45. Tepper's Debut, Who Wants the RNC?

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, July 13th
Bo Thompson, Mark Garrison, Vince Coakley, and John Hancock discuss the debut of new Panthers owner David Tepper. Plus, will the RNC choose Charlotte... even if some in Charlotte won't choose the RNC?

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Welcome to WTT. We'll hear you are the band is back together in the middle of the summer. Both times and John Hancock Vince Coakley and mark garrisons in the same room we hit the record button as you are said. And before the Mike even turned on we're talking about the last twelve seconds of the David tepper press conference the other day mark you and I were. Anchoring coverage here on either side of that and an ace a U we could tell he was about to wrap up and we're about ready to kind of clothes that I broadcast and and then. There's thirteen foot statue Jerry Richardson also of the north K you plan to be investing news or leave it. I'm contractually obligated keep that stature as it is. That last question for Scott Ballard you know look at each other kind of what went wait a minute what just happened that's very as the story of the day. Either Jerry says I'm not selling Alicia leave my statute there are some of Jerry's partners locally said we want should leave the statue or maybe a combination. Above but although somebody put it out to me that Jerry had 100%. The minority problem partners weren't. Involved in the buyout and all that to Gerri at 100% so because I floated that idea of moved it to may be one of the blood you McCall or somebody else and they said now's probably not the way it went down those judges collected their money in walks out. Hence and today I don't think rich is ever had a problem with a Z go being on display fifty feet. Well on its you know this story's gotten more attention because of that last twelve seconds nationally though yeah would have. Ordinarily and I've heard some of that national chatter I've heard people say well maybe maybe they'll change the direction of the Panthers in in that statue maybe they'll build a wall around this you know what can David tepper do. But I did day one particular conversation. One of the national shows that they were talking about the the total voice. The tepper used when he answered that question and and essentially saying boy he sounded like Heath. He really had no no no power and that that that's a situation and. Of course I didn't think that at all I thought you saw the lucky guy who just thought this was such a minor issue it is paid 2.2 trillion dollars for a radio as a prayer for a football team on a timely worried about a frigate statue gimme a break. What did you think events of the overall tone of tepper period yeah I mean and one of the things I've heard over and over is just the what he was attempting to project I think he did project an out of me even over its work just being he's trying to be that normal guy. And I'd he seemed very comfortable. And the might just. Being comfortable being himself. And I think this is something that I don't think we're we're familiar with back during the Richardson air of somebody who's just comfortable living his life out in public like that I think there was such regarded. Way in which Richardson dealt with the media and and I think for a lot of media people like us it's refreshing for somebody would lease is gonna talk to us on a regular basis he certainly didn't remind me of Jerry Richardson about he did remember a little bit of Dave get a woman with the the end button shirt and there's an understatement and I like what is he wearing but they don't of first impressions fresh air. So I you know I can't wait to see oh world go and how's the body was what kind of went into the thing wondered if you divulge anything yeah. There's going to be a stay around stadium redo it there's going to be a new practice facility probably South Carolina. That's that's some pretty bold announcements technically. Introductory press conference. And I'll think Keegan over overstate that he lost to push lawmakers in the state millennium have gambling in the stadium. Yes he thinks that's a way to keep fans there are engaged in spending money we have a whole lot of time to talk you and I after wrapped up that I think if the last twelve seconds had not happened that there'd be more focused and more discussion on how many times. He mentioned the word gambling yeah press conference and did and several times to got a brought it back up without really being directly asked about. Some guys has to have the Midas touch and apparently he does because if you recall they relaxed the gambling statutes. On the same day that they announced the assailed him for that's perfect timing because that is that is gonna translate to money in his pocket and a one way or the other how much is still to be determined and it was sixteen he's done his homework here because we don't talk very much about these plans that are Al appeared to put a big transit center where the bus station is now. He talked about that and talked about development there and around the stadium. And putting some kind of development where the practice fields are I mean this guy is thinking pitching pitching pitching pitching now. Well I got to tell you I mean I ride past that stadium every morning on 277 to get to work in and then back common and as long as it's been there. You know once or twice a week when I pass that I think. It's amazing how old. How often this thing is dormant and yes it's an NFL analyzed yeah and and he did make a point to say in that press conference that he wants to find more ways. To utilize it other than just panther games that mean concerts yes but more than more concerts and and we can count one hand the number of concerts we've seen that building in the the idea of high school football and in that and that's that that's pretty intriguing and you've got the fact. That. He talked about. Just overall development in the area. If because if you look at Panthers stadium there really hasn't been a lot of development right around the stadium it's still looks pretty much like it did along time ago still a lot of vacant lots. I just think he's got some big plans he's kind of keeping under wraps but he's bringing back the coffee cup that's all right yeah. My question for you guys is. Fire is ten years from now are we talking about eighth the stadium being where the stadium is. Or at least into a smaller degree are talking about a practice facility being in a different place than it is right now. Practice facility absolutely. Yes absolutely that. It's that's going I would bet that's gonna end up somewhere in South Carolina and I I kind of wonder in this sounds kind of crazy and won one and I was just thinking about this few minutes ago. I wouldn't be surprised to see some some stadium upgrades. But depending on how long he is with this team holds on to this. I would not be surprised at some point. We see a totally new stadium and I I'd I don't know that he'd wanna do that the very beginning. But he there was about when he was talking about how we were behind. That really struck me because I I don't think you can just do upgrades. And breathe this stadium to the standards of some of the other ones of these comparing it to you can't just do that you have to start from scratch and build something new. And I have to think that's what he's he would be thinking long term. I've been to do have to Jerry's palace down and Arlington. And it's impressive. But I. How would I thought it was really underwhelming when you walk in and consider a billion bucks and you're very much Arlen Jones a Texas and then the other thing about that was visited the one of the places are making money these days are on the east still feed look and feel the level suites. Yet you can't see anything your skiers you're standing behind more than teams are to bid you can't see the game from their and their pay and high premium dollar for that just. I guess make you feel. Low part of the game. Hey I did they do it is for our well I don't until they hit well he'll he'll figure out away my blood money you know it at some point or another he. If he wants to keep it up town he better start talking to the Levine's or somebody gives us a about the only land it's gonna be left. Funny threw down another gauntlet to idealist bring Major League soccer here and that dad hasn't been talked about much beneath its drew threw that out there that he wants to bring it here. Well he mentioned that he hasn't talked to any leaders outside of just. Under a cursory. Discussion with mayor Lyles hasn't talked to hug governors of beat either state. But I well I wonder how soon he'll be talking to Marcus Smith. With this hole was saga that went down you know us about a year ago when of that comes back to the forefront Latino he has and possibly a partner there that wants to. Open up that stadium other thing that struck me is. He'd eaten tepper did not seem to shy away at all from the two state idea and making sure this is still a two state. And it's a team that appeals to both markets. For as long as the Panthers have been in existence. The the core and the central point of of that second state has been in Spartanburg because of his Wofford connections I wonder if he doesn't try to venture outside of Wofford at because I do feel like there are other parts of South Carolina that are really connected this for. Checks well but see dad who -- what I wonder is okay of jury had enough clout to say Italy must catch you up there. I'm wondering if he also wrote in a little bit about Wofford in there because Jerry Richardson's intensely loyal to Wofford I think his names on something down there I wonder fees if there's some contractual obligation to do something with the offer. I believe that agree Jerry Richardson's. Frederick's of Hollywood Marc. It's a pitch right down from diversity there. Well the other huge story. They continues to evolve this week is the Republican National Convention. By the time you're listening to this podcast who knows how that story might have. Added several layers but as we sit here right now. It did we expected it's going to be a formality that Charlotte is named. The site next week in Austin. What has really changed in the last couple days is originally they're gonna have a meeting the City Council was after that to vote. So to speak on this on welcoming that are the ratifying it to. Avail it to certain resources and the city would be able to provide. But now we're gonna have this. Somewhat preemptively Monday ahead of whatever happens in Austin they're gonna have a City Council meeting and I wonder what this whole scenes gonna. Look like mark well Braxton Winston has basically put out a called all of his radical buddies to come and protest so I think you'll have big television show. In the council chambers Monday night with people going we don't want it we don't want it we don't want it. And the question is will that have an impact on the national Republican Party. Probably nine you got the mayor who's trying to manage this little dog and pony show because she's been forage she's been working and all of a sudden she gets blind sided by Braxton Winston. Who I was gonna throw this out here I think Winston's running for mayor. And I think all Braxton Winston is about is keeping his profile up so he can run for mayor against her. And that's another reason I think the mayor has been a little. Tepid about really jumping into this. And then you get this a little side show of Braxton Winston and net tart the car going around having these little debates we love each other we hate each other. I mean as to talk about to self serving politicians who were grandstanding in this situation. Clarify for me though mark Karr for all of us were there actually voting on on Monday one would be doing accepts federal funds for security and things like that yes the actual not approval off I was innocent they can vote against wanting the they convention to come here and that's not binding and it still comes if they want to write. And it based not gotten my head count right now if they were to throw a resolution now feared as saying we don't want you which would be in non binding resolution I think it would fail but he'd be a close vote. What the CO RVA doesn't need the city council's approval to bring anything to town but I think the part of this that you have to focus on is. Should the City Council and now they're doing this ahead of the vote. And may be more importance on this vote if they were two somehow strike this down as a group what do what does the RNC. And from a national sense what does trump say what do they think about well wait a minute we there is another competitor here that has thus far been. Percent to be in the you know then there's the the runner up border would be runner up which is Las Vegas but. It is there a possibility I just had a few minutes ago it's a formality but is it. Here's what I think is going on here and and mark that it pretty interesting conversation about this poll because I tie these things together. There's a poll Hancock has this year about the ninth district race. I really believe this poll whether this is accurate or not I believe they desperately need North Carolina. More than they need never. I mean I think that's what it comes down to they desperately need North Carolina. This is going to be a key battleground state and I don't think there's any question where they're gonna go play you the GOP yes. Absolutely and the Paul you speak of is this in its us institute poll that came out that showed dynamic or eighty. Has a seven point lead over. His is a competitor mark Harrison and by the way that that seven points is more than the margin of error in this poll you're you're you. You couldn't be here ready to jump that this one well without it the civet tell us institute has had a big change in management and their polling used to be. Pretty accurate but there this these this news seven task management is the same group that came out and said Robert passenger had a thirty point lead over Mark Harris in the primary which turned out to be total bull. So I. I'm kind of looking at this poll going well that percentage point may be but I I still have a lot of questions so which poll are you waiting for which one do you need to see. A lineup with this to put some stock in these numbers well I don't know I had that's a good question I say I mean like I say this is a small lead that dilemma crede has over Harris. McCready has not been out there that much he's not a household name I'm not fully sure Harris is a household name in like Robeson county. A man down near lumber and but. And on him I just I'm having a little trouble swallowing them. Poll from wait to see who wins the pole for LeRoy hole. There which you met the Rowe only yes the way to the rose up. I don't I know he's the guy really totally understand it's like what three quarters track and then. The and then you drive through the infield they go. And then make a left and right title left and an up and down the back on the track right at at a they should have to stop for an oil change from the very seriously hurt somebody like they can sponsor that they could sell that. When Seve and you brought the ninth district race into this but I do wanna get back to the whole RNC overall because I didn't hear from you and I'm curious. You do you think that there's any way that this the momentum could be stopped for the RNC in Charlotte at this point I don't. So I ID Q in the bottom line here money talks. I mean you're talking about millions of dollars nobody in their right mind is gonna turn that away and now. I can take that wherever you wanna take that but the fact of the matter is all of these people who are you know that live hate trump crowd and all the other crazy people. Thus the entire thing is it's it's totally disconnected from reality. Other the reality of the money and you know what's interesting about this the money a good part of this which are you about the hospitality industry. Where's a good part is my goal is going to lower income people so. I think key in the bottom line is when you get down to regular people say whatever you want about ideology. I the people or appreciate it the fact that. They're going to get money and we're talking about. I mean let's be honest here we're talking about people with money freeing money. Nobody in their right minds and it turned out that money that arrow wire we the only city didn't foreign. I mean that's the united assignment there I got into fairly animated conversation with a guy yesterday who. Just was insane. But. You know he was kind of play in the what if game I think that's for some of the concerns are what if this does speaking of fifteen years ago what if this does turn out to be Chicago. What if this gets to be so contentious with our politics since you have left and right in the streets and again as to be that and you can't read you can't live your life and fierce so I don't think that's a legitimate reason to stay in your name it. But I do think it's adjusting nobody would turn on the money. But an awful lot of people have said I don't know whether we're gonna pass on this one talked to us and 224. And your point you know I think a lot of what drives us Charlotte. Is every since I've been here is this desire to be this. World class city imperial and I'm saying it's Paris every minor certainly hasn't until late so. We graduate we wanna jump on every single one of these opportunities we don't wanna miss a single one of them because it's it's part of our path to getting there wherever there is. So I mean if you're Cleveland if you're Atlanta if you're these. Don't care about this stuff they don't need plus pseudo Egypt via Lyle could be the next transportation secretary. She plays her cards right she might meet. Would you would you put it past Donald Trump to do something like that not necessarily. Although the Democrat thing might kind of work against her. And we'll look I went to Cleveland for the last Republican Convention and there was all this talk. About the protests are gonna happen there are people gonna have to work hard hats and I remember going there think and well you know I'm gonna be I'm going to be at a hotel outside the city M and have to go in a map to walk for awhile and I did and I had to walk for a while before I even got inside the perimeter. But the in the mount of protesting eighth they couldn't get anywhere near the entrance to the Quicken Loans Arena. Which is where that was in addition the DC meeting here the protest thing was was a non starter for Cleveland now you can flip that around and say OK well Charlotte. Is has a little bit different set of circumstances because we do you have September 2 years ago there is a precedent for some some some you know violence and some. Protesting here in Charlotte so we've seen it before but as you rent related to a convention. PI there's a different kind of a whole different kind of security when it comes to a convention and yet we do know something about this too because he had the DNC here. But we're watching the country's biggest more divisive by the day you just wonder when is that gonna boil over in the hope is that it doesn't boil over Charlotte, North Carolina in July or August 22 wanna and to your point. Donald Trump now is a different. Set of circumstances. And stirs up a different set of emotions for people who. You oppose him then then he did back when he was can't or he was an insane idea and hours a reality. Well he even as we speak they're talking about a 600000. Protesters showing up in London. For him. So yeah I mean there is a scenario where you could think busload after busload after busload of protesters could come to Charlotte look at what they think he's up a couple of days ago he considers the World Cup yeah. I'd say that. So yeah it it's going to be fun to cover him are you guys have a good.