Amanda Young Of Roby Realty

At Home with Roby
Sunday, December 10th

Amda Young of Roby Realty joins POartrick and Trent to talk about Charlotte Real Estate and selling your home in the winter.


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Good morning looking at home with pros and that's. Pass from rookie services reveal lecturing them PH house plumbing and Rudy really a long trip hasten the release failing to companies we are here has trained Sunday morning. I just you've seen the we hear a mobile local vary we've got to Mandy young for road and really easy to Wasilla. She's going to be here I don't fly out of doing it. It's easier to talk to us about what goes on in the residential real estate world in Charlotte. If she said it is hot hot hot and I might help. Education little little Marshall that I did you have your moral the investments. When relates to real estate. From a numbers standpoint and a how power property performs a little less on the on the broker's sadly yeah we'll talk a little bit about that later Amanda is exciting vibrant. Agent partner rev humility that's right it's wonderful hammer in the house. It is good that we talk about Britney really quite a bit but sometimes we don't probably. Talk about it as much as we do with the with the injury releases that we get declines at rice about in the interim services that. They're really really carries the same. The same core values and beliefs and all the red meat companies these. Say dvd if you had a good experience with one of our other companies would have do you consider to be really if you look and have a real estate transaction definitely. Death and it means that the goal is to I always say this when news when you walk in from a construction or real T standpoint if you buy an existing house. If the experience is not good when you teach your dream home your home is not sure. In a few builder and a new house and you're you're tangling with the contractor all the time and you don't like communicate with them and stuff. When you get that dream home it's you've been building is not there during the right and it's the same exact thing on the rule states out of you about it existing home. And the process is not. A good experience things and runs. This uneasiness of the house and he could not be more right I think that's that's too with the mortgage process is well a map out a we had a tough time for five years ago and sort of got. Sort of run along and during a real estate transaction and this is sort of a plug for reals agents in general. Unique it's very emotional. Eat it it's it's hard to see these investments. And it is where you and chairs Stanley memories forever PRD have and and it wasn't for a good real cities in this sort of got to meet this several several years ago ally and I threw. That experience when it would have lead you right now the house wouldn't have Elie would've gotten and eat it so attached to incinerated in the event futures are their first Stanley house. Latin silly I think discipline for people who say. Chemist and sell myself from diss myself we talk about this in the construction site all the time. If you're not sure hire a contractor. If you're selling property or buying a property hire a real estate agent yeah a man makes it there's a reason for there's I would say he had torn the miss memory game industry is all man they get paid and I don't do any thing. If you have a really good real estate it doesn't for you number one they're gonna make you returning your ease of translation. Offset what they may read that you could very well make a profit don't match. Own formula. Blitz. There's there's they were putter but it's often a lot of times in order by softening no meaning you do deal done and network for use in Egypt you know money up front at the united. Think about all that was at a T in their gonna help feed to avoid making an emotional decision. Rightly and an LP make on with your mind vs navy your heart. Because it can take that emotion out of it which is very hard at your house and it's very difficult under slimy SE a lot of builders you know they'll give you their rules state license and make the same couple points but they're not realtors and town. And correct it in your body goes lot do you use red while she still this yourself you're trying to pace and Nina how to do that much in. I mean. I try to live the wool let I try to live the way out sell on the way out right lay out preach is. Pays someone of fair fees to do their job and you get a higher. Completely agree and I think your eyes feel like I wanna pay it's thinking three to 6%. But it's it's a 100% worth it in yet but he does security you know when you made the right decision you got a price right you got to write columns. I mean even to take it the next level last week we had break wing government for two weeks ago just three weeks ago we gave a shout out last week. While we're giving him a lot of shout outs but hooking you know what the right money sides seeking get the right finance and and then break even talk about first time homebuyers. Only have to put down 3% Anders government programs it. He's adapted Dolan where the government DJ kickback a 3% so really out of pocket and nothing less amazing now any indeed have to hat if you don't know the batteries don't has some late at nose and your corner I mean you missed nearly the money on tape I mean app. My oldest child's T Ian I'm a be honest in my life and I were talking the other day we hope that my. Four children go to temple Leo. And I said. I'll learn about his government program when I go to Chapel Hill after their freshman year and live in the dorm. You know I would lie because side and help my daughter played in my house. Yes I mean she got as she's gonna have a little this savings hopefully be sheet from what I understand if she's a first come home buyer. She should the government give her leg kick back 3% she will not be make an 80000 dollars a year adult thing mobile will let you buy at that she won't be lush easing college finish him by house so somebody must decide and then she can move and afraid as I know prepay your mortgage in this hour as a whole process it indeed injured other daughters come up they can do the same thing. And asked us there to do and I and I you know about me just. Having faith in supporting not children based awful lot of -- told them we can help her get into our first home early start build equity stellar bill and welcome them learn how to hustle. It's like eight colonialism and learn how to collect randomly already got a Clinton it righted ten years old isolate Iran it a bit to the best economy is now that their promise and if they have to of robbed her bike across the river to give you. That's a hard that it needed a hated the guy is a spam will resemble lord I don't have looked like clay and yet so I sort of as vice that the between Iran and across the weighs in with this huge like yellow tires at. Simmons I'll let it paddle boat and that you sound and I'll tell about what is old. It. Iberia which really tee it up remaining young room in reality we leave this is great with estimate from rim really honest we talk about all the time management degree now is it is but I'll tell you this. I I'm joking and I don't get in trouble I don't mind my children ride their bikes and play but I didn't push him out of the car will we get an eye out money. We have a Mandy tell her tell him out revenue ability we're so glad to be here man the weather's been beautiful. Ditch Christmas tree out of still creek Presbyterian Church talk a little bit more about that are normally return to the. Welcome back definitely driving Patrick fantastic from producers of goods. Plumbing and relieve pain in politics he's in relief in these companies. We are here it's definitely had a ruby family member in a house and won't. In Eldorado is is the Christmas season ago. Its feet and Christmas season elf on the shelf Diaz did up on us now. Yeah I have kids I don't I don't think commanding young is with two out here again and wit and not want to lose. And that is where it's not a man is not talking into the Mike I am with tax breaks or nervousness in the market hub in this race again it is president elect completely obnoxious seeking just laughed and does not mean it's a Pollard. Fifteen towns terrorists to keep it sees he's owned pins and needles capacity got a got a broken down and build a mutt then meet the year that I'd want to about the opening the show that we haven't done it a couple of years and that starlets in first grade my daughter. And they have an elf in her class and she came home with like could not have been acting better yesterday at school I mean like yes sir. No sir yes ma'am no ma'am can I help the tour or any other tours I can do were lightly he's going on she's equally -- let's watch it. And sued the elf magically appeared in our house last night anyone else in the sense that we have and I'll. Really a lagging on the anniversary. I'd I'd be navy radio didn't wanna come around it has nothing to do it means that those Jewelers people it's Christmas managed. Has nothing to do me. Would not say yeah RL came out we get our tree last week I am the Chris mystery man you are or our our church is some Christmas tree so there's a lot of Christmas tree men and women but it but in my. World outside a mosque church. Friendship group and I am I represented Christmas tree lot that we do. So so that's the night that it realizes that that's tonight the elf comes out. And I love building fires in the fireplace space and when I'm home for a week in. And their health is in the stocking. Right. A move to force stockings that the kids stockings are in the middle on the oval. That thing burn them. And that's what kids know me and a man and he's he's Russian and I got to costs and on semi paralyzed and Tatum runs managed just. Where is. Think what are else claiming is where's the elf and I got to outta the at least tell him out state health tell us how old are you nuts yeah. Hill like Genentech said their own health that I grabbed the sides of us talking and he's not he's the third stocking in the stack over there he'd be OK I think. And now that takes away the magic from it he had to I have not and how I did not tell Steele just I'm still talking. Here that's a that's right amended that's eggs in the and a lot of mad and wanna own blunt talk and on Sunday. The bush does not send a easier to. I don't I'm and we had TJ Laphen who. But that's here Columbia perpetrators know of it Amanda oversaw Italian we I had to get the elf out there and I think it's so cool that. The magic of Christmas and imagine the seasons here and I think is cool it. Delorean was shared that with maturing and I can't read up on the first segment he wanted to I waited a year segment today that's right but a man you are a realtor. I am in you work with broad be real team. And we are so happy to have the only says because we talk about ready realty all the time and had views represented here is is real liberal special amenities great. I'm glad to be can appreciate you having me and I listen to this as I did hear all the mobile T shout outs from you guys switching. It's very nice and I appreciate you know it's. The same need Thomas. Is candlelight mom brother she does a bruise she's not a fan of cumin on the radio ownership. But her son Travis and it has helped out a tremendous amount with the radiation don't really help this get to go when he wears rugby realty as well. Solis won it for you to be braving coming here and see all the fun that we do you have. In telco Roby ability a little give us an on day to what's going on in. In your world that read be reloading and and also what's gone on in the broader broader residential real estate market. Well right now inventory is low with the holidays going to be seeing a lot of people aren't trying to exactly Miller sell their home but. That's good for our. This cell there's says there isn't much competition for them so they can get more money for their home and it can move pretty quickly if there right buyers come in south. It's good serve people selling their home right now and I am in 2018 we're gonna see another bloom of real estate is going to be busy busy. Well. I saw salt and I mean I'm mama had lyme gas and only get like the first three words of the toy alert has Latin and south somewhere saw its market is in the top nationally. Of of price appreciation on almost real stateside so. That's great I think it was like 76 point 8% or some. You're every year selling price gets on T trend I used not the dead that's that sounds about right I am pretty accurate and resistance. It's an artist a word here stick in my mind answer some his some economists up there's one at six point 74 bit that the right on point which is which is encouraging I mean. It's it's cool and all markets are heating up on on a cylinder obviously sub markets too well the rules markets to well. So it's a good time in in don't put off by an enemy we needed if you if you're thinking about buying you're making that transition. From India is renting to buying the longer he weighed that did more you're gonna pay essentially is cool is we're hearing. Exactly pristine and a lot of appreciation especially in areas that he never thought people would be moving into a wanna move until all those areas are now transitioning. And you know they want the highest price even in those areas NASA just keeps rising keeps rising so now the time to get into those areas watch. You this some talk a little bit about our Wes Moore Hague court or where our offices. Great point the only first ball are building a little over four years ago who own less morehead. There's a neighborhood behind Wes Moore head I don't know the name of would be. Okay what they built a bunch of new house is back mere and is very successfully built apartment building. But there's a a bunch of single family. One story. Ranch houses brick veneer some wood sided that have been here since like 1950s and 1960s. And you know this is Ford a half years ago. I was broke in the in paying the economy will it was a joke at I was crying inside and not loaded Virgo you and any house is prolonged common right we bought our building a road up there. And almost one of these houses. Had a view of the city now really nice view had in my Schiller it was nothing was a three bedroom one bath house break bring range 60000 dollars. Yeah and the courage I had the courage to tell about it and it was on the contract item went by I mean they couldn't fathom. I think an opera house and that's how. Did not within these three or four rose to branch off. Wes Moore head did not CA house for sale other than the new community to build. The last four years Bryant pack I think and can Brian is known in India and about three months ago Hal swim for sale. Needs a full renovation renovation and now. And I think is saying things same type how's that but in shambles meaningful information mapping nose at Pinkett listed in sold. Very quickly for two on behalf. That's happening hollow and Charlotte right now too but I'll tell you warmup that is very famous for always sane. The beauty taint catch a falling knife don't try to time your back. If you think it's a good investment. Then you should back. Not well Lama and on a lot of wanna buy now I make is that the market runs hot for another couple years you gonna. You're gonna miss the appreciation even if it even if they re says it's a little bit it's not gonna recess bank where it is today. The Marty can go down but if you're buying your home you're gonna enjoy your own. And I say this a lot of radio. I've gotten very good at tell people hey. You're home your primary residences not just an asset to dynamic return it is an asset for your fans appreciate enjoy your life. So I think desolate people out of should. Approach their progress. Right Eddie soon I agree and I think that's why it's hard sometimes for people to selling. You know they get so attached and take things so personally and other shoppers are looking at home insanely they think yeah it's been a lot pay apparently carp that. Teen and that stresses them out a little bit which it can be a stressful process and we like to take the stress off of you know and I there isn't selling used this. Wrestle for the buyer to you know I had a situation man's helping us sell sell a property right now and right now we can we know we had somebody was afraid compensated. I'll be in we knew that right the operators on the he's fourth probably has some damaging to be replaced it. I mean that's why it's important have a real estate agent or military in your corner and I try to go at the slime because. Eat your non biased you're not emotional and emotionally attached to the home emotionally attached to your client. The which is import S and that's why your realtor will ask your hand let's get in and you'll hang out with us for a few minutes Amanda. Won't get into rugby real audience talk a little book more about the hot market that we're in a broader market about selling your house not a Allison Cox a all of the above. Stay tuned. We'll be back at home with ruby and Patrick Pass from rookie services looks like it. The VH topped plumbing in the rose. He. I can hasten the rim can make something yards because. Demanding young from really really. I mean I one of those all firms always wondered every town added a partner in life but another Smith for act as an Alley G mean John. Annapolis. They had that I was a commercial on out will be losing commercial was the do mosques and do my tail let's sound as your helpful Michelle made my guys. It's a two. Not thing straight it's been filming me and guided aiming to please. They're adults now mean academy I mean we make sounds right it's as they say my health as a slot the problem he's got stuck being. That he's trying to guess and spit ball he must have too much you must now. To the sura let them let the deal but only Leo that was what you were we have we got to watch and learn history of the hill. Yeah and are on tour yeah it was awesome yeah. And pressure was buddies. As a gentle giant elf via kotsay is some cool at the lunch he'll learn. Christian McCall's boss lady with maybe see her babies outside her body now Jack. And she's back at work with thank you so much Christian. She came in in and we Rhode. A letter to Santa Melo who owner for Christmas and for every letter. Macy's donates a dollar to make two entry you can do this anybody in the eyes and using go to Macy's it is an additional South Park mall and any Macy's and Allen have a giant collections spots. Return your letter in your eye for every one and missed a great thing to do the kids. They take they're listening drop an anchor is the sand for every every letter of the Macy's yet to city you know a two million bucks against and it's Nicholas. That's right to now has now I have Sunday planning and we picked up about thirty dollars to make the within it there Ellsbury native born and. And I do what I wanna give a shout out before we jump back every here to Amanda. Ohm Alison Jeff Robinette us on another day and started drop and knowledge of my life home Meehan now site where you get this information and he's like a but I listened to the show yet full. Yeah. So thanks for listening and malice. A key to me straight just don't just don't believe everything here that he he set us sing he's acting thing. I generally realize there were songs it. And I thought that was you coming in the second segments and a different player yeah we'll we'll talk about keeping us in line Amanda is here to keep you in line on real estate transactions and point. An estimated to be resilient and tell us a little bit about why people would call you a lot people caller to be reality obviously. The inexperience we had a track record it and they get the ruby services it that it is synonymous through all the companies. You know he'd like to think of ourselves that the Robie family and we can be a one stop shop for you whether you're buying or selling your home you know we have so many resource says with an all in different divisions of Roby. With rebbe handyman who rebbe electrical. You know if you're buying a home and you need in light fixture we can take care of that. Setting them up for you getting now wired if you're selling your how many need to see things fixed around the house before you inning on the market. Ready any man can come out and take care of that freeze I think that's a big. Asset Franzen really helps people entities ready. Will we with returned the phrase Rhode be ready and that's that's right and something that really really can do. Is it easier considering a sell on the spring in 88 you know I'm not quite ready but you wanna have that consultation has someone come out road we really Amanda young. We're seeing as how concerning the team from really really can come out. And help he sorcery gathering is to do lists into your point Amanda we can handle is internally through ruby handyman really electric house cloning. And we we can get those things taking care of on the front side so when spring comes around. Which it's already Christmas time sorry holiday season spring will be here before we know we all know that he can be ready to be ready to sell your. Home the rain now is definitely the time to go ahead and start looking at some of those items if you are planning to sell in the spring is go ahead and start. Think that there's any light fixtures you wanna take it easier next time get those taken down I have ready electric amount and look at that chlorine have those problems cops coming into mountainous it. That's important especially the life he should think is I think what happens is someone comes in licking your how many don't think about taking a life featured it did not be something. Can be sentimental someday you'll really enjoy and with that person happens is empire Watson says I love that life they should just stay with the house things act in and use the sellers are going. PGA Utah and a duty to get the real safe transit and serious. Some media plays into the hole ballistic off that maybe what a win and goes our guy and just take those down and replaced it is something. Will more neutral frank Wright thing but you might be able to dangle a carrot if this home here and Haley was getting to read it and you know being a great family he asked could be at the end and them something in Cincinnati right now and I think and I would understand them if it. If it was an aero and hot towels say I'm gonna talk about this on our lunch and learn yesterday. When I was coming along. And Alice you know union and the somewhat. Drained. I always tell people last said I don't have the answer but I have the resources behind me with my granddad my dad month. My brother roots can Laney in the field I'll get an answer not communicate back to you but I can promise she did some hustle and speak straight. And with what were billed over rebbe reality on the residential side and the on the commercial side I'll talk about that in a second. It is you got a man young who's new in main street who's excited who's ready to cut it. Flips and cartwheels. There I'm serious and that's a tremendous compliment. It in raid earned the relationships that she's going to be old. And them behind her she has Sany Thomas. Who has been doing this for over forty the 3040 years coming along Tom I don't wanna hate Sany she's she's also men and eight and she's up close work. She means a woman that gold. She works eighty hours a week not a question. But Amanda has this resource to go ask questions. And has a teammate and and I just thing to do that this dynamic that we have it is it is also and that's the that's. I think a great. Base for our platform as we grow up late in Amanda need to really Stanley it just is not your first date with real state and you've had you've had some experience with that with a non larger firm in Charlotte. The big bureaucracy are needed to throw a Stanley I think coming upon close to eighty mini snap out of the year in spring I think he'll be is that Barack. About a year and this spraying an analyst with another very established real estate company for the last two years. More behind the scenes I was license but it was just and I would just tremendously bad I agree you learn NASA and a lot of us are amazing experience I mean ethical thing about to about. Roby who really were very costly year very personable. And M and Travis Thomas helps us with that and as we build our platform would with been town we got a a lead generation program that would start sorting the easiest now this today yep. And it'll grow and an Internet. But how long have all you you insanely both had number one how you can leaning Yang inning conjunction with Travis that you also. Handle your stuffs disarmed and get in that as get dotted and tees it crawls summing in hand that off to a funky down the road. And they don't do their job and a closing itself. May especially when you're talking about some eyes residents are primary Malone he drained now a lot of money mean yeah it's not a lot of emotion and. Travis it means the kids had their first steps in the east house's kid had a first words and these house's. You know people. It's tons of things go on C dealing with a very emotional topic a lot of the right probably most people's biggest investment. So does he need to have someone there and it's compassionate like like really really team is enemy and it is as someone that is gonna make sure that you're that you're taking care of this in your corner. Messiness a whole point of of of the real estate agent industry he was out just. Chicago at this myself for a go on zillow Aragon truly are real or not comp but you don't get that personal touch and that's that we do the rebbe ability. I agree and there's a lot of first time home buyers out there that are around my age. That you know are very nervous and they need someone to walk in there every single step and I feel like I can really help them with that and talk to an odd thing is gray. If you're young Mormon so luck but I think it's also more we have the resources and then even behind that further back. I mean that Travis my brother back in. Have been in the real estate for for our whole lives I mean so so we have a lot of resources and in need. You've done this singing call me and hammy go look at some for somebody here one of our project managers who work. As a somewhat school or whatever house might need to be wiwa Arnold deal were how's Patrick about it. Yeah let's also blocked a Wu we're so proud to have the only thing. He would give a shout out how can people get in touch with you Amanda. You can email me at MA and Ed die young that roe V home or he can Ali's greets me I'm hanging self farm. At 98 ZUS six to land 154 or six any time. Well thank you and also lose a little plug Amanda's husband. Brian worse over the balance and group running on the set again and we don't know hands on him that he is he LA's makes you understand me in this. A lot of. I do a lot of our marquee halo go in for snap all of I think all of it really. But this really a win win partnership and horizon time we wanna help our friends that do a great job. Yeah so thank them and not panic dainty brand name is and have a wonderful Sunday Amanda. A key to stay tuned. Welcome back at home with ruby and had capacity for review services along hastened from the movie payment companies. He argues all it's a shake up time we hear so you eating yankees can sing Paula why things like justice and they lay it. Bob is that tennis Bob. At that I was actually that's actually a month early this man am I mind my pop culture's not very good and I need to study up on the Dubai LP. I did know about and Delphi Shell Oil. Talking about a genius marketing Dennis is the women and it has been seven or eight years this has been around it cast Marty Abbott their left in their way to the bank. Thank Allard I think that I would have said. Amanda said earned a break this he thought I was gonna say I'll borrow my health. Nose and. I'm over here missile my phone and found out cumin and low low but I would never burn my health. Well he camped at their magical is always who has had an agreed business plan we know it and as the miles are having good he doesn't need that they had to have some access to some some Christmas magic has willed it to build finally sells and keep it that way Yasser. What you we had a Mineola talked about really realty Weasley we've primarily focus on the residential side obviously residential market Charlotte is hot. Injured get a Tilson about the commercial market which Sunday spent a lot of time in. Yeah I mean we'll say you know if you have a commercial property you're looking for commercial property we are full service. Firm ever rebbe ability. Saying he has a lot of experience in and then out and then on the when a lot of on the commercial side as well. It more more on the investment side big deal more home. The west side Corel Corel Goer and the midtown area and the places where we we set routes over the years. Not because we've set rouge is because for the last thirty years I've been bird dog in these areas so SI have a lot of knowledge. And can help answer any questions so if you have any questions or want a balance all some commercial real estate ideas and then Allan Loeb the hill. My cellphone and a 7044006467. And I and I am now licensing agency in the is our BA but I but I can go look at properties and in answer construction questions and building questions in return questions disease are more. Investments verses and verses. Your primary residence I can also advise us owned. Second rental house dozens of such like that I'm pretty adept in that arena as well will elaborate a little bit more on the on the on the west. Wes Moore had court or what's going on I mean. I'll send you articles Aaron Downey you know I came everybody knows that in the end that I ended at that your you are headed well I mean the lack go to a lot of airport meetings out bomb tied in with my church still creek presbyterian condom on the other side of the airport highway one seeks the around where. Around or in the near Alamo is in and we rugby realty rep presents a quadrant land down air so. We're kind of in the mix with all the big commercial boys down air Pappas and planned and those fellas and end. And then is pretty funny how you Iran and these people add other areas that are strategically placed but. Wu you know we have some real state in the in the metropolitan area around Harding place Greenwood Clifton. You know hum wet east morehead yet. And and we also have our office and another couple pieces a rules they were read Harry York on the west more it's so outlaw of the core door. West morehead Al. Will some global war I mean now I need everybody's heard that this must halt when. Now we we've had when he says if you missed some men have Brian Butler and hear from Mecca we've had can't talk but canned green storied history of the area. A west boulevard answered the camp green isn't an annual iron and it was earlier this year and it. It's really cool what's going on the side and did have to know that the light realist coming this way to cities investing tremendously in the infrastructure. Now and going from here to the airport there's a lot of run I'm well let me get out bag. I was gonna keep and some knowledge close to my -- don't -- don't tell don't talked about liable if you wanna know about a new one of the year interest in a calming and we'll go around around and and and messed around a little bit and that's how you do it I mean. The the funny thing is. So dissent this other day surmised alma Mikey has grown out work and who worked in the in the in the field of 149 it was pretty golf I was impressed that. That the the lady that said this needed to not kids to work at fourteen a year kids will be able to work it would mean that. But I said man that could. Yesterday. I left you know we left an hour early and run around looking at property and keys are one properties and ignored. Are you don't look at it the property data mean what dale and allied dollar baby one day you'll understand I'm giving you some inherent. Knowledge. Put it to you don't take us to do legally probably likely to look for things mainly Evernote to gonna come across a mower educate and understand understand. Let's talk about this is college football season Chile at about. Then board minutes he's leave that people elect you want Louis Indianapolis this accusing elements there year. We and I kind of eclipsing gas the last week I did listen to some of the shot don't always catch a show on Sunday so it was good to listen to a is an underwhelming ill Leah. But. You asked me who lucked out was gonna win us plants and beg. Both scored gain it is thirty to three dot them 30 AM Saturday that it I mean oh literally feels like authorities when he catered thirty they right menaces science is still first in league and Alabama again which I think every Clinton fans listens that we want Alabama all straight up tell you have heard a little complain and buy out guide gained in the in the rain in this system and let me tell you I don't know in the national championship he got to go to Alabama. What do what every play to beat that they ask you got to beat the best era in the best. Yeah so to and I guess it last week I. I don't know if I said this on the radio have been out played a best of great players segment for my daughter's on the way to school the other day and I think this is accurate yet so last week. And I'm playing it in Dolly's place I'll tell by angling imaging your inner personalities all. And it. And says some pretty tough stuff I was I will let in oh. How much out of a socket three regular that he emailed you the title that he thought a lot of about is his prowess and it is. In the world. So then the other night we had a fire in a fireplace we I had recorded thirty for thirty would read and piper listen here's why I rit players so my eyes than not they count the nature boy. They picked up full Mac why you'd like to make your voice so much us it. Oh but that's. Because it gives more more Lou we got to get a rolling the Kansas can get back on tracks is today this week. Go cats that I gave yet eggs still in Cold War. All have a great Sunday.