18. One Year After Keith Scott, Gone With The Prayer, Observer Observations

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, September 22nd

John Hancock, Mark Garrison, and Scott Fitzgerald discuss the one year anniversary of the Keith Scott shooting, the removal of an opening prayer from last week's City Council meeting, and the state of our local newspaper. 


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Welcome to WPT. These are your recordings so welcome to the broadcast protons is not here today finally we have a loose and conversely I bet traffic. And welcome to the podcast mark Pearson and and your name again was I'm trying to remember some just got to would you call him by his dad's name is damn scud camp FitzGerald FitzGerald is famous author it's related I'm John Hancock and I'm with pretty much responsible for your freedom and I'm. Com am so over the day after the Scott anniversary and marquis went to the was it a char. Uprising event yes it was it it was that the only event that really took place last night there was a march last night same thing there was a march earlier in the afternoon a group of the local ministers did that they march for Marshall park chipped ham and then. Ricky a Scott at a press conference. It's first time she's done much talking a year that's the widows of key for months now it's 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon and it's right on the apartment come around the apartment complex and over she moved. No we don't we constantly disagreement you have is just curious as I didn't push it left town should cast and the people who run the apartment complex have redesigned the interest there to get rid of the parking spot where you're shot via. So they did some redesign air and then at 830 last night Charlotte uprising had this. Candlelight vigil. And and I may be sixty people showed up as well just in cars mom she was there. Just in cars the guys who were shot during protests over on me but it was a very low key event. The organizer for. Charlotte uprising. Repeated some of the their anti cop rhetoric and a few people on the crowd came and took the Mike and blasted the cops and a couple older women who said they had been involved in civil rights activities for years. Encourage the younger crowd trying get along with police in two. To keep up what they're doing but maybe don't cause trouble. It was it was interest I tried I. It up and try to start a pampered chef party but nobody in there weren't put up. You gonna Ricky yesterday's not all cops are bad no yes she was can be fairly measured her own lawyer was. Who is inching go accorsi said things up for class action lawsuit also of Underwood you're class action by. Narnia civil suit so. And you know she is still a year later pushing this narrative that her husband didn't have a gun play as well as a complete line. It is preposterous especially and who'll take the time to look at everything the district attorney laid out will conclude he had gone I mean he seen on surveillance video a few minutes earlier before the shooting. With when an ankle holster there are text messages between mr. and business god days before the shooting arguing over the fact that he's got a gun. And I mean there's just they didn't know quite. And she denies the ankle holster to release she didn't want account yeah I early yesterday but that was her video that revealed right yeah it was either an ankle injury at a boa constrictor wrapped around his ankle I mean it was fairly obvious. And and then if you go back to the original video that you took you know where she was saying don't you do it don't you do it she wasn't talking at the cops to that shoot she was talking to her husband. To not join innings as he claims different yet she does Edwards. And she does say she was asked about that again yesterday in an interview and she said well if you notice that there were some pauses and there there was a lot going on. And I was talking to the cops she won her record yesterday was I told the cops that he had traumatic brain injury TBI right. With the cops know what that is. I wouldn't I. And now you know they they much that's a good question but I mean here's a woman that I think about it it here's a guy standing. With a gun in his hand and she's going he doesn't have a gun while right. Her credibility shot I was headed west she said they were listening to me but if you already given them false information than you've already lost your credibility. At least as our primary source of information excellent envoy no they probably were listening to her because she had already proven herself. Not reliable in with information and I don't understand why she didn't the cops administer vexed about what in shooters run to her husband to run past him into a right to her husband. To try to. Well her. I assume her answer to that would be that he is fairies zoned out after having taken his minutes for a period of time I don't know if that would be a response. She was hitting on that point. Heavily yesterday after he takes his medicine he was buried zone of the medicine the illegal drugs or the Mets in Nevada meta he was taking it did they did establish and he why he had had a motorcycle wreck about your before and had a pretty significant brain injury. So he was taking some. Powerful psychotic drugs. That two. They created some issues even within the family she indicated they were pretty powerful drugs that there was also beginning of this story marijuana that's what led to get out to a knew he was a little bit closer attention to discuss that and so did they finally established that Aminu raised user marijuana in evidence. Yes they did find some pot in the car bunker and then they found the gun and they also found extra ammo I think stashed in a pack of sick courts. As for Bo she says if he had had a gun and I would have known about it and my first thought was. And so many cases if somebody's doing something that they are not supposed to be doing. The wife is usually the last person him or hate it terrier like got a guy Adam a felon and I'm not supposed dammit. And I'm -- an integrated group of that night I'm and I don't know I don't think you would have no no well the text messages indicate she clearly standing for and that was from a week earlier earlier you have several a week or several weeks or lower I don't remember right now and they had had an issue about him against gun yes when he was supposed to have exactly. Especially considering what state his brain was. Not just the fact that he felt if he's on the he's powerful medicines yen why did you have a gun. What does it say to you besides the issue. Well uprising gathering last night. What does that say to you that really in debt in nothing else in the community happened short attention span or. They don't. That the people that were responsible for these they want me to call an uprising solo acquiesce in Colorado uprising. But they don't really follow the news do you think they knew it was a one year anniversary. I mean why didn't do why wasn't there more activity last night. Well it's a good question I don't think Charlotte as a whole is hole wound up about this I think most people in Charlotte believe the cops. They understand that it was race and killing but that it was legally justified and they moved well. Yeah out of a million people amicably really care than paid attention. But keep on going back to Malcolm Graham's. Quote in the paper earlier when they were talking there earlier this week when they're talking about affordable housing and what has been done what hasn't been done and he says just people were not in the streets are you don't. Fighting for affordable housing and I take a lot of them were there because it turned out to be an event. And it turned out to be an opportunity to loot and it turned out to be an opportunity to you know it was a show. That's exactly it's a demonstration of what social media can do to a crowd. To a mob. Get whipped up and fired April for a while it's interesting though that some people don't want to use the term riot. And one of the banner is that Charlotte uprising has carried has the word riot and so. Such I don't get these people who wanna say it wasn't right at the police called it a wry and mean even her putt use the term riot this week. So. This this effort to always manage the message by downplaying it is. It is disturbing to me I don't like plain English. Well I do too although I give relegation trouble. Yeah yeah. Well it's in trouble and if you're really playing within the FCC wants it to us. Yeah that is to work you that this report that came out this week from the it was a group that was hired by the police department or who were the city the city the city hired says. I'm and they were not complimentary of mayor Robertson's been a tough week for her all the way down to temporary issue which we should talk about to bestow. She she'd had to say on another radio station yesterday or mention FEC Coleman's. That maybe she misunderstood the city attorney. I mean you know c'mon so she's having a tough time the city's beacon plain English to mean. Well yes he tends to speak in plain English is seen as he dealing with City Council members. Both both mayoral candidates abdomen instead no we can still do for the beginning enough and the whole Rowan county thing was. Because they're almost singularly Christian yes and adamantly so and so that was the problem there are so once again I think the mayor real overreacted. Wit and this. Is not near this came up several years ago in the city attorney suggested to council members will look if you parade just don't pray in Jesus name and I remember at the time interviewing Michael Barnes who was a former city councilman. And he told me said weld then they need not call on me to pray because that's the only way I know how to operate. So I mean this is not new and I'm not sure why she brought this. Somehow you sit maybe she's mad at god because she lost. It is my. Just an added everybody I'm not for. Re right now. At a C. Yeah so I don't know but he I think heels deal here. Why would anybody following me and she says or suggests at this point. I mean talk about market and she's totally. Accurate he later on currently offer because I think I'm so biased against. It's is. I don't know why I I expect book sequel called what happened. Or there's an answer to that that starts with a nest. For vote Hillary in June that. No actually the book is to be called he will hope what had happened was what. If we we should do. Podcast only for a limited audience sometimes and go into the guys at the sports station they have some interesting names for the mere. Yeah that they use on here no no. You know and I imagine they're not really politically and though there Houston. Exploration goes for a long in this stroller and are relieved or righty of one of the guys on the morning shows. Objective isn't. That she looks like the rule. But easily refer you all lightly I guess I am sure that would be even Steve Grubbs that she looks like Harpo Marx. And for the crimes pertussis to Minnesota's Jim moral. From the sharp and observe. But with all due respect and I and I do have a lot of respect how Jim but he does he's got a earlier in the home they speak of that Jeff signer who is a really good photographer at Charlotte Observer he likes this podcast he listens to and so on their Jeff. The way it forget. It well they Jewish talk about what we like and dislike about the observer. They're photography I love about them that yes they are great shooters like health victim papers these debates like a weekly reader now when it comes at an accurate it's like with this whole. Is. It's inching. And our ruling mean to pick on him but. As well and once there the the actual paper itself started to lose its. Stature so to speak. That their website would be the number one website in town and I think they regularly get beat by the TV stations breaking news that kind of surprises me because I really expected them to have. Jumped at the forefront. The other thing is this since I moved aghast in county I take the gas and gazette or tea and if you want updates on scores or news that happened after 9 o'clock. The gas and gazette beats the observer. Where every day. And I think the observer has to go to France since they don't print there alone anymore. It has to be and by 9930. Or whatever particularly in this on a lot of breaking news so I know I you know I say that and and again with some respect. Because newspapers or fight in the same battle that they radios and hit it exactly right and and they could critique us but it just is different and I guess I just was expecting the observer to it. Tickled the website and really become the number one source for news and I go there repeatedly looking for breaking news or updates on stories and I don't find it. Well one Rick Thames who is now he's their retired editor when he was running things and my sense was that it did get updated it does seem like it's running behind times now plus I'm always getting these emails from them they wanted to charge me a look at their website and I'm sorry I'm not gonna pay. The CF describes so did you know subscribe on his news. CS era doing that island and that's. When that day comes that I can't walk out into Monday in my driveway in the morning and grab the morning paper that's going to be good because I still you still do that all I still love sitting down with Highlander and a paris' yours and and going through the newspaper you don't wanna follow me with the newspaper does it. I just butchered to death the UNL Gardner that was his thing I don't newspaper a paring morning I can remember my dad go out and get the morning newspaper and he'd come home from work and he grabbed the afternoon newspapers and that is. Back in the olden but I yeah I still like Goldman in my hand and haven't wash my hands afterwards to get the news for an awfully and on top of them on the old school and. Magic finish that sentence like to hold it in my hands and I like to wash my fitness after. Costly. Update at the paper. This paper thank you this would not be agreed to and bring my name I guess whether that's a crack at. It. Alexander Hamilton and all right well have we done our duty will both be pleased with our what do it with what we've actually have put together it's a shorter and sweeter and more concise serve but I can go to lunch now. No I don't tell that there I've got to go he did get us forget about cheek and today. So I don't know much tell your wife to your commercial oil well there are a lot of guts and ligature and I'm gonna keep them straight and there are many cable news WB did a podcast is produced and edited by Botox this podcast is a production of and are comes Charlotte executive producers Jason first and Matt Hamill and download past episodes that WBT dot com.