41. Severe Tweetstorm Warning, Hancock's Headlines

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, June 1st
Bo Thompson, Vince Coakley, and John Hancock discuss the big stories of the week.

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Welcome to WPT. So it's tweet do we wanna start with this week. There are certainly enough of them both local and nationally but. Vents let's start locally because you have the tweet from the wanna mayfield the latest one to all of you talking nonsense about my posts Ford get you a black man can't drink in his own garage can't drive down the street. Carr can't breakdown can't walk and a store that being killed by someone in a police uniform so who's going work to remove the badcaps noticed the language there so who is going work to remove the bad cops. Hash tag I would call well I think it's like us. Throughout three weeks ago you ever miss somebody that's a little bit deeper not quite as deep as they think they are and he he. Apparently they have police wives that spoke toured the City Council meeting had a huge impact on her. And I shouldn't probably speak but. I feel sorry for the people on the west side because this is your representative. And as long as the credibility of your representative is in question. You are least likely to get things accomplished that you need to get accomplished and so if you're representative has no credibility. Hum then I think you ought to think twice about who you send because of all the areas of town that needs strong representation. The west side needs stronger. Presentation yeah and here it is sad thing we've always heard the expression. We have the representation that we deserve. And I I don't know house to say this. This is exactly. People who voted for this. They get they get what exactly what they deserve. And the fact that they Eric on the streets guaranteeing that you know demanding this woman stepped down. It it'd just shows that people this unit is the sad thing about it is this kind of nonsense has an audience it really does. And otherwise. This woman would not be there there would have been a cry. From her very district. You know for for her goal but they're not complaining about that because a lot of people truly believe this they really do. Well no it's not just a white boys talking at WB Tate saying that it carried out no. I am an inning of frustrates the heck out of me because John your point he is. I mean this is I mean think about this read this last question. Who is going worked remove the bad cops aside from the terrible language year ms. mayfield. How she got to get rid of bad cops what is she going to do nothing all she's gonna do. Is provoked and agitate that's all these people do is provoke an agitate. And you know the sad thing about it is. This further poisons the atmosphere between the community and the police for the majority of cops are good. And there are some bad cops and the more a majority of elected officials are good. And no there are some bad electorate whilst I I I don't know that I agree with that I mean I don't think we're getting to a point where. Anyway I'll just leave that alone but that if we we real we've got a problem here we really do and what's that is. What really burdens my heart it's like what you said there John. If we the people that she allegedly serves the need help they need leadership and this is part of this one the reasons why democracy doesn't work. This is why democracy doesn't work because. It's a representation. Of who we are and ultimately it is said downward spiral. It goes down the least common denominator and whatever defects. Character deficiencies. Whatever it is that we have. We end up collecting people like that. And it gets worse and worse and worse and we become ungovernable what about that old adage that if you don't say any thing then Europe silently endorsing it. I'm not every year there are few council members have said things TARP for car raise one of them announced Julie I sold mayor pro tem has emphatically stated she rejects the comments. But the mayor has said nothing. The people sit around her on the diets on on Monday nights. They're saying nothing what are they thinking of this as it happens political and it's ratio below. I mean had that's the honesty of it. It you don't speak against fellow Democrat you don't speak against a fellow black person that's when it comes down to I noticed I deal with this. And you know because they're comments that I make that a country that people don't wanna hear. And it's you know I've heard people say well you know me agree with something she saved but he shouldn't say that out in public in call somebody out in public. Why not you know there. We said the same level of accountability as everybody else but again. Politics is too important for people politics is more important than human beings and that's really what we're talking about this is the kind of atmosphere. That not only. Diminishes the atmosphere between the community and police. This kind of rhetoric is the kind of rhetoric that helps to get cops killed it really does. And I I it's reprehensible it really is. These people are without conscience this woman who won a mayfield I don't has stayed say it has no conscience. Her conscience it's weird with higher and higher. You can't say stuff like this. And I have any care or concern about police officers or frankly even about your own community where she'd love the analogy yeah pictures all elect the president I think she says stuff now to get attention. Yes and I don't think that's the other danger here she's appealing to her base because she knows a lot of people in their hearts they agree with what she's saying. And meanwhile that's not the most famous tweet of the week. From a national sense far from its Roseanne and Roseanne has dominated the headlines because of the tweet the other day. They forced the cancellation of her show or that was the reaction by ABC. The initial tweeted that said demos Muslim Brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby equals Vijay and we talk about Valerie Jarrett. And shortly after she tweets that on Tuesday her show which was the highest rated show on ABC. And once they were gonna build around and and months to come events used to work for an ABC affiliate you know how works and yet he was very excited about the show. And now the show is gone the controversy not though and Roseanne said on Tuesday shortly after this all blew up she said I'm done with Twitter and then chief. For CDs is right where that tweet about 200 more times you have a you know this one of those examples of being your own worst enemy. And you don't think about it here you are you've got this here's the thing I I feel set saddest for. The the people who work in a production company if I was at nearly 200 people these people now without jobs why can she can keep fat trap shut. Although I would say that the story going around right now which you could see it happening this way. Because of people being sympathetic to the plight of those who yes who were affected by this just because they work on the show with there. Is rumor going around and ABC is already. Starting at building blocks for a series that uses all of the other people on that show in red very can words. And some sort of reboot and one of the reasons for that is as I understand it their contract demands they still pay this production company. So they're they're on the hook for this money why not do a series so just rework this thing without Roseanne. And you move on and you've got a legitimate star John Goodman and really it's not like it. Under remote you know room room to reinvent television with the Laurie Metcalf. Made you got John Goodman then known and the speculation I said so maybe they reboot in college damn. Well I you know I could see that happening that's a very plausible scenario quickly I'm gonna head to. The other thing this does if they do that it precludes the possibility some someone else may try to revive this series. The show on another network well what about Netflix net Netflix is not a good example because. At least by what they're doing with the Obama as he wouldn't think they go down this road but the idea of this streaming venue that you didn't have. 1015 years ago you have you know companies streaming company's digital companies that are. Can take risks so I can see that happening but see this thing is if ABC develops the series and they use all the people. Then you have no show you can't do that. So this is again we have a tour of Kathy Griffin and Roseanne Barr the just to our credibility here that'd 19 it's. Oh goodness and you don't they could probably sell that judge could sell. They just like Ella on a mayfield you can sell it. And mannerisms last week Jay Abraham Lincoln you can fool some of the media you can sell anything goes certain amount of people so when I first got here and and people hated me. I remember a caller called up on time and I don't remember the analogy is reason John you have to understand. You could put the sound of running water on the air and people some people would listen do it if Hughes suck go back where you can. Even though I've always remembered his it is point was and he's exactly right to. You can put anything on the air and you'll get some audience for it may be not enough to make it profitable but somebody will listen to it and all three of us know. That someone will call and say I'm never gonna listen to running water again yep can NN tomorrow at 3 o'clock had a lot of running. Gary did you see my headlines I don't. I'm sitting here carries and I had to go to John along in this room because I saw the story at a but I can't talk about this on the air podcast great but I guess as to why did bring it up the other day and I warned everybody with many kids in their cars I found two stories and that I think are very represented above my theory about the decline and fall of the American empire 'cause I think best path or wrong. And one of them had to deal with the this school shooting video game which is just the most ludicrous idea I've ever. Heard of in my life and I thought the act I thought the interesting part about that was. Active shooter is what the video game was to be called it was to be developed by revival games who have since pulled it. And published by a Russian company called acid. Now for accusing the Russians of infiltrating our social media to influence our elections. Then what would we accuse Russia of doing of putting an active shooter in a school. Video game out for our youth but that good anyway that was my decline and fall par one that we would have a society that would even be. Open to this government to want to engage the other was I'm going through a newspaper the other day and I see the headline. And if you've got kids in your podcast you better be turned out to turn it down. Sesame Street sues over film with that Jackie relating puppets dance Jack Fuller is. But it's it has to do with this Melissa McCarthy. Movie called the happy time murderers. Which has a puppet team. Which has a trailer. Which Sesame Street is upset about. And apparently the puppets are pretty vile. And Sesame Street is worried that it's going to be confused with their product. But there's something you never budget here on the WBT. Podcasts isn't a Jack relating puppets. Get that out of your bed immediately. If it at pelican for these 72 delay and there's it's not on this boy where is not that I thought I. If you can help. Well. Eight fitting place to end this week in less than anyone has anything that can top that no Vince Coakley John Hancock is probably good we act get Marc here's an out of this when. Yes Canadian. It.