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Now one of the big issues that certainly made a big difference in the presidential campaign. Is immigration. And sealing our borders but it looks like. One of the key elements of this seems to be yet taking a back seat in the discussions that are going on. A piece by market for an over conservative reviewed Daniel Horwitz surge. Illegals rush the border for Trump's promise of amnesty. So it isn't so mister Horwitz what's going on here man. Hey you know I hate being proven right I mean that the one area I think we always we were wrong beat. Oh boy what's going on now and how in the world that we possibly arrive. At amnesty. As the as an ending place year. So a lot of people focus last week on the headline news that seemingly the president got rid of the Obama illegal naked amnesty. The problem me he get suspended its growth but he's promising to basically continue renewing them for another six month. And have been pouring congress not in Maine being asylum perform chatting knocked refugee. Ending Sanctuary City. Obviously building the wall though he actually gave in on the on the budget bill that didn't have any border on. The main dignity at legislative and beat the heat and uphold over the executives he would sit ended January 20. And united fully ending now. And and that he could well you don't do it executive at a legislative and he will you know what I might get continue. The executive and people eat on the you meeting with below the humor all the Democrat the that they knew that it. Coming off of the debt the delaying and budget betrayal working with the Democrat is now in public and the at a meeting with several Democrats yesterday. Com and then you most disturbingly what I wrote about. Is that he would legislative affairs director mark shored that yesterday. When he was asked whether it they're good at least you know at least if you're gonna give in to amnesty which I thought we moved beyond that. On my thought we are done with thirty years and amnesty. By Al at least get the portal all right you know make that a precondition he that now. We don't want to do that because we don't wanna find out in cup construct that would make the conclusion on doc and popped the ball. Still watch it now become. It ended the is that guarantee that they entitlement that the right that urgent need emergency. On and we don't want any enforcement to get in the way of that dude. I want to tell elect Jeb Bush would have voted for and. Coup that spurred strong. Jeb Bush so what do you think you touch on in your article is the fact that there seems to be a little change going on the border. And you wonder whether this has something to do with some of the talk in Washington that kind of suggest amnesty. Don't bet they mean it has been endless cycle of amnesty the problem is it's not just. That the fact that we're gonna folk get men nightly. With a sense of urgency. On aimed at the before. Dealing with enforcement detained the twenty items coming up but magnate border security interior enforcement. I had been entry verification system all the stuff that's been promised for 2030 years and had been in the implemented eight that the breach of the social contract. That you over responsibility. To. Did protect our security and tavern keeper. Before you deal with any you know did die or aspirations of illegal immigrant that number one but also strategically. On the year because. If you're going to do when he ended speed before implementing the enforcement and that is precisely what has been gender and lift. Streamed to an extreme then to speak because of the many you promised them that peg of the border third because of Obama got guts we had a 2014. Stirred from Central America and coming here. Armed all the interviews to detected intelligence agency Buick Southern Command has confirmed that what motivated then. And and now we're doing it began to say they note that piece. I'm one of the big expected atomic presidency what and his presidency and with that campaign ran. Because immigration is not a rocket science illegal immigration. It's just simply intent dividing her debt and then divide in the behavior trumped rhetoric scare them off and get to law. What are cropping during the first few months of the presidency to drop to a seventeen year lull the noted great expect. Because it demonstrates and that no we're hearing about enforcing our laws were gonna put American first we're done with and it speaks a lot in top. Now the last couple months that he'd been promising and with B and people are starting to realize in the paper tiger on this issue. I you know it surged by 260%. In the low and April every month the last four months it still because of raw numbers dropping. It's relatively lower than black ear. But at this trajectory working the beat creating that same problem so it simply indefensible. To talk about it with eat before we shut down the border. So basically if I hear you correctly Daniel you're saying. That the campaign was great for reducing. Illegal crossings because people had the impression. We're gonna get serious about the border we darn well better not try it but now as president. The opposite signal has been cents and now the border crossings are back up. Exactly exactly one if you promise to the world. But the minute you bring a child here a year basically year to date. That you know we're we're gonna wind up giving you would not just into the immediate more than amnesty and to be mean deal punishment. It means that we're gonna get right did you green cart path but it didn't hit. They're always gonna come eat your became the open borders grappling. On the one hand their rhetoric port and fallen because they say you know anyone whose party unity yet given him. But then when they come up with that specific proposal lead they wanna get. Get our support that they know and now Italy don't stab people it just that the limited group debt. That you know they're all the military neurology needs it and all about the Korean bid and the Canadian people whenever facilitate the planet but the reality is. Once you do that that merely a down payment and it can engender millions more a lot of people don't realize all right nick commentary for example instead. That yet we got a disputed in in India wanted to keep having this problem in ten years. Ironically. It will ensure we perpetually have a problem I'd been denied it because it. People think that were getting into PDT it's not true. These are people that are mainly in their twenties and thirties they were brought here it kid before he gathered that it could this have even deal with those that are. 3571012. Right now. They came after two out and instead it right so. Get what. Act could be the next act well ideally a ten year old for sure yet he didn't speak and then get what they expect they advocate do you divide Italy. Yet we get the parent and it speaks to wolves just dot pepper and that is why. Ink to cool and I'll let we not just in rhetoric and legislation but actually implement. You know ten or so reforms to cut off the magnate cup birthright citizenship pro respectively. On you know all the welfare education. And then at the border wall at visa tracking and asylum loophole. And all this stopped and the court the ability to metal and grant judicial and speak. And at that point come back to mean we can revisit what you wanna do it illegal immigrants but what ever happened to putting Americans first. It's a very good question do you have a moment stay with us Daniel has his additional question when approached you about the wise and where force of this. Sure at all and we will finish our conversation Daniel Horwitz conservative review. Straight ahead. But wanted to wise and where forced annual about this. What appears to be achieved here by the drug administration on the issue of immigration. Can you answer the question why. I don't know I mean maybe you sit every player so it's criminal act to Icrc that that need it's pretty obvious. EE EEO. Ideology it now or make this man take on it a matter of making deals like getting stuff done. Armed and he realizes that way to power in Washington is with the laughed so you wanna get stuff done. Build they're more than happy to get that done and back to what they're gonna get done it got the better personnel policy. And there's literally not a single conservative in the west wing less. On yet that ended only count report from it but everyone knows he's in the dog out to try uncomfortable like in you know Kabila painted him. On eBay and it could lacked that a month that the administration. In Albanians Al Gore goes out on the on their entire staff does mean evil act it was a reporting that Jerry it was working with. Dick turban. On net immigration for three months. So there there you go I mean Garrity Von got a Kelly who's the cheapest that he would Egypt secretary at the beginning of the administration. With a very passionate supporter of the so called dream amnesty. I've got to wait. It's funny get them talking to you I got an email from a friend of mine who sent me a link for the Migration Policy Institute its. Left wing think tank but they have been good debt now. And it proves my point eight said that the DREAM Act is not about 800000 people it could go wind up and it being up to 3.3 million. Of that that that's what trump and the speed headed towards I'm Pelosi is meeting with Paul Ryan today. On the on the gerrymandered the and then get what he headed toward the White House. This is gonna pick up all the Intel. Up from Ryan you know what what they're willing to deal and then take it straight to turn around. They'll. Yeah it's like running this Daniel I remember several years ago. When there's an effort tried to carry out immigration reform. And I think it was talk radio and helped to put a stop two years ago. You know we had a Republican presidents and it's you know there's really nothing that could've stopped this other than the people were just so so relentless on this. And we stopped it now here we are and we've come full circle Daniel. But now it looks like we've got a president who's willing to sign this. Beyond I'm really scared I I have been fighting amnesty for twelve years on this had been one of my top issues. Just you know my book literally Dolan sovereignty in Italy in the sovereignty of America's been stolen from the front. I feel very passion that this issue I thought that 2006 it doubt that in 2010 and 2013 I would intimate. And repeat site I've never been a concern because it in do we eat here at Obama pushing it or we had. George W. Bush pushing it and that would pretty top computer Republican president. But experience Donald Trump picks who would elected is the border hop. And has built a lot from the conservative bait and what I'm starting to see if people that would never otherwise I'm not that it are either. Signing onto it or downright indifferent because they don't want criticized him and they care more about him an issue. And I didn't very tragic because I want people during the primary. I didn't opposed trumped two rhetoric I loved it. I'd visit saying do you get deleted on it to what one thing that comes to mind a beautiful quote that I don't even Miller wrote for him during his. On. His Arizona speech last September only one thing you said that. The diesel coming here illegally and being able to get it considered overweight but he also said that the treated. The central issue is not the needs of the eleven million illegal immigrants. He wanted to tell you that the core issue is the need of a living here illegally has simply spend too much time in Washington. There's only one cor issue and immigration debate and that issue with the well being of the American people. Look I get seven month that in the two too much time and a lot of improvement. And it's just absolutely mind boggling and you know at least another question here is this an issue because it seems to be the foundational issue as to why Donald trumps the White House the first place. And everybody's been talking about this unbreakable bond between Donald Trump and his supporters. What's gonna happen there is this going to have the impact for those millions of people who swear by this man. I don't know I mean deep into the job. Talk radio and particularly the people that point in him upon us. On you know it's time to did wary about the republic. And EE you know I told me from day one I would neither for a trump or anti trump I would for what I'm always explore. Did it this bit about it where he'd help would cheer him on where he stands in the way we got the ball though it. And in need though. Addicted they beat problem like this that would be any need added the administration. That he'd be great athletic when it went Jericho is there one now but. If you look at Jerod can you look at the on the big option though they don't care about it. It is very day. An and we're gonna need all the folk it's weak and telling the truth about the ramifications. Of this amnesty. I'm what it's doing encouraging a new border surged Pallet that moral how we need to be focusing on. On the duct fact that illegal immigration per Americans before we talk about any and it beat. But instead what bothered me more than the position trumpet taking is the rhetoric. He's making this a much acting they get bitten mock did not know what must get dumb like you said before. You know let me give you did it just another quote. From that same speech trump said a word that he said when politicians talk about immigration reform usually mean that following. Into the open border lower wages. Immigration reform should mean something else entirely it can mean improvement are a lot. Heartbeat to make life better firm American citizens. I'm just still pit stop I'm telling you I mean. You know it's still one need to take the fight directly to land. Itron is sensitive to what conservatives think acting at the good thing Brian McConnell couldn't care less. On it that's where he got up by the pressure. You know you brought up an interesting thing here. Where are those talk show host and other people have been beating the drum for trump over the immigration issue where things were they talking about now. CNN I don't know who is in so this is the problem. The conservative can never allow cults of personality if they get their way you know I supported take crew the primary beatle recently when he was playing put these on the obamacare bill and you know I'm not gonna I'm not a bad back in the media he voted for the debt ceiling agreement obviously you had a cup at this into the eight tied. The text that parking funding to it but you know I want to get suddenly hear it on because the guy I supported with the porting. You got it wrong he's wrong. That's what it comes down to if a person's wrong they're wrong. Doesn't matter. Now exactly back. Acne and a admit that my concern in many respects what trumpet turning out to be that a Democrat is what the Muslim Brotherhood is to al-Qaeda. If he technicality. I hit the perfect. All flag opposition to. Played they're fearing that practice ground to allow your enemy to peek round they can never eat without you but you know enable them. Like it's arming the opposition I mean I think if you had. On Hillary or Jeb Bush president be doing that type of crap on you would have. Of rebellion by now but deadly know who want to do anything about it and an I just think if that's true it is the what. Happened trump might be that Maine who couldn't exactly put him to he'd Wear out ocean and now an Obama failed. It's sort of things I've express it in a long time ago. Daniel it is you know people say why are you always pressured Republicans what you're going after Republicans. Well and this is example why. I know with the Democrats are and I know what they're doing. It's worse when you have someone in your so called camp. Who's doing the same thing it's the people. Working those purposes on the inside of your camp who do more damage in my right. Absolutely because it. Hurt and any opposition from mounting it orwellian. It's the perfect fall led opposition Orwell always throw that ninth 1984. On ended moreover it just you you wanted convincing people that would otherwise be right it's on the eighth seeded downright deport them think they would never support this the big problem. In many respects if we don't rain that men and he's kind of like a nuclear bomb the. That we thought we'd be LD used against their opponent that would now captured by our own it the now live more power than that we ever thought they would hat. And this blows up in our faces witches. The concern you're expressing geared Daniel. As usual very interesting information.