Americans Are Working Later In Life - the 70's is the New 60's

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, July 6th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Exaggeration. There are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Good Friday morning good to be back with you. Hope all is rolling your world amateur even now contemplating your exit from the workplace. Fans are relaxing activity for the week it still trying to figure out. What did you remind. I don't know maybe some ideas wall surface during the next couple of hours. I want to start off talking about some good economic news fans also some mixed economic news. First off we've got 213 thousand jobs added in June. That's a great number. Never saw correctly. Expected game was 195. That's does better than expected. The flip side unfortunately the unemployment rates rose to 4% more people returned to the job markets. Economists surveyed by Reuters had expected a nonfarm payroll gain of 195000. Jobless rate to hold steady. And three point 8%. It's been tied for the lowest since 1969. That's a long time. Another solid month of job gains provided little help to wages in addition the payroll gains average hourly earnings rose two point 7%. Year over year. And that's a little bit below expectations of two point eight. So. We've had a lot of talk about the economy being near full employment. Hiring is still going on. Still going on. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revised April's count up from 159000. To 175000. They moved May's numbers from 467000. 37000. More than initially. Stated it. This is great. Certainly some great news. And we need to. At same time we're talking about employment I thought this was really intriguing. And I'm sure for some view this is gonna be a little scary you know what do we think out now. Immediate thought when you think about the word retirement. What number comes to mind in terms of age you know what are your thoughts John Charles what would. What age do you think of as retirement. Sixty. Yes I like seventy you're like seventy yeah OK yeah all right Phil pretty spry so it. Army anyway how do you feel about working yet 85. Top initiatives it leads us in for Charles it's like what in the world is he asking me eat it looked like he smelled something. Or he may have you're here so. Are working not working now OK okay. And yeah high IQ area and I I don't think anybody would want to have an expectation of working that long. There's a story can Christ really blew my mind. And it's Singh seventy maybe the new 6080. Maybe the new seventy. But it also says 85 still pretty old to work in America. In some ways is the era of the very old worker in America. Overall 255000. Americans 85 years old and over were working over the past twelve months. 255000. That's four point 4% of the Americans that age up from two point 6% in 2006. Before the recession this at the highest camera record. What kind of jobs to these people doing well. According to historian Allan T online. We've got its crossing guards farmers ranchers even truckers. Q badge and added to barker as its commitment to disguise it. 85 year old guy driving a tractor trailer on my goodness that's an interesting image. But it's happening. I'm picturing a grader at the local retail scene that's what most that are what most people think you know part time job. You know just to get out of the house for a little while hands that's enough certainly nothing hard core. There is a front page story on this last week. In fact there are one between one and 3000 US truckers aged 85 or older based on census data. That's a lot of truckers. Between one and 3000. And those rain sieve roughly doubled since the recession. Here's what's happening. America's aging workforce is to find the post Great Recession labor market baby boomers and their parents are working longer as life expectancies grow. Retirement plan shrink education levels rise work becomes less physically demanding. Labor Department figures show that at every year of age above. 55. US residents are working or looking for work at the highest rates on record. At the low end of the age curve the opposite holds true workers aged thirty and younger are staying on the sidelines. Really. She got older people trying to work and younger people trying not to work. This is bizarre. They're staying on the sidelines at rates not seen since the 1960s. And seventies. When women weren't yet entering the workforce the level they are today. Folks are still working at 85 or above. That's unusual. They hold very different jobs and their younger peers and rivals even as they don't vary significantly by race ethnicity or geography. But most of the oldest were. Are concentrated in just 26. Of the 455. Got the art occupations tracked by the Census Bureau. Those same 26 occupations are home to less than a third of the total workforce. So we're talking abouts. Less physical industries management sales. Certainly avoiding. Places like manufacturing and construction. That's good year. Runaway person famous people in this. Older working group. The oldest Supreme Court justice Ruth buzzing Ginsburg I mean Bader Ginsburg. She is 85 years old and counting. Rupert Murdoch. 87. George Soros. Warren Buffett Toni Morrison. There are still very much in the game I think. Crossing guards are likely to be age 85 for about same goes for musicians anyone who works in a funeral home and product demonstrators. Like vision might find at a warehouse club store. Because on this is a very interesting story affect. I wanna hear from some of you are you aware are you one of these people. 85. And above and still working. What are you know someone Mike this ends the question for everybody this covers everybody. What are your expectations. Ford later on wind do you expect to retire. And how is that affected by economics. We love to get your thoughts on how this is shaping up also coming up we'll talk about a couple of stories of heroism. People putting their lives on the line for others. We'll talk about this and much more on our Friday broadcast your 14 minutes after 10 o'clock. Oh. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program. What are your thoughts about this story keep working beyond 85. 85. That is some small hole and have. Some very interesting yeah perspectives here on text line. Jim out of Easley says the best age for retirement US Minsk the sooner the better but the fact that I thought I get it. Protection says retirement never not biblical like my mom and step dad I work till the day I die really. That your actual plane. You know and I've seen this a lot with it you receive this with certain people who just really really driven and motivated to work. And then the day they stop working so the next day they kick the bucket yeah. Lea and her only times I've seen that. It's it's really bizarre. North and a few months identical. And yet I have something to do. I I remember story in fact when Harrison Kentucky. A couple of months ago we were talking about a oppression I used to work with the radio station there. And this guy do he'd worked its radio station for me for years I mean and probably 20/20 five years ultimately retired. He retired on Friday. Saturday morning. He had a heart attack and died. That is just bizarre. On the text line. This person says I will be working three years and six months after I die just to get caught up. Think he went in and we have this meant the numbers are bit skewed because the Republicans and independents to retire at 65. Because they've been working other lives Democrats won't grow up and mature until they're 65. They're gonna have to work for Tony years. Already. A well here's a pretty. Sharp perspective here I don't know what this is about. 85 and above should be limited to crossing guard jobs there wisdom is worthless. They're two out of touch with today's society really. That's quite a blanket statement and perspective. Already. Let's get some. Other perspective here from Chris good morning welcome to broadcast. Good morning I don't invent a rights here I think which talk about it probably I can do. When I used a spouse a lot of times you see than the other spouse die within months or month or. Your work that your life's purpose. You know so. And around. Yes there's there's certainly a lot of truth in that. How about your own experience every week which your expectation about retirement. And I would retire to gauge success. You know I don't really are always have to be doing something so I don't really. Even if it's not her putting food on the table. They could still be you know first I noticed something that it. You just wanna keep occupied then yeah yeah I need more creative or be the judge you when I'm gonna be occupied Gerald and Howell. Right. That's that's another important part of a great start review their Chris appreciate your call you know that's. You know I've thought about this just in the context of you know even time that I have off Mena that the responsibilities. Home and that sort of thing. You know I wanna be able to do some things and yet the same time. I know myself I am the kind of person. Dressed keep occupied two eyes just sitting around. I mean like the people you you was really attest for me the other day. Kind of telling myself. I don't. Unplug and relaxed very well I'm always doing something like yesterday evening. I am working on some things I normally a multitasking. So from watching TV you're watching a movie. I'm generally not sitting there watching the TV and watch your movie. Just you know with my arms folded just relaxed most the time I'm working on something yesterday evening I was restoring like one of my computers. What hollow is watching. I was watching in living color. You would not believe who's on Alicia semi FaceBook posts last night. They had there was an old show with Chris crushed. Also any red suns job yet. I I it was such a thorough back I thought oh my goodness look at these kids. You know. It's pretty amazed that I generally and you know it happens to me when I sit down and I watch TV here watch a movie. I fall asleep. Even if I go to a movie theater the same thing epics I have to have something you must keep my mind occupied to. Otherwise I'm I'm gone. It doesn't take very long at all plug sitting still did you turn your clothes around backwards at diesel. No I didn't I didn't I didn't realize that was a thing until I saw that video that while this is different. Pretty amazing stuff. I wanna talk about some examples of heroism. One album. Especially in the atmosphere were you know by the way I don't you remember the name of the channel is watching you as one of the Spanish channels that we showing living color and they kept showing these Promos. Over and over and over over and over and over and over and over. And it it was it was virulently. Anti Donald Trump. And it's. Very much for the promotion of open borders. And it's very much sensitive to the idea of putting illegal immigrants. Stay in the country. I mean and these Promos to shame Promos would run and about every single break. It was really nauseating after awhile. You can the media just continues to gin up sympathy. For people broken the law. I'm not incidents different Kerry. Become one. I don't we'll see the same kind of attention focused. On this woman whose hero. Do you hear about the story. A mother shot a man who tried to steal her issue V. Or heard tiger's restore inside the vehicle. I know this also raises other questions which we can discuss. About 10 o'clock at night. Florida ran and I believe to. Pay for gasoline. And shell service station. And it's. More shoes economy and climbed in the driver seat. Tried to drive away. Her two year old her four year old children were still in the backseat. She jumped back into the vehicle ordered the man to stop the car. So I see my two baby still back there I'm asking the man hey my kids are back there stop pull over pull over. He's not mean even acknowledging anything about my kids. Miss Michelle. Says she tried to push the gear and apart as the car rolled down the parking lot when he refused to stop. Michelle pulled a gun from the glove box shot the man. Then drove this the issue be into a utility pole. But I she's not trying to stop he kept hitting the gas I went toward my glove compartment grab my gun. And I fired at him from the side. Michelle and her children. Aren't harmed. Well. This is quite a story isn't it. And this was sobering for her. Sobering to see this guy slumped over. Should that while my kids are in the car. They've just seen me shoot somebody. Man identified by police Ricky writes transported to a hospital with injuries not considered life threatening. Charged with two counts of unlawful restraint unauthorized use a big motor vehicle up. No churches for Michelle. Fortunately in this case. Who's there to look out for and protect these kids this month. We stepped up to the plate this mob. Not the kind of thing you wait for the police force she took care of business. When it. And some unfortunately this has a good outcome. From. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on Vince Coakley ran your program good morning Jeanne at a Greeneville. Good morning it's always a pleasure elections feels this particular event that occurred in taxes. We want to go organic. The woman had every right to protect Israel would no question about that. Like you know if that have been done in Connecticut. Four Mora has moved to our New York today property on Long Island. Today. This woman board have been and I investigated by DC or DS. I'll tell you wore number war on what you said and this I'm and to an acquisition coming what I wanna tell you know and she walked into the store to pay the gas to pay the fee would negotiate or to play. The car was unlocked. And I don't know whether it be entombed aren't what she even had a key in the ignition. And this is my admonition to your audience. Please you know people confession all of this happened in Connecticut once. You do not go into a store would you shoulders and the car with the car running over Clark he's your car door unlocked in fact. Take it time to take your kids out of the car. Go and defector shopped and anger and lock you car door. Protect yourself nor shall from the DC yeah. I you're just saying their gene gene because this one of the thoughts that went through my mind. And yet I as a parent I know. Especially. You know he I've been used the word. Impractical this can be for somebody to thank god for pay at the pump for instance we were you it takes that issue or way. But yeah it's difficult thing every especially if you're if you have two kids that are in car seats. You've got to take them out and run inside and I get it's I get richer saying gene and it's a very valid admonition that you give you this morning I knew someone would. Condit along these lines good morning Dave. Yeah our group. Yes. I came here to all my iPhone. I don't know why. But you are find your coming through loud and clear. Well that's good that's good beer can laugh caller had some good points orders said that. But the guy that Rick Karr. Could have very easily record and they'll vote here. Or or in their badly as a guy who also a lot of a lot of society they're very. The way it felt we have a lot of trouble it went. Yet to be inside. It's pretty typical this is the kind of thing that is a repeat crime for people they are in and now it's like a revolving door for some of these folks. Quite unfortunate Tim good morning. They've been there less power. The way this standout. I'm I'm glad it did the way it did. Well it depends if you get Erica wants our nurse had looked at it back I think and say thank. I'm ask myself why she's acute in the car. Well actually keep nick are why would their weapons that are apparently who has floated and it could be within arm's reach of the child. This so we think it still makes sense and I know what he's saying because bill. They're gonna look at it and think it was irresponsible they're here to do all this you know came out great. So I'm thank god it accused are good that your mother's good. But yeah I can see bull side this argument Jane it's there's nothing can't drive body except that go to Jack wagons for transit car. In the future except regret it's that Czech court thanks for your call their attempt. Yeah you biggest kick out of that the word check quite. I'm over on the tech slide by the way we started off talking abouts. People working later then usual. Even in their eighties. This section says Democrats never die they vote forever he. I'm thirty years old I have a feeling they were raised the age to seventy the retirement age. Or older by the time I can retire. Vince caller Brian from yesterday probably want you to take an early retirement. Like right now. I would say keep plowing ahead while thank you people's advice over 85 worthless. What is the age of the person making that statement yes that's what I'd like to know to. Another person saying if you have purpose you'd never retire. And we have a person with a sense of humor here jump jump jump. Yes. Go to grow into my head yesterday evening couldn't get it out for awhile. Benson doesn't engaged to retire takes money retiring means being able to keep busy and things like volunteering. Traveling. Not sitting around if you have the money to do it you can retire at any age grade show is always studies from Barbara. I don't viewer in that place able to enjoy that. Another text you're saying here about Criss crossed. Crisscrossed can Wear clothes backwards because his mom still dressed him. That's a tough tough are the that's pretty good. Another person encouraging me to check out the walk away movement. Seven with liberals leaving the Democratic Party it's gone viral yes I've seen some of those videos. Fans there are some pretty interesting stories of people whose eyes have been au prince and they are rejecting. What amounts to socialism. And let's just call it what it is. Spencer started work is not a mechanic seventeen retired at 57 my body hurts everywhere. People make bad career choices have less options and news that had to wait privilege. Hole waits. I'm a white male nevermind I've made my bed now I sleep and it's let's jump up and tell kids. That's pretty clever. Commences the socially cold 46 year old bucks FaceBook friends I don't have time to work. Between hanging out with friends posting an instant grim taking sell beads and partying with Kobe is there isn't time door at a how language pack I know this is a joke it has to be. Definitely has to be. The other texture. Huey is weighing in on this attempted kidnapping. Prince I have to ask why two small children were left in a running car with a gun and glove box scumbag got what he deserved the whole thing. Could have been avoided to your thoughts please. That's from Jeff IBI in there with you I understand fully. This circumstance. And you know I don't know she I don't know which she went in portage urine to pay issue and gets something but I simply of the store. Inside she done ever credit card to use. I don't now. And yes you're right this could have been avoided. But I'm glad it's. As a backup she had that gun. Maybe this lady had a car with a proximity key and I can get out of my car going to the store and pay if you jumped to my running car and attempt to shift in the gear or shut off welcomed a new world technology. Might not be as simple as you think it may not be. Eventually she would she and the others are saying bottom line is our this scum bags. Should have taken vehicle. I have been a good morning Craig McCaw. You're one of slavery really didn't matter what Clady. It is our if you had been in the car measure they're not the point she god are there to attitude change steal her call. What if he would have clubbed her all or any of the vote or he got in the car and she would have the web and where where are you that point bottom aren't. You don't mess with the mama bear and her so. He'll do. I hear you man here absolutely raids. This guy certainly learned this lesson at least so we hope to be interesting to see what happens you know six months out. A year out it's probably more like five years outs. Every goes where he's going. Stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock in just a few minutes Graham and updated very important legislation. In South Carolina remember we warned you about funding Planned Parenthood again. These are Republicans. I remind you Republicans. Funding Planned Parenthood and planned. To do some ridiculous data mining. Now we warned you a couple of weeks ago the legislature. That some. Devious people had sneaked this into the legislation. And we have an update on what's happened now. It's very important for you know because it's. There's still something to do to prevent this from getting implement it. These people just don't stop to that and again I remind you today tea they're Republicans. It's got a call from rusty good morning rusty. Then there are I think that wouldn't. Meg going make patient do we got this retirement thing we're talking about. Bob the main difference between the older generation and the younger generations nobody's ever told these young kids that there are the most important thing in the world. Com. I think we need to bring back the draft. And here's why I retired military. Yeah I did not grow up until. Well yeah and July morning at Fort Benning Georgia. When he really big man. I looked at me and they're in no uncertain terms let me know that. I was not the most important thing on the planet. So the older generation of these people who are working into their eighties. Most of those men got drafted for world war two and Korea and some from Vietnam. Poignant as these kids they don't realize the world does revolve around down. That is typical world most venom before they're born and it's going to be spent and that's bad. And so what do you do to make a contribution. To somebody other than yourself. Yep. You're absolutely right this is important you know the sad thing about this rusty. I appreciate your call it's not too sure people. There are older adults who have the same perspective of entitlement. You're supposed to work around my schedule my agenda. And it's you know I am entitled to four. Other people to serve me. I mean this is the mindset a lot of people have. I've run into this so many times and you know it's really crazy in the service industry. So I'll post this morning for friend to mind I was quite shocked. He's gone from being a professional wrestler years ago and now he's on the City Council. But the town where used to live in Kentucky. Seifert can find this post. But I eat it. I wonder how many of you have experienced the same thing. I mean in many cases customer service is. An oxymoron. Is really said. Here it is. A friend Jim posted this from this morning. These are the store in the snow and in this area so. Current worry about that standing in the checkout lane in this store. This is one of 27 lanes opened. There are six. Employees standing in customer service primary steal a quote from Forrest Gump. I'm not a Smart money and but I know what Lovie is. I mean seriously how many times you then they got these big superstores. And there's like 27 lanes one of homes open just one. By the way if I may air another one of my pet peeves I almost posted this on social media the other day. We need to have a cell skin training class. Self scanning 10 wine. Never watched some of these people try to stand. On my goodness. It's awful. I was in a certain big store just in today as watching people. I mean they could not skin. From to save their lives it was awful in some cases the kids knew better how to scale and then the parents did it. And the everything. And other pet peeve when people get in the self skin line would like fifty items. And he got like three people. Three people who decide to go into the cell skin line with fifty items and there and try to view. All that did you strives to have to walk by the way for the record I'd love self scared because most the time I'm just getting a few items or. Whatever the case I can get in there and get out I don't have to bother talking to anybody. Don't have to wait in line. I just go right Dan Enright outs that's why it. I know there are some people actually here against this they think you're feeding corporate monster are getting rid of jobs you don't. It's technology. You know it's the whole idea behind we have the ability remember back in the days they had that cash registers had to punch in every single item. Oh I'd love this I absolutely love it I love if the Pope although I heard that story the other day do you see the story about how many. What percentage of these. These pay at the pump machines apps. Have still cameras on them. They actually were able to. Harsher information. My goodness. Can't do anything anymore Kenya. Undertakes line Vince the guy. The attempt to kidnappers should be charged with attempted kidnapping also lib tarred shall say she should have left against the dark. T it's not just would start saying this they probably never had kids the two kids were most likely sleeping she didn't wanna wake them. They were never out of sight yes CIA and I give this to. Maybe this lady had a car or the proximity key and person saying the same thing. With the ability to be able to shut it off. I see Regina the others are saying bottom line scum bag shouldn't take the vehicle. Also this. You know one of the young men word crisscrossed died of an overdose. Yes I looked set up in fact. 2013. 34 years old drug overdose in Metz said. Extremely sad. We'll get to more of your texts and calls coming up the next hour. Also will be talking about it's an update. In the South Carolina legislature in their attempt to mine your data. And make you pay for abortions stimulus. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From all parts of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. I'll never hear Barbara just on this Friday up. Couple weeks ago we get your warning about what beat South Carolina legislature was a few. Fans as expected to they have come through and met all of our expectations. It's pretty unfortunate. But we've got some other interesting news the little twist on this story. Curious now for the freedom action network are good friends Seth Powell good morning Seth. They go well or doing very well very well so what's the latest in this saga. Yeah I think that the little background for folks and they battled for a few weeks ago. Others felt he thought they would like Putin tried to pass our state budget be bigger than they history the last couple more. Are a couple things that popped out to look as weak as bill through this thirty billion dollar state budget one war eight proviso that allows for subsidies. The client parent that the tax dollars could go to the largest abortion provider. In the country that was in the budget also very very very deep in the budget what proviso that created a data where else there and say that the war. Our personal information. And provide that actually gave legislators they and their staff direct access that personal information. So at thirty billion dollars worth of spending we failed to supervise those kind of brought the light. Let folks know out of bed and and that in the conservative vote is South Carolina were known to police they hear about it and responded. All vote on a radio show they are advocate the crawl they got really angry that a whole lot that you know we're talking thousands and felt that he knelt late phone call. It's my tweets about this issue as well last night government master has really the same report yet being code why an item vetoed both of them so I don't. From the they bought. The good huge wall or citizen and for the grassroots that because let's make no mistake. Without the pressure people put all McNabb struggle last couple week this thing what do they deserve the same laid those every single year. There's a big Blair but the fight continued beat the legislature he'll come back at some point they have not disclose exactly when yet. They're come back and either the same or override a veto so they can still find a way. The film that I Planned Parenthood they can still by the way. To create the database we have the Salem but there's no doubt that they they want to see these things vetoed we've got doubled our precious stone. Amazing about this you know in terms of the Republican base. The people in office don't seem to care do they. Lit the club but the big question coming and you look at all of South Carolina which is. We have Baird and start a little from the outside looking at you would think that we all want to look at third fake those super majority Republicans in the house. A majority in the senate failed Republican governor. And it you look around then it'll actually had a Morton gets excited they'd history and I don't think conservative like tech site you know this year we have the biggest. Are they bargain in history I don't think it's sort of like big spending. But for some reason there's a disconnect. Between the folks at home and what we believe in the value that we hoping here. And then what you got do that I called I think that disconnect all considered always been. They gap between. Campaign season. I don't like what they aren't on board but if he's all right let up probably something during campaign season. Do the ups sit there like wait a false statements that are never held a cabinet for a full board are you saying there are but it actually pressure becomes all. During the legislative process that put pressure it does help her car also further up for election regardless of the road and campaign. Hold on the travel what they said they cold beer. And that it blew up so what correct we do when you exceed the pressure is being desperate need of the all weather playing and hopefully we can double that and it's these guys. Here's the thing that veto it protect our privacy. I got it right they don't want to be a disconnect between. The people South Carolina and our government and the only way we're remembering that at the bit is taking control of our government back. Invite the corrupt. Yet but I'm certainly there with you so what part of our challenge here said this we have no timetable firm timetable. When the legislature's going to come back to this so we have to be vigilant and so I keep an eye on their activities. Met little if it absolutely ridiculous that we think about the fact that this school year ended you know July and here we are. Has this week just now getting around. The governor's vetoes and we still don't know when they're gonna come back to cut overwrought or they beat us. But in out of the bigger point though is how you here in the first place we're having to get the layer. We have a thirty billion dollar state budget which has so these are Planned Parenthood. Whipped in and out heck they're on a lobbyist stuff than there. With this thing that we're out credit we hear that because every single year think god they're allowed to break the law would come from writing that they bought. They're both bad boy opened hearings every year they never do it as so we're not one that's in the back. Biden is kind of crap buried deep in a fake but has no business being there. I guess fatal fall all the first place so that's been our underlying messages. You know we wanna give up the belt we wanna give it made aware help out but does the big overarching picture we'd gotten forcing legislators to followed all of it right the state budget. And what you say exactly right we got this thing to do it. All of this as you vehicle try to wait that. I don't try to wait a few weeks people have Google the next issue that the Supreme Court nominee or something else going on Columbia. But people felt the pressure on the path that they were not the darkened night. And that worked out with a copy what that we've got a statement on all the and that you're looking at more updates as this fall. Veto override are saying that in their company not formally no we're going to be if you will update on that it's early in the you can pick the word train. I've been trying to walk in Columbia. Affect the work during that 52886. They give me a way to get in contact with election though in the next couple weeks we'll be out there and more importantly what you can do about it so they'll make that thing these vetoes. Make them stop funding Planned Parenthood make sense about trying to collect personal information and get direct access to welcome our fail. So fail problem that we're praying the 52886. I don't wanna ask you Cuba discretionary of illegality in how this is done. Has there ever been a legal challenge. In the mud out you know and in fact I'm no lawyer and all hell redneck who bring billed as well. All we've got a whole thing with the play out. I wish there would be a legal talent and the wall now be more clear I mean that you can you have Google yourself is the eco at all. That's an eleven that's eleven that night. It cultured soy opened here between the house Ways and Means Committee and the senate by as many old the governor proposed but. It would be open transparent hearing what we can say what they do with it without money up. Don't said they sell this thing will go all to different subcommittees. Which you know about you've been but I think no doubt that he agricultural subcommittee is not it poll Wednesday morning. You know so they think capital no I think he would go on home and we get a bit 830 billion dollar monstrosity. So what again. It is build walls clear is that good wall in the that he followed outfit but what would bring a legal challenge but it will vet. We can bring political heat and try to force the door pressure that he all the ball so we can prevent bigger situation next year or be fighting over the bank saying. If we're not forcing them to act we have transparency in lending or more they think that this. I'll make a mistake on the but Planned Parenthood in as they're being subsidized by the state for years. There's not a new thing about it but one thing here. The only differences they hear people realize that they're putting pressure on them to get out of there and accurate vetoed it but got oppression sustain it. And I would you know if it blows my mind the corruption and beat the outright even Gallup he's got away without our say. We are five or in most corrupt the government. But I don't really glad knocking out the order they don't think that's been up to all of the citizens to hold them accountable. No question about that assists Powell freedom action network think celebs come on the broadcast for this updating keep us posted man because we wanna stay on top of this. We'll have live thank for that ill or if you'll look at what they updated the text the word during. The 28 at. Five to 86 dream that. And so we will continue to watch this. You can't take your eyes off these people rather unfortunate isn't fourteen minutes after eleven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. We have to talk now I can't continue my social media pros. Got one of these you receive these. Pros where they go back in history and remind you of maybe artifacts in this heat it's a good word for this this when's the CB radio. That's about to post this and talk about my annoying neighbor and Indianapolis. I'm sure mom and dad listening right now. You remember circle city Loko Joseph. Yes I'm talking about CB radios. Permanent years ago. This guy. I remember house and Indianapolis he'd lived. Behind us he is CB radio bled into our TV and our radios. And it wouldn't stop this guy was on that thing constantly. It was so annoying. This is circles city local Dojo oats can rush. Shut up. You know it's funny I should arrest the neighbor. We had mentioned a few weeks ago when back ms. did my old neighborhood talk to the lady who's living in what was our house. I should've pastor. When that guy is still there. Will be funny he's still there broadcast together at CB radio. What a nightmare. A 21 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program scrub to a call from stand include her good morning. I think carries more racer. I have a question I wanted to comment on what you want to call or go about to see you re going to draft. Well I understand his objective. And I agree with his objective. I'm not sure about the draft for or four more reason to accomplish that in her quiet. I don't think that any politicians. Should decide for anyone what they should give their life or. I think most people recognize. Me. Through where did you get enough volunteers. I remember what the Vietnam War. We're not there will be prosecuted. It isn't that good because the government wouldn't gotten a couple of volunteer fire order we have more trojans' opening. So here here here to competent objective here but I would site. What we should do is require. Even in our school diploma. That all kids in between the antelope buried in the summer break or let them and upgrade from prior. I have to get through and participate in basic training for the most senior military force. He. Can get our political entity to thank them want it was actually. It per couple a lot of purpose somebody actually. Told import and we're going to do. And that is how you would do and your client. Secondly we would already be epic prepared whom. We did prosecute a war most people were already being trained in the weight actually prosecute going to be able to win. Sort of make sure I understand what you're saying you don't support the idea of a draft but she would love to see these so these young guys trained. In advance they don't have to go serve anywhere but they're prepared in case. Entertaining and it and it also might grow up. Yeah but you've got to get up at 53993. Record who are trying to rank and you know just. Like rule out that there are something more important what he says. More important than themselves. You mean they have to step away from gaming. Oh my goodness stay and how cruel you are just getting up at. Very clever idea I do appreciate your call their stand. I rights clever idea Gerald out of cal pittance. Person who I'm sure has a very pithy comments Forrest good morning sir. Good morning your Rex both get our how grateful but we're real. Say they were impacted Graham a McCain felt route one that grew out Borger Joseph Lockhart and all that both wonderful folk who either. First why he don't eat your debt while our Mark Richt from. He drove me up if wouldn't say they found lord and very valuable locked the book value. Laughter my whole object. I would imagine. So. Eighty I they better I think basically you're saying here hey I survived. And this helped prepare me for life is what you're saying here. Absolutely sure it will. What better therefore you're probably talking from a few. And probably didn't cost as much. And even more so now I Jerrold I do appreciate your call. You know it'd end this is part of what's missing there's no question about it discipline. There was some measure of discipline that is supposed to be cultivated in the home. To write I'm starting when another friend to many of the day we're just talking about the challenge of parenting older children you know how old do you accomplished that an effective way. And it's you know you gotta be creative and just figure out ways to. You know one of the challenges in this season of life support in the more from the electronics. That's a big challenge. There was one of the things said its previous generation certainly did not have to deal with. Other big news developing today. Trade war. Looks like it's on. Present from stir some 34 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods kicking and escalating war of words. Between the United States and China. Washington straight tribes and duties went into effect at midnight. Defective products like water boilers X ray machine components airplane tires various other industrial parts. Cheney immediately retaliated with terrorists on the 34 billion dollars list of goods to. Issued last month including soybeans pork and electric vehicles. Beijing calling this the biggest trade war. In economic history. So where it is Cisco. What is the in game here. Well we're certainly going to find out our week. But the way I told you earlier about the jobs report that was all good news right. Fact there are more jobs created then. Expected to. Would you believe the Democrats are already complaining. I know this is shocking isn't it. Washington examiner reporting they saw nothing positive in the nude June jobs report. Highlighting 213 thousand new jobs. Instead the Democratic Party issued a statement criticizing president trumps jobs agenda as reckless. The way I wonder what sort of pearls of wisdom we're gonna get from Nancy Pelosi here. Here's what she said. On Twitter. The June jobs report shows what is at stake in the brewing storm rising health costs. Spiraling trade uncertainty and an economy being hollowed out to enrich big corporations where in the world do you see that in this jobs report. This woman is a stupid moron. She really years. If you're arguing the merits of something are you on the merits. This woman's going all over the creation talking about stuff has nothing to do with the jobs report. Anyway. How we out to enrich big corporations of that wealthiest 1%. Americans deserve better than the GOP's raw deal. Americans deserve better than you. News. Pelosi. God forbid this woman ever become speaker again I would not trust this woman to run a dog kennel. Well let's say a brief call here from bolt out of York you got about 3045 seconds here what are you thought she broke. Until it not apparent. No that search Europe moved on from this segment a are you had somebody call that said that that you're 85 or older you really shouldn't have a job here's your past relevant. Basically. I hope they'll while most ignorant comment city us are how old person is sent. Found everybody here should go so now what somebody 85 and older and have a conversation about how the greatest generation that's ever existed in our country. Well we're able to do what they do. And you know Bo it's not a matter of conversation. It's a matter of sitting down closing your fat trap and listening. And I cut I get it bow believe me I definitely get it thank you for your local pub against a hard break here. I so appreciate that and I should talk about that more after the break. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock. I wanna dress a story I can notice supposed. And social media just a few minutes ago from. The general I very much like to learn more about. He's a black conservatives. Neighbors say sure Michael Singleton. We museum CNN contributor. And and it's pretty funny what he has posted. They story from the New York Post. We should start fighting idiots like this you waste police officers time and taxpayer dollars with frivolous calls. And I series sounding any men. Now we should bear with me on this story because. You know it it ties him with the conversation we had the other day about black privilege. Fans those people believe that this is a racist society. And I think one of the beautiful things about the story. Is that righteousness prevails. And I think it affirms the idea that most people do not subscribe to the ideas of a few. Selfish self synergy. Jack gasses. And I don't hesitate to say that because that's what we're talking about here. Right man calls police on black family at neighborhood pool. Here's what happened. This was all caught on video white man in North Carolina. Spin his fourth of July holiday calling the police and a black woman trying to swim in our neighborhood pool. Because he didn't believe she was rich enough to live there. Jasmine Edwards posted this on her FaceBook pages is a classic case racial profiling. In my half a million dollar neighborhood pool. This happened to me in my baby today. What a shame. And which claimed the video the man identified by his lawyers Adam bloom interest in his lawyers involved. Reported her to authority because she didn't have an ID card on her proving she and her son lived in the Winston-Salem neighborhood where the pools located. Residents are supposedly the only ones allowed to use the pool Edwards said she proved to residency by providing her dress. Where is it say you have to show an ID to use my pool my old pool GS on video. Doesn't say ship to shore and ID anywhere another resident ads the cops try their best to reason with bloom who's with his kids explain him. Edwards doesn't need an idea to swim. With her child but he insists on seeing one anyway. Edwards goes on I feel this is racial profiling. Might the only black person you're my son and he walked all the way to need to ask for my. Yes from my address I give it to him when he came back and said well I think catcher dressed correctly can you provide an idea approve the address that you gave to me. I said right want to show my idea they're ordinance in the neighborhood. In response bloom says he has residents pretty much a couple times a week to see their ideas his lawyer. Told reporters his client works for the Glen Ridge homeowners association where he and Edwards lived as the pulled chairman and board members who he's required to ask people Friday's. On account of his position. In fact he claimed that bloom. Was he the one who initially complained about Edwards. He had a pool member comes from and say this person doesn't appear to be a poor member. Howard. Just thought I'd throw that out there. And asked to check their credentials. Is he's required to do so. Edwards came loud and confrontational when he wanted to make sure the situation was handled properly run the officers on the scene. Can be heard asking bloomer prisons are required curious one card of some sort granting them access to the pool yes I have one that's how I got an Edwards says. What can make charge against him for racial profiling because this is ridiculous. The bill crop. To resign. To inform her the instant would have to be handled as a civil dispute but admits. He's ever heard of local residents being required to carry ID es it may read polls. I'm just here are my babies swimming Edwards says scolding bloom for wasting taxpayers' money I understand completely the cops service. She has a card to get in the pool I believe that should be enough. To which bloom says okay let's validate that it works then Edwards proceeds to open the gate with a card but still bloom is skeptical. The got to make Fiore around sometimes he said speaking of the cubs but that's good enough for me today. Attempts to reach Edwards were unsuccessful on Thursday. It's unclear she plans to file a civil suit against bloom she should she should sue the pants off this jackass. I'm serious about this. It's because I'm looking for vengeance no it's because this kind of thing. Especially in the atmosphere which we live today. People like this ought to be shamed. They ought to be. Because I don't want. This stupid white privilege and this other stuff. I don't need this I don't want any more excuses for this nonsense growing this is why this idea keeps getting perpetuated you know if you're one of these people. We're tired of white privilege in this other talk. Don't act like a jackass. Because all you're doing is you're giving fuel. To this kind of nonsense. That's all you're doing. Giving fuel to the left. To further their cause. To further the cause of people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. And the other race speakers and the Democrat party who will fund raise on this. An air repeat that again the Democrat party will fund raise on this. This moment one of several black Americans who claimed to have been racially profiled reported to police by white people in recent months. Here's what's interesting as a thing to wrap up this story. According to Winston-Salem journal bloom has resigned from his position is pulled chairman and board member Thursday night effective immediately. Here's what the neighborhood put out in a statement. We sincerely regretted incident occurred yesterday in our community pulled left neighbors feeling racially profiled. And homeowners association said this in the statement. In confronting and calling police and one of our neighbors the poll chair escalated a situation in no way. That does not reflect the inclusive values and rich seeks to pull this community. Did you hear that the neighborhood association. This not appreciate this. This is not a racist society people. Look at the neighborhood has done. The organization has taken a stand and said this does not represent us. Inexcusable behavior. Case closed. For now. Mike you got about a minute morning to talk about terror shear good morning. Can't detonator. Rights. I don't know Bloomberg you're I'm 100 surrogate where we can't remember. Is that particular. Point. Where I'm strong group. What. Are some. Kirk and there could hurt. Well unforced and we've got really bad reception and I think part of what you're saying if I understand correctly Mikey is. You know why are we bothering with this terror staying why don't we just compete run and we just let's. The quality of our products. I think this apart what you're saying stand for themselves. I ate tend to agree with you I'm not a fan of the syrups. I don't think this is good idea. I'm sure there are people out there believe this is part of some strategy and it's gonna resolve this or that who knows time will tell. But I think the end of the day. I'm we've got to realize. This is a very very different world and what we think we might be able to bring back I'm not sure we can't. My perspective anyway love to get your thoughts. 44 minutes after 11 o'clock. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock I want you over the weekend. To keep these folks. In your prayers. This ongoing situation. When the trap ties soccer team. This is really sad situation. I mentioned. Heroic behavior. We talked to the woman who. Saved her voice. We have this story about a diver. Who died taking supplies to trapped tie soccer team. UK Daily Mail just paid just do some extraordinary journalism. There had minus Howell. He's been repatriated with honors. Video emerging of him vowing will bring the kids home. Pouch. Twelve young footballers and their coach been trapped in flooded caves in northern Thailand for twelve. Days twelve days now. Former Thai navy seal. Samoan Truman. Died after running out of oxygen in cramped waterlogged tunnels. He's placing oxygen tanks are on the cave network about 2 in the morning when he suffocated. Spot he's been repatriated with honors. I mentioned that clip has emerged from him preparing to. Fly out to rejoin the rescue efforts. Officials are warning the window of opportunity to free the show monsters is now limited. There's concern about more heavy rainfall. Keep these folks in your prayers. That they won't be able to pull this off and soon because this. As we've described as becoming a more dangerous situation the window of opportunity to rescue them could be closing. It's absolutely awesome I'm looking at pictures here now. From this. Thai navy seal. Ran out of oxygen. So again keep these folks in your prayers hopefully there's a story. Cover rescue. I'm looking at picture of the they already have this guy in a coffin. My goodness. Military honor guards carrying this caution. With his remains. And this is certainly a well deserved honor. Of. 52 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. Let's take a look at the day in history travel down to our upstate studio in Greenville and our good friend Alonso. Good morning man how aria good morning I'm gonna. Their gift we have a few questions for you answer here there are four in all. And some of these are difficult I will just be very honest with you. We start in 1885. Do we pass to work successfully treated now this says a woman with with the condition. It was actually a little boy I don't know how they got this wrong. What was the condition that was treated. It's very rear when someone gets this I give you hints of anyone. Yeah I need him I think it was referenced in blazing saddles him where we are very common Lee. Vaccinated it's our pets against this. Rabies yes. It was actually a little nine year old boy who I believe was she'd been attacked by a rabid dogs. He. Survives and avoided contracting rabies which. Would have been fatal if he had contracted that 1933. Played yet Comiskey Park. What game was it. I need your favorite sport on I understand it's based. And what was the first time events that it was world senator dole who was about to give viewing and that would help you. I was gonna say taking the time of year. The game that takes place this time of year. It is anybody else wanna guess or on you all star game you. So yes it's the dust or 1945. The secret operation. To bring German scientists to America do you know what it was called. Nicer super soldiers as their own cuff ha ha ha I choose hope for operation overcast operation paper clip is another name for it. And here's another way and this is challenging to 1957. You know who Althea Gibson. I fear Gibson. Police who have clubs only right you are right that's a good thing. There answer to a question but you're right it's significant though she was the first black person to win the at Wimbledon. Back in 1957. That's pretty amazing his net. That. That happens we back then which is just absolutely excellent. Any shading we can plans in store mr. right so. Now early party once seen this week's movies. What was that and man wants which I think. Loved it bodes well against new comedy after infinity war. He came which you saw. All right what I may check that out. And and just give some perspective on this is this not what this movie shaft to watch. Some previous movies this kind of standalone. It is it's the sequel to the first one but. Not he can go watch us they they tell enough about what happened before. That you because because he has and it will tie into infinity war eventually in the movie. Oh my goodness this is on getting really complicated. I'm real I'm gonna have to have a weekend to watch some of these movies so that I can get caught up. On the story lines of so many of these so you'll be playing caffeine because that you yes. This guy knows me well does mean it. Caffeine according to step without. How to figure that out have a great weekend Alonzo in to see up. Thank you very much for joining us on the broadcast featured today. And look forward you are catching up with you on Monday have a great weekend and got bush. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.