32 Women Accuse Harvey Weinstein of Improper Conduct, Kneeling Protest Planned for Panthers Game

Scott Fitzgerald
Thursday, October 12th

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How to look at what does it. Girls in my boy scout troop. Yeah I think that a mechanical. Unless of course they have made us go back and forth with the uniforms type Mondays Wednesdays I'd say guys you're doing your boys got outfits. Tuesdays Thursdays and alternating Saturdays you are brownies from here on out. Maybe that's fantasy for me and killed started way back when I was dreaming about having the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts bring together. It is a drastic chains lot of folks say not just hold hold hold hold hold on just 12 here. What's going to be next to me to have coed dorm rooms when they get to Harvard when it starts with merit badges. Boy scouts of America the organization voting to also now welcome girls into the program this allows them to earn the rank of the coveted eagle scout. The board of directors voting unanimously to lead girls in starting 2018. But cops got Dan's will either be all girls oral boys. The organization says the move follows request by families girls in discussions with current members and leaders. The Boy Scouts offered other coed programs since 1971 like to stand scout pilot program. So are we on a road to hell well. And prisoner testing that it's the Boy Scouts excepting the Girl Scouts first as opposed to the girl scouts of except in the Boy Scouts. Raising their news. What you ask the Girl Scouts and their say as well Boy Scouts are socket right now so they need to get some money so therefore the only way to do that is to try to steal our girls. If if you're the parent of you are young boy scout. And all of a sudden you got the announcement they sent you an email to send you know well we're gonna learn a lot of girls and here now would you pull your kids out of the Boy Scouts. Find some place else to go. May be boys club. Girls club that's sort of sunk. I don't know that it was but I don't understand. I I don't understand how they can say well gee you're you're going to be a boy scout but you're only going to be in a pack. We've other girls. Then essentially that's. Not really and police count as it. And then when is so when is somebody who has a female young lady in the yield was just gonna say no Whitman. This year is discrimination and this is you know we need to have integration when it comes to the girls in the boys getting together particularly over the camp fires. And what what they do for fundraisers. Would this then give the Boy Scouts access to Girl Scout Cookies. You know that's where the big scandal would commit. If if they start corn and and on the doce Joe's. In this Somalis. Thin mint cookies the world who's who knows you there's there's going to be your revolt in the streets and so maybe what the the Girl Scouts need to do is they need to take a knee. Outside of the you know the we below headquarters. And in is. What is Beaulieu an eagle scout Kadima can only come insults bad. Any. If we have a couple around him here. Who who are the upstanding young men that that we're you know people I don't know Leo yeah I think you're I think whitlock. One of our sales guys was in an eagle scout. Is it that much of a distinguished honor I know that that there are a lot of folks are saying you know that's gonna take you everywhere you wanna go in life. Oh what is that like I mean they went let me and I got kicked out. And I don't go into the details are going to kicked out my mom was the den mother to thank gives education has to cause possibly what could vote gone wrong. But she got kicked out to suppress it and so all is fair and in moms and sons when it comes to a green and the Boy Scouts. What does he have to do to get your your eagle scout. I have no idea little things and they call them what they called it when you giggling. He's going out of that that sounds. Almost. I'm not dismay that you do I can tell you made that should be dismayed that a and what is the highest honor that a girl scout can yet. We're human movement with the boys been seen I think that if you prefer to do this enemies to go both ways. Would that. I think the I think that would make people angry at what about chewy fig about the 7045701110. I think there's gonna be fewer people saying as is ridiculous running girls and the Boy Scouts. Then and there would be if the Girl Scouts started letting in the voice I think there'd be a bigger outcry people will be more haunt talked about this. But. I don't think it's gonna happen any time soon mostly a Girl Scouts conceit immediately that there is you have a financial benefit to them. Harvey Weinstein is an absolute and total pig. I I I think he's taking this almost. Knows no bounds. 32 women have come out now to say that he was inappropriate Wear them. Sex addiction is is what he's climbing. Then yeah that's what Hussein. Sex addition clinic. Is this where you view do you wean men. Off of women. And if so it out how do you come up with a person is gonna be the head Wiener. Anthony I'm wean her WE AN ER OK the one who means these people are for whatever their. We'll possessions. Maybe issued a thought that through a little bit more as far as how is going to characterize that. I guess those who are plotting to sort of break down 32 women. Just how deep this goes. The other new sound good when it when the movie opens up but that's a Weinstein films that have been done today that that in the moment that mister happy music clubs make. Break the back 910 this is news weather and 993 WBT get marred. I anybody that's okay your time coming up at 1105 you'd get another shot at 1000 dollars for your work day if they give away. Like we thought OK okay good important time to help much maligned each time 705 by the majority of video of the bridge. 1105 for me to a five during Russian men up front we'll blogger John here. So still a little bit unclear yesterday's announcement by the Boy Scouts. Of America is an expansion. Or it's sort of a hostile takeover almost the Girl Scouts next year girls will be allowed into cub scouts. And this is a general and has been a program for boys between seven and ten. Via the day ends will be mono gender. Some real girls are all bullets and then the packs which is sort of re umbrella group for the dense will be coed. An editor you overnight camping you know like I think the other. I can understand how parents might wanna keep those things separate came good morning to call 70457011. Tenure a local boy scout leader. What was your immediate reaction when you heard this news. Good morning good morning how long gone listener thank you so moment pleasure edited down. I'm actually unfortunately have been involved my sons and sought. About six years. And I moved him into forced out this year I'm markups now. And I guess what they go a little bit different approach to it you know I guess the guidelines and and these scout law and scale and then it would take or not necessarily gender specific. I've been a leader and for a long time and I think that. You know. I don't necessarily do it as a necessarily as a public that they come. A lot of oval out of my leaders and other things of that achievement does not. I think the horse out to come under a lot of scrutiny lately with some of the decisions are made the the higher levels. By I don't necessarily. It's not an unwelcome moves from me. And I think that you know there's not gender specific and the things that we teach in the things that we instill in the boys. Are things that can be life lessons while people. Now I don't agree on that one you're right the Boy Scouts. Drew a little bit of fire Kobe years ago when they when they did the band of the openly gay kids or or leaders from the organization. Armor is this do you think this is like a step in the direction of perhaps changing their position on that as well. I'm not sure it is such a difficult difficult subject to bridge the calls. I look at it you know we also kind of with a here. Or those Judeo Christian belief also and you know I I don't believe there we. We should I think we should love every one. Period. Regardless of that I don't I don't believe that debt. Makes a huge difference to me it really does not I have friends and colleagues. I believe that we have to go through a tremendous now we have to go to background checks. We have to go through a lot of things in training. We have separate. And stroke while also baffled and some would always. That those lulls ordered here whether it's gender specific. Or any thing on our breaking things like. Who read the recent debate she stopped in Charlotte what with bathroom walls and all of that it becomes its very muddy water. And I don't know that there's any way that you can satisfy everyone in that aspect. But I believe that takes intelligent conversation. And an open mom and some gloves. Tell us to build a bridge those things you can't be politically divided. So up and took a moment ago you mentioned you know Judeo Christian you know believes. Is the Boy Scouts. And inherently religious group. Today you know we. Most of our meetings and most of the cub scouts unless they have their own are affiliated and somebody were sponsored by. Charges. So we meet at age and local church. And I helped out the last couple of years we moved that. From another center that we were all. But most of them are in some way. What about. What about Jewish Boy Scouts and other separate pacts are dens for Jewish Boy Scouts or her husband Boy Scouts. I don't believe that there are those great question not think that don't know the answer to that well on the important week. These bird girl scout oath and Scott all even though prayers that we say are not necessarily. Are geared towards Judeo Christian. They are just geared more toward god that in general. Touch it. Okay. Must question and I do appreciate you come and an air and join in the conversation here today what is so what is so lauded what is so wonderful bit of the with the eagle scout for the attainment of eagle scout. It is I about had the pleasure of seeing two eagle scout recently goat or food and it is really liked most accomplishments and life. It is about steadfastness. And they consistency. To our knees the badges are very. I earn the merit badges that they have to earn just 21 of them total. All that they have to earn there's about a 150 total but there's got twenty more that they have to iron in order become an eagle scout. It's a rigorous board certified. Interviewed. So I'm going to fare to there be strings include scores stayed the the ravens and conclude. You know things like physical fitness. Personal responsibility. Accountability. Service to the community and giving back. So they all had here they're not gender specific and they're all. Tremendous accomplishment that would take anybody for and why so. Stay can do that and quoting do that and finishing that like all accomplishments. He knows very talks to do and I got a chance be on the board and listen to these eagle scouts. As they present to us their reason and they have a humble spirit. They have a sense of accomplishment and sense of self or so would lead them to be great leaders. And the community. Ten or. Can appreciate your your service to be to the to the youth into the future leaders of America and for surely being hounded thanks for call them and appreciate we've got a great work out these rights are you taking care 923 is your time so Boy Scouts Girl Scouts say of those decided to hold hands. Other grossed just don't want to hold most of the boys are reaching out there and they're and they're yanking on to their fingers. Whose interest in listening to the president yesterday. With his discussions about NBC. He lashed out at NBC in two different tweets. He says it's frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever wants to rights. And then he'd totally bashing on the other press saying that maybe what we need to do is take a look at the of the licenses. Four for some of these new networks. And my immediate response on that one when I when I heard about it was more than networks aren't registered and are regulated by the FCC. That was my first thought and then when I heard beau earlier today. Talking to the professor from Syracuse University. About about that very topic then was like OK so so yeah I was right about that. But he could potentially present could potentially cause some problems for the individual stations if you decided to go that route. Earlier tweet this morning to fake news is going all out in order to demean and denigrate. Such hatred. You still feel that way. Is this still I don't know that this is a battle that that he's going to be able to win. Then again maybe it doesn't matter because they're there are different Arenas in different battlefields for this. It's the battle against the press. To get better press practice and then the other battle is is in the streets and in the minds of view and me. Because if we continue to hear from the president the press is bad then we may. Be more likely to believe it sure it may end up firing him going in the other direction polls earlier in the year indicated that. That we trusted the president more than we trusted the press. That has changed. It's not completely flip flop but are more and more of us are deciding that we trust the press and that it's not necessarily offering news. We're talking to Karen Travers one of the things I like to talk to her about 11930 front is via the position. But the president has taken on FEMA when it comes to Puerto Rico. People are upset about his response how slowly it took him quote to get there. He was very happy with the response and now the military now FEMA are doing there and then today. The difference is that he's slamming Puerto Rico. For what they were like before the storm came and is threatening to yank FEMA Carl to can the military and the first responders. Leaving them high and dry perhaps she. I don't see a political move her political motivation in this tournament quite sure where this one is coming from Charlotte four to be encircled Karen Travers. I'm gonna become anyway at 935. Feel Harvey Weinstein situation one of the questions that's come up B is none that disclosure agreements. Should you be able to have a non disclosure agreement enforced when somebody grabs your cool hard. I think there's a a time and a place for those kinds of legal documents and some things tend to in my mind throw them out. So that and more on the way to break him back this is news 11% to 993 WBT. Puerto Rico is having some problems here hello where. Clearly overshadowed Florida and and Texas camp for the most part of the better ugly if you seem to be this situation here's. Google is. Given some thought to how they're gonna alpha. They are planning on using balloons to help restore Puerto Rico is damaged telephone network is kind of cool idea of the majority via cellphone sites on the islanders still run a service. Google though wants to deploy high altitude balloons. To at least temporarily establishing you know I communications network here. They've obtained authorization from the US FCC to deploy these devices. It's a project called new know noon. It's part of treatment action they're they're futuristic idea about all this. Is to create Internet coverage. And underdeveloped rural areas. All across the world. They want to trying to OK everybody and get them all together. Car people now smile on her and her other countries Arab they get together and Google Internet. Right now thought. How to work on the alert for that song is gonna care drivers now with the ABC. The attacks plan is one of the things is being promoted that they would the president actually get caught a pretty busy day yesterday both in person and and with the storms did the. Yeah I was very busy and Trudeau at the White House he flew off to Pennsylvania to talk tax reform in Harrisburg. You know no big headline no new new details out of the president's remarks on tax reform but this is really an attempt by the White House to get him back on the road. He was in Puerto Rican arm Los Vegas last week there been a lot of other issues here at the White House he's been doing. They want him out there to get him out of Washington first and also to try and sell this directly to the American people beaches. Guy you read the criticisms you know people say that this is a planets and going to benefit the wealthy and the most. So yesterday he goes up there any frames is all in the sense of truckers paying you know surrounded by truckers are talking about what this is gonna impact the trucking industry a huge part of the American economy and lower tax rates boost manufacturing make it easier for people look past businesses on through generations things like that. And really. It's actually very clever optics by the White House to frame this in a blue collar. Wait instead of who's gonna get the benefit that the top of the 1% so you know the White House clearly paying attention to the criticisms but. Ultimately congress is chugging along on a bill but they're not there yet there is in the bill so we can analyze data we can look at what the president wants but ultimately. Yet if there's still nothing yet silently. On paper. That we can be a toe into the bank so to speak I think you're right on the optics there. We have become such a society. Of images in music you know the Internet has certainly done that and if you see the president standing in front of a bunch of truckers people are gonna remember what he said there are just going to remember that it's a good deal for the people that he was standing with. And that's janitor who you get him out he talks to regular people or talks in front of regular people and the White House and certainly suggested they wanna get him to steep swear. If there's C. A very critical senator you know to try and put some pressure. By local coverage getting out there and you're maybe he mentioned to senator Bible and so. Close attention to sue what his travel might be in the coming weeks on this issue but. Note coming up it's getting close to November president's going to be going to Asia for a good chunk of time for foreign trip that takes him off the you know campaign trail so to speak on tax reform. And then if we're in the wake up in December and the president is going to be putting incredible pressure on congress to get something to him it's of the done yet. How long was FEMA. You involved. Where is Katrina I IC UMMII where there are literally had just sent an email about a couple seconds ago I was told my senior Obama Arab FEMA official couple weeks ago but it was about a decade that they the last offices were really after Tony fifteen. You know help centers down marik cleans offices Safina had a presence. In New Orleans for a decade. So we could consider Brad evolved yet so we can we could guess that in Florida and in Texas chances are it's gonna be minimum 35 years most likely run certainly with thinks so and you know they just need to clean insurance claims and claims for the government assistant thing that got I mean it's a it's incredible. Let alone just the actual. Immediate recovery impacts and what they're doing and the rebuilding so maybe you can help me understand the president's tweets earlier today. He's gonna get a lot of blowback for that he had an act I think this is gonna be a big thing you know blasting the president said we will not rest until the job is done in Puerto Rico he was speaking to a group at a Hispanic heritage event at the White House. Then on Twitter those saying basically clocks ticking but I can stay there forever and this is. You were false it bad shape things are in before the hurricane and we shouldn't be on the hook for that that's certainly how people are reading this. Again in the last portion of the tweed is that we cannot keep FEMA the military and first responders and an amazing. In PR forever. And where in the heck is that coming from there's there's got to be a reason for it. And I can't imagine the only reason is backlash from the mayor of San Juan. They yeah it's an ongoing and say or note she said anything new this morning that got the president's attention heinous and you see kind of like put together the puzzle piece AFC. Or he just. One to say it yeah. And I I think many people are taking in as a threat and it certainly seems like that. It does and and lenders try to see an upside to it and and I have my have a hard time. You generally you can got to look at the strategy go OK I get this I get this will this will be your play and others would. Others from snuggle in the communal cancer can't get my arms around. So by the Eagles win tonight you send me a Philly cheese steak he. Yeah I have an impact that's why they they do track of all I've been tried it before they do what you want to North Carolina some cheer when and it's and crispy creams or some barbecue would you say it. See what it would feel why I heard that you wind shear wind is actually cola to soda pull yeah yeah I've had friends exact about it but I never had it okay. What role does your line into most of them a deep fried crispy creams and us we'll call the day all right. Very good article illegals. We'll Panthers. Over the Panthers knew Ted that in every WBT. Coming up it's 1015 refer to the attorney Brian Tyson. How nondisclosure. Agreements work because she looks like part of this Harvey Weinstein story is that some of these women. Have to sign nondisclosure. Agreements. In some cases it may have been payments involved. What anybody talk about this for a long on tough has it been going on forever. Apparently somebody did they were some sort of hints coming out by Tina Fey. During her show 30 Rock remember this there were certain jokes there that seemed to foreshadow. This whole scandal. One episode. Jenna whose Jane Chris cow ski. She says so I was you can have one little utterance she says she had turned down inner cores with Harvey Weinstein on no less than three occasions. But this is as the character. This is not as Jenna in the show. And then another lunches is look I get it. I know how former lovers can have a hold a view long after they're gone. In some ways I'm still pinned under a pass down Harvey Weinstein and it's Thanksgiving. Don't read that's boom that was pretty brutal. And then do you remember Seth MacFarlane the of the Oscars. In 2013. He was standing behind. Emma Stone. As he was presenting the nominees of the best supporting actress care during category. And then he said congratulations. You five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. Poll cruel. It's that's fascinating actually fascinating. And it's all open now on the gamut with cultural Angelina Jolie. They're dubbing me period mean this has been I think 32 different women that have come out to say this guy is an absolute and total pig. A sting was attempted several years ago. He's on any developments in the case of Harvey Weinstein as more victims come forward today. Hollywood ale Lister is going to talent show and Angelina Jolie said they had been sexually assaulted. By the disgraced Hollywood mogul. All this comes as disturbing new audio is released of the studio boss caught any sting operation by police. And an Italian actress. I'm doing anything. So I have no I'm not yet so it was a trying to do I need to know personally I mean how do you. Yeah I won't do a thing I mean he just sounds like a pig. And pushy. I mean I can understand how. How these women would be. We just terrified this K okay call. And now and one minute you wanna do when it comes right why. He's surges wanna lose some. I'm used to that. Yeah they're really everybody does it for me. The pig and an absolute treat. Altman the stories range. We did have a similar steam them come to my hotel room in many cases. They'll walk out naked from the bathroom. And it's not just actresses should mean it was a women that worked behind desks. It was women who would never done anything before it was models. People who wanted to get into the screenwriting kind you know world. Which is just amazing and age did matter. There were kids 1819 years old all the way up to 3540. When he hit on them so. Noose gusting Bob you call 7045701110. And you wanna talk about Puerto Rico whatsoever what's your take on Puerto Rico. Different warriors. Say that again says I lived there and every year yeah I remember recess now and the Alan really has no value to guide states. We know that any military bases there. A year ago they closed down the because. Showing at least be useless paper quotes about the new faces an army base air force base and I closed that down. And he only got to the people run from him and then got. We can keep specimen came. And Buick he truck and combined deliver video we US TA surplus cheese and butter you know what else milk powdered milk. And anyway nonfood they had an account and 70% of the island with eligible for food stamps. Blue. Wait hold on all out assault on us and about if if that much of the island. Is eligible for food stamps is that. Is it is that an indicator of what the people are like or what the economy in this system is like there. The be all that all of it because they're the people getting really what they've been there when you're down to it. They've really been no effort and anything. To be. Much you're married into one of the big families and the sugar rom slash. Concrete business. You really aren't anybody I'm getting things. So you Mary basically what you're doing with a very broad brush here Bob is it it sounds to me like you're reinforcing. The stereo types in years and years ago in what was the joke about Puerto Ricans still on a bike. I think you would never steel pipe because she's too is derided or something like I'm never heard I want well a bit but the idea who the the image was of lazy Puerto Ricans and and and it sounds to me like that's kind of what your explaining. Well any any not just not going to work but even to a government. Yeah he's completely you couldn't during the election. Car drive around all of this treatment loudspeaker and autumn. Playing these very free didn't he should help from the very political parties in the party department but Dario and whatever. Don't be both it and the info about what can I get out of government. Being bitten isn't that isn't a paint that America for you and me but don't we screen but trust me it's an extreme. Is there a point that they do not think. It was it was it was interesting I'm not sure which politician who was in Puerto Rico. That said. Essentially you better help us out. Because if you don't think of all the millions of people the millions of Puerto Ricans that are gonna move to Florida. And change the balance. All of the Electoral College looks landing. We're not gonna say oh I worked in the South Bronx. Because for years so you you you got the of the Cuban world the Puerto Rican little covered than not -- up ordering the fifth a lot of Puerto Rican I have that the economic and a lot of me in Miami million feet. Bluetooth there's a lot of and Latin Americans in in Miami doesn't really matter where they came from. But primarily it's Puerto Rico and in Cuba. Interesting take on that but it was also very interesting threat is it did come across as a threat from any may have been may have sent one saying tricks us. Make us better otherwise when there's no reason for us to stay. We'll move to Florida and then how honked off for you going to be GOP when we change the balance of power. In Florida. Charles gives a new person in new Duca. You can't do I I've been to I've been to San Juan could I've been there twice. And I admit to people Puerto Rico and all of them and emotional there is a real answer your busy guy I'm walking the streets. I want one thing I would never say so would never say all of the people oracle or anything near what yet or any one thing. Just like it's possible that stereo types are not have got everybody for everything I'd say I'd I take umbrage at that dinner. But I have people working and so the news did. Businesses. Driving people working hard. Commerce everything's great this was to hear soon before years before that. And I know it was only San Juan wasn't a whole line when Bryant but the people that I saw that were Puerto Ricans. That I saw were hard workers were nice people they were pleasant. And that's that's my that's my take. When you couldn't you couldn't. Cities are generally gonna have very different sort of infrastructure and structural together and now we know the men and yes she. But I have no idea what it's like to live on the hinterlands and Puerto Rico and by some reports it's not necessarily you know. Try a bowl but it's take rural here in multiplied by ten where there's very little adrenaline for them to do. And a case of if if you're not if you've you've got to live you've got to stay alive you can only be so lazy. Put not a straight and then get that got to the other country moved descending in you know to find some opportunities. I'd love to know what drove Puerto Rico into other political virtue the other economic problems because. I knew it was just not long ago that they were discussing having it be the large the largest state quote bankruptcy. That the country has ever known. And. A big money on in the wrong direction. Still not sure where the president bill this week. So when we come back at at 10:15 this morning we're gonna talk to an attorney. If you promise not to say anything. About a meeting or get together or business dealings. Should that non disclosure agreement hold under any and all circumstances. I would argue that if the law is broken then no rip it up and go to the press. That's what a lot of these women would Weinstein should've done. We the conversation and it starts where that's part of it starts at 101511110. United 93 W future. Way to go what I say are. Jobless. Roast beef sin where Rosemarie church but what if you're tired of chicken. Or roast beef. Had our views when you want something more little different and what direction you think they would go. Deliver much. Sounds awful when described it before result of Serbia and be fine folks very reserve. We're going to be offering deer meat. A brand new venison sandwich that's only to be available for one day. And apparently that's this Saturday and that's an all. Arby's locations across the country. He's going to feature grass fed free range meat from New Zealand. Crispy onions and Berry saw us. Do you like deer venison yeah that several times it's good you like it yeah brilliant I don't ahead in Chile. I have to you know sort of trying. If you're in Colorado Wyoming or Montana you couldn't get it elk meat sandwich. On that very same day that. And book a flight particularly cars and go to Wyoming. John you've been to a Puerto Rico and there's a big difference between the haves and have not bears in their third. It is set to drag riding your severe traded Allen and reconnaissance unit report backed it big bat. And we replied out of Puerto Rico endure training here we did or proposed drag so report. Then I was at a base called Roosevelt word word revert. And you know when we got time to go and tell them we did in the San Juan. You know there were area you could not absolutely could not go away and figure go to the blue realized pretty quickly. But nevertheless there as we traveled around how Whitaker they're torture and want the debate here you can see the caddies and those who are not partners and and poverty it was pretty incredible. And and in response to let go of all the other it's a lot of the yellow entitled let's just like it is here. In the United States I mean you know in the mainland USA. And yet voters you know all these CNN and at least three hours column America where. If you talk to the folks down there there always regard themselves ornery and what I get hurt you get your Hawaii insert column still buoyant though both or. But they're regular a lot of them both believe or owner skyward and that's so that's how they've read it from we the great day today aired. Lot of our respect in a lot of fairly back here. Canaries because you know answers to. At this my respect their ability there it's it's just. That's how they get fired so the street in its Benoit are your fuel that's so that's the shell while playing here. That's where your doors come that third third but got some of the most beautiful beaches. There in order per your perfect answer this sport is pizza worker guarding a lot of the stuff like that. On the positive side I never really had a lot of relationship with the Pope. And I know there are a lot of really repeat we can that be fair it's just the fact of the matter that a lot of these folks are all that seriously but and out to report. And there is no real economy there rather than the military actually is closed down many of their bases so there Serb. Here that's what the bank we've heard all the island of Diego. And that opened giver back though this seat in Syria it is good the government. John Johnny said there's very little economy they're now when you put very little economy and hand in hand with subsidies. Those are who's responsible for that really when it all comes down to it is that is editor government dealers that private industry. Are are gathered they're it's probably the local government being able to do a better job of you're bring in the current event. But that is so isolated there another Julio as a silent and you know a lot of folks. They had the pharmaceutical business affairs that a lot of good start and says there is. There's so much court like any other ghetto love me you've got to Chicago in their talk about bad as Chicago respectively. The government who caught a large they're they're a lot at stake here say they have the same problem. Bird dinner in reality Puerto Rico does not claim itself does it stay. They're lighter sentences it's a territory so it does say it does have the same rights the individuals they have the same rights as mainland Americans. Do have. I needed a little research to find out I know that in Mexico one of the big differences between the haves and the have nots is that the haves. Are mostly of European descent. Of Spanish descent. And it's the indigenous. Descendents that are the ones that are that are kept down or or don't have the same sort of opportunities owner of the same right. In no way in Puerto Rico normally called 704571110. Welcome to a WB two. I think you'd add do let me show. That much bigger radio they can't come back up border. I'd agree with your belt. I'm not that bolstered that you know at the the league if they didn't he did that illegal bet. You get rid let me just say for that for a while I am a woman and end up. I had been actually saw more black. I really do understand but not the closure is the airport Reid didn't and then build in my opinion that. Would take the money how MB I believe it he's really in question. In that. Under the wire is a scary horrible. Hate is at and debated. I'm hurt it here it in I felt lucky that lead it but how much Kate what he really. It. Do you get no amount of money that I ever allow for it but there is split in debt at the spirit and and very heal okay what that it not be became. And it is indicative. Mattel look at bill I'd I'd cryptic but not voted yet read that and it can sign it didn't. Well. I I understand we are coming from but let's say is that Harvey raped somebody. And then paid them off. Then essentially it's it's true it's you can either look at it is rape or you could look at it as prostitution. Were essentially that warming is getting paid to have had sex with Harvey. I think if there was a crime involved and I know other than an NBA should matter at all. Judge what attorney we get an attorney coming up here in and maybe he's going to be completely in your world Norma. That if you sign the piece of paper you take the money then it's it's cost you you've lost all your rights. I don't know the answer we'll find out when we come back to extend seventy that your time. There's no question analog display time mr. Harvey Weinstein is an absolute total today. 32 women so far CAD up. Immediately to. Some I was hoping some of it was an attempt to kissed. Some of it was just horrible ridiculous statements and in some cases national news out now rape. Some of these women. The allegations are that they were paid to be quiet some of the women were just too afraid to come out apparently because of the power that this man wielded. In Hollywood and beyond. But I don't kind of focus on the pieces of paper these alleged non disclosure agreements that supposedly a lot of these women. Who worked out a settlement with the I would mr. Weinstein signed Brian Tyson joins us now Marcelino Tyson was just yesterday that you and I spoke so. Where lawyer and up here WBT Bryant. Firm grip got a credit glad that you witnessed here today so. A former employee. Who knows about a boss' bad behavior accepts some money. And keeps it quiet because they signed a non disclosure agreement is that always going to be an enforceable agreement. Well when you talk about enforceability I use these are done in the context of potential litigation and or. Settlement of active litigation and so we who will be a confidentiality or nondisclosure clause in the actual settlement agreement. Com well according force that. People who courts won't. Do call prior. Restraint and what that means is that it's. We value the first men in this country template corps will not stops money from speaking out on the other hand there may be financial implications. To that and what do mean by that is you could be damages. Com for example somehow because as we conclude what's called a liquidated damages clause. And windows there's a specific amount that the parties will agree to that may have to be paid if the confidentiality agreements breach. OK so so I walk into a place of employment they say look here's here's an agreement you're gonna sign here's a contract here's what you gonna make usually expecting you. And here's an NBA non disclosure agreement and you will agree to never say anything about what happens inside this building. So it goes to do it going in and then I see. Crimes going on on the inside or sexual harassment. MI allowed to say anything to anybody about that or would that be a violation of that non disclosure agreement. Yes so a lot of the nondisclosure agreements will carve out certain things for example also kept Cuomo conduct if you are subject to a subpoena other involvement in both the legal or litigation process might be carved out of those two there's also question it has arisen recently about whether. Those type of clauses would violate the not the Obama called the national labor relations act of editing federal law that allows workers to join the union. Or to otherwise get together for. Mutual purposes like talking about their wages to terms and conditions deployments so putting people from talking about things that are record in the workplace step money can't. Negatively affect an environment may be a violation of that second to board the National Labor Relations Board is looking at that it may invalidate some of those agreements for that reason touch it's. We were talking to Brian Tice and his partner Marcelino and Tyson let's focus now specifically on. A non disclosure agreement the UN I come up with because you sexually harassed me. You're willing to pay me to shut up so in this particular situation let's take it up you don't you if you will be Harvey Weinstein and and Russia say it's worth cultural. She gets money from him. And she signed an agreement that says that I won't talk about this even even if it was a raked. If she decides to talk about it. Is I'm I'm guessing First Amendment says she can't but there could be legal ramifications based on the document is that correct. Yeah I think it was. Could potentially be correct yes so the company may end up coming back and saying look there we had a contract it specifically says you are not gonna make certain disclosures here. You may go to the public in general vs simply talking to the police are talking to. Man is responding to a subpoena or sometimes both legal process to valued channel broadcast has a Twitter and FaceBook. Something else this is closest damages and now we want to recover those images from here cuts obviously aren't indicating that can be armed and you know for a full regular one birthday people like you made. Going up against the company can be a daunting task from just let the call still of the legal loss. So what's the difference between. Being paid not to talk about something and a criminal cover up burger hush money. And it's something that I think that's potential interest in playing out here in the news or sometimes it may be available I would little bit of a fine line has some allegation that you mention in your opening. Com might arguably rod the level of criminal conduct. I don't know that the police are looking into that of the district attorney become. It depends on whether you know what what would a court look at it says some of these things are simply allegations that. That that you agreed not to talk about. Or is the district attorney or some other you know legal enforcement office trying to get you to testify about these because we believe they are crumble Comdex. So I think typically the court try to you know make that a different generation between those two but it but it can be very fine line there. Okay so fifty cent and India again it's Harvey Weinstein Gwyneth Paltrow and look let's assume that there was sexual assault that was involved in this she gets some money or she gets something in exchange for being quiet Tom. If she doesn't go to the press but she decides that still women statute to limitations which goes to the police would that be considered breaking the non disclosure agreement. I'm most of mostly an undisclosed athlete that I typically work whether that's what that. Caddick holed out if you will for. Any any type of reporting to a government agent dungeon or world government officials or police or something bad. Responding to you know an inquiry by their if you see something like that. Police had to carve out between the companies are a little bit worried about what if I don't carved this out would be deep to broadening you're gonna strike it down altogether. Verses what I'm really interest it has accompanied it may be preventing you from going on Twitter or FaceBook and forecasting this to the public in general not a word maybe about our nor can prevent. Going to the police I think a court would have a lot of problems with stopping you from reporting something to the police. Okay last questioning him Bryant Tyson with a cell partner with Marshall who had Tyson. So let's say Harvey and Gwyneth. They come up with an agreement and it it is done on January 1 of Tony seventeenth. So that for things that happened in the past NBA money exchange hands that sort of thing. And then he does something else again. Yesterday. We're dead NDA cover today. Or is it only for what has happened in the past in this would be considered the 88 new episode in the in the in the life. Most the time most nondisclosure agreements are most settlement agreements would deal with conduct that occurred in the past question type of new conduct that's Richard. To put your bargaining and say you know nominates the UX amount of money is being what I don't disclose their yeah. Right exactly that happened in the past so if there was some new conduct that's not their typically would not be subject to a non disclosure agreement and then the person critics in which used to make this statement mean obviously that maybe. Yeah questions about why it slander or libel or things like that they are still some issues out there from the legal perspective and know that typically would not be subject were not disclosed. So so Brian Harvey Weinstein comes do you insists I want you to be my attorney in this situation. Is this something that you would call your wife and go play is to be awesome or would be corridors and go holy Moly this is going to be ridiculous. But I have not had a good politician you're right yeah I think you're right. Bribes if somebody wants to reach you to find out what you do whether they. They're looking for somebody for business slow are gay issue employment law disability that sort of thing how they do their. You have got the best Luby's and take a look on the web a web site if you work while you are in feel like North Carolina attorney dot com to your NC attorney dot com. Great web site. Thank you very whips a great name and that's that's awesome your NC attorney dot com Bryant Tyson again appreciate your insight your help. Maybe shed little light on these non disclosure agreements could be some litigation is going to a to start to be filed as a result of these 32 women. Some of them maybe have the right to it come out speak to others may be they waived their right. So a break him back and when we come back on the other side we're gonna talk to Brad Garrett. He's he's done some profiling on people like Weinsteins. Former FBI agents who knows what he's talking about it comes to pitch like this and how they continue. To to throw their weight around. And derive power from their positions us on the way on news 1110993. WB two. Bolt of lightning real thank you much it's two and 33 conference and before Brad Garrett joins us you momentarily FBI agents with the ABC. Another us tomorrow crime and terrorism analyst at sort of taught him about. Predatory men in power. But Doug you've been a hanging on through the news I appreciate you doing that here in doing you've got to come in about nondisclosure agreements would sent. Yeah yeah I do but before you do let me just does say that our party Weinsteins should go into the music recording business now. Under the name of notorious PIG. It's. He he is notorious and he is sure. I am sure who exactly is ugly and yazoo. Who's back in 2010 I worked as an agent with the US Census Bureau and we had to take a secondary open additions in the US so. And signing nondisclosure agreement. We could not talk about anything. That we encountered wall talking to people who work in her information from. And if we violated that it was 250000. Dollar fine and ten years in prison that was a felony. Wow they were series they work very very serious. Actually got bitten by a dog in somebody's yard and that was permitted to go report animal control but I could take no legal action against. Yours because that would have to do two holes where I got bitten by the dog and I got bit by the dog while on duty and that would have violated the non disclosure agreement and that's only exception. To the rule that I noticed right here are cutting it enables throw to clarify that's the only exceptions two that I know what that Nate possibly. Help there is if you witness something they could have been considered a terrorist act. That you could go to FBI confide in them and then they would approach US attorney's office. And get written permission. To. Keep you free from her immune from prosecution for that one particular offense but that's the only thing that I know that might possibly pitcher around. It would allow us are dug a minute minute cut you off your. Who'll actually work for the US census and you can't sending you bid by dog in you can't even. Kids report the fact that you go bit by a dog. That's crazy. Brad Garrett maybe you if you if you could hear more you on hold their if you could just address what Doug said about. If you have a non disclosure agreement and you run into a situation that is terrorism than you can go to the FBI and that will lend. Trump or preclude any sort of India quietness. Well and in obvious isn't that what is it is as a safety issues beyond terrorism but I mean that there's a reasonable almost all of this. No the idea nondisclosure obviously is to keep information confidential. I'm not sure getting bitten by dog I'm not sure I you know I haven't looked at the non disclosure he's talking about the point being. Anything that can harm you or somebody else. They estimate reported because people can get hurt our you can get hurt. Yet the idea item like the the way that that lender mean just just could you count the number of people who live in a house in any future you two leg bitten. Dammit fix my leg is what what I would want to happen here so Doug I appreciate your call Brett. Harvey Weinstein. An animal I mean. Predator you know we talk about predators and prey. In all of nature here and there's very very little between the situation between a tiger and all I have here. So let's look at it this way the start of the general profile of people like Weinstein navy. There via the issues of the Fox News Channel maybe bill Cosby's. Here's the similarity. They're all you know high achievers is very motivated very driven. Our risk takers because he sort of the nature of getting ahead to a certain extent. Which we can't look that is used the domination and control. An end to another and another big word entitlement. And as become more successful more palpable and richer. It is they don't believe they can. Do basically whatever they want to do. And it they have certain wants or desires and you know there are studies that would suggest that the personality that I just described. Also by and large are more sexually active. And pinpoint that and all of this and you end up with this sort of toxic mix of. As somebody that just goes and they do what they want to do and then you know we have a number of examples obviously where they sort of by the way out of that. And and because they're making the company here agencies so much money. I guess it's to some extent a reluctant like those thoughts. It there's a chicken and an egg kind of thing here is these these men probably go into the beginning of their career. With a certain mindset and a certain propensity and then as they get reinforced with the money in the fame in the wealth and the power. Then there's a development of their personality even beyond that started with. I like that I think there's no question about it but they get 888 you know anybody that seems to get in these positions you know by and large but they don't do this. I mean you know people would be difficult to work with you know prickly care for them but they don't do that they don't. They don't do this type of behavior. But there it is they percentage. That we'll end up doing so version of this senate you know it it hit a lot of that Scott I'll tell you. Have to start with the culture within the company or agency. Because they've dealer relations. Resource people. Yeah so basically need to change the culture through the president. Our CEO. That it has you can report it will support you and that those of you who see it going on. You that you are to report also so we can check it out her you've got to be able to tell people we will all other folks accountable. If they did this tears. What's the when somebody like rising gets caught is there is there an unexpected. Reaction to this we've seen people push back you know. Blame point fingers no way deny. Did do these people typically allow themselves to be taken down. Or. There is concern about suicide do they sometimes take themselves out. Well it I think what we've seen over the years. Is that candidate and intimidate folks that we're talking about how. You know multiple bit that it's. And they've been through they've successfully been able to. In fact I think people walk. Have been sign of what you just talked about non disclosures. And and go line. And is only in my view it's only eight get dealt list. When it starts to affect the bottom line. For the reputation. The company or agency. And that's when you'll see corporate people that take action. They obvious. They have done yet Scalia noted a definitive action in the ladies have taken definitive action to. Power in numbers. And each other's hands as they come anonymous women and grind Weinstein. And to be the mortar and missile that he has deserves so much red hair and ABC appreciating endurance and always do. Well from the mine to be a trained FBI agent thanks very very different than a lot of us and that's always good to. Tennessee have a grey matter works so the president and his attacks on the media. It is ratcheted up to the point where. Do we need to take licenses away but what a great conversation with somebody you know is all about that it's come anyway we'll do for you next. And putting nine there in an episode 115 your next shot. Had 1000 dollars. What is he Forte at day giveaway this political stuff. If you work to be number all you do is put those two together and then life is good for. Thousand dollars on the line for sure. Good morning Jim name is Scott FitzGerald and as we plan wanna hear through the day it's time to get an update from this whole world. Of what's been happening in Vegas. Is this confusing to me we hear one thing and then we hear another. And you think OK that that dead another is going to be the only other another and then there happens to be other another's and Bryan -- word we stand with the other and others. My my head is spinning as well as part of that has been a result of investigators revealing information to a few may remember initially we thought. That the security guard who alerted police to the whereabouts of gunman Stephen attic. Add to Mandalay bay in that shooting was the last person who was shot. A great kid alerting police say that he was shot that essentially they were able to take him down her at least. No where he was before he killed himself. Now I know most recent report that we heard from police just he may have been the first person shot in this incident. And it wasn't until after security was aware that pat equity in the ruled it. I had fired his weapon at that they're shooting at the concert venue began to. And now we're hearing a different time line involving other security officials being aware of the shooting. The 32 floor and taking six minutes. To reach out to police for assistance so a lot of kind of spinning timeline right now it's Q when they're shooting started when it's stopped. And why it's started to you know one of the things that we we wanna find out if what the security officer of the reasons that even panic began to open fire on the crowd. And what would have caused him to stop after all with that Don yeah. And in why wait six minutes. In between shooting and should have issued in the U dude the hall and then starting to issued a crack. That makes absolutely no sense to me but then again we. We're not learn and a whole heck of a lot about this guy this might be the first guy that fit that pulls off something like this that we just don't try to motive to. We we may never have a complete antigen has now we're gonna get updates from Las Vegas police tomorrow they've vendor less frequent with these updates that perhaps because. As they don't have as much information coming fast and furious as they once did and they of course wanna make sure when they speak they say the right things to us. I'll hopefully we get a little more information but in the meantime we've got a lawsuit filed by 21 year old victim she was shot of the upper body her ribs shatter. Opera liberal left are rated. Now she's suing MGM which runs and operates Mandalay bay. Live nation which operated the that at the concert venue as well of the palm's stock company. That there may have been involved in one form or another indeed weaponry that was used self they also are seeking more information they say that they want to make sure that future venues like this open air venues are safe. Good enough Bryan Burrough again appreciate your insight from ABC. Ingesting them and don't lose. Have a voice in this report one place but if it's true it's bizarre. And that is folks who were working there at the festival. Have been given back their their phones and their laptops by the FBI. And they discover that all the messages and all the videos from that might have been wiped clean. If that is indeed the case then that it's that's something strange alien would be illegal so women you are. You're taking my property. And I would I would think that in a in a court. A video that I take. In his mind. And you take it away is a hold on Palmer Josh I. Bureau WBT what is it about the window in Vegas would be where you don't lose. Well you're here's my whole thing is you know he'd look for about six minutes. Up from Wendy's security guard apparently was shot verses Wendy start the shooting was started at the up on the concert goers. Ball I would think it is you know these are some would be windows that you're gonna have a house. It could have taken that much time to break the window of tissue out there DuPont really need to be to be discovered is. When would the window broken out the window was broken before he shot the security guard that. That's what makes it really weird right I mean. You know why would he take six ministers. Just start shooting the crap out. I would like to know if they could figure out when the wind bill were broken and there's got to be some way of them figured that out because I think that that. You know at the window for a broken before he started shooting at the security guard that lends itself with some kind of conspiracy but a bit cup six minutes to break don't go. Well you know it is Melbourne that would be Wendell older big time big collapse when. And I think that that could Beckett beat the delayed accurately depict minute delay that everybody's got a question. Charles civic and funny Glazer seated if not a glass installer that might be able to. Give us an idea what kind of glass that might be. When they described. What he did to break them. Initially it was some sort of hammer like device and that that's kind of a quote I think is is to wonder what sort by and I don't know for sure there was a hammer. We're was sledge hammer. You'd think he'd be able to shoot the mount boom. What do you think. Oh yea you maybe would think that but but you know there. Being this apparently from what I'd I heard somebody that's a bit about 800 how collapsed amid I don't know what that would jitter not put. I would think that he might peeled issued a Malcolm you and you might not be an and it hit big shots that they're saying it's what you shot come all wait 200 ran out the minutes. Stopped for six minutes he'd shoot out the window. Yeah yes good point is it would hurt it. Right as ever but what went I don't know why aren't they asking us these questions just obviously were on the ball here you know. Well it it opened six minute to decide whether she big crowd that's strange to me but it it took him six minutes to break the windows. Does my religion three minutes to wonder okay now to bump. That maybe that's what took so. Still freaks me out and I have a hard time understanding how there weren't more phone calls made and in May be they were we just haven't heard about a but. If you if you're in a hotel and you're on that floor or even the floor below the floor above you'd think. The machine gun fire 200 shots just might be something new you'd notice. You know how to duck watch a whole thing is very very. Here now is it lent itself so. All the conspiracies. I wanna look get a logical you know explanation and that's why I was they do more maybe that I'm here to break dwindled but. If we go out find out for the windows were broken before he shot the security guard down you know it. There's no explanation it just gets weirder or. It's interesting I'm. Gone back to the that that. The phones in the laptops. And one of the persons that was commenting about the story itself says what's an active federal crime scene they can wipe it clean. If I remember correctly from Brad Garrett this is not a federal crimes there's good and it was just it was all handled by the loses its is not terrorism and it doesn't go to the FBI becoming a federal crime show and I just appreciate your insight. Curiouser and curiouser. I don't understand why it's it's so difficult for me Las Vegas police department to. Use these. Events in these activities. To put a little logical order here because. They happened at a certain order there's got to be all sorts of ways for them to figure this out whether it's cameras you know they go at a game up. They can see everything in every hallway. Maybe MGM doesn't want a really love this stuff because they're concerned about liability. Of course they've been trying to cover their behind her job Reagan back as is on the way. Seven on Thursday UAW. Little. We'll disturb me here. Every other night on. Understood. Did you ask. We assert my father's sponsor. Eminem was on BT yeah I like entertainment wards of the day. And he's basically broke the Internet where this rap thing that yes the other about president trump. And you're usually one of the of the bush kindly used to souls he kept that is that I have run a crust thank you but. We took a dump on Eminem well yeah. First of all I don't know the last time I've heard his name in in any public arena it's been a while. And not go other places again I guess not authentic but you know it's it's not even so much what he says maybe it is now but it put good but it's. It's just sensationalism to me he found a reason to stick to pull himself up unless whole reason worries and from under a rock where every he's been. Pulled lower selling great idea and it took to make a major statement. I think either. Could be jealousy and look at all the pocono only NFL players they could to make a statement. You know look at the look at the people that have been able to all of my comedians. That are making big money that our standards and make a statement read a big statements and don't know nobody listened enemy has in mind template musical lately. Doesn't happen in forming so you know what. I'm gonna come out with something that's going on wow everybody sees thing is like a three year old that isn't getting and it suggests is there's a new baby so. No do we jewel if fuel like trump. New have to. Not be if you can't defend can't be phentermine a trump my right. Anti trump wrap. That's bad that's been that's actually great way to unify the country try to get us back together is an. What's a way to unify half the country behind or whatever economic risk is gonna unify them well and you know what actually the unifies the whole country with whatever side Richard Roth. I guess on site says on Eminem love you you're right trump is a blank duty black and then the other size you're not right. Trump's right and Eminem you're a blanking blank. Two wrongs never make a righty or another don't pass crisis two wrongs don't make the right but sometimes with a poem you gotta get down and say it. Width and write it they can see I'm just so white I can't nine. You know I'm I knew I know his name Eminem I don't think I know any of his music. But I can't remember the last time his name came up amiss in muses and it I'm only assess credit I haven't yet. Track of Eminem I have seen a mile a few times connect. And he has is a couple of songs on my favorite things he did years ago as at that Chrysler took Obama's songs and used it said look at Detroit look only make lawless up. I use the already got about you know yeah I know but it's like I don't like folksy give this. Unilateral this whole this is like an ultimatum you'd like. So and so are you can't like neo whatever and that's just. But that's it that's almost that's extremism to me unless it's a marriage. Fly in an idea you estimate you can't like him and like make as far as the last time that Eminem's name was mentioned. Three seconds in the future. Eminem. That's an awfully hot coffee pots and I dropped beyond Donald Trump probably not but that's all I've got to like come up with a solid got a plan and now I got ahead seems like him a patsy would it somehow hall Donald walking sign. I don't mosque got Ramadan and say a prayer that every time. Talks. But we've been exhumed Obama perhaps because what we gotten off this now's the kamikaze then open probably cause a nuclear holocaust. While the drama pops anyways thought it. You can quiet down dude its Jeff is playing up and flat. To the parliament stops. If you can give me some words that rhyme I might feel to come up with a rat. I blame it. Name. What's the lame paranoia are you looking in the emea north and rain. How many how many how many times in a row or they they are these are supposed to obviously MA a very. Well studied student of rap here Tuesday you can use the same ones over and over again long as there's a funky beat underneath postings to the same words or governor yeah. A real. Blame blame blame but we're but Blake my best to. We'll be box Eminem of the control somewhat to blame maybe it's just he was been out of the spotlight want to get out his name but he does this to the rapidly says to me is pretty lame to you what he meets go back and figure out what went up his game. Oh you'll be back out of the spotlight I don't know how about a month time I don't know how people aren't that wore me out is doing that X last guilt into us I think in the back to riding high cues and sound. So you can. So much better for myself. Florida. Stripping one liner jokes. We'll have to. Generally Weinstein is like gun laws the laws are there but somehow evil keeps happening. True it does he needs to be neutered that's for sure what Ryan to a better. Pummeled the run after the break. So the the president and the press the battle is heating up and hits him inside of that coming up we come back in the. I. Harvey Weinstein needs to be neutered Debbie thanks for the email saying that we got to rhyme it's tutor. You need to be too. He's really matter filly of presidents get ready take the podium I was like an executive orders coming our way would. The world health care obamacare through we're in a dip into that as soon as you the president takes the other podium. Like to invite you to known event that's gone up next week deal Blackstone shooting sports. This mechanical we are free lunch and does will be discussion there about all different things dealing with a worlds of handguns and personal safety and and how you can become. Beyond an expert if that's something that intrigues you more if you've never been involved in the world of handguns or farms before. But personal safety is becoming more and more important to you. Then this should be an opportunity for you pitch at a very different place than most most places you may have think thought about when it comes to. To have firearms. Is an upscale shooting range beautiful retailer truly is destroyed a country club. Very very nice. So if you like to command should be actually gonna get if you come on out and really make your reservations or three hour range time which is pretty cool just for coming. It's going to be a next Thursday at 1145 at Blackstone shooting sports it's world against. Just a half mile from uptown Blackstone shooting sports so I cannot potency of their. President has it taken the podium yet yeah. People hullabaloo going in and milling around. It's funny when you look at the of the scenes in the scenarios. Before. The president comes out. They're some folks are having conversations and other folks have to look like they have no idea what to do. We just looked lost. And there's somebody would have on who's that. I don't musical keepers and I'm the president comes and you better take it off penetration tea. I guess I don't know I was at a properties and not her thing to do I don't sound like callous if if then if the president sings the National Anthem then yes. The nation even if it's a Fedora take it off with a baseball and at people who is right for viewers or for hipster. No but have been making some big changes to two obamacare. The first real big giant changes since since the election so. He has continued with the other battle against the press. One of the discussions was you know talking about NBC fake news Symbian so mean and all that. That may be their needs to be some regulation and that made my antenna stand up. Because. The networks. Aren't regulated by the FCC. So there is no way to go in and quote regulate. Them. The FCC is responsible for individual licenses and you know the radio waves and that sort of thing. And and and my fears on the on that and my belief on that was confirmed when bower earlier today. Talked about doctor Robert Thompson from Syracuse. Here's how I know you're watching this back and forth and you've seen I mean this nothing new the president taking on the media but yesterday about his pointed. As we see every as we've heard MRI or should I say we've seen him tweet this idea about a licence and NBC you'll what's your take on this. Yeah well I mean bill are on the surface this is good you know really scary kind of up. Kind of threats and he's declared war on the media as you just pointed out he's been. Complaining about the media for a long time but this idea of actually suggesting that they be silent. That. There. You can be taken away. If militant a whole new level of this war on the media now repeated its I think for the most part this is typical. Our rhetorical strategy he's saying things that. PP is the idea that it came against the fake news and all the rest bit. In the forefront. Because so many ways to those statements don't make any sense for one thing. You don't take light of the network doesn't get licenses seek individual stations do another network only individual states and the builder license but. The NBC programming is broadcast by hundreds of stations and those. Licenses are done station by his station by patient and calm people and give you know if any effort you can actually. Started to. Breakaway NBC license to broadcast that would be an extraordinary. Re interpretation. Of the relationship. Between the federal government and being airwaves that the federal government. Licenses on our behalf. It and I don't think there's plans to do that but the very. Statement. Is this really quite frightening. Well we were talk in a year ago about during your speculating so what happens if trump loses. If if you were to lose what would he do. And he kind of Hamdan hauled and I think what a lot of this concede that Canada. Then natural progression of things but. I totally believe that ten years from right now whether whether the president serves one term or two terms I think. Once it's all over. I expect to see each from. Forms some sort of network of his own America think that that seems like this where this is solving going for a long time in his. His battles with the media during his presidency would only. Let me suggest that the that would be a natural course with with his I history of of working in the media before overcoming a candidate would you concur there that. Certainly a as big a logical speculation which a lot of people are. Are making my guess would be that that would be something along the lines of what he was starting to do yeah during the campaign which could be some kind of online. Our network I'd I don't think we're going to feed. Trump forming a cable channel because that that era is already beginning to Alter and so many. So many ways but. Yes some sort of online television presence. And this seemed to be in the cards although there is. So many variables in every single day. They changed. Speculating what Donald Trump will do after he's president that it seemed like a million years in the future at this point. Finally a few seconds left here but I wanna get your take on meg and Kelly so far and NBC. But that's. Yeah I know that that's turned out up for NBC first of all baby you know but took her away from Fox's. This program that's Sunday night show which was by no means to train wreck but it's certainly look at the big success they were. Going to do ten episode they pulled it after eight. And I think that was what she did prepare for. This morning show. And the morning show is not doing well and it's also pulling down the ratings for the I'll word that comes after that. And Megyn Kelly did what she did it's fox. Usually I think really well and no she's trying to be the next Oprah and she's not is good at that click and Katie Couric went to work. I become the ankle DBS group she didn't allow her to do what she had been really good at it that today's show because they can tell who's got the same situation. For meg and should. Not be enough to figure this out. How would you have a job for much longer are what they're gonna. To be really relegated to one of those other 300 cable channels you know. She could. We should reflect the emcee of the puppy bowl got into the super QVC as well yeah yeah presenting stories from. Jimmy get that it champion Jimmie get a good stream of puppies are. He did you see this this is heaven yesterday the president of Turkmenistan. I got together with Vladimir Putin. I don't know how John Stokes would pronounced term records to reconcile and but I know how he pronounces Vladimir Putin. And they gave him a puppy for his or 65 birthday and it was cute I don't know what kind of dog was the man who was the cutest little thing. I don't really get the video and a months. The dog breeder who rescission and find out what kind of dog this is 'cause there's just awesome. He loved it. Couldn't seem really really happy actually kissed Brooke has the dog he liked it he he liked us so much that he ended up giving the other president of Turkmenistan. Two million American credit card numbers. Hidden ones including names addresses and Social Security numbers just shows depreciation. This cool but listen I think probably hours. So let a couple of kids stories coming your way after the news here. We we've all forgotten things in the pit strength and moser left some things behind gonna put on the table dig Garnett for them homer that kind of thing. When you forget your kids it's a whole different animal all together. It was funny stories we'll talk about that and plus the strangest place that your kid ever did we wouldn't. But she can't read this one. Good to the hard hitting stuff you're go to next tell you look at. A break him back at some news this is in his eleventh tenth 1993 to UBC. When he got to go you gotta go. Man. Who has what kids I mean when they got ago. You gotta do whatever is necessary to companies right. So there's a mom who's he gonna restaurant and. And had a three. To mama gotta go so world. She took a bowl off the top of the table. And enroll him good business right there in the bull. Other diners obviously cannot horrified at the Panama was like black. You know watch the ball anyway. I like that kind of attitude Armitage is a big tipper. One dollar and I've never. Pickets at opiates in strange places before the two are none that had nine at a restaurant. Not what's. It's not the way to go. So this is kind of like a home alone scenario. But but in reverse your. There's via a crazy corn maze in Utah and some the couple brought their three year rolled. And they left and they forgot it in the in the mace all alone in the corn maze. Can you imagine the psychological trauma that this kid's gonna go through. And turns out they've left him behind that and called police to the next day. To report he was missing. So he ended up with the SE PS topic of services and they say it was an accident. But there's a lot of questions investigators want to know about this and have introduced imagined I I've always had this fear of getting lost in the corn base and maybe this is an unfounded future officials executive director. Of the amazing Mays Mays or rural hill. In and hundreds cylinder and I'm glad you joined us here today nom who should I should I as an adult. Be afraid of getting lost in the in amazement. Up later they. Plea I don't think he should be afraid that kind of the whole pointed the finger out you have to have a challenge and you're gonna be lost at some point but never lost we can't beat. OK so it's not like he can swallow me up and it would disappear. Likeness socks that go into the laundry in East Africa and Iraq. No we make sure everybody's got to be at the end of each each day that there's nobody gets left behind. I know you you certainly will get lost Lou we have curvature flag to pick up above the but McCormick and that's specifically so we can speak to eke out a reply to a mountain that we know the end of the day they're all back in an ever present and it. Oh associated July she can't find UA LU is wave the flag like Helen is somebody come and rescue you. That's exactly corporate staff that walks around amazing you know consistently when we're open to make sure that all the groups together they're not specifically lost child wander about themselves and who wouldn't get that person back to their family. Tennessee is because sweet the place and you know sweep it up and down the other the rose to. Do you do you guys have an all memorized so that like when you go in you know exactly where you're gone it's a let them know left and right there right go left and right left right. Exactly that we we we know our way around it takes you know take a couple hours walking it knew you know your way around completely and we get ourselves beat each individual spots that you try and I'm amazed that we know how to walk people next section or I you know on the loss somewhere specifically to get them no matter is that just a miniature. So like that that when they have this on survivor and they go through to amaze you you would kick their butts essentially you're saying. Her body around nice. They have economic gesture I'll walk right they have no problem at all how does it yet know probably is now did you guys create users is just really good cover of for an elaborate crops crops circle. We do create it designed in advance dumb it's all laid out here all Matt Matt how are less off set up on grid so that we we plant record everywhere that we go through we know each row. Is about sixteen inches apart. And we typically have has about two roads each. And hedges are about four Rosie Jim we we'd map everything else which paint on the ground and flag to the corners and at all let out so we have string that. You Grigsby and our you'll also know exactly where. He'd pat is gonna go to hell that is on its made it when you plow over you could say he did did does it change community here. I reared differently doesn't get him not to come back you don't know your or. Judges so yes you can't cheat memorized Jimmie sort of contests that you know for be able to do it faster. We're accustomed. We have what's called open Calgary were really local overcame voters and then use you know it's fun for for groups cannot do so we have. You're twelve Mel boxes in the field and while they mr. claustrophobic could not there and so your goal was trying get twelve out of vote. And and then finish the made an average time to do all that it usually roughly over our apps. You get absolutely everything. And those congresswoman logo are being written in your take that challenge and others just simply want to trapped under way in as quick as they possibly can in Kenya which are lingered to respond as much time that they want to end up. At a good time you know. My bug in the of the group to get this stuff to get everything we shouldn't let unbelievable I'm gonna look many quarters I'm an only acres is this just. Well look McCormick with so pathetic person are about to allow trophy and that we're sitting on 265 acres nature preserve just just an honor they'll just about women talk about. Well that's pretty cool and do you have the other the lot Mormon games there. Would Iraq or Gator ever April we're celebrating your twins are here coming up or anything that you do is a Jim Puckett DC BC part of the island to Americans are Borger guys here that are ordinary great supporter start but he's he wants me to be on the board but I tell him I'm rowdy meetings so I don't know could. He's on the kind of guy that you want you but I wanna get hooked up with the kilts and maybe this is the price to the price of admission to get me killed so far were we we can work poker face. And I and they get. Last clip. I'm not gonna be afraid of getting lost in your marriage rights reassured me. No no and I look at your coming out he lost the burqa there's no point if you are stranded on your own by yourself out there. You know their staff up there walking around Jeff can you tell this is an issue can you tell this is an issue for me just. I just want to you know that you're not alone in that your article in Iowa and that's where my heart on my sleeve here I just wanna tell you who I am what I'm all about your niche in Jamaican me feel better thank god for those flexed its notified John line Jeff how to do that. I royal black comedy director Orszag in your list of all the events a year round and of course it's made information and and I would bet she felt felt coming up November you've got to get it can get overview who we are what we do an orbiter. Yeah and you lost and found ray. You're lost a parent would you have been around well OK then what does it like I can pick whatever I wanna losses dynamism like the yeah like a door prize is not our absolute yet so I got if you don't ask you don't get. No three year olds in their loss and felt. There are no real return because there you know before before become bigger golfer I understand I wouldn't pick one of those anyway I think the woman should. That's where I was what I would do Jeff I appreciate it and and I'm still nervous I get lost and stuck in the days he says that's what it's all about the man hope. A break him back some animal stories him anyway next here on WBJ. Your cellphone check your computers check your laptop. If you were one of those people. That went to a foreign up. Recently. Illinois and sort of cynicism upon our. His first name is for me the guys that are going to oh world Lewis and it was you know who is usually. There's computer virus that is infecting millions of users and it came from porn hub. Days there's a typical proof point which is a cyber security firm and they've uncovered a virus. Which is then apparently isn't going up for a year. Went after you visit the site apparently what happens is you get a tab that pops up saying. There's a critical update for whatever web browser you're using. And if you click the update and the virus downloads to whatever device it is and then attraction your personal information and in your browsing habits. Consider what would it does win them after that but it's not ship. How many people are in the country in the United States. 350. Million maybe something like that's a direct and a veteran right well again I'm not so good it may ask. But 350. Million let's say it's called 350 million people. Divided by AD why would we divided by eating that's how many daily visitors they have as part of the so you tell us through it you've written for him. So it's over. 14 of our population. A I. Well over a quarter of our population. Goes to porn hub on a daily basis. It is the twentieth most popular web site overall in the United States now that's amazing. That's pretty I'll never really had no idea that even. Tony has most popular whips while fitness that's crazy. That's animal news that's part of an animal story because. We're talking about eighty million pigs. The eighty million picks. And literal cookie animal story here before we move onto a plans for sure. Our plant that is such as somewhat of an animal. And that would be bears. Been a lot of payers stories this year who have to the Beckham couldn't and create a collection of bear stories doesn't fundamentally fascinating. I Estes Park is that Hancock's hometown as part that area it is. Maybe he knows this place maybe he knows the who wears them what they don't. Where's the pizza joints play name. Hardin say the bears broke into a pizza joint. And they went through the drive through window. And decided that pizza dough and salami was just what they needed this it was a mum it too cozy and over forty pounds of dough. And and caused damage in the neighborhood of about a thousand dollars. Took the toothpicks to opt bastards. And Perry is with Parker but and you know talk about we met we were doing our hometown tour when we got together there at Fort Mill. And I was very impressed by your side typical knowledge when it comes to your peppers. Are you still the the world's hottest peppers Ed is it still currently the case because we had talked about this dude New England. Who thinks she's he's got you by the shorten Curley is that we decided that he did right. So that turned out to be a big hoax. The Carolina refers drove the Guinness book world record harvest supper and we chose to submitted our re certification. They actually made me. When certify it with three more years of bad. As say you know it's safe our product endorsement record instead of a personal record. It. They huge they're really certify any one point nine million armor. Are there as far as the other Scoble units. Yeah okay we're pretty good car for a ball more than anybody else yeah I mean basically you drop this pepper on the Florence and the right through to the basement. Who won't enter your pretty much. And I still have some of the hot sauce that you gave me you some by yesterday's matter of fact a sandwich and it was a phenomenal but it wasn't the kind that would rip your faceoff which is her. Some rough which I do need to avoid snow with it with the story and in the reason that Charles reach reach out to use them. Was there theft of some sort does somebody come and snag some yourself. Well water. Sort of one of people in the industry put up a post on. A FaceBook page turn Libya had. Someone and now Iraq they'll go to one of our farms and steal our secrets pepper which we don't even grow earned rocker or for milk. I'm. That he had in Houston this is your character do you expect tumor in California and it was going to distribute the she. I'm not such a whole bunch of terrible problem chin. It's also a crime to not report. There are crimes so are my return is social to a police report and there's an investigation from Google. Who weren't well. So there's federal crimes one of them is because of interstate trafficking or some sort right you have refused the Postal Service. Series and you're supposed to perpetrators are encouraged and then. Don't. Doesn't anything that is considered flora fauna need to be checked at the border going into California. I believe so NASA there's but potential federal state crime if that makes people they have if there is such a thing. Yeah I've found colonel corn to bill I was so we're sure you're sure. And this this almost sounds like it could be the plot of a like them but a Matt Damon thriller. Know it's funny because of some vegetable you know why would you go through all that. Trouble you're gonna vegetable. Mineral. Well international espionage and treat you know maybe they did is they tried to it to get Samir peppers for Kim Jung Woon. A group he's gonna try to weaponized on the subway route you can try to weapon but you know what actually you should probably send them to him. It's as simple as a recipe that we could send to him is a peace offering that would turn his tongue into a gummy worms but. Yup I believe. Weren't able caller who took over from the cook but we're convertible I think you're right both. You can you can your traditional throughout the politicians removed all hands on can we won't get bitten some of the politicians deserves a mere peppers to go to Europe I don't auto miracle Komondor Robert but no come on you big chicken live a little. Yeah that's what have I I know I'm in his cross hairs like Colin Kimberly. John hook so I know you had a don't know that's up system improvement and lose a lot of the world that amazes me to be to meet him on this. And when we found out that there was a at least the perception of any crime perpetrated against you then we needed to stand up as supporters are Tucker but. I. There's so it's been amazing how how response sort of the world our police department store. I spoke with state and federal and a post office mobile phone. Unit there's a lot of long term cried for. All the work that we're doing. Heard about it and got ahead court coed Ed got asked you know when you called the Senate's. But any and you said hi this is this is it Currie and and liked reported crime and so woo woo you went and you say Tucker but. Jerry lab report regular court cream I was just say do they hang up buddy and get to gone back with autism Franco. Taylor like create the office isn't sure what about it they've heard it. You have there wasn't there as much ballyhooed or not it I don't know. So not so it's logical to. Go to the call the FBI had in many in the first proved she could go to call the FBI. Garrett who my legal counsel we have. Came lawyers so help through contracts and support these are folks who specialize in hot peppers. Our very they specialize in agricultural contract. Those gulf OPEC you know turn and so no. You know for different things that we need to do for the conflict. I hope her heart from spoke. If there's a crime that has been a community here. I hope they catch whoever these bastards are and and they and you prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. It's you know but they don't take too kindly to pepper Steelers in prison man who went over it or not and knicks are yet until there's a hierarchy in there and and I appreciate I appreciate your update may have. Sir appreciate it and it superior court he had Arizona general Alberto have to cut. You know a lot of people tell me that I know that you mean that would loving your. International espionage and intrigue because it's a perfect. That is fashion but hey you know what what's up and as yours it's yours and you created it and you love it you've got to protected. And and treated as if it's something completely valuable team with a member of your family Trulia. All right good good for us here today. And throughout being part of the conversation. We'll do it again tomorrow good lord willing and the creek don't rise so then I wish you. They're ready to families guys in green lights and take good care.