46. GOP to CLT, Trump's Definition of "Would"

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, July 20th
Bo Thompson, John Hancock, Mark Garrison, and Vince Coakley talk about the RNC coming to Charlotte, President Trump's turbulent week following the Putin summit, and more.

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Welcome to WTT. So I remember. It didn't back to when we started this thing how long it took us to come up with it. The names which I don't know we have the same he actually shows it or it shows us. But view of moral is WBZ the podcasts right on the navy navy Hancock we should. Not only Angelos the article at Tupelo civic cinder. The Democrats avenues slogans you. For the people. Which originally that he expects or there it is podcast for the people there to add to this say it would two years to get the coin someone called the founders I think this is plagiarism theft. I haven't they don't have it copyrighted yet this could be my last broadcast consequently I'm thinking of starting a business were reproduce a cheaper blue hats from China this thing for the people in the front empathetic if so other other the runner ups the other end of names of all there was apparently one that judges that every minute to the vote just does not resonate with the voters a better deals. Which should it could be for the bottom of the deck role we know that that we can and potentially new deal. Well the Democrats trying to figure out. A slogan and all the focus around here has been on the Republicans in namely 22 money. Austin really like excess. Yeah BS site selection committee on now Wednesday it was interest in the hit the the vice chair of the county Republicans here and down from Mecklenburg County went down there and gave that room full of committee members Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the guy who's the chair of the committee civilize prefer. But how can but I still like show our blocked. So I mean it's a done deal and via Lyles wouldn't be flying down there later in the week if it were not a done deal soon. I still think she'll address the delegates by the time we go to yours you know I would imagine that that she wouldn't although we were talking yesterday I was talking yesterday about Larkin Eggleston. About the heat that he's taken on line welcomed our world just by the way affect and talk radio so much easier before the Internet but. He's taken a lot of heat and they say threats. Yeah an iPod Touch are only gonna that's not the left the left wants to wants to help everyone they can certainly they can't. But another part of that is one of the concerns about bring in the aren't seated town is that it can be violence well that wouldn't be all right. Protesting the GOP what that would beatle left. These are Democrats who were threatening him to the point that he had to have a cop car parked in front of his house. The group no RNC and CLT. Posted on its Twitter. Feed this to Eggleston quote won his 2017 primary by only 432. Votes. Or six point 52% of total votes perhaps we should remind him of that I'm well today. And he's he knows the way she is that hey if I get two years and I'm out I'm get two years an armada in other words his whole life is not necessarily. Being on City Council and a writer Bradley all of a may be finding out that the position is a little bit. More personal and what they thought it might be. Well and not only that I touched on this on my show yesterday briefly. But I've been thinking about this so much talk has been about the trump convention the second trump the reelection convention. And all these are all the focus and Charlotte's been on the City Council members debating this past week. You know a Tony nineteen comes before twenty Tony does right and there's no way we don't know we're talking about a guy who is actually admitting that. Maybe he's an A maybe he's going to be a one termer because of this hit the people have anything to say about you know Larkin but who we know what the makeup. Of the city councils actually going to be in 220 and you know to a further degree and I think it's pretty safe to say that Trump's going to be the nominee but you never know every this last week. With national headlines and prudent so who's to say that I mean we can get to 220 and things could be a lot different on paper than they are right now. Well and I got to tell you this love affair we've had with. How cute it is that we got to all these millennial on council I think yeah we're about to figure out that says they haven't done us any favors. I remember when they were all sworn in the dead dregs who's the oldest child councils have would you young guys rock. No I don't think they rock as saying they've proven to be kind of childish and. Mature. They may be. You're still a blue city and I think they're Phil Mullen feels like home and the flow will tell millennial sura. Are probably where the power structures going to be going forward so that's his I don't know it to some extent I mean I am I I'm with you in some regards but in some other regards in kind of glad there's a young influence on that we're not the same mold staid old. Stagnant. Politicians that have been no bought out by a lobbyist years ago. Oh I agree I I'm not anti used but they did this particular batch of young guys we seem to pick they'd they seem to be really stuck on themselves they wanna put their mugs on social media and sell fees and tweed alive and without any really substantive thought it seems to me and you know maybe they'll grow into the position over the next year or so but it's. As it has Bo mentioned it will soon be time to start running for re election well there may be the keyword influence because may we won't be this match yet but I'm sure what they have done and to to John's point as well. What they have done this youth movement has probably influenced another set of youth yeah that are watching this saying I wanna get in on the scam. Yeah he may be right about retirement torn each one in you don't really know where we're going to be you know politically or whether or not to trump will be the candidate or anything but I mean. Think about the positive aspect of us some of that as well one of four on stronger ground from a trade standpoint what do we do have some forward movement on North Korea or as. I mean if you start play in the what if game and you start given trump a little bit of creditor for maybe having some successes. He can be a stronger position than ever. Well and and look you can absolutely turn it the other way and and I've also speculated much about net on my show what does a second trump convention look like I was that. The first trumpet contention at half half half I was at the first one in Cleveland. And I can tell you that it was a really strange environment because you had a lot of people there. That we're on the trot bandwagon I'm not convinced all the people that were there then. Thought this thing was gonna ride all the way through the and I can also tell you that so much of the mainstream. Traditional Republican Party was not there Adam Scott Vail was there and and and and you know and then the big flap during that that week was the Ted Cruz. And president trump or candidate trump confrontation but. This time around John to your point. Drums gotten some things done and trump may get a lot more done and who's to know. Where will be by that time it may be well into. Hug too good to answer president trump and if it is I wonder how the Charlotte two point one A convention will differ from Trump's first convention round repel. Consists stepped in line with him because this year major nod to measure not on board with trump junior anti Republican right now I'm very good change on a dime two but. No matter right now he is the Republican Party really like it or not. And it's interesting I just spent some time on the phone would Jeff be gays who is the national security correspondent for CBS news he's out with a book. This week call comp from matte which is the Russian word for compromise. And he spent a lot of time talking to intelligence guys who say that that their real worry is. The integrity of the 20/20 election because the Russians have. Swiped or monkey with far more sets of voter rolls then he says has been reported. And he said the potential for throwing chaos and to the election is pretty great. Which I've found I've you know we haven't heard a lot about that I thought that was in I think you guys are wrong according to prudent everything he says everybody smile I have no reason not to believe Putin. I would. So that's a good time to move over here and and talk about trump and gruden and the week that it has been because. Hi daylight that that summit on Monday it really wasn't the summit it wasn't press conference after the summit talking about the summit and attendant president trump. You know days in each progressive today. Clarifying. What was said and what wasn't said at all senator around where he said he misspoke during at the joint presser. I meant to say there was no reason it wouldn't be Russia. Have but behind election meddling in he said the word woods instead of wouldn't the time now again. Pretty weak I'm sorry it's a pretty weak when you're standing there are sitting next to vet him president of Russia you say one thing and then you come back home and say another. That's. I'm sorry it's an area and that was the whole. That it is in essence that was the whole dilemma of the press conference. So Newton today changed horses. On the way back good and Air Force One and I. I I think it's pretty weak and I still think the most telling moment of the entire press conference was some reporters said. Did you want it entered directed to question the prudent and Sid did you want trump to win and did you put resource is to bear to make that happen and he said yes yes. And he said the reason he won a drug to win was because he would normalize relations but that mean and brought resources to bear to make it happen I mean that was like an O wow moment. Instead they explanation I've heard from some people is that he probably did want trump to win for the very reason that he has is because to some extent he's alienated some are allies and his 'cause to. The confusion your confusion there and chaos and so on and so forth so that's exactly what to what Russia probably wanted. Somebody called yesterday want to know why they would prefer trump over. Clinton I think that's exactly the reason why is because it's going to be tumultuous it's gonna stay tumultuous another like that on the other hand. If you don't. Get hung up on what he said and you look at some of the policies he's an active. There are things that he is doing that does is not helpful to Russia so sometimes you got and don't listen to what they say watch what I do. Half a and the other you know this may sound like a night eve questioned but when we talk about Russia wanting to sow chaos and discord. What's the advantage of that to them what what what is the in game what do they gain out of creating a lot of turmoil in American politics and I'm not sure I know. Power thing Joseph I mean to some extent doomed. You've ever window when no gore ruined a good win Reagan centered on this wall in the Cold War ended and all that kind of stuff. Everybody kind of took a collective exhale and thought okay man piece for us here because we all grew up with Russia be in a bad guys the general guys and all the sudden Russia had pretty much just been disposed of and I think will cut. And well guess who's back. And just who brought him back then it was gluten and it is Russia and they are a factor and we so I think all of that plays into exactly what they've we'll want it all just. And in walks Vince Coakley. Events actually goes from one podcast to the other so he he's multitasking he's like the king of podcast and not that that's that's that's that's why makes all that money pretty nice to look north straight out ask there Uga. So here's what you locked into. I'll give you two choices as to what we've been talking about and he could probably name on the very quickly. Let me yes here we're talking about convention yes. And are talking about it. Candy VMware immediately. My I'm the guy and the White House oh yes yes and and Brescia would vs wouldn't send just got out of this one's I'm sure Erica I figured you guys have been talking about debt and I was about to ask the question to the room. How many times have we comment on this podcast. And said well one a week it's been for president drama at the candy weather this storm and every time he has. Is there any reason to believe that what happened this week while as a big deal the made of it by. Even that members of his own party when what is there any reason to believe that this is going to dent in him and anyway until it's insisting about this just last night I was listening to me nether action this was a national broadcast and this particular broadcast they were. They were the spent the whole program thirty minutes. We remembered the video that was supposed to be the end of the campaign. We talked about grabbing woman by. Blame Korea and they went back to that. Moment because the point was at that time. There's this idea that this is the end this is the one thing that's going to bring Donald shut down and they're making the point and tying it to this week. This is another example of there is nothing and I think this ought to be the lesson out of this there's nothing that's going to be dubbed big wind it's not going to happen. And so I just I just laugh I just laugh every time I see this in here this because. Ultimately. And this is what I think is sad about where we are in this country you've got this polarization around a person. And you know people reflexively are going to defend them and and then you've got other people who are going to demonize the man. And you go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. And there's a point where I I just. It's maddening but but the bottom line is two to your core porn into your question. This just dies down until we have been next to it that's how it happened spoke. If somebody has naked pictures of trump with the Putin's girlfriend that I think that brings him down or with prudent. I don't. Employee UCL weight room. Have you seen the latest cover of time magazine. Time magazine's cover this week is take a picture of the face of trump and Putin morphed into one yeah. Age and you don't know a whole other story is a trump forever to. Leave office what would time magazine do. The Internet to go back they had actually have real red regular covers again. I'd love to know the numbers on attendees featured him on on their cover. But. Going back to. Gone back to whether he Weathers this storm before you get in the room events I was asking. The guys and we were talking about what the 20/20 convention. Might look like and I brought of point what you know everybody's talking about. The truck convention and the and the Charlotte City Council assembled as the the way that it is right now there's an election locally before. Twenty twining and then of course there's. Well what happens leading up to this the presidential election there's no guarantees that. Any of these people that are sitting on City Council now wolf will be there most of them will with some of them may not. And now you may have played like mark said last week Braxton Winston may run for mayor. Arc for cart may run for higher office these guys love the limelight so stands to reason they might seek something higher so you don't know what's gonna happen here. I wonder. You know I may not be that anything takes trot down but does trump. And I know this sounds kind of outlandish because I think he likes being the president. But you know trump at some point may. He gets sick of all the barbs and although the backlash and say I'd you know I don't need this anymore I can't imagine that but that's that's also something that conceivably as possible no. Let's get real here we have to consider something really important and I hear this conversation all the time winner we talk about the mid terms. Between now and November is an eternity. And that's the reality in the political world are a lot can happen between now and even the November elections we're talking about lot's happened since now on last week yeah assess that we're talking about another two years. What can. What's gonna happen within our economy what's gonna happen globally. There's so many moving parts here that I think it's very presumptuous for somebody did think they know. What's going to happen I think who knows what twenty Tony may look like it may be a totally different picture and and I daresay it. Could there be some disappointments there's so profound. That we have a serious challenge. For the Republican nomination I think that. I don't rule that out as a possibility that would make Charlotte very interest. Well we don't know I don't believe we know where the DNC is going to be here they have made that announcement but even more so. 73%. Of Democrats according to air poll that came out this week. 73% of Democrats want a fresh face as a torn into any nominee and I think that's equally. Fascinating question right now is. So what if that is trump or not trump who is this that the RNC. Opposition going to be. In point one had an answer really the Democrats don't have anybody that just jumps right out at you as a as a while person and there's been some talk in the last week Hillary you'll go forward again. Right and this Rasmussen report poll. Says as are 73% of likely democratic voters right now believe their party should look for a fresh face to run twenty Tawny. By comparison. When Clinton was the presumptive nominee ahead of 201636%. Of Democrats said we need a fresh face so I mean who is it I mean Biden is mentioned. Hillary like you said has come up again recently Elizabeth Warren G Bernie Sanders outside of that we get. Oprah. When I mean and and and and Democrats say trump so I mean how far fetched is that really. Even though she says somebody in our staff that particular celebrity was that you both. I didn't I might let events actually predicted that I still think it's gonna be some area heard somebody say this week I think good that they think that the Democrats a run a celebrity I think that's about where we are full I don't think they -- choice. I don't leave them a choice nobody wants city of these people. I mean and and that you know with someone with the skills the Donald Trump pats and the age whatever you think from the man's got skills in terms. How do you how do you maneuver billions of dollars of free media coverage and you know I'm saying. Do you think any of those people on that list you read do you think any of them. Have any clue or even have any I mean. Only only help. And change the direction just a little bit we were talking about change by the time we get to twenty tornadoes fascinating article in Thursday's Charlotte Observer. By healer a puppy like port TO about the changes since 2012. Up to today just GO great just from is of development and growth and everything factor the city has. You when you really read that in a look at you see what we've done in just eight years yeah. A fascinating and hotel and then it kind of project sister you know how many hotel rooms in new hotels bohemians on this the other will be here by the time that they have convention rolls along but. They just exhibit that's eight years is. Are really long time for a city like Charlotte. The the main buildings are still the three's main buildings but boy everything else is completely different. Do you have a lot of people living uptown now. More. Ben venue has been through will be inconvenienced by the inconvenience your your convention and or violence and or whatever and they are not going to be happy about that well and as you listen to the public forum on Monday. There are the people for. The convention there are the people against the convention for political reasons and then there was the group in the middle that said I'm for making money. And I'm in the hospitality industry or I work in some capacity in uptown where. You know eat when you guys come in here here's how it's going to affect me and to that point there are more people in that category now I think had them were in 22 well. I just took Norah O'Donnell access my coffee Coke or Augusta yeah taller I don't know. One of the things that didn't when he twelve was tied this kind of hung out all day interviewing. Whoever I can find on the street most of it most of them are delegates yet but dead and there's just get this kind of aside at the very end where's that hey there's Al Franken. And you walk up beside him. And at that point the novelty was say there's the senator that used to be on SNL and it's big and that really. That echoes just what you all said how much can change in eight years well. We don't even need to have that Al Franken discussion do we should area. No although he's there will be news. I think traced your break.