5 Hidden Ways to Fix Cholesterol

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, August 18th
Dr. Ernst discusses how to make sense of your cholesterol numbers with natural solutions.

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Again our host doctor Aaron our style of the fact he does it mean today a little while commute you're watching us alive FaceBook stream it FaceBook dot com slash doctor Ernst. Maybe you're listening to give radio through eleventh an AM 93 app Tim thanks for tuning and maybe your stream announced on Debbie BT dot com where you're listening to us through our podcast however you found us a little while meets today. Love that you're here you're learning today about it really hot topic. And it's a controversial topic in the idea that what if cholesterol. Actually could help you to heal. And the medical approach have always lowering cholesterol what if that's actually causing. More health issues to develop. Not just things like heart attacks and stroke but what it actually means to an underlying metabolic dysfunction. That's creating other health issues that you might not even know are going on. We the a lot of times. People who take high cholesterol medications they often have diabetes they have fired if they still end up with heart issues on here today to tell you. That's cholesterol is actually your friends. You should know everything about it and I wanna give you fives sort of hidden ways. Actually manager cholesterol naturally. Today instead of taking medication instead of doing. Some sort of strict dietary. Cholesterol fixing protocol which has the wrong approach of lowering your cholesterol numbers. What if instead we go after the reason why your body is reacting to reacts. Those who listen my show for any length of time now. My philosophy is the bodies both to heal by itself. You should be your own doctor and we need to ask deep question. I was listening to a conference. Recording from Tony Robbins because he is. Of course you know he teaches people how to break free from limiting believes he teaches you how to jump to the next level can be with healthy Buick well the commute your business. Think of him is like sort of a motivational inspirational kind of coach. And one thing a really good coach will do is he'll help to ask the right question. And I was listening to wanted to seminars where he was answered a question as to why it's so many people struggle with their health. And his response lies because you're not asking the right questions. On the even example of this why is my cholesterol high. That question. In abused an answer that you're gonna have to figure it out well and so it could be. I don't have the right diet I'm not exercising enough what he called to attention was the idea that all of the answers are from the negative connotation. You're not doing this you're not doing that you should be doing this eccentric that your. So what his approach was a public transformational is instead of saying why is my cholesterol high which asked the question. What can I do to lower my cholesterol naturally because it inherently brings about it answer is delivering a solution to the problem instead of further problems while you're not doing this or not doing that in your not not not not. And all that knots are gonna develop weapons whose idea that I don't have control over this. Because everything that is requiring meat do something is beyond what I want to do beyond what I'd like to do and honestly had no idea that. So what if we ask the right question often it says that eight problem. Is merely an unanswered question. And if we look at the idea of the problem today. We have lots and lots of heart disease we have diabetes running rampant with obesity climbing like crazy that's the problem. Now we need to ask the right question and to meet the right question would be answering the question of watt. So if you're someone listening today even taking cholesterol drugs the last thirty years you need to ask the question. Where is this coming from. Why hasn't my body shielded by itself. Why is the medication with being pushed on to me is there another way and here to answer this question for you there he would. But it doesn't just apply to cholesterol of the guys understand it. If you've been taking is that. Which is for cholesterol in taking statin Lipitor another stat if you're taking bites Warren's in this and all the given drugs for cholesterol as we need to ask the question. Why do you habit. What about blood pressure same thing about diabetes same thing about pyrite same thing because understand from a holistic global perspective. Your body is designed to heal by itself. When it's not doing something it will present a problem. But the answered needs to be not covered up. Not hiding it that trying to push the problem to decide and make your lap as the good but going to your doctor per say. And asking for prescriptions in major numbers you get it learned today that when we've done that with cholesterol we made more problems. And we actually have not solved the answer which is we're trying to reduce the heart attack incidences heart disease rates everything else. You know it would always frustrates me is. When I ask someone who especially coach with with their help something that affect. Why are you taking this that they almost always say because my doctor says and at risk for heart disease. And this is gonna help me to not have heart. Now I try to burst this bubble by going deep into the ether. Did you know that they're science that actually says most people that have heart attacks. Don't have cholesterol levels that would indicate a heart attack happening. Translation. There are plenty of people I'm gonna read from a national study that was published it in the use the only. Archives of research. The national study now shows 75%. This and this 75% of people hospitalized for heart attacks. Had cholesterol levels that indicate they shouldn't have had a heart attack. Specifically the patients had altered low levels of the LDL cholesterol what you would say is the heart attack causing cholesterol. The majority of them. Half for the participants had optimum levels of LDL cholesterol. Which makes you wonder if high cholesterol causes heart attacks how come the majority of people having heart attacks have normal or low levels of cholesterol. So we need to ask that question. We need to put into the universe if more people have heart disease with normal cholesterol that what's actually causing RT and again I'm gonna give you five sort of hidden ways. To manage your cholesterol dipped back under control by going after the root cause. Not by managing your symptoms and in doing Nat here's the beauty part of your body's gonna healed not just from cholesterol but for a high triglycerides high blood sugar high pressures. All the above and listen we have a commercial break coming up when it's third this excitement begins stick around you're gonna learn how to lower these numbers so faster doctors get shocked. And I've also inviting you Andy guessed it Indy three dinner seminar that hosting. On Tuesday September 4. 6:30 PM if you like join me for the dinner. Pick of the phone call right now 704906294704906209. Sportscaster actor shall appear back. Welcome back to listen to the half Sox earned salary host doctor Aaron Ernst and thanks for punitive on this beautiful day today. Haven't had widely discussed in regards to what if cholesterol is actually a molecule that you'll you what if everything you've ever been taught about cholesterol is wrong. And what it actually lowering your cholesterol is gonna make you sicker in the long run. At the top of the hour we talked about a relatively new article came now. You Google this type in this race most heart attack patients cholesterol levels did not. Indicate cardiac risk. It was published India used the only major newsroom. And now it says summaries. A report of a massive study that was done of the national study. Where they looked at the number of people that haven't heart attacks. And they wanted to see OK does the cholesterol level. Of what's going on their blood indicate that they should be having the attack happening guys this came as a shock. 75%. Of people hospitalized for heart attack during the study had cholesterol levels that indicated they were not high risk for heart attack. Meaning there LDL levels were within the recommended ranges or where you should be and not 50% of them were taking Staten. Though 75%. Of people fell within the target. Range what you're doctors trying to get you to get to by taking the drug. And it should make you go wait a second that's three out of four heart attacks in the United States where people that had normal cholesterol levels. Hopefully what's happened aside your mind as you're going hope what the heck causes heart disease then. And my five. Hidden techniques are fixed your cholesterol. Are there and to give you today are gonna share with you the actual underlying causes of heart disease and is something that no position necessarily is being talked. Because the powers to be big pharma the government you name it whatever sort of thing you wanna put on tonight. Does that once you recognize the cholesterol does not cause heart disease why would that be well let's just take a look at how much money is generated from cholesterol. Business now call it a business because think about how easy this is. You convince people annually to get test done. And now you set a number. That if your above this number you needed drug if you're below this number you don't need a drug so we start doing this and over periods of time we recognized well. We can change that number and thus we can get more people on medication it powers to give you a liberals like a short history here. Behind cholesterol in the United States. Did you know that for the longest period of time it used to be that your cholesterol was only a big deal with over 240. For a total. And we've really didn't panic until your LDL. Was pushing north of the like 2019180. In the eighties if you were a middle aged man and you and it's your doctor need to test and there was no big deal unless you were over 240 for total that we define the risk. That anything over 240 you'd need medication that we started prescribing cholesterol lowering drugs. And by about the mid ninety's we noticed that that the majority of people who were taking drugs that already been identified by that number. So what happened lies in about. The mid ninety's the suggestion was to start lowering the number and it became this new standard. That is now being challenged they should be 200. On LY two K to bring the threshold from a forty point. Drop down to 20240. Opened up approximately thirteen million. New consumers for a medication because before the defining factor of T get this drug or not. Was all based on a blood test. So by lowering the number we opened up thirteen million new customers Al bowl eligible for the drug. And that picks up approximately. Between one and five billion dollars of additional revenue. Now guess what's happening today here we are about to turn a quarter two year 28 when he it's been at least. Almost 25 years since we had any change it the numbers the new recommendation is to try to get you under 200. Now they're recommending something as low as a 180. And again was at duke it opens up the broad spectrum of the number of people who could be prescribed this medication. And listen I'm not here to try to argue. You'd necessarily need to stop your drug right now I'm here to argue you need to wake up to the historical information. You need to understand where that recommendation for the drug comes from. Indeed urged and the fallacies behind this. Even at the university of the like Harvard and Johns Hopkins all the main medical clinics. Dell still hammer into the doctors that are coming out fresh off the medical press. That down if you can't control someone Staten. Are so right to control their cholesterol levels by using it Staten then you can save them from having a heart attack. There were studies done all over that are advertising things like. Taking a stand and having your cholesterol levels in the normal range can reduce your heart attack risks up to 36%. We hear these numbers aren't as if it's down by taking this drug. You're lessening your heart disease risks and author on a number 364050%. I'm looking at an advertisement. For Lipitor which used to be. The number one prescribed drug in the United States only recently has another drug surpassed him which is sent Droid which of course is for thyroid medications. And if you listen to my show for any period of time where you know anything about basic holistic biology we know. That's a thyroid is directly intimately connected to liver function so often when you take a stat for a long period time. Your cholesterol there may be your liver. Your entire filtration process here metabolism inside your liver. So when you interfere with liver metabolism ultimately end up interfering with thyroid and its metabolism so for the last. 3040 years we've been playing around with our cholesterol levels in the state by taking Lipitor or crest or or any Staten drugs. And the downstream effect now today the brand new sort epidemic is fiery conditions again because it intimately connected to. Your liver function. So here we have this ad and I pulled in a posted these guys can theater on our FaceBook feeds. And it says that if you take Lipitor so it's an ad for Lipitor you're going to reduce your risk departed heart attack. By 36%. So blatantly there now a little tiny Astor ex again look at this stuff and underneath the ouster exit says. That's 36%. Is a result of the difference. Between the people who took Lipitor and the people who took a placebo which should be sugar pill. As though if you pulled the study what to find out ready for this is there was eight who percent. Incidents the case that there was a 2% reduction in heart disease it eats at gate sugar pill which is unique to think about. Eat sugar pills and you'll have a 2% reduction in your likely to have a heart attack and there are an 83%. Difference if you took Lipitor. Not ask you to do some basic math here. Is that a 36%. Increase in the like that you're gonna survive or not have a heart attack where did the 36%. Come from which is what they say is on the act. Take Lipitor and at 36% reduction in year heart attack risk because you're coaster will be normal. But we look at the study that reference in it from. It says 3%. A patients who took Lipitor and 2% who took. You know sugar pills that there's a 1% difference and somehow they pulled it to state 36%. Welcome to the world of miss stocking statistics okay now here's Rick is getting crazier. From 0% to 1%. 1% 2%. 2% to 3% which is numbers they had. Is 83. Spread and accents so from zero to three. While 1% as 13 2% is two thirds 3% use three thirds or one hole Rhine. So the difference between 2% 3% in their world is 36%. That costs because it's 13 of the way they are legally allowed to put on their ads that it lowers the heart attack risk by 36%. Which is again where that it should be 33%. Now we go with a look at the actual hard science of what's happening today we find that. There is absolutely. No connection. To having a normal cholesterol levels that taking a drug make your numbers normal and actually reduce your heart attack risks. To any percentage at all let's read from them famous medical doctors like doctor Ron rose dale MD. In other words I'm quoting from him. It has never been conclusively shown that lowering cholesterol saves lives by reducing heart attack risks. In fact large study showed that lowering cholesterol into the range of currently recommended. It actually correlated with an increased risk of total death not from heart disease but from other conditions. Specifically cancer. And so we have to look at these got a quote state off. When's the last time you what's your medical doctor and they ran your labs. And they didn't. Try to cram a stat down your throat I've had patients who have had 208. Total cholesterol medical normal 200 what they've been told. He got to take is that you're gonna have a heart attack that we need to understand hopefully I can teach you that the numbers themselves are meaningless. What you have to understand is the underlying risks for heart attack is not your cholesterol levels what are vacant. Well it's the five hidden ways to naturally fix your cholesterol. Because we need to understand that your cholesterol is a reflection of what's going on with the type health. So how do we reduce our heart disease risks well first of all we need to understand it's because of inflammation. Is because honestly more you or sugar reactions that it is your cholesterol reaction. So the first hidden away to lower your cholesterol is by reducing your fasting blood sugars. Down into the ideal range which in my world is between 65. In 89. That you can wake up in the morning and you could have a blood sugar Reid of 7972. 82 anything that's between 65 in 89 you have instantly. Lower your risk for heart attacks because we now know that sugar and inflammatory process that results from it. Leads to heart disease and guess what this inherently lowers cholesterol levels. Number 20 we need to understand that you or insulin level the amount of insulin in your body. Isn't just a trigger to how much sugar you have fluid around it's actually trigger the amount of inflammation. In the amount of difficulty you have with taking sugar attorney to energy. So you I if you have a hard time doing that you're gonna see that all the sugar that piles up. Turns into fat. Turns into triglycerides. Clogs your liver and because your liver naturally produced his cholesterol at all times. It's going to result in spiking cholesterol. Now here's the challenge I have yet to meet someone who either calls off the radio show. Request a console from our website or gets in touch with me by Google in my name or sand here I'd like to be a pace of yours ever have their insulin levels tested. Even diabetics well what's your insulin level I have no idea doctor okay. Insulin is something you can test you can request for it and the insulin numbers should be between two and six and here's the trick. Most diabetics. They inherently assume most of high cholesterol etc. assume that there insulin levels are low that's why they're sugars or hide Klestil I'd because we're not converting it. But will we see is what's known as a negative feedback loop we actually see your insulin levels are exceptionally hot. And that high insulin level creates inflammation. In the inflammation creates well into the arteries the vessels and veins. In fights and oxy data process. Of the cholesterol that you down naturally have flown around. Third step of naturally fixing your cholesterol as sort of a hidden techniques that most people know about. It's not pay attention to your total cholesterol but the look at the amount of back did you actually having your blood. Your triglyceride. Relationship. Is more important than your actual cholesterol numbers because triglycerides of that it's also sticky making create inflammation. In did tell other areas where we come back from an ex commercial break I have two more hidden ways and they were gonna go down into how do you 62 d.s. I Sebring nasty shooters now what do you do for your insulin how do you affect your triglycerides and if I can shift your brain away from your cholesterol numbers to the actual cost. You'll naturally skier cholesterol levels drop your sugar dropped. If your blood pressures drop this sort that's why I'm inviting you that if you like to come out to eat with me you can develop a whole health program. Let me take you out to eat on us on Tuesday September 4. I'm inviting you and aghast at dinner with me seven afford 9062094. The number. Aussie guys just moments yes our church that we got back. All right hey thanks to Daniel was in gas dock turns itself. I mean those stocks are nerds love that you're here today just a reminder to those few who aren't streaming or listening in on line. You can always head over to FaceBook dot com slash asp dot turns we have lied videos that we broadcast every single week. What's nice about the life videos that you can comment directly with me during the commercial breaks. Like I just with talking to a couple people. And them. Yet a number one question I get is you know. Especially specific to this topic what do I do about this have been taking stats for so long how high cholesterol my sugars are off my triglycerides are off. I don't know if you guys recognize this it's really difficult to pass him medical tests today. And there's two reasons that won your health is definitely off part you need to fix some things. We needed detox need to clean and our diet we need to work on our micro by Amare digest of system. Some of you just need to clear out they interference is in your body either electrically with your nerve system. Or realistically with like beating acupuncture doing yoga Pilates. There are so many techniques that you have. To bring a level of health back feel. That's one way he does deathly need to start working now. But number two it's recognized head unfortunately these tests are somewhat designed for you to fail them and that's the topic our show today in regards to cholesterol. So we know that over the years cholesterol levels than normal have been dropping significantly over time. We know that back in the seventies and eighties for example if you were middle aged male or female and you went your medical doctor. And you got to test run you would probably pass. Because cholesterol used to be not a big deal until you were over 240. And then it became 200. Now it's becoming 180. That the numbers are lowering the because that's the easiest way. If you try to teach you that while we're really going after help we're trying to make you healthier but we're really trying to get you on more medication. And we live in a world day where the average person knows. At a medication is something that's not good to take we know that it causes harm to the body we know that it's not something we've won again onto. So question now I should be asking you is what they wire you taking. And when I talk to people either through FaceBook through the radio show or through the console that I do almost everybody says spot I don't know what else to do. What is a way to lower cholesterol without taking a medication. What am I supposed to do dock so I wanna give you these five natural hidden ways to fix your cholesterol. And we need just just take a moment and recognize. It actually gonna be a step away from cholesterol. In focus on the very root cause. And if I had to summarize eight root cause for the majority view is the amount of inflammation in your body. It is the fact that even though you're not diagnosed as a diabetic. You have a very high likelihood. That your sugar regulation. Your insulin response. Your triglyceride. Relationships. And a size. And shape of your particles for your cholesterol are off. So what are those five things number one you are fasting blood sugar is directly related to the relationship of how your liver works. And because your liver produces cholesterol if your fasting sugars are. Off the normal pattern you're gonna have higher than normal cholesterol levels what is a normal fasting blood sugar wake up in the morning. You haven't had anything to eat for at least eight hours. And you should be between 65 and 89. Now you might argue with me and feeble mind lab that they just went to the doctor which says it just need to be under a hundred. Well at least under a hundred but if we let's talk functionally normal 6589. Never too. Your insulin levels which you probably never had tested are a direct reflection of the amount of inflammation in your body. The more inflamed your higher insulin starts decline because in one's job is to get sugar through the cell. And when your cells are inflamed sugar can't get through your body produces more insulin to try to force it through. And so will we look at is a relationship of if you have slightly high sugars. And you have a slight elevation in your insulin now you have an underlying cause of inflammation. That is creating the elevation in cholesterol. What did your insulin levels be between two and six. What doc I've never had been tested. Time to go ask for that time to seek out a provider who tests the correct thing. Triglycerides. Will be tested you guys have had this level tested. And the unique thing is they often tell you we'll take a Staten to lowered triglycerides. When in fact regrets right themselves are the fact in your blood. And they don't have anything to do directly with. Your cholesterol. They are separated it's the actual amounts of fat cholesterol is date sticky sort of waxy molecule. That's actually a precursor for all the hormones your body. So when we measure triglycerides were measuring more direct reflection of him you burn fat for energy to get so we tend to the with a slightly high sugars. We feet slightly higher insulin. We see slightly high triglycerides. And you're being told you're gonna have a heart attack. Take a Staten drugs yet as I mentioned before at the top of the hour 75%. Of people who are happening heart attacks. That are in the hospital right now for them have normal cholesterol levels Y because were not paying attention to the actual underlying causes. They sugars the insulin that triglycerides. And now the big when it is starting to become something more people are talking about. The size of your cholesterol particles. So again. Getting your total numbers read how to be high. Not significant enough for you to be labeled as a heart risk patient but medically it is because we can prescribe drug. Have you ever had your particle size tested do you even know the size of your cholesterol particles. Why is it's so important might it give you an analogy equal to that of likes date traffic. So let's look at it from this perspective. We have lots and lots and lots of people would say we have 101000 people. And we need to all get to our jobs that we all hop in our 101000 cars we all get on the highway and there's a congestion because there's so many cars. The now we have 101000 people but we all take a bus they can hold a hundred people each how many cars are on the road. The math is simple a lot less than the 101000 individual cars so the larger. You get this your cholesterol particles. The more you can hold in one box that costs less congestion less plaques less clogs. The big. Issue for a lot of you is you have elevated sugars triglycerides insulin and you have a lot of little tiny particles. But because they're not being tested you don't even know that it's happening. And so if you could increase your particle size which shall teach entity that. And you can lower your sugars which a teacher to do that you can bring your triglycerides downloads a teacher idea that you'll naturally start the year levels. Start to. No normally not just with your cholesterol but you'll see you'll start burning fat. You'll start becoming more energized you'll start losing weight you'll start feeling great. Your pressure will drop your sugar will drop your cholesterol drop and it requires absolutely no medications why. Because your body is in neatly designed to take care of itself when you go laughter cause and effect how to we lower our sugars we need to start addressing our foods. How to be lower triglycerides we need actually start eating healthy fats. Not abnormal facts we gotta talk about this which is why my next segment when you guys come back from the State's worst break. Is the big one all the answers as to how to do this. But I'm given a call to action for those of you. Who are local or who would love to join me for a dinner seminar I would like take you out to eat and yes aghast bring someone that you know. On September 4 it's Tuesday about two and a half weeks. It's dad dad products are idea. Boiling pots and number right here is seven afford 9062094. All right now on Aussie guys just moments gas sectors that will be back. You're listening to gas sucker turns so I'm your host doctor Aaron Ernst had executed on this beautiful day love the fact you guys are paying attention to your health. This today health hour where you'd ask your questions we bring them with specific answers in last week or so I've gotten a lot of questions about cholesterol of all things. And it's a big topic especially for the average American because most of us are failing. Our general health check ups that we go to our doctor annually we get a blood test run and the number one thing that most people. I have to deal with is my cholesterol balance my racist my numbers everything's off. And I spent some time at the top of the hour discussing this damn weird facts when you look at the science. Everyone is having a heart attack. According to the study 75%. Of patients in the hospital right now. Having heart attacks are getting their numbers run and they actually have near normal or less than the optimal normal numbers for cholesterol. Meaning there. LDL levels are less than 100. The total cholesterol is less than 200 yet they're still having heart attacks and sell it begs the question of is the best method to protect you from heart disease taking Staten where lowering your numbers if they're hot. And I'm here to tell you that actually it is not we need to look at the direct cause of heart disease which is not the amount or presence of cholesterol. Hopefully guys to understand this analogy. Just because a virus is flowing around in the air and you inhale it doesn't mean you get sick. Just because you have say for example. Access to. An infectious disease that say bacteria is spread in the air you don't inhale it gets sick viruses to make you sick accurate as an acoustic. The weakness that you had in your immune system's ability to deal with those. Is what makes you sick so to say a virus causes an illness or bacteria causes the disease is actually incorrect it's the inability of your body to fight it off. He CD analogy to save a cholesterol causes heart disease is and it is a policy. It itself cannot create heart disease why while for several reasons number one cholesterol is a normal molecule that your body makes. At regular rates it is a precursor hormone for all other hormones your body so testosterone comes from cholesterol. Sodas estrogen progesterone sodas court result that is DH CA. Cholesterol is a very needed nutrient for all function within the human body. Your brain needs cholesterol your cells need cholesterol your life needs cholesterol. So we were to bring someone's cholesterol levels to zero. Not only would we kill them but they would die from all sorts of organic its functions. And this is what's so unique about when we look at tape for example heart attack risks rates and things. We are being told that if you lower your heart or you you lower your cholesterol or year. Now blood pressure and you take a stack and you take a blood pressure medication to bring everything into normal that you would be protected. Yet there are several famous medical doctors won a few whom I quoted or their and they quoted again. Doctor Ron rose stale MD says. In other words it is never been consecutively. And conclusively shown that lowering cholesterol actually save the life. In fact there are multiple large studies that show lowering cholesterol into the normal range that is currently recommended. It is correlated with the increase risk of death. Not from heart disease but from stroke and cancer and other conditions that developed by having too low of cholesterol. So I'm answering several questions that were sent in to meet during the last week on what is the skinny behind cholesterol that. What should we really know about it and how could we find some hidden ways. To naturally lower our cholesterol levels and at the same time get a Big Bang for our buck. Lose some weight normalize our pressure normalize our sugars and led our bodies heal by themselves because that's what they are designed to deal. So our five hidden ways to fix your cholesterol levels is by addressing the underlying root causes of the elevation in the first place. And actually not trying to lower than number artificially. And look I have a little beef I was talking to a listener over the last break. And they were saying Nam Y take red yeast rice and garlic hot authority all these things. My numbers are good eye not on a Staten time protected again the idea is. God is great I like the fact that she doing that but if he stopped taking the garlic the Hawthorne the Cokie tender red yeast rice would your levels co op. Would they go to the normal range would you know what you're numbers are. And you know sometimes I love natural supplementation might trust me I'd rather you do that to take the medication but how many of us are taking. A supplement. Like a medication. Rather than going all the way down to the deep roots. And asking the question why is this happening to you in the first place. What we now know. Is that you were relationships of value process and handled the sugars that you consume. Is actually eight leading cause of inflammation in the body which is a leading cause of heart disease. And when you look at state for example someone has high cholesterol. They're rarely ever talked to about lowering their sugar levels lower in their insulin levels. Paying attention to their backs and their diets and things like their guts and their lifestyle but there's enough evidence that shows that if you have a leaky gut. You're gonna have to not only heart disease but you can have high cholesterol eking out I'm blazers. And where does the leak come from it comes from the damage that's created because of the foods that we consume that are irritating our intestines. In the American diet we're very high and wheat and corn and rice and soy and Oates. And processed carbohydrates. That things like fructose fructose corn circuit such. Every single one of those spikes your blood sugar spikes or insulin switches youth from a fat burner. To me sugar burner which is gonna make your triglycerides levels rise it will make your cholesterol levels rise why. Because you tend to need more hormones. To do more conversion process is because of the inflammation in the sickness illness disease and creates. So your liver starts to create more cholesterol. Actually try to help you to heal and to fill the big gaps in the holes in the intestines then you create more fats because that can fix things. And so what happens is you need the cholesterol to be pinned around faster so it will decrease the cholesterol particle size to try to get into the tissues that need it. And bear is the underlying root cause of why your cholesterol is high not because you're deficient in some Staten drug. Not necessarily because you have the genetic disorder but because your not addressing the underlying root cause. So what are the five hidden ways to make your cholesterol bounced back to normal immediately. Fix your fasting blood sugars fix your insulin levels by find out where are they if they're too high bring your fasting is sugar levels down so your insulin levels that come down. Deep crease the triglycerides. That amount in your body. Increase your particle size. And pay attention not to the total number but it whole picture the relationship. What are your ratios. Now this is where it gets a little tricky and it's hard for me he did this over the air or even through FaceBook which is why I really highly suggest if you or someone. Who's needing help you wanna get off medication for cholesterol for triglycerides. For high blood sugars for high blood pressure. If you have a high condition that you wanna get off that medication you're gonna need to help with this. And I would highly recommend them hosting a dinner seminar all of the seminars a host and really sell out within a week or two. Eager now and early bird opt in Tuesday September 4 is about two and a half weeks away from now. I'm inviting you any gas to join me foods included the meal is on me. And I'm gonna show you exactly what numbers you need to know about what testy figure it and the best part of it. I mean it teach you how to actually fix this by yourself. But I need to know if you join me Qaeda haute via restaurant holds off forty people I've already had several people opt dating call in from the previous commercial breaks. Amateur this number out right now in case you've been listening you're going I'd like to do that delicate act on this. 7049062094. Is the phone number from my events line all you need is name phone number and email. And as long as you call in before we sell out in the dinner is absolutely free for you. Again it's on Tuesday September 4 6:30 PM at the boiling pot here in Charlotte seven afford 9062094. Now if you're someone out there and you're going to Okie doctors they get this I need to lower my sugars they re my insulin levels down and he dig deep crease my triglycerides. Need to increase might mine yeah particle sizes need to pay attention to my numbers not by total. But by relationship in ratios how much total cholesterol do you have compared to your eighth deal. Prepared your triglycerides which he won ST here is your HDL ratio should be half of your total. So it doesn't matter if you have a cholesterol of 2530400. As long as your HDL is half of that. The Viet total cholesterol 400 in Yemen HDL of 200 nude or pretty good. But if you have a total cholesterol of 100. Erased Rosalie thirty that you're doing terrible so this is why what we're now seeing is. Just looking at the raw numbers is not enough and that's why a lot of people having heart attacks with a good raw numbers. Now the what are some things we can do that within one said he would lower fasting figures increase. Our you know particle sizes deep crease our cholesterol decreased insulin and I think you know or I'm going with it is it is basically the arc of fast. When the easiest ways to lower your numbers. Is to stop putting things in your body that would naturally increase in the hope Israel is everything you eat if food is sugar levels go up. You're in the levels go up the paint on the kinds of food you're eating your triglyceride levels go up. And I senior never both eating seafood ever. No but most Americans consume anywhere between three upwards to six meals per day and we never giver body a chance of rest. You'd be amazed the amount of research that is out there showing if you can just start fasting. You can remove almost every known condition there was a gentlemen who won the Nobel prize in 2016 showing you can actually asked cancer off the human body. We have multiple scientists showing if you fast animals for periods time that are diabetic or are overweight. They get back into the normal metrics with and just matter of weeks. Now is it easy to take a mouse put into a cage control its diet now many eat anything yes is easy for media that same thing for you. No very difficult for some reason when I say the word fast everybody freaks out the second we say it. And that nice thing about fasting is it doesn't have to mean you don't need anything for 2436. Of forty hours. In through the world and intimate and fasting. Eagle get some of the podcast I've done in the past about that head over to my website asked doctors dot com you can find easy free information management and fasting. But I highly recommended if you're someone who has high blood pressure high triglycerides high blood sugar high cholesterol. You pay attention to the facts you put into your body. If I was gonna show you away in less than two weeks that you can bring your numbers down by forty to 50%. It would be start fast in skipping one or two meals per day. And start paying attention to the bat he put in tonight your body when you put in a vegetable based back. Corn or soy where vegetable oils you're going to increase your triglycerides and increase your cholesterol. Yet when you put in helped the plant base paths. Like olive oil and coconut oil. And MCT oil and grass fed butters listen to my show last week we get all about blotter in hockey picture pains he beats your help we can decrease inflammation. Pay attention to the foods you put in your body. It is high your body's work team. And your body will heal by itself if you need more information on how to pay attention to your body why don't you join me for the dinner seminar that hosting in a couple weeks. If you'd like to do that the number seven a four. 9062094. Against seven of four. 9062094. But for more information on ways you can heal yourself had a government website asked doctors dot com. You can even search for conditions specific topics. If you have cholesterol issues. Type in the phrase cholesterol. All the articles lode if it's that I relate to the same thing if it's diabetes it is same thing if you're at a point where you're going I'm really need help when someone is one in the right direction. Take up my offer for a free consultation phone call I'll speak with you directly. Ali and review your labs there's no cost at all I just need to know people like you it. Haven't heard asked doctors a common house you guys each and every week. Right here until next week thanks so much for joining. Us.