111817 6 Week Holiday Health Challenge

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, November 18th

Dr. Ernst describes in dtail a 6 week holiday health challenge.


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And down I know that if you're watching because you've either receive an email text notification today listen on today he'd be a great show. We are discussing the idea of the holidays and now something as simple as it's the holidays. Could be that nemesis for your health. Could set you up for technical failure in the 2018 new year and I'll show you some tips and techniques today. That you can implement to take these next five to six weeks that the effects ethics. Take its next at a time and making it the best that you've had for this whole year. We're gonna give you some sort of holiday survival guide and teach you how to. You know watch out they'll land mines of the office parties and you know go over today in laws and even if your own house and things you can do to keep it really help the and we're gonna discuss this idea of sort of like six week health challenge because that point you do. They're really really think about it simple concept. The best time to change your life is yesterday and the next best time is right now today and if you would agree with this that's. Most of buys have this mentality that the holidays are sort of like. You know we can say well how. I'm gonna do this or do that are happen this app because it's now holidays and so wants to watch out for. Letting your brain get sucked into this path it's the holidays and you know most of us I think are in this holiday mindset because we're sort of bombarded with it 24/7. Especially right now I mean you know like them. Halloween is finished and Thanksgiving is right on the quarter Christmas is coming up in new yours is here. And you know it's getting colder out we're starting to like turn our brains in this mode of well you know guess why it come to when he eighteen now take care of myself than. But now you know it takes time for your body to basically. Change and I like the stated we do it's changed now. You can have an exceptional. End of this year and imagine what it would feel like if you didn't have to write a New Year's resolution. Because you've already gotten rid of the issues that you're hoping to get rid of and I'm not about saying let's talk that all the fun we have a lot of fun this holiday season. But I want you to think about them from moment I was looking into the idea about how people. Think during the holidays and the biggest thing this sort of came up with with what I thought shocking lies. We use this excuse again of it's the holidays and so. You know I think about the is that the idea of a resolution you know Santa I would wait until January. And a write up this long list of all the stuff I want to have that happen in my life. A New Year's resolution is the definition it's sort of the decision of you saying okay come this time. I'm going to decide to do something different now. What's unique about this is the decision alone doesn't bring the results it requires you taking action on that decision. But did you know that it takes up to ninety days of consistent. Action. On a decision before it becomes habit. And most of us wanna have this habit of health. We wanna have this habit having high energy in you know having a life and everything the way that we want it to be. But habits are. Nice because you not to think about them anymore you know you you develop a habit of working now you'll know you're there wait just becomes part of your data be retained. You don't have to say two nights a two day or tomorrow. I need to make sure I get up from my exercise or you know I need to make sure I clean my diet out now haven't is you've already done it and you do it naturally. But watch this when a habit is done. For more than ninety days consistently becomes a ritual and I'd like to think that you should have this ritualistic aspects your health. To where it's not even just automatic it's like nothing changes it you know like we have these rituals is a part of our gated life. Because we see him rooted in the idea we've been doing that for years and years and years so. I'd like you to may be potentially reprogram your thinking. That we're not gonna wait till January to write a resolution. We're gonna think about a revolution taking place right now eight total health revolution there's plenty of time. But there isn't if you think about it as this idea of the holidays I was gonna push that off the notice it's the holidays right so. A revolution by definition is an overthrow of a current system. Or a way of acting with a brand new and I love that word because to me. We wanna help the revolution we want something they take place where it. The old view is over thrown your way of thinking is dead we have a new way of thinking. What you do that actions and techniques in the steps you've done for all of what you've gotten up to into when he seventeen. It may be working in May be good it's time to revolt against that it's time to say. I got a new year coming up I need new action that he knew if pinky and needed new life and let's do it now rather than wait till January. You know the holiday health challenge in my mind. Is more of a mental exercises of physical exercise. And the mentality is driven towards breaking down this great excuse that a lot of us use if the holiday. And you know this one right here you think like. Another drink sure. It's the holidays and listen. Pumpkin spice Martinis or all of this to you know bid a lot case that things with. Whipped cream and all these waivers and even the pilot pumped him pyrite if you say to yourself hey this and they don't serve these things in July. They're only around during the holidays so that's why it's the holidays got to watch out for that. How about an actress or meaner too because you're at someone's house here with your family members and you don't want to appeal batter maybe it's rude look at is the holidays in the all the food. I'll eat I'll do little more than they should because it's the holidays. And then again it does this relate to the right week we start spending with their buying gifts mr. exceed our budget. Why did we get summits into the debt during the holidays a rabies or credit card because we have this. I want it now are pay for it later mentality notice it happened people with work outs. It happens with their diet of a lot wait till January that's when everybody else is going to be doing it so I'll join in the fun than. Out by fine now. And think about it this way. The holidays are basically only 324. Hour period it yet Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day New Year's Day. Any and a New Year's Eve it's very Munich but when Parse there's three days. That many of us will turn into a three months. Of it's the holidays. And this is why unfortunately this this most of us gain between 15 pounds during. The holidays to these next ninety days we put on somewhere upwards into the neighborhood if it the more percent. Of the total wheat we gained throughout the entire year 50% that's huge means October November and December for some reason we check out in our brains. And we piles up on I think it's simply that mindset of it's now holidays. And this way of thinking this idea of I'll do it later. In my opinion is why so many of us are overweight two thirds of Americans are overweight why because we think this fix it tomorrow. 80% of us have credit card debt over 151000. Dollars why awarded now. I'll pay for it later 33% of us have high blood pressure 50% of escape cancer 10% of us have diabetes and in the list goes on and on. My point in this is if you're the type of person says. All makes it I'll do it now act on it leader. In the op an in depth don't actually even doing it did you know that most New Year's resolutions are often week in and of that only 40% of Americans actually sit down right now what they want in their new life in the new year. Which means 60% of us either have no clue what we want. We haven't taken the discipline to say if you don't write it down he doesn't happen in sort sort of to mine in the way I look at it as where does blindly sort of like Hugh. Our air as a life into the world hoping that it lands somewhere. Hoping that we have lots energy we wish we could happen but we don't actually understand the basics of how to go after something. It's our talk today about how to do that with your health. During the holidays and again not trying to put a damper on the holidays are trying to wake up to a simple question ready. If you would if you want outrageous Al and you could have it you can lose weight right now to get off the medication right now you could. Refill your energy right now would you want that right now and most of you are gonna say yes okay. So the question I have for UA's. Why wait until January to do that when we have the perfect opportunity right now we have not weeks left in this year. The unit completely. Revolutionize your entire body and your help anybody your finances you could change everything if he just took the next six weeks instead. Let's do this hears that the interest in did you know it takes about six weeks to broke back together when it's broken. I'm gonna at this if you like it is broken. Your body will naturally grow upon back together six weeks YQQ. Completely change your life in six weeks. You can't. So imagine not having to set a resolution. Come January imagine how mean everything you want to your life where your friends go. Hey how did you do this he said well you know back in that late November I mean decision to take action now. I took the last six weeks of the year and I implemented all of these techniques that Cherokee today. And you'd change your life changer help with that I've seen people lose 1015 even twenty pounds. In six weeks doing it teach you have also seen people get off medications have tons of energy. And honestly what I teach new it's nothing different than what we haven't been talking about for the last. I asked the entire year it's just that it's challenge Jeter really hunker in on that idea. Write down your health goals focus on your diet focus on your nutrition you're working out. And potentially start activating some of these natural healing techniques that I used by patients and you watch and you gonna get agree change. A during the entire showed today also throwing an indication now. We have my final asked doctors that are seminar coming up it is in December so it's all about two weeks away from now on that bit. And it's at 6:30 PM. I'm gonna share some more techniques and tips on. The testing that we need to get done on an annual basis writes everybody does our annual physicals we do all these tests for their doctors. But it's charities some extra test addict can actually find the cause of certain conditions. We're gonna discuss the number one leverage point is one thing if you do this wine you fix this one there your health. Your body has the greatest ability to repair by itself. In many of you may be working on at the human beat him properly talk about that highest leverage point with the number one thing you should do appear now. And Ross and giving dinner wait for pre aids get like it holds fifty people at this seminar. And right now you know that tickets are starting to become open for registrations are throwing this out if you'd like to go to that because FaceBook alive. Read on scroll down below the video there's a link to click on the registry and take you straight to the page. And I'd love to see use it may be rendered in there at that dinner that is on Tuesday. That if it's 6:30 PM on Natalie cafe. Just six weeks it's sort of magical time this is the perfect time where you can turn anything around as long as you have and there's Dave what you one. And a plan to go after into the problem here is a lot of us again take polity and today I will just wait. Until 2018 because that's not supposed to write them resolutions. And that's policies of the yen and at times those securities by diet. And that's and that's fine that's great but if you can just skin and the mentality that today is January 1 why wait that's the way look at itself. Only 8% of resolutions are actually achieved yet that so even if you wrote it down and he said come January here's an idea and the GM. Stop being noticed and did it start changed man might only 8% of people actually pull it off and the reason for that in my opinion. Is because eight. Most of destiny and write anything down in the first place and be. I think it's humans. We get a little discouraged when we goals the action or we don't see things take place immediately who watched watched most of us one of these and their fifteen pounds. Case that would week one goes by. Athletes who goes by it's only been about two pounds but you little discouraged right or at the end when you get to whatever time reduce debt. We start to feel like I was only five pounds it was eight pounds we wanted ten or fifteen that we think we came sorts. It doesn't work I quit. When in fact maybe what we should do is sort of reassess our approach is sort of take a look and say okay. Weight has been lost before more than ten pounds eskimo people by the way past race is not that hardly losses. Now like some mystical science there's sort of an equation today and it talk about that but the idea is. Just because we're short ever gold doesn't mean it doesn't work it just means we may need to push a little harder or may need to change our approach. Don't forget right. That many times it's our mindset that determines the activity. That we take any determine the outcome that we get. The New Year's resolution mindset for me during this timeframe. Is the I'll get it done at a later date in so often feeds into the actions we take them January. Think about it right everybody's got this idea of wanting to lose weight or get up medication or healthier. If I say. Well at the not quite there yet I'm gonna wait. What do you think happens in January released academy go right at the first of the year. And let's get this done while we start procrastinating put things off because we already procrastinate on the idea that we could have done it before it. New year I'm going with this so it's really. If you wanna make it change your life where you want your health better situation better financed and better. To DEA is the best date to begin right now six week plan. On how to get your life back and it starts with understanding the mine traps. And health trap that you have during the holidays with a look a lot like this right. Parties. And dinners. And and all kinds of stuff. So one of my greatest strategies and a half for you during this how to survive the holidays sort of take this six week action plan. Is to start looking at what you're currently dealing. To get to take a baseline assessment it to assess your diet with dispatcher exercise. But to your health imagine that your teens with sort of things you do are you giving massages you. Knew going to a chiropractic acupuncture what do you use as your health regiment. And we wanna take a peak your interest and your exercise and we wanted to design is behind a six week protocol that works which ended today. Now one step to begin this is most of us don't plan ahead. We sort of plan retroactively within ago well look at all the stuff that's fallen apart. Here's what I don't like about my life and then now at least we hope that we can now fix this so what did think of it is like looking at this in reverse. We want to figure out what we can do before we do it rather than have to we'd do it and it works really well with our diet though. A lot of you probably heard about from the called a new dialogue earth who journal. We usually what we do to write down what we eat. And that's great it's good it gives you good picture into like what's going on we get an assessment of where your life is that. But what if we took that in reverse and instead of writing down what we ate with right well we're going to eat in the future so think of it like. We note what's done before we do it. So by the time most about the Marty made the decision to even come up with a new journal we think back to. Whenever breakfast that they did when atlas the so I'd like you to start thinking of morbid the plan of action for this and it's really. Easy when you think about it because you just simply need to negotiate paper. Go all right Monday Tuesday Wednesday there's a price edited the next six weeks I would challenge you. To come up with like OK what is practice going to be every gate for the next six weeks. What is guidelines gonna look like every game for the next six weeks and I've seen it yet to necessarily pick out like we need this on Tuesday in the zone whereas in this other state. This coming up with the thought of just going okay. Can we plan ahead. If start designing out like cam going to eat. Lines and my lunches are gonna look like ABs the DN rotate through those four. My dinners are going to be a BCD and rotate through those for my breakfast except for the old adage of if you failed to plan. Then you typically plan to fail. Is true and so when it comes to one of the greatest things we can do is start developing a plan for life. What time in my gonna work out what days coming a Duma and it was a Friday or Tuesday Thursday Saturday. OK am I gonna have practice and or not you know has one thing you'll see is one of the greatest things we can do for our health is actually start asking more. Reducing the timeframe that we hear food's not the quantity to win and so maybe I have for you your first step in a holiday health challenge would be and you take the next six weeks. And not have practiced at the lunch and dinner if anything you just shot off a third of that planning now it's even easier because if left plan. Something else that help for a lot of us. Is before you have one of these how like the holiday parties go ahead and think about eating before you go. There actually studies done at stone that if you go to one of these parties and down. You go hungry you to be eat more than if you go we've beaten before and so one thing that we can deal with it if you arrived at a festive occasion and your. Kind of that damaged or your stressed out whenever we tend to eat everything in sight did you know that they discovered that if you hang out some year where all the food is. Just and in conversation and having this party you tend authority eat on a grazing nature to where. Upwards between twenty to 30% more food and snacks are consumed if you don't need it and I think on that area. If this six foot window it's almost like if you're greater than six feet away you don't even think about it nor even once it. Compared to if your close to it so I'd like to say that one tip for all the different parties the habit your office or you're going to holiday party or some of that fact. Is just eat something before you go because they will keep you from eating and indulging too much at the event. Something else that's really transformational. Is if you're at a holiday party or even if it's this yourself for anything that affect. And you're kind of going right I wanna make sure that I control all of the things that I eat it illegal for all the desert and things like that. It actually found out that that's what helped you to fuel your metabolism but yet make you feel full. So instead of snacking on various foods that are like kind starches and desserts at things like that. If you actually picked the fat your foods first and you eat your facts first. It'll help you to be full fast they're seawall and eat as much food while your at these things through examples of great fats at things like olives and olive oil. Not macadamia nuts eccentric high in fats moderate pro team tees is eccentric things like this though. If your at a holiday event and you find yourself sort of game sucked into that dessert table or the injury bar or something like that focus that the facts and can be helpful. And then also another thing that is good to do is if you do you find yourself sort of in the after effects. You know I had this party here and another right AM and the all the things coming up. It's a good idea to kind of get into the mindset of reconditioning your brain. Behind the idea that you have to say yes to everything that he thinks so it's common at holiday feasts to sort of at parties to sort of feel this desire to say. Well calories and fats sugars and salts that level there there and again it's the holidays so why not that he come into it with this sort of programming. That you don't have to feel powerless you know. It's almost as if we are addicted to sort of food that we can find the best time for us to sort of focus on this is to come in prepared in a mindset of going. I'm gonna do this I can control this and then actually discovered that if you simply take their temples on the side of your head and you tap them why you're thinking something like. I can do this or. I am in control of my life for this holiday parties going to be the best of Mina the worst enemy. Simply thinking any thoughts and tapping the temples on both sides helps to sort of bring awareness to your brains that he can say. I'm in charge I app this it's also a version of what's called. Emotional freedom technique. There's also a giver noticed that when you're sort of stressed out you tend to kind of like lean forward you put your hands and your four that are temples is because it helps seat he's sort of relax so. If you're stressed out here feeling overwhelmed or. You're just thinking like life has fallen apart during the holidays just tapped the left and right sides of your temples and helps greatly fee to be able to sort of program your brain program or ninth. Now here's something now I think it's going to be transformational for a lot of view in regards to a six week health Benjamin. Is I mentioned it briefly earlier about skipping breakfast. But intimated fasting has been around for centuries and in fact probably even since the beginning of time because. You know we did have the luxuries of a refrigerator or freezer or even. You know drive throughs sword you know grocery stores and things like this so when it came time for us to be. Thinking about foods at the about how we're gonna prepare meals. Is whatever we had so we were lucky enough to get something we would eat if we didn't we would have to fast because we didn't have the luxury of having food story. So like our ancestors who rarely had access to food 24 hours a day seven days a week. It makes sense that our bodies are sort of pre program. To be stressed when it comes to win we eat tonight they stressed and that we're not constantly eating all the time which is actually. Very dangerous for health. Researchers confirmed that there are reasons why it's meant fasting is great not just for your energy in your life but also for your health long term because one thing. It increases the ability for you to control your hunger there is something known as the hunger hormone or relevant. And when you fast your ground or levels tend to drop the you don't feel as hungry as often so again it here if you're thinking of this concept of top and I. Save money save time lose weight feel great to be less stress. As crazy as this sounds right now starting a program yourself or skipping breakfast can only mean lunch dinner. Is it is a simple way to do that your body to where if you do go to holiday party. You're not as hungry you don't need as much. You'll also control it because you know the hours to eat food most people get benefit out of nasty between twelve and sixteen hours on a daily basis. And you know I'd like to say if we have just the next six weeks left in the year it's actually quite easy for you to say our rights. I'm not gonna have breakfast a mini blinds and eat dinner and maybe your first week is starting that way so let's see if we get sort of program out a six week regiment for you'd be able to really conquer this over the next six weeks so I would consider week one to be more like. Mindset training in sort of let me show you a little challenge that works so during week one I want to get catch yourself. If you've ever had that thought it's not holidays the perfect comes up with well. Because it's the holidays I'm going through right there at like that the moment you have a economic and I grabbed that bought. Rangel where the heck did you come from. Eight it's natural happens for all of us right so. If we can just start recognizing when it's happening. And we start writing down what we want the case that could be a one of these ten pounds but we have had very specific so weak ones idea is. Write your goals out. Make it very very detailed and I want you to just simply start intimate and fast team this week of this this dude TU we've done it before. Week one under six weeks is no breakfast lunch and dinner now I'm not saying yet to change your foods for lunch dinner yet. I'm not does I want this to be really simple and really easy. Right down the goals of what you want. Be specific not just I want lose ten pounds on lose ten pounds by the ended the year and when I'm going to do you is a six week out challenge got it. Week one of my six weeks and intermittently fast every single day maybe need to be searched a little bit more about management passing. Download one of my past podcasts. Watched the view that that is given YouTube heck giving go to Google and this type that it is the all about it. What's funny is you're gonna seed lots of people are talking now it's been asking. It's kind of a bad thing now with a lot of celebrities there Santana lost twenty pounds in just a couple of weeks that might give you some encouragement excitement taxes are doing it. Think of weak winds like prep week with it you'd jazzed up and ready ego but yet doing things that give you some good results. So we're skipping breakfast. And where not changing the foods we eat yet and we're having lunch and dinner and a best time to do this is in an eight hour window. And the reason for that is your body stores about twelve to sixteen hours worth of energy in itself still we have. Sugars that we have fats and proteins we have stored energies. That if you restrict yourself from eating. You're gonna first go to the storage to keep out of sugar in this is really important to understand because a lot of us think that if it's in the past I start burning fat. And you do only when you already exhausted your sugar reserves. So we still or about twelve hours of sugar in our bodies you know that's that your liver literally holds twelve hours of sugar bytes of cult like it yen. It has the ability to break off and turn into glucose to just because you've done this for one day doesn't mean you've entered your fat burning states yet. So we skip breakfast so that we can burn through all of our sugar reserves and that we start to eat. You know maybe a little cleaner but keeping date to it just a lunch and dinner. Twelve to eight to my ideals sort of beginner intermediate passing mean you start eating lunch at noon. And then he stopped eating your feet by 8 o'clock. Guys that right there when I just shared with you has been shown to help people shed a tremendous amount of weight. His start boosting their energy that's it for week one week whiny as a write down your goals. These specific as far as the end point that when you want it and change your diet where a year skipping breakfast you're just having lunch dinner will be a good thing to have for breakfast. Well maybe makes you drink water stay hydrated but basically. Work your way through it you can also do something called the bullet proof sort of that coffee's which is having it a glass of coffee or cup of coffee. With either coconut or potter or in CT oil blended into it. They've actually shown that by eating high amounts of fat for breakfast in the morning while it still is a fast. It helps is sort of stay full why because remember I said earlier that when you consume fats they help you to feel pulled have disabilities or shut down the crowd response. So if you're doing this every day for the first week. Chances are a lot of people I've worked with have lost two or three or even four pounds that is one we can doing that. Energy usually starts to go up the brain fog and forget the list clears out. And now week two we're gonna we're gonna kind of tweak it to modify this to slightly. In week two at once he keep doing everything you've done in week one. So the event like this when I've moved yell out these weeks each week is adding to the previous weeks have we been. Nasty breakfast for all of week one we're still gonna do it for week two changed couple things here's we're gonna change in week two. Instead of going to noon to eat. I'd like you to see if you can push yourself an extra hour to. The reason for that again is its twelve stored hours of energy. So what happens on our thirteen. 1415. Well that's pure fat burning hours literally your body goes if no sugar left. I'm must burn fat. So now I want seagate did at burning fat this week to week two is when we really break off with a plateaus. Lunch is now at 1 o'clock or 2 o'clock it really shouldn't vary your schedule up that much because. Most of us saying I think I can do that. We too is also changing the food you consumes so all I want to do before we take anything away. Is I wanna add good healthy food in here regiment. It's usually done by adding greens and so would be anything that the green that the vegetable I'd like to see if possibly for your lunch appeared dinner. You either throw a side of greens to your plate recap a salad that they do what you've been eating before. So way before we take stuff away the one add things first two it also because I find that it's easier for me to say hey don't change anything yet but just add this. And even though you get a better result. From adding things and taking the way it's simple easy it's easy deal. And so on for this week I want you to focus on again pushing the you are fast Dane till 1 o'clock maybe even 2 o'clock to give you a little extra fat burning and we're gonna add. Extra carbohydrates through the things like our vegetables. I'm nothing fancy but just greens rates at kale spinach chard dandelion cucumber if it's green addict or eating it. And so you'll do that for the entire week week three what we're gonna do now is we're gonna start actually polling a little bit this stuff away. And because carbohydrates can cause my toes or damage or danger in Al. Week three is when I want to start basically Cain okay. Give it to grains. Given the dairy due to the sugar sugar is by far one of the most inflammatory food price we can eat. And grains like music rice and corn and soy and stuff like that. Your breads pastas are or what gonna hold you back from really jumping forward. In this holiday health transformation so weak three we're gonna stay between again having lunch around water tube. We've added our greens now are starting to go after all of this hidden forms of sugar. And that the greatest hit a former sugar is founded in all the parades in the Costas in the rice and oatmeal and things that affect. Now we also noticed that sugars found in a lot of boxed in or food items so if it's possible during week three what do like you to start doing. Is not eating things out of cans or boxes anymore but making them more fresh thinking that like you're going to the grocery stores whole foods store in your buying things that are. On not you know the Prodi stands in and out in the meat categories and these were stand on the outer rims of the grocery store. Which is where all that real food is. Notice how on the grocery stores is the inner side of the aisles are where everything is boxed and canned that week three is also a perimeter search. For your foods when you're buying them. Also in week three when I'd like you start doing is now it's you've been doing greens I'd like you to potentially start adding some citrus fruits. So things like grape fruits or what are known as negative calorie fruits. A because they they give you a little bit of a reward. But they come with less energy than what is required Peter burned them. If you're never learned or search what a negative calorie food is before. Definitely worth Google lane to see and plan your week three because a negative calorie food is something you can eat. That your body actually burns more energy than what it provides so you can actually enjoyed them and not have to worry about the doing something to you. So weak three. Were sixteen and we're adding now I'm the additional greens or taking out our carbohydrates for things like sugar wheat corn rice soy. And dairy and there were keeping their fast and window between 1 and 2 o'clock. Now on week four we're gonna really start to change this year. And this is where a lot of the magic starts to happen week for what we do as we start adding healthy fats and we had been an exorbitant large amount. What I mean by that is we want between sixty to 80% of what you're looking at. When your having your lines and having your dinner be based off of apps. And what's nice about this is that's come in a hole wider range of things including things like op a cot as nuts and seeds. Even some of the proteins you consume can be filled with bats. As long as there and help the states so grass fed meat like red meat and things like that by ice then even gain meets. Wild caught fish in free range chicken and Turkey. If they naturally have a degree of back inside of them and so adding those things start diet and adding things like. I'm nuts and seeds on a cot as olives cheeses that are in a Ross state we really wanna push the facts up. It was severe and a salad and you wonder how can add extra fats to it. While maybe could drizzle with them some olive oil or you out again. You know an avocado tear salad or you put things like now all of his wall with the cons macadamia nuts except trip. Fatty foods would be great to start implementing and because week for. We've cut the carbohydrates out we cut the greens that we cut that area out and we're adding fat and this is where we've really encouraged that fat burning states. Remember your body can store a certain amount of carbohydrates for years but once you hit that twelve hour. If were burning fat and we're feeding their bodies with that it's almost is your training yourself to actually do that on a daily basis. And so. What we can do during week four is also now begin to look at sort of portions and the amounts we eat of proteins are part of their backs. I'd like to say 68%. Of the plate should be back. Thirty to 35%. Of its should be protein political for 5% or less than the greens. So we were adding greens in the beginning just to get things going and now that we're in the throes of almost a full month. We're gonna kind of reduce those greens down a ramp that backs up and keep our proteins in the mid range of your looking at like your dinner plates. Maybe it's down you know a piece of salmon they're separate team. It's also got the fast you're drizzly olive oil over top of it you're putting a slice of butter on it something like that. You have an avocados for a side you have maybe even things like down. Well call like tea and not stuff scene or something of that effect where you've got. All the healthy fats. Little bit of protein and needs have a small side of maybe some thoughts paid that's been aids or something that a fact is that it you're keeping the greens though in keeping if that's high. If we eat like this on a on a regular basis for this week. This is where most people start seeing the magic start to happen you know we've lost two or three pounds of we order to now we're hitting 34567. Pounds. It's almost like the more fat you eat more fat you burn. The week five we're really now at this point to sort of shifted to coast. We wanna let this really run its course the only thing I would say week five they can really help is if you are now starting to add some levels of resistance exercise. You know where in acute Jake state more than likely we've got our body now switching over to fat for energy instead of carbohydrates for energy. And because where in this clean state ought to really start using their body now. I think what I see a lot of when people do this and a coach at me or they send emails and I was listening to your show. Is they plateau out megawatt what's not happening I'm doing everything right it's been five weeks. And I third hit this wall well if you don't use this new body of yours is gonna stay in its current state. This is where intimated fasting mixed with a combined with Agassi caught high into the high intensity training or burst exercising. Is really a leverage point that can be great for you. Think of it as a way for you to spend only couple minutes per day working now so it's not a lot of time required but it's gonna give you a great effect. The image shown that if you're indicated dating states are highly adapted fat burner that you don't need as much time to work out because again the efficiency is already there. The usually what I do is I do about a six to twelve minute work out. Three to four times per week and it could be something simple if if you're new to to this and year. Here you've never really like done a fast work out before it is easy is doing. A set of pushups for maybe thirty or forty seconds taking a small break for 3040 seconds. Doing them again. Do you sit ups for thirty or forty seconds and then take a break for 34 seconds. And they do it again the idea is you go as fast as you can for short period of time they take a break for a period of time. As fast as you can prepare to time. It doesn't matter if you're a novice where all your due and or pushups or Europe probe we're doing some sort of like hike pushed upper some insanity work out. The goal is basically. Now we start moving in now we've really start leveraging the power management had passed him with high intensity training. You know. If you need some assistance with this you can go to our website asked doctor Ernst dot com there's them out intermittent videos on how did you burst training. To go to the search tablet type and burst. Something else on not this time frame is. Really starting to kind of focus on the idea of our gratitude and our mindset again. You know if you're doing this properly we're about only a week away from the end of the year. So I'd like to also say you can look into seraph like gratitude journal. Right challenge journal where you reflect back on the entire year 2017. You write down all the things you're thankful for. All the stuff god has blessed you with. All the different debt component that you've changed in your life. And for me I like to make each new year more of how can nine now give to others what I've already receive if I'm no longer taking a medication. And not fixer Peta how to lose ten pounds myself. Maybe I pull someone at one of my coworkers my friends aside and they hit within. I'd like to show you how to do what I did if you're interested I'd like to give he used in this stuff that I have learned and received because remember the holidays is about. European thankful for our blessings but also about giving to others. Weeks six I'm gonna say basically keep doing what you're currently doing. If I was gonna add something special Beckett really leverage over for weeks fixed. It would be to now start conceiving fermented foods we know that they intestines house you know hundreds of trillions of bacteria. And we wanna support them on a daily basis. In about a site about taking a prob attic I'm talking about adding to my regiment of foods that aren't consuming fermented foods like sauerkraut and Kim C. Even Kiefer which is fermented dairy products computes it which is kind of like a fermented beverage teetering. This is gonna help to alternately cultivate your microbe I am. And that helps to create the greatest balance for your health. Up to 80% of your immune system lives your intestines. We know the majority of hormones like serotonin which makes you feel great. It dealt mean which is your reward form even melatonin which users Lee Portman are produced by the intestines. So what I'd like to say as we sort of finalize on our six weeks is. We want the long haul for stability to be president. And fixing the intestine. And clearing out the micro bio and really charging it is the greatest week Peta do that it's almost as the F. You Gator got under control it'll take care of you for the rest of your life. And that's sort of a quick six week health challenge that a happy guys now as we sort of wrap up today's show don't forget that now up upping coming on Tuesday. The benefit of hosting date a into the year holiday health dinner. And when I'm when I'm kind of theme in this dinner for is for someone who's going. Hillis and this is all fine as great but I got major things going on I'm I've been taking medications for ten or fifteen years. I've been dealing with the weight loss issue that I've tried everything and nothing's happening. I'm I'm not taking two or three or four medications or blood pressure cholesterol diabetes heart he tetra. And this sounds fine I'm gonna do this but I need some theories help I'm looking for a professional coach. So the dinner is designed for me to basically show you the passage you could ask your doctor to have run. If they're running them. What you could do you attempt create high leverage point because unfortunately most people that I work with. It's almost as if when I asked in the question. Have you ever looked at this side of your health have you thought of investigating things like. You're chemical toxicity is your neurological stress there's. Your intestines that there'd be Keener your micro bio is working and most people tell me I don't even know what you just said I'd bid for Antony. It's so I'd like to say that the dinner designed for media show you the three step process that I use to help people transform their health. So you can get the right testing done you can bill would need to be done and then if you need help you and I can sit down I created entire plan feed it change your life. That is what is gonna happen on the December fit dinner if you'd like to join us for that it's real simple again scroll below this video. Click the tab of the botnet has been based registration but the district and I paid it all we needed sister named your phone number in your email and you guys can join us for that. You know I am I'd like to say. This is the greatest opportunity happier health right now this is the moment you get to decide with the rest of this year it's gonna look like. And I think if you use what we talked about today you're gonna have a great great holiday and a great incredible start the 2018 year. Don't forget who I hang tight for a moment on this switchover and do our form it's a fun for FaceBook and I got the big fund for that I think of course that's fine. But I'm gonna give you these strategies. That'll help you to survive this holiday parties to the and I mentioned a few of them that I've got a whole tip. That would actually help you guys did that have a great time with that. He asked doctor Aaron -- next week we're also preempted but I'm gonna come at you with a great health information that saved this page like our FaceBook page here this to everybody that she now. So we can make a big impact in those people's lives there how. Rip back.