Aftermath of the Tragic Shooting in Parkland, Florida

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, February 16th

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Observing and you wearable. I got good. Power meant self governance and straw. Character came home. This is the you radio program. Good morning. Welcome to broadcast good to be back with you on this Friday. Dance yet it is said. That we find ourselves in the same place again another school shooting. Since I last talk with you. A special thanks to my good friend JD Hayworth who filled in on yesterday's program. You know it. One of the things that's is challenging to do and a circumstance like this is to break new ground. Because in one sense. You have to go back to the words of Solomon there's really nothing new under the sun. Nothing. I've noticed a number of posts on social media. And so many of these pros. You know some of the makes some really good points. One of them this cycle that we tend to go through every single time this happens it's quite predictable. I hope that there's something that you glean from this program that's very difference. Then what you will find elsewhere. Because this is not a program. There's about talking points. First and foremost. I want us well I'm speaking for myself to be about humanity. Recovering. From what amounts to broken humanity. Talks it is not gonna get better it's not. There's no legislative solution to this. And it's really interesting to see all of the angst. Granted there is reason for morning there's reason for grief. There's reason for a lot of frustration. But no matter how loudly you yell on social media. You will not change human nature. And that's really the core of this. Just a sense of some of what is going on and she. As I said you can pretty much. Put out these headlines every time this thing happens. Something like this happens. Here's some a Drudge. Headlines from this a nation mourns again. FBI was warned. We're going to address that in greater depth coming up. Deputies called to his home 39. Times 39. YouTube professional schools shooter we're gonna address this particular issue. And the warning that was barely put out the FBI was called. But somehow the FBI. Didn't do anything about this they couldn't. We're going to probe why. I'm going into too much detail right now. And the same can be said at the the aftermath of nine elevenths. After we've learned. Some of the dots that we're here. Unfortunately. Not connected. Some of these things we're just very obvious. The unfortunate thing is there's a trail here of a lot of people who simply did not pay attention. Not at all. All of the warning signs were there and this is not to quote blame society. But is a statement about society and about us. Rush makes frequent references to the drive by media. And we can throw stones of the media all we want. The truth of the matter is we are a drive by any walk by people. And we I'll be honest about that. How many times. Do we walk by circumstances people. Totally oblivious to what's going on. Totally oblivious. Sometimes what's going on our own homes. Some of these were simply banners were. People did not pay attention. Emotional fragility. Dumb ads. Or how many times. Have the midst been an issue in these kinds of circumstances. The story that was totally totally screwed up yesterday. The effort to tie this guy to white Nationalists. Law enforcement confirming there are no ties to white nationalist. You know how this happens. And we all have to plead guilty to this in some form we're looking for confirmation of our biases. We're looking for confirmations of what we want to believe about the circumstance. Come on folks can we ought to be honest about this. I sure hope this guy was a Democrat. He was connected to anti fur and some way. Isn't this kind of narrative that goes to reminds. He arrived in Ann Cooper. Threats hoaxes anxiety arrests. Uneasiness grip schools. Sales of bulletproof backpacks shore. Donald Trump to visit the site. Of the shooting. I wanna set the table by sharing which you. Some perspectives you mean out here. Very much. In other places if at all. And there are four of them that I wanna communicating your first and foremost evil is a reality periods. Evil endured emanates from the human arch. You know it's interesting to me that liberals are so focused and determined on. Outlawing guns doing something with guns they have this fixation on guns. And yet they tell us. You know. We can't legislate morality. The truth of the matter is. You have to recognize. The reality of evil. Liberals do not want to recognize evil they don't. They wanna tackle objects. Secondly. We need to move beyond crime provision to heart change. Boy this is a big lead business. Lot of these efforts are focused on what's some sort of legislation we can put in place to prevent the next shooting. Well it's somehow if we keep certain guns away if we I terrified people with mental illnesses and keep them from getting guns. These are all mechanical things. Pursue what they don't change the human arch. They're human heart. And from person is bound and determined. To kill people to harm people. Short of a change of heart. It's inevitable. If they're cultivating this kind of evil. Another reality number three hurt people. Hurt people. It's not complicated. How do we get to those people have these kinds of issues in their lives this guy in particular. Lost his mom lost his dad and a short period of time staying with somebody else entirely. This guy a lot of things stacked against him. These are excuses. These are warning signs that this guy needs help. And the last thing we need to have our radar active are human radar active. And have been used for healing. We'll address all these things is we continue to broadcast today. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock setting the table here I've said this evil as they reality from. We've got to move beyond crime prevention too hard change. Reminded that hurt people hurt people. And we must have active radar. To identify people who were going through problems like this. And have avenues venues for healing. The only way only way these things will ultimately be prevented. Tussle call from Joanna is Charlotte's morning. Hey Ben how are you today all right. Okay I'd again a week ago and we spoke well armed could break down of the sand and fatherless homes. And people don't get there helped them Churchill and more and some impetus toward the. Oops I think we're losing JoAnne. Let's try to I get that call back with a better quality because I'm sure she's making her great point there Robert. In Iraq kill good morning. The morning Vince. Our thing I wanted to talk to you about or something that nobody is mentioning. And that is that back to every one of these. Mass killings. Have been ball. Grub psychedelic drugs. And and wanna blame it off our weapons were. Whatever. But the keyboard on drug you hear people have started sense they're here and board is in their heads. Capcom are probably all garb. You're talking about some of these medications that ironically are often designed to treat things like depression. And in there even in the commercial which I'm sure you've seen these commercials on television Robert they can actually. Prompt suicidal thoughts. We're talking about psychotropic drugs by the way that's Richard making reference to right. Yes sir and every one of these killings. These people had been on drugs. Now I don't care of their on them when they do the killing the fact is once you take them. It message get tied up in the next thing you know. You coherent voices need to become very dark horses. I gotta figure they're on drugs. It certainly is a problem no question about that Robert Todd thanks a lot for your called Geraldine how pins good morning. It won't hurt a bit so let them for that. Think what they're saying. Print or pay a lot children and their children or. Kids. Maybe. Very honest Ethan walked a little bit more for the top of what I believe we were little girls true. Jerald I've seen exactly which you're talking about to appreciate your call. You know we do we do some really weird things you notice how we tried to humanize things like nature. And animals. And I know exactly what he's talking about. And yet the same time we have patterns of progressively dehumanizing humans. It's the weirdest thing how this happens. James good morning. Seven build it right Cirque. Yes I do though America is that that you truly violent society. And you know what the president. Or they have got thirty million dollar rate issue off the weaponry. All of America. It starts from the top. Emmett Till be mindset. All solving all of your complex where the weapons and guns and missiles that all free. Meditated. Strikes. I mean all of the news all the time and this is permeating in the American society. And I. We're having a great time with phone calls today are weak. And did you notice something interesting that that I think I would also add to a James has communicated here. The same thing with words everything is warfare now do you notice that. You know whether it's politics. Look on social media can give any question about that just look at what's been going on and social media the last 48 hours it's warfare. And I know there are people gonna say twelve hits in his four we've got to stop these liberals I am an hour. You know all law. We're missing one of the fundamental problems here. Switches in the process. We're all losing our humanity. And if that's missing. What else do you have left but warfare. That's all their aegis. Just ongoing warfare. And ultimately this is second to do any of us and good. It really won't. I set up this story because we're gonna talk about this in a few minutes about the FBI. We have all kinds of problems with the FBI I don't week. You know beyond that some of the things that have been discussed in the context of the investigation. President trump. That's just one elements dealing with a Hillary Clinton matter. Daily wire reporting and this is the actual headline and story. How stupid is the FBI could not find high school shooter even though he used his real name. And YouTube threat. Your questions is the FBI completely incompetent. Cores the bureau just stupid. Unfortunately those the only two choices available at this point in the aftermath of the tragic shooting. At Florida high school which left seventeen dead fourteen wounded it was revealed the FBI had been warned five months ago. About Nicholas critters. A video blogger and YouTube notified the FBI and September about an alarming comments on a video he posted. Here's helmet. I'm going to be a professional school shooter. This was the comment left by user with the name guess why it. Nicholas crews. On Thursday the FBI agent in charge of Florida shooting probe said the bureau. I am ready for this might wanna sit down. Could not identify the person who left the comment. This is not a joke folks. The FBI could not identify a YouTube for who's username was literally his real name. The FBI. Bush thinks the leaks of emails. From the Democratic National Committee was somehow connected to Russians. And the same FBI that wiretapped officials. Not a Donald Trump presidential campaign. The bureau received information about the comet last year. According to Robert rescue the special agent in charge of the Miami division. But he said the tip did not include details that could have helped. No other information was included with that comment. Which would indicated time location or the true identity of the person who made the comment. The FBI conducted database reviews checks but was able to. Further identify the person who actually made the comment. How about starting with the idea on the comment. Nicholas crews. The author of this piece for daily wire says I'm no professional investigator to that seems to be a great place to start. If they dug that they might have found a kid named. Nicholas cruise. And Marjorie Stonewall Douglass high school. Who have been expelled. Ford disciplinary. Reasons. Maybe their ears would have perked up a bit thin. Then the FBI might have connected that Nicholas Cruz for the another guy posting things on instead grabbed. Where do I swore that he used his real name. On the social media site are several photos of Cruz in a mask holding a gun. If the FBI couldn't identify the shooter from his name. How was fortunate and able to find all its online accounts and then assess that he was whacko in one hour. According to one ready user. We've got more coming up about this. Folks we're living in an alternative universe. Where things that should be common sense well. They're not too common and not too sensible. We'll address this and much more during the course of the broadcast. 29 minutes and yeah. And this is still Vince Coakley radio program. So folks it's really not complicated at all embattled way I need to tell you another important detail. About this story as it relates to the FBI. This guy's name Nicholas occurs. It is spelled and I KL LAS. I don't know about you but don't imagine this helps to narrow this down. It's not the typical spelling I'm Nicholas. And with all of the technology available the FBI all the surveillance. All of the things that we know the NSA is sucking up you tell me. They can't have this down. T this is not a question. I think at some point it it goes beyond questions of competence. To issues of will. Is there a will to do which right. That's really the question. Joanna. Calling us back here let's give it another try your good morning. Or are given a go. So I talk with you last week about. Armed. Entitlement programs how how I believe that if we. If we got our families back together again Eric there's two people in the hall of people started going to hurts. We rely on one another again like likely used to it now option wouldn't need much of much of the entitlement program and but that's actually one way I think that if we did that that. We had a lot less mental illness in our children. The chairman could be together they would support each other taken to church they would have less of what you called it evil yeah. Right and I further clarify some because I think this is a very important point to make as I. It's gotta go to a place of something. Something extraordinary taking place in connecting with people have a real connection with dot. Right because of it just. I typically need to be greater alt. Yes and your. Yes that has to take place there's absolutely no question about that but there's got to be some substance there be Yond just ideas and words on the page. Because if there is no incarnation all living outs. I'll what is in a book. Then we're back to where we started would you not agree Joanna. I definitely agree and I think we're losing a lot of the spirituality. MD and and really got calling the men could be it spiritual leaders of the home which lost a lot of that. You know kind of also reminds me of a book I site years ago I've not read this book it's called men who will not lead and wives who will not follow. And I know this boy this opens a can of worms for a lot of people Joanna. But so the order completely breaks down here doesn't it. When you have these elements you've got to have leadership but you've also got to have people following and if it doesn't happen right all breaks down. And boy parents. Act the way and now what the purpose of god parents. Chan any and hit her and god parent does not you know I want my best buddy could be or god father art god not the purpose of Adele I'm hearing it. Is that should anything happen to the parents. Good god parent is responsible. For their spiritual. Upbringing that's what got parents too bad bad apple. Just a god. I think an Nvidia or something important here Joseph the joy and it is I agree with you in spirit and yet the same time. I found. That wind people reached that point that age. If their hearts are already hardened Joanna. There's not a lot that certain parents are going to be able to do I mean I think Jesus himself. If Jesus was this guy's dad they're still may have been a serious problem. Oh yes most definitely the mental illness in a lot there's a lot of things that can be taught. Before the age did not and they pretty much. Learned most of the characteristics. Of their. Behavioral characteristics that they will carry with them so it acts that start early. That no question about that appreciate your call they're Joanna I wanna add something to what I was saying and and I'm just saying this from experience. All of us I think you know under a front communicated this on the year before. I've naked men young men especially who do not have their fathers. Reach a point you know there's there's a point I think where there's a kind of a father wound its fair. Where there's a desire any need for fathering. And I think certain young men they reach a point where they no longer care and won't take it if it's there right in front of them. I've seamless. You know I I think you know those early ages Scott and I are really want my dad I needed Dan I need a father figure. And then it reaches a point a deacon teenage years. Which like screw it I don't need one I can take care of myself. I don't know this kid. I can touch and go inside his head I cannot speculate on where he was on this spectrum. But I can tell you I see this are a lot. And it's. What it is it's pride. You know I've cactus I don't need help. Chris. Good morning and welcome. Good morning sir are you doing today have recited the amount TCU. So I'm gonna talk about the data off into tell may have found its way too far right on this I tend to be a little bit extreme on some things like our government to parlux most things too far right. And what I try to wrap my head around like what changed the Helm I'm just over forty. And that is not the America I grew up then we didn't have these things going on I didn't have to worry about my wife want to go to our Christmas tree lighting downtown I'm worried about. You know violence breaking out or somebody bringing a gun and just randomly shooting people it. It's a new thing for me and I as I associated with them on. It's like obligated obviously bought them the most obvious. The example of the degradation of our moral of the society to me as weird as abortion which killed sixty million. Babies certain way and along the way ever remove the accountability. Of a 120 million adults the mother and father of those children and the choices that those people can't talk. To create that life and what we did when we take away. The accountability and the sanctity of life at the same time along with a allele moral things that word just kind of you know eroding and eroding and eroding along the way. It just seems to me like that's the most obvious change the most you know the simplest answer. And I I I've maybe I'm too far item at or under is still special about that subject and I'm trying to relate wanting to the other that does not related at all. And I and then second point. We have liberal. Bastions. Of their policies and their effort to remove a pure those cities where those policies are placed and and and have been entrenched for decades. We would not be. Near the top of the list of murder rates are violent crime but it and why do we wanna expand. Those policies that we can look at the numbers recede are spelled and that the all the liberals always need more space we need more quality they're bringing the guns from the next county we did acknowledge that. I just don't see that logic playing now and I'll. Half the nation. Doesn't. Agree it don't have an agent made it definitely they're a large percentage of people that just. They think those laws and legislating. Laws is going to remove evil. And I think it boils down to that real evil as part of quite. Bad and if we start talking about the degradation of our values we all all a little bit of guilt. And nobody wants to have or share in any guilt and they're gonna have liked to blaming their garden blaming the mentally. No way it's something outside of us is what you're saying Chris Richard which is a great point we we've. We can't imagine we would have anything to do with this at all especially those who promoted. These liberal ideologies. And many of them go back to parents seek. Remember doctor Spock how hopeful is all of that fit coming up we're gonna talk about it's what many of us would like to believe. Unfortunately it all blew up yesterday. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Lots of interest input coming into the station. I would we've discussed so far here. We have this. That is come in eight text. Great comments on the positive influence a real faith and need for Christian men to be leaders in the home. Sprints right about abortion the general decline of moral state took prayer in the Bible out of school and I was in second grade. I grew up watching our society chromeless result. Patrick can reset our nation was founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ if you rip about the foundation the structure crumbles. We're seeing this happen all around status from leery. Sharing his perspective here. Also some other. Ideas here. Communicated along the lines of what we have said earlier about legislation there is legislative action can be taken it can be started by government not promoting the fantasies. A progressives. That children can decide. What sex they want to identify with her actually. Disciplining children instead of pumping them full of mind altering drugs. Rage. One person on FaceBook yesterday said Cruz was a white nationalist. And a trump voter LO well. Kind of crazy. Pinch you tuber straight to warn the FBI two years ago were ignored. Another text to saying Cruz a registered Democrats. Prince this never happened when I was in school back then in the fifties and sixties guns were is prevalent if not more so. As they are today what is different society once more to a common moral base. To a general regard for law and order has been on board and drifting for fifty years or more. Welcome to a society with a soulless direction less educational system and a totally debased entertainment culture. Many are turned into wimpy snowflakes others and heartless killers. Not a problem of guns to problem of the heart Allen out of Spartanburg you're absolutely right. Isn't this what I'm talking about when I've said for months now about how unconcerned about the heart and soul of the country. But I think many of us. Many of us who would call ourselves Republicans. I'm convinced too many analysts are preoccupied. With the dollar sign and we think if we just restore the economy. That America will come back again. I got news for you. In ain't coming back. If we don't address. The foundation. Let's rush to poly at New York good morning. Good morning and I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna challenge everyone listening to keep changed the thought process for just the second. Live very good well I think we're getting to the basis of what's wrong Joanna was on point as well as Christian now let's think about. This from a child's perspective. If if we were in a Wal-Mart parking lot and we saw a father or mother standing in front of a child say your worthless. You should never been born the planet is worse off because you're here. We would be we would want stomp a mud hole in the back his pay it tests. Is that not the message. That are educator and our media is he giving to our children with the message of abortion. The method of population control for climate change. Are we not telling our children and how were they power that we're. Parasites rights. We're parasites. In Barkley in the week we are in effect. Teaching our children that you were less and so they're bullying is not only comment from within the kids peer group. It's also coming from unless. And what what we're allowing our children to be exposed to it it's got stopped. You're apparent that he cares in the article. We're these young women are dried these young girls are pretty their own baby while they go. The sex Ed class where Planned Parenthood agenda if topic telling them that they're never going to be anything because now they're saddled with the baby. It's it it's it's it's self destructive and we know what exactly do we expect our children pick to behave act if this that's what we did to them. You're absolutely writes hey appreciate your call their Polly edge when it comes down to it's it's it's a message generally a hopelessness. What is the point. You know all there is is pleasure. Fine. And heck if that's not happening for you nobody likes you. You don't have the acceptance of the social media community. Well what's the point of existing at all. Jim good morning. I meant. Yes sir. That another example what I think I mentioned to you last week or two weeks ago by our government nobody controls it anymore. They're goals the report trillion dollars this year the girl like a record amount. Or three trillion. Of course are spending almost treated more like clay right now record levels. And did look what's going on the FBI apparently politically and now I even tried to lower their services. It is very obvious nobody having control of the institution. I'll bet the FBI but it could be cut tomorrow 50%. 50% of those monies that each state FBI. In the entire country and we'll have more local backhand ballroom. Police enforcement that we're getting right now the federal government. And end as far as that you lose ownership group they're. I think we need to nude black album he's got a bit different diplomat and a number of troubled young. People yesterday we heard this seen that there will be the AME radiate out you are thank god that we hired. You're today media that's what they do during the day am I watched TV here at the donor there are armed. And that (%expletive) all that clear that maybe troubles. Are there blackout or at least for the next step of week two weeks. You are concerned that this is going to feed into the possibility of somebody thinking this is great way to become famous. What won't wreck you've been talking about it for mark that we did this about the effect of media news go to our culture. Yep you've raised a point that out others have discussed here the possibility of just completely. Avoiding especially use of the person's name. And I think pierce and potentially some merit to that argument. Definitely some merit to that argument it's coming up we're talk more about this FBI issued also. The story that it's turned out not to be true. With certain people sure loved it and re circulated the story over and over including eight feet. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today can gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Sort learning this guy. Had a history of mental illness boy. Is that a shocking revelation. And as you might expect it's nonstop coverage. On the cable channels. I told you about the story related to YouTube and what was posted here I'm going to be a professional school shooter but nothing more posted here. This great story. This also done. That covers how this was addressed by the FBI. And not very well. There's a Bondsman who had a YouTube channel set up he's the one. He's the one who actually noticed these comments seem as Ben. The night. He took a screen shot flag the comity YouTube which remove the protest. She even left a voicemail message of the local FBI field office alerting them to the comments a pair of agents interviewed him the next morning. He said an interview on Thursday here are nothing more until Wednesday hours after the shooting and Parkland Florida a great time to call now did you think. Two FBI agents visited. This guy questioned him for fifteen to twenty minutes they told me about the person you posted on its general. Might be connected to the Florida shooting because they had the same name where old job. Meaning no disrespect here my Siberian Husky could've figured this out. This of course after the fact. Mr. Midnight says this I really don't feel like I was and he helped to them and all mr. tonight you were helping them at all they were not helped to themselves. The FBI is now reviewing what steps the bureau took before the shooting with the agents receive the initial information. They connected database reviews and open source checks about the common in September. No particular information about the particular time location or further identifies about the person who posted the comment. No additional information found a positively identify the person who pushed the comet no connection found to South Florida. So agents are still trying to sort out what happened. Without more information limited ability under the circumstances to obtain a subpoena their options were few. And yet we can go on wild huge goose chases. And by going to a fleiss that courts. To hunt down information on some silly investigation. We can find that can't way. You know what I'm talking about here. Had agents at a grand jury subpoena to obtain data from YouTube to identify the person behind the posting it's not certain prosecutors would have agreed this equine. Based on the scant information available why nuts. I mean if you wanted to get awards. Doesn't this seem like the place you look for one. Agents might have had a hard time convincing prosecutors have an imminent threat because the pros mentioned no time or location of a possible shooting. And even if agents had tied mr. Cruz the YouTube post. The authorities probably would've questioned numerous family or friends but would have been unable to seize his gun without a court order. I mean. We're all this Big Brother crap going on. It just blows my mind this see this again what do I tell you before this is about will that's what it's about. Just about capabilities. They will use their capabilities when they really want to end needs you. Vince hope and pray they had. Agents of the FBI is relieved of his command totally unacceptable regardless of the circumstances. Accountability. For the feds. Yep that's coming necessary. The FBI did not want to stop the school shooting because it pushes gun control. Really just control. So I grew up in atheist liberal despite being a conservative Baptist family but this lady is saying isn't far off. I was top by schools. And whereas the rest of this message. I was so Smart I didn't need religion. But the same time. There were too many people and it's killing the planet it's scary to think. Where my mindset was then oh my goodness wow that's pretty intriguing. Pins when I was in high school most every boy had a driver's licenses drove their trucks into school probably displaying their guns and gun rack. We didn't have shooting spec then that's Dan out of Piedmont yet. C don't don't tell me this is about guns. This is about the human heart. There's been a change. I see the caption on the screen CNN grief stricken mom president trump please do some think. T this is another sign that we're really in trouble we're looking to the president we're looking to law enforcement. We're looking to authorities to do something. We're calling to the wrong person. I would suggest to begins by many are neat. Mike good morning welcome to the broadcast. I GPS. Can no longer about earlier what you say it would limit an alternate universe. They put me in mind that moved it back to reputed to. When did what campus sports almanac economic entity might fortune. And thirty years later he built. Get power in the eye of the panel waksal. Just sit back and got Brad and mark the planet be it bat struck straighten that out much worse shape I let now. That's a pretty interesting comparison there might. That is amid it is scary it is really scary when you think about it. This is all very personal. You don't for most of us were looking where from the outside looking in. And there are these families who were dealing with a whole lot of pain a lot of grief right now. Including an upstate couple. Their grandson was among the students killed in the Florida school shooting did you hear about this. Simpson bill South Carolina. They're grand sent attended Florida high school where seventeen people were killed. They've learned their ransom was among the victims. Any Stroud. Talk with the BYFF I was sitting there watching TV and said hey that's the school where Lucas. Sure out in his wife Janice at the youngest grandson look lawyer attended Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in park in Florida. They went by we didn't hear anything about Luke. We kept hoping. They would find him wandering around in shock by 7 o'clock. I said I don't know this this is not good I don't like this. Finally please call us at 1 AM and said Luke was among the students that have been killed. Stroud said they were anxious for details now other grandson was killed in as good kid. Never got in trouble. It was the last my daughter's children. Still lived at home. Our hearts go out to this couple. Well. And that's the other part of this let's focus on. The survivors. Helping the families comforting those. We're going through tremendous unimaginable amount of grief right now. A lot of grief. Still to come. We'll talk more about it's some other aspects of this and was happy with the our culture. Some other perspectives on this as we continue. 40 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. Moving site inch image intrigued by are just good ideas. Great discussion material including this item from Neil just send ten during the break love your show Vince here's an idea yet. Security vs policy. What makes common sense. Follow with me on this designing this is pretty intriguing is my heart breaks for the families in Florida. Can't help but think what actually happened what would it take Brit school shootings and protect her children the truth of the matter is. Now they're going to draw or adds security will be free. We have to do something so which would be the most effective. Our country's had a political and physical Warren drugs for forty years. 27 point eight billion dollar requested budget fiscal year 2018. 300000. Non violent drug offenders incarcerated accustomed 30000 dollars each year nine billion dollars a year. At minimum the war on drugs cuss at 36 point eight billion dollars a year. This has been largely unsuccessful the biggest benefactors of the cartels who continue least smuggle large amounts of drugs in the country every year. Our federal government can enforce these policies in many states simply ignore the federal laws so. The think that a war on guns would be any less expensive than any more successful. Simply not reality so what do we do. Here's what our friend suggests year. Tony 1415 there were 98200. Public elementary and secondary schools. The national average salary for a law enforcement officer 61270. Dollars. This means every school could have two armed police officers for around twelve billion dollars a year. The costs very much. You can do ever every school an additional 60000 dollars a year for additional security upgrades. Total comes out to around eighteen billion dollars a year half the cost. To actually attempt to take guns away for millions of American citizens even if there were no existing funds to pay for this. With approximately 122 million Americans paying federal income tax it would take 148. Dollars each per year. To cover the costs. Are Claire gladly pay debts have a solution that secures or protects fifty. Point seven million students attending public. Elementary and secondary public schools each year. This is an obvious solution would also create jobs for law enforcement injury actual security and safety to our schools. To post your from meal which I ate. I welcome good ideas. This is what we need to talk about it. And we just face the fact go back to what I said in the first hour evil is a reality we will not legislated away. We can't prepare. And try to prevents. Evil from having free course I think we need to get rid of this nonsense. Of making schools gun free zones. We're turning our schools in the killing fields. Joke good morning welcome. Morning good morning spent you know racer. That's great that great. Enjoy local call an award that they. Well what happens in all those who owns. It simply a reflection of our society. In the morning and you read what that it probably more important submitted its case at all but not just leave. That he inhumanity. And the scenes about it is better to. From the very proud of this conference call as well by the Lorch low and it too close to pick today. Instead you know that's what have. That's what we paid eight teams who should be sought just this year that's what we get paid it off the in humanity that we have seen all over the course of the last couple of years particularly 4062 now happening in America. Beat that caller the bridge you mentioned at all. Well portion. In what we would review but this lead. Oval portion of what's future and in Eugene happen right here we're not grow a lot I think the later portion of the indeed in the deadly. Inhumanity to make. You talk about all those not being enough home. The thirteenth the bid. Was it you lose in a loophole. Too big. Leasing Condit leasing system that we have that they are group. In prisoners making it harder. 437. Cent a day that people making quail if you tell them how good for about what they apparently making up here and besides. If man's inhumanity of mania in important bit. The pretty much as the founding of our content the family about Clinton's pretty much found that don't if you read it. To a large degree. How wade it's taken you this is where I've got a part with you how on what basis can you make that argument. OK we literally took AP. From somewhere else. And walked into this country. And in humanely treated real Inge who labor. And we have corrected that in our history it was nods yes something that whiz that was enshrined in our founding documents. What it would actually go beware is if the actions of some. The actions of some and ultimately we're a nation who turned the corner on this and reversed that behavior. All went that's World War II thirteenth of may and we did we reversed it with the thirteenth amendment. Well being we took fourteenth amendment. And Beijing and take involved there all the street it out of the hole and putting them into a prison label for. That is the only active today. With the cubs big lead this. See I I don't buy into that Joseph because we are you talking about the distraction of the black the black family. No talk about the destruction of the wholesale. The call C what it have to be at what is humanity. Has become diversified. You're talking about your talked about the prisons system in general then well yeah. We get because I would make the argument and I gave I've long advocated this one of my favorite people. In this particular area I'm trying to think his name out Watergate connected chuck Colson. You advocated. Reforms along these lines and I I think there's a need for that it's not I would certainly agree with you there's a need for reform in this area. There's certainly year in double dip but lead over its form of I want you to manage. Because there are a lot of tape kitchen table conversation. Well children. That aren't doctor native that all of the children are lit the big hill and did we get bullying and school. And we cute but don't we get the people who look at the door and what they double with Syria. Which he practiced that child you won't master as in the door and unfortunately we had a lot of practice and being. We need to joke picked one book that they'll be creating policy well what we cracked. Yep there's no question about this just happens in many circles Sergio you've got to do some self examination along this line sub BJ. In Charlotte got about a minute here. BJ are you there. I'm going one step up. Yes sir I would have been and I don't rights. You are. Aware that it wouldn't comment. Employment group a group quick. But it blew out if you are about to grandma I'm. There were that. Every program there are grants and then yesterday. They put understood that it happened and out and pock yeah he's heard about that yes. Yeah they would like at their boots. We wanted to pass and move them to begin with the notion it would not go pocono. I've looked at will be acquisition ever split up. Whenever I need a permit until midnight we'll list available given them a lot of our democratic. I'll never be good to have and I'm absolutely smooth and there and so that happened that we must take its time. There are those are the two of them just don't do it doesn't do something. Yep that. You can save lives just what I said earlier about our active radar let's make sure it's working properly. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Oh yeah 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on the minstrel iridium program. This will we took away the discipline we lost all respect to reach other. There isn't any of the above the above left from the homes schools even our present another thing I truly believe tends to. He means this sort of sickness the young and in this killings in movies videos games speaks satcher. Kind of dehumanize is all of us don't you think. The founding of America events maybe consider regular segment and teaching history of slavery throughout although world. The left has instilled the idea that slavery was exclusively American sand as though. All the rest of the world was innocent. I'm kind of concerned people wanna talk about slavery. In this country today in 2018. We have slavery going on in other parts of the world in a precedent. That concerns me. It's kind of myopic. From my perspective anyway but other texture sale went to prison for crime. I did got out got a 70000 dollar a year job firmly bought a house. You have to want to change good for you. Awesome. Follow Israel's example. Train and arm our teachers and administration much cheaper by far but effective protection for themselves. And our children ice support this idea by the way and I'm not even sure training necessary many cases I think they're people. In the schools already trained they just need to be allowed to carry. They're ready to go tomorrow all you have to do is turn him loose. Let's go out to John within the New York good morning. More of the anti you don't is one of our rights here. It looks and they be come. We're grievances some people and I've disagreed with some. A mother's. As let's say this. And big guns big guns. Legislation in the paper turnaround. Blah herb or lack there. It's gonna solve the problem. The problem is. So cool to my the last company to two middle AO. In this country will stir up that is slash even more. And I voted for trial so in quote form Serb. But. Near this kid he was. I call a CAA committee banquet I'm thirty gay partner morality of that age I was here herb. I think he would. An easy disturbed. And after all bigger role their record are no weirder and Syria he's person and you seem like I really reached out to them you know eat you know editor. Curry and saying I'm not here in his behavior. I'm there's nobody will be so it seemed like you know world glued to our homes. And you're right so connected but electors or city yesterday somebody disconnected for everybody in his strange. It bothers really goat. If it is just sudden global leaders on normal. That happened. I think he did Ghana seeing like ala under. All other individuals. That is I think days you know you are or stop everything from the patent blood. I think it's a lack of compassion. I don't know all of whom. To are these forward it's. You know being. They'll pursue narcissistic. And think that the root of the problem. Up by and stay where you come from trichet called the Jonathan and you know kind of draw upon your form which we've discussed quite a bit today. Is discouraged or broader question of our own sensitivity and awareness how many of us you know what have we have to be made to care. No we don't know what's going on tour with her neighbor. People around us and we don't know or don't care unless they do something that affects us and all of a sudden they've got our attention. By the way in other news this going on because there is other news developing. And I'm sure number fuel sticker when you hear this. Others may be your celebrating I don't know. Mitt Romney has officially launched his campaign for the senate to cheer about this we are saved now folks. He is released they feel good video extolling Utah. And taking swipes at Washington and Donald Trump. I'm ready for the United States senate to serve the people of Utah and bring Utah's values to Washington. Isn't that wonderful. Two and a half minute video. Told uplifting images of friendly in the states rugged beauty. Romney signaled his intention to run a localized campaign rooted in an old political stand by. Criticism of the beltway and it's noxious political culture. You tell us about him better model for Washington and Washington is for Utah. Citing its balanced budget required is in most states by law it's robust export industry. And the cordiality he said prevails on its version of Capitol Hill. I'm sure you're totally excited as I am being facetious of course. Chris in Morrisville good morning. They get more in advance thanks for taking my call. Out this itself pinky FBI has ever been. Above scrutiny I mean all the way back to Cuba. FBI. I think there's a lot of Monday Morning Quarterback can go on on what that they could have done anything for the you know there's a lot of crazy people on the world around the world yup we've well since there's no way to do that. Yeah you're talking about just the idea that it's just overwhelming how many leads to follow like this chair on every crazy person. Groups and could lost that call but I get the idea here you know but it's gonna be pretty difficult follow up and all of these. And visit the FBI's job necessarily to you out. Follow with this one. Also on the text line this starts at home with parenting or the lack thereof. Has does most of the issues we're facing this day and time. Plenty of people reached out of the killer he had lots of police complaints at nineteen. I was an air traffic controller. Well. You started pretty quickly enough. A jolting as we refer to it now. Vince can anyone name one additional law that if it were in place would have permitted the instant floater any other notable gun violence. Mars are not the solution. Another person saying here about this video games I'm Tony seven I've played shooter video game since I was six group and a home with many firearms. Never had the urge to shoot up a public place rye. Because I was taught better and disciplined as a child well there you go. We need to get school system out of the hands of liberals that would solve our problem right there when that might be a starts. Might be a start to shut the FBI knows everything about you and I and they cannot find where the shooter lives. Even when they know is they. And that's got to be BS. Yeah I think there are a lot of people skeptical about this. Getting your perspectives are in the what's been happening the last couple days for the news coverage. And she you know where we go from here. Because that's really the bigger question we cannot prevent. What has happened in the past we can and figure out. What do we do as a people. We also have a lot of identification of hypocrisy Chris posted this. Obama drone bomb children for years but now you give a darn about children getting shot. Get the hell out of here we must protect our children to the liberal doctor as he dismembered an unborn baby in the womb. Yet there are lots of inconsistencies. Out there aren't there it's. Part of what we've got to address. 1149 events trophy radio program here in final stretch for the week. Want to give this much. Opportunity is possible for you to call in and share your thoughts I know this is time people just wanna talk a night. I want to be sensitive to that effect will take more of your calls your habit first. Adds up 49 after 11 o'clock let's take a look at the day in history. On this sixteenth day. Of February. Tony AT and good morning. Months. Good morning president. How are you today. I am loss of your ready to go four for four now. Oh come on you might surprise yourself. Let's start spec and eighteen semi Yates. Let's see this type of dollar was made legal part of our bi metallic standard that's the key word. What kind of dollars are we talking about an eighteen city silver don't your corrects. 1923. This famous tomb was opens who Wessex. To whom opened. Can cut. Your correct again. 1959. This person pushed out right wing dictator of Batiste. To take over the country of Cuba 1959. Who was it. Castro. While the other Batiste thing I was gonna go totally different directions south side or you would think he a cut. And 1960 takes. Haley Alabama the first out of the country to get this new emergency system. What is it called now. Everybody has now my one. And minds who goes four for all our Qaeda pressed. You have to tell us about you're. You're a movie adventures yesterday evening. I don't wanna spoil too much but I went in with expectations deceived black Panthers thinking net political undertones would be. A certain direction and those were they air but I came out pretty happy about it others are really good movie and it has a really good message. Without spoilers what do what is this movie out anyway. You don't know who black panther that's why just I can tell you this a movie you might not sleep through which is an amazing feat. Thanks a lot prop eight that put their evidence there is a secret country. In Africa. Which. Karl kinda who has the best. The highest advances in technology but they stayed hidden. Forever. And even though they look like a Third World country all around them and everything so. There's a lot of things about taking care of people around you and that's kind of stuff and there's a two in their civil war and there's a ton of there are many different layers to this movie. So you think this is a great movie for. For me to come to see how yeah actually I do and it was sold out war we went and it. It should do pretty well. Let's pretty impressive. By the way Thursday previews. Come minutes 45 point two million which is pretty good now but not bad at all. They greats talk we the odds are so great weekend man YouTube. 53 minutes after 11 o'clock I premise we're trying to get in a few more calls before we go let's go first to Corey good morning. They've been in particular car Gregory here are desperate are you. I bet there are a TARP and my children are our have a beer wit and America shall speak of are my oldest is when he to mar our. Baby girl just general from Haskell he's staging graduate this year in my little baby is nineteen depending Kyra. And I didn't. I was spoken to them about the school shooting. In a totem I don't. Do not give him along with their argument religion back in school I don't do what artery and a gun control. I don't even allow what our government to have issues. I wanted to X my children. Since they've been known about these school student from Calabar until Valentine's Day. I mean your children have been classify what stalling governments. These guns are legal team owned by somebody that they know. What we work to make a law. They still do adults who purposely leave guns and banks and their homes and allowing their children that have access to only use them. They will be held accountable for the murders also. And I think in my heart and in my mind. That is a total fear tactics that would shake up either bill and these world they want to hold on to beat him I was in this country. You can have on what you gonna be you know responsible. For the actions of your child weathered a clean 98 Tony wants. So we can you hold adults hold parents accountable. For the response for the behavior of adult children. Are all good work McGee nobody here to explain a kind of learn until you proud are. How they got them legal. Gun scope they're not stolen. Wow that is a pretty interesting perspective there Corey and I'm kind of concerned about that just from the standpoint to have again we're talking about adults at least in this case nineteen years old. That's an adult cheer kind of on your own and a lot of times I think you'll find is sending we've seen this in case to perform pre sheer call their by the way Corey. Not a lot of times he's parents have no idea no idea what is going on. I mean how many times we hear about these circumstances were kids were. Accumulating all kinds of weapons parents didn't even know about it. It's. Pretty concerning but let's stick and 32 tier talked to William make it quick certain. Still quicksilver talking has been talking about looking at video game and that the government side so I called station. But the video game then that's going to be a great he can't say I didn't do it built a video of manufacture. Italy's biggest hit a lot of. It's a matter of time before that is thrown into the equation. Now we had so much else text earlier date they've been doing video games for quite some time it's not that alone you gonna have a screwed up psyche somewhere. For that to affect you in that way. The case every Sosa safe weekend folks got bush. This is this Coakley radio program.