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2425. Years ago I was in the lobby in his radio station and I met a lady by the neighbor Sharon Sanders. And we'll get sheriff's story in just a second but it became. Aware that she was doing this thing around Christmas time. Four then a group called shelter medical. Which is now kids first we were forced to change the name and number years ago. And I got a kind of a conversation with her and Xia told me that they were taken care of at that time I think fifty to a hundred kids are on Christmas almost near homeless kids it would no Christmas otherwise they she and her husband had to have. Started off helping several families and knowing it'd grown into wanted to grown into and she said we we throw a party for these kids that like it had become so I did. And bell once I saw auto wanted to be involved with that and we've been involved with a now for 24 years in and we've been so when mr. middle and a helping it grow and this is what I talk about nonstop it's what I've been pounding all weeklong that's what will be pounding all next week and the week after that. We're up to 800 to a thousand kids were already committed to 800 kids that are depending on us for Christmas is no word depending on you so they can depend on us. Ops I sheriff she would join me today because of insurance story is is pretty interesting about. She's always been involved in this stuff like this in fact it was. On being disappointed. In her involvement. Originally that letter to kind of shoot off on her own leisure and aria. Aaron how are you don't I'm not I'm great the weather doesn't seem my very December ish but we're not complaining are we. We are not complain and we are hotter than heck of historical or capital wonderful I'm going through bike and fully. We have gotten large enough that over the last I don't know what's have been no far 4567. Years now we have sought out real estate agents who will find and abandoned storefront for us. So that we can have a place for people can drop off bikes or drop off toys or drop off clothing or drop off shoes or drop off donations or. And then an end in return to that way it's also a place for families can go. And pick up loading and pick up shoes and pick up bikes and pick up toys and big have sold this year or McMullen pre market place on motor very familiar with. And 8332. Pine bill Mathews road is where they are and you'll find the kid's story of the kids first restorer right over by the dollar store. And there's. I bidders. There's dale Wal-Mart therapy kind of a mini Wal-Mart there there's a staples there there's like you remember everything that they're their budgets. It's been there forever. Yes there's a natural diner next to us and will be cabinet toy drive out here with the natural diner. On armed slaughter need to camp cool at this amber. No and and everyone who comes out and participatory will attempt or an opera mile natural diner. You up you got started on this I'm assuming about 27 years ago because I've been involved this is the 24 year. Com where you were working and it's been a long long time since the story transpired so I don't think were overdo it get any holes now that you were working for a hospital at the time. And one of your side the correct me if I get wrong on this. One of your assignments was to us spearhead. The the accumulation of toys for kids and get them down to DD yes there are aware of what is a department of social services DSS. And and so you did that and I am one year you took everything down there are new boys had a system. You'd get these things raft you haven't coded so that they would get to the right child and you drop off your presence one year tell me the story from there. Yeah I hate yet but that's true. I got no Lidstrom and the F that's what I think about 300 kids I target at presbyterian apple but I'm. Is done. I made sure that everyone was number coated on they had given me I achieved the number and I had my own numbering system and edit make sure everybody at a candy cane and a ball on the package which you which you still don't know about Tuesday. And I delivered. A group of I have to look at all of against India that opened their Randolph probe. And when I delivered MI and you have to have I have to look because Milo doesn't agree if you look at it when you put our numbers to get her way up against the master list. And we've been in about 35 minutes I got a call the dollar gift or B being. Handed out and that actually checked the dumpsters. And tags Romero and I went back down there. In and I got a dumpster. And they were on my tags and went inside and question. And gentlemen that the average number he liked to record and my bad. And I went and hit it here. On all of our guests are being handed out and that's impossible endeavor wrapping paper I mean I think primarily employ and the hospital. Well I felt like I didn't really have much recourse but I want you just told called security incoming at least. Oh that's kind of how this got started I and I was and it started out my only pinnacle of our kids but I was gonna make sure that the kids back. One of the guests got to get in the it would ever happen again I have tried. Net yeah here we I think you've been successful you ultimately left the hospital. I'm and then you and Brett your husband. Decided well you gotta start someplace so you'll you took care some families that first year like how many. The first your I think we have about fifty can't tumble from arm from Lancaster area and try not Hamburg area up. And we just went around and armed collected toys and get and that we regular pot houses. Adult the first year that we started and we started a party at their church and Lancaster at the first one that you Kane is Brett and I can't hurt. And I'm seeing on its own when they're adults and I never forget entered at a and that our dealership. And cattle and dad. Game that should benefit that was the first and it can we ever had but that. So it was a it was but you weren't I mean then had described the party back in those days I mean it was it was. I actually like chicken day in and biscuit it was biscuits and Jews and they mean it went so much but everybody had a great time. I'm that we were able to get everybody get an Anthony Eden. We had a couple. Friend back in entertainment and we got a hug everybody everybody got about 10 o'clock at lap and that's how we care about is that the kids got. At a Kirk that's a pretty a. Bikes were there Bora bikes a part of it then. Backed and it would not now I mean. Water yeah and a big time gap. Arrogant and chopped and that would have been specifically of some kidded asked for one and you just had a chance to figure a way to get one yeah. Yet the bike thing is kind of instinct because now we do this bike drive it's coming up this year on a Friday the fifteenth of south Mecklenburg high school. And there was it's probably ten years ago we were at cheer presbyterian church and we were doing a live broadcast on Friday nights but as you've ever of the broadcast that we I mean you know 853 people four people dropped by. Our live broadcast it was more for us that it was anybody else and oh so one year the first year that Frito-Lay got involved with us that no we had eighteen wheel trucks out there and all the stuff in case we got a whole budget toys and stuff and bikes and we found out that fifty of our bikes were on an eighteen Wheeler in the middle Kansas stuck in a snowstorm and the crumbs owner or promoter. From voters that's right yeah. And and a party was 48 hours away in those bikes were gonna be here in way to know what we're gonna do and so I I got on the air as that day fifty of the bikes and in those days I think we're only get about a hundred bikes a year. I think you know half the bikes that were expecting around in a snowstorm in Kansas we don't know what to do if you listen into the broadcast. Go by the bike. And will we got a hundred and some odd bikes that night people and an analyst Matt. Down at arm on our starting here in about why there are taken place of people fight over bikes in. In Wal-Mart to. And I'll never forget the one pickup truck that looked like the Beverly Hillbillies Poland and the parking lot. Any items stacked like fifteen or sixteen hi. Yeah but that was our our. And we thought we were involved with those some police people at the time and we had a coat drive going on at the same time enough. But anyway that's what's kind of started this Friday broadcast which is just turned into one monster. Com but then our needs have gotten so much greater to because we've grown and grown and grown and grown you figured out this last year that we've impacted 34000. Kids I had that. That figure astounds me how did you come up with that figure. I just added up all the years than Robin Dimon tablet fight mustard seeds and we get we. 134000. And put in and that character you but let tiny room at the top. Yeah the actively helped pressure. Well Mel bit I mean now a lot of the kids some of the kids who will back this year have been to parties before and if they've ever gotten a bike promised before they won't get one this year. But a lot of kids haven't and and they'll get a bike. And will go through 70800. Bikes this year before it's also done one. Oh yes. Oh yes and we get we will look at that many bikes in the. All right this is Sharon Sanders she's the founder of a kids first in the Carolina's comeback talk to her second. Talk to Sharon Sanders from a kids first she started it all and the rest of us who just kind of glam on to it over the years and no watched it grow and will take care of a 2000 kids god willing and know with your help. Kids first to the Carolinas dot org. They've got area store location this year were McMullen creek market shopping center 8330 to find bill Mathews road you'll see via chilies out in the front of the parking lots Leo look no that's word is. And find the dollar story and override. Next to that. Share and I just heard from the idle wild fire department says that we look here in the story of how kids get started every year idle all volunteer fire department will be participating again and bring in as much as we can't. They've been gosh they've been unbelievable for the last few years. They out. They they don't forget it every year they come by at a lot our department yet. We'll see the free warehouse truck come through two weeks from tonight. Oh I see how many have a big surprise with that frame warehouse this year. You do it would go what you mean in terms of number of bikes. I I don't know I just think that they have a cup I think and then Miller yeah had a bank group as a couple tricks up from 45 also. I also because this is data you know it's so we get into our first week or at the end of our first week of begging this is always the time when you just think we're not gonna make it. Burnett we're not gonna it's not gonna happen this is the year that we're going to follow. That we're gonna fail is weirder you know we got away or so ago we got a few thousand bucks we need like about 70000 bucks 700 bytes. But I don't know it all seems to all come together it's somehow or another so we'll just to keep on doing what we do and the good lord is always a taken care of us. I can't imagine we won't see the mustang club this year. We did it just there's just facets and elements to this that have. That have become a part of it that you just forget about tomorrow night rock and kids first concert and auction I don't even know where. I don't even know where they came from but this has been a big part of her own kids errors now for the last few years. They started on their own. I hear the dull and they planned the counter on their own and they do it every year the duke it out and and that share. Doing it the rabbit hole which is a you know one commonwealth avenue itself up tomorrow they've got to to autograph Carolina a rebellion guitars. They've got a Tom Petty autographed guitar that they're also auctioning off. You don't have a bit on and on that do you. She call on here and probably have been yesterday a look at the 2000 dollar yeah I can guarantee I'll autograph Tom Petty it's our. Yeah she sent me a picture of it because I'm thinking of bidding on it myself but she said I know whose bidding on it and I don't then I can't figure out who it is always wondered if there was you. I don't know. But it Gergen I would back off an amendment and. I don't know it's a it's it's a sweet guitar tell you when I was thinking I was thinking about Biden and trying to Rio a re Hackett re knocking over here. It. I guess I had been by listening because things that you do they would be you know that I can probably get more money go for a that they can. Independent Arnie and can you Jack though but they've been anyway they. That's that's tomorrow night show starts at 4 o'clock early bird raffle specials going on 1801 commonwealth avenue. At the rabbit hole and listen if you're all my age this may not be the a concert that you would need to be go into but it you've got kids you tell mud to head on over to the rabbit hole tomorrow or no support because the got a great sponsors and raffles and auctions and giveaways and and the whole nine yards Tom. Tell me tell the people that did today and I hear him in the background give me some of the names of people. That that have been with you with us forever. Oh my god on the burner I'm in need grades to fit stepping crane are. I need or just need live talent at 25 year. Geneen house used to be our storehouse. We'll do everything we get we put in her living room. That would be physically impossible now. But are years and years and years Geneen gave up her apartment or her house to store the stuff that we needed to get stored. Yes she did and it was her it's her little one bedroom house. And it would be op sure entire continent we had to get little I'd unit to cut your driveway that. This is where we come from and and those of you have been with us for years and years and years have watched this grow and know what we do. But it when I say we I hope everybody understands that it's not just me and it's not your share and it's not just a rabble names it C if you. It's it's primarily a WBT audience thing and then we added. 1065 the end were I did some time a few years ago and they've stayed true to because and then all the sudden the lake. Another radio station in town has stayed true because and this year WFANC. Now that they're under intercom Charlotte ownership there come an N missiles slowly but surely were start to build a pretty good little media empire to help us support this thing. But we like I say I I don't wanna sound like I'm wine and but. This is the scariest Friday that we have all year long because we are way way way way way away from what our goals are going to be in order to do what we have to do. And this isn't some radio promotion that can pass or fail this is one that has to pass we we were all early obligated so what. Don't forget our Charlie. Well now I know I did Charlie although it will talk about Charlie. Charl there's a guy named Charlie walks in your hands us a check every year I never count on million dollars us got David's and other guys that has taken our eye on the debt by you know you never count on him until because that they are not obligated to us and until they decided that's what they wanted to. So now I'm hale talked he probably next week. Okay thank you love everybody out there thank you everyone for your help. And at the pine belt fired our police department are open at Al secure bank cannot it's like. And a very good all right cool Sharon Sanders kids first to the Carolinas. Kids for kids first of the Carolinas dot org is where you'll find him or just go to the Hancock page WBT dot com.