Alex Wellman

At Home with Roby
Sunday, July 8th
Alex Wellman from Roby Commercial, joins Patrick and Trent to discuss diversification in business.

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Look at home grown faster past president or room service. Taste and presidents. Videos for the groovy Stanley of companies. We or your posts wrapping up fourth of July week we're glad you're spending your time here on Sunday morning with at home with Roby. Trent. Spinning give weakening even at a town but in fifth beatle camp he learned to play the fiddle. Now I just danced to a boy I can dance Cynthia allied allied elected official with the naked. That there be a pretty coalition and to play it's like a mandolin setting it sounds didn't mean. Lot of buzz is sort of a unique instrument didn't PM the pure play guitar play the drums are arguably the Phil watts face on the school. Music. I've never been musically inclined and I have an easy no root for every time I get asked to acquire we haven't acquired greater charge Helena since this myself last Sunday at any guy's got a seats orient us and they don't crazy LA. This just embraces. The thing your arms but. It's an easy no I don't have many easy knows them allies as an easy no but. But music. Is a universal language and and sitting out there listen and to that jam session last night. It doesn't matter what language you speak if you know how to play music and you hear attend you can jumping in imply and that's what the jam session is. And alassane in this before the show is really really cool did you have this family. Me Jason's dad. Do this camp every year and they sit in a middle wondered I mean they're experts. And I played we had a base. Fiddle. Our enemy now commissioners I don't know how they are. And then you have all these kids sitting around all these grown ups key is whatever at all levels and Al distort jump and end this crazy solemn. And my daughters are you know they're not playing in this the craziness of a better plain insulting to put housing and and makes the world spend and I was thinking about it on the way down on the mound this morning. And thank him back to the go a little bill little bill little faith Sonia but this kind of electric copy love and we had a passer and it. He's the top holds preach a lot Valerie Philip she's to preach a lot about that. And always loved it because it's just it's a universal love and it's a never ending love. And I think that's what music is an answer I just think it's an example and it resonates throughout life. Now let's give you this is open blowing Iraq right today camp is this read it to it is it is and when I go back up tonight on my try to jump off that Iraq. Yes but I jump in bliss sensibly back frank that's old old fable. I don't do that and they have tried the yet I'm not sure if that works in the morning as an old or older stained and at an usher Thomas native American having your blood. So Betty Nguyen they'll win them a look afloat until anymore like bees and I think it denim admit I don't know directly into an environmental conversation censored I can give political it's we don't want that to happen. But to but now attracting guests craving in what we're celebrating fourth of July bands when my favorite holidays of the year it advance these wonderful it's it's I think it's a one day. People for political differences aside when all of American no matter what. And I go out and all the time I was terrorism FaceBook last night may have this video of this guy and I think he's got America underwear and America had been in and he has these bomb Iraq these is. A did he shoot dislike that could help. And it's pretty funny bit DP and found that video is patriot whatever gas CDs in the neighborhood in backyard. But he forgot that. He has all these what is the ones issues the balls out like a ten balls was running can't run and candies like you know. Fifteen remic candles almost size and it goes around his wrist has got like double barrel running can really get that tight on the bags that I started sheet now the back. If he's asked daily ya gotta check that out as very. And god bless America man. It's if you don't like to lawful or you can roll loan out I thought you're gonna get recent FaceBook in fourth of July touching it Tom bell on ABC news seats where it's like a full blown American flags senior fight a hundred bucks us. Andy Presley. And yeah I think it presently is the king awareness. Need. I don't know what he what are the big top pat. Hill and I could read Weis right chick Indiana he owns and runs the turn how how brilliant and he. Owns Mecca. Real estate family business Presley's family. The residential side and he's a wonderful guy. He's alive that a parties don't show a couple times good Korean. The man he is he is a patriot path that Anna is today and we ending name's Beth yeah and data don't wanna own. The idea get a big town get a bigger guy than I it's a great holiday and amid brings excellent memories is a kid it was sort of likes. That was the time summer we would go to Lake Lanier in and be able to spend time with family and friends and yes you know I don't that don't I think I will say that included tough part about fourth of July this week's. Is for us that are working. Is is on Wednesday says sort of like Peter it's like a weekend within the week. And yes I at it it is what it is that's what it's a key scramble but died does make it a little more differ. Cold too for some travel I remember I mean when I was in high school and college you know sources that while we were we would Myanmar buddy's work and earn a summer yet but we got four to July off. And we would get a mom Montero and drop down South Carolina and down packed. Down Armstrong rode dampens the lake lot I'll see firecrackers a best stores closed now the building still there right as he crossed the second time you cross a river. South fork and we don't get and we have bombed Iraq a worse and down with Malkin has Galileo neighborhoods here and knows a big metal boathouse in between our boat dock in the communities are get PVC pipe near you only get we do and mail and an easy by any. United has proved if we got to reload said they've pulled tight again now that's after all in the big industry methods that he graduated from write your name with sparklers are going to write a blank thing is it was meal last Saturday that they and we were on the paddle boat and you can't make a panel logo of the so bash every year's series and what do Ronald water literally sitting down. Yeah. Yeah yeah. But in the U tool trolling there on that thing but no America. Hat has some good things go one. We have the economy go one. We got diversification go and our world and in the we got off we got a female Alex Wellman from Roby commercials on talk about diversification and and the construction industry strong right now also the guy says some patriotic sheriff I agree. Thank you for joining us were going to be right back with Alex Wellman from red because. Looking back at home with Rudy and Patrick fantastic from red services are convinced him. From the road in the company's. We are your has. Print he got a young lady. From Rudy commercial they we teed up in the first segment Alex will then turn blue in the house see Alex hey let's go own league and not much. Zealotry she's really the one that he singled then they're ready commercial ships steam info I. I don't allow all that medically trained together and at the net I don't know I didn't take all that credit but it's a team effort. I'll tell yet we topple. About our associates and asks our staff and Roby as a randomly. I just. Drove back from the mountains. As I said in the first saying written and called up on some shows and listen to to travel home travel family and somewhat and we didn't. Yeah you're always so rude. Pleasant around the office and and it means a lot literally does because I can Waltz to the office and you get about from the forty or so people that are around the office. You know when Tom day here. One day a week before comes a day when Iraq cut there there and it's very strategic move which are always so pleasant so that's great. And I think to resonates well think Kia death malice truth. Now I don't agree with that teacher enemy Indian. If that's important I think attitude is his suit important any any any profession but the construction is sometimes can be has destroying jobs can be has stressed that having a positive attitude and Alex. Definitely can make a big difference for the entire team it's it's it's contagious. But what I do but I a level value Alex is you are a woman in construction. I am that is awesome. In Trenton and and we on this silly talk about it all the time. About the need for four for women in our industry mean. For so long as women and a male driven business which is which is a real shame to be honest with the death these I think there's you know there's opportunities really for everybody. To kind of tell us how how how IB got here and I eat at these sorts. Which he did before. And a year and Ohio State person yep go Buckeyes the trolls again food whatever they tend. As had to do some Big Ten guys playing golf on Saturday house like that only ACC which is weird in North Carolina and her LM LM side but you see your I safety is how it. Tell us what it's like enacted in time and tell us how you. How you can Wear experience he had how you came to be with the with the release. Kent commercial team part of a family company share. Lot Maine down to North Carolina in 2011. Was actually working in hospitality management at that time with a couple different hotels on here as a sales manager. To our their first few years and I loved it but I was ready for a little bit more of a change and I was. Present with an opportunity. With Lincoln Harris switches well known here in Charlotte. Doing property management though they connect it was. And that. Pretty similar to what I had been doing a little shift my guess and rolls and just the situations and the clients but. Worked at Lincoln Harrison property management for a few years and the account that I was on Alex coming to a classes and my boss at that time. I believe he came in and actually met with Dave McGwire. They knew each other for a couple years and they had they start I'm opportunities with ruby. Men deposition that Ayman now. Popped up and my boss kind of threw my name in the hat for that said hey. You know if if you're interested. She hears Alex she's worked for me for a few years now. I'd like to a passer information on him. He kind of gave me the same thing on the other side is said hey you know here's Dave McGwire yes I've known for a few years you know great companies. Local you know gave me a whole rundown and I was really interested construction was not something that I had considered before but I even though through property management. We were managing small. Construction projects it just never really occurred to me hey maybe I can jump on the other side of it and and deal with the construction and general contractor. So anyways we kinda connected some dots and I came in to talk quest gave them Maggie young. And I I kind of knew right away that this was a really unique opportunity. It was definitely scary because mr. construction and but just talk with them learning more about roe BM and everything they're Obie is and stands for an. I knew. Kind of right off the bat that I would be kind of crazy to turn down this opportunity if it were offered to me. So through talking with them a couple different times. Everything just kind of worked out and I was thrilled to find out that. You know that I would be coming on board with throw being terrified at the same time yeah but there. That was a little over two years ago now and it's been incredible in exactly what should title. Assistant project manager. CO project manager so I say this a lot women are much smarter and a man. Much more diligent and organize a civilian men you're Lister. A I'm forty now and my whole life I'm home might pan like a 112. In my whole life I tried to become better at list and they're not bag it doesn't let unproven. I count the year right MEL don't just come myself my wife's the net town the last week and a half missing her family in Indiana. It's I shall call the ninth like hey did you remember to do that sort of like yeah sure did a shirt hung back in about I bet you tend to be gained from. But it Lal is on the road this morning and at 7 o'clock I got it takes from my wife in this said. Hey bay below via hope your actions I hope you're drab and safe. Did these are five things I needed to do that and who. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. And I've just got to remember to look him lists. They felt for him before ahead up to the high country again. It's not Obey had you learn construction why you've been here for two years I have. I have learned a lot and continue to learn every single day is is different from from the last so. Everyday is a new curve ball and something new then tackle so it's been great everything and I mean it's been incredible. Now as we grow we wanna improve in and hone in our skills on our systems and processes wherever. Everything is an occur by all the there scar balls and every era who phase of construction and life and any business. That is good to have. Have somebody with a different mind set a different background hospitality background a property management background. As also we we grow our in me PNR Haney man mechanical electrical plumbing the goal is that we do. You know service contracts for commercial properties as well slot fingers are a nice time and Ryanair also. Yeah I mean it I think I think property management that you may appointed in a 100% additional contacting I mean it it might be a smaller scale. But the same time you're here you're having to manage subcontractors race you're having to manage client expectations. Which are all things it didn't obviously probably come natural to you with the hospitality background. That that's that's faces new construction is managing expectations. In delivering upon a party city middle Iran in a timely fashion house. Keep in it is to me I think is wonderful and I hope. There's some people out there that are parents or or or young young ladies young young girls it's that might like that process and I think we'll wave maybe constructions. Made a sonic is spot that it really is the opportunities are our analysts to transfer we honor winners are men and sometimes centuries. So don't look at me he is gave gave me finally they're not I just say it being. I was gonna say I'm not talk the talk frequently about mach mach three dollar purse that's that's. Cripple them three girls they're veteran middle camp. They are going to be raised in in the traits is and have that background as well Mike can play Philip lunch break or something like that. But. We just I know lose Dominic who runs Roby handyman. Just send out an email last week and we have have a new female starting on any man's side of the coming. And asked him about her or as they require Saddam makes I think doing it his two week tour through the reserves. And she's in the field season a season any pain he won't move we have an electrician has wealth of debt beyond a young lady that is really manners I mean this wonderful I mean I think there at the gas for for all the qualities that you happened to. Pitch advanced of a male. They can really be applied in the and we needed an. I think we service. Customers this of people gain strength and and a lot customers take take. Respond better to females as well you know that a raffle con track record it. Then taking notes and all that stuff right the it's completely you know with time as the four remains. But of the past presidents are very recent national pass presence of Mary is is Steve residential she's a female contractor in Atlanta as a wonderful business and she. She has made a really blew a mission of Percy get around the country and talk about what we're talking about today. Elliott equity take Caylee in the cave on the show as well he's doing the same thing since it's really it's really cool I mean I think dairy industry is really counts are gonna grow up. Name in there so many opportunities. What Alex. What I would like you to stick around Patrick and how would like to hear what is. Train named which in the commercial world and 2018. And specifically Roby commercial absolutely wonderful well you listen now homeless. Welcome back at home with Rosie actually casting some good. I'll hasten the Robie family and how. We are here this. Is he Sunday after the fourth of July's if you had had a week off I get ready for work it's coming on Monday docs it's kicked it. Oh got Alice well in the studio from roe V commercials system project manager if you miss the last segment go back and listen we're talking about. Winning in the construction industry among many many other things that Alex is a role model for anybody that is interested in getting into our industry have both young women and young man. But that Trent I think we say we're gonna switch gears a little bit it's a talking about commercial construction. I'll ask you one thing before we jump in that what brought you to the care on us. Actually in my family me down here I was still in school up and it has station go about dance and I'm I'm breaks from school instead of going home but you know stay in an Ohio I was coming down here to see my family. And I realized that North Carolina is beautiful and the people are grade. I'd it will especially the winners I think my first trip down was in the middle of December so I realize there's a lot more. Outside of the borders of Ohio than I realized and decided to go for it. So I can always come back if I don't like it down there but. There was no use that in years ago and I don't. So I remember when I was a kid and we would go to Myrtle Beach every year for airing old beach trip as a scrambling and and all the pretty girls were from a high I don't know how does that whale Alec Guinness. Destin Florida on I mean the Syrians I had I got to say something real quick as you said go Buckeyes twice now I'm a Clinton fan on how many town who has says that's the highest in Ohio State fan SA has 31 reasons why like I say you know I say that. Because the last time since the United States they would reach 30 I am yeah sorry I just ask does that that is out there out the plot my next door neighbor who is now I ruby commercial client paths they are their guy in the process of of starting a brewery. Is a huge high state fan you need I say do wonderful guy great timing great great great guy. In the for the game he was watching his house house watch in my house and we did it toasts. In his house and I left went back to my place and you have been and he wanted to watch on his deal that's on my TV. And that I don't I state papal rule upset that night in Atlanta halftime. Felon heartbreak kid. I can't turn off we'd panic amendments that we were and I don't think they did that now as deeply as they're never listen we were equally as surprised that we had no news on the world now what ever happened Allan stung pretty candidates still those golden eagle let's take your mind off of the get back I'm talking about Rudy commercial. In what's going on the commercial industry Kennedy had a lot to do with with the development is going on. Special morehead inn in just throughout the city and a year year and expert in this in this topic yet he go across the street at and 2000 Wes Moore hit right across straight up and we have a couple weeks will be pretty close around and some other than a couple odds and ends here in the air. It's very exciting analyst vertical yes a lot of these were talking about it. When you think about that I think that's fantastic that's Spanish. Change the shape of the corner of Moore had Miller can fresher. Is coming along it looks fantastic well across notre and when you cross morehead turns into. Jillian price sports. There's many years did you hear people advertised. You BT who TV or radio they say a one Julian price place and word Mattingly. Catty corner so it brought up the hill all Wes Moore and checked it out Eaton Tennessee. What rugby commercial does. And NASA Robie family holy but we put the thing together we partner with some some thugs and union is is a tech marketing company after the amongst other things. Thanks Wilson we had him home he's going to be house in the front on the corner the front 141000 square feet. And and the ruby family specifically our construction offices in the family office will be in the back when you run around north and so what else do you have. Coach and what else we've got a lot cook it right now I know I mean I guess have a wide Brett the projects he ran all the way to kind of get through would what is a typical Roby commercial projects. And he can I eighty can do smaller things he turned outfits all the way up to a trans talking about redevelopment of the corner of Miller Tim Moore and this is really a large Brett the projects. How would it. Say that there is a typical ruby commercial project because we do quite a lot of different types. Of work anything. From amenities senators for residential neighborhoods to. Office up says its restaurants that's right iron just finish okay we are working in a few different assisted living facilities. Doing renovations there out there. Entire corridors for their am. For their communities. Really cool project going on down in Rock Hill right now is the adventure air sports project in yet that. That is AE. What is at 33000. Square foot trampoline. Park. If he'd ever seen. Any of the American NJ shows on TV it they've got set ups in mayor seeking coming go through and do all these crazy obstacles and the aim is our are. Our project manager Campbell personally is had not won upright now and that's gearing up to ten finish here at the end of this month so. If you haven't heard of that definitely check it out they've got a FaceBook page to the present it. Looks nuts this user Osce and I might still that 136 year old guys still think some sixteen you know it can't. In part my daughter I'm like jumping around doing it yes it's still pretty fun damage to your point that's really popular now yes on a Saturday it's a great. Teriyaki take take your kids an Indian to sort of us. Exercise AM and they date date loved it absolutely love it seeming he would do much different things in nursing homes and communities senators. We have a trampoline Padraic we're doing the redevelopment of an office based threat again right across gravy from here. Or a brewery well where she knew it right now are now Gary went talk and let's. Them. Two gentlemen about Dillon a new Berry here in Charlotte which is kinda just in the beginning stages right now but really exciting project buckeye fans yeah damaged. We're really really where relationship business and how we're par par lay in dying grown from our traditional residential businesses. A lot of our. Traditional residential clients also who run businesses. Or redevelop properties are real or in the commercial real estate business. So we're trying to service them on the other side of that are. Life there at the break we take care of their life and then hopefully we can take care some of their business and he's as well. And they have often millionaire team will witness and that has a land. To. The trampoline par at the possible brewery. Commercial redevelopment. Do relationships. And there they're accustomed century customer century and personalized. And they also resonate from some of the high quality residential mindset that we have traditionally. That has also allege he says to. Roby crosses a brand we created. Which is it is seen here live in a nursing home renovations tracks and we liked it because you have to have the power and a big get it done attitude. Commercial but she also had to have half to have the finance. And how quality white glove service of the residential and has a lot a lot of them stayed bill we do a lot of groups. Metal frame means big bill and has a lot of wood trim is like a home made. And you have people live and in there and and and raising you have to take care of them when your work and there absolutely. Yeah that has led to the hospitality saddened to when these amend any sinners for new neighborhoods are such. Because relationship wise. The root. Moved me being in the president and on the board at the homeowners association I used I mean all these builders and I think they had a need to have a need to say hey. We need these top quality amenities amenities senators. We can go abilities house's a stamp on mountain do great for the person and our own brain. But when I get it Poehler and exercise rumor have a party we need that done this that at a how rebbe rebbe class. Some sat right I think sensed no. And I cut arranges to jamming we have anything from just a small pool house with restrooms and pull equipment Graham. To something like Carolina orchards you know 20000 square foot amenity center for. Do you get and is due to guard house training right yet and I need to guard tells them that scale although they absolutely he NSA and many sinner for senior. Product yet. It is an active adult in a community 55 and up I believe them and I mean there's. Just about anything you can imagine in this amenities and an asset multi product we have racial multi. And we did their sales senators to to the in the new senator on that of foam cracked pleaded the guard shacks and the sales son Aaron this amenity center where just about to do another card check forum sweet. So that's great so once again as stems back to the relationship. Wool Alex though some would like to put people on the spa we deny you a heads up on this. What is your Warren driving life business philosophy. What in the world might look like last week or two weeks ago the Trammell said the platinum rule do and others are you doing aren't done and to leave. I agree with that. I would say eight I had a feeling that you guys might actually something like this not you but it's. I didn't practice but I did have a them and I end I'm very well there's two things that I kinda live by and that kind of tried to. Pushed through and everything that I do and it's always do the right thing. And two wrongs never make a right so. I'm sorry two rounds are McCray and treat. As long as you're doing those two things you feel good about what you're doing and you take care people people take care you and he built relationships that last I mean forever and that. Kind of excels through your whole life and anything you do that's great what are thank you for joining us thank you for being part of the Robie family on the commercial taint. And how can people get older ready commercial. Well you can call us email. Call our office asked for me or anybody else are teens a number 704334. Or 5477. Ask for Alex Jake thank you Alex thank you guys. Welcome back then come with Brody and Patrick as a human services along the red faced. From the ruby family of companies. It'll wind down to City Hall or. I. I don't usually get Devlin went down Georgia what she's scared. We're talking about still playing keep this trend spotters there are which is critical Sunday to Sunday that's intense seven days. And fiddle camp where assistant in Barak is simple and rot Marat. Com convincing senator comp percent or one of those and I went I went jogging yesterday don't volume all around. It's a hilly you know you go down the hill that it's their best to give back feels that you did indeed he did go down hills that Steve is not a easy he had to like put an area so little is nothing like going back out it's not at all like on backed up but if the mental exhaustion that you know you go on back. It was this facility is up by. Does not get up by the golf course for gold rush country club. And I didn't really realize how when three to a new one you go been in the bone dry and you pass the you know old. Green horse in Gaza. That I don't nobody doled hotel on your right in the new pastor cliff country club and you take back around where they've rerouted. And indicated down pat a you know a couple miles you get past the alum also with the way we win endless. Neighborhood where the place for staying is we win in across from the Allah malls and a little of this fellow who went left went on this deal. And I'm John and on this road not come around us either country club ended the grain horse in order. I'm like goodness gracious what a hot idea here is kind of like a war but. And then after that I woke up Dinara did this the ball Ross beautiful it feels great to between degrees cooler. And to be up there with the nature and we don't even have a sea and in the rooms that were staying and we have a box fan in the window old school SCANA peaceful. And we had a thunderstorm the other night and was really cold this to say that he he's still long. In the mountains and I don't know the way the ground takes a water because her pregnant possibly nine and a stale and even now money is this is how how it. A Zorn is a water flows pretty cool this is definitely good time to be in the high country. Yes otherwise saw head back up tomorrow you will record this soltys is third tomorrow is. Is to allow for to you raise a lot. I made it a point to come back down today it was you know when the cat's away the mice will play and that I don't want I had back to back weeks. Charlotte's. And I listen to all the way down the mountains moralists and a couple shatters. I listened to to make it would show this out did from last week which is a great tie into what we're starting this week on the force segment. He did what you anyway you wouldn't Chris and Christian. Yeah how are serious well Christian is is always a geek donates she see sounding really good all Arabia. Yes she does she's a pretty Japanese daylight motivational radius like deep thoughts with Christa McAuliffe he's serious romance now the other a good job. That's why I'm here believe it will let us. Your ear tie entry and we always have a this is our barb our favorite thing to do on the radiation at. This is a ten weeks leading up to coral term which is September 15 that freedom park and that's who talked the last regain all the we do wish story team as Stanley since this is ten weeks away in this house. For first we're sure won't she. Set it up at I will this is this is so whiskey Ty had and she wished to go to discovery folks to swim with the dolphins which which is awesome. Hounsou in this is tied a story it's difficult to imagine a seven year old experienced multiple heart attacks. The wish could tie is distressed and worries of follow these incidents all too well but thinking about her wish Thai knees she wanted to do something involving animals. Sending in May be losing a water park she decided he wished he added discovery Kerr who. And so with the dolphin be the perfect which ties wish came true our first full day in Florida yes her Stanley journey discovery can over the into a relaxing. On the beautiful beaches before visiting the dolphin again. I waited out into the water when those ten days with the Vollmer is with her new best friend Luna. She had so much fund heading spinning and splashing around with her tile said Chansi rate kiss before it is it was over. As a reminder of the incredible experience she had tang on a stuffed often to take and India restraint to face an ongoing worries. Ties whiskey or Stanley and gave her and her family chance relaxed into a time together without the worries treatment. Man it's hard to get through when it unbelievable with that can do for young kids and aggravated dollars inane that stuff and often when we think. I don't bat I don't know which tell crow about but that's a great story it is it something else at home the last shows. When Chris Webber was only here. It talking about it wish ball when they interviewed daughters and they did their videos say man and a daughter said. He can't always fix it's out you can't always give him the right medicine but she did. The Alicia is always a better it's a certainty and this in his guarantee you if he if he can provide this worse this healing mechanism. This oasis for this town and their family always reiterate that. It's not just a child is this that's out in their siblings and her mom and dad. So that is just wonderful stories and I don't know if they wait to hear the rest don't. I can't either in the in the united it's tough to activity net I think he seems probably parent as a reading something there but it's really tough 3-D is disease. Anybody that has child anybody has a child's closed in grand parent parent alike can can easily associate. With the with with type I read an idea earlier today about my families and Indiana my wife Susan are in mosques. And my wife just imitate her my daughter pending a bunny in the same thing items for the bunny has a names trying to sell a damn what the ninth. Many it is just different circumstances to make a wish provides some certainty yeah am I got up. Three girls in my youngest is piper she seventeen and that just resonated in my mind I'll tell you my daughters know September 15 we're not doing anything else except. The chipper wishes eleventh annual. Thanks for joining us today on the app almost ruby show. Have a wonderful Sunday.