120217 Winter Weight Loss Techniques

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, December 2nd

Dr. Ernst discusses the top 3 lifestyle changes you need to make to activate your fat burning power.


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The asked doctor and show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment -- qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading them growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour I learned from experts on how to revolutionize the health of those you love most. Sears has doctor there. Future hosts. Doctor Eric Hertz. Good afternoon happy Saturday to you you're listening to ask doctors don't work Hauser said that he's been dead. Where you can be set free market health problems Uygur host doctor -- parents here today to inspire you coach viewing guide you to living life to your fullest health potential. Hey I'd love that we're here together today stare at the message of true health and healing ever a question for you. Have you missed us you know has been a few weeks since have been able to come to live through the Airways 7-Eleven 10993. Debbie BT and I am excited to be back today. I'm excited for our topic today and them we're gonna discuss the idea of how to take the wintertime you know the last four weeks or so of this year. And really Christ our health goals in regards to weight loss so this is a win her weight loss show. And you know because it's been some times I've been on the air dudes at football and basketball and all the great sports that we have. Remember this is your health hour. And our show exists so that you can ask the deep health questions that you have. And we can provide more natural holistic methods and answers for those. And over the last you know few weeks I've been getting people's sand. In a New Year's is coming around the corner I need to lose some weight cock I do that now what if what what are some ways I can start him leverage. The time I have to be ended this year and so I thought you know what a great way press to talk about. The holidays the resolution how weight loss that the number one thing everybody wants come January and yap for those of you are like and I don't wait let's do this now. I have these exceptional hips that if you did this you're gonna start to lose a tremendous amount of weight really quickly. And don't forget if you have a question for me either during the show or you want us to discuss the topic. Maybe you've been diagnosed with some sort of the health condition and you wondered if there's another way for eight. Is there a different method that's an alternative approach. Head on over to our website asked doctor Ernst dot com that AS KD RER. And the path he dot com. The top right hand corner of the contact section you can submit your health questions to us and he'll also see we at a lack terra. Health information Nvidia's hit some highlights it's all free. And available for you including some downloads and protocols and and yet today I wanted to celebrate the fact that you're hearing you're listening to us and we're gonna take the next four weeks of this year you know it's now the first Saturday of December and we're gonna crush this we're gonna really knock our health out of the park. And did you know that the average American gains four pounds every year. With the majority of that weight being gained right now in the month of December and I think it's partly due to the fact that it's colder out. There's less outside activities because again it's colder out. And we've just polished off Thanksgiving. Where come down to the the spread of the parties that are gonna start happening you know if Christmas we have new years we have more alcohol more carbohydrates so I get that. But did you realize that most of us tend to say well. Other foot these four weeks go on the back burner and they'd come January I mean hit the ground running and my talents to YouTube. Let's do that right now there's no need to wait for January is yet a New Year's resolutions have been around for thousands of years dating back as far as ancient Rome. Where it began actually as more of a Christian movement. Of professing your sense from that current year. And making a result foray resolution. That the new year was going to be a better use a new way of thinking. We weren't going to be as bad as we were the previous you're gonna have a better life that we would. Professor said the new forward what that day you know I think that's a good idea to do. But we're also looking at more of we want to be healthier and of course the number one. Resolution has been around since as long as I can recall is always a wanna look better be healthy and don't lose weight. And what's unique about this is setting goals like this now thinking about the future a better self. It happens to coincide with the fact that generally most of us during this time. Don't really feel so good about ourselves we're stressed outward a brass were dealing with seasonal affective disorder. Which comes from the idea that they're shorter a length of days. We have less vitamin. About 80% or resolutions fail so eight out of ten people who say I'm gonna lose weight come January. Don't actually even achieve that and I think it's partly because again we know we want something better and are alive. But we have this mindset of like maybe we don't deserve it we don't know how to do it. We just we simply don't care about it so I mean if we don't even write a goal for weight loss we're not going to be bombed out if we don't hit that goal. And they're so much working against us during this time there's Strasser and you know financial issues that come with the holidays and in just the massive it's so let's. Kick around some wasted day the you can set a tremendous amount of weight burns of that and emerge from these winter months. Feeling the best ever and being in this skinny is do you ever. And what's great about this is my hope today's that I can cheer you up he show you played very powerful. Body hack within this. That if you do these symbols these techniques and a teacher today. You don't need to go to the gym and work Alec crazy you don't need a pop in the dvd on liner go online do those work outs you don't need even restrict your diet in fact. With what I'm gonna teach you if you just simply fix these few things you need as much food as he wants as long as your year at the right time. And if you combine this with the tips and techniques and Communists here today I have personally seen in four weeks point five pounds fly off people. So these are your winter weight loss secrets. Dude this now and I promise you come January you won't even need to write a resolution might come on how about that. And all throughout the day of celebration of the fact that we're back on the air I mean my gosh it's been so much fun. Doing webcasts and webinars all the FaceBook viewers you guys are like we talk about you've been here this whole time but we've been broadcasting on FaceBook. RW BT listeners who are the advocates for the radio are going now where have you been so my special sort of welcome back offer for us is. If you're looking for more than just weight loss you know so many of us try to get through the day were taking medications were tired were overweight were stressed and happy. And we try to convince ourselves that that's just normal and it's not there something that you can do to change your life now. I'm hosting the final end of the year asked doctor Ernst and her seminar it is this upcoming Tuesday's you have exactly right now to register for it. I am exactly ten seats left before this remiss full. So for Adobe BT listeners 7049062094. The dinner is on me the information is free. It has to be transformational because if you can find the root cause of your health that she's the underlying cause and you can fix that. Your body how the power to rejuvenate itself. It's a dinner invitation offer Tuesday December 5 7UP 49 or 6209. Port eight guests are turned show will be right back. Welcome back happy Saturday you're listening to the aspect turns out there are countless dead he's dead repeat that read on the health problems. I mean rose to a doctor or nurse and I love the fact that you're too. Needed today up all days because we're sharing with you went through weight loss secrets these sort of body hacks that help you to lose 1015 to twenty pounds the next four weeks. So they come January 1 your number one resolution will not beat to lose weight because you've already pulled it off. Doesn't require any crazy gym memberships doesn't require popping dvds inning getting up early in sweat and stuff off. If you do these techniques I have seen this in my practice with the patent even myself. That the fact there were holding on to just melts off because these are what are called weight loss bio hacks simple easy things to do. Your body thinks he buys it it'll need that anymore. Americans gained four pounds of spot that every single year and it's done typically between the month of November December. Mostly in December and so we want to help you hit those resolutions. And the waiver gonna do that is to recognize that eight. We're being sort of lied to in regards to what it takes to lose weight it's. And BE they're simple easy things you can do right now that when you applied at your body. The reward your body gives you is yep I'll burn your fat now. And what I wanna share with you is the idea that. Working now. And change your diet is what everybody's in this is how you lose weight and while that might work for five or six or ten pounds. If you wanna do 20304050. Year can often hit a plaque tell it that it's generally because. It wasn't a lack of your exercise that got you overweight the first place. Nor was it necessarily affected your diet was off I know a lot of people who eat healthy but the act can't seem to lose this little bit here in this little bit there. And in fact this weight issue is a big deal for Americans it's estimated right now according to the CDC. That two thirds of Americans are dealing with an obesity issue. And an alarming fact from the CDC was just announced that right now it used to be we had more over weight people and obese. Now we have more obesity and overweight. And obesity comes from having more than 40% of your body as pure act. So I think a bit Huard is sort of draw a line across your abdomen and you goods just a little bit down. That 40% mark from your feet up to your belly button of all of that that. Technically your rubies and right now the majority of us are hitting that mark and not even recognize it. So predominantly. Our nation has become a nation of overweight obese citizens and I think what's worse. Is that as soon as you start to point out why this is happening because of the market in this state in place that in the food industry. Because of the fact that it's actually sugar that causes obesity not the lack of exercise. Refined carbohydrates processed foods are food industry is what's making us so much overweight. You start to attack this in man. Everything from food manufacturers politicians to even the media. Start to scream at us going well noted oh. If you take away my junk food in your taking away my ability to have a choice in what I eat and that's that's insanity if you ask me. Right now did you know that the food industry is spending billions of dollars and something called subliminal marketing. And even something called decision making chemicals. Really really important that you understand this if you wanna lose weight without going to the gym and route without really changing your diet purse today. Billions of dollars are spent every year. With the idea that it bike and market TU. That something you think is healthy which isn't healthy registers in your brain as health than you'll want to buy it here's a classic example of that. Most of us associate Gatorade with the drink you drink after working out to recover your electric lights and everything else. Yet Gatorade contained so much sugar in it actually gonna destroy all of the effects of the work you just did. How to they market this will all these super OB athletes are drinking Gatorade while working out sweating this bright color people who were orient. Making you think it's the Gatorade and makes him look so good it's subliminal it makes you think it's a health food. When in fact is actually dangerous. There's American Biotech company called seven acts. Where it was then a Max which what they're doing is they actually are developing additives that can be added to foods ready for this. Double give it a waiver or smell that makes you crave it and want to eat more. Have you ever driven by a fast food restaurant with windows doubting you smelled that classics now and all of a sudden you start thinking and I can't go for Hamburg and price right now. That is take chemicals sensation. Taking place beside your brain and this American Biotech company is now going yeah yeah we know that there are chemicals that can be added to foods. That will make you want to eat that again. And make you say man I really like that so now when you're going to on the gracious Doral Yugo there it is there's that food that tastes so great. But in fact it's actually just chemical manipulation. I look at that is a manipulation of your choice right it's hard for us to make healthy choices when we're being told that it's a healthy food item when it's not. And we have chemicals in our foods that are making it so that we want to eat them over and over again. So in order for you to lose weight without going to the gym you have to understand number one European market to more than ever before now. For you to think things are healthy when they're not. And one of the greatest leverage points you have right now if you'd do this I have seen five to ten pounds while for people in days. If you must eliminate fructose from your diet. Now fructose is something that's naturally occurring in a lot of vegetables and even some degree in a lot of fruits and we find fructose in fruits because of the nature of the type of figure that they have. But what you see here is that I think you cut fruit out of your diet and you're gonna start losing weight. Your instant thought is why I thought rates. Are part of the fruits and vegetables which are what I'm supposed to eat to make me lose weight but that's part of the marketing and that's part of the lie. Some of the issues that we've got today is if you're working out like crazy. And your stock and you can't seem to lose weight you might often ask yourself why I'm doing all the right stuff. But what's important to understand is the most crucial aspect of weight loss is getting rid of it specific type of sugar. Not just. Glucose but also protest. And what you'll find is most of the beverages and the food industry. The food products they produce and all of these health bars and health drinks and you know light meals are loaded with high fructose corn syrup. And I'm talking about things like vitamin water Gatorade energy drinks recovery drinks. If you want to start losing weight like crazy you must avoid drinking these drinks and the marketing that is suggesting that you need him to be healthy. And this is where there's this massive Mitt. Behind exercise. Somehow remove been. This certain nutrition that you need in order to lose weight so thus you must eat this protein bar or drink this recovery drink. When in fact your body doesn't lose nutrition when you work out. What happens is if we add all this high fructose corn syrup in sort of sugar late in food products to our workout regiments. It actually crashes are blood sugar and spikes are insulin which makes it almost nearly impossible for you to lose weight. Did you know that if you can sue fructose before during or after work out. Your body cannot produce human growth hormone as a result of you working now. And human growth hormone is what makes you burn fat. And rebuild muscle so imagine how frustrating it could be. If your in the gym working like crazy you're eating a lot of fruits and vegetables because you've been told that's what you're supposed to do. And you're not losing any weight of the reason is not so much because of your work out but it's possibly because you're sabotaging it. Because of the protest that you're consumed in the sugar the greatest. Hydration. And the greatest things you can consume for working out is water and actually eating your proteins and eating your fat from natural methods. If you're doing some sort of work out. My recovery drink is simple it's that he's there or cell about a quarter teaspoon in in a glass of water. Himalayan sea salt and simply water in and of itself you may if you want to to give you a little bit more of an electric light blues. At some baking soda to it but this right here this drink is next to nothing to make and it's the greatest for plaster of what you need. To engage your fat loss process. Himalayan salt one quarter teaspoon and a dash of baking soda and pure clean water will regenerate you faster. And will replenish few with what you need in order to help you to actually lose more weight. This ticket is because. Of the idea that the way your body works. Is to support the method as opposed to crushing it. And advertising is gonna tell you know you need that protein bar and makes you consume that protein shake. It makes you eat or drink this beverage which is actually gonna sabotage. If your looking for a great work out bar. In my opinion any vegetable. Any pro team like grass fed meter free range chicken. And any sort of fruit that is low in fructose. Remember Arco our goal here is to get rid of protest in our diet. Like lemons and lines and raspberries and strawberries. These are great foods to consume that what actually help you to lose weight. The step number one in crushing our weight loss goals is getting rid of all fructose which means cutting out fruits. Kite out anything and everything has high fructose corn serpent it. And replacing that. With either water and salt and baking soda any vegetable you can find particularly the dark green vegetables spinach chard kale except for a consuming fruits that are low in protests. Like lemons and lines and raspberries and strawberries and blackberries. And that right bear is the best thing you can do you to help you to start losing weight cut out the pre test and Abbey's healthy fat. And and and nutrient the second thing about this seed of people struggle with is the idea that we don't land what we're going to heats. So I'm gonna give you sort of hack number two it's a really losing weight fast. It's often said that if you fail to playing your food in your planning to fail itself. When it comes to meals designing the mood to promote. What you want to have happen in your life is better see the challenge is will we often do is we eat based upon. What we want to when we wanted and we let our emotions driver of the choices. What I wanna eat right now why wanna eat whatever makes me feel good. If instead you start planning your foods like. Lunch and dinner in advance practice in advance of that you know this week already for the next seven days. This is what launches on Tuesday this is what dinner is on Friday that threat. It makes you have to shop in advance it makes you have to put your mindset towards the idea of sticking to his schedule. And more than likely that right there though it might sound difficult. Helps you to actually conquer the number one issue that Americans face which is there isn't enough time in the day for me to make tootsie. Food industry and the process food markets that are around today. They exist primarily because they spend a lot of money to show you that weakened fix your problem. We can give you healthy food that you don't need to prepare in advance. And just because the box says organic or natural. Doesn't mean that it doesn't contain these chemical agents that make you want to eat them. If you don't think you have time to prepare your food then again it means you're not prepping and setting time for one of the most important aspects of your life which is the foods you consume. It takes approximately thirty minutes to an hour once a week. To lay out your entire foods for the week. And then it just takes you to go shopping actually do that. The process for the industry as part of growing waistline issue and if you remember the truth of the idea that. You can make a really healthy meals really simple. You can control this they give a commercial break coming up and wanna show do a quick shout out from my next dinner seminar on Tuesday December 5. If you'd like to join me for that you can learn. How to conquer your life and get off medications claiming your energy not only lose weight but figure out the horse source the reason why you're struggling with your health. I come up with a great health planned it to fix this. That's I'm offering for you'd it's a free dinner seminar Tuesday December 5 6:30 PM at lot Natalie prince kept pace 7049062094. At 704906209. Ports gas doctored so we'll be right back. Welcome back happy Saturday you listen to ask Dr. Phil here at news 1110983. To BBC. I mean those doctor or nurse I love the fact if you join us today. Hey during the last commercial break we had a couple people call in Kohlberg asking the questions about what the dinner seminars for. And that's what happens sometimes they get so excited about what we're talking about that I look at but the clock and ago Koch at five seconds for commercial. So the reason I'm hosting this dinner seminar on Tuesday December it is especially right now I know that there's a lot of us that. Does try to get through that day and were taking medications for various health issues. Were overweight were tired we're stressed out often kind of like speaking is there a way out and what I have learned the last ten years have been a natural health provider. Is that if I could just sit you down and show you pay what real healthy is. Beat wide most doctors can't find the cause of your health that you and what those common causes Artest three causes of almost all health issues. Is it gonna reveal what those causes are at this dinner. And give you sort of these tips and techniques of how to start addressing those causes yourself that you can become your doctor figure out what tests need to get. And know the protocols of what to do to collapse then when you find out what the cause it is. It helps you to increase energy lose weight of basketball get off medications and really I think the secret is. You get out of the medical merry go round because of experience that. Take this medication for this condition and then a side effect and I taken at a medication evident side effect before I know it about five doctors under my belt. It needed no my lap the good I still feel like I'm falling apart. So I'm offering you a chance to get out of that you've been taking a medication for heart disease diabetes parkinson's and acts you know you name it. If it the medication in your warning Al threat it's a health issue you're looking for natural way on Tuesday December 5 the finals seminar of this year. And there's free dinner included is just that opportunities though if you'd like to come into its offer today I brought ten tickets were down the sixth lap. The to pick up the phone right now call 7049062094. We just need your name and email and you're joining me for free dinner. To explore what's going on with your health and Sherri how to fix it 7049062094. And all we need his name phone number email. And a lot today's topic I love the fact that we're going after our health now and going after how to we'd lose weight quick. We mentioned and the beginning segments that the number one thing you should do is cut out all fructose from your diet. And that includes a lot of fruits because fruits are high for excess. Includes almost every major boxed food item on this planet because they all Africa and hype for this court circuit. It would mention the importance of planning your meals in advance of the B don't eat off of our emotions and eat out of the desires of well I didn't play anything tonight what are we have limit look in the covered all I can throw that in real fast reckon I equate this. Because again a lot of these boxed food items are loaded with chemicals and preservatives and additives that actually add to your waistline. Because all those toxins must be stored somewhere in your body first that store toxic. The next thing we can do. He's recognized that. Throughout history. It's been only in the last hundred years or so that we had this. Plethora availability. To food solicited this did you know that the first idea of refrigeration just the ability to cool things down. Didn't exist until the late or the mid 1811834. They figured out how to refrigerate stuff. But that doesn't mean you're the first refrigerator was available in the eighteen hundreds. The first ice maker was actually designed at 1854. And the first hole refrigeration unit wasn't available for purchase until 1918. And it cost almost a thousand dollars in only could store about nine cubic feet. Now just been idea. 78900. Dollars back in 19100 to be the equivalent of several thousand dollars to date though. Yes there for juries that day are still the same price that it's couple thousand bucks for repairs today. But it's only been the last hundred years or so. That we've been extending the life of the foods we have. Vs just haven't got that Heinz and eat well we got directly. And so think about this it's only been the last hundred years that we've had food available at all times. Now coincidentally. If you look at statistics. Of what heart disease diabetes MS parkinson's all the stuff he's doing. Guess what's happened in the last hundred years all that stuff has been climbing like Mike Mike Mike wildfires now. I look at this nice today okay. Perhaps. Because it has such great access to food all the time we violated human principle for weight loss which is fasting. And if you look at this fasting resets your metabolism. It's super charges your immune system but most importantly what the signs showing is that passing actually reset your hormones. That have to do with your hunger. And your sense of fullness. And today what most of us have is were hungry all the time and even when we do eats. We still can't feel full like we eat in than an hour later were hungry again. So what passing does it has the abilities to reset your retirement tablets and bring you back to the regional design with human body with meant to do when it comes suit which is. Feast. Yes. Beast eat lots of food but then fast for periods of time. So there's this concept known as admitted passing which is getting a lot of popularity today partly because we have celebrity's that are doing it there's a lot of books written about it. And what it does is it healthy to lose weight really quickly simply by saying. Let your body burden off what you've been story. So here's the way it worked originally. We would go out we look at some food. And we would eat it because we are lucky enough to catch it and if we win a day or two or three or for a week or so without having food available we would have to fasten here because there was nothing for us to eat. Or would have to hold back on when we eat foods. What your body does is it goes through a period of survival. And Bernie offbeat story aids and that it goes through periods of replenishment based upon the fact that you're now eating again. And if you can simply understand that most of us their story and a tremendous amount of a reserved fuel sources. Opening up an opportunity fees to facet of what you burn through that the department committed fasting comes from eight the fact you've got enough food on new. Liturgy stored on you that you haven't engaged the ability of your body to burn it. So what intermediate passing doesn't it says okay for a period of time I am not going to eat sowed that I can burn my stored energy. Now the human body in your liberals or exactly twelve hours of a sugar reserve. So what you need to do is not eat food for twelve hours so you can burn through all of your sugar reserves. And then what happens is this which takes place and you start burning fat for energy. Now we're gonna digest this very deeply in our next segment. Because here's where we leveraged what I talked Q. Cut out the death fructose start plenty of meals and it pitted fast and here's where your weight loss really kicks in. So stick around as we come back from the experts to break is not gonna give you the exact injury plastic articles that I use. It showed you foods to eat during this timeframe and again if you're somebody who is kind of like feeling stuck in the merry go around of I lose a little weight I gain a little late night I take a medication might labs that good but I still feel like a fallen apart. I'm stressed out of money happy I am looking for a new life to take place. And it. I can show you how to do that in mind next becoming dinner seminar. Tuesday December 5 it is literally in just a couple days when I'm asking you to do is pick up the phone call 704906. Who's the front 94. The reason for that is you need to find out the back the most doctors aren't testing your health the right way. And I'll show you how to do this and actually say how to fix yourself seven a organizer a 62094. Yasser Churchill of your back. Good accident happened Saturday you're listening to be asked doc parents though. It's so account that said that he is dead every beat that free market health problems our host doctor air nerds thank opportunity and for joining us and for stick around during the hour. We've been discussing today the idea went through weight loss these sort of bio hacks that help your body to lose weight quickly. We have exactly four weeks left to the end of this year so why not engage when I'm teaching you today and I promise you if you follow this to the latter. You're gonna see 1015 even twenty pounds while by the end of the year. We also have a struck a chord over the last commercial break because I had big greatest amount of people call and for the dinner than I've seen in the last couple weeks so evidently you guys want to learn how to get off medications. Feel less stressed lose weight and get your energy back. And down I'm gonna open up a couple extra tickets I held five just that I thought we were gonna get the rate you can get rid of that today. So I have five remaining sort of VIP vault ticket that I held on to and I am wondering if right now I can get five people to call and and them what you're going to be calling in for is a free dinner to the food included. And it's he Q why so many times your doctor says we can't find what's causing your health issue. And what are the test that you should request the you can leave that that are going I know the top three test and I need. To get done socket figure out why not healing and once you get those test run you're gonna know exactly what you need to do to fix those health issues of whatever those tests today. So of you're looking to get off the medication for things like high blood pressure acid reflux. Thyroid issues blood sugar problems except for a 7049062094. We just need your name in your email address and your idiot free admission again a deadlock mightily impressed cafe 6:30 PM. And I am wondering who would like to change their health now. Get off medications have a tiny energy is hardly wait a few double calling in right now so here's the caller and again seven afford 9062094. The information is free to dinners free and essentially there's no obligation other than be asking you to take a stance for your help. And become an advocate for yourself get the right test on its start going after 7049062094. Our show topic today is went through weight loss and real quickly and just think Hastert now just tuning and step number one in eliminating fat for your body quickly is cutting out all pretend it's from your diet. We're talking about down to zero amounts the preakness in your diet the next four weeks. That means getting rid of things that hype for this corn syrup which is almost any box from the item you can find. Any sort of not colored and or carbonated beverage. And any fruit drink or fruit. That you eat because all of them contain protests we mentioned briefly how yes you'd think for its a good free because they're part of fruits and vegetables. But in fact they wreck the ability your body lose weight. If you lose weight fast cut out the carbohydrates with protest. And very streets against him and that we mentioned the idea that you've got to start planning your meals and you should know right now what is dinner in the next three days what is lunch. In the next five days because if you don't plan your meals and you're gonna plan for failure because often what we do as we go I've no time. I'm so stressed out I'm just gonna take that box food item at throw in the Mike waiver threaten oven and airs the trap. Process who do not the answer for weight loss even if you'd think that convenience isn't easy aspect oft that we trade convenience. For health. That watch out that. Thirdly we mentioned if you now start scheduling your foods you wanna start intermittently fasting which means real simple now I only need to scheduled lunch and dinner. I need to increase the ability for my body to burn my reserves. And we reserve exactly twelve hours worth of carbohydrates in our liver. So your body prefer sugar for energy so first it says where's all the sugar we have. And it burned through that. DC why eliminating fructose is an absolute essential because if you eat fructose or glucose or any carbohydrate. In your body says well hey I'm kinda bird at you pretty orient them it's gonna rebuild my reserve tank and you never actually get to the app Bernie stages. In order to burn fat there can't be any carbohydrates slept in your fuel tank so when he depart that liver out. Because deliver holds twelve hours of carbohydrates. You must fast for at least twelve hours on a daily basis if you want to engage natural that Bernie T don't need to go to the gym leader duty -- work outs. Now it takes twelve hours for the sugar to disappear. And it that that thirteen or twelve hour one minute twelve Aaron ten minutes while aren't thirty minutes. It's the twelve hour behind. That now we start burning fat so I'm a big fan of trying to push like say sixteen to eighteen hours. And before you start freaking out thinking there's no way I can go that long without eating remember that you're gonna sleep for at least 78 of them. So we get a hold back on when you stop eating foods rights though. Your last food consumption may be three hours or two hours before you go to bad. Then you actually are adding a little more time now or about twelve hours or ten hours except for so I'd like you to start literally carving your day out clinic at that point four hours. Asleep for eight. If I stopped eating my dinner at eighth. And a good about it and now I've got. What that ten hours now I just needed fast for six hours when I wake up to the wake up at six at 7891011. I'll look back eating lunch at noon stop beating by eight and there's the sixteen are asked to see how works. Real simple he got to plan this out otherwise what happens is you're gonna even your hunger. The second thing we can do is understand that if we can engage this it means for skipping breakfast and again. That. You've probably been taught the prep is the most important meal of the day. Well it is if you wanna be like all Americans it's the most important meal if you wanna be on medications when you get older. If you wanna have a healthy she if you wanna have your like falling apart because breakfast is what sabotage is the ability for us to. Burned through our reserves and let our body take care of itself. The easiest thing to do in my opinion is simply skip breakfast every single date for the next four weeks again as the four week little challenge I'm asking you do. So they come January go public that. Point count on and I do need to hit the gym. Skip your breakfast have lines around noon or 1 o'clock and eat no later than 8 PM. And that's called daily Edmonton fasting if you have a difficult time losing weight it's partly because you're always giving your body something to burn. Rather than letting it burn itself. So intimate if not it is fantastic for bouncing hormones had a major impact on the ability to lose weight. When your stressed out your body's signals itself to the creek court results the worst back. Human growth hormone will make you burn fat but he can't give it in moments of consuming large amounts of carbohydrates why fructose. Glucose. In other sugars. Wrecked the ability if you produce human growth hormone. And now that we have cut out high fructose corn syrups and for us from our diet. We've scheduled our feel our foods that we know what it is that we know what dinner is every day of the week. And mercy and I'm cutting off my practice that all the good lines on all the any dinner now we wanna talk about okay what do like eats. Technically if you've never done this before your life I wanted to suggest you stay on your current diet and you just do we talked about. Get rid of the senator's plan your meals skip breakfast have lunch and dinner because it's an easy step in its very powerful you're gonna see a lot of that affects from that. But hopefully you would understand that if we can keep our food's pretty clean for lunch and dinner we're gonna give an even bigger effect. And there's this constant admit that I wanna try to break up the idea that back. And eating fat is gonna make me fat. Tell me if you could agree with this when you go grocery shopping. If you feel low fat food product meet the high fat food product you buy into the fact that the low that is healthy for you. And if you are and you become market teams sort of that advocates you you've you've listened to the lies you've been taught. Low fat foods will be filled with higher amounts of sugar carbohydrates and chemicals because it to take the fat out of food tastes terrible. So we have to add things to it to make it taste great. So if you actually look at this when you compare the low fat and then high fat ones there's going to be more carbohydrates and low fat the product. The idea of eating fat and making us that is basically a permit what happens is your body burns what you eat. Of the one of birds some birds. Eat sugars if you wanna burn fat eat fat and most of us if sat down instead. What are you wanna bird would have burned out of your body do whatever the sugar in your body all of us and them love the Burnett. So all you do start eating more fat so when you have your mind too when you had your dinner I want to start adding healthy year high fat food products. If your curious what those are you can very easily go to Google it. Healthy high fat foods. Or you could just simply cannot understand the idea that healthy fats are going to be in deep mine in nature's though. You know nuts and seeds. And that coconut oil and olive oil even flax seed and Plaxo whales this season that things we consume. Are loaded with fat you can get them from your fish and year you know chicken in your Turkey your beef as long as they come from healthier sort. But the biggest challenge is even if we do this a lot of us they're still going evident craving that sort of like carbohydrate. I I've been having oatmeal for breakfast every day for the last thirty years you're asking me to get rid of that you're insane. A tank if that's you just have no real front lines you see the idea. You don't have to necessarily change what you're eating just change the way new edict in the power commitment to passing still works. But if you're an advocate the year ago. Cutting now high fructose corn syrup and back for Qaeda now all forms of carbohydrates that we can't which means grains and rice imposter and dairy expect her. The were cutting out are carbohydrates were kind of our breads are noodles impostors are right six extra. And we're gonna now wanna start to increase our healthy fat. My big goal what I do is I try to strive to them my entire day's consumption between lunch and dinner. Is about 65%. Bats. 30% per team and 5% last of carbohydrates in my carbohydrates are coming only from vegetables. So during this four weeks of this challenge to lose weight without going to the gym. Lots of help if that's a little bit approach team which are confident like beef and chicken efficient Turkey. And load up on your greens but keep them at the smallest amount so looking at dinner plate it should be filled with facts. That's going to be things like avocados grass that butter wrought sees. Knots that are high in fat macadamia Brazil walnut X that's for a olives olive oil blacks and flax seed. Except fish extent. The what you wanna do is basically load up on all these things and don't buy into the fact that oils and fats are bad for your help with anything. Your body needs them. Because what you eat is what you part give a lot of found anybody wanna get rid of it eat those bats and you can start to burn now. The good news is that in the midst of everything you're dealing. If you simply change when you eat your food's more so than what your eating your body will instantly start taking an eight. A built in that pretty process and rejuvenation. Fasting has been shown to help boost your immune system which means he'll also start to heal your body will now actually start to take care of things it is not uncommon. For a lot of my patience is they had started doing this has been two weeks in my joints don't hurt anymore. Oh my gosh there you go over the increasing inflammation. At a pace and tell me once that she was scheduled to have a knee replacement done his list inter radio show it's legitimate passing diner knees felt better than ever before. It's that he discontinued the surgery you have the ability do this to understand it's just a simple mindset shift. So in summary. We wanna cut out high fructose corn syrup and all carbohydrates that the white gavels the right. So rice and cost and wheat and dairy etc. we want to start planning our meals to know when we eat. And we wanna started and if not the program if you do that I promise you that that's gonna start melted off. Yeah I have one ticket remaining I'm wondering who's willing to come. Tonight into the year asked doctors that are seminar Tuesday December 5 if you're looking for a way out to view to taking medication for years and you wanna get off of it. If you're looking for more energy or just out. A better use in the new year 7UP or 906209. For a show you why most doctors pass the wrong things. Why you could have good test but still feel like your life is falling apart. Organist gusts that top three causes of things like heart disease diabetes. All the major health issues. 7049062094. At 7049062094. Pays GAAP doctorate Sarah thanks for cereal at fourteen guys next week about.