31. The Parkland School Shootings

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, February 16th

Bo Thompson, John Hancock, and Mark Garrison discuss this week's shooting rampage at a Florida High School.


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Back at it on WB AT the pod cast votes Thompson Mark Garrison back with us today and John Hancock and here we have a story I think everybody knows what we're gonna talk about before we even start here but. South Florida park ones that left seventeen dead though the latest school shooting in before we hit the record button and hear Hancock he says something that struck me which is. You've been through how many of these same scenario same shows before essentially. It's there's got to be in the teens at this point. Do all start with Columbia our column by and and seems to be the starting point I think there were other. School shootings before that but column by and oases to be the one that who garnered the big headline and and everything else is kind of good copycat after that to some extent. And who with one exception Columbine was before the social media age yet and you look at all that social media apparently. Had to do figuring into this because we CNN's to Graham post we've seen online activity with this. With this a suspect and go all kinds of warning signs. And based on what I've read the last 24 hours yen in fact John has an article there that the guy had been on YouTube saying he wanted to be a school shooter. And and Indies say the FBI knew. Well this is one of the 21 other moves the themes of all the press conferences were held the day after the shooting was. If you see something say something. But there's yeah there was a Nicholas cruise for a for YouTube videos saying he wanted to be a professional school shooter and there's a guy by the name of bin bin right then nine excuse me a bail Bondsman and Mississippi. Who was sought. And the comments and I'm going to be a professional school shooter and he's that I knew I just couldn't ignore that so he flag that comment onto YouTube. And send a screen shot to the FBI. Who visited him briefly meeting the bail bonds guy. In September to ask him if he knew who the poster was but it never went anywhere after that. So. He yeah I mean to some extent people are gonna not wanna hear a lot of things that are going to be said today but. One other cuts in the budget is for Medicare and one of the places that Medicare aids is in mental health and one of the places that. I have why can't you go grab a kid like this and take humans burning for from mandatory examination way that gets really complicated let's assume it does get really complicated but sort of seventeen kids did ness in a school in Florida gets pretty damn complicated but what I'm saying is supposed the FBI had gone and knocked on this kids don't war. And did an interview with him in he and his parents seemed kind of normal and he said yeah I'm Zhao was just mouthing off sorry about that. I mean it's hard then to go to court and get a a judge ordering put in to mental health treatment I mean he hit this side of the what is this they didn't. They didn't go interview or measures were and say OK well Leo we thought everything which is kind of that he was just exaggerating know why I agree and they should have but the point is that there that we've seen cases in the past for the FBI goes and checks out his lead in that lead. And if aunt and I listen to that sheriff this morning down there he was basically telling everybody in the world rat out your neighbor if they act a little weird. And I think he's fueled by emotion because his kids went to that school but that's not a practical solution either I mean if you start having a bunch of 911 calls me I think my neighbors or not he might have a gun I'm. The cops don't have my career a well I'm glad that your kid it's been gay expelled from school you have and you have a social media presents it talks about your love for gun and pictures of view with a gun held up here in front of your face. And I mean even if you were to interview some of his classmates that we heard after the fact yesterday. This and always always know if there was an IOC rules shooting that was going to be the guy. I mean at least then you've kind of gotta beat on. On knows somebody that might be a danger to society rather than. Haven't seventeen kids go down and then find out all well she was a danger to society. And it's got to stop someplace I you know the first thing they're gonna go is with a with a gun ban that held the gun ban gonna do to guns are already out there. They you know that's like outlawing water that is not gonna happen. From so like you're lucid blog there are the me what you saw Judy iso yeah Julie ice now she's she's fired up today and so my by the way but to our theory. Yeah the post from FaceBook has gotten all the attention and then mark can dovetail on this but she says. On FaceBook. I am all out of air I am I'm not just said I'm devastated. I wanna say hash tag enough but it falls on deaf ears in Washington they have no moral conscience money matters more than lives. Don't tell me I'm being political I'm tired of that bull. And you know the next word is and and she printed there yes she did she didn't bleep bronze her own self doubt he can't justify this culture and I talked her few minutes ago before week. Came in the studio here and she is fired up I mean you hit. Which the you know she's a parent. Her kids are grown but she is a very upset she thinks there ought to be an assault weapons ban. I asked her well but this kid could have probably got another gun geez I'm tired of hearing that we've got to start doing something. Now she's on the public safety committee I ask her she might try to introduce something on city counselor she said no because obviously state government controls these things but she would like see a ban on assault. Simple I don't know why anybody needs an assault ban if you if you go deer hunting within assault ban your lousy hunter and yet saw I don't know why anybody needs them anyway but the fact of the matter is that there's already out thousands of them out there in society. Time and anybody who wants to perpetrate evil if they can't if tiger duel with a gun that they're gonna take their motor car and run people down drunken down the sidewalk in New York or they're gonna knife somebody. Or they're gonna build a bomb which you can know learn now on the Internet and they're gonna blow something up so. Well people that are evil or evil plan there and the tools that they used to be evil. I don't know that you necessarily can rid society of all of those soon. Though you tried really hard on your show the day after the shooting do you schools superintendent on and this guy's become an invisible man. He he won't come on to talk about anything so we finally holds a press conference in the first thing they said was he's got places to go so he'll only take a few questions. And his comments were right I thought that interest staying and he said. He said well I had to I had of Charlotte police put extra cops on camps is to make parents feel good. The day after the shooting well let's like admitting you're just putting on a show. He said. That he would like to see more in his words armed officers. On campuses and he retired military I think Sean Hannity brought up the other night what about draw retired military here you know let's let's tap the resources that we mail now. That he said that would be obviously a money question for the state but did but superintendent did say he'd like Seymour armed people on our campus I'm curious as to what the simplest of answers is a that is they say if you see something tells something of someone who. It would voices we don't know about what it would be the resource officer appears school. To say hey Johnny's acting a little crazy we think but can you call the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department and say I have a reasonable leave that Newton. I mean when they say tell somebody yeah I'll do my question is who you can what circumstances do and what's the number. Well I think within the school they would say the resource officers mark. Says I think that in this day and age anonymous beacon for the chief but I am assuming he would say in this day and age if you see a credible threat on social media. Yeah I think I think they. Wonder how that would be received why gas or oil whether or not they say you know guys here's another much idiot to think she's soon. No Sherlock Holmes. And in maybe I'm wrong and but now I say they always say you've got to contact somebody but they never even from a local standpoint they never give your phone number or they never really. Say contact this person or contact this department has a point to say. If you see something do something okay why well unfortunately I think five years ago the answer would have been different I think after yesterday and he answers different and you you should be able to call and get attention but I think with each one of these unfortunately. That's what it's taking to kind of amp up society's awareness that. You know yet it's the Internet and yet it's not. Tangible in front of you but it is becoming more and more a real and immediate threat. My lawyers said to me the night of I wonder when it happens here. And I sit you know that's the question every place across the country small school district small towns big towns Tony's school high schools with 2900 people like Parkland Florida and high schools with 46 people well they just had one in Paducah Kentucky Oden. Three weeks ago little high school kid walks in fifteen years old star shooting up the place last place in the world you would expect but it can happen anywhere. And and then you wanna get into the roots of all of that and why what you want why now why you and isn't the be you know I ya bin you can get and all sorts of you get into a decent the decision via video games you can get in a lack of moral character you can get into. Falling a religious. Ties with the unit will head into a million. The psychological ideas warrant and and none of us really know what we're talking about their either you hit it earlier. I mean in my opinion. It there's nothing you could ever do. That's going to make it stopped evil is evil and evil is going to find a way and you can talk about what forms that comes in but in this day and age unfortunately. There are more ways than ever you can print a 3-D got a bomber or gone if you want to. With your trainer and I think that that's sounds crazy but. It's true you know we keep on having the conversation but we don't really ever get anywhere with it is it time to. Is it time to get give the states more rights and and quit looking for the feds to were rove for a result of this and know let states start experimenting with ways. Of of dealing with this we're we're not always column for the feds or is it time to put more money in the middle health. Which is so when a lot of people are calling for hours and time to. Dugard could bring up gun controller retirement guns used in a in a crime and because that's what you gonna run and there. More people are gonna buy guns this week because of this event today because gun controls gonna be mentioned in. They never sold more guns and injuring no Obama's timeless and it was because gun control was brought up every. Six months now and by the same token. This schools across the country will never be more safe. Then they are over the next week because everybody's awareness is heightened right it's like right after a plane crashed airports of the safest right after there's a terrorist attack because everybody is on alert and on guard I guess eventually the sad thing here is. Is Johnny started off this podcast by saying I and I've done the show was seventeen times animates our ever make time. Heard this but I'm tired of them because can almost predict a market and I could probably go to dinner doing Phil Hendrie into the the callers myself. And that's kind of the disappointing fact of of where we are is that the three of us know. Will do a podcast again someday about a very similar situation up and nobody has the answer and probably sooner rather than later.