David Chadwick
Sunday, October 22nd

tony Marciano form the Charlotte Rescue Mission joins David to talk about addictions, there effects  and how they assist people with them.


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick it's his eleventh in 993 WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know. This is a faith and values program that tries to intersect different issues in our world and our culture through the lenses. A faith and values it's always a pleasure doing the program thank you listeners. We're joining me on a weekly basis also thanks to my friends at done not on Providence and Ruth Chris steaks and also. Gary's fine jewelry and sponsor the show just appreciate so much you'd taking the opportunity to sponsor this faith and values show. While today I have someone in studio with me who is a friend has been on the show before. To address a really important subject in our culture today. The subject is addictions. My guess is there are many of you listeners out there who haven't had a family member at some level. Who's been affected negatively. By the problem op addictions and his name is Tony Marciano he is the CEO of the Charlotte rescue mission does nest in known Tony for. Goodness fifteen years or so and Tony you have administered even demise family. As we've had to struggle with people in our orbit op from the illegal influence who are struggling with addiction it's great to have you on the show David thank you have me in on the show. Well let's begin by asking the obvious question what is an addiction. In a soften people talk about you know popular ticket their iphones or talk that are of the things like this. And get technical for just a moment and use the American medical association's definition here's how they define him. It's an illness that is characterized by a significant impairment. In the emotional psychological spiritual. Physical and social areas that is directly associated with the persistent. An excessive use of alcohol. Impairment may involve psychological or social dysfunction. Alcoholism is also manifested as a type of drug dependence. Of pathological. Extent and pattern. Which ordinarily interferes seriously. With the patient's mental and physical health. And is it to action to his environment so a lot there. But when we talked about addiction I have to explain to people that there's a difference between an alcohol abuse here. And an attic you can have somebody who drink 25 Beers. And yet stop anytime they want their an alcohol abuser. But an addict cannot stop drinking. And there's a physical and physiological response. In the brain such that windy in assists in the brain tasty alcohol. They can't stop. In the attic will continue drinking until they pass out. 25 Beers later underneath the tables so is this person and on genetically influenced toward alcoholism or is that inning and even known. Some are genetically predispose to I have. A late friend of mine who had her first street at nine and spent seventeen years in active addiction. It literally turned it on I like lighting the fuse absolutely I've known of folks have said my. Grandfather was an alcoholic my father was an alcoholic and they've said I'm scared to death attached to stuff because if I have the genetic predisposition. Who knows. That may be be a part of my life it's sometimes is skips generations but other people they begin to drink I had a phone call from. A friend of mine who's daughter Laura just started drinking socially after hours after business meetings. And it went from being a social drink to a full blown dependence pretty individual lost their job and defend it was now spiraling out of control. So it it it affects everything in the person's life and it's not like will power so often and Christian circles we rethink of the person would just stop drinking everything would be fine their life they agree with that. But the challenge is that for the attic it's just physiologically. Impossible. For them and it's if you think of a circle. After they have drank. Indeed they sober up. They look around to family and friends that say I'm so sorry I apologize please forgive me and that's sincerity is sincere. These problems such a all tract eight track tape and you know I remember those studies some listeners don't you know what I'm talking about. But it's as if the brain says I have to drink I have to drink to have to drink I have to drink. And it doesn't show up until the person ingests let's say. A beer and once they start in this state like. The expression of recovery is one is too much and a thousand is not enough as citizen a gesture to have to can't abide. But once the body begins to taste that alcohol. Then the tapes in the headset off and the body takes over in the cycle continues and the 25 Beers pass out under the table. So the truth is we really don't know all the reasons for addictions but they all are real. They're real and the impair knowing the person's well being but the impaired the people around them. And it becomes a very interest seemed dance between the person who's the attic. And the other person who's called eco at a court today we call it. Decode dependent and a lot of my time is spent talking to folks on the phone who have a loved one who's in active addiction. My guest is Tony Marciano he is the CEO of the Charlotte rescue mission. Does netstat does much of his work in trying to help people with alcohol and drug problems. Tony is on the program today folks to talk about this problem that exists in our culture called. Addictions and Tony when we come back my first questions going to be. How widespread is this problem I'm David Chadwick this is news 11109893. WBT will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. WP. He's welcome back for the show. My guest today is Tony Marciano who's the siege of who ought. Beat it does no Charlotte rescue mission rebound has. Wonderful responsibility in this community and I'm sure it's a challenging one as well as he tries to help people. Recover from the absolute bondage and devastation. Our addiction a Tony during the first segment we define addiction I next question is how huge is this problem. David it's one out of every four people have someone in their life who struggles with addiction. December to misquoted me once since that Tony said the way out of four people in a short attic and didn't say that. What I did say is that you may have a parent spouse and child a coworker or relative. Who's an active addiction and it affects you because you don't know how to respond to the person. And you may try a certain things to help the person get sober in these sort of things but it's it's negatively affecting your life. As well as a person's addiction is negatively affecting their life. So addiction is not just. Alcohol either is it no it's alcohol it's drugs. We talked about at the rescue mission because I encounter folks that grow up and none. Alcoholic families. There was no alcohol there was that hurts my story is is textbook for that but the dregs of choice become things like work. Food. Sex. Gambling religion which is not a relationship to Christ. Power I hit a line that to spending and reach my father was a rate to haul it there was no drinking going on in my family of origin. In in my father could verbally assassinate a waitress in ten minutes or less. Whether grip garrido home with family or an alcoholic family but he alcoholic. Acts out when my Rachel Pollack father acted out. He had relief. He finally fit in a society everything was good in his world but what my father did when an alcoholic parent. Acts out and drinks its as if they threw hanged in late into the family room they're fine. But all the family members are bleeding from the shrapnel and it affects every single family member in various different. Race well and you mentioned sex but I would say is a pastor of the relatively large church that one of the huge issues were increasingly. Dealing with is pornography addictions. We're seeing marriages breaking up you know why it's finding husbands watching it at 2 o'clock in the morning on the computer those kind of hideous scenes so. We know in the church world that everything you're talking about his true. And the other thing that I'm experiencing Tony is an increasing number of appeal Lloyd cocaine. Heroin usage is among that even people of faith and the rapid expansion of addiction. With those particular drugs we talked to the first segment about the physiological component of addiction. Once at the moment took about it the emotional side because Cameron talked about folks. 2 o'clock in the morning watching pornography. Shames says that I am wrong I am defective if you knew me you wouldn't like me. God knew me god wouldn't like me. And so for an attic when they act out whether it's drinking my father's rate to haul isn't somebody who's into pornography. The shame goes away. And in that moment of the Sheen going the way they feel well. That all is fine and they have been accepted in this society. And fortunately after my father. You know blasted into the waitress after the person sober is up after the person shuts off the TV at the computer screen. All that Sheen comes rushing back and they have to act out again to watch those feelings away so. Tony let me see if I'm understood you correctly with what you just said you said that when people. She used their drug of choice whatever that is and get high whatever is causing it they feel accepted by society and then when they come down all of that. They feel rejected and change that by society that's intriguing on rap settled at more. I have asked the residents of the rescue mission three down and assists for twenty plus years Hammond if you feel like he fit in a society when you get high they all raised their hands. Hammy if you feel like you don't fit into society when you sober up they all raised their hands I look at mansi what do you do they sit and we continue to get high. So there's this broken this in somebody's soul that. They think can be fixed by alcohol regionalism food sex power gambling spending. And in David you know Charlotte rescue mission operates as a Christian organization you on the other it is no government the united refunding Tenet to tie your hands. We get to share the message that. God unconditionally. Accept shield has demonstrated after his sent Jesus Christ. And for us at the rescue mission getting to residents tuned to internalize that is so difficult because. The combative very conditional world that if from good then god loves me. And if I'm bad then he doesn't about our society performance based living is an extremely perform a space and we even manifest or christianity and performance based kind of living. And yet the message of the gospel is is that god. And conditionally. Accept assess exactly as we are. A mess now have an cleaner cells at first but exactly as we are whatever state were in. He loves us you know and for years I struggle with diversity never made sense to me it's funny to make sense now to where it says he loved us. Before we left him for John fourteen and as I remember when I was 25 here they're first ago that doesn't make sense. To me it does. Because he loved me. Before I left him and getting folks to realize that god unconditionally loves them. Then you start to see. The walls that they have put up around their heartbeat in the come down and the message of the gospel penetrates and ways you know Ezekiel talks about. They've got to accept our hardest on it gives us heart of last. And have to think of as the holy spirit penetrates the hardest down. I watched people come alive. For businesses law. Not that we love god but he first love and gave his life as an atoning sacrifice for our sins that's the numbers first on fourteen and with it I love and the beauty outages that long before and I love god he first loved me and I take the image in my mind often on. In dating relationship the one who's really is attracted to the other takes the initiative to make the first phone call. And in. You always realize that the other who loved me took the initiative to love me first. That's what god did with and in the stable in the Manger in Bethlehem we have the evidence of that got in on human flesh he pursued us he made the first phone call. He invited us out on the first date that should create law with in outs I'm gonna bar that idea that I take that view that. In my classes and workshops all it is true and in most every woman wants to be pursued by a man who deeply loves her. And we have been pursued by the Greek god of the universe who deeply. Loves us. In this addiction relationship. You and I have talked about this a lot in one of the things I wanted to make sure we focused on some today. Is this strange being acts that goes all on. In from the illegal relationships that's almost like a three legged stool. And you've got to have each leg of the stool present for the addict to keep remaining in his bad behavior talk about the three legged stool. You have the three legged stool. Of the victim who is the attic the rescuer. Who is the collateral and the perpetrators. So a lot of times I get phone calls from parents and they'll come about their 25 north side is is an active addiction and then it becomes the good cop bad cop. What is the rescuer who wants a bail dissent at a jail who wants. Make the car payments at the repo man does and take the car. Feeding and sheltering them I am one father who is paying the rent and but he fifty dollars understands debit card every week city in the and he thinks that's wonderful compassionate. And I've argued with him that is enabling you sent to remain in active addiction. His his bread is assists Tuesday the addicts siblings are seen to data that's wrong and they become the perpetrators. And so the attic literally if you take the three legged stool. Divides between the two have had several conversations in the last few months and this is something that I've started. Paris talked to a couple whose son. Is an active addiction or referendum iris opens somebody who's an attic and I said. Has your marriage doing and they kept quiet. They pasted. What's going on in your marriage petition hoping you're senator dispersant who's an active addiction and they go headed you know. And I said I don't know. But I do know this that that attic is so selfish sense about them. The that you care less about the stress that it's in your marriage even if the two view and a divorce seen over one wanted to be the good cop. One wanted to be that bad cop because they just wanna get their needs met. They want to shame to get washed away and then when continue to act out and use the alcohol the drugs it's not about to to view in your compassion. It's about then continuing to have their addiction needs met. So you have the addict you have the co addict which I know you call that person in previous times with media enable our correct on and then there's the persecutor. The bad guy. That the addict needs in order to run to the enabler and say look what he or she is saying about me look what he or she is doing to me said the enable or can rush in. And make everything okay A and it's so weird dance class Ian operate so many different situations and your ride in a marriage where. The enable or is constantly making the attic work. The other person looking in is going what about me you don't hear anything about me you're giving all of your energy over year and ultimately destroys the mayor's. And sometimes a Christian circles we confuse that act of compassion by the enabler. And I'll I'll tell you I was guilty this one time I was in church on Sunday the pastor asked. For everybody who wanted to do something for guy who worked in home assists to stand up I stood up. The church's plane all to Jesus I surrender in the back of my mind I was singing the mighty mouse on here I come to save the day and and David I realize that what I was about to do was not of god but was of Tony Marciano. And I sat down. And I prayed for the congregation. That if I did it I would be doing it in my power and my strength and god would never get the glory so I sat down. And there's there's been times in my life ever since where. Every now and then I start to hum the mighty mouse on. The when I'm doing that that is that god intervened and threw me to somebody else's life that is mine need to fix birth and hurting people. And the truth is often times the enabler is a really nice person. They're kind and good and caring and loving and they can't even see that there enabling is alternately hurting. The person they purportedly love the most. And that's what I wanna talk about when we come back out of the break his. How do you begin to unravel benched range unhealthy triangle how do you take one of those legs all that stool. And move people toward health my guest is Tony Marciano were talking about addictions today folks when we come back. Let's look at practical ways to solve the problem I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. Everyone I'm David Chadwick. And my three WBT welcome back to show. Any case you'd like to hear this show in its entirety go to WPP dot com scroll down to the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can't put this show and podcast in its entirety. And listen from beginning in which I think you'll want to do. If you have any one in you were sphere of influence who's struggling with a diction and maybe you're struggling with it. Yourself a Tony Marciano is my guess he's a CEO of the shore rescue mission rebound the dubs nest. Tony you've been a great friend for so many years I've learned so much from you about this subject thank you. Where your faithfulness to meet and to this community they've been that to be here on the show what we talked in the previous segment about the three legged stool that's necessary for addiction there's the addict. And then there's the an able hours for a person who's kind of a co attic as you also call that person who. Almost finds a reason for living helping the addict exist and then of course there's the persecutor. The person in the family or otherwise who says what you're doing is wrong. This person needs to change and says in the attic goes to. The enabler and says look at how bad that persecutor crude which only fuels the neighbors desire to help the addict. And indeed all three of those working together makes the addict more an addict so somehow you've got to start to dismantle that three legged stool we got to pull out. One of those legs both of those legs in order for the addict have to face the reality of addiction. What do you do to pull those legs out from under the at extol. Henry cloud wrote the book now entries about 20/20 five years ago and he has a great quote this is that people only changed and the pain is greater than the pleasure. This year this is somebody wanted to sit it doesn't make sense and I sensed it does what you file your income taxes and April 15. Because you don't want a love note from the IRS and April 16. You know what the IRS saying. Dear Tony we missed you yesterday we hope you're still fine by the way your taxes early in his interest and penalty. I never wanted to see that letter so I file my income taxes in April 15 but at the iris that file your income taxes whenever. I'd never filed them at my kids to and after I'm gone. The let me give you a practical illustration I I teach quarterly net debt sensor wins division of the Charlotte rescue mission with the family members. Who have a loved one who's a resident or client at the deaths as part of the Charlotte rescue mission. And this is what I I'd diagram on the white board. That lets pretend that they live in the University City area Charlotte. The one's spouse can leave their house at 8:15 in the morning to get to work by 825 they live that close it takes to them. To pay the bills. The other spouse comes home and says you're not gonna believe it I've got my third do you line and the police officer said from even sitting behind the wheel of a car. I'm going to gel it's is it takes to rest to pay the bills he gonna have to get up at 3:15 in the morning and drive but it worked because I work. Awful Westinghouse boulevard and is no buses running at 4 AM. To get me to work that can take a bus home. But I can't take the bus to work is at a pace and I will look at this room of about 85 people. Antsy how many of you would get up at 3:15 in the morning knowing you live. Ten minutes away from work. And yet. Because your spouse or their third do you wise you're willing to drive to work at 3:15 in the morning and disrupt your life. David it's 85% of the room every single time that I've done this and look at them and they they accumulate the power that would take with the real answer is. And you see year low went deer get the car wanna take you to my favorite story in the world. And he goes where you Wear repellent and you're stating your spouse just staying with me for a minute and you drive them to some people call Wally world I call what Wal-Mart. And you walk in his story it's the idea because it Libya and take it to my favorite part of the story. The bicycle section wouldn't do it here because Olivia picked up the bike commuter trains and a helmet. And while you're doing now on is to award a bottle and it air pump. And so this or you can bike to work and David this is where it falls apart in the middle Wal-Mart. The attic screams at the top of their lines and I won't do it your listeners but if you think I'm bike into Wal-Mart or to work at you know. Early hours of the morning you're out of your mind that I didn't that we are not by and by the department says I'm so sorry that's just get affairs apiece at ticket home he'd. Instead the person needs to say oh by the way. I'm gonna housewares. And I'm trying to cast iron frying pan and have taken that to bed. If you wanted to with a friend and it can't cent fine and feels like at 3:15 in the morning wake me up. Oh by the way it's a for a bike right from our house the Westinghouse boulevard you're gonna have to leave at midnight and I hope that the year. Was worth a four hour by right they get these nervous laughter from everybody in the room but policy if you don't do this. Nothing will change in the person's life. David this is the way it works is that the person who wants the relationship the most. Doesn't want it it's the person who wants the relationship. The least. Let me just use you in Maryland as as an illustration Hillary pitcher about the seventh grade okay. And you met later in life that from my illustration I'm a little bit older too well try to make our case that that you need to get there are in seventh grade and Marilyn looks at you. And says. David Chatham is is the hottest thing in seventh grade. Is she starts the chase you down the playground and you run that she chases you and you ran anti taste as you'd urine and after the third time Marilyn goes. He may be cute but he's not that cute that you turns around and walks away. And as soon as Maryland walks away would you do David says Merrill is really hot and should you start the chase Maryland and was Maryland their own and and now. If she serves her right away from you and would you do she's really cute. And this continues on in view and I learned in seventh grade that the person who wants the relationship the least. Owns but somewhere peeking between seventh grade of becoming adults we forget that and so we enable as it were there that we have used together. This person who's an active addiction. And we think if we if we pay either their rent if we feed them if we close them if we make the car payments if we do all those living things. And they're sincere when they say yes I would get help. But I have a friend of mine with thirty plus years a recovery is that to me how can you tell an alcoholic his line. Their lips are moving. They'll do anything in order to keep their lifestyle the way they want it to be it's still one of the things that I'd tell the family members when they come to does nest. That if their loved ones besides that they went on leave does this early. They're gonna call mom and dad or sister brother and say yeah I'm coming home. And them. Defend him or has the same and on your decision to leave that's that's certainly where you gonna stay tonight. Well I'm going to your house know and and you can't come Tony said you can't come home I use me as the bad guys all the time. Some an on your decision notice Aqib views and a phrase and on a year decision. To leave it necessarily where you're gonna state William deduce that on the streets let me take it from the top I'm on your decision to leave does this early. Where you going to be tonight what he wanted to do get. My logged in the with when I'm sleeping let me take it from the top now said he did give us some family members on and on your decision to leave deaths this early. Just tell us where you gonna be fun and it wanna see you again for the rest of my life. Find him and on your decision that you never wanna talk to me again it's been good knowing you are a blessing to walk away. The diversity is what he's doing Regis at 330 seconds billion of what's talked again for the rest of my life did you change your mind. Well I didn't mean it well what did you mean. And we start to become adults and that kind of situation we literally turn the relationship on its and and we say to this person if you the deaths this early. You cannot come home so we encourages finished business in that your life back. Together so what I'm hearing from you is to disassembled. This six embryonic triangle. It really is incumbent upon the enabler to. Use the word you've given me on several occasions together in other situations no period. Correct no period not not no but no may be no question mark no period. Exactly it's like somebody says can impart your cart know why well because you left food and it so now I want your approval. And I have learned over the years at no it was a full sentence you simply say the word no no is still full sentence I'll I know it's a full sentence keep going and what happens is an attic hates facing consequences of their behavior that they resent the little older soul. And so when you say to them I'm not bill in the united jail I'm not data current of the repo man no you can't live here they will scream and rant and rave. And you may have to call the police to get him out of your house or whatever. But what happens is when they they hit the pavement David picked up an old cowboy movie two guys far you know. The okayed the shoot at the OK corral there on the roof of the saloon the writer gets shot he falls off the roof and he semen to death and dining scene. But truth is is that if he fell on the dirt because sued the director for getting injured so in truth he fell on a big blue air Palo. They moved the big blue air power out of the scene he does is death and dying in scene there and that's that you see in the movie. For an attic they have a big blue air pillar in their life they know they can mess up royally. And fall off the saloon roof but they never hit the pavement they never face the consequences their behavior. What I tell family members all the time is. Oh in the air valve let the air out but the big blue Airpwn become deflated when you're low when falls and hits the dirt and it's going to be painful. That may be the moment where they they become aware of what they've done. Stock to somebody the other day in this that to me he kind of hard. And and I said but this is about maturity and maybe we can come back to that. May be in the next segment as we talked about that. Sounds like you're talking about consequences. And helping that attic learned that behavior. Choices have consequences. And those painful consequences aren't necessarily bad that they may be the very thing that will awaken them to seek the right help that they need in order to be well let's pursue that and also the spiritual side of this Tony when we come back the power of faith. To help the attic become healthy again I'm David chat with this is news 1110993. WBT will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news 1110993. WBT welcome back to show I guess Tony Marciano today the CEO of the Charlotte rescue mission rebounded dubs nest. Just a pillar in this community trying to help. Us all deal with addictions and addictive behavior but Tony in light of the last segment as people may be listening to you to walk. There might be some people are saying this guys just real tough I mean he is just. Relentless in his unsympathetic. And empathetic. Understanding of what people's pain is like and your answer would be. I want people to achieve their god given potential you know when I think if there were maturity most people think it is being stoic because I'm a very serious person and I know that that's. How home wire. But what I really think immaturity I don't think it has been stoic. I think if helping somebody achieve their god given potential. So that's the kind of addiction for just a few moments of his several years that my daughter is in mid twenties and I told him that I was no longer doing her taxes. Now Madonna has a visual disability. Than it was hard for her to do it but I knew that I am going to be in this plan for ever. And it is she would learn to do or taxes or aft from home with the lord she was gonna have some problems David you know she thought that I quote abandon her and quote. For months and we talked about it years later and I said I would didn't have handed you. I want did you become the woman that god created due to be. And so by me saying no to you. I was pushing you out of your comfort zone and truly here dependence on your father do do your income taxes she can become the woman that he created you to date. So of faith in our ward. Which we both believe is the essence of health and healing for every problem that's out here. Demands the enable her to withdraw and say no period. And have faith that god will take care of the addict and in the had expected and be on his or her own. And develop their own faith relationship with god define their identity in him. And him alone with and also the right behavior. That expresses health. Exactly for the enable African use that term but I would say to my daughters are responsible to you I'm not responsible for you. It's always is possible to tell you that your taxes during April 15 tell you the choices. You know you are CPA your. Whatever options are out there in the marketplace and I sent to her all help you any time. But you have to ask me for help I will not ask you again if you need help says responsible to her. But if there is responsible for her poetic on behind the scenes of the together all the papers in mission that everything was a ready answer income taxes got in on time have I done that. Nothing really changed in her life. When somebody. And make a phone calls all the time and this to an argument kids' money great woody give him well I let him live here for free and I feed them that's river import. You know what about the same to them to either come to the rescue mission to get help. Or. The catalog to live here and then that's oftentimes in appearances now. And I go I can't help your loved one because his what you think his love is actually allowing your eleven to remain in active addiction. Tony let let's save the person has done well with crude withdrawing the kind of sick support that continues on health continues the addiction. Andy addict ultimately becomes well. Describe for it's what I helped the addict looks like. I help you add it really is Reese. Possible for themselves for their own finances for their own schedule. For paying their own bills they have healthy relationships the don't have independent relationships with and adding community to another. You know we talked so often in Genesis three where Adam and AB the fruit. But the next thing and verse seven that happens does it matter in any of cover themselves a fig leaves isolation. So and a healthy relationship they're not an isolation through community. With other people. To take responsibility for themselves the sponsor other people that are in the early stages of recovery. But they also don't know apologize to people who they hurt don't thing they make amends to the people that they've her may have wounded they do. In the recovery it's called a fearless moral inventory of all their character defects and and have to disclose that to somebody else's very interest seen. That in step five with a share with somebody else it's really description rescinded James 516. Prescription says share your sins with one another that you may be healed it doesn't say saved it says healed. The one I talked about the issues that I have with you as my brother in Christ. Then it comes out of me and then god really is able to bring healing. Or practical level when you share your difficulties. Dilemmas. Addict addictions with someone else and they except shoot and still love viewed that brings healing. And that's why tell people all the time with a volunteer at the rescue mission don't put the mashed potatoes and play and they keep that God's work. You just a mashed potatoes and play God's work is when you sit at the table and address the sweetly. And just have lunch with somebody and when you're done and you walk away thinking he did nothing good for the kingdom. That client of the rescue mission walks away going well. David didn't condemn me or judge me and maybe this Jesus thing Israel community to take a look at it a lot more seriously. Well obviously I'm a Christian pastor and I believe in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ people ask you what does that mean practically. Internally god takes upper residents. Thirteen lives inside of me and even more practically that means the eternal love of the universe lives inside of me. And as the Bible says perfect love casts out all fear and so landlord Tony and help me time. Oversimplifying. This is when you invite Jesus to live in sided view you're inviting very presence of god is eternal love acceptance forgiveness grace to live in you. And beneath you operate in that lava inside a it conquers even the worst addictions is that oversimplification. No in suggesting that you quote one of my favorite verses he is about focus first on fourteen are fortunate I memorize that backwards so forgive me. You know fear has to do with its in reverse order mr. Jennings work and don't you guess that fear has to do with punishment and I policy raises it would be afraid of the an attic is afraid of success they're not afraid of failure you can drop from there were street neighborhood at 10 o'clock at night and there will be a week. And alive the next morning having made many but they're terrified of success to terrified of every good thing that god has for them. And so that respected ashamed that we talked about earlier in the show and so. That did a part of the vs perfect. Gods and copy it which is unconditional which is four dimensional as if the engines 318 says casts out all fear. And win folks who struggle with addictions realized that god has fully accepted them for anything that they would do but for what he has done. Everything changes in their life everything. Tony we haven't even begun to address this spiritual strong holds that happened that there is a spiritual enemy of the soul who wants to kill steal and destroy. On and we need to probably admit that we do believe that's a horse of this there's also the flash which is the fall and human nature that all of us have that. Has strongholds. As well. But the truth is what I alternately wanna cover today and I'm gonna get him back to talk about the spiritual dimensions of strongholds will do that another time. The truth is though there's a power that's greater absolutely and if you have a greater law of over your addiction that's ultimately global free you have got to give you thirty seconds to wrap up. Am I right your. Absolutely right again. If you're the confusion is 318 assists that God's love his broad long high and deep we live in a three dimensional world we take outs four dimensional out. Which I cannot comprehend for the love of anything and I've been studying it for five years and I still think in my head around it. And we squeeze it in terror a world of length width and height to make God's love nice neat and tidy. And I tell folks. I don't tell folks in with a god loves you. I tell folks that got his wild and crazy in love with the those are two completely different sentences when they hear that and they hear that it changes everything. Wow well you have been great in his wonderful had the only show addressing addictions let's get chip back talk more about spiritual stronghold listed units and Tony Marciano. Got bullish and every one love god love your neighbor you do those two things have a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110993. WBT allowed for talking with you all. Next week.