16. Imminent Irma, Looming Election

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, September 8th

Bo Thompson, Mark Garrison, John Hancock, and Scott Fitzgerald talk Hurricane Irma, the recent Mayoral debate, and the season ahead for the Panthers.


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Welcome to WTT. So are there we were a week ago in Scott says you just wait one week we'll pass and Harvey will be. In the rear view you'll be moved on to something else and well I don't know if we knew it was going to be a replacement hurricane it necessarily would that's what we have and if this is what some say it's going to be. And it's going to be it's already has been for some of these areas than in the driver's foot headed towards. The states and then who knows what we're going to be saying about this for our area. But yeah I guess your prophetic these six. Less than I mean here's your senators and yourself that was addicts and that was a hand copilot to put enough that I expect that it from you both. Your sympathetic to Israel but also so weeks from now we will have this win and career premiere and then we'll be looking at Jose Jose yet because it looks like its trailer behind. It's what do you hold people in this I think I heard the president say that through the deck of program most they would not be allowed into the country so that. Yeah and now they're talking about Irma being sort of like. Hugo yeah taking a very similar path potentially and hitting us as a tropical storm. You know Eric Thomas said to me the other days and I would love to be wrong about this forecast but it's looking more and more like they're not gonna be. Well I talked to Al Conklin on my show a good bit and one of the things I said to him was. You know it's Hugo had never happened. Then we would have a different perspective on right what we fear the worst case scenario would be with these storms and before Hugo having correctly for around before you go you heard about a hurricane. The most you expected to have happened here would be what any rain flooding or you know some sort of the thing from the band right right but now because you goalies is there in your head. Than there's always that wells are gonna rip up through Charleston and I and I guess that's it's it was kind of a freak thing but then again and we knew what when you see those spaghetti models and you see that one that goes up through Charlotte mall you can think of us you go averages we all have all those who were here we have these memories I mean my kids were little bit we were in the hallway entries were falling around our house and then. We do we cooked down on the grill for days and so they you know you've we all have these memories of what happened announced like oh man I don't wanna go through that again. Do you like. Do you like covering her cameo I know you don't like this the subject matter because of what it obviously may entail sometimes but. As far as going after the story area you've covered a lot of them you know what what memories do you have of us it's exhilarating. Although I I remember I remember back in the television days I was down on the coast covering Diana. And photographer and I in the wind was whipping and we got out of the van because we're going to get some shots and I went to open the back of the van to war. And the wind just quit it out of my handing cashed my hand. And I was like whom this may not be as much fun as I thought it was going to be and then we ended up in need deep water and hotel with a no electricity and so. Yeah it that bit it bit there's an exhilaration as a reporter about covering it appeared there in their dangerous to do well in and you mentioned Diana and it's kind of you think about. Pre Hugo posts you go in with post Hugo it's kind of Hugo and and everything else and there were storms like you mentioned Diana remember hurricane David yep and then I'm there were stories about hurricane hazel back in the day. When you talk about the North Carolina coast but he is interesting how. I didn't mention this last week in the podcast but it's interesting how your perspective in your framing changes by what happens down the time line now is exactly right pit there once you get a little experience with these things and you go okay. We gas with harmony bottled water and we hope the power doesn't go out and you have with this is coming in because she's Republican traditional and white that's that's true achieves or something like smoke and I can't get my stories mixed the well let's talk about the debate that said person was not part of the debate that channel three the other night which was. The last debate before the primary which is Tuesday. And you had the three main democratic candidates. Lyles forward. The incumbent Robertson of course Kenny Smith was there there at the end and answer a few questions but and guard your dissent you watched all or most of that yes. Yeah I watch a good deal of it. I existing. Because all the sudden I kind of thing vial Lyles is probably their most bug viable. Pardon me candidate who can talk Mitt because I don't feel like Jennifer Roberts has leadership ability and I think she's proved it as mayor and I think she proved it when she pretty much got jettisoned off to county commission a few years ago Saudi you know I think she's a community organizer. He's a Barack Obama phrase. But I think she's probably gonna win the primary because I think she's that well connected met well organized. Marco we did talking about this male or race for a long time in sizing up but how it might go and we've talked for united. So many newsroom conversation yeah behind the scenes about. What do you make of this democratic. You know he owed it to get three candidates and you have to African American candidate you have an incumbent. And then there's Kenny Smith over here and and so this this a democratic primary on Tuesday. I'll be honest with the I watched the debate the other night. I thought via Lyles. I think she's got a little bit of momentum. Late in the game here at UT I was combative between jolt forward in and Jennifer Roberts would. Yet as you mentioned to me drive and then the other morning. So that's what did you all forza so I think shows a first thought I'd seen and it hit me in while these guys are coming how many signs especially for. You know the that the debate was would have been pretty drab had not been for the fact that Ford kept throwing grenades at Jennifer Robertson I mean he just came out swinging and sheets. Attacked him back essentially calling him Donald Trump for his personal attacks and he tried debate her on a couple of issues and he and she said I won't dignify that with a response. And I thought vial isles came off looking pretty good there because she was strong on her points but she didn't really attack either one of them. She's got the endorsement of the black political caucus. But when you put it all together I mean did the truth of the matter is the mayor is unpopular in part because of how she handled the riots last year but she's got name recognition. And the other two don't. As much Conchita Angel Florida's wounded because of his lack of business sakuma and I mean I had no idea that I mean seriously when you find out that some of them. Some of the business enterprises that he hasn't really flourished in my I don't think that bodes well for his saying let me run you're sitting it's like every pair of popular ever pair of pants he has there's holes in the pockets as far as his businesses -- -- has been on the tubes so it I don't know I think that heard in my defected to all that knowledge came out about two. Through challenges and money videos and so on and so forth. Vale when you start read about her and you look at all the experience she has in government and the financial side of witness said the other. Really answer her credentials so and know what a senate that I think Jennifer's proven that she's not a leader televised I think your right. By as the one horse in the race for that doesn't seem toppled him you know. But I think that she is the one horse in this race that may be the message of what she has done and what her experience and resume in jails. May leave that message should have been pushed earlier than it has for her because I think there's some people come to the table. That may not realize her entire background her and in the end that that that made it has moved church didn't get that message out earlier in the campaign. I thought. Kenny. Beat himself. I guess there is only one viable Republican candidate for mayor Barrett. Could they are brought somebody in for him to slap around. So the F Panthers Sunday afternoon let's most lighten things up a bit here and talk about during this is everybody is oh no well if you listen this podcast I guess that's the chiefs are the patriots are. They have a record. I'm by now but everybody else's though no and I don't know John you know I know it felt like here after coming off that Super Bowl season but. I think all of us are a little bit adjusted with our expectations but if you if you believed just the hype about Christian McCaffery alone. Then on paper this team has got some some ways some some ground to cover here. It'll be fun I think Curtis cereals going to be fun among I think go -- particularly being able to play an entire season. Is a little scary. Man he's one concussion away from Harvard been retired so that bothers me a little bit and I don't think anybody really knows about cam. I'm not only physically but you know on any given game worse Kim's head. So loved but I mean yeah I you know. I'm optimistic come on look at forwarded the season don't listen to the Sports Illustrated guys and all that prognostication 'cause they've never proven to me they know what they're talking about anyway. There's there's gonna have the biggest selling Jersey this year giving prisoners are going to be camp. I think. I I think force all over it's going to be McAfee for him because I think I think is good as Cam Newton is I think he's good and I think he's got good days ahead of him but I don't think he's ever gonna have a season as good as the one he had. Few years ago when he was MVP I think McCaffrey will be rookie of the year and this is a guy I think we talk about for a long time so. There's some guys who just haven't yet. Whatever that is yet and he headed in college and I think he's gonna have it here too he's going to be phones like Tinker Bell you know. Sprinkled with fairy dust domain that fairy dust but yeah he's always does and the magical about it really truly is have you ever seen a guy. This hyped so uniformly. From the start like this especially a mini NFL it's a tough game I mean rookies release we watch these shows over the years with the hard knocks shows on enough they do that anymore but. You know this is a guy who. I'm sure they have in carrion. You know. Kerry and equipment and stuff but. By the same token you're you're hearing guys like Thomas Davis and looking equally and that some of these players that you know. Praised doesn't come easy I mean this is the kind of thing that gets earned in this guy. That's the way they talk about him is as if he's played in the league for ten years and well he's Smart. He's traditional. A god and give god and he's I think it's time it's entrapment. I didn't know let's that's under wraps but jazzed up than now of course dancers football here every game as I say every preceding game. Three regular season game and well we hope every postseason game so thank you Phyllis C a silly me to the podcast is produced. And edited by both tops this podcast is a production of inner come Charlotte executive producers Jason first and Matt O'Hanlon and download past episodes at WBT dot com.