Amazon, Government Shutdown, and Fake News

John Hancock
Thursday, January 18th

Hancock discusses the 20 finalists for Amazon, the "Fake News Awards", the potential government shutdown and more.


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This is John Hancock. Everybody's got to match. Cash they're explosions then I have I know water bottle. That's half filled that was. Use player grace live here in studio. I'm not so sure but Joseph Larson may still have that don't water bottle that was used by future tour. Can I can vouch for your Grace Slick fingers I remember when she was here but three times but don't want to restrict water are also have a coffee cup that don't will inject used. Although it's been washed so. You know I don't know if that. He's at a John Hancock coffee coffee cup no but there is a John Hancock coffee cup or at least there was for a period of time I don't know if it says I don't have farm. Well no at this when was on no Willie Nelson's tour bus hello. We. Mickey Raphael is a friend are so it took went down there are no put it in the tour bus Sawyer. I know it was there for like about a week and a half I wonder have to do and after that I have no idea maybe it's still there. Discolored and so now I've never been on Willie's door by us. What you know for selling silly things I have the original facts that came to our newsroom when Michael Jordan said I'm back. From his agent just it's as I'm back remember the headline now I still have that over that original facts when was this after his first retirement that was after his retirement played baseball. And then they just the announcement came back get hit from on his second remembers agent's name right now. But he just even faxed us that to work time back and you do you have this when you're Chicago yet. So now why he left the team and when played baseball that was one retirement and he came back and recharge from the Chicago Bulls that was another retirement many came out and went to the Washington Wizards right. Or were they the bullets that matters there I think there are those multi channel remember when they change and wizards but donated go to Washington finish his career but. All the memories lined Chicago now he's a local guy that nobody locally doctor. Now there's generally a local guy listen Florida and and has basketball team they're not real high profile here. It's kinda strange because you know Michael Jordan aerial entertainment in Chicago he is such an icon even to this day coming just. You know yeah it is hard even describe the kind of his reputation six championships now I think that took brigades to pretty closed I guess who gets hot six hornet's championships will feel the same way. Oh my god. I can't even understood I can't I can't even imagine the circumstances I would there be any other teams in the league I guess it would be in my article by my question analogous field one team really for her. Religious break and a squad to play each other galleries and and still lose to run it a well. I don't mean to be cruel to videotape there and as. Did basketball these days is kind of and the hornets are in this. Golden State got lucky because they ended up with staff curry but when staff curry was drafted nobody thought to step curry was going to be. It did they use can Alter the game that he was gonna change the game so let that's what you need is in there and a high round draft pick who just unbelievably excels or. Somebody good comes out of some around it's not supposed to be sensational that is sensational but in the meantime everybody kind of plays with the exception of the teams that can go out and spend the money to buy the superstars. That everybody else's basically tried to be that the best of average. And now that's hard for fans. And that's kind of where the hornets are less that I watch will go to their game last night just to see how Steve Clifford was doing enough. They beat Washington last night Austin's a pretty good team. It played great last night Dwight Howard's fun to watch. Kimba walker so worth the price of admission. But I'm kind of hoping they'd trade Kimba. Did it to get a package is something that may be wall helps them. Get out of the middle of the pack and move forward as sometimes you gotta take a step back to move step organized so I'm not suggesting that they tank I just think that maybe dished that it. If so pay led him decides that well we need all artists we need done that we need some of the debate did you do it's not like forget may Amazon. Amazon. Named their top twenty finalists for their second headquarters today and and I Charlotte's not one of them. And know the first thing that came up. But on social media was a somebody wanting our our box back. Reminiscent the proposal often no one of those wooden boxes. And if you'll recall at one time though we gave. Was it was good PayPal. That we gave the wooden bowl to an end all the sudden nailed booked at don't know enough. Each be two or whatever that thing was I don't know and that good that blew up they had they said no or PayPal says we're not coming to Charlotte and then we know we want an. Anyway we'll talk about Amazon top twenty finalists. Four there are a secretary quarters have been named and yes Austin texas' on their solo one I think the city I think obscure together it is a still on the a list Raleigh is on their. Which I'm sure make so some people know Charlotte unhappy at that did did the Amazon they would be an interest in. It was it was fun to dream for a couple of minutes about to Bay's those all the sudden deciding he wanted to owning a football team and neck coming in here and no pull in three billion out of is a money clip. These are worth a 105 billion dollars in by the team don't think twice about it. Build his own stadium. And a great. That is headquarters Siri can guard called Johnny Harris and say that river districting you wanna do extradited to Amazon bill and I when rendering it not happen. But it also I'll be careful what you wish for because. What is it 50000 jobs or is that they apples thing that I'm thinking of 40000 jobs whatever it is. Would have altered. Charlotte in ways that you can't even imagine if you really talked to people that live in Seattle a bill. They're not anti Amazon valuation of remains but. Amazon creates. Challenges. Juice to Seattle that are always so great so it would it would have dictated change in the city in ways that we probably won't have to deal with. At least for a while and maybe not ever. So maybe it is no one of those to be careful what you wish for you might just to get it. The F finalists were Amazon Atlanta. I love said Charlotte. Although we don't wanna be Atlanta right. We just keep on doing things to be like Atlanta but we don't ought to be Atlanta. I don't wanna beat Michael Jordan. Because I just won't loan wind issues. Atlanta Austin Boston. Chicago Columbus, Ohio Dallas Denver Indianapolis Los Angeles Miami. Nashville Newark New York City. Philadelphia Pittsburgh Raleigh and Toronto and I left three out of because I think these are kind of interesting. Montgomery cal county Maryland. Northern Virginia and Washington DC that is in essence. All. Regionally. The beltway Washington DC. So that three out of the twenty finalists. Our DC area. So I don't know if that's for political purposes or any of presence in the nation's capital or near the nation's capital would be advantageous to Amazon is say. Become the dominant. Everything of life. But I thought that was a kind of interesting I still think Austin, Texas just from a culture standpoint of fits them perfectly. They've got the airport. They're the State Capitol. They're Texas there's there's there's anybody is ever hung out or lived in Texas and I have. An effect on mom. Board of Texans. There's an attitude in Texas that you're not from Texas you might not like it but if you're in Texas it's. It's pretty cool. And then Austin. Let's keep Austin where damage that's. Austin's just it's just one of the great cities I think in the country. So why I really think that's got to kind of via Amazon mentality ought to know just what this week last couple days we're learning that Amazon may I'll be looking Garza gives me apple may be looking for a second headquarters to a move 20000 jobs and do worse on the long those clients. So. Gonna need another wooden box. Watch them do their sledding over Bryant Park in the fifth. The a lot that we've built our house on a year and a half ago almost two years ago. Is got a house behind it. And houses to both sides of it but for years. Was an empty acre lot right in the middle. Are that slopes from the back down to the front. And so all the kids to live in those surrounding houses used to his monologue as they hill that they would slow it on. So I'm the jerk that screwed up there. Sledding hill. Although they still come over in my backyard. And slowed down what's left of the hill before they hit the house and in turn at the last second angle veer off to the side so. I looked outside today and I had like eight kids in my backyard. I'm Slaton and I'm not gonna be very good whose jerk that basically tells them. I did I didn't have the hard to tell them that I bought a fence. Two weeks ago and it in the next two weeks it's gonna be installed so. If any of their folks soliciting you might want to break the news to him there's usually is possible that. That's sliding they did today and in the Hancock's backyard probably the last day that they'll be able to reduce debt. So. We feel so terrible and guilty about it but. If you don't if they if they'd had the money they should've bought that didn't want it. So anyway that's the way that let's that the way that goes by ten deaths are being blamed it on no snow and ice and our record cold in the south of what just us. People used to these kind of conditions today in the south ill equipped to deal with the dirt drivers were sliding off roads some highways were closed some airports throughout the now south closed down on yesterday's schools. Obviously in government offices across the region are closed down trapped treated her traveling was difficult. We had a slew of accidents just in this area a lot of people without power frail period of time yesterday southern states and cities that. Don't have large fleets of snowplows and salting trucks and all that other snow removal equipment. You know what they did they laugh at us. But it makes no sense to spend all those tax dollars on equipment to chill only use two or three times a year. If that everywhere you go through some seasons were we don't throw needed at all. Some other deaths than the southward due to our weather related traffic accidents if you were caused by exposure to play our record low temperature in places like Alabama and Georgia and Louisiana Mississippi. Caused no problems relief is on the way. We're seeing it today so was the rest of the south temperatures they're gonna start warming up well above freezing today. Are we there yet what's our current him. Now so we've we we are over yelled case solo. So world were freezing. We'll go back down to freezing today in a noble would continue a pretty nice warm up to the pointed to by the time you get to Saturday here in the low fifties and by the time to get to Sunday. Urine Leo low sixties. But it was. Went to bed last night taken it was just going to be a skating rink when I had to bring Susan to work this morning at 7 o'clock and I was actually kind of surprised. I didn't mean to you could just. Gonna. But. But it certainly was the way and it wasn't much traffic on the road either analysis. That was a nice as well. The other news that's going on right now is. The Republicans are still short of the votes to prevent the government shut down and the dims are prison on not present on dreamers and so they arguments kind of words been for the last few days we'll see what happens today there was supposed to be some optimism some confidence that maybe they would get to a enough backing that the Republicans would get enough backing to El Paso at least a month long stopgap funding measure today. But in an effort to get their votes from mom both Republicans and Democrats the in this can they get after it. That they decided that they would fund this Children's Health Insurance Program chip is what is called for six more years. And Nancy Pelosi is some other Democrats are insisting that they wanna deal all. As a part of the funding agreement to protect the dreamers who are brought in the US illegally as children from deportation they want that now under the Republicans are talking about defense spending and so on and so for so. We'll see where that goes today I guess it's midnight tomorrow or maybe even more accurate. Up Monday morning. Would be your deadline for a government shut down. Every time I fly. Time that the. For my colleague about stewardesses. Flight attendants firewire hard and I remember my politically drug corrected chartered. Get ready to go through their little speech at the beer Blair played dogs. From a window seat total deals about this listening to music with the headsets on watch you know video. Flight attendants go through their ritual. It's about torture at their legal. Com well the trump take his words were released last night not without Somalia's problems but nonetheless they're out. Know everybody was weighted with the bated breath. You really should do something about that Listerine strips who has worked for me. Fake news awards revealed last night in a post at the on the Republican National Committee web site. Trump tweeted out rail link to the aside saying and the fake news winners are. There. The word actually. Video actual words listed. But there were ten items from media outlets that include. And this one's stunned me CNN. He never had a problem with CNN I thought he and thought they were tied. I and the New York Times in the Washington Post did we not mention those. When they first announced the fake news awards at those three would be the most prominent. Not that that do you have to have a whole lot of. Intuition or smarts to figure out armed. Nearly all of them were stories are reporters. Tweets that had been corrected some very soon after and to resulted in suspensions and resignations one wasn't actually a news story it was a more of a prediction. That was a New York Times opinion piece from Monday columnist Paul. Krugman. She remember that name us some of you probably read him for years. Is it Krug man. KR UG MA AM the its Krugman Krugman Krugman. Paul Krug man he is the one who are forecast in the New York Times that the trump election. Would irreparably damage the economy. And as you can tell low over submitted 26 on the Dow. It's been devastating. What Paul was right on the money on that. Our final eleventh entry also lawless a day a news story about a statement in Dallas where he said Russian collusion this was the last thing that he put in the fake news awards. Russian collusion. Is perhaps the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people there is no collusion. So by the winners of the Tony seventeen fake news awards. Paul Krugman gets the first out of the gate listing claiming on the day that. President trumps a historic landslide victory that the economy would never recover. And actually considering what is done we're kind of hoping it never does recover that would mean literally have to recover back to the times of dismal growth and. There were open and never asked to recover well Purdue into continues to those who have remained in completely askew as it is today. Or at least until I retire. ABC news Brian Ross. Oh got the second to a listing in the air freight news awards. Brian Ross jokes. Sends markets and downward spiral with a false report. And it by I was should tell you that at the same time all of this was going on blocks. Was doing there are. They're they're full list of. Whether or not it's it is that these these these listings had truth to them or not. So they are carbon piece the pru was a prediction and so there's no correction there. The in the second one ABC to most Brian Ross after the bungled report on another trump no Russia. That was highly criticized and rightly criticized when no ABC put it out the first time my Abacha report to send a trumpet directed Michael Flynn to make contact with the Russians. Ross later issued a clarification. Did that on world news tonight and ABC news followed up with a full apology so number two. Is is right down there on no truth Alley number three in the false news awards CNN falsely reported that candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald. Two I hacked documents from WikiLeaks. And CNN if that's true or not had falsely reported that Donald junior received an email from WikiLeaks. But then CNN issued a prominently placed correction to that. And that had as much to do with dates are about to hacked DNC documents on September the fourth but actually it was. Trump junior actually received the email on September the fourteenth. Then number four on me. Trump. Fake news awards. Time. Falsely report. Reported that the president drug removed a bust of Martin Luther King from the Oval Office. And so when you again in two the weather out that's sure not the Washington Post. Did falsely report that the president. Had. Elena get back to four. Time had falsely reported it to president trumpet removed that buster Martin Luther King from the Oval Office. The our reporter was a guy by the name is Zeke Miller initially reported that the bust was gone. I'll followed up quickly with a correction. So what that was not true. Number five on the list Washington Post falsely reported that the F president. President's massively sold out rally. In Pensacola Florida was empty. Said a dishonest reporter showed a picture of an empty arena hours before the crowd started pouring in. True not true well the Washington Post did falsely report that president. Trumps massively sold out rally in Pensacola was empty. Dave we eagle is a reporter for the Washington Post and he tweeted a picture that underestimated the crowd at Trump's rally in Pensacola. He deleted the initial tweet. And then said it was a bad tweet from my personal account not a story in the Washington Post. Number six CNN falsely edited a video. To make it appear that president trop defiantly over fed the fish during a visit with the Japanese prime minister remember that report the whole box of stuff in the area. Everybody jumped on him there like like that's so all sold. I'd like who cares. Except maybe the fish. But CNN had ended a dead dead dead dog that is that's what the president said well. Fact checkers pointed out that the full video disprove the notion no but trump committing mail flow paw because. Abe prime minister. Actually had dumped out of box of his suit ahead of trump. To drop was just following suit. Number seven CNN falsely reported about Anthony scar mood she's in meeting with the Russian but don't react retracted it due to a significant breakdown and process. You might recall that three CNN employees resigned over the retracted story on the air Russian ties. And if you go to the fact checker. The retracted story was one of CNN's biggest black eyes of 20173. Reporters and editors designed to their resigned as a result. Eight. Out of the ten news valued to fake wood news awards from the president last night Newsweek falsely reported that polish First Lady. I got top corn maze or do we got. If you put a fake accent on something that makes it sound like you had know what you're doing. Odds they to Newsweek said that she didn't shake the president's hand. But. She did. It may have card. A little bit later than the initial greeting. And it may have been somewhat awkward. But there was a handshake. In fact she show mole on his hand first. And if I ever get a chance to meet the two of them I'm shaken Maloney is in first field. Just be a gentleman. Odd nine and ten coming up in just a second home. Added latest comes I have to go. Steely Dan and do your Brothers. He would have I told you if the our breakers were sent to reunite. A read the news today only two of which are real tournament. A noble like that idea or not. Still there and they're great units ordered ban. But. They don't know Tom. All right back to the the Paulson is awards that were issued last night to by the president the highly anticipated. Trump fake news award winners. Now we got up to number eight. And were a run in the fact checker that we found at the same time and all of these and so far I have so much credence to them so let me go to a number eight Newsweek falsely reported though no coverage at 89. CNN. Falsely reported that the former FBI director James calmly would dispute president Trump's claim that he was a toll is not under. Investigation. CNN had reported that. And that was corrected and updated after that publication one of the reporters involved in the story. Resigned after. Now the scar Moochie report the report the source said that are combing was expected to explain to senators that those were. I'm much more nuanced conversations from what trump concluded that he was not under investigation but that source was apparently incorrect in this story was. Are corrected and updated after the publication solid finally at number ten. The New York Times had falsely claim does says the president is fake news awards on the front page that the at trump administration. Had hidden a climate report. And. And that wasn't exactly what happened the times reported that scientists were afraid that the trump administration would suppressor report on the impact of client chip climate change. That was awaiting review and has said that it was making a draft publicly available for the first time. But it wasn't available for the first time in fact it'd been on a nonprofit Internet archive since January of 27 came in the drug administration. Still had time to approve or published that report so. So that the times falsely. And and that's true true falsely claimed on the front page that trump the administration had hit NATO climate report and hide and it was it was already published it was Dario website. Saw over the trump fake news awards in the came out last night and the fact checkers checked on mad when I saw that they affect checkers and checked in my thought OK well and others get a blister every single lot of them because I'll find an angle on. On everything. And down. Last but not least Russian collusion Russian collusion is perhaps the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people writes the president there is a no collusion and but ER points out also the all the media spent 90% of their time focused on negative coverage or a fake news via. The GOP pointed out in in their presentation the fake news awards last night that the president has been getting results that the economy has. Created nearly two million jobs in gained over fifty ask is we had killed ordered eight trillion dollars in wealth since the president's inauguration. African Americans and Hispanics are enjoying the lowest unemployment rate in recorded history that's an existing angle. Via president signaled historic tax back cuts and relief for hard working Americans not seen since President Reagan. Trump's plan to cut regulations has exceeded two out of every one in no mandate issuing 22. The president has unleashed an American energy boom Mumbai ending Obama aero regulations in approving the keystone pipeline and auctioning off millions of new acres for energy exploration. On. Ice this is in retreat. Trump and stuff followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel instructed the State Department to begin to relocate the embassy. The president with the current president's encouragement morrow a member nations are paying their fair share for the common defense and the NATO alliance. That these signed veterans accountability and whistle blower protection act to allow senior officials in the V aids. To fire. Failing employees. And establish safeguards to protect whistle blowers. And then up violate that trump kept his promise and appointed the associate justice Neil Gore's into the US Supreme Court. So they cite some of his. So his successes as well. The fake news awards. And the fact checker. And a their final ten points of things that have actually gone pretty well for this president. Since he was elected. So there you go we we recorded it we see it even when we see it in. Are not in the NASA in the president's way. Those of you who usually Collison most liberals won't be calling us after that last segment. I'll see if I can come over the segment and a moment to make you think there's no word just totally unfair and biased New York. Totally fair and unbiased look good. Live from the WBT. Whole studios this series Jon and. They have closed down I 77 southbound today for awhile to I transferred Michael Doherty back to our South Carolina he was the York county. A police officer who was who passed away last night to following it's a critical injuries in the air shooting from Wednesday night. It's their show enough footage of I don't know a bit to your local TV stations are now pretty cool. And that that story was breaking last night in. And that's that that said we have talked a little bit about this on our podcast. Which showed should be up sometime tomorrow. I'm mark Pearson in. And both Thompson and I have. Our first podcast of the year and bulls surprised. I in May be to me I haven't done but I have not seen a picture of the suspect. And we still don't know anything about his medical condition. He was a shot to. But and it's not that I'm concerned. But I judges find the kind of interesting that and normally you would see. A picture of him some background on him whether or not there had been no redo there had been. Of people had to do that they've been called that house before has there been further Broderbund previous problems. There's something about the though the suspect. Com and then his medical condition were 48 hours into this thing now I know still don't know. The severity of his gunshot wounds or anything along those lines under a just curious figures as more or anything else. I'm Al mrs. curious about the lack of information as I am about. Well anything else I agree that the attention should be on the officers. And especially. Unknown Michael Brody. But. I find that angle of the story be a little perplexing. I Amazon and I named her toward a finalist for their second headquarters today Charlotte's not on the list Raleigh is on the list it clearly shows Amazon's interest in moving outside of their current geographical comfort zone Los Angeles is the closest West Coast city. On to their current Seattle headquarters. The OPEC's lean heavily to the east in the south Salt Lake City didn't make the cut a lot of people thought that they would because Utah's got area a growing tech. Now population. Where's that a lot of people thought that our Charlotte might be on the list because. The number of millennial and to move here. But the millennial that are moving here are moving here for our jobs that are run down by a better operated by the the button down nature of our Charlotte we're still lawsuit entire city. Oh we still don't quite have the the cool. The edge. And we don't have major universities which is what they nor mobile of people in another comment section of the Charlotte Observer oral pointing out this afternoon no reactions. To the Amazon decision. First of all wanna dar custom made bill would box back. And but an awful lot of people pointing out that we don't have a major research university and and Raleigh is cut both three. The Denver is there furthest. West. Of any of the cities on the list. Texas got to Austin and Dallas. You have the midwest Chicago Columbus, Ohio Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. And then now I'm. A lot of the cities are tech heavy university. Cities the south did the best. Washington DC. Area. Well you got Washington DC itself but that you also have Northern Virginia and Montgomery County Maryland on the list. Until that's all kind of that now beltway area. The south did the best Atlanta Miami Montgomery County Maryland would be considered south. Nashville. Northern Virginia Raleigh. Finalists were the Amazon headquarters to. They have point out there and inching our geographical anomaly is the DC area where Montgomery County Maryland Northern Virginia and Washington DC all made it to the second round and that points out that 50% of the possibilities are in or next to the federal government. Armed. Presumably important says USA today because of Amazon's increasing visibility in the national economy. And and I need to keep Washington on its side. But are Charlotte's not end there. Apple has announced this week that they're gonna be looking for a second headquarters celebrate and all sorts of money and and jobs. So I don't know if if that gets the same reaction and Amazon did or not but for now. Roads Charlotte is out of the running for Amazon and Raleigh is still in the running and no soul. We'll see what goes from there I don't think there's a timetable at this point that I know of where they won't Whittle that list of twenties they're down farther or name. Well winning city or or whatever the case may be but to them. But as Charlotte's presentation. Apparently didn't. The rap video went to rap video that they put together what actually I got a lot of criticism. I mean I don't know that that was our smartest move but I I didn't think that I thought the rap video was. Interesting if you really go through the words amnesty were to cinema was and stuff like that little bit of an edge to it. And the wooden box. That's just a novelty had rescinded and some open. But we don't know much about the presentation we don't know the financials of that are anything along those lines so it's pretty hard to make an assessment as too low why we we're not. Selected. Oh win there are short on facts are still want their actual criteria was in were short on facts on what our presentation actually encumbered though. There are encompassed. The reaction in these server today. Can we get our custom wood box back that came from mail a comment her kayak around Florida he tweeted that out. You might recall that PayPal had said they were bring it Mayo budget jobs here and we sent them a hand crafted wooden bowl. And I went PayPal deleted the state. Because of HB two. Then we wanted our wooden bowl back. I have a wooden bowl that I know bought at the cupcake shop and no Mount Holly it but it month and a half ago. So we need another wooden bullet be happy to have. You may have some oil stains on it from a salad that. Some expressed relief that Charlotte is out of the running one guy wrote I've actually pumped that Amazon passed on our city. Susan adjust and whips. And although worthy fastest growing. Hash tag AuthenTec city in another country. Oh we can't support the infrastructure of 50000 new employees and our airport is the worst in operation. I disagree with that but. I think their baggage. System has some. As a ways to go but. Bigger airports pretty good. And lack of a major research unit university is also brought open an awful lot of the commentators that are recording or that are commenting on the fact that day Amazon named a top twenty finalists for the second headquarters today and now. And no Charlotte north Carolina's not on it. I'm calling. For a drug just. On no Scott Fowler. From the Charlotte Observer. Think we should tender down to a Roche laboratory. Have a remote Peter cup maybe as early as this afternoon. He's picking Jacksonville to be New Orleans. India playoffs this weekend. In fact he's picking a Minneapolis. Jacksonville Super Bowl. It happened. He said what if I told you lies in his column today in the Charlotte Observer what if I told you I'm picking the Jacksonville Jaguars to upset. A New England. Like portals over Tom Brady. I'm Rory over bill bill checked. A laughingstock jags over the a legendary patriots a team that is never even played in the Super Bowl against a team that is already appeared in 915. Including the most recent. And then he goes then do I basically talk about pass rushes and some of the reasons for his. For his pick Jacksonville does have a moniker Saxon bill because they've got some guys that can rush the passer. And that's the way you beat Tom Brady he points out the way Denver did it a couple of years ago and that's the way the giants beat him in the Super Bowl. Number two in the NFL in sacks this season despite rarely blitzing they've got some really good cornerbacks they've got a shot of they can hold boy Brady and maturity one point c.'s of the wild card. Is portals. My pick Jacksonville 24. And embed the bid this thing cut me off I think you said New England 21 but I don't have the final thing their. In the NFL championship. He said Minnesota comes to Philadelphia are riding the team of destiny after the case Keno mum Leszek at heaved a have on digs. I have little more of faith and Keno that I do nick pulls the quarterback for Philadelphia. And so he's taking Minnesota 23 Phil. LT had twenty which means that Minnesota would be the first team ever eight others about the opportunity but Minnesota would be the first team ever. To essentially have a home game for the Super Bowl would host the game in the city for which they play. So there you go Scott Fowler. Please take this cup and his little room. I notice all the cars are gone from Bryant Park the snowman. Helping to fester there are new are continuing to get nervous letting go. All of you got a one of those discs. Mud still works very well that that. There's still snow over there but it's. But I also are looking at morehead street which is a hill for more we can see it tomorrow almost what Charles studios. And you get up and down that thing right now. But when the sun goes down on the temperatures drop below zero again nothing's gonna be day and ice skating rink again and it's. It's obviously wet and melting. So. That there be some pretty extreme conditions again tonight and again for rush hour 2 morning although I assume that the major thoroughfares. Which were and pretty good shape this morning should be you know pretty decent shape it off. We have hill in our old neighborhood up and Karen wood where we lived for a 23 years. We live towards the back of the complex in order to get out of it you had duke. You got to mountains. This hill and even think of Intel it snowed you'd you'd you'd just never really thought about it is being hill and up slope until. This is and I were talking about that last night we'd still be in Cameron would. Has won a car lot associated to. Well as what remember the guys have never had that neighbor's name is Lance he was a firefighter we had to get him to bring us a near one day. So we jumped in his four wheel drive truck. A firefighter looked across street from me and before we'll listen here. So I was out for a we'll know people around yesterday Ferreira fuel. I was I was Lance. Oh man. Case you're wondering white supremacy responsible for a majority of extremist killings and Tony seventeen. Some of the Jiri and stuff that you don't read about white supremacy were responsible for the majority of extremist killings in two when he seventeen compared to other groups according to a new report out by the anti defamation league's. Sydor on extremism which was I yesterday. The our report said that of the 34 people killed by extremists last year twenty were killed by right wing extremists. And eighteen of those by a white supremacists. Nine people killed by Islamic extremists and five others by black Nationalists. Eighty L noted that at 2017 was the sexy you're in a row in which the black nationalist committed murder and suggested that it could be any emerging problem. Need deadliest single attack took place in a New York. Halloween remember August 31 when the Islamic extremists drove that riddle trucked on the bike path in a Manhattan killing eight people. And now there are taking all sorts of areas of Manhattan and putting up. Barriers and polls and protecting sidewalks. You get one. More on and it changes the no way a life of can elect the guy who. Tried to. Load up his shoes we've been taken off her shoes at the airport or cents. So why that was they say overall there was a steep drop in no killing no by extremists of from a torn he's sixteen when 49 people were killed in the polls nightclub in Orlando by Islamic extremists Lamar Mateen. So. The troops are going on there the book it's getting so much attention fire and fury inside the trump White House is going to be a come a TV series. Does. Donald junior but. Jerry Mathers. Ron Howard. And Donald junior as the being of. Controversial book. Released earlier this month though Hollywood reporter said yesterday that. There's a a company called endeavor contents which has bought the film and TV rights to a Michael Wolfe's book plans to adapt and as a TV series which wolf will executive produce. In the book president trump has portrayed as is undisciplined band child and his White House is full of chaos and infighting staffers. Who believe that he shouldn't be president. What do wolf's principal sources was former White House chief strategist Steve abandoned. Trump released a scathing statement about abandon a no abandons world has kind of been going down the. Going down the now it's sort of look at floor going down the. Ever since. Fire and fury soon coming to a TV channel near you. All right hey there and eighteen days into the year. 347. Days to go. It is January. The eighteenth. On this date 1896. PX ray machine was exhibited for the first time. And in the day after that and a comic book they had the X ray glasses. And every thirteen and fourteen year old boy in the world hope. They work. They didn't. I'm told. Kevin Costner 63 years old today and NHL hall of Famer Mark Messier is 57. North and South Korea will field won the united team for the Olympics. And then get into a big fight if they have by winning medals is where they'll keep those. Police in Kentucky arrest in a plastic surgeon for showing up at work intoxicated. Apple I read the news dale boy says it will build a second US campers and hired 20000 employees. Amazon announced that still we are not one of the final so they go ahead for apple. If I protest against the way the administration is treated national park 75% of the national parks advisory panel suddenly resigned in protest. Yeah that's one area where the president I have a problem. I am so biased for national parks having grown up by half a mile from Rocky Mountain National Park so I I understand my own bios but. I think the national park system was just the greatest good and in the land that can never beat. Pleased to be some great all the lodges built and Rocky Mountain National Park and they used to be a ski area and Rocky Mountain National Park called hidden valley. And they have removed all of the old lodges and all in the ski area and everything so that they can return all of that acreage. Back to its natural habitat. And as much as the old log cabin I mean god they used to have some beautiful barely caught and some beautiful places of their but they're all gone now. There's a few cabins that have been grandfathered in and fill some certain date and then the someday they'll go as well. But. Like you know that the day they ever put a house on long speaker. Just gonna. Oh I love the national forest. I and authorities say that the explosion and the sky over Michigan and these subsequent earth ago was caused by a meteor exploding. Or maybe it was the Jim Harbaugh fan club imploding I have no idea could have been. Could have been either. NBC will air the letter Olympics live AA an all time zones. Winter Olympics three weeks away NBC has a made up familiar pick Katie Couric will cohost the opening ceremony in the wake of that flowers departure from the network. Network also announced that on February the ninth opening ceremony in South Korea will love you live stream for the first time ahead of its. Time delayed airing that evening and also for the first time in Olympic history NBC will broadcast its primetime Olympics coverage live. Across all time zones Katie Couric will cohost the opening ceremony telecast alongside DiMarco Mike to Rico. The opening ceremonies were routinely hosted by the now disgraced today show co anchor Matt Lauer. He co hosted the real Olympic opening ceremony along with the Meredith Vieira and the Savannah Guthrie. And the associate opening ceremony with the Vieira as well. So what would you think of I told you their heart breakers are set to our reunite. Without. Talk about that just seconds and at and a. DI heart breakers are set to reunite come Kennedy's death marked the end of Tom Petty and heart breeders' obviously that doesn't mean Nokia music is over for the surviving members. How they'll do this site I don't know. Com three I know. How they're gonna do this this is that this certain. Reuniting thing go for the first time out what they'll do from that point on I don't know three months after our pennies a dead untimely death 66 almost 67 years old in October. Several of the surviving band mates are set to reunite for a good cause heart breakers will reunite in Los Angeles in April and play at a Stephen Stills autism benefit concert. Called light up the blues. Now obviously the hard operators would be an affront manner if they ever decided to go out of our breakers so I don't think my Campbell's front guy and as talented as benchmark ten inches and I mean you know. If you listened as his so keyboards and piano and these IDs and he's incredible. To thing I really like about listener of the heart breakers is so the layering and what goes on the background it's. It's it's pretty good stuff Ferrari's agree drummer and and Mike Campbell complain anything. But they don't have that they need presents. And I'm nuts for Judd trick with thinking that Stephen Stills. Would be that guy. But as a unit they're still. That in that in a few times I saw petty I just walked away from and each time more impressed with them as they re unit as a musical unit than I did. Even petty to some extent over to Willie we go under WBT hey Willie. We only. Are there are a donor and good are you know talked here so long without brother George where terminal B board George. It can logos and mission managers loud and that's slow very there was some Brazilian girls are actually now that's a full time job Melvin George good luck on that. But prior period currently are going to be allowed. So I don't know I don't think. Our program. Thirty years back and I don't think there will be guys and I would I am. I am gonna be a good idea and then I mean to contribute they have no leader. And I don't think they go under the tribute thing. And I can't imagine who would be up front guy forum Mitt. I I don't know better idea I got to they would need somebody to go to front for them. Again. That saying no longer than they are mean it's. Kenny Perry was the whole persona that'll show in the what they had some of his voice sound. Yeah and the writer of the songs. It would be like he gave its without being Brothers is gonna write songs. Or right like where where are Mulder lowered our terrible it and then very big help a brother what a great what a great analogy that is. Who might try to think Pearl Jam. Any better has played with them on a number of occasions with top. So why you know I I don't know that he's looking do I had to drop pearl jail but I mean it would take and any better type of photo guy turned. To do so much that end and I don't even know that that did this sounds to me like they're getting together for this sought is a benefit. I just got to get together again as a background unit is as as a group of musicians who have the capabilities. To. Probably expand beyond what they did with petty I got don't have any doubts about that but. Actually going out again as a band as the heart breakers they were you know. There would be no reason for any better to to hook up with a heart breakers percentage. Aidid's Vinatieri is good I've I've wondered what good they're doing and a benchmark tensions are still doing is a serious sexism petty show radio show. I'll have a riddle lick I haven't really looked for everything but I have a rental lick for many of the band members and so petty died about. Their feelings are reflections that are. Anything along those lines. Thus figured out the final five is coming up in about eight minutes. Band I don't think we've played before. And I. Solo will do that for you there is some. There is that this is pretty obvious lowering the legal. Blood alcohol content limit may cut drunk driving deaths. Lower legal blood alcohol levels for drivers needed to eliminate drunk driving guests in the United States is a new report from the National Academy of Sciences engineering and medicine that says all states should lower their legal blood alcohol levels for drivers. From the point 08 that it is now two point 05. The report also calls for significantly higher alcohol taxes and tighter restrictions on alcohol sales. The. And LSU of I have a glass lined it to a dinner and and still eat I get nervous about driving. My days ago when I had been based or blown over. In less. I don't get faced anymore but I mean I could sit down and have three Scotch and waters over a steak dinner under a sizzle drive home but I'm far from phase stood. Sketches you can drink Scotch you can drink Scotch. They say progress is being made in recent decades on the alcohol thing but more than 101000 drunk driving gas still occur each year in the United States. And they point out that since 1982 drunk driving has caused 13 of all traffic deaths on average. So wound so they're looking dual maybe a change that Woolsey were all of that to your grocers say out 141000 foot Colorado mountain and has just sold to the highest bidder I didn't know that was possible. This is. Over in the southern part of the state. I won't say it's not canyon city but it's an ad. San Luis Valley area. In these southern Colorado landscape. To Lieber a peak highest peak in the world to be privately owned. Part of a 105 million dollar sale of an 83000. Acre clo Vista ranch property. Claybrook is say is part of the of a property of the mountain that includes eighteen peaks all over thirteen thousand feet along 22 miles. I'd be a heck of a piece of property don't. Although it's in southern Colorado which dodger. That your greatest but it today it works 141000 footer. A 83000 acres include day 34 bedroom homes a three bedroom home and office two apartments to bunk houses that are barred home to thousands of elk and deer bighorn sheep and more than a hundred miles of fissionable creeks. Works for me anybody got a hundred and what they say. Five million dollars or borrow it tribal five. Cars. You know. Honor her hanging. And yeah. War. So I don't see. The next. NBA trade debt deadline is a coming up another Bleacher Report as they. Has an interesting no idea about trading Kemba Walker to Cleveland all talk about that. It's not a reality it's probably just a pipe dream but. One of the fun things about sports when you were kids revealed who I would trade baseball cards and not have to worry about salary caps this that the other is the pretty interesting. Proposal from a Bleacher Report also yes it does have to be a certain temperature dual lay asphalt that probably is the problem on no Wilkinson boulevard is Dwight is sitting there dormant all. Talk about that. He'll be able or read do golden our road and about asphalt and pretty much that what we found on line Georgia pulled this up weather is an important factor oh when no paving and placing hot asphalt the mix. Tom asphalt take concrete hot at. Salt mix cannot be placed in the existing surface. If it's wet and or frozen in which case it's been both so that's probably the hold up on Wilkinson boulevard for those of you who get caught up in that took. Our traffic heading towards guest in counting every other night to getting everything belted down to one lane. Also they say the placement cannot begin and tell the minimum temperature is in accordance with the following table and they give your table below. If you're laying an inch or less has to be at least 55 degrees. If you move it up to about two point one to three inches has to be forty degrees. And the higher the four and a half four or 48 inches 32 degrees and rising moderate how long. The bad ass hole would be. They're pretty good holder. But anyway that's probably wants holding it up as I look at the temperatures. Ted Knight. Now we're dog back down 223 degrees so a lot of that's cold tomorrow will get to 49 and I guess that will help. Saturday fifty degrees low fifties. Sunday that I lay asphalt on Sunday early. Low sixties. But Asia going to next week. You're hidden low sixties. The weather trend should improve drastically by the time we get to Saturday and continuing to the next part of next week so. Hopefully we'll get some asphalt laid on that in Wilkinson boulevard so we can go back to us. Having good traffic congestion on three lanes and not be limited to just one line but I will tip my hat to most of you. Not all. But most of view. People are kind of figured out how that works and which lane to be and enough. But when you get to the end you have to all shuttle down into one lane people are pretty good about one in the the other elated and and one and on the other laymen know wait your turn so why I tip my hat. A fellow traffickers on no Wilkinson boulevard. Arizona picked him up from Bleacher Report three sports fans out there and this is. Totally alert. Not a speculation you got the NBA trade deadline coming up. He got their Charlotte hornets there's been kind of a debate. As to whether or not they should trade Kemba Walker who becomes a free agent after next year and they would run the risk of losing him for nothing goes he'll probably wanna go play for a contender at some point or another. Then nice win last night they've had some nice wins this season but they're just to mid level team how do you road jumped on the no and then move on well sometimes you gotta go backwards you go forward. So there's some speculation that Kimba walker would get traded. And so the Bleacher Report said to ball here's an idea. How about the Charlotte Charlotte heard it's make a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers. And Cleveland it would get. NIC Batum. Michael Carter Williams. And Kemba Walker. And Charlotte would get Channing Frye a sinner. CD Osman a power forward. Mon Shumpert. Is a guard. Shooting guard JR Smith. Who's a head case but he is in a good player. But technically what you do any short trading Batum and Kemba Walker. For the 20181. Round pick its own by the Brooklyn nets which would be a great pick. And hornet's pick we'll probably be a lottery pick. And you would get the second round pick via the Miami Heat in net 20/20 so that's what they're. They say they inspiration of the deal is twofold first according to Multiple prominent players from the cavaliers told a a combination of ESPN Charlotte dot com art Cleveland dot com. And the athletic that the current roster isn't title worthy. Thumb and then it goes on and on and on from that but. We'd hate to lose kimbo. Because everybody Los kemba. But on the other hand Kim is gonna wanna get out of this. Whole bit playing for and then I'm not run and other hornet's but. That's the NBA these days your either one of the two or three teams that can contend or. You're fighting for who can be the best average team out there. Just the way the league know works these days I've always been amazed at how many kids play basketball how many kids play college basketball. And how dismal the NBA draft is for a talent I guess what is says is how good you have to be. To play in the NBA. Because after the fifth pick for the six Beck. It's just a crapshoot from their may may be. You get a little order summer like that like Portland did dug in on it and a later draft pick or a a staff curry. But even he what was c.'s seventh round pick her are now seventh round a better than those seventh pick in the draft or similar that I mean even he was done so lomb. Anyway we'll see what happens trade deadlines coming up front around the corner yeah I've read Michael Jordan's also got to worry about selling tickets. So what's all the sudden you unload the tomb. Of which probably wouldn't cost a whole lot of ticket sales. Some. But also a new unload Kemba Walker. Well then you people are buying tickets Agassi Dwight Howard willow who also well. To some extent you're buying two days ago see the visiting team which has got to what's happening right now but Campbell is a is a draw so that can hurt you financially but you have to figure state backward step backwards to take a chance on. Moving forward the Brooklyn. Draft pick is enticing. But. How many draft picks come in and actually turn a team around. Singularly. At the minute. So we'll see we're all that goes pretty in six and they've got some dancing young players on unknown on the hornets. But I don't know if that is enough to start a nuclear swirl before moving forward or not. Our Chris atrium is looking to help you helped them pick the new. Perfect new blaze flavor. We'll talk about that and they a couple of seconds. There are a group of people because of some glitches in the video that think that the International Space Station is probably a fake. I don't like the moon landing and all talk about that in a couple of seconds. And the next super food. Could be coffee flower. And all explain that in a second. Appreciate you being here news 1110993. WVG a John Hancock. Boat people who for over the who. People later in the moon landing and. All of you I know you do well. Breuer frank. Have dug in along time heavily I'm not ask him I'm not asking that just don't do is commenting. They've upheld some glitches and a video of the astronauts on the international of films station and this film stations space station. And they say it proves. The conspiracy theorists say that it proves it's a fake set up that is. Filmed on earth according to new claims this video witches are doing the rounds on the conspiracy theory circuit. Shows three astronauts speaking during a live broadcast. Inside. The International Space Station. However. As the trio waved goodbye to viewers on earth. You screen appears to glitch around their bodies while the backdrop. Seemingly remains the same. And then the whole fetus mysteriously cut. And conspiracy theorists claim that international International Space Station is not in space. And all the footage is faked here on earth. And they say the fact that BO broadcast problems happen only to the astronauts as proof that they have been edited in two the into a backdrop. And many people particularly a lunar landing deny yours claimed that the International Space Station. Was never. Sent to space. It find myself oh. Yeah. And the net none of that works they don't have outer limits to. That worked. I have. This wouldn't be a conspiracy theory but it and to some extent made people question whether or not we actually were doing traffic reports from a plane that. It would give your diligent bears six story. A bargain for a station. Boulder, Colorado unknown. And we do we do we do there was guy named John Bowman who went on to become the head pilot for the read their in flight team that flew all over the country. A hell of a pilot. And I would meet John out at the boulder airport every morning at 2 about 5 o'clock. And we would jump and assess no 152. Seater. And we would take to the skies over boulder from about six until 830. And primarily we would cover boulder but we also would cover the Denver boulder turnpike and we had to deal worked out with the radio still with a couple of stations in Denver there were also flying planes and helicopters. At the time for their traffic reports. And we would share what we saw on the Denver boulder turnpike. Out with them. And they will allow us to oh I would listen to their radio broadcasts in between reports. On us Sony Walkman and up there in the sky. And I would steal their information as to what was going on in Denver where the problems were there. And so they were stealing our information on the Denver boulder turnpike in boulder we were stealing their information on boulder and so those kind of an effort didn't work for everybody. So we're flying up in a plane I have a propensity to get air sick. And at that time I didn't dead not discovered below nine all I knew about withdrawal made and drove me just about kills me an idea I would come down off the air and be on the air at 10 o'clock to Arab. You know rock radio set till 3 o'clock in the afternoon so I could afford get tired so you just kind of so. Fly Enron off the mountains of in boulder want to call the flat irons winds would come in whip that's all Cessna 150 around in every now and then we'd have to come down out of the year because I was just so sick I couldn't see Easter. And and one day we came down about 745. And I sat there on the plane. And he would crank up the engine in the plane. And I would do the traffic report and he would turn it off and we'd sit there wait till the next lol one day always decided to blow that off. And at 8 o'clock we got out of the plane I jumped in my car I had one more traffic report to do it was like 820. So I jumped in my car. And I started to head for the radio station and I decided to stop off at a McDonald's. On my way. Listen into the two way radio with my microphone no baiting you know do we're ready to go. And I pulled into a McDonald's drive through and I ordered an egg big muffin and a cup of coffee or something like them. And it's 815. And then it's 870. And then it's 898. And as I pull up to the drive through window. And gee I rolled out the window and she wrote and it is that they come to me let's go to John Hancock and sky twelve. And so I report I'm reverting basically what I've got written down a de ice seventy got problems into the mousetrap above above the said the other and in the background you can hear her say to me you want Kramer at that time. Just as loud and just is and we were trying to explain that for years. Oh sure we have a flight attendant and assess to what fifty. Traffic. Yeah. You want your New Year's resolutions was zero lose weight don't go out even though people. And don't watch television. I don't even if you hate fast food restaurants. Some of the stuff they are conjure up these days make you say. We're gonna try that. Why if you're trying to lose weight don't go out to eat. According to Georgia State University people dining with the other people consume 44% more food than they do when they eat alone mainly because they spend more time at the table. Related study published by the journal appetite. Revealed that women tend to mirror the eating patterns of their same sex dining friends. They what's been interesting in my. Diabetes type two diagnosis from last July. Is. Not only did I get back on the treadmill but I need improve my diet of minutes late. And it's not really all that restrictive I can still lead most everything I want to eat but I'm not eaten ice cream anymore and a nutty and Swedes no remote. Just you know careful about what I eat and now. My wife systems they think she's adopted the same diet I him. I and she's healthier. Now because she's try and I'd lost weight I'm not trying to lose well I am trying to lose weight but I'm not on a conscientious diet I'm just on a eat better exercise. Which I wasn't doing before and so on losing weight so yeah I'm likened that part of it I am lost had to have been the same way now Ferguson about. Two and a half months or so much nationalism and more. But does Susan one try to lose weight either but she started eaten the goods foods and I was eating when same philosophy we go under arrest troubles say some. I will go into a cantina. And no what are your choices with failure tacos and stuff is they're black beans and rice but I don't eat white rice so we're just take in the black beans black beans good white rice bad. And social say you know just brings the black beans about the white rice we are diabetic. She non diabetic. I am. But it's pretty interesting to see the results. She's Evan assay results I am she's healthier. Of it because. You know you go through all these diet programs use your read all of you see all the hype and hi I'm Marie Osmond I am all for high on this eye on that do this do that it you know what. Get off the couch and eat better. Exercise and and fewer calories better food. It's not rocket science that it is not the hard part is staying with. It's harder now to get back on that treadmill that it is that it was. Three months ago when tiger first got the diagnosis I was all enthusiastic to go just tickets but. And we did. And and right 3103101. Or that reading went from 1204 to 603 years something like that. Unbelievable progress in ninety days now it's harder. But you still gotta go do it. So. Now talk about women who seemed to mirror the eater pat into the same dining and friends. There's a study out in the UK that says the increase in depressive symptoms brought on by a winner seem to occur more often than winner than men solo ladies. If you're having the winter blues. It's because your more prone to it than men. According to the study. They they did this data to the data on a 150000 people they found a low mood and tired nests and the inability to gain pleasure from me usually enjoyable activities. Peaked in the winter months. Most affected were women. So maybe what you're experiencing is. All seem normal but someone identifiable. Now I've ever heard a coffee flower. I never heard of coffee flower. Flower represents the scary card do many. The next super food could be coffee flower this is a food that has been around for a few years but it is now being hailed as the next super food. Registered dietitian Keri gans explained that coffee flour is made from green coffee beans. Beans that had yet to be roasted. Seamus and regular coffee. However they are roasted at a much lower temperature than typical coffee beans are and then they ignore our ground into a flower now usually. It's used in things like waffles. And pancakes and cookies and breads and muffins and then stuff like that and is said to have a mild nutty flavor. That doesn't really tastes like coffee. It can also be used as a spread. Or added to soups and sauces and pasta dishes and smooth these and know stuff like that or. It's similar texture they say to cocoa power powder. And the flower is gluten free it's packed with whole grains and fiber and it's also rich in antioxidants. So bomb. Did he won't give you a caffeine jolt you'll have to stick with your regular coffee for that. Which we found out over the years. All the warnings they used to give us about coffee we've actually found out now there's probably more benefits to coffee than there is. But a detriment Stewart. But anyway the next the next super food could be coffee flower I'd never heard of that before in my life and Breton speaking of food. Those in the UK may soon have fewer fast food meals to choose from because the public health the New England PHE. Officials there expect to impose new calorie limits on all supermarket ready and fast food restaurants in meals. By march. Conference starts there do you think it spreads here. Would we allow that the our rules would limit breakfast of 400 calories lunches and dinners to 600 calories. But the big Mac. It's like it's well it's like god if you like is it over 600 galleries. It's amazing how fast food restaurant can take a salad and Jack that pick up to about 151000 dollars in matches in the dressing. But anyway the numbers are based on the institution's general guidelines that women should do it approximately 2000 calories per day. Men about 2500. Health officials reasoned that since they had good portion of Britain's population relying on those types of meals to a feed themselves and their families. These types of limitation to become necessary as obesity. Is becoming a rising concern there. Now if you were if you think your borderline obese just dead and injured Judy your height and apparently you can avoid this from some that I read this week I'm not quite sure where that one's.