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Saturday, January 13th

Dr. Ernst discusses questions and answers about the ketogenic diet.


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The asked doctor Cho is presented like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And it's for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment she could qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information you. It's time to transform your hell yeah which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour learn from experts on how to revolutionize the health of those you love most. Ask doctor there. Q your hopes. Doctor Barrett heard. Plus good afternoon happy Saturday to you welcome into the new year and our first official live show. But the aspect parents are here aids doctor Aaron it's not your host and it's this or pound said that he is dead or you can beat that freed from all the health problems. Love love love it here today on this amazing Saturday we're sharing the message that your health and healing. And that the question I have for you is that you have happy new year. Did you enjoy your holidays and or use like most people's saying. I gotta get back my health goals back to the gym. You know back my diet that has got to revisit what I did last year connects sort of let it slip off and say it's OK it's human rights we all have fine. And they L wake up one day going okay I'm now get serious about this though. Today I mean to be discussed seen this that Ottawa caught a controversial diet but I've been discussed what is known as the Quito genetic diet. And we're gonna break it apart a decent Q any about it I got a lot of questions over Parikh over the Christmas terms and holiday times. Asking for me to go into this heat did you it diet what is it was a good for Heidi do it actress though. You get and love they executed tonight diet is one of the most famous. Long standing guides the United States it is been around more than any other diet I know you know then like a these fad diets. Technically it's been in practice for more than nine decades. And it was developed in the 1920s. Primarily to help a health issue that people were happening very specifically. I'm if you had they like cius easier you can go into this special diets and they found out that it sort of called the brain down it made people stop having seizures. Nerds discover why that happened. A lot of researchers done and they found out that the brain. Can actually use an alternative fuel source and sugar. For its energy and everything like in 1920s though at the time we used to think the old eat food your brain used with sugar. And now we know today there's actually more fuel sources for the brain to disagree there are these things called heat tone. And without getting too technical the key to getting diet is that process. Of converting your body from dean and inefficient sugar Bernard meaning using sugar is your primary fuel source. Institute sort of very highly efficient. Clean. Quito or fat burning body now your eye lids to perk up your eyebrows should rise and you should get excited because. When you go into a heated in ex date when your body is he'd tell adapted. You're gonna burn fat for energy and year. Bodies ghetto love that because you're gonna have the ability to just basically get rid of all this excess weight that a lot of you are looking to do. So what we're gonna do today on her show is discussed. What is the heated diets what are the benefits why would you may be wanna do this. How'd you get in to keep those states. And what are some of the effects that it does to our body college you know when you're there and what are some of the sort of side effects of being in this key topic diet. And I'm gonna put it to you this way to side of Mexican of love right it's. The sense of being full throughout the day it lots of energy aides clarity of your mind. It's burning fat side effects and so you know it's January and well wanna hit the yen and change their diets. So I'd like to show you a method that you don't have to go really hard to work now. Andy can get tremendous results list of weight loss is a billion. Dollar industry for one specific reason. We're not really good Guinea sustain results will lose it will gain or lose it will gain it will lose or gain it. If you're sick of that merry go round and I promise you this Quito diet is the answer for you. And it is one of the major steps that I use in helping my patience my clients turn their health around. So all throughout the show today realist and I know the Italians have hurt us live in a couple weeks because the ball to preempt the holidays and things like that but the thirteenth today. Next Saturday the twentieth my weight loss Adventist technically sold out but in true asked doctored bat and I kept. Went he reserved tickets nobody could buy eighties. Because I wanted to seat today if I can give them away we're going to be talking about weight loss for me time and energy production and talk about balance your hormones. And basketball. If you're somebody's taken medication for state. Things like high blood sugar hide you know blood pressure or high cholesterol high triglycerides if you've got a wide. Issued that you're taking a medication portrait fix the mormons are off your energies out. Or something's going on and you want to you're wondering had been there a different way can I do something different and honesty medication. This event is freedom to go through the top. The re lifestyle activities you can do. That will help you to heal by yourself give more natural and this Keats hostesses this sort of like icing on the cake for that. OK if you get an acute doses and you follow these three steps these three protocols. You can start to not only lose weight but feel great get up you medications that threat and all during the showed that would be giving those twenty tickets aways so how we're gonna do that is at each commercial break withdrawal might call line. At the phone number you dial it you give us your information and boom Muir and normally it's 25 dollars to ten as the few guys all that suits him and he did that for free so. Listen up. Pay attention and let's have some fine. So you know it's January wanna lose weight and dad challenges a lot investigating our. Our mailbox is full of hate come join this gym you know some number even offering Mike now free memberships for the third period time and this you know I like to work out tonight I do go and you know it used gyms and things like that. But what I find is that that right now it's pac man India's millions of people are replaced. But I know that if I get it at least the next five or six weeks it's gonna go back to normal routine which is making it that whenever I want to make use of equipment and our. Our New Year's. You know rebel a resolution people will be gone that this is not something that you just due for a couple weeks in your out of it this sedate lifestyle plan. That's gonna help you to get all of your health goals Matt. And I promise you I've been doing this heated diet for almost six years now. It's not really a diet it's a way of living it's it's a lifestyle technique that encourages your body to be highly efficient. It helped to stabilize blood sugar triglycerides cholesterol and blood pressures. Which is why I highly encourage him your looking for that answer and now's the time right to pick up the phone. My number 7049062094. At seven afford 9060948. When he ticket that it went these are gone it's sold out. You can pick them up there you're 7049062094. Again my weight loss revolution total body make over is next Saturday the twentieth 11 AM. At the Hilton garden and in all need to know is are you looking to melt fat. Nasty looking through. Not only lose weight but feel great and that's use 704. 906294. Gas doctor urged a will be right back. While immaculate they asked doctor show host doctor Aaron Aaron. Thank you so much to Italy Saturday we have an incredible show topic for you today because as the asked doctor and show because you get to ask your health questions will be answered them. Using some non natural and holistic techniques. And I have been asked a lot lately like it spends some time to do a show on the key to genetic diet and what he's keep Telesis it was a good for so. That's what we're doing today and you guys are gonna love this because this diet has actually been around for quite some time. And the benefits of this. Outweighed just the idea of what it takes to pull this diet off okay. So just to give you little teaser what you can expect when you do this kind of diet is not just losing weight a tank. It is been shown to help lose wait here's the actually does better than going to the gym working out doing crazy diets things this effect. But it's also been shown to physically help to manage control and reduce. Your type two diabetics state if you have diabetes so again if you're taking medication for high blood sugar. In your at a difficult time managing your diabetes let's stop going after that and ecology and let's start addressing it with its Quito diet. It's been shown to deep crease cholesterol decreased triglycerides. And also believe it or not. The increase your blood pressure wild raising your HDL all at the same time that's to be like that tracked back everything. Because most of us that have high cholesterol taken medication that we worry about our heart health risks for heart disease. Seeking drastically reduce terrorist art these by politics heated it. They've even got study showing listed as a could help you to starve down cancer cells in your body. And I'm not talking about using it as they're Pete for cancer cadence isn't necessarily replace chemo and radiation surgery. But what he could do is prevention ever having that conversation with your doctor in the first place. There's even studies being done at various institutes like the National Institutes of Health. And even at various hospitals like the University of Iowa showing that the effects of getting into a key topics states. Could actually helped duke star down and prevent cancer cells from Foreman in your body. So again that should make your new your ears perk up weekend lose weight became normalize our sugars we can fix our triglycerides and cholesterol. We potentially kill cancer cells. And if I'm gonna put the icing on the cake for this you could maybe. According to against the research reversed neurological disorders like alzheimer's dementia and even things like apple apps. Now to discuss the little the history of this diet. A what it is real quick described in my opinion the key genetic diets not a diet. It's a way of eating bad matches. What the human body is designed to be able to do with food intake. And what I mean by that is the basics. The basis of the Q did you think diet is essentially. Low carbohydrate. Moderate pro team high back. And it's the specific type of back to the reason we did this low carb high fat diet. Is your body has the potential. To hurt itself into a metabolic burner for back. Now it's not. The state most of essar and if you were to just. You know sort of wake up right now today chances are your in what's known as they sugar burning state or in non key topics state. This is the effect of these standard American diet having tons and tons into the carbohydrates and sugar and I've I've right read estimates that. The average American consumes upwards into the range of 300. To 400. Grams of carbohydrate per day. And just give you an idea in reference that about ten times the not a carbohydrates you could can him. If you want it to get it to the heat state sonar to pull off this Q did you think diet we have to go very low carbohydrates. We have to go moderate protein with the go very high back. And it's been studied in needed research has been done to find out that the effect of this is equal to data that's been. Now what's unique about asking is asking its and to boost your immune system Vista and help he burned body back. And even in the clinical studies with mr. and helped kill cancer cells normalize blood pressure everything out. But the problem with this is you can't ask for long periods of time to make it feasible right I couldn't say. It was you've asked for six straight years cases would work. So what Nikita didn't die it was done as it was then it was developed or sort of designed to mimic the beneficial effects of fasting. But still like you to eats so in essence the key to diet basically like tricks your body into thinking that it abstained all the time. And the benefit of that is this when you fast. Your body says OK listen all the sugar oh the cards I've been consuming for energy they're not available that are not year. And so I have two options like in take muscle. And party into sugar or I can take all the fat that I have been burning energy. That might take muscle and making into sugar I stay in the sugar burning states though you know for a period of time your body might do that. But if you really encouraged. Your body to burn these facts for energy which is real simple all you have to do is eat what you want yourself to burned. In this the misconception that sort of bad littered. You know the health industry today belt states you gold low fat if you wanna burn fat but it doesn't make any sense at a metabolic level for your body the senior bodies designed. To run highly efficient. And what's more efficient it's actually take that in burn for energy. The question of why isn't that happening is partly because when you're in a sugar Bernie states. This sugar has made. All I call it after ability to give you energy for shorter duration so let me sit back a couple of the analogy with ninety realize were on the radio is that this. Top right you gotta like absorbed this yet say OK I understand. One way of duties may be hop over to our FaceBook page re can physically see me as they sort go to these analogies. In this second step of course is go to my website asked doctor art dot com. Have a ton of recipes and even guidelines and articles undisputed guy diet including in the graphics and things that help you visibly seeded. But it's real simple okay. Sydor gives you a very fast sort of urged bush you know push of energy. That's why if you'd get stuck into this sort of bad sugar cycle what tends to happen is you eat sugar because it tasted. And then your blood sugar levels spike and then your insulin spikes and as a result of that here's the unique thing. Dope I mean which is a reward hormone also spikes so basically your brains like I'd like. And then the blood sugar starts to go ops that the insulin goes up an insulin does its job which is tempering your sugar levels down. And that's the energy production you do you make energy from sugar okay but then because the servers dropping. Your body's gonna start going and I hate that that quick burst energy we have is now goal line. We want that we like it the dope mean reward centers opinions and our feel good again. So now hunger and cravings start to get developed. And a low blood sugar causes your appetite to increase the gate Hungary. And you crave sugary things as that you eat something suites and it repeats this cycle have rarely feel good it's sort live today. Now if you can break this out call it the breaking the sugar addiction cycle. What will happen is your body or sale Calif and even though I want to sugar you didn't give it to me so fine OK it's like almost reluctantly it'll say. All burn this fact now the unique thing about when you burn fat for energy is the energy rush laughs a lot longer two to three times longer. So you'll feel. Good you'll be energized and you won't be Hungary. As often as you will while you're in sort of a sugar burning states of one of the of the number one reasons. The key to take diet helps you lose weight does it almost instantaneously. Destroys. The constant sort of signals for hunger. And secondly keep seat filled with energy longer and in third because your energies coming from fat. Your body often has that storage is that it can burn to create. So this cute getting diet has been studied in sound helped you fix a lot of issues most of it how when we try to lose weight as hungry all the time. And the foods that I ate they didn't really keep before for very long period time. And I'm kind tired fatigued. So cute getting diets while actually help you to eliminate all of that. And get the benefit in the long term of the other health aspects that come from being Inky Telesis. Which he did it's things like stabilizing blood pressure sugars triglycerides cholesterol. And in my opinion one of the best benefits of this is it actually helps CT save money can you know having BE all the time. And you have this longer sense of sort of an interject drive throughout today so. Someone who's fat adapted as an example that what you guys want to have rights they can burn fat all the time be energized never Hungary. Is somebody who wakes up in the morning and is not raising breakfast together like like you eat if I want to but I don't have to. There's somebody you'd typically an economic cotta for breakfast with some scrambled eggs in May be like a full fat coffee or smoothie or something like this. And they're gonna go well I don't need to eat until 2 or 3 o'clock has either they're not hungry at all or they're starting to get hungry but it later in the day. As opposed to someone who's sugar Bernie's going to be Hungary eighty snacks throughout the day. When you replace your fuel source from carbohydrates. Fats it becomes more efficient. So you can get longer standing energy as a result of this and in the process of how you actually get into this is to simply letting your body do it by itself. And that's the benefit of you know there's no tricks to Richie not to go to the gym and spend hours upon and in. Your fat burning zones and you don't have to count any points or calories or anything. All you simply do is. Reducer carbohydrate intake and increase your fat intake. Now the trick witnesses that carbohydrates are often find food that you think are good for you like fruits. And grains and even a lot of vegetables for example can be high carbohydrates. And an attractive at that help you with his most people think that dietary fats. Are bad right like guys this fear that if you eat a lot of fact you're gonna get heart disease you gonna gain weight. But if if I can just sort of help you break that Mitt fat is a preferred source of energy wind at. Yeah of low carbohydrates all the studies that showed you get heart disease and needs bats and he did. You know like up that we need that was because they did studies on people who weren't efficient at burning in the fact that they ate. So in the absence of sugar. Your body can naturally grab it fat molecule and turn it into. Energy in the process results in something called a key toned body or. If physical presence of a specific type and after the your blood or urine. And you can monitor this Q can get he don't strip seeking get you know blood Quito monitors. And you can find out how a fishing you are and Bernie Mac just by simply looking in the the CB of Quito junior curator Keith and the applied to one way if you're frustrated you've been going to gym working out the idea is doing all the right stuff. And you've maybe lost five or ten pounds but you kind of hit the plateau this wall going like why is it anything happening. It probably because you haven't taken at the next level and gone into your metabolic nature into the ability to burn it back. You could you know collects them a year in due to keep those trips ticketed if it's reading zero. Now the light should be going off paid don't hit the gym more. Don't do more dieting in this respect but start recognizing. If you wanna burn this that you just simply need to start eating more fat and start counting your carbohydrates. Instead of your calories. Now listen this may sound enticing right this diet has been designed. To help you apart that like crazy rebuild your energy. Balance your hormones lowering your blood sugars lower your blood pressure lower your triglycerides. It's the reason I'm sort of teasing you with is forgetting how to do it all is to open your your mind and say hey would you like to be coached. To the nth degree would you like to physically take the 2018 year in state this is the year for my health. I'm gonna finally do this and they lose the weight that I did not gonna get up the medication I'm taking. I'm gonna get my energy back I want my life back if that's you join me for my total body make over which is next Saturday the twentieth. 11 AM at the Hilton garden and and you get tickets to it right now seven afford 9062094. At 704906209. Ports Yasser Terence there will be your back. Good afternoon happy Saturday welcome back here this is the abductor itself. Idaho's doctor Aaron Aaron Stan love that you're sitting in today. We're discussing the concept that this heat a genetic diets and the effect that it can count on just. About everything has to do with your help. And be cute guy to something that a lot of people I think think that it's sort of a bad guys write that talked about pilots the liberties animal over the Internet. But did you know that geeky midnight technically been around since the nineteen when he. And originally. It was sort of stumbled upon when scientists discovered that if you take someone who has. They an epileptic or seizure type in the states and you with you with you withhold food from him he asked them. And you give them a specific type of like a fact you haven't eat plans to base saturated fats they found that almost instantaneously if seizures stopped. It was utilized primarily as deep therapy. For epilepsy and seizures until. Sort of ethnic and false and sister medication start to come around and you know the leader nineteen hundreds. So for a period of probably 67 years it was it therapeutic method to help people think you'll. From seizures and epilepsy is sort of and neurological disorders. While in the process of studying how did that happen. They found out that the brain is able to use an alternative fuel source as a byproduct of burning fat for energy called eight heat toned body. So they termed it the key to a genetic diet meaning generation of key transgenic to create and keep him meaning Keaton bodies. Now today a lot of people use the key to take diet to lose weight. And while that's a great thing that can do I wanna point out the fact that it does so much more than just lose weight. It actually has the potential to help you turn many areas of your health around. One of which he has. The red the respect that likes they are risks for type two diabetes so if you have type two diabetes and years sort of follow in classic sort of American diabetic diet or year. Cleaning your died out I would highly encourage you to consider. Looking into and researching getting into ecosystem to show you in just a moment how to actually get in to keep as this in just a couple weeks. But when you use fat for energy instead of sugar than obviously you can start to decrease your sugar amounts. In what we found out is that when you eat carbohydrates insulin climbs like crazy. And the rise and insulin is what results in use Doreen the sugar that's in our body and applied as fat. And you can store it also as a reserve sugar noted like it's and so what we often find a lot of diabetics they have some at stored sugar. And they have so much stored fat. It just simply cleaning their diet that in exercising is not enough to burn through all of the reserves. What the key to Jake died does by completely. Eliminating carbohydrates for their diets. It allows for all of those access storage is to be depleted so in the course of about two or three days. You'll see often normal blood sugar levels coming back. And what this does is if it's sustained for a long enough period time Islam levels start to come down. The body starts to eagle and naturally the receptive start to repair and you can start to see diabetic symptoms disappear. Therefore if you're taking diet if you're taking a medication for diabetes or your injecting insulin. You could consider going this route to reduce your reliance upon. And what we find is leader not a lot of the study showed that if you take it diabetic who's taking medications and you dip them in to keep hostess. Sometimes at the physically stopped taking their medications because it drives their sugar so far down. We know it's beneficial for weight loss listeners in 2013 the British journal of nutrition. Found that people who took a heated clinic diet achieved better long term body weight. And cardiovascular management when compared to someone who just did a classic low fat diet. So basically if you go hide back you get better results that he go low fat. Another study in the international journal of environmental research in public health that was published just a couple years ago. Found that people who sustained a key to getting diets. Had the results. Equal to that a physiological and biological changes. Relating to cardiovascular. Risk reduction diabetic risk reduction and even cancer risk reduction. And it also came with weight loss. So I look at this and I start and Mike I'd like he could lose weight. You could normalize your place figures. You could reduce your risks for heart disease because we found again. Other studies showing that if you stick to the key to take diet for just a couple weeks you reduce triglycerides you reduce LDL cholesterol. You even reduce your blood sugar which there's the diabetic side. And because eight Steele often lines. We see a relationship changed with your risk factors. One of the traditional medical risk factors Xavier eight Steele is low. The total cholesterol high. And your LDL cholesterol high. In your triglycerides or high from the called metabolic syndrome you could be at risk for higher rates of heart disease cancer that your. So if we can lower these things by burning them. And what you'll see as your health starts to turn around drastically. So I look at this as again not a diet to stay on me to do this for two or three weeks. But as a way of living if we can sort of adopted the low carbohydrate. Moderate pro team high fat. Diet hype that I now you can get and keep those is keep its stained and and you prevents a lot of these conditions happening imagine. Catching it early enough and preventing diabetes preventing heart beat even preventing cancer. And that took its possible from this and the benefit decide effective oh yes guess what you've lost the little bit await. Now listen recently there's even evidence to suggest that going dissuade this Hedo diet. Low carb high back. Could potentially help you live longer. Than if you get a standard American or in low fat diet. The lancet which is one of the largest peer reviewed journals in the world of medicine studied it 135000. People. Over eighteen different countries. And they compared. And contrasted diet what they correlated with high carbohydrate. Low fat diet had a higher risk of mortality. Whereas high fat diet. Low carbohydrate diet had lower risk of mortality. So the total fat consumed were a predictor of if you died from things like heart disease heart you know like I'm on. Would like heart attack my card out parks and strokes except for a in fact here's what was root was was just mind boggling. Saturated fat intake had an inverse relationship but those people who were working on heart health meaning. We've often been told BC cut your saturated fats that you would have in a great heart healthy not clog your arteries but what they found out was that actually. A specific type of saturated fat that those that come from plants actually reversed the likelihood of you happiness. So if we're gonna go the route of disputed diet we needed drastically increase their bats need to significantly reduce the carbohydrates at the keeper protein lean. A comeback for this next break amnesty leave the exact like here's the plan here's how to decode this anti cues with just a couple weeks. And in it you'll see tremendous results I mean we're talking like what I did is the first time through I lost twenty pounds I've seen in my office 101520 pounds that you can do it. And if you're somebody who's willing to take it to the next level not just lose weight. But fake blood pressure sugar triglycerides it stature. Again I have six tickets I got it blown out of here fixated dated sells out 704906. User 94. My weight loss transformational event on Saturday to it when it. 704906209. Ports Yasser records show will be right back. Okay. Our dialogue back happy Saturday illicit gas sector itself I'm your host doctor Aaron Ernst and I'm here today. Inspiring coach in guiding you do living life your fullest help potential we're talk about weight loss retire about energy retire about healing your body naturally. Through using aid diet that I don't like the college diet. But it's it's if you search for it you'll find it as the key to a genetic diet we're talking about what it is Heidi get into it what are the benefits of it. And you know that the long story short of it is it says it is them method of eating that actually supports. What your body to medically is created to deal which is to burn fat for energy. That caveat that of them all is that you can't really the Indy keep those days. If you're consuming too many carbohydrates it's sort of via it's the off switch good luck burning fat if your your carbohydrate intake is too high. Is that what we start to see is all the myths that revolve around weight loss you know counter calories count two point work out hard X xetra. But if Leary take more of a scientific look at it. You can get better results in this against published in the journal lancet the all over different universities in different articles. Selling net restricting your carbohydrates. Not your calories that your your car. Keeping your protein somewhat low and just pedal to the matter with your healthy backs. That if you do that for a period of time. You're gonna get into a state known as he hostess. And that's where your body burns fat for energy instead of sugar for energy. This side effect of getting you switched to getting out of that one metabolic state from sugar into the second metabolic state back. Gives you the benefit of losing weight normalizing you're sugars cholesterol triglycerides eccentric so it has sort of this like. Let's knock this ball out of the park home run affect. And then you'd get to lose weight as a side effect of doing all of that. So the key had died in a nutshell is basically. Low low low carbohydrates now here's the challenge with that a lot of vice you know think of carbohydrates as you know the white sugars in things like that which is true. But many carbohydrates unhealthy foods you can eat too many fruits. And be voted upon carves. You can eat a lot of vegetables. And tend to have a lot of higher colors like the reds the yellows the greens purples eccentric and again you can't tell the cards with this. So in order to really pulled a soft there's a specific relationship of how much you wanna consume and just give you an idea. A big man Alex I was just to have one been generated almost thirty grams of carbohydrates. Now. I'm using the banana as an analogy to the wanna help you understand house how strict you have to be with restricting your car. That is about the maximum carbohydrate intake for the entire day. Peta get in to keep toast. Cases you're allowed one been and it gained Katie anything out carbohydrate why. Just again it's an analogy the goal of course to be you would try to keep your your year. Carb consumption. To almost nuns we wouldn't have any bananas who would have neat freak who wouldn't anything like that we certainly wouldn't be eating sugars or you know candies or cake or ice cream at the and its effect. And we'd also wanna reduce all the things that turn into sugar which instantly dairy. Wheat rice corn oats etc. so in the beginning here's the thing it sounds like a lot of don't need don't eat don't need to only. And where people start tuning now boys it's now are back too restrictive diet will know. It's just an idea the leaders and yet to keep him down to get into that economic state. But what I love about this is you could technically eat anything you want that is not a carbohydrates like a fat for example. You can have as much if you would like if you would have you know sixteen meals a day eating all facts in golf or you're gonna get in because it's really really well. So if we keep our carves down around thirty Orton last. And we pump Arafat really hot you know three to four times which would normally consume eight just stick with that for a couple days may be a week it the most. I guarantee you you could check your hearing checked your bloody would find these Keaton bodies floating around. What does that mean it means you're now burning fat for fuel. So if you wanted to start really losing weight now we do some simple things like ads and intimated fasting. We had a little bit of working out we go to the gym for 1015 minutes. You know we can start increase in a water intake we can do all the great things detox except that we can do all the stuff that we wanna do that should be Venus to lose weight. And it's going to be and they treat them like pouring lighter fluid on fire is now everything's gonna work perfectly. Now how to get into this is to really kind of cut out the things that turn into carbohydrates so instead of using dairy we might switch over to state coconut or all the milk or something like that. Instead of going for things like ma'am I'll call lights down carrots and potatoes and beats and things that have high high amounts of you know carbohydrate we're gonna shift our vegetable consumption on the side of the greens this salary cucumbers David Hale start X xetra. We wanna increase our protein consumption but from a clean source like nuts endorse deeds eating going that route to doing things like this and chicken and beef. He can really play with this but. That the secret to it a bit all is increasing your facts and that that would be against things like consuming more avocados or. Olives or oils directly coconut water eggs for example. All the stuff that a lot of us are sort of afraid to add because we're like oh it's gonna cause massive heart attacks but. Here's the thing with this. That those types of fat for going Foreman escaping like on the Condo and olive and coconut in blotter. Are these these that's called median chain fatty acids or MCF. Aides sometimes their previous aid. As in the seat tees. So like damned in CT oil as an example and by the way coconuts is an incredibly great source of these beat Ian chain fatty acids. And what's unique about them is they have this ability to physically eight deep crease inflammation. BD promote better sugar absorption and usage and since we're using such small amounts of sugar in his diet will become a better. Bernie indexer for energy and and lastly we note that fat combined with proteins help you to feel full. The just envision this for a second when you follow this high back. Moderate protein low carbohydrate QG diet you physically forced the cells of your body to burn fat. That's why weight loss is sort of a side effect. But in an instance that that we also decrease the global amount of inflammation in our body. And inflammation in connected to everything every major disease you can think up. The reason for this is a what do you think of sugar as sort of like down a piece of wood that you put onto a fire to burn we get a lot of smoke weed on. Acts right it's sort of it's it's a it's a very dirty form of fuel source. But when you think of like a fat burning a what do you think of like a natural gas Stover a propane. You know grill or something like that you can turn it on I can get hot but there's not a lot of smoke. Actually is almost nine. And there's no waste products because your burning it clean fuel source so the reason that the key to take diet so good for reducing inflammation. Is. There's not a lot of socks made of by products like there is with sugar. So sensor hormone receptors beside inside and awe long the cell membranes. When you reduce inflammation out of cellular level he start to regulate all the performance of your body. That would be things like if tyrant Norman helped to produce energy and feel good and alive at least wait insulin with health the lower York. Blood sugars against the obviously beneficial for diabetic we also see apartments for appetite control like corral it and colts is they're kind of mean are CTK. We see things like corral it and all of a hormones that regulate wing your hungry and how much that you should burn they start working better and faster. He could technically balanced your hormones by getting into this. Anti inflammatory. High fat cue music state. We also know like I've talked about before when you do it this your sugar levels tend to come down now what's unique about sugar is. Our bodies store approximately. Sixteen to twenty hours worth of sugar reserve. Okay but some of us have stored sixteen to twenty years' worth of fat reserves. And if you ever want to burn that fat reserve think of it like it's just sitting there. You're never your body's never gonna go after it until the sugar tank is empty. So partly why heated Jake diets are great for inducing fat burning. If you bring your carbohydrate levels down and you start to burn through their sugar reserves that you trickled a fat out. But here's the secret is he sort of wrap this up today. If you can incorporate asking what is key to take die. So like down skipping breakfast maybe pushing your legs back a little bit and intermittently fasting not eating for certain period of time during the day. You ensure on a day to day basis you burn through that about sixteen to twenty hours worth the sugar reserve. So then listen it's the only fuel source it's available for you is what you eat which is why we gold though carbohydrates that we adult. Accidentally kicked the body back into birdied sugar. But if I'm eating tons and tons and tons of fat. And I have no sugar storage my body's going yen and were burning all of this that reserve oh thanks for eating fat will burn that to keep being fact is we have all this back to burn. And that's how you stay in the state of tremendous amounts of energy power and weight loss you know when you look down at your belly ego. The GM hasn't gotten rid of that last you know little spot I only up for grabs I want six. Or you grabbed a love handles and I haven't budged or. He Republican and you're going to like Manny to scale to really jump back I promise you this I mean I've seen some of my clients lose twenty pounds in just a couple weeks doing. And while it might sound complicated it's actually very very easy and just sort of as the little teaser. If you want the whole plan laid out. If you want the whole diet what breakfast lunch and dinner should look like. If you want shopping list and you wanna know exactly what to do then man comes by events its next Saturday. And now in the fashion of the opening up my call like streets commercial break. You know I I they're usually gone by now but for whatever reason I have two left and I know that right now these guys are gonna be gone. I'm looking for someone who wants to not just lose ten pounds but lose like three or four dress sizes. Hansack public for somebody who wants defiantly. No longer have to be bogged down by having a diagnosis of diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol. On the personally once so much energy to they can run around their kids and their grandkids and everybody else is gonna ask them what are you doing what's your secret what's your diet what are you taking. I don't want somebody who's looking to massively transform their life and their health. I have two free tickets left the event is next Saturday is my new year do you weight loss extravaganza. 11 AM. At the Hilton garden and the call line right now 7049062094. There's 17 afford 906. And 094. C'mon I know somebody out there is on I've been to the gym for the last week. And I have been sweat and often it's not move it like I thought I've been doing Mike Mike counting my points my calories them run in my calculators and is this not budget. Seven afford 9062094. And listen these are normally 25 dollars but they are yours for free. And there goes another Winston now listen as their rap they show up or to give you a little encouragement right. This diet is key to a diet he can. Can go to my website and find all of her recipes you can figure out exactly to do it it's this simple ready keep your carbohydrates at thirty grams or lasts. Keep your protein between about sixty to seventy grams for your average adult to just double in each time. Thirty grams doubled gives him and I protein sixty doubled gives him Arafat once when he these are in Graham's it's easy. Count them K. Don't look at it and say oh it's too frustrating I don't think that indeed is Google has an incredible source feed to be it was how much that is any blank and just are out in an op. Stick to this for two weeks in you're gonna lose weight feel great. Senior sugars improve and ID and had medical doctors with some of my clients go oh my god I've never seen what were on this path. And again if you'd like to join us seven afford 9062094. Pay as ask doctor Art Shell and I want to guys that are listening to meet hop on over to FaceBook right now I'm gonna tell you a little secret about this idea. Of buying Quito that this new thing and why it's so dangerous. So I don't know our FaceBook that consulate asked not terse wealthy guys next week.