jump in as some sort of tried to pull this is my group of specially if it's built around a person. It would be a leader. Be a leader. Wrote what kind of person do I need to be. And beat that person. And would you see someone going against those values that you know to be the right values. Up fraud that's don't celebrate that don't cheer. Colored dot. And refuse to be a part of the food fight. If you gonna debate about values and issues and principles let's have that conversation all day long. But if it's just stupid stuff and we're gonna get into the weeds. With just silly it is. Tell me out. I want no part of that. I wanna make. Another very important distinction. Between fighting liberalism. And fighting liberals. This is really important. Because I think a lot of people have these things confused. She you can get into arguments seemed to have food fights with liberals all day long you know their laughing all the way. To the polls. Because in many ways they're still winning. They're still winning because they still are getting our children. Brainwashing them. To become the next liberal progressive voters. We've done nothing to stop that. But we somehow are taught to feel better when somebody does a smackdown in the media who carriers. We're we may be celebrating. But how many of your children grasp what's at stake here. Just think we're gonna find if we're not careful we're gonna lose this thing. Because we are cheering the wrong things. This becomes just simple entertainment. I compared to. The story is if I haven't offended enough people already. The whole. Preaching system in the church. I never friend who Deb I wish I save this post the other day but it was it was gold. It was just absolute gold. He said a lot of people in churches. Preaching is like a finished who got some great preach at people go in they'll sit. Listen some guy. You know run off the mouth for about an hour. Always great preaching. The end result of that preaching. A good part of the time is nothing absolutely nothing but people felt good for an hour. It's the same thing here. You can rally your base. And you can make people feel good it. It's kind of like those orange slices that I used to eat as a child years ago. Boy they tasted good. Felt good Burnett sugar in nature system but you know what two hours later when I got my afternoon class I crashed. That's what's gonna happen to us. T a lot of these things we see as victories today. It's great. But if nothing substantive is being passed on to the next generation. We're gonna look back on this time and we're gonna and see missed opportunities. Why do we give so much enjoyment out of nothing. We may ask. Eddie in Charlotte to welcome. It. Well a lot of it's all you look at thank you. Well you know I bet that rhetoric or stay and watch in the Democrat in the rubber deploy. And while I do not believe there and abortions. How did ask out of they'd realize that. For every abortion now they're probably all they want loyal Democrat. That's one way to look at it Eddie Adams. Yet at same time I don't think this is an exclusively. Democrat saying. But it's it's interesting point that you race not the first time that has come up by the way Roberts out of Greenville good morning. Hey good morning. I think I'll tell one of your inconsistency. Although I doubt she'll agree what they are. You're government slam men's president trump or whatever that want a piece bit about the media the press being bad and it bonk got great what you are vice Versa. And yet just a few minutes ago you correctly are not argue what you said. Well worth pointing out the fact that the crowd while Paul conflict and all that we each committee. I personnel would have worded it differently than the white presidential bid but it's just dub it the same. If if they're stirring up conflict in Providence broad and so forth and so much. Exactly kind of Lou some credence to what the president was saying about the threat speed up thanked. CA and issues the point that I'm making here at Robert I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm saying these these these both sides are making some accurate points. But the same what I am also saying is the president has an additional responsibility. To provide leadership and rise above this is what I'm saying. So there's no inconsistency. Here I'm saying he's president it's one thing for somebody to go out and be a Bulldog and speak for him and save things. Some inflammatory things. But there's a certain dignity and decorum that I think has gotten lost out of the White House. Well domain dignity and decorum and all that stuff but I'm not I mean how would you boarded differently a bad sign a lot of things differently from the way he does but at the end of the data point we spoke with them close to the flag and I agree with. Is that and Google. But I dignity and all that sort of stuff that got us through where we're twenty trillion dollar. Yeah yeah I don't wanna hear it just. Seriously. I've heard this all before well this didn't look at how deeply in debt we are and guess what this president is still. Digging us deeper into debt it has it changed. Come on wake up people. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Our number two and I wanna do little unfinished business from last hour we have a caller into. We're up against heartbreak in night. Apologize if it's under rather abrupt there at the end. I wanna address this issue. You know where people say you know we had dignity and decorum afford didn't get a city thing. Well let me tell you something. This again gets into this. False binary choice. So instead of dignity and decorum. Now we gets. Vial. We get route we get obnoxious. Along with the same overspend. Because they call it was complaining about how much money we were overspending how much debt we had accumulated. Here's the truth this is a story going back to this this February of this year. US government is set to borrow nearly one and then. Trillion. Dollars this year and 84%. Jump from last year can you explain to me which party. Is in charge in Washington DC right now. Explain that to me. 84%. Jump from last year. So I'm supposed to believe the Republicans are different from Democrats. I'm supposed to believe that Donald Trump. Is so much better than Barack Obama in unspent. And George Bush and whomever else so for I'm not seeing it. This is an uncomfortable truth. But frankly nobody seems to care. Because our economy is better. Jobs are being created. And so we just forget about the fact. That we're still over spending. Are we overspending because we have the same clowns running the house and senate there were running before had a conversation with a member of congress the other day. Explaining to me. They've gotten several appropriations bills through the house. But the senate. It's not going anywhere at all. Mitch McConnell. This guy. Needs to go home. Can I remind you Republicans in Kentucky put him back in office. And Republicans. Voted. Poor affirmed his leadership. We've got to gets. We've got to get the mush out of our own heads. I know this is not a comfortable thing to say but we can bashed liberals all day but if you've got Republicans that are doing this. There are continuing to overspend. Folks the enemies are in the camp. I don't need to go after the media. We know what the media is. We know at the liberals are. How about the progressives. Who continue to control the Republican Party unchecked. Unchecked. I saw a story just a few minutes ago pink socks are reporting and we've heard this before the president's threatening to shut down. Or over border wall funding. Didn't call me skeptical here. I'm very skeptical is he willing to do this over border wall funding I don't know he said this before. Any sign the same piece of crap. Omnibus bill. Many threatened in fact he complained about it after it already passed the house. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion it was going to pass the senate at the time to provide leadership is right now. Where is the president calling on the senate to pass appropriations bills and stop letting chalked off Schumer control this and it's. Where is she. Q this is worm this is what I'm talking about I don't need him having food fights. With any number of celebrities or other stupid people. If you wanna have a flight have a fight with Mitch McConnell tell them to your freak in job or go back to Kentucky and milk house. And I'm not kidding. Yes that sounds kind of funny. That's where the flights matter fight over something that matters. This just drives me absolutely bonkers. All right John in fort Mel go for. We're yes that's uber. Are you today writes here I love your show a thank you. Denigrated that manic I've done that that would. Yeah I suppose your calling about the 5%. I I yeah I am not really a call about where your spirit that I got pressure up with a border here and now. Just thought no talking about they're being Huckabee and sent her position. And I am not sure. Ever heard you correctly about nine Mets because she has the job she's kind of kind of pregame. For being people being number two and. No all right well let me let me clarify what I said here. What I said is once you approach your self in that position. You have to know what's coming I'm not saying that that's right I won't be very clear John it's not right. And somebody evil ugly things that have been said about her there there are some awful human beings you know that John. They're awful human beings out there in the things that they say the personal things they talk about her weight and other things like that. You know and you know full well if there were Democrats. Who were on the receiving end of their bit of body shaming. Women or a cut up by a separate. Itself you know would they would you don't shoot somebody would be unemployed by now what may. Yeah from that era era well our our the our our parliament urged him. No urine Miller Brett wouldn't visit us at. I'm glad John that you ditch you wanted today in an important Asia probably clarify this is I think that is important. I think we have to expect and that's and that's what I'm sadly saying here. We have to expect these people are gonna dig from the bottom of the barrel and you know you step right in the middle of that church. You are going to receive all kinds of incoming fire in in its said we need to certainly pray for these folks John great to talk what do you what do you call against him title. I'm glad you're back Emmitt you for a while did not know her to back on the radio and a glad your back. Haywood thank you very much I appreciated didn't cover your prayers as well John. Down in Fort Mill let's go out chew Chris got about a minute Chris. Our third oh living at it and I just dumb our government our by then that I believe. Their leadership and the Republican Party adult. That I'll Bennett. At the match and you got it died doubt chocolate I I believe you try to do the right thing and that I don't like to try to play out this scenario all. Specter calling for it all I I have that same feeling and epitomize stomach that's why I'm in a bill like duke commodities serious. He's a much bigger about it and other options. Thought they would shut down the government and we operate there will be shut down because upbeat going omni go to bill after omnibus bill it's bad at all. The senate and house Republican and Democrat that's why you got a bad out there are already doing campaign rally trying to get people level all. Jude Dugard the conservative values on the army statement and you know I'm gonna play the military targeted I think that the. Hold hold that hold that but what would that person that you referring to out there on the subject. Are well okay we'll hold. And we'll hold you to break to have this conversation of how this scenario would play out if he'd said to hold congress to the fire with Stephen happens. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. And we continue our broadcast let's go out to call from Denise in Columbia. Good morning. David. Okay you are you're looking at the as good as the debt and spending side which is. Outrageous you that you would not be able to tell we were under new Republican regime in Washington. But we are we really need to also pay attention to the revenue side because. That it's how we pay the bills that is how we keep from putting all the phony credit card. If we were spending a trillion dollars but we're bringing in enough to cover that and more than that would not be as big a problem. Corporate revenue is down lower than had been in the last 75 years thanks kale. The compact plan would let nothing like the Reagan cut tax plan regardless of how the Republicans attempted. The ballot that way knowing that regular thing. A hero. Of the Republican Party. So we are not bringing in the revenue. People having jobs doesn't matter in terms of revenue raising get those jobs are not high enough. Could trigger. A federal income tax they did after all the federal income taxes paid. No well hold on just a second here Denise please I beg to differ with you because I can also point that you stories. That we are receiving record revenues. In terms of tax revenues. We're taking an a record amount of money yet we're still borrowing a record amount of money. Well at a record amount of revenue is coming which we have triggered a lot. One time. I spent a book what bringing and the revenue from overseas allowing corporations to bring it and that they low ball rate has created from. Additional revenue of but what what I'm saying here dances that when you've got people getting jobs that don't pay income tax. Okay they don't pay income taxpayer paying Social Security tax they're paying Medicare tax but they're not paying. Federal income tax now we are collecting revenue did figure the government say. That they're they're not quit holding enough people are gonna face an income tax. The liability come next April that they've never picked up their life. We've got some very tricky things going on and I think misleading things going on in terms of the reporting. So I've heard that the federal that the corporate revenue is Dallas lowered those in the seventh last year you're hearing that a tire. Well here's let me give me an example this is a story reported by investors business daily just a couple of months ago. And I and I think this is this is the kind of thing that absolutely drives me up for well. The federal government collected far more taxes this April than it did a year ago. Despite the truck tax cuts so. Has nothing to do with that then that that they roll we paid packed with Dunlap your book for the Compaq cut. We weren't quite. Let me ask you describe what we have let me get this not. See that's not the issue Denise. Well but most don't and let me explain this to you where to win this most of them tax money come in. There are courtroom here it comes in the course of the year it's not just I mentioned April just because this story is a story from April. It doesn't mean that all of a sudden there's this. This influx of money in April the point of this is that they're still taking in more money Denise my point at least you're missing the point. They're taking more money in and yet the federal government continues to overspend. This is the way it always happens to these. Through in July and April as an app current month because may have been just take him. The revenue collected January February march and April it also take then a huge amount of revenue collected. From lack. Arum people who did not pay their taxes but the point of the matter is in this it would shift here and can we look at the bigger picture which is this. Can we agree that we're continuing to take in more more money to these and yet the federal government spends even more. Do you agree with me on that. Yeah we. Look small dollars are really not even the most important. Feature of this wit not mode they aren't spending and entitlement. Non discretionary spending correct sir I have that regardless of what we dale. But that spending is not created by the end and it got paid for by the income tax that those spending their Social Security spending Medicare spending is so that the your biggest line item behind which comes military spending which is discretionary. And non renewable and that is paid by the. Federal so here's some yes Udinese what is your solution to this problem. What we need the cup. Yeah but I'll thank you. Should military spending. Look we spend a period that here's the data point we spent eight times more eight times more on our military spending. Then all. Then the next competitor to us and we spend more than Russert China and the next five. Countries combined. High attempted combined we are and but the 42 countries with thick thick a thousand military bases. So how what should we do their today's what do you recommend there. Well I pipe up I'm just saying how Republican public that the knee jerk response to spend more on the military. And it is our personnel there benefit. And salaries that have been committed coughing up so much more than other countries combined it's not the hardware we spent about what other countries spend. On hardware software missiles and all of that. What where we overspend compared to our competitors are nuclear competitor is on our personnel. But there is no waste apparently because all we wanna do it spend more and more remorse start spending is totally out of control. Well I I would agree it's out of control the military is not the place that I would look first go to make cuts I do appreciate your call up interest in conversation their Denise. Very patiently waiting in Dunkin' we have Rick good morning Rick. Hey and thanks to take my call today are many of the points on beneath that spot. You know I. If you go back. While Wall Street Journal off little work op portion. That tax income coming in Central Park but boy has gone down because. Wages are flat. And that and that I actually. Did that corporations after front pat pat. Has gone down yet it is clear I don't know where that statement coming from Dell we're getting more. Revenue it. We're spending more credit that it may undeniable fact that the that the change has brought less money. Coming into the copper in the last quarter year. Dirt dirt no dirt no option that Ted Barrett took a big tax break it had gone to the corporations. And that. I get this year repair a tax break to the corporations. So why which we each page of the Democrat platform did you read that went from. I bet street journal and Bloomberg. Fortunate. Do you go to any of those. I'm out. Let me ask you this why let me let me ask you weigh a historical question. Begged during the raid to what's called the Reagan revolution. When we had the tax cuts that were approved back in the eighties what happens. Two federal government revenue. I don't know it increase probably went back and know. It increase it increased to Rick this this is. It we've got to do at least agree on the facts. And the facts are. That's win we have the economy. That's operating the way it's supposed to ironically. Tax cuts. Produce revenue that is greater. Always happens. But the problem is nobody wants to talk about spending. And for the reasons that both callers touchdown and it's that spending on things that transfer of wealth for one group to another we don't want to address. Including this president. When's the last time you finish conversation about that's. Coming up we will look at that day in history. And much more proud try to broadcast. We have a developing story. Wanna tell you about in the upstate the FAA investigating a reported plane crash. At the Greeneville downtown airport it happened this morning. And appears to have happened about an hour or a goal. Towards via plane crash 100 Howard drive. A Beechcraft. Twin engine plane ran off the end of the runway at the airport this morning that's according to the FAA. This under investigation we don't have much more information on this as we get we will pass this aren't you again. This is the Greeneville downtown airport. Which I think he is mostly general aviation. So well as we get more information on this we will certainly pass that onto you. Supported break we have a caller was talking about a Wall Street Journal story which idea quickly referenced during the break ands. That you know how this is where we get into trouble we start talking about numbers. Because what I've talked about is tax revenues in general and I wanna break this down before we go to more calls. Tax revenues in general. Verses. Tax revenue from corporations now the caller said that corporate tax payments and this is Acker this is a Wall Street Journal story getting from July. Corporate tax payments fell by 33%. In June compared with the year earlier. So revenues from corporations. Darrell. But here's another interesting tidbit of information. In 1952 the corporate income tax accounted for 33%. Of all federal tax revenues. Jury 3%. You know how much. Do you know how much. Of the total. Taxes taken informed by the federal government you know how much of it is from corporations now. A mere 9%. 90%. What I am saying news. And this has to be understood. The bottom line is. No liability for taxes. Most of it is borne by people like you and I. So it's a fantasy for instance those people who say. Well let's just tax the rich and corporations. Okay go ahead and do that seat prolong that money less. And the broader point still remains the same the more the federal government takes in the more experience. So hasn't changed doesn't change the dynamic of this. Go to markets at a Spartanburg. What are sort. That's pretty interesting note that you out there it wasn't where they're from. What do well what I noticed in the last caller well that you're getting your like economic news of our information from Bloomberg in New York Times the Washington Post. We don't think that those organizations or political and a political you know but leaning. You're kidding yourself let. I wanted to mention that. You know people don't let the military and all the we were to get money from. An 80% of what the last I checked that our government expenditure. In their own things on that entity is. And governmental programs that don't actually derived their order from anywhere the doughnut but did not have on the girl limited authority back and the people. No you that. It's indistinguishable from criminal organization and they're doing now. Could you covered the department of children and family which crews who are poor behavior coined the term medical kidnapping. You have you know you have to be out. The Bureau of Land Management expert demand all the federal land that the federal government are allowed to own. They have the FBI got another one of those organizations have their way back to the people so what were they don't and then there's all the stuff. There's always organization based system billions of dollars the Pentagon not and this knowledge Eddie. Derived from the power of the people government organization under salute trillions of dollars occasionally. You know so maybe we should find out what the Mets pentagon spending money on and how they're losing trillions of the time they didn't want to leave the well there's lot of ways of course that's not even wall old but not even legal we should look at their first. We've raised deployed to I agree with your overall point there mark is it is a good one in and it's one of legitimacy. You know what is the legitimate use. Our federal government dollars. As in dollars that are taken confiscated. From us. Very important question. Dads in Matthews good morning. Good morning. The way they Nicole before she says that sell most of the people won't pay taxes. Which is fine but. There's. For a five million people have some food stamps this. Has to be no government favoring I would think. And most people face Social Security which could use the money also was back. So our horses come across. Well you raise an interesting point there and die yes there are people who do not pay taxes. I would certainly. Be one of people who believes that. Corporate numbers down on the sex line. Some of that either result of the higher taxes put on the working class what is the dollar difference. Means we'd love to you laugh. Need to hear some before the weekend in the in the show we know politicians sucked as well as the government and it will suck Monday and we can start over then. Howard K we get into an escalation or a a a a I think the point here is this is not gonna change ms. we'll have a sense of humor I'm with Tia I am completely which you. Also Denise and her follower. When you're right spending is the issue your point though she doesn't even interest general point. If employment is up. And wages do you pay into social security and Medicare. Russia the largest part of budget then Ding Ding Ding even though actual revenue increases. Have been good recognized yet benefits our current clueless. Put a put up a Vince please tell the beastie economist to periodically call Becky and I love caller sure intelligent articulate. Resist those who often have no background in business or economics and spout off. Misinformation. Already. Lets you watch to a call from John and good morning John. Good morning and are you I don't know I wanna follow the part about. You have callers and articulate. The not to give it a shot here. That so if I agree we do it you're spending probably the make your very simple. If you were to give your wife say 5000 dollar a month or say every time he's spent bad. Dirt she had to spend that in order to get the money next month but can incurred or to spend the money. Well partly. So our budgeting process of how that is done is idiotic. Yes it to the peak. So darn I was only an incentive for spending right right. I won't need college I worked for the county. Sure. Are that big hit in maintenance and I saw where they would spend money. Good to have to spend it and at that time I thought and I was mowing for the county. What they ought to do it there ought to give bonuses to the people on how much the date specs are Amish say hey. And then they'll take half that money back. Do you the government and then give Boehner that the people who say the money. Yes but that's brilliant job and at the problem is you're not in charge you. Need to be. That's the way it works it's usually the this sleaze bags who are the ones. Drew you know they enjoy this system because there's bonuses in it for them to Dicky pride and spending wonder. Final stretch of our Friday broadcast have a little fun here at bulletin date in history August 3. 2018. And we have four items on our list Ford today. For items. Pants continuing with the absence of our friend blonde so who is. Absolutely spoiling his brand new granddaughter. We will talk to our fine friends here in the studio. Deceive you would like to play along. The first year is 149. Indeed Q. This person along with three ships. Left Spain headed to find that new world. Who was that person. That was Christopher Columbus that is correct stuff. He gives us daily by the way. Good job that's a great start great start. 1949. This league is formed with eleven teams. There are a total of thirty teams now. What is this leak. What does it call. Wake up eleven teams 1949. Now there are thirty teams. NFL. Go out and dragged. Well that's one of them out of the way there's only a couple more guesses a year NBA yeah see the city again. Well. Let's code to this question that. In 1958. The USS nautilus. The first nuclear powered submarine traveled to this place. They first the very first time they give some place remotes. Where wooded beat. Where did they show some place and and. You're afraid Shimon if you like Jim if you think you have the answer. At larnaca. Where they are it won Lula or the north slope and I'll. Well you're kind of clothes. But she didn't use the exact words here. Let's see anybody else when I guess south ball. The region momentum OJ. Traveled to two I've a remote location first nuclear powered submarine. To a remote location on the globe where was it Cleveland. That was good and I love it I love it actually. You're close. With your answer. It's all you have to do is just the opposite the end of the globe opposite end of Cleveland the ups. Upstairs and out of someone actually. It is the North Pole. North Pole off didn't you say South Pole and I did yeah yeah lets us zero the other into the globe. The TRS eighty personal computer it was a best seller for years. This was the thing to have back in 1977. Who made this thing. What's the company that made this TE RS. Eighty. I think our memory. I'll give you a hint it's a company that's now pretty much defunct. People made I mean people in your generation may not even know about this place. I kind of miss it because they're all kinds of things at some stories didn't I think part of the name is what we do here. Then in the answer radio so yes you are correct idea sacked RadioShack. Greg dancer. She's like one of my world is I'm Nat into I RadioShack. You have been violent and very RadioShack. Okay yeah it's I think in the commercials to. Yes they've. In one of the year many disappearing companies that's our look at the industry lots of fun welcome aboard by the way and she does much good to have you on the show today. We have time here to take perhaps one more call your at least. Called on the lions who he is taken away is this bully easy is that where your from. He's late oh I'm sorry visit type on the street I'm sorry about that I there was a place they had not discovered yet. He's out of easily good morning what are your thoughts. Good morning how are you Billings Munich home in the earlier about the military. I would talk to my heart that are about that conversation. Are you won't leave it that dealers. That they had to go to what Colin bit below field actually referred to pass in the Arizona took heart yes. Planes. Because they were pitched it to say. Hello whatever money they thought they extended the military apparently. What is going to back. Q what are all the military. She as. A lot of that we're all over the use this to work for the warm me in the world. I can see that followed. We won't. Yeah I that was another thing Louise I was thinking to myself man. I think a lot of people a military would beg to differ on how much money isn't going for personnel I mean. They are now we Rhode. We don't read the whole group struggled it will yeah how the politicians they don't blow at all. Are allowed me. How pro football a lot of money stating quote spent on the military is institute. I'll protect the country's overseas what you have money in giveaways and sort of yeah. I think a lot of a lot of people certainly agree or Q the reason I appreciate your call let's quickly go to Heath springs and dean a good morning dean. Hey good morning just comment I have heard anybody comment on. Is the national debt and the interest fairly big and national that is a huge portion. Team come with the content that the country has been if we didn't have that interest on the national that. We probably reduce our budget. Yep and it's only getting. It's only increasing Dina I appreciate your call for reminding us of that. Got time maybe one more here Cory got it while you had ten seconds make it quick. He was to meet. I was wondering if anybody thought about the North Carolina educational lottery I looked up the pressure and it's in the past there's ever been unable. Oh my goodness well I think we need to start looking for that money don't you. Well let's I'd take a break from all this crazy talk didn't just enjoy some time from plugging for a few days every so the great weekend god bless him.