American Spending and Rowdy Parents at Little League Games

John Hancock
Monday, August 13th
Hancock touches on Tiger Woods, a fired FBI agent, and how many schools will be changed when the kids return. Additional discussion onAmericans are back to spending a lot of money,  and bad behavior by parents at Little League games and other sporting events.

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This is John Hancock. Rather another hour as a Monday as we convey. Have a good weekend. Monday out. That depth. That's nice dinner on Friday night spent a Saturday run and aaron's doing this that the other and then you know pretty much yesterday's federal watched the PGA and played. A mock drafts that. Primarily ESPN. So those front. What's in the PGA which is especially fun. Find myself rooting for tiger. And and then doing the mock drafts kind of get ready for football season and I and I did this before a couple of times last year but never really go to the intensity muted this year the PPR. Repay. Where you where you where they give you like a 200 dollar allowance. And then you will. You buy players. And and that's fun. It takes you kind of all while the kind of figure out how you should do it the first time I was being really conservative and saving my money and and I ended up at the end of the deal one has also done with had like 56 bucks left over. And so you know I've figured no that's not what you want a do over then on the other hand you don't wanna necessarily blow your hole 200 bucks at the beginning either. Zoellick Alec figured I guess my own philosophy of which are won't share with anyone know of because they're probably dead wrong amount. But anyway that was fun and I did a couple of just you know of those snake. In way too early to pick teams. But it's it was fun on the PPR stuff I'm gonna do a PP our team this year I think. Just to see what I end up what. The problem with doing that add to. What do it with any of them ESPN or CBS turning like that is. You generally end up in a league with eight to ten teams. And about five all over actually serious and player. And you always end up with some. Jerk off that just basically you know his sister to be a stupid fourteen year old kid or something. So. I need to find somebody go it alone invite me into their league. A serious when I mean I've I don't necessarily want. But yeah yeah I've got to be more happy for a invitations to get into way only good to has see you know. Eight to ten people actually stay with an earlier law. I haven't ever road written ESPN on this regard but you would think with technology the way it is today they can figure out who those serious players are. And then almost have a category for those people who have proven oversee a season or two. To be. Dedicated to their to their teams. And have them in somewhat of a select league. So that you can avoid getting into. Yeah a fantasy league filled with. You know 60% of people that are actually play him in 40% who have just. It just don't care. 'cause they would be able to add. They should electronically be able to figure out who stays active every week. And then put those people often do look to a category. To where you'll are there no room competing in mock drafts and a set the other with people who were really serious and when you go to of could select teams. You would end up with these. With these people who have proven to be loyal to their teams throughout the season for a couple of years and maybe I should call CE SPN until about what fantastic idea. Sure they would depth FBI's fire Peter struck his attorney says his politically motivated. Well. We'll talk about that just couple of seconds. It was how elected James Kobe deal you know we he shares memos with male friend of his serve for the he disseminate its memos to a friend of yours. So that his friend will then leak the information out so that he can then get some press attention on some of the things that he wants to do is the FBI director. In essence he's figure out a way to leak information news the FBI director many gets fired. And we find out about that and I think and you just think to yourself yeah. The FBI director gets those two people in that kind of crap. So wound. Peter struck into. In the in their Russian meddling plays a role lead role in the Russian meddling. And they Hillary Clinton email probes. And then now. He and is. FBI lawyer girlfriend or whatever Robert title was. Basically Cindy's emails back and forth showings as such bias and hatred against the the president of the United States. Well no he wasn't even the president then next they were showing their hatred and bias. Well he was trying to become the president of the United States. And I'm pretty much assuring each other that they would make sure that there he'd ever became the president of the United States and now he is destructs. Lawyers claiming. Political motivation. Do not hold a standard anybody anymore. And especially in the government I guy just to get fired from a government job you pretty much after would. You kill one person that you just can't kill true. You know you know it's mass murder that I just it would get cost your job and a government to deal you go one and all well. Well I mean it just seems like it's almost impossible to get fired from a government job. I did. Either Straka and and James Kobe both. Allen figure out why both you guys renegades. What to hold yourself to a higher standard of professionalism. Those jobs competition to there's a lot of good people on the FBI people who would like to aspire to be the director of the FBI. He got operated a higher level than James Columbia did. In my blood do other club has got to be a lot of oh lifetime agents that I would love to have better known Peter struck so position. Yeah could be more professional than that politically motivated. Know you being a moron has nothing to do with political motivation. Really nice to see an article about Harold Johnson on the front page of the sports page yesterday. Sent him a note I haven't heard back from him so I don't know if phobia note that I sent there was to a land line and so will ever be able to read it or whether it was a cell phone. But. I'll call in the next couple it has spread to nice to catch up with the big guy. Who is. Is back to I guess its first low before television and that is back on the radio. Open a state still worry Izzo always lived. In Everton moved to Charlotte. You moved to Concord couple years ago few years ago when he went to run for political office that didn't work out and so we you know went back to us states bill but he used to make that drive from states Hilton Charlotte every. Single day for. And a long losing it to. At 920 years or so much. Close on time. But it's could see Harold Johnson Indian newspaper nowadays seems a happy and healthy and and he seems like Carol Johnson run record siren I can almost hear him saying you know what he's Sosa. Is always pretty much been his own guy. And so what he. Says when he feels and expresses this passion hasn't. It expresses itself to him. And is always been known as always been good to me since I've been here so those could see him among that he's alive and well enough hanging out with the media opened a standstill. FBI fired up Peter struck today I knew in my here your first inclination I guess is review what took so long. But the idea that it takes forever to hire fire somebody and in government. They. And they shelled him out of his. His office. He was escorted from his FBI office he lost his security clues. Before he went before. Congress and and Doug dowdy and through all that. Congressional testimony. And he didn't fare necessarily go well there are. He has. This this may be no more his facial features than it is anything all spoke when he was sitting before the house oversight committee. He's got. Kind of defy it. Schmuck walk. Again I guess mark I guess is well look good for. I'm I think somebody had mentioned that to him there was questioning among the house oversight committee. That he was a nurse market about the is that the other. I dig it comes in and then when he would do you could see when he got angry. The one exchange that he had was dowdy where he. Basically talked about he was offended by you know one of the accusation that dig out he'd made tournament that's for doubt you look back it's I don't know give a damn. The northern until you're offended or not but anyway Starks out of a job now and I don't know what that. I don't know what his next gig gig would be I would assume if he wants is passionate about is so role in the FBI is he claimed to be under testimony that that's a big setback for him. And what this does to rob. Pensions and retirement. And and all that stuff I don't know how that works either. Sure that that'll look come into play in the next to a few days have for it's affected at all. The united trump. His attorney Emilio says terrorism by the name of Alan Goldman. Send a statement today that his client Torre one year FBI veteran fired. Officially on Friday afternoon. Claiming this was the departure from standard practice and now politically motivated. Said said the bureau deputy director David dumbo which overruled the FBI's office of professional responsibility to remove him. And apparently the. The FBI's office of professional responsibility had made a suggestion that he be suspended due and remember what the other part of the. Punishment would have been. Said the deputy director reversed the decision they are career FBI official responsible for employee discipline who concluded. Through the independent review process that they sixty days suspension and demotion from supervisory roles. Where's the appropriate. Punishment. But considering that his role. And his emails that have been divulged. And he is. And his conduct. As a married man having an affair with a and other department official. I'm not so sure that's the go the level that we're seeking. So why. Accountability. Nobody seems to be. Two accountable to Beijing's call me you know disclosed dipped do their congressional hearing that he would disseminated memos to the friend. I remember the story correctly strictly for the purpose that the friend would end leaked those memos out so that the press would get hold of them so that. It because com we needed that information to get out. For his own personal benefit. And gives the FBI director. So the idea that the FBI directors leaking information out of his office. Or. I didn't bear accountability. There's. There are leaks that come out of the trump white else all of them. Obama to. But he does wonder why more people don't just get fired on the spot. I'm Derosa. She's all over TV today her new book I guess comes out what is it tomorrow. She gets fired. James Kelly pulls her to the situation room. And tells are that there let her go. And essentially and I'll but I I'll see if I can find the official language because I don't have a Sydor in front of me right now but essentially says tour listen. We knew we we can well believe. Me if you can leave which are held Ella and head held high and and we can see this as having been a good experience or you wouldn't. In the future. People inquire about you know we can give him a good recommendation or you can. Leave home. Disgruntled. And I'm making a lot of noise in which case. People looking for a recommendation probably aren't gonna get it here and and she sees that is some sort of an affront to any. But no it's not. That's real life. I leave here after 28 years and and throw trash back and the company bought and it's not gonna work well for me. The way and that's the way things work here. Shut up leave it quiet. Amoroso. That. Jim Croce some. Photos operator excuse me orders. I'm Rosa. Tom. What India were higher in the first place she was nothing but out of trouble when she was on the apprentice. If you're fired they're like three times and the like that I don't watch the apprentice but I mean. And to win that was also and I mean though the only stunt or was that he then gave her job in his administration I I I thought they were. Not on favorable terms when she left the apprentice. She has say a publicity seeker. Have been told not to use that word. She is they'll publish city seeker. The likes of which you've never seen before. She says she has more tapes. She's released two audio recordings she got into kind of a contentious. Interview today with those Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show I didn't see and I just read about it. Savannah Guthrie. Just the girl next door. But there damage she gets a contentious interview and she gives her heels in and Amoroso was an end when tradition had a mission. And then they. And Daniel trumps your drivel like this but that conversation between no Amoroso and trump were. He says. He did not know she'd been fired. He should get Ramsey for that performance. I did not know. In that it sometime almost like off oh god yeah. Like god I can't believe they're get rid all underrated people. Well they don't. She was on none Meet the Press yesterday and then Pat McCrory was also on Meet the Press yesterday. So you had Chuck Todd. Introducing the former governor North Carolina as they talk show host on radio station WBT. Will national publicity for the berg video for the big woman yesterday. That was cool. So an hour rest of us are expected to get on national TV show and drop the call letters. How we're gonna do that. I thought I had a wave of I've been told not to use that word. Armed. She said dad that GS secretly. Amoroso and I and I don't have to get and all the Mangold Newman we're at all that come from she's just as she's she's a big enough media. How owned. That. You know are by one name. I don't need all that other stuff. If I say medical Newman. Most Gergen on talking about. Our world's. She see him. Got a tape love our conversation at the White House including her firing by chief of staff John Kelly who's kind of a no nonsense that the guy in the situation room. Which you're kind of on the honor system in the situation room not supposed to be bring in in phones and recording and is that the other. I don't want to imply that I think good Amoroso goes without. Honor. The bell we determined that on the apprentice. That she was just in it for the public city. Part of our our conversation with Kelly was so played on the air Meet the Press in them much Kelly says there's been quote significant integrity issues related DO. Citing her use of government vehicles and money issues and other things and they says if we have make this a friendly departure. You can look a short time here. In the White House. As a year of service to the nation and then you can go on without any type of difficulty in the future relative to your reputation. But says there are. Some serious legal issues that have been violated. And your open to us some legal action that we hope we think we can control. Now you might not like hearing that. If you're getting. Fired. But the fact of the matter is is that's pretty much. The same way it is and most other jobs. If I get pulled into a conference room this afternoon. My boss is gonna say to me. We've decided to go off and a different direction. And I hope that we can count on you to make this an amicable. Parting. At least as far as the people Charlotte are concerned and via our press is concerned. And should we be able to do that. Then you can count on our full support shooting at us in the future recommendations or anything that we might be able to do for you up facilities that you need to use so on and so forth but. If you choose to buy trash just on the way out the door than I would say our relationship was probably going to be you know in jeopardy in a dead end and that would be the end of our relationship. Even if you have been here for twenty years. I thought another and I I'd. That's just explaining what's going. On the shots were the real world I'm not so sure that all the rose. Has ever spent a whole lot of time in the real world and the apprentice and a made up position within the drum band. Campaigned hard day for awhile campaign. And administration. I'm not so sure that's living in the world new world I don't I don't know that she actually knows. How the real world works. She's exhibiting that is. Interview deviancy right now she is also selling a book. People do a lot of stuff to sell a book. An article yesterday about Americans are spending like crazy in the good times last. Well yeah one dollar over. Not the way it always works. I know Wednesday the US government will report retail sales were in July so we'll see want to. Happens to tell the Commerce Department six consumer spending grew at a 4% pace in the second quarter and may and June were particularly strong and Wall Street expects a retail sales remain pretty solid for July. Consumer sentiment has dipped a little bit. So what there's a lot of retailers who will becoming out with their own own reports this week and Woolsey were all that goes low wage growth is pretty. Stagnant. Gas prices are rising. The tariff. Has boosted prices. From not cars and sewed this. Is it already boosted prices on cars. Well that's actually true or not there's benefit has is that people are trying to make money that because they did so they didn't. The cars they probably haven't stock right now and I dot couples. Somebody just so more rent and I was gonna have to our remind me but I didn't think that those particular tariffs went into effect until. I hope to god indeed those were in effect yet. So buying jail Honda or buying. A symbol like that you should still be able to get very Lou that'd that the price to Canada and 306090. Days ago. But it's certainly seems like it's gonna go up. If things hold were they are. Higher inflation beginning to eat into people's paychecks a little bit so we'll see were all that goes strong retail sales could be a good news for the stock market so we'll see that could do. Could help lifted to a new record BS and 1% below the record that it had to in the late January. So Equifax has an investor meeting today Home Depot earnings are announced tomorrow. Macy's and as Cisco. Mom announced on no Wednesday economic reports JC Penney Nordstrom Wal-Mart. On Thursday. John Deere earnings. And consumer. Sentiment index come out on Friday so little bits and see what this week brings and how that affects the stock market enough and all the rest of the stuff the big go Washington the white nationalist rally in Washington kind of fizzled out yesterday. Nobody is complaining. The a white nationalist rally held across from the White House that orders. So anticipated. One year anniversary of the white Nationalists marched that turned deadly in Charlottesville Virginia kind of fizzled out yesterday. Less than two dozen people showed up. They were out numbered by counter protesters. Dozens of police were there. Weren't necessarily needed did Jason Kessler who is the F principal organizer of the Charlottesville rally led yesterday's event until off your square. He said in his so permit application that he expected 100 to 400 people participating getting near that. There were also some low largely peaceful events in Charlottesville for the anniversary there was so much anticipated but that. Governor and everybody else calling a state of emergency just in case. That included a downtown march yesterday in Charlottesville and our community gathering at a park. Susan bro the mother of Heather they are. She was the 32 year old woman that was killed last year when a guy plowed downed sidewalk and his car. Indoor crowd of our counter protesters she was there along with. Heather's dad they laid flowers at this makeshift memorial on the set of few words yesterday. But. And then again I'm not complaining but that white nationalist rally yesterday kind of just chiseled. And then trump yesterday when he was center of focus on known. All of Roselle. Praised the idea of bail possible boycott of Harley-Davidson. If the iconic American motorcycle maker moves to most of my production overseas. He's gonna walk them into a corner Marmol for the hold those hard line on the on the terrace but I mean and to some extent. If this adds as they claim the prize to a bike oversees about regard to granderson on them like that. I would think as a businessman he certainly understands. And Josie is placed on some. Our companies and now Harley-Davidson has a bit non know that stable economic ground anyway. But president tweeted yesterday many Harley-Davidson owners. Led boycott the company of manufacturing moves overseas great exclamation point most other companies are coming in our direction. Including Harley competitors. Are really bad move US will soon have a level playing field or better and that's what I guess were all open for its gonna take a little bit of patience. And know whether or not Harley I'm not into their books so I don't know whether or not Harley has the time to exercise patience or whether or not they're. Hanging on an economic line that doesn't allow the I don't know. They could be hanging on by their fingertips this could be a tipping thing brought them by the rest of us are cut off. Hoping that we do wind up with a level playing field and are happy that we've got a president who has the backbone to our Stan baron. On edge and stand a line. So while optimistic. That we walk out of this in better shape than we walked into it. I Harley-Davidson has said that will move some of its production overseas to avoid retaliatory tariffs imposed by European Union on American goods including motorcycles. And Harley has said he could lose as much as a hundred billion dollars a year because of the terrorist. Trump was accused the company of using the EU tariffs as an excuse to move manufacturing overseas. He claims. That they plan to move some operations and Thailand before the terrorists were announced. Harley acknowledged it already had been moving some production abroad but they said moving more of it was I needed because of the terra so. Anyway that's what you got his battle between the president and Harley and a lot of impatient people like me waiting to see what happens with the terror thing and I and hopefully that we do woods is exactly what the president is playing and that is end up on. Are firmer foundation. For the future. Which would be beneficial to all of us. Right over the weekend. We had this guy out in a Seattle. Crew us stole a plane. Flew around for awhile. There's a horizon. Air turboprop. Took it from a C tech international airport. And eventually crashed it. Disguised not even a bonafide pilot. And he was doing maneuvers. Better supposed to be pretty difficult good. Did do you see no one Marie comes down and almost it's the water but he did like the full loop. In a turboprop. Anyway. The dialogue between now the tower and this guys suicidal guy as it was pretty interesting. So investigators still kind of piecing together how this guy a gets its hands on this. Turboprop plane takes off from sea tac international airport and then crashes it into a small island in no Puget Sound. He was being chased by a military jets. I can hear the conspiracy theorists as we speak but they claim that they weren't fire on the guy. He was a three and a half year horizon. Employee had clearance to be among aircraft was not a licensed pilot. I think he said some plays during the course of his conversation got conversation with the tower. That he played some think he hopes games. So. Still are apparently that's how we kind of attained his skills. Not to do the loops and once we find out differently if he had been around for three and a half years. You may have. Being able to witness or maybe to add that relationship with some of the guys of people there that. He can ask questions and say what's that do this and how do you do that married and do know ideally I'd take off and all it knows how to take off it was never planning on landing. Not conventionally. The a incident involved a worker who where authorities Cece was suicidal points to one of the biggest potential perils of a commercial air travel another airline and airport employees. Causing mayhem greatest threat we have an aviation. Is the insider threats that are also others as a former FBI agent and transportation security expert. So video shows this horizon air Q4 hundred doing large loops and other. Maneuvers dangerous ones as the sunset on Puget Sound. The authorities initially said that the guy was a mechanic but a couple of Vasco Alaska Airlines. I'm personnel said no they think he was the ground service agent. Which means that. He'd had director aircraft did directed aircraft for a take off and gave approach and deicing planes and handle baggage and do stuff like that. Stalled plane about 8 o'clock in the evening. He can be heard on these audio recordings telling me air traffic controllers that he's just a broken guy. And they were trying to convince him to have. To land the airplane he would say into. The jets that were escorting him. One of the comptroller says there is a runway just off to your right side in about a mile. And. And at one point the guy says oh man those casual rough me up a fight try to land there. This is probably jail time for life on. So I got a lot of people that care about me it's going to disappoint them to hear that I did this. And then he says about himself just a broken guy. That if she is screws loose I guess. And at any air crashes into this kind of remote island in Puget Sound sparks at two acre fire. And to the best to my knowledge they have found the cock pit voice recorder and a event data recorder and so I've Bagger settled tellem Morin conversations maybe he was having inside the plane with himself and and so on and so forth. Now bellas. That was this weekend. Did you hear what happened in Utah this morning. And I don't know that this would have been a copycat. But. Heaven help us if all the sudden the next move copycat crime is due out. Start Evan planes dropping out of the sky doesn't take much. Cessna 152 seater can do bloody work who have uploaded damage nerve aimed in the right position. So today. This pilot was killed after crashing tail plane into his house. In Utah. He did this this morning he was arrested on a domestic violence charge. Officials said it appeared that the man identified by relatives as Dwyane that you'd. Appeared to have crashed the plane intentionally. He's 47 years old booked into jail yesterday after a domestic violence incident was later released on bail. And his wife and adult son were in this home escaped unharmed. If you say in the aerial shots I mean you just take that plane went right into that front yard in the house. The photos from the scene show the plane wreckage India for guard the homes fascinating how they have survived and got out of that I have no idea the the house itself caught fire was engulfed in flames before a fire crews arrived to extinguish it this was in Payson Utah. And the plane had taken off from a Utah airport before crashing it wasn't me really don't know which airport departed from. So that's. In other stories always come in threes. That's two planes up two planes down. With the pilot. Wanting not to do just that. So I don't know if that means that we've got Teracopy camper. And then my other thought immediately was well this is can only do all sorts of regulations now it's gonna be twice as hard for you to go. Get your hands on your own piper cub if for low flight around Concord because so when people like this do stuff like that and all the sudden regulations and security and everything ratchet supplement based in almost enough possible for just the casual weekend. Wired it. Would do his thing. Article I read the paper yesterday students across United States will face armed guards and locked down what are we two weeks away from. School starting at six South Carolina starts next week. Some schools are gonna look drastically different talk about that the second but the big question is. Who's next. There will be going to you know what. Eleven tonight an entry WBT. I have got. We New York Times piece yesterday students across United States will face armed guards and lock downs. We think a lot about back to school back to school sales there's been stuff. Gosh Wal-Mart has said. Back to school display is up for a month and a half now. Or maybe they're permanent I don't know. But. Texas a and I were in target. Couple weeks ago. And we ran across one of the back to school displays and they had one of these boxes of 48 crayons. And we open up the box. So we can take a trip back memory lane just to sniff. Percent of the crayons. There was no one cent. I don't know. I expected to smell like crayons. He didn't smell like anything. And no we weren't and they were crayons. Did you meet got to watch out his trail and has all sorts of stuff now they do. And this that the other in remarks and march Lawton it's under the you know but no these were crayons crayons. And they did not smell like crayons. The other thing the we saw was like a five gallon drum of paste. And we got ourselves here out who needs a five gallon drove based and I give wired my neighbor marked as Susan was good probably a teacher. The Teva to viral supplies. But you think about all of that you think to back to school you think about tax free weekend in South Carolina you think about and I'm not a parent so maybe you maybe I'm. I think more generically because I don't have kids that are getting ready to go back to school in Metairie and have kids that are get right to go to college that's always a trip that. Many refrigerators and none. All the stuff did you buy don't get him ready Derrick had back and college. That's an exciting period of time. In kind of attend sort of way. But now students are going to be coming back into schools in some cases that are looking completely different than they did from the schools that they left. Just a couple of months ago. Until the thing that we were talking about they didn't get out and tell what June. 1 week of June 2 week of June. And now they're going back before the end of August did we not get the full June July and August. I tend to remember going back to school generally a couple of days before Labor Day weekend and the reason I remember that is I was born on September the sixth. And so there are many times when we went back to school you know starting on my birthday. Yeah sucked. Or you go back to school I can remember going back to school for a couple of days and then you get a Labor Day. Off. Which was kind of cool because you do like two days and guys got to get the feel of your new teacher and a new low home Roman. If the feel of you know teachers following up exactly what I'm. The so are reduced our I was reading this article over the weekend in the New York Times. Fortified by fences and patrolled by more. Armed personnel schools will open their doors to students. For the start of a new year. Now this is. Certainly not anything that we ever had to. Knee massacre at Parkland Florida unnerved school administrators across the country. Devoted to summer to reinforcing buildings and hiring secured a security in Florida armed guards will be posted on almost every campus. In Indiana some schools will be getting hand held metal detectors. In western New York State some schools plan to upgrade their surveillance cameras to include facial recognition. Public schools have embraced expensive and sometimes controversial. Safety measures. Palm Beach. Is nearly doubling its school police force and asking voters to support a property tax increase to help pay for. It's been awhile since column by 1999. Sandy hook. 2012. Schools opened with metal detectors last week and Marshall county Kentucky were two students were killed at a high school shooting in January. The New York Times peace talks about some measures going beyond hardening school buildings and expanding police presence and focus instead. On how to respond to violent attacks. Active shooter drills. Have become routine for emergency personnel and school administrators in Nashville Tennessee. 100 school nurses took a one day course last month at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Titled stop the blade. On how to handle a mass casualty event among the lessons how to apply a tourniquet. No policy has caused more debate than allowing teachers to carry weapons. Only Florida adopted legislation to adopt strode to allow schools to arm and train guardians on campus school employees who work. Not full time teachers at least ten states allow districts to armed teachers. And other staff members. So. Well you're buying the crayons in the back to school stuff and five gallon double paste. Some of those who are actively involved. You have to remember that schools are facing a whole different world. And students are now going back to schools were you know entry and exit is now limited. Com and there are armed guards on campus and there are locked down so. And then there's the next question and that is. Going to lose next boom boom who. Wear. Why. Win. It would be somebody. August there didn't. For the middle of August. I applies to Dave goes last that it could Dave goes through the years go fast. 225 days in the near a 140 days ago. General alarm anybody but a big differences in about a 134 days till Christmas. And that's is right around the corner so that means we're talking about it if a hundred days. So that we can know start to. Get kids first gulf. Worked out again this year our 25. Year. Four are up participation with the assurance Anderson kids first of this seems impossible to make 45 years. And we figure we've impacted due probably at this point. I'm 48050000. Kids. Throw them. 1995 baseball hall of Famer Mickey Mantle died a liver cancer aged 63. Oh by the way don't forget Wednesday. North American manure expo Brookings South Dakota. We wanted to do a live broadcast from there but. It turned us down. They they took our application and infant TJ notices that what they're grabs us. In India one of the country's lawmakers wanted to possess say would want it to protest the prime minister's policies so we came dressed as Adolf Hitler. That's never good look. The US pizza museum is open in Chicago. What do we do that instead of NASCAR thing. Any Chicago it'd all be deep gash them. Then have to have a little bit error that one night. And the Los Vegas area was hit by a dust storm a monsoon and lightning. Virginia residents traveled the most during no let me go that they do this again states that did take. Least vacation of the United States. He got on vacation this year. Would you do words go different costs a lot of money could give me a break or next year. Do I go to grand Tito and sort of picture yesterday online and Greinke tons of Wyoming just got just I don't believe this with a Grand Canyon just. Breathtaking in Yosemite is. Quick to grand Tito. Little Switzerland. According to a new survey of more than 4000 American workers the state. You live in has a big impact on your vacation habits for instance if you're in Colorado. Colorado residents take the most vacation time in the country. And I don't know I assume that because there's so much to do your own backyard. Why would you show and vacation time if you couldn't. I get out and Iraqis know and maybe it goes somewhere maybe just go. We don't central city and gamble. Breckenridge. Estes Park. Colorado Springs hang out brought more for a day. Million things to do. I'm Montana's another story the treasury. State but the treasure state clearly doesn't. Treasury it's time off. Coming in net via bottom of the list by making the least vacation days in the United States. So that kind of kills the Colorado theory that there's parts of Montana that are stunningly beautiful on average Americans are taking just seventeen point two days. Out of the 23 point two that they earned. Colorado takes the most vacation time in the United States was an average of twenty point three vacation days a year. There residents get more vacation time too because they average about 27 point nine days off. Montana takes the fewest vacation days. People who live in no Montana also get less time off just behind Montana for taking the fewest days Delaware. And Rhode Island. Virginia residents travel the most during their time off with an average Joseph about twelve point two days per year. And South Dakota. He uses a national low four point three vacation days to travel. Arizona by the way tied with the Washington for the highest rates of happiness and with their company. Just in case you're wondering. For Redding California family who have fled the sprawling car fire. Not car fire pit. When it's called beat Carr CA RR fire. Anyway they they flee their house near Redding California. And then they come back called and they find something fishy it happened while they were away there was a note on their pets fish tank. Harvest of ousted number doubt. See note on the pet fish tank that red. Dead your fish a few sprinkles. Sorry if we weren't supposed to. Note was written by a member of the fire department. The fish was named Graham. Apparently he's in great shape. Brutal story. Ever carry keeping our eyes open for Aretha Franklin who apparently is gravely ill. First reports came down yesterday from show biz for eleven reporting that reach their gravely ill in Detroit surrounded by family originally diagnosed with cancer in 2010. Aretha who turned 76 in March bravely battled back to our refused to be. I knocked out by the illness her last performance was actually last November over but the second 47 change did an Elton John AIDS Foundation and no New York. But apparently she is. On I don't know. Well it is to unload well. Now by the way our buddy Jerry Klein who a year ago a week ago today was given one to two days to lose still alive. And and he's gliding and in his sons of both managed you would get judge should talk to him and I have a conversation with him and many friends have been able to have gone by and visit them. And it's not an irony to anybody but me bet I've told the story before about judge Jerry who brought the Aretha Franklin to the Blumenthal a thousand years ago. And at one point he had to go into a wreath us dressing room and count out 50000 dollars on the floor before she would go on. And a lot of performers especially African American performers who back in the day used to get burned on a regular basis now demand cash of fraud before they'll play. Everything was one of them. And I went back Wear them and watched him do that. And whereas I was watching Jerry Klein who looked like Jerry Garcia. Count out all that money to the queen of soul but her bodyguard the biggest man I've ever seen in my life. It Erica it is I was reading that the thing about a refit today. Hello Jerry is still considered to be updated day. If not hour to hour. And Aretha apparently is the same thing I run it read just from me. To have stood in that room and watched. Jerry count out all that money to rebuild. And ultimately what are they die on the same day. Good to people who statement. I don't know luck. Let's say it's not ironic to anybody but me but did this to me. So and our prayers and blessings rove both open. And I guarantee your boat pulled live together some Aretha Franklin songs and over talk but. We're who we're playing some great to solo should she best just homeowners who have. Standby. For. The the name of the song and they get up every twist on what. Although like the war through the sun is that the 100. Cents. They judge you expect their toys is demand for that and. Those stories from last week it just kills me small fly. Single handedly ruined a domino world record attempt to you heard this. At the you've seen these where they set up. In this case. Tony thirteen Guinness world record recruited at 22 people to set up 596229. Many dominoes with tweezers. Butterfly landed on one of the tiny tiles and triggered a chain reaction before they had completed the setup. The towels or or a no no bigger than a fingernail I guess and it took a two weeks to set up. They did manage to break for other world records including the longest domino chain reaction. Which took fifteen minutes to complete they also broke the record for the longest domino wall the largest spiral and the largest domino Cuba. But it was also off by a fly. Who I assume is no longer with us. If they caught him now. A new study out that says the key to being happy during retirement. Has more to do with how many friends you have. And not much money and how not how much money you now I'm screwed. That that. Well I got friends. But I'm one of those. You meet many acquaintances in life very few friends that kind of put a pretty big connotation on the word friend. So I guess it depends on how literal they are a big with the you know with the word friend. Our researchers surveyed a hundred people before and after retirement and found that one factor that determine happiness was a strong support network. A family and friends. But it but in essence I wouldn't I've I have Charlotte. Well I mean kinda sort of although once zero a year ago in what what's your off the year that predictions. But five seconds. Most satisfied dead people had about a sixteen friends they could call on. Georgia shake and deserved no. Sixteen friends if you had to call if you had sixteen friends and you can like call on just LP out very you know. Are just socially hey wanna meet me at those over lunch today that we could come up with sixteen. And be hard pressed. Like all one guy 88 times. Those less happy had about a ten friends and retirement. Just going to be ms. But no one friend and she's working until she's at least 62. That that that's Maya. That that that's Mario. Child bride. Today is left handers day. Below Teddy you know left handed. She thought didn't. Left handers day only 10% of the population left handed left handed there witnesses. About twice in common in twins as the general population. Lefties had the upper hand when it comes to 01 on one sports like tennis boxing or pitching a baseball. Left handed people are often credited with being more creative and varieties. And that's been found to be. Hard to measure I think. The air rumor that rumor band may have come from a 1995 study that found left handed men tended to engage in more. Divergent thinking that right handed men. Meaning that they explore more options to solve a problem than the ones readily available. There's a picture today of it's been on face sort of a 90000 times and its us happy left handers Dana is Paul McCartney playing guitar. I guess I've never really looked at dark by you know it was a lefty I'd better and aboriginal studies don't think about it. It was once thought that left handed people were doomed to die earlier than our normal pierce thanks to a 1991. Study from the University of British Columbia. But then they've had several studies sets that have bud debunks those claims and scientists now generally accepted being a righty. Oral lefty. Has zero effect on lifespan. There was a behavioral tests conducted in Scotland it showed a correlation between left handedness. And embarrassment. Those who had a domino left hand answered dead that they were worried more often about making mistakes and were more sensitive to criticism. Overall the study suggested that left handed people are generally more hesitant. There are left handed him. It's. Is that a joke. What would be the difference. Soonest drove phobia. Is the fear of left handed people. Anyway happy lefties did to all of you I think Joseph rigor when you're older son and finger thing. Watch of the Little League Baseball World Series. Think all the elimination games are like and they don't think. And we've just got finished what was that kid's name it. Big Al and he says it is a little kid but he's a big little kid still right reality a bigger. If early does. There's an article in USA today last week about the jerks and based children's baseball games fights and arguments and we'll talk about a next. They're talking about an hour away from right now with the gyms I'll give Vick makes him a new gene and I assume the coaches and the whole nine yards though they broke camp today so there. Come back in Charlotte there would have been a steady stream of traffic headed this direction. Fairly there was a rumor earlier at camp today that there we're gonna put a couple of offensive lineman. To a field they kick off in if they caught the ball they dare shortened practice. They did put the linemen out there. Mode time then. Curious pow I think. And and both caught the the kickoff. But there in short practice. There one point from what I read near Charlotte Observer today I don't know if that was a joke person article are world. Apparently Greg Olsen was yellen of one of the most get rid of field day catch this Mike cars running. Sure they're good to get tuned to get back home Little League Baseball we're kind of watch and we have five TVs here in the Studio One albums always on areas fear or something. And last week I was looking up there when paying a whole lot of attention to announce and you know. California and Georgia and so what that nursing while College Baseball. Know what's a Little League stuff. And I think the elimination games are like going on right now are they not. Pertain to teams to make it in Little League go World Series. And the guy ever played on a team that was anywhere. Anywhere close to that. I can guarantee you were in high school I've ever played on the team that was anywhere and most of it. One of the things about beer from a small town is that you just get back albeit out of it at. In no football they were dead they would send us. Skiing world mountain boys out to the airplanes a Colorado which is people don't realize it but once you past Denver. And start going east. Colorado looks a lot like Kansas Nebraska Oklahoma law farmland and stuff up there are so they would send us out to areas so little town or Merkel Revere. And now we play Revere once a year. My god. They just would be just like a drug money in though the one Gigabit invented it to go all day bus ride to go down there give back. It just seems so futile get on a bus with you know 86 other people just to go and other get the help we ought to be in to her credit come back. They used to be just 45 to nine and fifty Florida three and. Little League Baseball games I am bottom. I have a warm place in my heart for Little League Baseball games or when I first met Susan here in Charlotte. One of the ways that we kind of got to and know each other and the way that I got to know my now what I go who are tentatively stepped kids I hate that phrase. Worst in the pond below league baseball games. We go out there. At the time Matt and Phil and I met Matt and fill for the first time they were like four and seven years old. And we will go out there on Saturdays and it seems like no one always said they morning gave him one always had an afternoon game so we were essentially there all day long India was hot. But we'd sit in the stands and we don't yell honor we got to know an awful lot of parents there any other thing actually Miller about that was I also got to know Susan's ex husband real well because. He was one of coaches of the team. And consequently also got to know. Is James wrong. I also got to know Ron's parents. Really well. So we all get along fine. Which is the way it should be a very good all you can figure out a way to make work that way our relies that's not always possible. But it just still to this day. We all get along fine. And and I dated both of those his parents have passed is a father just passed recently. The boy's grandfather or grandmother. I'm golf forever be glad that I got to know them and that they would you know they'd roll into town command from Dayton and now listen to the show as soon as they can get within ear shot now and I'd go see him out of Phil's house or. I don't Ron's house and they talk about stuff I've been talking about on the radio and I don't know that's a great relationship they. Won't say they became. Almost like grandparents to me but it was just very cool I've ever relationship with the boys so grand Beers are what we all. Base that relationship off of a Little League Baseball games. And I don't remember I'm sure that there must have been some but I don't remember anybody out of mind a Little League Baseball. Ever being head jerked during the games. And I can't say there must have been somebody that was probably a little over aggressive or something along those of the that's not what sticks in my mind. Well that was written Mayo article in USA today last week talking about bad parrot behavior youth sports games on the rise and you see this in the news all the time. Where you have parents brawling and I mean all out. Riots going on. And parents mad and and and and parents attack and coaches because their kid didn't get into play and. So people who have witnessed parents throwing punches. Or hurt and abuse. Hockey matches soccer games Little League Baseball games. It's so bad they say that refereeing is or quitting. And I'll betcha that's right because if the world I mean if if we can't talk about politics here without Maggette so divisive any more than. Then that's a reflection on the state of just about every sense of communication. The obnoxious parent. Leading reason for the exodus of bad refereeing is is pervasive abuse from parents and coaches. And they say the obnoxious parity is still the exception but there's you know you don't have to have a bunch there's just enough. That more than 70%. Of new refereeing as well have quit within three years according to the national association of sports officials. Now they're used to be an umpire that came up from Little League Baseball. And he has to come up from Concord. To be the umpire for all the games in prime bill and he was like a cousin or a second cousin to Charlie Daniels. Because one day on Saturday. Potter hell outside I'm centenary of the pine bill Little League Baseball fields which have since been eliminated and taken over by schools and stuff. And I look over in the stands. And there's a guy sit there and I told Susan visited. Him that looks like Charlie Daniels. And I finally couldn't stand it any longer lives works and Charlie Daniel concerts a thousand years ago I couldn't stand it anymore finally went up to a guy and said. I don't bother you but is gonna sound like a really stupid question of these W mid sentence and is as NASA. It. But I am OU think I am so I said on doctrine for awhile just the nicest guy in the world and he was cousin of the umpire the used to drive up from Concord all the time. And so every now and then we'd see Charlie Daniels out there today didn't guard me you know sometimes you Goran has some dungy wouldn't. And it's very good to be close friends with Charlie but I mean it was our kind of cool been appointed to after our conversation that day you know we released nodded each others say I've been. Wasn't the other radio there today. Beckham and the dark of the great thing about a little league of baseball was was not only get to know my wife better and and her ex husband better and by the kids grandparents better but also get to know the kids. It was kind of Mya according with the kids as well and there are still people from pine bill would come up and say hi to me and say you may not remember me but. I'm brigade a Mac who. Is on channel three. Her little brother Trey. Lewis now like a hot shot lawyer Ers on them someplace. But DEC ID is a great little baseball players to sit with her dad and Leo stands one of my favorite Doug groups of people. I'll never forget watching privileges. And get back to. Disturbing behavior. Little League Baseball games every. Write this article on jerks children's baseball games news today oh Phillip frost. Of the Arizona Republic. That I witnessed first hand. Eight. As a twelve year old the Arab in the very early 1970s when two adult men got into an obscene laced fight. In front of me and my teammates at a Little League Baseball game in Cherry Hill New Jersey had never seen anything like it scared me at the time stuck with me for years. Today we eleven and America. Bad as say that has grown more disconnected more dysfunctional disturbing behavior. Surfacing in public places like airports and on airliners and a professional sporting events and and big time box stores. A political scientist by the neighbor Charles Marie dubbed this new phenomenon coming apart. Pointed to the dissolution of American institutions such as the church and marriage and family. Murray is say. Libertarian. Explains that those American institutions still exist in the upper classes both liberal and conservative better disappearing and working class America. Where the rates of illegitimacy crime and drug abusers. Liking. In Tulsa Oklahoma youth soccer refereed Bryant Barr low. Said he's seen enough he's fighting back was something else that does seems to be a disappearing from American life shame. Boatloads of shape and sorry I just broken and in some. Sent fed up with the abuses that has endured as a refereed Barlow created a FaceBook page and began paying a a 100 dollar bounty to people who send him cell phone video coverage of parents behaving badly it used sporting events. And on his page he shows only the worst of the worst. Evidence of parents brawling and badgering and insulting. And word is getting out that if you wanna bring your bad attitude to a kid's baseball game you might find yourself the object of national ridicule. Bad behavior not limited to the working class the intense sports competition and no middle and upper class. Communities is bringing out the worst and some parents as well. Many families. Regularly spend 220000. Dollars a year per child on all league club team dues private trainers and other cost. Like far flung travel to the best term limits are recruiting showcases. According to the times. And the investment. Of money. And time leads to heighten expectation. Among parents. Even in a contest between elementary schoolers in fact sports officials insist that younger the younger the players the worst the sideline behavior usually has. And Barlow offers insights into what happens and youth sports events. He says he's not immune from the abuse last month he into other referees needed an armed police escort to get to their cars according to the New York Times. Big article in the USA today last week about use sports and energy ever been due. You say it there was say and steps a couple of years ago maybe even last year and maybe Ben more than one. About parents who have a kid that they think it's only and they send him to a quarterback camps and sent him all of this stuff and then all of a sudden. He's either not playing or not starting at the schools that he's going to go until they pull him out of this Golub said in someplace else because I just can't imagine that. He's not going to be the next star quarterback it. UCLA or UNC here. Sometimes your expectations are. Or. You know he may be a damn good player. No I'm not be that good. But referee is I don't know how referees do it. I'm I didn't see a lot of it and find bill but you know what. It's also a bit about 1020 years since I hung out at a baseball game and by bill so maybe that's changed you Mike you're on WBT hi. Thank John and all time and are subject to regulation on all thank you very much appreciate it. Rec league football or more rural North Carolina for six years and never had taken more abuse from parents. Until finally I get to the point where I would just tell their parents were laid bare me on the sidelines. That your kid is playing pro ball because you want him to play football. Not because she can play football. Is that didn't go over too well what is one father and he came down the sideline and threatened. Kicked my butt. It took the police escort beginning tomorrow yup I thought I was gonna have to defend myself. Did you see a more obvious also coming from kids. I am not not my kid because I had a pretty much you know I have rarely done on the game I had a budget. Friends are routinely and it would they started it five years old part of them all the way up until. They started middle school ball is new you much. Oh they knew they still call me coach you definitely don't general local more light score watching these boys play that have. Hopefully will go on to college. And a lot of the parents have thanked me for giving them the basics. Now a lot of the parents say date date date date date this buys me because I didn't play their kids. Now pat Mike thank you appreciate the call I and I know up by going to south point high school of football games but there are guys in the stands bearer who have had their hands on these kids and they were six and seven in middle school and so on and so forth enough. It's the same kinda deal. They know these kids and they were little tiny kids now they're juniors and seniors in high school with the aspirations may have played college but there's a respect level. By having grown up in that atmosphere and to have being out constant with that kid that kid being a constant without adult. That breeds a certain level respect that is pretty envious. Take one more vocal on. Jerks and dead children baseball games and a sporting events in the general love Mike is open WBT have Mike. Hey how are donut I'm good good. I'm going water slide your show I just got a car could talk about his days and I ordered serious story about. Super bother officials were better more drama rational very powerful sports do you ever saying brawl that officials that what you permit. You promote. And brought Prada also has a zero tolerance. Thing for unsportsmanlike. Activity cursing at things like that had. Coach who defend their player he told the story this year respect clinic. About a player who was suspended two games for cursing on our football field. And the coach disagree wit the suspension. I'm camp call the super lottery officials. Trying to get it over aren't you filing out in the you know you may disagree are probably don't want act unity because there's like he would still entertain. And he said yes he's a lot disagree with that. You know 'cause they allow these kids. To do what they walk and then one may crawl the lot and punish Ford they defend and as younger kids. Do the same thing their parents defend them also wrote what they permit they promote and that's why the kids and the parents. Get the feet. The type of things that she's the only. All videos and things that you picked on YouTube Ramallah. You run it's always been around but discipline seems to love become mud dirty word or are seeing is some sort of a form of abuse or somebody along those lines and no discipline is not abuse. Elicits in less it's handed out in the wrong way discipline is not abuse discipline is. Well it's exactly what I've donated to is that supposed to be and it's a backbone building measure. Yeah all parents and fans alike for the most part don't understand the rule book all the gang. A landslide though I'm always built football quite so much we spent the last mile weeks. Training. Has been reviewing tapes reviewing rule books to prepare for the cure possible what all they. How many parents are even looked at rule book ever. And the things that they complain about that don't have a clue was also they don't understand. And they think their spiritual brother walker our fault or the petrol put an air cop and believe me I'm not get rich doing there but I thoroughly enjoy it. Calm here artificial not a coach OK that's gonna start last few minutes ago you would nailed into this. Well you know that the coach's decision you know and well they have to do they think KeyCorp are all out there the Winamp but there are coaches out there that are. The limit for the kids I read article by its coast and of all places Denver Colorado. Are near and dear somebody's art I've heard that. And I thought he suspended his entire change. Also called though the outbreak at a scrimmage bank and every single player had to do some community servers to get back on the ten. And I thought that was rather interest thing and obviously that was bumped into McCain that were involved. God bill behind our what I read it work to promote that they are pretty. So what one did they all did you know and we need more coaches like that. In the system meant a lot in Pakistan. Those that are pretty good at Atlanta. How many of them are gonna go to the NFL very few if any. There and we're looking at the little kids sports and they go off on surgery your top school. At the kids that play junior I don't plan school three quarterly is that playing out school don't play in college. I've heard numbers anywhere in the 50% of playing college. Are the ones that make it through. The NFL slow your chances are slim and none. Yeah no they are and that's a temperate very select few that's not what your four in the first place. And that's what officials are out of most of they're true or not and all the money it just brought. A good example is high school football but it won't draw. We're required spent about five Bob Bauer from the I hope or rather the facility for a game to look we leave it in other high. Full often 76 book. We're not in it for the money. Knowing you'd do these mandatory event on gas. A lot of probably you know you do have Mike thanks so called better appreciate your much. Thank you how you choose sports Charlotte knights are in town. Star homestand tonight buffalo school kid giveaways tonight. Do a school supply drive as well dollar hot dogs gave start to 704 weather should be just fine for in fact. You'll notice that temperatures are up a little bit but the dew point and the humidity is down a magic continued till tomorrow and Erin town tomorrow night another game against buffalo went to a 704. Oh wins day is a queen Charlotte Bobble head giveaway night. And that's a 704 game as well you can get two tickets and learn more about long range schedule at Charlotte knights dot com but the Charlotte knights and buffalo opened our homestand starting tonight. I dollar hot dogs tonight's can't. Do wrong by that inspectors back to school kits I think for the first thousand kids that wandering into the stadium. But I courtesy of a United Healthcare so rich have done to be be empty ballpark I should be a perfect evening before that sort of the buzz over the weekend. Where anonymous comments command node to the Charlotte Observer. And solo homer there are always short and sweet. Some of tomorrow pretty well thought out plastic bags take 450 years to degrade it a landfill. But will completely shred before you get your groceries home. Remember Democrats socialism is great until you run out of other people's money. Mr. Sanders. And Charlotte. Augusta should say that every politician these days because so we just keep on adding to the deficit mad mad mad mad mad men were we twenty trillion bucks. And that's not that it actually that's low for what were actually obligated to. Charlotte begs for more affordable housing but shuns tiny houses oh the irony there were doctors article there about that tiny houses they. I started to try to have a like almost a neighborhood nobleman stuff that no they just never really got off the ground and we're all sorts of reasons Warren. But. Kitchen bed bath. Beech ridge. Backseat of the car. Still occupy on Jerry Klein few weeks ago they said he had a dare you to live them he's so many go an entire week because that's given no family members and all sorts of people that may not have had a chance to. Go talk to in my have a chance to go talk to him he's heavily sedated do. But he seems to from what I understand. Have a recognition of specially sons. I his son Joshua was in town all weekend long. And and a chance to. Talk and read two women have done what they can about two or reading messages. That have been known dropped I know my web site or other places that. Now the jury. The house Jerry Klein community page on no FaceBook is a place that you could go if you want to learn more information error. We we posted up last week you know many people responded a lot of those message have been rendered jury. So and we hear about Aretha Franklin also. Apparently being surrounded by family and Detroit. And it would appear that her time is. Drawing to a close she was diagnosed with cancer she did her last concert last November. For. I had Jerry Elton John AIDS Foundation show. So why I'm. It's an article about things you'll regret when year old. I've seen these before. But. Not traveling when you had the chance. Kind of what we talked about last week about two. Millennial sir. Him. Tried to get them. Some bucket list stuff done and find jobs that have a little bit of a leeway so they can travel and make him go do some things and I said to my philosophy now is. If you're gonna waste a decade does the twenties is the time to do it and if you want wanna go up and like we do stand up or something like that and go to LA or go to New York or don't do it. Or anything along those lines say even an athletic career if you think you're good enough for and as you know. Go for it. You can always regroup back in your thirties I'm sure parents say to hear that especially your kids or intelligence afflict but. You can always regroup. I didn't really. I finally got back in a radio when I was 28 and and really get serious about it until I was probably 303132. Years old. Not traveling when you have the chance manage got a chance Stewart. Staying and bad relationships things you'll regret when year old. And don't do it tough breaking up with people but I mean if it's a bad relationship it's a bad relationship if that a lot of that. Not using any sun screen or no sun screen and the other one earlier this dinner some places not taking care of your teeth. My father's generation always used to these days we dental technology engineers and implants and all that stuff you could but I mean that's expensive it's a lot better to just take Carol what you got. Missing the chance to see your favorite musicians. I had come are really close last year to by and the plane ticket to go out Colorado courtesy Tom Petty and again. And red rocks I never cedar red rocks I've senior a number of times. But I thought allowed BI here it was under so fortieth anniversary tour and I thought that I thought NAFTA. I got no chance. The more chances. So. You'll see your favorite musicians are so many of them come back through anymore. Paul Simon just did a show and our Charlotte amend you should've gone unseen that. People that you vote now. Figure out of who he should have a strong respect for our us still tour and still coming back. As a great time to go see him as you never seen an even brother showed OK today your brother show. You never taught that Jim made it show no go catch a gym favorite show. I know we torn about Jim. Being scared of doing things things you regret when year old being scared of doing stuff looking back you'll think what was I so afraid off. And that says a lot of that has to do with careers stuff too. Stupid stuff you look back on pictures yourself when you're like a thirty some and you think why did I think I was so fat they had. I look gray. Failing to make personal fitness say priority. Easier said than done. I highly indebted recommended. Not to thing I did myself. I can certainly see the I think back to the point if I had been on some got an exercise regime all my life. Elements benefits are probably would have paid. Diabetes type two and all that crap I probably would have avoided. Not quitting a terrible job. Not trying harder in school. I wish I had a better vocabulary. My talk show host. But some people have such a command of the English language registered so envious. Not realizing how beautiful you were that's kind of what I was just talking about being afraid to say I love you. And not just for something you might get out of it either. Not listening to your parents' advice. Caring too much about what other people think. Any of men. Things you'll regret when your older. Cheering too much about what people think. Man there's critics everywhere we were in a bottom. Holding grudges especially with those you love holding grudges. And being negative. Only heard one person it sucks you down it never socks or hurts the person that or the thing that you want up. Damage but I get rid of the gorgeous. Not standing up for yourself. Sometimes that's hard. Sometimes that could be job jeopardizing. Sometimes that can be relationship jeopardizing. Ten times that you'd be friend jeopardizing. You ever notice that old people just don't take a lot of crap from anybody. Higher priorities. Things you'll regret when year old not volunteering enough. Did you feel so good when you do stuff for other people. Neglecting your teeth missing the chance to ask your grandparents questions before they died. And regret not having conversation I got I regret not having my dad around don't share information with him or even career successes or anything along those lines the amount. My grand parents were great they aren't they were. But I I I miss my my dad's advice and wisdom and critique probably more than any thing and then that's funny because at one point his critique was just more than I could stand. Working too much. Maybe that's one of the reasons I got into radio although I ended up working a lot harder and radio that I never thought I would. And talk radio has written our survey about on air personalities today who say they do upwards of 123 hours of show perhaps by day. I think it. Wimps. Did you do eight or nine hours of Reading and stuff and this and that that's not so much for the stuff that you know a game you'd use its. It's going through all the stuff you don't use trying to find the stuff that you will use. Failing to finish what you start. That's sounds like something that your grandparents probably go to center you're at some point or another guru threatens some games. And not playing with your kids enough. But they all lied about very few people on their death bed sink yourself gosh I wish I had a couple more hours like. Been doing work. How would you will spend a couple of hours you will wish that you had a couple more. Or more hours to swim with the your kids are good but.