32. The Death of Billy Graham

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, February 23rd

Bo Thompson, John Hancock, and Mark Garrison talk about the life and legacy of Rev. Billy Graham.


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And our number we're witnessing the W visitation. I think that until this additional layer and those stories and that it just barely got home. Syria RW BC the pod cast votes Johnson John Hancock Mark Garrison all three of us have work for this radio stations for. A while now and we all knew that. Wednesday was going to come and we all knew it had to be somewhat imminent because Billy Graham was 99 years old and still somehow. That morning at 830. I know all of this adds I think you guys who say like me that there was that surprise element. The Billy Graham Library in the BG GA. That they've closed the library for the next week not because they haven't been preparing for this but because this is going to be a big game massive undertaking that. They're gonna do the funeral under a tent. Which is a throwback to the fact that he started doing his it revivals in a tent and this is going to be one big tent because it'll have to hold. Torii 500 people I think even there goes far back further than that I think he made his commitment to Jesus because I have got to ten under two minutes right now that yeah that's right now the question is. Who's gonna show up to this funeral and that of course means who gets invited and then who comes we know the president the vice president every. President that still around the table to come will be invited in will they all come now there's one name I heard today. That this. This would change or add yet another. Dynamic totally in the queen of England real being rumored. As a possible guess she said that she's going to communicate privately with the family. And but can you imagine if you add that dynamic to this. I guess my question would be and we don't have the answer. This because it to is just broken as were doing this podcast but they are going to honor the ability of reverend Billy Graham. He'll lie in honor in the US capitol rotunda so now I wonder if there's a Wednesday Thursday Washington DC presence. Does that is that work trump goes for instance or is that where presidents gather or is that or the queen would go as opposed to where Charlotte. And leave the actual funeral to have family and so I don't know the answer that question but I wonder if that as a dynamic that may be lessons. Some of the potential. Big names coming to the queen city. Because for cops here I think about it we have the CI double play going on next week to. Which is a basketball tournament it's sadly has been known for violence and and then we've got all this coming to town so that was stretch as C impede any kind of thing and maybe younger would I was looking at the motorcade mapped this morning and saw notation that apparently. The state patrol has been working on this motorcade route for the last few weeks or so apparently they. There's somebody new. That this was probably in Yemen that I mean we all knew a 99 years old and in failing health. But apparently the alert has been out to some degree to start doing some of planning so. I thought that was at Gmail is an element that I hadn't heard of. You know something else that occurred to me and I didn't really think about it Ted during the initial day of of coverage and reaction but. Once everything gets back to normal and the Billy Graham Library will reopen the Monday following that the Friday funeral right and you begin to have things come down and you'll have visitors but what you will have this time around that you've never had before. Billy Graham will always be there to try and so now EO Billy Graham even though is the it was his namesake library and that's where the BG EA relocated to. He was not there all the time. And so now all you have his grave there and so now this becomes even more of a destination. Then it was before and the traffic that they're going to see there. Kind of a different thing now plus. The for the next month or two especially there may be massive crowds they commit and on weekends and on Fridays so tell us your us tour buses and that's great. Ministry that lord of that library is to be set at one of the great quotes from guys this when neo and they are dedicated me. Talked about it he said I'm not torture them if her phrasing your but he says a natural Carlisle they call a library just went through a national book the assets. And they said there's a lot of gospel and had a very that's right yeah yeah I and found myself looking at a map to this morning to see exactly were first restaurant group first presbyterian was downtown and were settler cemetery as. Because one of the actuality is that you had Bo. Was him talking about going down to the first presbyterian and walking through seller cemetery in Nelson met kind of makes me wanna go do that. So as I said we've been in the Charlotte market furlong time we know the radio station we've been here on big news days. Where do each of you put Wednesday's. On on the grand list I mean I remember 9/11 we all do but. But this day that we knew was coming. Did you get the attention that you thought it would once it all played alto on Wednesday in my time on WBT I'm talking about. In general. You know it it got a lot of attention here in Charlotte but it was very interest in last night. As I was doing my show and watching the monitors of the national newscast. It got buried in every national newscast. Gun violence Lin on CBS the Olympics were much higher on NBC and their show. So I got a lot of play locally now it's getting a lot of play nationally because they're national correspondents here. But it's it's some it's not getting may be quite as much play as I thought it might but let's remember. With him being 99 years old. There are the of people under thirty is we talked about yesterday both were going now I'm Billy Graham always use a preacher that. Don't know much about him and I had a friend in my and from Colorado that to assault. Several listings and I put out on FaceBook. And he wrote me and he said I wasn't aware that you were such a follower when Billy Graham and I wrote him back and asset. Billy Graham is Charlotte's favorite son so this is. One of these biggest stories if not del year's biggest story in Charlotte but I understand that in Denver Colorado. Published the third of four Storey down the list over following your snowstorm and sorrows over the mentioned yesterday on the air that. I can remember. Before I ever moved cheer walking past TV sets and seeing the reverend Billy Graham doing crusades from someplace or another might never really stopped down and paid attention Jim I think everybody knows who Billy Graham is right. But I'm not so sure that his impact. Oh wasn't as. A monumental he's strong here as opposed to other places. I got a phone call about an hour after it happened yesterday you guys remember. Adam Thomas who once worked here was a reporter here and he now. His he's produces the morning Sheila KSL in Salt Lake City them and he says can you come on and talk about who voted the impact of this. It was during Benson show and so I was able is indeed still a few minutes and so you know when you go on with another radio station that was John holder near the the defeat of the station it's I got a chance to hear how they came into the newscast and what prominence they put on this and now granted this had happened and a couple of hours since that news first broke but in Salt Lake City. May be is it sounded even a more prominent that I thought it might with them being where they are in relation to us being in Charlotte. So you know throughout the day I think you're right market I think some places. You've got to realize oh or where we're viewing this through the Charlotte prison but it may not be that way everywhere else and however you know you turn on the the newscasts last night and saw ABC and CBS and there's another part of me that thought in this day and age with all the different media with outlets and social media in ways that people can be poll yeah league do you really goes to show how much. Billy Graham's message in do word. That it still is this much of a story from a national. Should interest in two in Salt Lake that they would have been doing it's as big Mormon territory and there's a lot of difference in doctrine between the Mormon church and what Billy Graham preached but. But that's interesting that they wanted to have you on you this doctor Steve. Trump and he alike and it. The deaths here in Charlotte to that Mohammed Ali and William and I thought that was a great analogy and both of them huge bigger than life figures but in their old hometown it's really even bigger than that well you talk about getting a call to be on the radio station I got messages from former program directors of hours. And program directors that I know throughout the country. And some very prominent program directors that are no longer PD and read to our big names in the industry that called and said man you guys knocked it out of the park today. So there were a lot of people radio people that were listening to WB to leave because they wanted to see how the hometown station truly understand it and one guy even told me we still sell your sound. Don't tell anybody. There and I. Between you very long day three of us logged some hours today but when someone said hey nice job I think my reaction is what you walls would have been in this is what we do on days like this this is why you've got in the business and most importantly this is what W VT does exactly that's exactly right. It's it's. Have sit at home yesterday Millicent and deal or no pressure kind of starts to mount. Because you better be ready and I you know I wanted to know what sound we had not wanted to and my father looked at the clock yesterday and it was 1230 all Asian jump in the shower about 1130 so. But it was gathered information there was you feel an obligation especially to this radio station to be prepared when you get in new immunity get on the air both you had just jump to your left at 830 but you had started preparing for the show five years ago with sound. Am so are you to some extent. Did you did your show prep well well in advance not knowing when that day would come that's what you do and radio. Come from and I thought your show yesterday was tremendous at Georgia this before we started we turn the microphone on the delay and Ford interview and how love the fact that stuck to Bob Inman. And and you know EE everybody did what they do yesterday and that when that all comes together. It's a beautiful thing. Paris it is and that's just what makes you proud to be a part of BJ Penn and gives you some sense of pride to feel that your carrying on the legacy that those before us set and they put a pretty. Or bar high borrowed them and what did you hear from time to time yesterday you heard Billy Graham this is a happy day for him this is something he's been building towards. And I said at one point yesterday mark I think we were talked into. Two reverend Harris I said you know and and 2013. That was the noted as the VGA described at the last official. Crusade and it was in the form of that my hope video series Jeff and I said you know yesterday. 11 more day were the N that the whole world it seemed like stopped took a breath then and paid tribute to this man and his message. There are a lot of people who probably heard about Billy Graham for the first time yesterday and that in of itself seems like kind of may be a final crusade. For Billy Graham and all on this last day of his his time on earth. I think Billy Graham will be extremely happy to have known that the gospel and Bible verses. Were on this radio station on on television on CBS this morning I saw they played along clip of him preaching I think that's what you're v.'s most thrilled about. What was the number 212 million people he would preach to over sixty years and an identity and take your count how many were exposed to. The mass media so and so forth but. I would daresay that yesterday he may have reached as many people and one day and one day as he did and his entire career and who knows. Somebody going through hard times someplace. May have heard one piece of scripture or one word or some thing you know that are inclined edited. I imagine there were some people that were converted to christianity yesterday are at least starting the path. Based on what they heard yesterday are inspired by what they are just today and how great is that I agree a 100%. What was it Lleyton Ford said the use pal Billy Graham and in the conversation return wasn't bless you real good third. Some of them in the southern bay David and Billy Graham used to in his radio broadcaster I think it was a bless you come from the artists are just in this podcast by saying thank you real good thing that.