37. Bucket List Concerts, Comey vs. Trump

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, April 13th
Bo Thompson, Vince Coakley, and John Hancock discuss the week's top stories.

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Welcome to WTT. All right both times advanced Coakley and Charlotte's most beloved. John Hancock back in the house back in the studio ready for WB seat. In the podcasts and I have to start here Donna because. I've been vicariously living through concert Goer Hancock and I don't know I don't know what number it concert this is a whenever you talk about shows you've gone to see the Davidson Colorado over the years but. The Eagles and down at the spectrum center this week the first hour. Forty minutes so it was pretty pedestrian. They were great harmony Glenn tries obviously passed away in and his son is. Not taking his place in Vince Gil is a kind of fill another hole now so that's interesting enough. And they just came out and they they opened with seven bridges road. That was good doing Timothy B Schmidt came out on crutches so I don't know what his deal is but. They've got to I don't know asset their for the first hour and a half Antonio this is nice but it was kind of disappointing in that there wasn't any passion and it. The songs are all great their songs sounded exactly like they were supposed to sound the harmony was good sore and so forth but they're just ordinary passion to a net about two thirds of the way through they went to a song to feature Joseph Walsh and I told dull life family that I said you know. I don't give a darn about seeing the Eagles too many to a couple of times before. But. I would pay good ticket price to proceed Jo Walsh and my daughter and lock and looked every like we're really they like you know he's just one of the guys in the band. Well by the time now last night ended she knows that there it's not a true that's not live anymore. Anyway did they they feature Joseph Walsh and obviously the auditorium kind of woke up because he knew his just. Is a loon buddy's sister as dynamic as he can be a guy can really play guitar. Then they went back and did some stuff you know another eight Eagles songs. Pretty predictable. Prayed I mean it was as nice but there was no passion to it it was just another show for the Eagles is kind of what I kept feeling was going on. Then skilled and won his songs and now everybody headed for the exits so they can get drinks and sore and so forth and and then they feature Joseph Walsh and about three songs in a row. Life's been good and some other stuff and and they went back into some legal stuff to feature Walsh more and so the last 3540. Minutes of the show featured Joseph Walsh more than. And a horn section that he worked Dirk. No within or in in real good. And and that that made the show so when you walked out at the end of the evening it was I agree you felt like you just seen a really good show you just seen a really good forty minutes of a two and a half our show. Richardson. Well here's any Eagles I have not. I have been to many concerts at all. Well I have to say first off my favorite. Jenner music's Janice. Guy and probably my favorite group is a group called foreplay. It has Bob Jameson and pollsters say issue yeah it's Nathan east. Harvey Mason and until a few months ago. About China IQ an early clue no I cannot for aids took globe he passed away. Just I think about a year ago or so from cancer and they've actually gone on hiatus for a year. The I would love to go see them 'cause I would see them at the blue note in New York City a few years ago. It was it was really one of the best if it blows my mind I'm sure you have this experience you what's new Eagles. And there and exactly spring chickens you know now what to see these these these veteran musicians. I mean. I mean did they just put on a great concert so but for meat. I've never been to I have been to many other nine jazz concerts but one cancer I do wanna go to C I don't know if they're still doing this. Earth wind fire and Chicago together. Well I've seen videos of their performances. There I mean they're they're extraordinary. I would go in person course this is the point where I have. Point out that I don't know about the earth wind and fire but Chicago did go on tour a few years ago. And they went with Huey Lewis and The News. I didn't get to see it but. That's another story my but but you know much like I mean how how many times leasing the Avis now. Garage or nor do you rom. And do you see them at least once a year would you Senna. I generally go with the monitor red rocks yeah remember some religious three nets are red rock silica and you're doing and start my Colorado vacation and that are generally take every year anonymous and go out there was film enough. Hang out with their dad and so that's that's always a trip and red rocks is so place that I worked for a long long time so that's always a good memory jogger for me. Mine is always. Bruce hornsby and I liked Bruce what I mean people know Bruce hornsby by his eighties pop hits what they may not realize and there are a lot of the you know. Eighty's or ninety's or seventies groups that. Gonna have to evolve over the years but it warns be split up with his band the range along time ago went out and he said I now as with a group because the noise makers that they. They travel through north Carolina at least once a year and they're the kind of groupware and Hancock an hour talking before we started this about the the Eagles playlist and you know it kind of going through the motions as opposed to going to a concert where you feel like that it's organic and they're gonna play whatever comes to hammer north orders we. It comes to the Blumenthal most times I've seen him several times that all on the lawn up bet that the idea Biltmore house which is a great venue. But I've seen him now I'm going to see in the summer. That at the Blumenthal. And one thing he always does is you know people can go put postcards upon the piano for the you know the first thirty minutes there their report takes the stage he won't play all of them. But he plays most of them in it really is the kind of thing where he sits down at a piano with his it band and they just. Go and you never and he has songs and he has in rotation. But you'll never see the exact same show. Two nights in a row I love that about in my I think that's what you say and kind of wasn't there with the it was. Event and that that says say then go whether what they did restrict the song sounded exactly the way you wanted to resound but it was just. It was just because some guys that today you know David it was just another show. And I don't think anybody ever wants to buy a ticket and feel like they're just another show and a good band. I don't not to I'm not gonna accuse them of mailing it and I just don't think there was any passion on there. Nam Intel also Joan Walsh came in and put me at Joseph Walsh does everything with passion and I'm so he was the only one that I really saw that really. Was happy to be in Charlotte last night are at least when you walked out of felt like he was separate. Davids do the same thing as you just talked about they sit down before everywhere other shows and make out their playlist and they'll do three nights a red rocks and then they'll never played the same song twice. Yeah how I was at the care when's it and that my daughter and I didn't realize over the care wins palladium is still there. Despite all the these drug and you run it is and you know you never I mean it's very very little. Used anymore first concert I ever saw was let Amy Grant at secure fence play here and he could impact in the eighties but. You know and I still hold out hope that. You know the guys and Van Halen are gonna get this while here that hey we all need money let's get Sammy Hagar let's get David Lee Roth all the guys back together and go on one super two or where everybody hears their song sung by the right guy. Even Gary sure own a draw a throw him in their. And maybe that'll happen maybe awhile didn't they try that. Well they they've tried everything but that and there's even then there's even a separate tours of just Sammy is because the Sam and Dave Toure. We're Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth went on to her together without the band. And you realize all these guitarist of finally caught up the David to Eddie Eddie Van Halen now so they can play this stuff that was. So virtuoso in the eighties but. What I've come to find out in recent years you think that means Sammy and they were gonna play together on the stage at the same time what it meant was is that the two of them. Did not talk to each other this entire tour. They really rough came out and play his set he left it probably is on his way to the airport Sammy came out played is and so in name only it was the Sam and Dave Stewart both. Anyway I mean everybody's got a concert story. This I think has seen every ready I want decision. You merger talking about the concert took your bucket list I don't think a bucket list anymore and I'd like to see Teddy again I don't think that's gonna happen. Which you know your your list of what your bucket list would be if you you know is is a pretty eclectic and I'm sure. Impressive ones of the fact that you have seen on Pacino mall. Well it was a birdie on those are the two years old was The Beatles yeah it was and it seemed pleased to start. So I switch gears here on the podcast WBT the podcast and that coming up Sunday night on ABC George Stephanopoulos is gonna talk to. I'm James combing and all the sudden next week as this book. This memoir from James coming is gonna be released it's going to be combing everywhere and I do wonder what the what the what the headline is going to be what the reaction from trump is going to be wonder what we're talking about in the context of the story. You know a week from now I guess when they say grabbed my attention here in you you. That necessarily put these things together. I kind of wonder. Might we see Donald Trump act on Syria if for no other reason. To take attention away. From coal. And whether that would even work here's the thing he. Says that he doesn't wanna tell people when and where we're gonna do things sacked and yet then you had that tweet which kinda. Choreograph it out pretty well do. I mean EU which is it. He also set on Tuesday 24 to 48 hours so I'm not so sure that we haven't done so as an on Syria and us. Test is news moves there's fastest people get to apathetic to news. We may be. Over Syria by the time that the ABC's special lawyers. It's altogether possible. So he's gonna sit down economy is the with the George Stephanopoulos on Sunday night and then his book which is called higher loyalty. Truth lies and leadership is gonna be released next week and. Prefer the great things about that is you know he'll get questioned via Stephanopoulos really hard core. Not let him off the hook. No no bias here I'm sure this'll be a hard hitting interview that'll put to Jews can be really on the spot I imagine the first question mobile why did you leak information on you or. Lay on the position where he got tired and I'm sure that'll come up. I'm sure John's be facetious here ha ha ha well and and it ended as it is point I wonder what the the tour is going to be all told it starts with George Stephanopoulos. But this is a book he's tout here I imagine he's gonna show up. And all kinds any place that'll have them and and may be not Fox News Channel about everywhere yeah I can't be everywhere her. Right and so an extension of the point that the story that's kind of percolating right now is this. Apparent conversation. That he had it with John Kelly upon leaving the White House did sounds like they're by his account. That. Ted John Kelly called him to basically say that. What Donald Trump did to him was dishonorable. And there's been speculation the past few weeks to John Kelly's kind of on the outs with with Donald Trump. You kind of wonder whether there's there's more turmoil coming here. Are there more revelations. That are going to undermine this White House in some way that it's gonna throw them in even more chaos than there already in. So. It's gonna be out quite interest in these next few days to say the least. He's always in chaos that little of this talk about trump for second on another angle on them and that is princes the terrorist thing that's going on right now. You couldn't level the playing field on terrorists in less you took a hardcore stance that would affect the stock market and everything else so. And to some extent one of the things I like about trump. Is that he's willing to take a stand that he's and listen I did I don't like what's happened with the stock market on close enough to retirement that I don't like watching 3000 points fall off the Dell. But on the other hand if he leaves us in a better position and what he found us. And we've I can remember shows were I said you know what we need is a businessman what we need to somebody you won't follow the politicians weigh what we need is somebody who will basically make a decision and stand by it come hell or high water. Well I'll listen I'm not a fan of trump style wise. But. He's negotiator. Which he wants a 100000 dollars you'll ask for 200000. And and settle for a hundred grand you know I mean he's negotiator. I'm not so sure that what's happening with China right now doesn't leave us on book on better footing. And that's the part that is frustrating to me is that he doesn't get good press for some of the good things that he's done the tax break. What I liked that too. Absolutely you know he will do something that might be very Smart might be very wise but the next breath. You know he's he's negated the publicity over the very thing that. Ought to be getting him some good media attention well that's the big conundrum about him he is the great negotiator and in many aspects of his life he's the great. An advertiser he's a great marketer except in some cases and his presidency when it comes to marketing him. Like you say events and we've gone down this road before but it's ahead stretcher to me because. It seems like every would every time he gets to that moment where you're thinking. Boy this is some really good press for him he looks very presidential he needs to let this marinade a little bit and it put out some Tweeter leaving like on another subject. Right you know. Let let that three lead at three. There will be welcomed that. And a good place to end I think.