11/25/17 Holiday Health Hiccups

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, November 25th

Dr. Ernst discusses the cold and flu season, seasonal affect disorder, and arthritis.


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The asked doctor and show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment seeking qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to. Transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour learn from experts on how to revolutionized alpha knows you love most. Sears has doctor. Future hosts. Doctor Aron hurt us. Slug it out there's here listening in swat team. The face that lives there the F suckered so we are here today hearing some great holiday help him make you. You know it's the holiday is the big time their base starts to kind of check outs in regards that are now so I wanted Allard and I said some fat and crust of disease and help you. Be set free so that what we can do is create healthy holiday possible and preset your 2018 year for nothing but great success. I mean pres state knocked mariners then you know. This is the time that we give print it quite a bit but I comity guys each week on FaceBook live because there's too much great information to share to just say well. We don't have live shows so we won't be on the air but I wanna cup match you with a great information. Today's topic had a lot to do with what I call three your holiday help pick ups so what to think of these as the top things that sort of attack us in this holiday season. Winnick comes or how will we can do about those. We have some great information on overcoming things like that cold and flu season is upon us right now and talk about that is that really truly a cold and flu season. We're gonna discuss the big one that may be your kind of dealing with which is this idea. That you know we have shorter days we have last light it's cold outside. We tend to get this sort of affect disorder or wind her blue through and talk about that some strategies that I can help you feel. Energetic alive and vibrant during the holiday season. And then now have a lot of people ask questions in regards to like my arthritis is Larry now it's cold now joints ache. Through it talk about the things you can do took conquered this sort of win third joint pain or winter arthritis. And those are the top three common holiday help pick ups so let's dive deep into this. And you know couple things in case you're new to watching our show may feel like our page makes you share this. Comments below to somewhere down underneath his video you'll see some sections I'd love to hear you guys are from and maybe just let us know what brought you to the show today. And get a health question ask it I'd love to disconnect that you don't forget to do that there are show. And if you know somebody who's constantly dealing with some sort of help that you look for natural way. Yasser stern show exists that we can teach people how to become doctors you know. I often see it as medicine is. Lacking in their ability to understand that you have power inside of you have the ability to heal yourself you have potential. And you know conventional therapies. While they might be good recovered have symptoms. They're not really gonna get deep to that core cause you know. We know the your body was created for destiny it has a purpose the potential it has this amazing system inside it. Called your innate immune response that we can boost that anything is possible. In effect today you're gonna see that a lot of the issues we deal with during the holidays. If fact if for example. It's cold and flu season is actually because it's more like it in new week you mean season. The fact that we get seasonal affective disorders again because their immune system is of little depressed and so. I wanna help you become this sort of immune monster wants you to think of the holidays ads instead of sick this month or cold in the month or you know the winter blues month. As the time Tim hunkered down. And really make our immune system strong. I'd like to think that they should actually be your immune system season is that the time right now where we need to charge it. We need to read generated we need to rejuvenated. Citic com Tony eighteen when that new year hits that ball drops in you're like Hong Kong health from my resolutions. And nick Leo probably already happened at hate would you agree with a strong immune system anything is possible. So let's talk real quick about this idea of cold and flu season. Because you know according to medicine and everything else they're gonna what you think you need to conventional. You know mainstream media you're probably like me noticing that when you go around. Stop being integration stores that target Wal-Mart and just even driving on a street all use the right now is. Get the flu shot get the flu shot it's flu season. And a what you just sort of I take a moment and just think for me or think Whitney for a moment if you will. Had the flu always been around. And when I mean by that not just like you know since the time midnight in January February march April may June isn't the flu always there. And why aren't you seen people saying go get a flu shot during May and June that wise and it very heavily marketed during the summertime. Danica what did they give because this is when it starts to attack like all of a sudden somehow. This virus says you know it was in cold outside let's ramp up our production and let's start going after these humans. And what you're gonna find out is the flu is basically nothing more than a virus I'm sure you guys notice that it's nothing more than. The attack against our bodies but the flu is just as president in November as it is in arch. And what aides difference between march and November is how we spend our lives. And telling you guys agree with this during the winter season. Because it's cold outside we tend to spend more time indoors and because of that. We tend to not get as much sunlight activity. We tend it's also is just sort of like you know conceal ourselves around other people we don't cause outsiders often. And what tends to happen is because the fact it is darker out. Longer throughout the day. And the angle of the earth does that produces much vitamin. And because of the fact we stands idly and eat foods that we wouldn't normally eat tennis act or things like that what you're gonna find out is actually. Between say October November and December. That's when we start to attacker immune systems more than ever before. This is the holiday time this is one where. Eating more carbohydrates where having more parties were drinking more alcohol. We're not exercise as much if you like myself last week we talked about it's the holiday excuse it's kind of the idea that it's the holidays ranked wrecks everything. So what I want to understand if you're immune system. Is something that if charged all the time would protects you against the cold and flu season because technically there is no cold and flu season. What there is this season have weakened immunity. And a depressed immune system with current nutrient deficiencies of York lacking in certain essentials that you need for your help. Would make you more prone to catch the cold flu during this season. So do you see how. The blue is always there. And you're always present but the strength you have fewer at a 100% of your immune system response all throughout the entire year. Then you wouldn't get something like the flu because your body would say I got this. If it's something that's contagious yet if it's of the neck and spread yes but only in the presence of weakened immunity. If you wondered why some people get the flu and others don't. This is not because they got the flu shot in fact unfortunately we know that most able to get a flu shot actually end up with the flu. When you look at those who don't get the flu shot their use of the ones that don't get the flu. And the reason for that has a lot to do with the fact that conventional therapies like vaccines and like medications tend to weaken your immune system. We know that there are also these vaccines are loaded with various chemicals and other preservatives and things that are quite dangerous. I'm not here to date to make these vaccines show but I'm here to kind of just open up your mind think a pot. If you are strong immune wife of yours pistons were on par 100%. If you had this prowess. When you get exposed to a virus about bacteria pathogens or anything your body's natural systems are designed to take care of it. So with a strong immune systems someone's knees up the flu you wouldn't get the flu but would that would as a weak immune system. They end up with a fluke that can you see how right now it estimates the flu season as it is this season for immune weakness. It's a way I want you to do is to not have to worry about staying home when you're sick. Or to be exposed or to have to like you know live in fear of some sort of but I am virus adding to that effect. I don't yet that I think I'm gonna go run out get a flu shot that would be protected. But I want to do today is this drink then you were immune system and I'm gonna give you some natural things that have been shown to knock the flew down. Build your immune response to actually make use this sort of is vibrant and alive team. With the great immune systems so that you don't just become fluke protected you become health protected. Listen if you could boost your immune system. Not only would you fight off things like the cold and blues beat you I don't heart disease and cancer and diabetes though I'd like that shot I'd like I shot doubled make me strong against everything. And that's something that your body can deal. The how to do this knack for the first of all I want to understand something you're immune system and when he goes after viruses bacteria pathogens he uses these. Used versions of white blood cells itself. Most of us know our iPod tells her partner immune system but did you know that those white blood cells are responsible for activation based upon nutrients. So you could weaken your immune system by been nutrient deficient in one of the greatest nutrients there's two major vitamins. They actually define your immunity and not that what you'll see is the reason we have sickness during the wintertime is because these two vitamins become the most depleted. During this season and first of course is vitamin. It is produced in your body when sunlight activates aid aid app chemical process with senior skins. And when you produce vitamin. 2000 genes that are directly impacted by Biden the mean if we have vitamin. We know that some of those have a lot to do with their immune systems so. He's been shown that if your vitamin. And research even shows that low vitamin. During the season. The notice how during the summertime we tend to be outside more we tambien son more we tend to get more vitamin. Is that most of us aren't getting the flu in May or June or July. The reason again the flu starts to creep its ugly head right now is. We don't go outside even if we did go outsiders there isn't enough sun to produce the vitamin. Of the fact that we tend to stand cited work less active re eating more sugar we're going to more parties were having more alcohol. Were just knocking army institute down from the beginning and that we think oh they're guess what it's the flu season. Most physicians believe right now that if you could boost your immune sorry if you could booster vitamin. You could literally protect yourself against not just a fluke but other conditions that tend to show up when he needs this week. Like autoimmune conditions heart disease diabetes that. Right now other recommendation. During the winter time is to take anywhere from an adult between five to 101000 units of vitamin. Why so high because again you're not leaving it all or are you producing it. When the sign is gone. And when we're in the winter times of the kneecap in the earth actually earns slightly because we are further away from the sun nothing gets colder. But because that that the actual acts that's fifth and we knew further north. And the further north that we go as a sort of a location that last you'd be being weak yet and that's what helps to produce vitamin. The leader not even in the eighth month if it was 37 degrees outside in November and you went outside and you soaked up the sign you would think you're producing vitamin deep attract not. Because we need the specific UV rays to produce that idea. So during the wintertime if you're gonna do something to boost your ability to make you immune system strong and fight off things like colds and flu viruses vitamin. So we need to take it partly because we don't make it. Something else you can deal was actually use a lamp known as the sun lamp because again if you could sort of stimulate your body to produce this. Then year also making it at the same time so what you think about them they called a light box. If you're outdoors during regular hours when it's sunny and as the summertime you can produce up to ten to 151000 units of vitamin. 2030 minutes. In fact what were noticing is that right now most of us hey we don't spent time outside the Arab news this week. And light therapy is something that if you expose yourself to this sort of bright light you can create that stimulation. He could think of it is sort of like a UV exposure lights that now in my talking about a tanning bed now. I'm talking about using sun lights you can actually the tees up he does go on line go to Google and type in its sun lamp. What it does is it actually write it shines a bright light on your body. It helps you to produce natural mine in the simple takes fifteen to thirty minutes to simply click the thing on. Sign actors and within fifteen to thirty minutes you're producing natural vitamin. 101000 units daily base. Another vitamin it's crucial for you to sort of fight this winter you know cold and flu season down as vitamin C. We all the vitamin C is is it is basically 100% integrating immune responses. Because when I say what could you take to boost your immune levels everybody goes. Vitamin C now the challenge with this is. I haven't seen doesn't come from drinking or astute it's also has a lot of sugar and it's nor does it come from basically. A state taking a vitamin C supplement directly but vitamin C is directly in in integrated into immune response because it activates you're white blood cells. Here's something unique that we often find when you eat a lot of sugar. And when you consume vitamin C those two molecules looked very similar to each other. And what happens is white blood cells go around base they'd you know they're circulating through your system. And they're looking for vitamin C because when they consume vitamin C may naked act if they go yes. I'm here I'm ready I can fight the cold like fight the please keep you help picking TP drop. But sugar it looks very similar to vitamin C to a white blood cell. So when it thinks that hey look there's bought the bike with the over there it goes to grab that sugar sugar actually diminishes and deplete the strength of your white blood cells. They've done studies on this and discovered that if you're white blood cells are in the presence of sugar. They act slow and lethargic and they look like they're drunk so they basically kind of roll around they're not really been very active. It's of the challenge here is this if you're consuming vitamin C to doing things like or excuses or other sort of like dynasty tonics and things like that where they have a lot of sugar. Vineyard actually going to created negative effect it's sort of like the vitamins the and figured just neutralized themselves out your your white blood cells around going. I don't think it indeed it secondly vitamin C is not necessarily will weakens in the net supplemental form actually vitamin C. You might see it as labeled escort maccast it. And think that score again it is vitamin C but in fact it's easy massive complex of more than just this webcast. It has the bile flap annoyed all the other components that come with it in its natural state. Of course for me the best way of doing this is gaining hole fruits and vegetables and believe. Not a lot of vegetables actually have more vitamin C unit in the city's efforts and the things you'd think. Some of the highest ones of course are going to be from my perspective. You know things like lions and lemons oranges when we talk about vitamins the bleaker art when we talk about fruits. Public not almost every single leafy greens kale Collard stated broccoli shard eccentric. Have almost as much or more of vitamin C and a lot of oranges and citrus fruits you think. If you're gonna consume vitamin C makes sure it's in a Ross state he won a Glock looked for raw vitamins the and we're looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of about three to four grams per days that three to 4000 milligrams. And again while it might sound like a lot I'm talking about during the wintertime when we are the most attack for a immune response. Three to four grams of vitamin C can help to boost your immune system and actually activate those white blood cells. That if you do it right now you could walk around and you would be protected and that's again the idea. Vitamin. 101000 units and we want to use a sun lamp to light skin and help us to produce it naturally. You know another herb that's really good for immune system and maybe you thought of this that buys today what could you take to boost your immune response. It echinacea to curb actually help the fight off infections. And it's best if you start taking it before you really start to see something because again we wanna think of it as protective effects. Echinacea is also known anti inflammatory. And what it does is helps to reduce inflammation within a year. Bronchial and lung tissues which is where most of its tendency. The cold symptoms show up rights only get things like the flu we have runny nose in the coffin of the we have congestion we have inflammation in the lungs. And down echinacea also has the ability to kill off other things like east and fungus and viruses. So it's sort of an all inclusive sort of immune stabilize an immune booster. And what's nice about echinacea is it doesn't take very much you know so something as simple as maybe like 900 milligrams if you're gonna do attained here. Or just taking two or three capped at tablets or capsules and if you got it techniques that disappointment of form. I like using that he's better than I do the supplements simply because. You're you're creating an extract by using the route you're allowing on you know warm watered pass through it then because it you know liquid state we tend to absorb it better. Your body has a lot easier time absorbing nutrients in liquid form that if your swallow and it caps on the capsule basically opens up with this economic. Yes so my favorite of the mall in regards to immune boost in stabilizing anti cold at that Lou is of course Reagan oil. It has the highest known anti viral properties of any sort of food and Norton nutrient on the market today. Oregano oil in my opinion could be actually seen as something you can use in the midst of having the cold and flu season or all the stumping daily to sort of protect you against it. What's nice about it Raegan oil is that it can be used in multiple methods you can take it directly that he gonna get a regular oil capsules. 500 milligrams twice today is usually a really good daily stabilization especially during the wintertime because we want to do is the state. Think of it as you're adding a little natural power for your body to fight these viruses off. Another nice thing about a oregano oil is when we talk about our immune system we have sort of a first line of defense which has skin in our digestive system. By swallowing oregano oil directly you actually sort of haute in and clean out that digest of system response. Which is believed not where most of us get our viruses and things that back you can also defused it directly into the air with the clean them lungs and clean its size is now. If you wanna think of it is sort of creating a cold and flu shield. Take two capsules everyday infuse it into the air and again you're helping your body to strengthen its immune response so you're more protected. Another one that works great I think we nosing is directly connect Terry immunological power and prowess to zinc supplements can have a natural anti viral effect. And what they've also discovered a certain studies is that your in the midst of having a cold or the flu or chronic congestion or virus or something of that effect. They simply taking zinc can actually decreased the time that it takes your body to get over it naturally. It would normally takes six or seven days he takes and think what happens is reasons the three to four days. It'll clear your body. Fifty to a hundred milligrams of very small amount doesn't take much. Can actually help you to prevent yourself from everything get in the first place the usually what I do was on a daily basis. I take one think capsule 5200 milligrams I take who. Oregano oil capsules about 500 milligrams twice today. And then I'm using my second basic tees that having either in the morning or at night. I take my vitamin. 101000 units daily and make incident taking three to four grams of vitamin C on a daily basis. That right there is sort of the asked doctor Ernst who do. Program at the given as a way for you to basically arm yourself and build your immune response to the you don't fall into the trap of the cold and flu season. The you'll buy into the media hype that the virus is all of a sudden now activated in court trying to attack us. That you become this immune boosting building human it says. I can fight it off. When I have a strong immune response. Something off the unique about cold and flu. Did you know back in the worst flu epidemic ever were talking in 1918. Flu pandemic the one that sort of wiped out. Quite a lot of us with the United States there was actually some studies done to find out that one of the most effective techniques that helped people to survive this. Where those receiving chiropractic care. When they watched people who had had the flu in the 1918 flu epidemic. And those that didn't survive in comparison to those that did. There was a major correlation between those people receiving chiropractic care and surviving through the worst flu epidemic in the states. In fact there were studies done actually showed that when you receive chiropractic care it boost your immune globulin European lymphocytes which are a form of white blood cells. It overall increases the primary function of your immune response. Some studies that have currently been redone have shown that those people who receive regular chiropractic care. Have a reduced incidence of receiving colds and lose upwards between 28 point 5%. The take someone who's never had chiropractic work. It takes someone who's receiving regular chiropractic care and you have about you know a higher likelihood of not ever getting the cold the flu during cold and flu season just by doing that. I'm even looked into this and seen studies showing that he received a simple chiropractic adjustments to your upper cervical. You can boost activated CD four cells and even T lymphocytes which are our sort of strong fighting. White blood cells in that body for up to four hours after Cingular adjustment and the effects can last for more than two days. And down what's nice about this is chiropractic care is also something that helps with every single component for boosting immune responses. And we often find those people who are receiving our bracket stated instantly feel better. They have boost immune responses they've noticed things for example like hate this season I haven't gotten tickets went to the app before. I've been receiving chiropractic care myself purse that for more than twenty years and I'd like to say between what I teach you. The way that I can see in my diet and how I keep my chiropractic regular with weekly adjustments and had the cold and flu hit me in a cold and flu season in over twenty years. Something else that the big during this season is the idea of seasonal affective disorder. And what's unique about this it's it's a condition where a lot of a sort of feel it. You know I with the may be now more than ever because we're more stressed than ever before during the holiday season. If you've ever felt like your energy is down where you're driving desires to do things are lacking or you just have the overall sense of lack of motivation. More so now than ever Wear sort of doom and gloom hits you or you feel as if your life has fallen apart. That could be what is termed seasonal affective disorder some people term and also the winter blues or the idea that during the holiday months. Where emotionally drained and what we tend to see is. We have this stay at home. Did under a blanket knocked out of the bed mentality and this happens quite a bit so wanna make sure that if we talk about this not trying to single you out saying that this is you. But it high likelihood that you probably at some point feel as if you'd just wanna say I'd like to punch news for the entire day today. Seasonal affective disorder could be labeled as again winter depression. And what happens is we often find it happens more now than ever before so. Cold and flu season is now more than ever before. Seasonal affective disorder is now more than ever before and what I hope you can kind of get a censor me stand it's it's it's because of the fact that we year. Letting our immune systems football part. What research is actually the acting is that people who have this seasonal affective disorder. Generically inherently have a lack of vitamin. We also know that they tend to have a disruptive sort of rhythm within their hormones and what's unique about vitamin. Vitamin. And all other things happen a friend Nora Ephron serotonin to open mean which make you feel really good. We also see a high correlation between people who have sort of like a winter depression and a version of either leaky gat. Or some sort of digested this dysfunction. Because almost all of our hormones that make us feel really good biker serotonin are dope mean happened Ephron they're actually produced in their intestines. That because seasonal affective disorders been connected to weekends levels of vitamin. I'm levels of sort of got to sponsor this bio says but I wanna show you is too simple techniques that you can do to turn around your digestive response. Boost your your levels of immunity and what you'll often find is you'll start to say well guess what I feel a little bit better. I have a little bit more sort of energy and instead of looking at the holidays this sort of made downer stressful moment. We can leverage it to become the greatest component of our life right now can be the best moment ever in your life. Because if you look at it again like I mentioned last week. We have sort of five or six weeks left this year. And if your motivated if you're inspired if your enthusiastic. Well often see is you're not gonna wait for January to say let's make a difference in my life. So if if we're sort of feeling like we're down in the dumps and were. Thinking that we're weaker and we're noticing that we get cold sick a lot again what we're seeing here is the weakened immune system. I met him before how are you simply start activating your vitamin. But it backed has been shown to actually help lift your beauty and make you feel great. So we talked about a light box and how simple it is to signing that you'd be light on T if you wanna get one they're very inexpensive go Google is on a sun lamp or sun light therapy lamps. Very simple turn him on time on your skin fifteen to twenty minutes and I'd also suggest during this time now more than ever take that vitamin. We also know that exercise is crucial for sort of stimulating your system in getting your body on track with your immune system and also pumping your hormones. There have been studies done that showed you dude the bursts. Style workouts where we do high intensity sort of exercise for a short period of time. We take a break and we do that exercise again and then we take a break did you actually boost your human growth warming your testosterone. Your door opened up for your estrogen and here's serotonin more than ever before. Still I'd like to stay is right now if you wanna get rid of the depressive feeling that brain fog simply doing something like a brisk walk to give outside. Get warmed up. And go walk for sixty seconds. And they run for sixty seconds or jot for 62. Walk run walk run that sort of interval style walk can actually help you to enhance your immunological functions. Pump blood throughout your body stimulate hormones that make you feel great it's also been shown to have a massive effect on your immune system. Another thing that also helped to gain outsiders to the fact that sometimes what happens is we it's we tend to spend too much time inside. And those activities that B is sort of clustered around our house. Can lead to just when a call just a sense of sort of them. Lack of desire and try to do things you know I see this a lot with my kids so in the wintertime especially LB inside outlast them what you gonna do what you wanna play what we what comedian that's like loud and not that I'd rather just watch TV. But it's almost like as soon as I drag them outside. Something magical happens an ever noticed this especially if you have children. It's a kids outside and they just become a lied to become vibrant they start run and all around as our plane in the lead they start you really turning on. Well the same thing happens for you and I like to think it's because sometimes we're meant to be in our natural environment. You know if we stay inside and we curl up that might be warm and it might be great picketing outside. With a fresh air with sort of just disaster activity has also been sent to change our rain and change the way we exe process information. Have been out it's also helpful of course is our diet. You know we know that what happens is when we tend to be sort of in a depressive state. We crave things like starchy carbohydrates suites for treats salty crunchy snacks and things that affect. Which actually what shall find out is in the moment though they make you feel better the effects of them make this sort of seasonal affective disorder worse. So instead of focusing on sort of these food I'd like units are recognizing that there's this concept of what's known as they yielding diet. We're sort of the cellular regeneration diet. The way that works is booster out when it's the increase the oxidation of the body by focusing on leafy green vegetables and high fat foods so for example grass fed. And you know protein sources like our red meats and also free range chicken. And then wild caught fish in these as sort of the three core proteins that if we consume these guys. We tend to find that we have a boost in sort of our overall functionality. Another thing that we wanna do is we don't wanna you know stress carbohydrates that are things like whole grains are hostages and things that affect. Which is hard right now because what you find is they're they're being pushed more than ever before a lot of the recipes that come with our holiday times. So we can cut out the carbohydrates we can reduce our greens if we go to dairy free we give focus on our three core proteins. Our grass fed meets our wild caught fish in our free range chicken Turkey including poultry. And focus more in our greens which you'll find is those guys helped to turn the system around and really what they do is they help your digestive system to begin to heal itself. You know what often happens is. We seeded the hormones that help us to feel good be -- to be alive are produced in our intestines but for constantly throwing stressed out our gut through our diets. When we can't produce the hormones that make us feel good that we get locked into this sort of seasonal depression. That's something that's really great for boosting our got health is to let it happen break. To think of it as if you could say OK if I'm going to clean the foods that I eat. And hold back the food that I can see him at certain times maybe skip a meal or even fast what you find is your gut as the ability to repair itself. What's unique about your intestines as they can regenerate themselves and about seven days so we can simply may be fast for a couple days. Maybe eat nothing but vegetables and clean proteins for a couple days and really focus on giving our digestive system the rest that it needs to repair itself. Often what you'll find as steep as that lot with pace that it work with that fast and clean up their diets. Is they generally start going like this like you know I just I feel really good I have more energy more focus more on five. I feel like great ideas the story becomes may I feel like I just have a new zest for life I'm I'm excited I'm happy belated. And you might think that's you know anecdotal but it often comes from the fact of what they're doing is they're letting their body take care of themselves. You know the unique thing is. With a strong immune system with the cleaned out tonight your body is capable of more than you'd give it credit for. I've even seen people do this and say OK I'm gonna build an immune strength and get a boost my immune system amid a focus on making myself feel great. By cleaning my diet out and folks in these nutrients and also what tends to happen is what in hell I lost five or ten pounds or what you know my blood pressures that are. My sugars have improved my joints don't eight I feel better I don't of that pain in the morning. Because when you give your body Whitey needs it will always take care of itself. Which is taking care of view. Speaking of joint pains did you know that right now especially during the wintertime this is when we tend to hear my joints hurt more than ever before. And you may think that it has to do a lot with the fact it's cold weather in our joint more stiff. But what's unique is during this time we tend to see more ethnic flare ups again because of the fact that our immune system is becoming weekend. The something you can do if you're this type of person that has. Joint aches and pains in the morning. Or stiffness and eighteen of your hands your knees your elbows or if you are rightists or. Rheumatoid arthritis is understanding that it is purely caused by inflammation. And what happens is over time we build these sort of inflammatory responses within our body and what pays the price is us. And and for me joint aches is the first warning sign. That the amount of inflammation in your body has climbed beyond what you're immune system can handle. So the first thing I'd wanna do it created anti inflammatory response to help you to calm back down. Now what's unique about the techniques and the approach that we take. The very thing that's gonna protect you against the flu is the very thing that's gonna help you to feel better when you have seasonal affective disorder or the winter blues. Which is the very thing that's gonna help you if you app arthritic joint pains which is boosting your immune system. And creating anti inclination. What's unique about this is if we have sort of look at ways you can help your joints to feel better. Is eight recognize that by cleaning out your diet. And by boosting your immunological responses what should happen as a side effect is you should start losing weight. We note that the additional sort of weight can put strain on your joints but in fact. The fact that we hold on to in our bodies. Has been shown to produce inflammatory. Markers as if the fat itself is out there just and what my job is to make you inflamed we know it pretty society kinds we know it can hold toxins. So the more fact you have the more inflamed you tend to beat. So viking gates you starting to do a little burst exercising clean out your diet. Fast team. Using those nutrients I talked about to boost your immune responses you'll find inherently what happened this. 5710. Pounds comes off and your joints will automatically start to feel better. Something else it's gonna not just help your joints that help you fight the blues and its year you know your body feeling better. Is again increasing the anti inflammatory bats that your diet one of the greatest things that you can do right now if you're someone has an arthritic joint pain. Is start to add bone broth to your diet. With nice up on brought is by taking the bones of a healthy animal do we want to be grass that yes we want to be clean yes. Do when he used you know I nutrients that help to maybe add some other anti inflammatory to this broth yes. If you go to my website asks doctors dot com click on the recipes tab I have an entire section 400 drinks as far as how to make different rots. One of the broth we have a an anti inflammatory brought. Which is basically taking things like ginger and garlic and two Emmerich. And soaking them in water making this soup with the bones it humid used to create a sort of anti inflammatory dawn brought. Which you nice about what's nice lump on brought that it's all it's extremely high in anti oxidant. And things like adroit ten and glucosamine sulfate as well us Alford think lysine and pro lane and accidents and a decrease inflammation with the joints. So instead of starting your day with a cup of coffee that you add inflammatory scary too and sugar which would play and you. What if you started your day with a cup of hot phone brought. What do you started your date and I'm gonna pay attention to myself. And give needed nutrients they needs of my body can heal itself I promise you as simple as that sounds that one thing. Has been helping some of my paces to completely eliminate their joint pains one thing on brought. We know that. Being active can also help your joints. And we know that you have arthritis often what happens as you get moving you start feeling better it's that. 8 in the morning that read this sort of disappears as you go throughout the gate because what you're doing is you're moving your joints. So I would suggest that you don't just sit down and watch TV all they are told that to death can work holiday. But do something to stay active even if it's as simple as getting up into its squads are walking in place or running or jumping. Any activity you do you can help your joints feel better. We also know again the chiropractic care. Has many different effects in regards to boost the immune responses but specifically with the joint themselves often what happens with arthritis. If it's present because of an alignment if you in the joint. And I talked about this before but if you think about it as a car analogy if by. Which would be termed arthritis. If my tires are aligned properly I drive to California and back. Yes will there be wearing terror but it will be evenly distributed in the will be an item in a method of what your body can handle. The difference between car tires and you is you have regenerative power so if I'm properly aligned and using my joints. What is worn down will be repaired naturally when minute that's strong so can you see how if you're out of alignment. And you're trying to repair daily damage it can be very difficult for immune system to say a finally fix this. That you get the joint aligned properly. Then your immune system kicks it says will now that I'm not having extra wearing here abnormally I'm gonna take care of this. Chiropractic has been shown for most people that have osteoarthritis from it to earth right through any joint pains. To be very effective aid decreasing the joint discomfort. And beat preventing any further degeneration it became with that. Something else that's really good for arthritic pains is anti inflammatory. Herbs and nutrients. Ginger in two Emmerich by far the my two most popular. When I talk about sort of coming up with Dayton natural alternative to things like aspirin Advil Tylenol. Ginger contain chemicals that act as almost adds an analgesic effect an anti inflammatory. To Emmerich has been actually shown with the active component Kirk human. Two out. Power namely over the counter anti inflammatory and even some of the most popular sort of prescriptive medications for things like arthritis. We know that the anti inflammatory and those two nutrients right there alone could help you to combat arthritic pain. And activated immunological response that it helped the joint repair. So can you see how would I would do is make up on brought that has ginger in it. And to recruit in it. I would even consider you know adding sort of Omega three fatty acids and oil in my diet by eating nose clean proteins we talked about. You know grass fed butter is extremely high in anti inflammatory fat so our grass fed protein sources. And wild caught fish and stamina a mega threes helped to diminish the stress in regards to the information we have from our diet. While causes a spike in inflammation Fries are things like wheat and corn and rice and silly and dairy. So many times when I work with them and it's arthritic nights are talking about reduced in those components. What they see as their joints start to feel better and their bites or he'll. If you're somebody who has arthritis I challenge you to sort of keep a food dog into the relation of win you feel the most amount of arthritis can which often find is. That's the day that you had chips with the lines the corn in those are that's the Dade that you had oatmeal for breakfast and yet the grain and inflammation. That's the day that you ate something that you're sensitive to and you starts in the connections that once he becomes sort of activated as you can go right. It's my responsibility take charge for help with my responsibility on this. You know as I'm third about the in the amount of time that I have left. I want to do two things I want you to understand that. If you concede the big picture here. You can recognize that we're not in a cold and flu season were not in an arthritis season. Were not in a seasonal affective disorder season where it is season of immune attack more than ever before. And have weakened the you to recognize that boost your immune response we'll help you to fight against back. We've actually accomplish the greatest thinker help ever the flu would be untouchable for you. You would feel fantastic alive and vibrant all the time even during the holidays you'd be happy and pleased and excited. And he would have joint pain if we can't just do that I promise you fifty to 60%. Of America would go and I love my life. And what we would see is more activity during the holiday season in regards for things that are good in regards for youth any time with your family and having fun. It is as simple as you understanding with a strong immune system nothing can touch you. Nothing can touch your body and you can activate that without having to run off to get a flu shot or taken medication or take the sort of antidepressant. Or heaven forbid over the counter pain medication that did all you don't make you feel good. You have power inside you greater than ever before there's not been neck and touch it other than you activating your immune response. If you're somebody though whose looking for some help out if you've been taken medication for a long time you're going I just told the house something as simple as this is gonna help me I need more assistance or. You've been taking medications and year having side affects access to that or you're looking for a new method for your health. In December I haven't had dinner seminar it is on Tuesday December 5. 6:30 PM at lot Natalie French cafe I'm looking for those of you oversee and I'm ready to make the end of this year at the best of my part this year. We have five weeks left in those five weeks that promise if I can sit you down and helping to find the cause your condition wider taking medications clean your died out. Develop a strong help the detoxification system viking give you this protocol you follow it I promise you your body has the power in no short five weeks. To overcome anything I've seen diabetes there on that timeframe that the heart disease or high blood pressure diminished. I've even seen people lose twenty to thirty pounds that type figure of that person going yeah acts. I want that then click below this video. There's a blight that will help Peter register directly but it that are seminar and I would love to see you there for them what you happy what's your health in what you hold as we finish out this year we starter new year. It guys this debt live stream faced the broadcast of the gas doctorate show my understanding is. As we get into December we're gonna have more live events on Debbie BT's though makes you tune in every Saturday at 3 o'clock in the comeback like that. As stick around performance of fun with FaceBook and that's a really neat tips and tricks speed boost immune system beyond Brett talked about gas doctorate so we'll see guys next week.