American Hostages Released from North Korea - Are We on the Verge of a New Era

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, May 10th

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From the hearts they're Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no Vince Coakley radio program. Good Thursday morning and a great day it is and especially great day here. You are one of three Americans. Who spent. More time than you would like to have in North Korea. Welcome to our broadcast and how many of you were up at 2 in the morning to watch this thing did you watch his life. I would certainly love to hear from viewing get your perspective on what you watched. The Ingles talk live 1809. To 1110. Cummins since retirement planning text line is 71307. Then again IE was reflecting just the other day. My memory in this still. Is imprinted in my mind when I think back to the Iranian hostages who were certainly in captivity much longer. And this had to be a much more Bradley new experience just because of its longevity. And the level of terror. Collective terror. But I remember seeing those images beamed back. At every stop. I think they stopped in Germany for instance. And I remember. Just wouldn't experienced this wise it was. Pretty extraordinary. So we have another middle of the night events this wouldn't. Described as they made for TV event. As president Al trouble welcomed three Americans freed by North Korea. And declared their release a sign of promise. Torre's goal of denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. This unfold lives on an air base tarmac. When the former detainees by his side. Trump describing this is a great honor to welcome these men back to America. But he looked ahead to an honor he. Expects to be much greater one of the questions along the way. And you hear this. The people who were you did change. I think the question everybody wants to know. What was it like there how were you treated will hear their response and afterwards Donald Trump will follow. In his expectations about what this means for the future securities. We aren't hanging in many ways. Mean I think I'm Elaine you turn on one okay. Okay I can. And Jimmy well me this is a part of it but. We'll be what do we. He knew there are guys that can tell this is what people have been waiting for a long time. Nobody thought we get beyond this track in terms of speed so I'm very honored. Do have helped the rebounds and a great flavor you know I got and I got just make some of the blame these are great people they've been through a lot. But heads. It's a great honor but they're great they're the Joseph Bonner is going to be a we have big victory in getting rid of nuclear weapons. And that's certainly will be a victory. The president also think North Korea's Kim Jong-un for releasing the Americans. Any sense he believes. Kim does want to reach an agreement. After the upcoming summit I really think he wants to do something. Is what the president said. First Lady Maloney trump vice president Mike Pence secretary of state Mike Pompeo who accompanied. These three men on this incredible trip back home. They joined the present celebrating the occasion at joint base injures near Washington. Their names we told you about that yesterday in the circumstances. Of there incarceration. Kim Dong actual. Kim Hart song. And Tony Kim. They were released Wednesday. Amid these warming of relations between the the United States in North Korea. Shortly before 3 o'clock this morning the president First Lady boarded the medical plane I'm which admitted traveled spent several minutes meeting with them privately. And then the crew emerge. In the top of the airplane stairway. When they held up their arms and exuberant display. And she might expect a lot of people there. Ready to burst into applause and cheers. This really is a momentous occasion. Freed prisoners. Retired but an excellent spirits. Fleshing peace signs waving their arms as they came off the aircraft. When asked by reporters how it felt to be home one of the men answered through a translator it's like a dream. We are very very. Happy. What a surprise sound. After the remarks the three men boarded a bus for Walter Reed national military met to consider whether to be evaluated. I received some additional medical treatment before they are reunited with their families. And this was well choreographed by the White House. Pushing it giant American flag between two fire trucks on the tarmac. And inviting reporters to witness this return. The president told reporters. Think you probably broke the all time in history television rating for 3 o'clock in the morning. Pretty incredible stuff did you think. No this was actually in sharp contrast. To the low key and very private reception the State Department. Had envisioned for this. But as you know with president. This is a much bigger event. Love to get your thoughts on what has happened here. And what this means for the future. In the relationship between the United States and create it's also interesting. To consider a poll. We will talk about this after the break. A poll what do you think of how the president has dealt with North Korea. And it's pretty extraordinary what Americans think about this won't delve into this after the break first take your court call here for Mike good morning welcome sir. Hey guess what swallow. I yup but these three Americans misread solo or Korea they've been a little 23 years. One of them has the others. They've just been. Detained for a matter of a few weeks as I understand it. Got a lot it also say that in the lap over and raisin Arizona Nicolas Cage and John Goodman yes. The memo can't give a great Britain and yet it's CME went back. Okay I'm just I can watch these three Americans say what the political climate the other leaders. I did not warrant decide to go back children. Why would they do that. Help you buy it can't be debit cutaway Mike you have reminded me of something in fact. Maybe I don't get to this before. Now we go to break to have time to pull this up this is actually funny one of my very very leftist friends posted this yesterday. Or actually early this morning in response to the events this morning in Washington you'll probably get a kick out of this. A here it is George. The three American citizens North Korea released today we're just told trump is president they've asked to be set back. He's the yeah. That's pretty you about it is that that Britney. You have appreciate your call their mics yet I see. You too. I shared this with you obviously folks it's humor. But it's really stupid humor. When you consider. We are they've come from that place was a hell hole I don't think they care who's president. We're just thankful that president help them to get back home. Very soon to their families. 20 minutes after 10 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program what are your thoughts about so what happens morning how many of you were up. Had 3 AM to watch this. Rather interest in stuff for sure one of those. Moments in history. Then it's you know it does leave her and an imprint especially if you were able to taken in my life. As it was unfolding this morning. To put weight interest in poll dot. CNN oh should I reject this whole big inning and call this fake news because CNN did this by the way. I'm just asking some a few. Some review who immediately. We'll soon know what Syrian and it's going to be sick groups. Here's the poll. A full three quarters of Americans 77%. Approve of president Donald Trump's decision to meet would North Korean leader Kim Jong woo and that's pretty significant. In fact this is a ten point jump since late march. Overall 53%. Approve of Trump's handling of North Korea 35% disapprove of that vs the first time majorities approved the handling the issue. And is a near reversal from his low point on the topic in November didn't take very long did it. And at times 35% approved not long after Kim accused trump. Both mentally deranged behavior forty that's who I want allude to. Ford definition of mental to arrangement. Trump responded by tweeting me Tim was obviously in bad men. My goodness let's go out to casting Johnny and Tom good morning share. Good morning there's always enjoyed it show you thank you get conservative. All right I hope I can take as council met the jury and it. Any is that this I'm Democrat. I've always lived become eligible vote but a lot to be parent trap in the door and well a tremendous job with foreign affairs my name is really. Incredible I used there's talk a lot acacia joke about him but I'm beyond switching man he keep he's doing stuff. In a different way but he's getting the job done and. Somebody saved that it Indonesia be no nominated for Nobel peace programme will be not sleepy I wouldn't be surprised to see. Doesn't anyone meet it you know I'm just going to be fair enough thank you people give. Kemba change are you by Democrats are government chain and just be fair. I think you'll see what's really going home. Look fake news or not he's he's doing a good job to calm down and keeps going the way he's gone I think he's going to be all right and. I hear you meant I appreciate your perspective thank you Tom for being fair to them and that's what I strive to do this program appreciate your call to be fair. And you don't have to have an idea what's so frustrating is the polarization. Is we've got to automatically have this knee jerk reaction. You know over particular personalities by the way. It's a good time to tell you about an exchange. I got roped in I don't know why did this I'll be interest didn't see. When a member at soldier went to Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago and says some friends I have seen over forty years one I'm it's my friend Tony I went to school with. In Indianapolis. All the way back and into kindergarten. And I gotta tell you what Tony is one of the most. I hope he's listening to this broadcast. He is one of the most angry. Inflammatory. People I've ever met him my life he's very passionate especially in about his pacers to. But he's really passionate about these political issues and I mean you're talking about drinking Kool Aid he drinks all of the liberal Kool Aid. He drinks all the racial cool laid all of it. Where he posted something just a few minutes ago. Because there is a comments I guess someone has speculated possibility. Of Donald Trump getting a Nobel Prize. And there's this mean here. And it says yep still your president has a picture of trump. And he's looking at his watch yet still your president he crashed out he has a mean year. Where you war presidents crest that and it says you all's president. And see the rest the mean says that great feeling you have when you wake up and remember trump is still our president. Well this team has a couple of words crossed out and here's what it says. That sick feeling you have when you wake up and remembered trumpet is still any crust out our president. I need to tell you what I posted well which he posted first. He trusted I don't think anyone who has won a Nobel actively campaigned to get one and let's not make this jackass the first. Wow. Here's what I sent to my friend here I should come on Tony I'm not a fan. Are you overall people we should cut this out in light of how sensitive you were about disrespect over Obama. And it's true. He was one of those people you know and you remember this sometimes you might referred to Obama it's President Obama. And they've got to make sure every single time you say president and any slider disrespect. You were accused of what being a racist and I would be accused of being an out of time because I'm not drinking that late. You know how this works. So I have. The standing to be able to call the mountainous. Said you know I'm I'm not a die hard trump supporter. But this sort of thing is just nonsense. It really is you can't be fair. Stand out of clover good morning. How are you today Acer. Merger here Jericho while they're out of the they can call and a somebody told parliament wanted to go back and I honestly I heard what you said the other they were reading the art but can't spend it faster. And I try to read it and I don't understand why people in this country some kind of that do not yet what communism. Actually really is. Carl marks when he regiment of our studies showed that their course and this system is. Our civility here promotes private property shares are private property rights private ownership. Communism to abolish that seventy year old nothing. The state can take your home for wildlife refuge. They can. Megan making work or they want you to work where you're needed you that's enough freedom and I don't understand our system where your upper mobility. Is determined by a burglar invitation. Number how hard you work. The people are Bernie Sanders are good at it that there are corrupt process would have been the nominee former Embarq reported about scare premier since. And you're absolutely right it's. Isn't it sobering the level of ignorance there is out there. I don't know what type go somewhere where communism as. It's brutal. I have heard you can remember that it is just Obama. Yep and I am there with you it is. Very frustrating I appreciate your call their stay and ends. As were my favorite people in the at Walter Williams the are very often says. You know we've got a great deal of work to do you pushing back the frontiers of ignorance. Hence that we will set out to do here. Hope you're along for the ride. 29 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still this Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. And let's see what is on the text line. I raise the question earlier how many view actually stayed up to watch the broadcast early this morning 3 o'clock. She the guys who detained North Korea welcomed back the United States of America this textures as I watched it. So proud to share president First Lady vice president my wife up at that hour. Greeting them home. Let's see here. Person saying here prisoners were not flashing peace signs. I saw them flashing victory signs. Already. So what else sandwich store for a newspaper found the Charlotte Observer had nothing on the front page about the hostages making you know home. I didn't bother to biased. All right. Great day to be an orange Kool Aid part taker are cubs revenue fell for a that's pretty good I'd love it every day Vince mid day to be an American. Vince it was April and may 2017 to the Americans were detained twenty. Fifteen for the other I thought I saw their convictions were in May of this year. All of those who were release states. That's from looking at this charge here. Also on the text line. Talking about the humor I shared earlier of these folks who are beside themselves about a from being the president that's so funny if your girl was president of the United States. They would still be in hell. I assume your referring to their girl. I guess Hillary is certainly not mine. Let's see here. And by the way I'm not gonna bother to share your text. Because it's just stupid and nonsensical. It's not even worth the time so we will skip it rolled your friends here. I guarantee those three were released will never vote Democrat for the rest of her pockets. 35% disapprove of Trump's tailing a North Korea of course they do they're scared to death he might actually get something done. Ha ha ha with your fake news introduced the poll story. CNN will probably discount deploy as an outline here. That a person say you can't help but to be as Smart as most bitter ending a dumb ass dude you think. Just saying. I guess those three prisoners who preferred to be in North Korea knowing Hillary was president. The lefty is so funny. Look man see Vince they stopped while back. Using any. Title politicians. Titled show respect. I cannot think of one nation state or local what that is lived up to what we the people need. They sure do. Forward they need. And this is part of the problem business. Big problem. We've allowed socialist poison our children's minds Karl Marx Communist manifesto taught them more than our constitution and schools. Yes they are inundated our day. But again as I've said before this is where we've got to take responsibility. The education of our own children if we turn our kids over to these people to teach our kids were we get we deserve. Any case. Now 40 minutes after 10 o'clock. Great time for us to take a look at the 85. Toward Greeneville studio and our good friend Alonzo. Who. It's going to provide us some great answers I'm sure right. Because we've got a number of questions here a lot of dates. How many of these 123456789. And ten actually ten. Different questions too as clear a wheelchair with Alonso hear. Coming. Oh lead CE. Currently we have a media and some deals technical issue we will come back to the DN history not a problem here. We will just making a slight adjustment and our schedule. In order to romp come back to this one of the things. That's also interesting to watch. And this is another one of those circumstances it'll be intriguing to see whether we can stay out of this. The Israeli military seek knowledge they've been attacked. They've actually attacked dozens of Iranian targets in neighboring Syria in response to a running and rocket barrage on Israeli positions. In the Golan Heights this the most serious military confrontation between these two bitter enemies to date. Now Israel is saying the targets included weapons storage logistics sites and intelligence centers used by elite Iranian forces in Syria. It also said it destroyed several Syrian air defense systems. After coming under heavy fire that none of its warplanes hit. This is the most intensive. Israeli action in neighboring Syria since the civil war broke out there in 2011. Now Israel's largely tried to stay in sidelines of this but they've acknowledged carry out over 100. Air strikes over the past seven years. Most believed to be aimed at a runny and weapons shipments bound for the Hezbollah militant group. So they've got their hands full and again this is one of the situations. Israel's perfectly K for taking care of business on their own. And I hope we were able to stay out. Just like I hoped that we don't find ourselves getting even more. Involved and engaged. In. The situation in Syria. Time will tell. Let's go down to grieve I think we have our connection established here good morning runs so are you their share. I am here today welcome welcome to the party. And I'm sure you love all of these questions here's the person normally prepares all of these questions. Did not prepare at this time around so there are more questions than usual we'll see how you fare. Which seeks. These first trans continental. This is a system of its type was completed on this day and 1869. What was it. Trans continental. I can give you hints yet views resupply route right. I know I did not OK. Turning them yes railroads you're correct. In transcontinental. Railroad time. At times. Very impressive very impressive. And it's let's see this. Assembled. For the first time 1775. What was this particular group called. Most not the avengers how. A let's go congress. We'll give that to you it was the second cut yeah second continental congress convened. Understand 1775. Very good very good. Yes I know our time's going by fest I'm gonna have to save some of these for after the break. But 1865. This is a day that is limited by many in the south still to this day. This person captured in 1865. What was his name Robert Healy. But. Sorry about that's. You gotta go higher on the chain. Reaction won't president. Of this particular. Entity. Who is there precedent. You know won it in 1965 million rushed at the door for not knowing this but I'm not from around here I don't know it's okay Jefferson Davis was captured. Well dressed the rest of these and have a little more fun with Luntz who coming up. After the break stay tuned you don't want to miss it. This is Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock. Men's trophy ring your program we're taking a look at day in history and Alonso doing pretty well so far. Although we did not get the last question who was captured in 1865. That was Jefferson Davis. I was pressed for time you know it's okay. We got kicked off for sure it's all right and it is our age 1877. As the next door and speaking of technology this time the first item of its type installed in the White House. What was it for the first time. Telephone eight telephone. 1877. Wonder how long it was before this became a common future. In homes. Let's skip up to next. 1924. This person began his disastrous legacy with the FBI. Probably one of the most notorious people it's not by some accounts it is not James Coleman. Who was its. We had a long reputation with the FBI. Agent and her Hoover you are correct. Let's see here let's skip up to the next dates. What should be 1940. This very critical person became. Prime minister. Of Great Britain. Who wasn't. 1940. In future. That's corrects Winston Churchill. Runs inside a streak here pretty impressive. In 198. Need the government gave this. I don't maker one point five billion dollars in loans. What company was its price. You are right it's Chrysler. All. 1990. This country released prisoners from this uprising that took place. The most popular scene at the tanks. Mahan staining for a tank. China. And where did this happen what was the name of the place. Really were arrested communities where that is correct. Is that all of my questions here 1984 actually is the last to a 1984. This person elected in South Africa. 1994. Nelson Mandela. That's correct. Plus. Simply waiting in. Your acting so surprised I know you probably not at all he cannot how worn. Not at all surprised but he'll learn to change my tone so it sounds convincing so it doesn't sound like I'm guessing. No you come across quite well want soon and a greater another great performance. I play the way before I forget. You Sydney symphony by. By FaceBook yesterday I did not have the chance to. Address yesterday did I see what I think I saw Abbas. One of my favorite shoes on television. Yes claim Crawford is being fired. From lethal weapon and lethal weapon yes and because some behind the scenes things I've read some of it doesn't sound nearly as. It doesn't seem like Byron offenses so it may be worse than what they're letting on but. It's pretty sad and they're going to look for a replacement and not a mistake that and yes it is good cancel the show. While. And then stepped I don't know and I'm sure you have this feeling to you just really am a raft first. I was highly skeptical of the show when I first heard they're gonna do a TV show Michael how the world is gonna do you. A show without the original characters that you scene in the movie. And then when you watch you should be chemistry between these two and this you know claim Crawford do the role. Rigs in years they can while this is great this is great casting. And now here you. Did all lanes in dim wins together the chemistry you cannot hide. You can't fabricate that I I really I know that wines is a pretty good actor but you could tell that. That chemistry is real tight side. How you replace that out of you can't. Oh man the Emmy it's really frustrating to think of this by the way are we behind these episodes haven't watched in quite some time. So I need to do some binging maybe this weekend that's the should've watched it drop and all the episodes. Why him when didn't. You have because it may be the end of the show. Based on what is there any speculation about who might be replacement. For do you have any ideas. Hasn't seen anything yet and no like I couldn't possibly think of someone to replace him and it hadn't been picked up for the next season yet anyway. So it wouldn't shock me if it's just conclude we've done Danny could. This is gonna screw the show up royally so we may as well put it to bed so. We shall see will eventually letting me now. Providing me with that downer of a good bit of news there a law and so I dared to some of the stuff Houston me I mean Camara. You mean by that never mind we won't go into that a great start you bad will be in touch didn't very soon. Feel. Over on the text line. Some interest in items here including this real promise and Bill Clinton to North Korea. They got a free and bring home people I don't remember this much coverage on right wing sites you probably didn't get that coverage. And there is some truth to that. Elites running in soldiers really good grief elite would compared to whites. But none engendered scouts of America what a joke. OK Breyer all human nature. We are all victims so don't be frustrated. You're not going to change the world technology has allowed. The media. It. Also Vince have you received your invitation to the Ramadan festival at the first Baptist church of Greenville, South Carolina please tell me that's a joke. I hope that is a joke. Also was some comedy about television shows rosewood was canceled last year it was another fine show on fox really. Weather cancellation. It really is hard and I and I would suspect it's probably harder now than ever. To get some traction with the show speaking of shows. Are we don't have time talk about this now. But I understand that's there was quite a subject addressed. On the latest Roseanne show. Which you've probably beckon as she addressed in the same way and any other broadcast. We'll talk about that and much more coming up on our next hour of the broadcast stimulus. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty. This is a bit Stokley radio program. Welcome to our neighbor to. As we talk about what's going on with the culture and this is a pretty intriguing story. You already know that it's. There's been quite a bit surprised at the overwhelming success of the show Rosie and I was never fled their never watched the show. It's it's just not my knee. Trying to show to watch never big bruising and fan. Thought. She's got a lot of fans and the show is doing pretty well. How was this first subject matter. Illegal immigration. And it's disastrous impact on working middle class Americans. Brig part reporting on this latest episode of the hit re booted ABC sitcom Roseanne. Take you on the issue of illegal immigration and its negative impact on America's working families. And the middle class. The episode entitled meet the neighbors. Actually finds the kind of family patriarch Dan losing his job losing out on job actually for rich illegal immigrants. Had been hired to do so for less money. Wow. Where you get to see this anywhere else in entertainment to order where Hollywood even cares. You know. Because generally the message is going to be well it's ticket tour that's what you get Hugh white. Person. You know that's that's really mentality. Here especially you white guy you don't deserve the job. Let's let somebody else with a different nationality. You don't let's let an immigrant have the job. You white people had enough anyway right. Junior white privilege. That's the mindset it really is. In a post Roseanne Barr an avid supporter president Donald Trump on and off the show. Ended the episode would deal with immigration. Here's what you posted tonight shows about the impact of legal and illegal immigration. On our family. Here's another tweet we can't pay. Our bills. Dan got under bid by U non union workers we can't pay our bills. We're already on second final notice. I gods under bid on Powell's job he's using illegals. Dan explains to a discredit Roseanne who's worried about the Phillies ability to make ends meet. He named Rosie. Those guys are so desperate to look for nothing. And they're getting screwed the process. Torino is we can't pay our bills. I mean how realistic is this. I'm sure this happens all the time don't you think. On the subject of illegal immigration where now more than twelve to thirty million illegal aliens. Leave in the US. Continues to impact America's working and middle class. More than any other communities. As bright bright news has reported illegal immigration costs the American taxpayer approximately. 8075. Dollars each. Totally. A burden of roughly 116. Billion dollars annually. This pain for that by the way. To Spain for this. We tell us are paying the price for this. Every year the federal government shells on approximately 45 point eight billion dollars in costs and illegal Italy aliens and end. And on their children. Including expenditures for public education health care. Justice enforcement initiatives and welfare programs. 45. Point eight. Billion. Dollars. 116 billion annually. 8075. Dollars each. And. I've mentioned this before years ago there was an efforts. There was lunch by Republicans. To try to figure out in this particular town in Mecklenburg County Charlotte to try to figure out. Just how many illegal immigrants are in the school system just for the purpose of knowing. And finding out about the cost. All my goodness you don't dare ask that question. This is an appropriate. We can't ask this question and find out who's legal who's not legal this is going to make certain students feel pat. The truth is they don't wanna know. They don't care to now and they wanna continue promoting this theme. Of the only reason you wanna find that out is because you're racist and you know instead of the words are always using Xena folk. Yeah that's the favorite work. Could it be they just like to know how much it costs with the impact is so we can have a an important discussion about how we address this particular issue no there's got to be an evil motive behind it. At least if you listen to the so called progressive left. The Braveheart story goes on to say likewise if illegal aliens were given amnesty to permanently remain in the US who would cost American taxpayers about. To. Trillion. Dollars. Mass illegal and legal immigration the US has contributed to poor job growth stagnant wages. An increase public cost to upset. The importation of millions of low skilled foreign nationals. All we're talking about all I'm talking about serious. Controlling our borders. If people come in the right way legally. There's not a problem. But for people to be allowed to come in with the impunity. With the expectation that somehow we're gonna pay the bills no matter what. That's just pure nonsense that is cultural suicide that's national suicide. We can't keep doing. So what is the solution how do we eat. Secure our border and what do we do at those people who are already here. I don't think you ultimately can allow these people to cut the line just because they are here. What about the folks from Sweden. Or from parts of Africa who want to come into this country. They can't just walk right in unless they fled to Mexico and then walk across the border. And I know people made the point that a good number that the illegal immigrants who were here our visa overstays well we've got to address that issue as well Delhi. Again it's not that complicated. But people want it to be complicated. Because then it becomes an excuse. To not enforce our border. We were talking about this the context of the sheriff's race in Mecklenburg County which unfortunately. We have ourselves a situation where the likely sheriff. Does not believe in the 287 G program. One of the basic things that program provides his help with. Identifying certain people. We're not going to do it out of fear of what it how we're going to. Disenfranchise. The immigrants who might feel uncomfortable talking to the police because. They're always going to be asked about their legal status. What you're not doing anything wrong. I was sad about question. In what sense does it make to go back to a time. And there was a time. When we had no idea who some of these people were. In our jail system. Any case. I'm glad. This television broadcast. Roseanne is tackling the subject. Now be curious to know whether any people whose minds and hearts were changed on the subject. Recognize the devastation. The devastating impact of illegal immigration. This is fiscal clean radio program Evans what do you Vince Coakley radio program trying to get. Cut appear on the text line to get some responses. The Eagles and finish talk remember by the way 890 reliving ten Carmen since retirement planning takes line is seven. One threes here are seven and we begin their on their text line. In reference to one of our key words for contest. They can I like bacon more than I like Vince I don't play me a bit. I'm sure Alonso knows this is some. Sometimes Vince do a Google search sometime we need to do a Google search for canceled TV shows. And look under canceled scifi shows the biggest standout is firefly. Which are the best cast more original than any other scifi show ever period yes I watched that I really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed that bright just unfortunately. It came to an and they even did a movie I think I saw. That there may be processed in the works to try to bring the show back. Of course none of the characters they will not be to bring back who passed away. Several months ago. But it would be interest and see if they can do Reid proof of that broadcast as well Vincent they try to replace the current rigs. The show is over the free lethal weapon. Slightly Russa and placed John replaced John Goodman with Tom Arnold it doesn't work. All right time will tell pension linked. Let's talk about it's something else crease he is going on. I mean this this is but there's a good side of this in effect you've got people were fighting back. Well. The crazy part is a speech coach at the University of Michigan did you hear about this. And the formation of a bias response team. Clark a boy we're saved. We've learned according to reason. Magazine. The new free speech advocacy organization speech first has announced. It is suing the University of Michigan on behalf of three students who objected to campuses broad. Disciplinary code and biased response team. These campus policies imperil students first amendment rights and chill free expression on campus. According to the lawsuit. The coach. Going on to characterize this speech codes like Michigan's. Flagrantly violate the First Amendment. Since speech first president's Nicole Kelly in the statement. Moreover a bias response system has no place in America but much less on a modern day college campus. Because it is impossible to know what comments might be perceived by others as offensive. Students don't contribute to member stations in debates ask questions. Write papers or invite speakers they might otherwise. Commission's code of conduct prohibits harassment. Defining such conduct as. Unwarranted negative attention perceived as intimidating demeaning or bothersome to an individual. Boy is this your first subjective or watch. This is ridiculous. The story going on say it's easy to see how sensors could abused his standard punishes speech merely perceived. And that's the key word perceived as bothersome to any person no matter how unreasonable that person's perceptions are. So if you get somebody who's a super snowflake. You've got a problem. That person is going to be a complaint machine can you imagine how many. One person can generate. By this response teams which existed dozens if not hundreds of campuses are also were frequent source or free speech abuse. They generally permit students report each other for having daughter sits on the offensive. The team compiles a list of fraud crimes. I can't believe I'm even talking about this. This is the stuff from 1984 is meant. And occasionally context the perpetrators are first them forward disciplinary action. The Wall Street Journal's Julian Katie. Previously filed a public records request for Michigan's BRT files she reports that the universe did thwarted this inquiry. By imposing a fee of more than 2400. Dollars for the public records. Parked. So just to see the public records about these complaints. They run it 2400 dollars. But the log shows that someone reported incident of verbal bias in the classroom the bias response team Sydor referred a university employee to administrators. Who shared concerns with the academic department involved. In several other cases. The bias response team determined some reported acts of verbal bias. Could constitute sex discrimination. Keyword there is could. A Michigan spokesperson tells the Detroit news destroys no comment on the litigation thus far. I wouldn't think they weren't. Nice response teams are grounded in the junk science of micro aggression theory you know what that is. I crap. This is just insane. And his writer saying it represents a pernicious threat to free expression on campus. Libertarians watch this case with great interest. As well all sensible Americans. And that's the key word there sensible. Micro aggressions. I mean really. You know this is again. More evidence of just how wonderful and prosperous. The United States of America it really is. If you have time to waste on stupid stuff like this. So many people in this world. They get up every morning you know what they're focused on where might unify my next meal. In this country you have the luxuries am looking for and yes I said it looking for micro aggressions. And to new dissect that word again. What is the first part of that word. It's crawl. Might crawl this and small. As an infinitesimal. But this is a big deal to some people. Enough to make a big deal about it. My goodness I hope this lawsuit is successful. This is really necessary because. We're at a point where. We're in big trouble we really are. This section are saying is that meteors every one suing over anything. Mean think I'm going to sue Scott tissue paper because my name is Scott and I find it offensive people or wiping wiping their rear ends with me and that's got about obstruction of earth air. Scott that's really good I like that that you don't want. Hey this is so subjective. This is really what we're talking about if you find it offensive that's all that matters. That's a micro aggression. And those people should be made to pay for your offense and your hurt feelings. This could traumatize issue for life. I'm writing your case for you by the way. How dare these people disrespect your name like that. If that is classic I love it. I absolutely love it. That is good stuff. What not micro aggression just be something upsetting. When you yes. And again keep in mind this is. Full. Full. Every single part of it sub objective. You can't come up with a list of objective standards here because there aren't any. And boy. And boy oh boy oh boy. Love to get your thoughts. As we continue to broadcast your 29 minutes after eleven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock. Father Vince Coakley radio program I almost forgot something really important. Mean in notation of this and bear with me this idea attempt to pull this out. Sometimes this suck computer can be a little bit slow. And to we have some music we can play or something while I may have to look for this later when it comes down to. Just important honor for a person who definitely deserves this honor I think one of one of my pet peeves is to see people honored for things they don't deserve. So when I see. Honors that people really do deserve. I wanna make sure I grew out of my way to bring it to the attention of the people who ought to notice. Especially in light what I suggest today I was telling you about how important it is even if you don't live in a particular area. To do which you can't have an impact on other parts. Of the region or country. Because it works in the favor of all us we have strong conservative people. We're going to stand for what's right for what's constitutional. For what is best for America. So. That is definitely good thing. I still can't believe this computer is refusing to cooperate medalist. I want to talk about a couple of other interest in things and and there's kind of a cautionary. Thing I would share in this regard. Into for an independent journal review reporting this and the numbers are in rural the dire warnings we got. When we started doing tax cuts we're going to drain the budget each. And we're not going to be able to afford all these government services and this is going to have a disproportionate impact on the pork. Yadda yadda yadda ya. Will just watch it. The numbers are in April marks the best month in history for the US budget. The best month in history. Federal government gained a record summoned taxes during the month of April marking its biggest large list. Largest. Monthly budget surplus ever. According to this report. The United States spent 297. Billion dollars last month can you imagine how much money that is going out. 297. Billion going out. We took care and 515. Billion in taxes. That's a surplus of 218 billion. And this beats the record it was held. Tough until 2001. Of 100 in ninety billion dollars. And guess right. CBO analysts they were surprised by this. They predict the surplus would be a mere forty billion less. And they said this was because of stronger than expected economic growth. Last year and this year. As taxpayers had more money in their pockets for Uncle Sam to take. Does that make you few good you've got more money for the federal government to take out of your pocket isn't that wonderful. Payments mostly related to economic activity and 2017 and may reflect stronger than expected income growth. In that year. Now here's the cautionary thing that I wanna put out there. This is not something to rest on our laurels. We better get through some spending cuts. If you're in any serious discussion about that lately I have not. For that reason I'm Kent church. So why take this as good news. This number is likely to change in the future. The truth is we are still deficit spending and we should never lose sight of that. 40 minutes after 11 o'clock let's go out to Gerri good morning Gerri. Mr. Jerry Jerry Jerry that's you. I'm very right OK Gerri welcome current credit. Oracle budgets got in my car and I heard you mention people root deserve our daughters some dope pot want it doesn't deserve runners. She has great scientists who does DNA research. She married my other. Not quite sure right 815 years ago. She had just. Passed for US citizenship. All costs congratulations. So. Instead of what worrying about the other Russians so to. And I may not be doing good things may or may not. We have why am who I am very very proud. I was rally US citizens. That is really awesome absolutely awesome. It's is she dare right now by chance. I am I'm joy on our way to take them out but our job going to be bill. I'm here to wrap up my bet yeah I am. I had enough I'm. At a congratulatory. Lunch we are going to let me ask better later on. That is that is too cool and so how long is set as she been over here. Jake. Crude crude when this is definitely had. Any reason to celebrate hope everything goes very well ends please send on our congratulatory. Words as well. I've certainly got out thank you. Thanks a lot for your call their Kerry that's that's really cool. And I and I remember what an occasion it was for my own wife. When I think back to you. The citizenship that she earned as well she came over here as a student. And see her intent was always to go back. To Grenada. Once she was there with her studies. And she always insists the tea I'm gonna focus on my studies since you know not here to study got race. Somewhere along the line she got distracted didn't she poor woman. Of course we see in this part of the country bless her heart that's fans here she is. Almost three decades later still stuck here. Boy I I eat as soon they're worse fates that could occur don't you think. Abe and I really opened myself up on that when deny. But away in the category of other good news. You've heard all these stories breathlessly reported stories about how you really do these generic polls have Powell. The elections coming up we're going to pan out and impression is actually read about this you cannot pay much attention any these polls right now. You know between now. And November it's like an eternity who knows what's gonna happen between now and then. But I will tell you this where ever Democrats. May have been celebrating before. There's probably a little bit of concern beginning to set him. Oh no this is a fake news source I don't know if I should share this. Is from CNN. Democrats Tony eighteen advantage is nearly gone. Oh my case it's the into the world. How it's happened. You've probably heard this for weeks or maybe even months. How they're just great opportunities on the map for the Democrats to take over the house zig over the senate. And and don't get me wrong this could still happen who knows. But this advantage. That many of them were touting just weeks ago. That is evaporating we'll talk about this and what the implications are in fact right now Swiss court Stuckey about. Blue wave may be coming. This week's GOP voters showed strong enthusiasm yeah that's out there. Hence these emotions. They fluctuates. So don't bet on anything right now we'll tell you about this cold coming up. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock final stretch red Thursday broadcasts I told you about this poll CNN poll. Democrats toll eighteen advantage is nearly gone. It's time for panic folks. The generic congressional ballot. Is continued to tighten. According to a new CNN poll conducted. The democrats' edge of Republicans within the poll's margin of sampling error for the first time this cycle. Margin of error that's the best they can do right now. And I told you about this is why you don't put a lot of stock in these polls. We are still six months away from Election Day. 47% of registered voters say they backed the Democrat candidate again this is generic. 44%. Back the Republican. Voters also were divided almost evenly over whether the country should be better off. Would be better off for the Democrats in control of congress 31%. For the GOP in charge 30%. Think about that for a moment. Only one percentage point margin. A sizable 34% including nearly half of independent voters. 48%. So it doesn't matter which party controls harper so. That's pretty sad. That is really sad isn't it this why I've talked many times about you know party. There are budgets frankly that have been passed. Let me rephrase that we don't have budgets they are spending plans that have been passed. Since Donald Trump has been in the White House. That I don't have any doubts that it's Barack Obama himself would have signed. They keep sending the same crap they were sending before. They really are. Just like you ought to know. So polls tightening up. We will see where this euros. Over the next. Few months. By the way. I mentioned this. Honored I was going to share which you. About someone is actually about Jeff Duncan and for some crazy reason I do not see the post. But he actually put up I think who wish yesterday. He was recognized by the American conservative union for his consistency as a conservative and I wanted to take the opportunity. To just honor him for such because. Jeff is about as solid as he gets. You wanna talk about somebody who is consistently conservative he doesn't just campaign conservative. This is how he. Carries out his job. You're not going to see him as a person who was inconsistent. And wavering. So it is well deserved I believe it's a word from the American Conservative Union. In its I mention it's well deserved very much so. Another thing that's worth celebrating. You've heard all of the ongoing efforts. To try to undermine the funding of gun companies. Corporations are doing everything they can. In line with people like Michael Bloomberg. To. You know we can't hear the Second Amendment but we can just Mason naked worthless anyway because people won't even be able to afford to make the weapons. Well now we have the story Bank of America. Has changed its mind it's going to find an assault rifle maker. They're preparing to provide critical financing to Remington outdoor which makes assault type rifles. Just weeks after the bank said it would stop financing military style firearms for civilians. And it's a lot of money to. Leave a contributing 43 point two million dollars to 193. Million dollar lending package fund by seven banks. And this will help put Remington back unstable footing. It's coming out of bankruptcy. Into a very uncertain environment for gun makers. The package replaces a similar credit facility the banks committed to providing Remington both were agreed to in late march. Before BankAmerica changed its policy stuff financing companies that make military style guns for civilian use. So. This a good day. By the way. There's no additional comment out of the bank on this. But this is certainly a very good step. As I've said this repeatedly. The corporate world. I think it's quite possible in this country. That we won't have legislation that will destroy some of our rights we will have corporations do it force. There's a rights don't mean anything to you if you can't even acquire. Woody the issue you want or need. To carry out your rights. Is something. Definitely to remember. Over on the text line there's some things that when he gets you before the into the broadcast. People the very gets into humor. But serious things as well like this when they're 535. Members of congress we have to change more than just a few from want things to change. I have been saying that to you for quite some time now. That is absolutely vital. If you really want to drain the swamp and you've got to figure out. You know who these people are who run faithful member I told you the other day you where at least for a successful. In north Carolina's ninth congressional district by a getting rid of Robert Pincher who had an F liberty score. Not a good thing. I just want to clarify an outside your so that we don't. We do not screw this up okay. But it is good that we have someone with an opportunity. To jump in and hopefully do better could that an F. Then she deserve an honor without your word a lot of people would be lost in I'm going to take you upon Scott tissues large lawsuit Scott out of Spartanburg. Another person named John said I wanna get it on Scott's lawsuit. Get it John. And about. My wife staying with me this takes you like to know is your wife lines have a great day. This is since Coakley radio program.