38. LaWana Mayfield Drama, Death of Art Bell

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, April 20th
Bo Thompson, John Hancock, and Mark Garrison talk about the big stories of the week.

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Welcome to WPT. We are back WBZ the podcast Mark Garrison John Hancock votes on sit here and well one I'm mayfield Lou the the story of the week so far from a local perspective. Yeah it really as I mean here's a city councilwoman essentially questioning. Whether planes really flew into the building on 9/11 into the Twin Towers in New York. Which is stunning. And her statement then finally she's refusing to add to do interviews and then she issued a statement that. It essentially defend herself and then tied race to it somehow VG it is there's a quote in there from some guy that's as well to be black in America is to be angry. And I'm like am having trouble tying those two together but. It's two it did the other thing that's been interesting to watch is all the Democrats she is a Democrat all the Democrats on council have been running from this like scalded dogs they just will not comment on it. And even the mayor who normally is very available via Lyles nope not commenting on it. Stunning because she's always usually so level headed yeah I mean guys are just a month ago this year suggested a candidate Debra public office and posted his. Pictures and his genitals on they are gay website and then she came back with the explanation that actually it was a hypothetical issued in early domain that is. That's all I am I would what do you know what is that you're met somebody that's maybe thinks they're a little bit more of a deep thinker than they actually are a you think Tim may be able wanna do sickly a lot of sometimes. That I should been to Colorado. I thought I know Washington GM anymore. Estimated that maybe this was posted from Colorado yeah. It's idea anyway and what's I mean I carrier railed honorable thing yesterday on air but. What Charlotte deserves better than this way Charlotte has all sorts of issues and they don't need. To be electing people just because of the right color they need to re elect people that can now maintain some credibility and get some things done and housing and black on black crime and other things like that so. If our way Charlotte I would. I would say because surely we can do better than this I doubt that that's the mentality but it should be. What Kelly Alexander I just talked to him a little bit ago he ran the NAACP. Here for a long time and is now in the state legislature he said blood. This is going to be upped her voters to make a decision on do they trust her in you know he said there are a lot of politicians and have screwball ideas. And it's up to the voters to decide OK can I trust that person to get a job done for us and and Julie I sell to ease the mayor pro tem she would not talk on to allow me to recorder but she did chat with me on the phone it. She essentially said the same thing she said a lot of mayfield has got to own list. And is going to be up to voters to decide what they thing. Dark the car yet texted me this morning read before I got off the air out and have timed it to get to this because of the clock but. He said clearly I disagree with what was ridiculous posts that heard a lot of people who suffered terrible losses personally it made me mad when I read it. And after reading her response last night it became even more concerned and confused but here's where I'm struggling. This is and will continue to be a huge distraction to some very important issues that were working. Hundred hour weeks to solve the four as we approach the end of the budget budget cycle. I signed up to do that work and I'm trying to stay focused if I come out with a strong statement what will that accomplish. We don't have any power to do anything to the council member who is even going to apologize. Let alone step down what should I be doing given the reality here. It's an interesting point I did go back and make a point to read the city's. Ethics policies for City Council members and it damning gap there's nothing they can do and it's also interesting that some of the early paragraphs in the ethics policy say. If a member of council has an opinion you'd disagree with fewer to treat them with courtesy and wrist affect as a fellow council member. So it's almost written into the ethics policy that they can have nutty opinions of the. Want both parties have had some loose come down the line some loans held officer a good long while there's some Republican City Council people live of those certainly got me everybody's attention over the years so. I don't know I think it's is still a civil what you have to put up with Kennedy envisioned school board I mean we've elections directors we've had we've. We've run the gamut. What is it about district three that's for pat cannon serve and he was a district representative. Mpeg cannon to remind you who was a crook he took money as the mayor and did time in the federal pen. But he's a nice guy hey. I thought. A tough section FFI but here's something else I pull out of this let me read one I mean this is this is four pages yet her on her comment it and she won't talk to anybody but she gives you enough. Texting copy I guess it's about 89 win came out tonight after the last correct this would be Thursday and are rather Wednesday night. One of the things she said amongst all of this is I do understand that a post while all my personal social media. Could be taken out of context and even be misread. Two things that I think about from that sentence alone out of all this other stuff. Personal social media. Personal private social media if it's there it's there some and I think in this day and age I used to think it was a generational thing and now yet you seem people of all different generations. You know sometimes it's the hide behind or or say that well this is my personal space and I say what I say here that doesn't necessarily follow the other public. No he that I got our our idea. And what issue I I this business of context. Well that's where I was about to go there's no context she said what she said it eyes and she seems in doubt whether planes flew into the building. What more context to I need him. Or did it come from. I mean drew is anybody talking about this no elation you gotta came out of the blue right she read the article and hard on online by okay. The European scientific journals for the fifth is the name of the publication I guess and then that the whole studio says European scientific journal concludes 9/11 was they can they controlled demolition. Written by. Conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories is in capital letters as if that's. Publication itself I wish we know liver and like to ask her about the moon landing at halftime she thinks that Israel. I'm. But back to your point mark a context. This sentence alone. Quote I am still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the planes that opened the doors for US citizens to lose all privacy rights. Even just stop it after planes but more context do you mean exactly and what privacy rights issue talking about we law she. She alluded to that in that long for page diatribe but. But she really didn't say what she meant and I don't all fall. Pieces of plane were obliterated in the fire or not but I bet you could find pieces of plane outside the field and a Pennsylvania is an hour absolutely. And this is uninteresting story just. On its face because you're talking about an event that everybody no matter. What race you are what gender you are what background you are everybody is has some sort of connection to that date. Even if it's just being affected where you witnessed didn't you know provided you are alive then or or you've you know you're you're someone who's come along after that that has. Family members that have experiences to talk about now. We did use that event. Whether I'm worthy or not we did use that event the Patriot Act and others. To circumvent. People's rights and a lot of long ways which was kind of what her point was trying to be the boys up around about way to get to it and if you basically are saying. We gave up a lot of freedom after 9/11. And we are leaving widow and we seem to have done that willingly are we still is comfortable with that as we seemingly thought we were at the time. Then that's a that's a different debate and and that's one we've had on WBT before and we did that I I still present that we gave the terrorists so much of a victory with what we've compromised our. System and our principles but boy she she takes our awhile weird path to get there yet. By questioning whether their planes I mean. I don't get it at all well I mean just take this kind of strange turn. While I do opposed limits on privacy and may have questions about certain actions taken by our government. I do not diminish the horrific events of that day. The next line is I am a black woman in America who sees daily held being black is the only requirement to be continuously harassed. What does that have to do with the sentence before I had nothing. Method and it's almost like she is holding up the racial shield saying not don't criticize me I'm made downtrodden black woman. I mean that's that's what that's what what I get that. Or at the very least she's saying hey let me distract you with the different story over here it a but it's here or it could be in a victim. At that you don't. Wherever I'm serious. This is one of my problems was parts of the civil rights movement Jesse Jackson and otherwise they they continued to. Want people to live their lives as a victim and you've sometimes you have to quit being a victim. Sometimes you have to get over the death to your spouse in order to say and you got to move on you've got to find delighted the end of the tunnel. So people that choose to be a victim all of their lives. Are subjected to well what that produces. Well listen to this line from a defining the word that I have done and continued to do by one post on my personal social media is unacceptable. One post does not make the person it's merely a thought or question especially when that post is misrepresented. And then the next line as I have no intention to resign but. How is how mr. postman misrepresented. I've seen it quoted I haven't seen misrepresented. I think she's mad just because again a lot of publicity I don't think she thought. This was going to get a lot of publicity. Well and saying one post does not make the person that's not really her get this utter joy joy says he's gonna have to sit back and see if that's true it's like Kelly Alexander. It was saying he said politicians need to be careful what they put on line he's had really everybody does the politicians are really do. They need to think before they tweaked. And if that's what you wanna do cougar radio show because that's what Newt Mitchell this or she can take so our Art Bell is get arise that are typically gathered at a so I don't know they're dug a little like I say there's. There's along a lot of politicians in this town that are good characters some of them still in office and Osama Obama running speaking of early voting official. That's the fear that the bill. That's a good point if you would have taken this if she just called end the George Noory yeah. And I am ride into work ahead of my show and I heard that I would've said moon just another day here. Speaking of Art Bell before we get out of here. He passed away this past week I wasn't intending on going to on this road. She theater of the mind numb and then to some extent they've honestly framed the show. So they're not trying to be something they're not. I'm Phil Hendrie is a talk show guy who does all of his own calls on does all of his own voices to of all mean you know it's theater of the mind I guess I'll always hoped that there is a place for theater of the mind and radio yeah. Don't we all kind of sometimes wish. That we could venture ended that kind of radio hybrid what I mean is does that look like you say I mean. You have to be conditioned for the time of day to what you will determine his normal yeah I'm drive and and there are a lot of things that I hear come out of George Noory is callers Mal is that if I heard between 5 AM and and you know 8 PM you can say and what a the world is ending. You know on the same level Art Bell even east of I mean I've played that clip the other day about the that area 51 caller and we that was that was a famous call that's. The for him that was just gonna. Just another night it and then I remember we took ought barrel off the air for a while a coast to coast back in the in the ninety's and ran a show called the midnight. Cal boy trucker network. And and so essentially that that that was. You know that was supposed to sound on they've they'd you know I wasn't truly organically just pipe and in the truck perceive Beilein. But it was supposed to be a show that was mainly for truckers to. And things they talk about tonight when everybody else is sleeping in their run down the road trying to keep themselves entertained I mean there's an element to this overnight radio thing that's always been kind of a wild wild west them from. Well I miss. Larry King late night on radio drum here and I miss Tom Snyder late night am I thought those two guys. You never knew that they were recorded commercials are recorded guests and stuff like that you Rea I used to think wow. How do you get do you get George Hamilton don't go on the air at 1230. But Larry King show it night in and Tom Snyder show it night work. Outstanding. Like Jimmy answer this once and for all is it. Jim Bohannon or is it Jambo hand and then that Aetna Aetna and Agassi is another one down allies Saudi show once he was filling in for Larry. I was hang in from a cage opened and northeastern Pennsylvania raising money for Easter seals and and no we talked to him on nearly ignited us on. Well I've heard you say this before and you're the one guy who's kind of I mean you really aside from mornings on a regular basis here at the station you've done every shift. And you're an afternoon drive now but there one point time you're on until midnight and then used to take some calls when you know once the once we got the 50000 watt clear channel. Signal at night I mean that was. That's a different kind of radio and and I know you often say there elements of that that you miss. I do because it was it was so free form and there was here you were really tied to the format then there was less commercials and maybe and you could just go anywhere from me could just go in you know and every now and then yes you get a phone call auto Portland Maine that you were just sitting. It's just got a central casting. And you follow up call from Portland Maine woods call that this guy that is walked out of a casino in Biloxi Mississippi. Yeah I was fascinating plus this radio station has history of great nighttime radio into Hogan and and Bob lacy and and whether oil Webster I can't think of his name me out to be in the don't leave me tell her words are her Webster and a so at nighttime radio with 50000 wants going Maine to Miami can be a lot of fun Jerry Klein used to it you know are glad I did a great show for awhile. Ought to be exact opposite of what WBT was and and again. The time slot. Kind of allowed for that kind Elian absolutely absolutely you know I mean you know and I guess I guess what this is all going the full circle is that. I'm gonna be writing in and I'm gonna hear some of the college George Murray and they're gonna say. I'm still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the plane. And I got fassel a lot of the trio now it makes sense let's just the wrong time of day a lot Charlotte here on the air and that's a lot of and.