8. Predicting the President's Path

WBT: The Podcast
Friday, May 19th

Will Donald Trump last four years? Will he double down and serve two terms, all told? After a turbulent week... Bo Thompson, John Hancock, and Scott Fitzgerald predict the President's path. Plus, Scott breaks out his guitar.


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I hear myself therefore I lived. And and. And and. We'll live studio audience today. Get a house band. I hate doing the show from my clothes but I am. There cover charge today room yet buy me a beer and then Angel keep playing or stop playing Wear whatever you. Do it you may have played drums around security away for next week I thought I did runners along in case you guys decide to Borman today because of the attention span of Donald Trump. Like the Gong Show aren't then it's up and gets boring Scot starts playing it's Eliezer extra room is Pierce's voters are those who thought that employers like the Oscars when the music starts playing the end when you're talking with a guitar shaped like gears and so. Have been dread not cranked or where or good for about every third one in the garrison shows up before we take a bed every time yes and we've always one. It is the weekly podcast that WDT the podcast I guess is what we've arrived dead but it says Hancock. It's got FitzGerald is yours truly vote Thompson today. I don't know about you guys. I can't keep up with trumpeting more. Who can I assure you can't just figure of a paper. But it's outdated by the time I finish the pair. And that's exactly right. We were talking about this on I think it was Tuesday. I got through a different and varying stages of having the stuff caved in on me from time to time and Tuesday I just decided I was exhausted. And I do believe there's something to this onslaught from the left in the press and all of that stuff I don't probably believe it is fervently is the ardent of trump supporter does but I do believe that there's some. To their eyes and there's three investigations going on and there's nothing has come out of any of those yet and that doesn't mean mammoth found anything that just means we're not aware of anything yet. And so until I almost feel like go Ryan until there's facts. Com I'm started doing them every single day here's what the Washington Post did here's what does that I got an email yesterday. And it said depress onslaught against trump will not relent ever. Perpetual fatigue appears to be the tool of choice for the new deal legitimizing this administration. Here's my favorite part of this email. Death by a thousand cuts and so the speaker and that is kind of what we're going through right now and to some extent you either have to put faith in this guy. Arm and give him six or nine months to kind of see exactly what's going down or. Mom you are you're gonna be really frustrated because you're not gonna get him impeached not yet you're not. Well how much of it do you really think is self inflicted. I think a lot of it is easy does something and then he ends up screwing the pooch and then then there's something else for it. For the press to go after Miller got done it was within all of and to say that your exhausted or or fatigued by that the trunk. A coverage and in then what happens with Donald Trump every day the president. That doesn't mean that you're taking a side in this am I what I hear you saying and I I echo it completely John is this there's just so much stuff every day there's. There's a new something from somewhere. And I think. Part of the frustrating thing about trump and I think a lot of Republicans who say this is that. He just when you think things are starting to dissipate a little bit and go back to a bit of normalcy. It trump himself will tweet something that opens the door back up and a lot of times I I pull back and I say. I'm perplexed at why he would do that then when he's a loose cannon. Com and and maybe that's part of a strategy or maybe that's just part of his demeanor but he's a loose cannon and loose cannons can be dangerous and sort of those who say there's some potential dangerous and no my I think that's true you can just watch any political speech user's speech she's ever made. Arm and he goes off script a lot and he's not as good when he is off script and in fact if you'll remember the campaign. It was an Intel Kellyanne Conway and company got him on script that he started to move forward. I agree review on that. Schwartz I think there's a guy that wrote to the the art of the deal with him and he'd I can't remember who he was talking to but he basically said that day EE things trump is unraveling. And then he's completely in defense mode and everything he's doing is based upon defense. Because he takes everything personally is all about him he wants to be loved so much. And he always wants to win is not things are good and bad it's winners and losers and that's the only way that he looks at things and that's the only divide you know sometimes. A lead depressed and down a road they would never have ordinarily gone. But he puts it out there and sometimes I'm thinking to myself and other a lot of people out there who. Are waiting for this administration in this presidency to kind of settle down and settle into. The day to day activities of the president and and every time I feel like he's inching in that direction. Something else drops and a lot of times it's because he brought it to the table. It is for those Stephen mind we all tried to get to that hallowed 100 days now were are we now a 125419. Iron or we are but we're not that far past a hundred days. And it has been an onslaught from day one and you should have expected that this is. To a more drastic degree I think but this is exactly the way the Republicans Deirdre did the last administration. Not a percent I don't think he's surrounded himself with the right people with enough good people who are willing to stand up to image say no. And also who'd know how the system works in the he's got a lot of his insider's. Family members folks that have never been in this kind of political position before even in a political position. So the ends announced the protocols. Potential legal issues. He blows right by him and nobody is willing to say no anything they do say no like the masters when he's overstepped trump about the South Korean missile system. He apparently got his is sprinter. Size bigger. Well and then there's also weigh Twitter is is is such a central theme with all this is that I think. You know some of his there are people within his inner circle that can get to him and I think they have in some cases and you know advised him to pull back here pullback there. And yet I fully believe that you probably have some of those people. And at the White House who will say one thing and think he's gonna go one direction and then he'll. He'll just get you a spur of the moment. Ideas sentinel tweet it out before he says anything anybody and there's no. There's no filter for that that's the thing about Twitter that's changed everything people are gonna tell Donald Trump one thing but in the end only one person's gonna. Only one person can control Donald Trump and that's Donald Trump right. Think he is his own worst enemy alone skipped Picayune this year for second from this call me memo. This says or at least the press wants me to believe the New York Times in the Washington Post wants me to believe that trumped. Asked combing to drop. The Flynn Russia investigators got to go wah Diddy. He said I hope you can let this go. Were I mean you know I that it politics gets picking an issue with words all the time I'm not convinced that that's exactly what happened I'm not convinced that. He may have headed. Right but it didn't directly ask co leader dropped the Flint investigation he just what is cinemas be known. I think that's a big difference I think that's the way it should be reported as opposed to asked him to drop the Flint investigation I still haven't seen the sentence. That is absolutely. Defined that has happened. But to follow up on that did he do himself any favors by. Allegedly in many people are saying you can you can final language you know talking about you you better hope there are not tapes of our conversation. Does that winning many friends in mean Norman Vincent Peale includes friends and meet people order whatever elbows was. There's evidence that was there that was a warning or the golf one essentially do that'll lead to exactly what I it was to same thing with Sally Yates and we said to Sally Yates. I don't I don't consider that to be. Presidential I don't consider that somebody who is at that moment. Thinking about the consequences of what he's saying I think it's off the cuff such as boom and it's gonna knee jerk reactions why. Maybe it's as simple as being the difference between no big business and big government. Because I he can take that attitude when he's on the phone with those somebody trying to journal and dealer of this that are the other royalty or whatever the deal is so slow that that's the way he's used to doing business. Government here under scrutiny. And there's a certain way that it's always been done and when you get outside though. Lines people are gonna get their okay thanks a lot Jack Welch formerly General Electric was on record yesterday saying he's not a very good leader. And he needs to learn how to work with the bureaucracy. Which your your basically saying John is that he never had to do that before it was his word nobody else's were didn't matter who announced this kid in any number of ways but do you think he lasts this entire term. I do. Scott I think going to be squeak it over the finish line I think he's gonna go and kind of the problem be limp and when it's all said and done but I think we'll be smarter if he makes over and understand what. I say that I don't mean to say as it did is he going to be impeached or I don't mean to. To say one way other how he ends up not being in office I'm just saying you know they're people out there say that he he was elected president and now he's there and and maybe he'd. Finds Audi doesn't really wannabes the president do as much as he thought he did does. Does he resign on his own accord does he get impeached and does something happen where he's not the president. For the entire term that says so don't read this to mean that I'm suggesting that he's going to be impeached I'm just wondering. Amazed on the turbulence of this weekend. Where this is gone and Johnny said at the very beginning every day it's something. And and any state comes from a different place I just wonder. You know are gonna see a president tents before this is what. He's not gonna get impeached until it loses Ryan and McConnell. You know with the majority of them and what she get to the mid terms and there's just a disaster goes. The other direction well I think it's gonna depend on who the number one football team as. And the reason why I say that is didn't Clemson when the national championship. And their colors are orange and white. Donald Trump has orange here right or orange faced and pence has white hair. So if indeed trump goes away and all of a sudden we get pants with white hair we either need to blue haired lady or redheaded woman and there and then to be another university probably Alabama so that's what I think this sounds like a song you've written recently you know it's just a poem is not a song and it's a raiders when the Super Bowl we get to the -- at. Who's gotten forget the black and get this over so. I think is more college football that's Obama's wife here. Here's my theory I think he's getting Jared and evolved are ready to run in three and a half years I think he bows out after 40 he goes out the bad guy he's the one that did all the heavy lifting a mini vans in order son in law to. Whom. So that's what I think so but I think his ego is big enough to think that he can no served four years and handed off Jerusalem. Well and I thought that. He was headed towards. Creating the new. Fox News Channel we know what would be the conservatives but. With all the upheaval happening at fox and and as we speak here you know Roger Ailes. Passes away today unexpectedly in the Miller Riley's gonna me see what's happening with with Fox News Channel I thought. That if he he was either gonna win or we didn't win he was gonna consider it a win win because he's gonna partly all of this. The attention and this new platform that he has and you know take the Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity is an all the conservative giants and start his own. His own thing and and to that point if if you're right John and and trump only serves about one term and his family. You know. Follows him in politics eventually they all end with an owning that mantle. That Fox News once was but isn't anymore and somebody you with somebody's gonna gonna take that up and he certainly has the pockets. And the resources to to make it happen. Make trump TV if you take the politics in the money and everything kinda out of it is a fascinating. It's a fascinating life a lap salute where he came from Lori were phrased. It is marriages is kids is I mean. Billionaire. Golf clubs. Thoughts are relatively high marks can also mean it's it's and on believe. Bull story it absolutely remarkable which goes back to my question is sometimes the things that he does the tweets that he. Puts out there sometimes I think to myself hey. You won you're there. Some of these decisions that you seem to be making seem to be counter active to. You know furthering that that positive legacy that you want as opposed to always kind of stoking the fires for you know some of the media out there. And they're they are there are the ones that are waiting for him. And every misstep earlier wait for the next thing to happen they can pounce on and those people absolutely exist but their people out there in the media that did you fall fall more lines of but what this guy has done is remarkable. What concerns me is a weird word they get use and the word is ratings. How many times have you heard him say hey I get good ratings are Sean Spicer gets good ratings as a whole hold on a second here. We've moved beyond reality television and what you do. Affects me more than the old commercial break where I'll go take a leak you know what you do here actions you take have real bearing upon my world many this. Whole thing is. It's like the Truman show this is his whole big reality yeah that's that's what America keys for getting us that they are collected our reality show host to be president of the United States. And the other part that I was thinking about Asia as we're talking about the press I think they need to sign some sort of a decree or something among each other for only 10110%. Of their stories are ever allowed to use an unnamed source. Because that's the media today sources say. It just use sources say used to be used it and maybe I'm wrong but I thought he used to be used on occasion. When you couldn't name your source now it is your source club because it's all based upon leaks. You know as of right now it's it's all insiders supposedly who are given this information out and they would have their heads taken off. If if that were revealed I hear it yourself but I it also gives you the ability to make stuff up drew does but then it won't be reported on by somebody else. Some doesn't it starts in the post and then the times picks it up but the times won't run it. Supposedly unless they have confirmed through their own sources that the story is true. Women and that has seen little Dicey now too because it seems like your comfort notion sources are probably just as many Hoosier medias sources. Well yeah I mean there was a guy the other days talking about the other Seth rich deal was the investigator. And all of a sudden he's on TV. And he says one thing and then another TV station picks it up for another network picks it up and then he starts quoting that network in it was different from what he said originally. Well Mets had their I've said this several times on my show but that to me is the most frustrating part of the new technology you've got. Far and above more sources for information than we've ever ever ever even dreamed of and less chance of getting to the bottom accurate yeah information well and isn't that. What senator Burr said a couple of days ago when they asked him to react to. That the coming situation he said win you have a name when you have the face when you have an actual source. With a name attached to it give back to me but until then I'm gonna go about my business because I'm not going to be I'm not middle base all this on as you say John anonymous sources. I don't know if it's just me this notices lately or. It's actually happening I think it happened to you today it's happened to me this week callers calling in and chiding you. For something either not talking about right or. Short on facts about what you are talking about. I had a guy chew me out the other days. About somewhere talking about it may have been Chelsea Manning. And am. And and yet he had the I mean he's exactly right I was not standing there with all of the Chelsea Manning background in my in my head and shame on you. But today it is interesting because they're starting to hold it talk show hosts accountable. I think. Who it to more the norm with more regularity. Com NN that NN and actually you know way at first I wanna be hacked off when that happens. But then on it yet at some point you have to say to yourself well the guys kind of right if I'm driving down the road and I know more about what the hostess talking about. And he's not covered at that frustrates me. Quote you made a good point somebody called me the other day and it was what. The big story why are you talking about Rand Paul said that he was under surveillance by the Obama had this conversation better yeah I know that that was the one you were alluding to here it is like okay. All right great. What I would do it. What he wanted to do that story and is it a bigger story and everything else is going up or to just more important to you because it's the one that will help reinforce your echo chamber to make use continue to think. That everybody's out to get everybody that's in this particular good during that. That's where this job is tough no because if I don't go in ready to talk about Rand Paul. I can be stand there completely naked by that with a collar. And Andy Ellis and we've got to know a little bit about everything. And yes there are scenes that we key in on from time to time. But were all over the place and we do it 250 times a year yeah. So it's that's that's the hard part is that a listener can be single fascinated. And look and know everything there is to know about so and so subject. And we have to know a little bit about that subject but we also have to know a little bit about 93 other things that are going on the other. And to bear in mind is that it's our conversation. They they're part of it too we will have a conversation with a listeners. But we're supposed to be the ones that are our leading yeah we we I think we should take direction and go with some of the directions and they want. But we can't go everywhere because we didn't prepare for that have no I think and then there's me who's got a stop and check traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the ten I'm sorry I can relate him. And I rely on an every ten minutes and don't be late I thought we're gonna have you know these breaks of song during mr. Yemen bored me yet. Now I guess bored me is that a good thing or bad that on and chancellors at some stupid this and as an email isn't going to be a Mark Russell type of thing is it. Was he was Margaret do you ever Mark Russell. Remember Nancy Russell film Mark Russell was a guy that prey on Iran frustrated political. Concerts used to Wear those strong hadn't. And I was Mark Russell that don't leave BT's sponsor brought down torment my wife and really have come. I remember a country Joseph and the fish. And now Mark Russell is not put their level. I don't think he ever say give me an elf. Yeah. And atheism magazine like keywords were the us on and I'm working on them to do to try and guess by Syrian. Billy below can have discussion Waterloo. It's annoying. I'd like my check please have please attitude and I'd like to leave can only be a tipping QE Rocco that's a good place to end it is thank you fellas. FitzGerald Okaloosa for half half. Unknown. It.