Another Package Bomb Explodes, Another High School Shooting

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, March 20th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Saturation there are too many young some street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for guys like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. Good morning. Welcome back to the broadcast unfortunately. Here we are again. With another school shooting in the news this wasn't. In Maryland great mills high school in Maryland school on lockdown. After that shooting we understand that there are two injuries involved here. Authorities are characterizing this as something that was contained. Sheriff's deputies are on the scene now. And we also understand agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Are on the scene. Not much information about the issue yet. Not much information at all we just know that it is happens. A couple of injuries reported. And this group waiting to learn more about this. As we get more formation we will certainly pass that onto you. It crossed my mind is I wish preparing for the show this morning. But I should also share a few story that also deserves attention. It is about another use of a gun. And valuable use of a gun by somebody. Within this area. Here in the Carolinas. Here's what happened. The man was shot during a reported home invasion. In traveler's rest Monday night. Greenville county sheriff's deputies went to a home on blue ridge drive in traveler's rest for the report of a home invasion. 7 about 10 o'clock last night deputy sort of home moderates shot in intruder. Man tried to come into his house through a window. After for aborting the homeowner shot the man at least once. So has been taken green for memorial hospital where his condition unknown. Later booked into Greenville county jail no warrants released yet. And I just say something to you because we've talked about the gun issue plenty of times and this is why wanted to put the story. Combine it with the previous story so there's an understanding here context. Yes there's a school shooting but guess what a gun was also used. The last 24 hours. To protect life and property. That's a good thing this ought to be celebrated. Now. For those who need to be reminded the primary purpose of our constitutional right to Kerry to be armed. Is to protect this from the possibility. Of tyrannical government that's what it's for but let me tell you something house. Because we also agree one of the other purposes of having firearms. Is. For the purpose. A providing for your own self defense. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and I'm going to be very blunt this is exactly what I was thinking this morning when I saw the story. If you break it to somebody's house you should go in with a four X expectation. That someone may and he let me let me start this over. If you are brazen enough to break it to someone so. For whatever purpose. You should go into that home with a full expectation that somebody may be armed and they may blow your brains out. That's the message year. I think that is perfectly appropriate. You should be and fear. What if this person has a kind. This is why. They secondary reason. Why. The right to bear arms is so important and this. Should not. Ever ever ever. The infringed. In any way. This is serious business. So if you one of these people's lives and gated community at government expense. And you've got a full armed security team. Like living in the White House sore. You're a top member of congress you have a detailed team. Or somebody. In another high position like governor you've got state troopers protecting you that's just wonderful for you. Everybody else. There's the distinct possibility somebody can just enter your home and threatened life and property. And you need recourse. I'm grant this person. Every course. No apologies here folks none. But these stories belong together. Now how much. Media attention do you think this story. But this guy simply protect himself. How much do you think the story's going to get even in this area compared to the time that will be spent on this school shooting. There will continue to beat distraught because this drum. Is about undermining your constitutional rights that's what it is. John in Charlotte good morning welcome serve. Are you doing right here. I would just look at how aboard the college are now and I was watching and let them beat the that you are there reporting on this though but apparently this shooting that happened. Or what the the yet there are three injury only only three injury to a home where students they're one of what the shooter. And then that the school resource doctor what one took gambit shooter he went in and actually stopped everything. And so I don't think the media could report a little much longer. They're gonna get through the rest today inside borrow and I think we're gonna go away because this guy goes against their argue that point. It goes against the narrative the idea of being stopped by somebody who's armed. Yeah I mean that that's no fun and. Go I don't think the police. Bed much longer unemployed. IE I'm afraid you may be right about this John I do appreciate your call and you've you've made a great point here. Because a lot of what is put up by the mainstream news media frankly it is pure propaganda. And and I should tell you another purpose of this. Because not everybody is driven by a desire. To affect gun laws yes there's probably disproportionate number of liberals in the business but believe me I know firsthand. But let me tell you this the other part is the profit motive. That's what drives a lot of this. It's tragedy TV. If you can keep showing this over and over and over again. Ends yet we keep. I don't know if anybody's. Really had this conversation. Any significant way but it's worth having. All of these people who were complaining about the NRA. Let me ask you this question who do you think profits more off a school shootings. The gun manufacturers in the in RA. Or major news networks. Who spend hours of time. On television talking about it. Who do you think makes more money. Offer tragedy. I'm just asking. These folk should not be portrayed. Tennis. People with motives pure as the driven snow. Because it's all about profit. Eyeballs but ratings. C'mon folks you know it's true this is what drives this entire thing. A ratings right up there with the idea of influencing. The people of the top. And people pulling the strings it's sure they've got an agenda. Love to get your thoughts Ingles advantage talk whenever 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning tech slide. It's 7130715. Minutes after ten. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1019 father Vince Coakley radio program we that you were following breaking news story out of barrel this morning. The school shooting with several injuries. Also. And another interesting developments. In these explosions that have happened in the Austin area this is a bizarre story. And the new twist this morning. He is we have a package that apparently did not get to its destination. And blew up at a FedEx facility. We'll get into this in just a bit first I take a call from Mike good morning welcome sir. Favorite one is talking about bomb violence. I have yet to hear anybody talk about the bomb violence is going on in Texas. He is been four explosions. They're learning they walk in his school in an effort to get the boxes these bomb there and be in. Only clear about it now because this they're dangerous to have these other boxes at the bomb there and heard any media outcry about anything like that bit well here's the trying to take away gun rights. Yep that's a good one I like that when Mike that's it's very thought would factor reminds me of something do appreciate your call in fact. I should pull this up now because I was intending to share this a little bit later on and it. Really grabbed my attention you do you know that. I'm a person who has eyes open all the time. Alert for possible. Material for this broadcast. And I came across a really good wouldn't be here it is. This is from William now what you to follow me on this. This just goes along the same lines and the inconsistency. That we get from the left. When a white officer kills a black kid all the Democrats scream racism racism racism. To the officer was racist. The officer is biased. The policeman is killing our kids to punish him send him to jail. I notice all the blame is on the individual. No blame on the gun. Isn't that interesting. When a white kid shoots up a school in Florida the same group of people scream it's the guns. Take away the guns don't let people. Get a ar fifteens. Noticed now all the blame is on the gun. Hopefully the hypocrisy of this is tremendously obvious. AKA schizophrenic. They can't even be consistent with their arguments the argument changes based on who got shot. I haven't seen any officers shooting down black kids with the ar fifteens. They're using nine millimeters. So where's the more outcry against nine millimeters. There isn't it why. Because in that instance we understand the obvious revelation that guns don't kill people people kill people. With the they are fifteen or nine millimeter dead is dead. Stupid hypocrisy at its finest. Isn't this a pro yet post from William. Brilliant. But unfortunately. We live in the society. Where. Rational thinking. She pretty much gone out the window and all we do is he moat. And I would suggest we selectively. Remote. Where it is politically expedient. Let's get into this latest incidents. Of explosions. We get a package tested for an address in Austin exploded. Inside a FedEx distribution facility outside San Antonio early this morning. This package blew up about 12:25 in the morning in church Texas. Sources say the package was moving from elevated conveyor belt to a lower section when it exploded. The package contained shrapnel consisting of nails and pieces of metal. And FedEx confirms one of 75 employees in the facility was treated for minor injuries. The FedEx released this statement this morning still no word on the status the distribution center. We understand that some people have showed up for work they've been turned away especially Egypt the FBI. Says he'll be silly for us not to admits. We suspect it is related. To this month's serial bombings in Austin. Law enforcement saying so far this packages of killed two people injured six others. And so far this year all of those have been placed by hint. This is a little difference. Boston Police chief Brian Manley released a statement. This morning on this explosion. The Austin police departments where the instant it occurred. And is working closely in the investigation of our federal partners. Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. I wanna continue to remind our community to pay close attention to any suspicions of price will there be a package your bag backpack any big looks out of place. Do not approach it called 911 immediately also remembered Judah moved touch. Or open unexpected. Suspicious. Packages. So right now several law enforcement agencies on the scene including agents from the ATF FBI. And homeland. Security. So continue to follow this story thirty new developments on this we will certainly let you know. The big question is is this connected. To lose previous bombings. Is it connected. I wanna have joined to something that is. Probably going to be surprising. Then again maybe not too surprising. Coming for me. One of the things that IA believed very much in his consistency. I think if you are going to criticize one administration for something. Then if another administration does it. You know ought to be equally criticized. This should not be an opportunity for us to say meet you well they got away with it so. It's our turn. Doesn't work that way. Aunts. I want to call your attention to really get transcended standards. And I'm calling my eight fellow Brothers and sisters who profess to be Christians. To adhere to. We're gonna go into the story after the break but when we do I'm just gonna give you a heads up. I'm going to give QE trigger warning sub if you are going to be triggered. Because there will be a temptation again. To play the tribalism game I don't play that game. And what my frustrations just to give you a preview of this. It's when people find their identity in their politics. More than they do. In their relationship with god. That's a problem. Gonna talk about that in just a bit. Fans. RB eager to keep your thoughts as well. Before got a break here Jeanne out of Greenville would like comment about this package bomb. Just heard that the U. Carrier that would bar it will further destroy your program I didn't know that. But I thought coming to Mario and I know I'm you know I grew up back in the sixties and seventies and Kyle is very very familiar with the Weather Underground media. And a lot of these guys shoot over you now the old white men who still active with the with the pony tail you know and marijuana how you're not Philip ten and every pretty violent characters get the kind of guy should call out the black lives matter protests. Feel the kind of guy should call logs to look union protest what they killed because mayhem. Actual killer among my consent they targeted fact what has special needs some good decisions that I made. They're favored trump I played on the can lose goes so fast and all the other. Carriers. Execution UPS from a few others. Two decision until post trial. Aren't all that water. Well there was a story that happened last month FedEx was encouraged by Trump's infrastructure plans. So I don't know of that would figure in here Jeanne my iPod and I'm suspecting. This was a situation where this bomb was intended to give us some weird. Probably prematurely went off so that's my theory anyway will wait to find out what else happens here. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I give you a heads up especially those view with children. Just be alert for one of the stories we're gonna discuss here a few minutes. Some of the material may be. A little racy for young minds will just put it that way. Over on the text line. Missed extra assistance less than a Greenville deputy shot tournament with a knife with a student it's march out of school in protest to ban knives. Also this. On the intruder story where the men defended himself and travelers rest South Carolina. Google introduced name I won't mention it here. But he comes up from a WY a fifth story from 516201452. Names released in major drug sweep. Hot surely not. Possibility of a repeat offender. Person here also saying the story's gonna get bit about as much attention this guy beat his family to death with a set of bar bells killed four people. Thank goodness. I tell you about the human heart what of I repeatedly said. The real issue here is the human heart and there is no depth to what the human heart can come up with. If somebody is determined to kill. Some pretty ugly gruesome things can be done. Really can't. Our news coverage Vince if it bleeds it leads ain't that the truth. Texture here saying we should outlaw bombs yeah that'll really be effective hornet. Arm the teachers that are lib charge protect the snowflakes from themselves. Well. Another first here I assume referring to the story the guy who defended himself best argument I've heard for guns ever. Can you put that up. On. The FaceBook page all you may be talking about the out post if that is the case let me know. The one that I read from someone are randomly found on FaceBook the other day if that's what you are looking for. I'd be glad to post that it is on the money. To prevent mass killings in the school shootings if you only change one thing we do that kind of got used. What the mental health of the shooter. All of the story of this latest bomb attack which may be connected to Austin. About FedEx the person said they continue to give in RA discounts. They would not drop their association with the NRA. They announced support for in our day after numerous businesses. Dropped their support. In the wake of the Florida school shooting this from MT. We need common sense bomb and bar bell control. How to shoot. Then exercise machines altogether just look at they beat up Harry Reid yeah you remember that story. I mean do you believe that story that he gave. It's absolutely bizarre. By the way we're gonna talk about this in a bit. The on going situation. About FaceBook and what they've done with your data. Now congress is calling for. Mr. Zuckerberg to testify. I I don't know about you. Do you have much interest in this testimony whatsoever. Boy what do you do here. Besides texture saying I'm walking out of work in protest many dangers pens pencils tables chairs boredom. And my boss. Yeah. We kidnapped many of us can identify in some way we have several of those. Vincent Danny percent of school shootings are a gun free zones every student walking out once more shootings. But their programmers. Will never tell them that of course not. Of course the we will not run away. Speaking of fried folks in Washington DC ID did mention this yesterday. You know they are working on yet another spending bill. I mean this is really getting old really getting old. There's another shutdown deadline on Friday. Republicans hope to release details are spending bill today. After delays. They have until midnight Friday to approve a spending bill the government spending authority will laps for the third time this year who's in charge. Who's in charge again can somebody remind me. I mean this is really ridiculous is set. Still plenty of verbal some place it should disagreements over how best short obamacare markets. Whether to fund of 900 million dollar rail tunnel connecting New Jersey in New York City I can give you an answer. Come on people. What is wrong with these people. What is wrong with these people pitches it really does blow my mind it really got us. The depths of their stupidity. And their recklessness. But I think it's probably more corruption. That's my suspicion here they love having the power. To keep doing this over and over again. Because who knows how much pork they're throwing into these monstrosity it's. Born 42 minutes. After 10 o'clock. I want you. We're doing when it go to next here. Let's save this FaceBook story for after the break Brody had something. That really bothered me when I read this story you heard about. Jim Carrey yes Jim Carrey remain Georgia mind living color years ago. Pretty much after that didn't do a lot for me. I mean I can take him and about a 1050 minutes give it two hours of Jim Carrey is. Probably about an hour 45 too much. So anyway. Here's what happened at a campaign events for Alabama GOP gubernatorial hopeful Scott Dawson on Monday former governor Mike Huckabee. Reacted to some of the attention given to his daughter. Just daughter is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Joseph brave our news in an interview much of it didn't bother him however he said actor Jim Carrey's attack and his daughter and a tweet from Saturday. Something that caused him to react as a dead were it. Here is what happened there is a really. Ugly kind of characterization the picture I thought was more offensive. But here's what Jim Carrey posted this is the torture of so called Christian whose only purpose in life. Is to lie for the weekend. Monstrous. Obviously a reference. To you. The fact it's this Huckabee Sanders is working for Donald Trump let me just say something here. I am not a big fan of Sarah Huckabee Sanders are any of these people I mean I was. Frankly am about as nor annoyed watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders as I was watching any of the hacks that worked for Barack Obama. Listen the time I find it painful. To watch these news conferences. Especially. What I know that some things are being said are just not true. It's frustrating to watch. I'm going to have a reaction to this. That may surprise issue. Chance to mr. Huckabee shame reverend Huckabee. Well he ought to know these particular scriptures are gonna share them with you coming up. And tell you why his reaction is way off base we'll talk about it coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on of its Cokie reed your program I shared part of proposed here abouts. Mike Huckabee who is really ticked off about Howell. Jim Carrey has posted something about his daughter and I get it when you have something. A situation where somebody's talking about a relative viewers the the visceral reaction will be to defend. Cans. What it's this father has taken offense to. You find out out about here. Here's what he says. By the way remind you Jim Carrey's comments this the torture of a so called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the weekend monstrous. And I just also in beacon search year. My wife has said for a long time. Because there have been some situations where. Let's just say this possibility of working for someone as a spokesman. Ends my wife has never been through with that idea. The idea of having choose speak for somebody else. Especially if that person is lacking in character. Which means you're gonna go out and lie for people. Fans I eat I just don't have the DNA fort. Anyway. That was the pros from Jim Carrey here's what's mr. Huckabee said. I'm McKim bothers her much at all and most of it doesn't bother me. Every now and then something is so disgusting I find myself reacting as data by Jim Carrey's comments were vial again it people are going to like you're. And though. Think one thing or another. But when you attack her faith to meet that's a low blow so kind of thing that's not the way we operate in America if you don't like what she says. Which he does or who she works for I get that we don't attack the way a person looks you certainly don't attack person's faith. And belittle it. Huckabee retreated from me actually reiterated it. When he tweeted in response to carry earlier. The day adding Kerry had never met his daughter therefore. He wouldn't know much about her understandable. So the big thing that Huckabee is offended by is the fact that she's habit that attacked her faith. And for those of you are king James readers should be thrown by the fact. That is the translation I have to happen to be sharing at this moment. Mr. Huckabee if you happen to her bread Matthew 511 to thirteen. Here's what he says its key success. Blessed are ye when men were reviled you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. Blessed. To rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great issue reward in heaven for so persecuted they the profits which were before you. But thirteen since you're the salt the earth if assaults laughter lost its savor. Where where if she'll be self. This henceforth good for nothing but to be cast doubt and to be trodden underfoot of man what am I saying by sharing this with you. I'm saying mr. Huckabee ought to celebrate the fact. That his daughter's faith is being attacked. Because that's a good thing. But I'm not so sure it's her faith it's being attacked I think it's. The question raised about her fidelity. I think that's the question. And mr. Huckabee you might wanna have that conversation with your daughter in fact you might want to do some self examination yourself. But effective QB shilling. For a very dishonest man for quite some time. I know. This may trigger some a few. But I eight. This is where I am I absolutely refuse to show for people I don't show for anybody. There are people. I know. I relate to I have some relationship with and I can speak to the extent that I know those people. But I will never ever ever. Go out and defend somebody repeatedly. Especially when that person's character is questionable. I've heard people talk about how this country needs revival and blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. But I tell you what it. It's the current evangelical. Culture in this country that will be the death of this country. It's not a popular thing to say. But I really believe it has become so corrupt and cozy up to power I was thinking this the other day. I'm not cheer for said this on the air the other day but I'm gonna say it now. Ask yourself the question some of these people. Tour in public office. Would you cozy up to those people what they weren't in power. Honestly. Would you care one whit about Donald Trump. If he were not president's. Word there wasn't a possibility of him becoming president would you become his friends. I'm just ASCII. Because I'm convinced. That much of the evangelical world has become corrupted because so many of these religious people who call themselves reverend all the time. Are just falling over themselves. To pander. To power. And if these people didn't have power of the possibility of having power. We would not care one whit about who they are. Just taking any personality profile of the most obnoxious people in the political system you can possibly find find their profile. And they ask yourself. Would you bother becoming that person's friend. If they weren't in office. I had the possibility. Of going into office is that a fair question in your guys. It's what it does expose our hearts doesn't it. At the base of our arch its desire to be close to power in the evangelical world is rife with it. Rife with it. I'm gonna talk more about this. We're going to be doing some segments on three focus Friday very soon I'm. Finishing up the book by Wayne Jacobson we've had him on this program a few weeks ago when he was in town. His book finding church is pure gold any talks about these issues about power. And I've got to tell you. Many of us who call ourselves Christians we have really screwed this area up big time. We can definitely stand to go to school on this stuff coming up. We'll talk about FaceBook and data your data next hour. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. That's what they do like fix things what the straight day. I got good. Empowerment self governance and draw. Eric your your home. This system. Luckily radio program. An average through the broadcast and of course while we were in the break there was a news conference. A news conference where officials have confirmed. This incidents this bombing incident that occurred at FedEx facility. Is likely linked to others. Let's release the big development so far will continue to follow this if there's more we will certainly pass that on you coming up we're also gonna talk about. FaceBook. And what they're doing with your data. And it's kind of a cringe worthy story. Rule share a little bit later on after we take a look at the date in history ends on the text line it is quite predictable. By the way let me give you the phone number. Because one of the things I I crave this folks are being honest with you I would have conversation here. Are Eagles advantage talk claim numbers 8931110. Common sense retirement planning text line 71 preacher seven. Writer I say this because. There are things that people tend to communicate by text they do not say got a phone call. And you're gonna find out why when I get to the text line. The tribalism out there and the venom out there are. That I eight received. I'm just gonna go up a limb I'm gonna tell you something folks I'm gonna say it's someone you're gonna be deeply offended to. Some of the nastiness that I have received. From some of you. Some of it is worst than what I experienced as a black conservative. In opposition to Barack Obama. I'm serious. And I got some pretty nasty stuff from people calling me sellout all kinds of things. I've got the scars. From years of taking a stand for conservatism. Staining for America's standing for what's right. And now. I'm taking a lot of fire from people who would rather drink Kool Aid. And follow a may end. And focus on our constitution and our values. So anybody who says anything that goes off of the reservation. And is not. Sucking at the. What ever. Of the great leader. Well you get some of the text then I'm gonna share with you this tells me. We have a sic movements. It really does. We have this. Vince quit fooling yourself for quit trying to fool us viewers much subject to tribalism is the rest of us. Just a different tribe. Just because I rightly pointed out that when someone is persecuted its cause for celebration. The scriptures tell us to celebrates. Can be faithful rejoice and be glad. And that's for being righteous for doing what's right that's not for shilling for somebody who's of questionable character. And nobody has called me to say Vince. Here's a person who has sound character and a person who simply. Speaking with integrity every single day. Now. Let's attack the messenger. Dexter. Oxymoron fine folks in Washington DC yes I was being suspicion Sarah being facetious. My remarks they don't surprise me coming from a jerk like Q. Well wonderful. I think sixty random facts and comments on your show but I should've added nice job Vince love your show moved you from Detroit. The Detroit area three years ago. And is guide their that I missed love you both if you ever get a chance to check this guy outs please do great defender of the faith thank you. Who is Jim Carrey. To be the judge of who is wicked gotta love those hypocrite a whole has beens seek. I I understand I'm not at this is where we go wrong folks a lot of central we do is we shoot the messenger don't wait. Well Jim Carrey now. I'm not gonna go into the lurid sordid details of mr. Carrey's life. But if you know anything and you've got the ability to do some social media searching. You can find some pretty ugly things. This guy's been involved in. You can't. But that's not the point. And I will tell you from the standpoint as a believer. I'm very concerned about the testimony. Of the body of Christ in what is communicated to the world. Head of the best we can do is shilling. For someone of questionable character. Then something's wrong. Very rock. Also on the takes line. Vince haters gonna hate. Covers nine they do not correct jealous cynical people for they won't hate you anyway. But correct wise they will love you very good team that's a good text here. John and out of cal prince creeps into you were John. Is the king James Bible the owned only one the apostles carried. Out I'd love it. So lynch issued chastised mr. Huckabee. Do likewise as you were attacked by those who don't like your words just saying. Or lowered forgiveness. Can hit it. Ben shear convince while I'm convinced people like you are the problem. Would you allow me to rescue you and your family former racing river. The short questioning. My moral character really. Really. Late come alive and that is blame. When a lame argument. It's not afford talking about. So I'm confused it was okay for your black buddy Obama see what I'm talking about folks. See what I'm talking about so is okay for your black body. Obama to have a White House spokesperson. Noted anybody in this studio. Can you construe anything I said earlier. To have. This text make any sense whatsoever. What did I say about these spokespeople. Paid. Liars. That's what I said. I didn't appreciated under Obama didn't appreciate it under bush on appreciated under trump eager. I don't care reported its. Your black body is net interest at which tells me a lot about this texture. And it tells me a lot about the underbelly a lot of this movement that supports Donald Trump no I'm not saying Donald Trump is racist. But I'm telling you there's some really. Weird. We urge thinks undercurrents. Within a lot of people in this movement. There's a number of text that I have saved over the past year and a half. Some of them I would not repeat on the air because there that bet. Well. Vince we didn't get a or would get it wrong as Christians I voted for president trump because our rights as Christians are being used dumped it really. That's it anybody here tell you not to vote for Donald Trump come on people use your freaky and brains. Voting for person this one thing going out in shilling for a person is another thing all together. Come on people. Coming up we'll talk about FaceBook. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince crew who radio program it's got to Derrick good morning Gary. And every day sure. They can make my. Quote question point they're more important. We have the gate or hit. Turbulence that the account and you heard no right to bear an elite boarding. Each. And there in the right to bear arms shall not be orange would be limited partner. Correct. It will be a person like myself while we're. Humility about that would make their nonviolent felonies and not be able there are more. Non violent felonies. Or. Well that's a very good question. I need it nobody nobody wants that might worry that they're not important. Game and that's an element I'm probably not going to be able to get Birdie Putt. I hate outlook which we hey you don't hire our great Britain and area deliberate. Probably sell. I'm curious steering wheel kind of crime we talking about. When you want him to the seventy year ago. Eating here or there and try to get larger. And again I've been open active under a target because they've grown older and I would pick your equipment and that all delivered. Enabled I'm stat column if I had never have a great error or whoever I just moved on into. Just because I might anywhere else that live. That shouldn't change up appears appears why he attacked if I don't have the right to protect my life. Does that bear that nobody ever got right on the. That is interstate have you communicated with the NRA about this when. We. Should. This is a very uninteresting subject is that I certainly get it you know if somebody some little gang bangers Ghana on the street and they shot somebody I'm not even kill them. But side gun out and done something like that I get it. It if it's a nonviolent. Offense. I there's a part of me IE I don't see the I don't see the correlation here at all Derek I really don't I don't understand it doesn't make sense to me. It broke my. I hope aren't sure why a bit and let American anti it'd be doesn't like there's been termed as a people didn't do imprisoned right now. There are there Americans are convict they're very happy 88 guarding five Colin. Any idiot they date goes through both through Democrats you want to call their kids and their two and there are certain growers in jail. Something that person began an alien all right something that get it curricula technical. That is very that's uninteresting observation their Derek. This is something that's now worth us exploring further. I do appreciate your call Derek it's good stuff. This this is where report exit you for most the time the attacks. Our second member rights or any other rights they are most the time their knots. Frontal assaults they are chipping away at the margins. Well let's deprive this group and that group and before you know it. Then how do we have so many groups of people quarter profits but the right to bear arms how does that happen well what happened because. They just trim to weigh in trimmed away in trimmed away in trimmed away by the way earlier. I sure would your post from Williams which I really loved Bruce talking about the inconsistencies. The gun argument how you don't hear. When police kill. Any person. With a guy and you don't hear complaints about the gun you're always here complaints about the police officer is the police officers fault. That post has now been posted. I'm 1063 W or. WPT FaceBook page so read it share its. And spark some other great conversation with its. I think it's it's really Exel more than one of the best things have come across on the subject on social media. You know that really goes beyond the I know you Robert what do mine sort of thing I can see most that's a so. Any case. Vince my name is Zachary avenue be. Conservative twenty year old Allison I appreciate the global head to head this you bring to the table. Your unbiased and look at things with a perspective if you help me with a level head with things and you're straight awesome. Really that's interest in Olympic leaders gets you. You are very important the people and anyone who gets mad you as honestly pathetic keep our man. But what a I apologize my liberal grandson treated text that you not me you were greatly. Totally transparent. Or won't IQ well I appreciate it. Regarding the last text your buddy Obama obviously. There are those for the attention span of a net. Energy justice annoying stay strong events. Look up a but a already let's go into this FaceBook story. Does this story is really disturbing on so many levels and and there are several aspects of this in fact their new developments on the story just this morning. More talking about in a nutshell. Is information that is been harvested. From face to. Our guys this is one of those moments where you. Look at the wrong place at the wrong time IA that's all I can say. Here is what is happened just in this morning at one and I start the new developments first. There are now calls for an investigation and I think I mentioned earlier one of the things that congress is looking forward they winds. Mr. Zuckerberg. To testify. They would like testimony. To explain what is going on and we if FaceBook and their data. In fact FaceBook is holding a crisis meeting without Mark Zuckerberg. He has been silent so far in this data scandal. They're holding an open meeting for all employees following allegations that data belonging to its users was harvested by Cambridge and Politico. The company's chief executive and founder has not commented on this story at all. And not made any public appearances since the story broke. He's not going to lead the meeting today. Which in several be chaired by Facebook's deputy General Counsel Paul Grohl. Here's what's happened here Cambridge and Politico is accused of illegally harvesting the personal data. Of fifty. Million. FaceBook users fifty million infect this crisis meeting and you would imagine. Can you be having your crisis meeting to. If your stock fell. Wiping out 37. Billion dollars worth of its value. That's quite a bit too. Investigations have been months by the UK's information commission. As well as European authorities there are under investigation all over the world now. We have. We're good to out right now get an update on that score shooting in Maryland we understand some news conference going on let's get the update. EMS. And one male student went to mass source Saint Mary's hospitals and stable condition. The female student was transported. To shock trauma facility is in critical condition. And I am told. There at 10:41. AM this morning. The shooter was confirmed deceased. Charles. Regional medical sort of in the played. When the shooting took place our school resource officer who was whose station inside the school. Was alerted to lose the event and the shots being fired. He pursued the shooter engage shoe heard during which that engagement he fired a round. Cut the shooter simultaneously the shooter fired around as well. So in the hours to calm in the days to come through detailed investigation. We will be able to determine. If our school resource officer rounds struck the shooter. Are these these school resource officer is uninjured and was not struck by any foreign projectiles. News conference going on right now breaking news out of Maryland on that school shooting again. These shooter is dead for more information on this we throw this breaking Steve new story and much more. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Vince Coakley radio program before the break and he gave the updates the news conference out of Maryland on the shooting took place there. There are two injuries. And Mayo who's in stable condition female in critical condition these shooter passed away at the hospital. A school resource officer is the one who fired the shots probably took this shooter down. And each he was not injured in the process. And as usual the investigation. Is underway. About what took place here so again the shooter in this particular incident in Maryland great mills high school. Is dead. Scrub to call from Joseph in New York good morning. In Maurice sure. I've Sheridan at the very opening. When you start talking about since the shell and not all like at Indian. And I didn't know you're talking about the presidential election or. These people paid their campaign for it any politician. But I'm in my case. They are. I saw in the primary Republican primary Perry's the only candidate Charlie two candidates. And one was Donald Trump and yet there will take her wish that I thought were reputable people. Then with the country per cent that's on the others where are the new world order so I campaign Donald Trump I would never paid a penny. Nothing. In fact I won't feel I'm being persecuting. Her party has signed up in New York. And our security and no debt or yeah I won't follow up on net but I think I could describe it. And I'm telling you bit. The new world order is great are all a build destroy any thing that's preventing them. From. Taking over. And I feel would try to generally only person. Net has been in the position. To do what he's doing to prevent the new normal. Here here's my question Joseph if your purpose is to disassembled the new world order. What had not followed that you and build the largest coalition possible of people who are like minded Tutu wanna work with you to bring this thing down. Doesn't is that not what you would do. Oh that's why Cadillac. Well okay that Joseph that's Joseph that's a fine start but you don't bringing this is not a dictatorship Joseph. How in the world do you accomplish that. Here's my question how do you accomplish that as a team effort not as an individual. Efforts. How do you do it. Well it's already happening more and more politicians. When he was first elected we're. Didn't know they could support him or gotten more and more politicians. Are taking on and supporting him and it takes time. Again so. Jones coming at Joseph is Joseph I hear rich Joseph I hear Richard say I've got to ask you question your. Tell me something about this whole new world order thing that's been disassembled just one thing. I don't know it's gotten that far yet. I'd say he's got to get a lot of troops on board. Okay and how here's my question what is he doing to get those troops on board. What united America that that doesn't you're not answering anything Joseph you're not giving me anything of substance. Didn't you understand and I don't disagree with your your sentiment. I'm just saying you've got to come with more than Matt. And let me let me give me an example Joseph let me give an example. We have the opportunity a few weeks ago to at least take some of the name of the how anti constitutional. Elements out of fleiss a few weeks ago we had this opportunity. What does this administration Dujail. I don't know what it did that the judicial system. As a lot of MD inert at 8 PM. OK I don't care about that Joseph the eight this to me is not about personalities. What is about is. This was a monumental battle and we had a huge opportunity. To at least blow some holes in this garbage called phys. And what does the president do he signed the legislation to affirm what we've been doing before there was an effort to bring about reform by Thomas Massie and some other people. And he was on interstate. So what does this tell me Joseph. I know what is main direction it's even though he may make some errors in getting there. He's the one being persecuted by all these all orders. And doll that's made up crap. When actually they couldn't. And Barack Obama are worthy friends and. General Gerald. Barack Obama is not president Hillary Clinton is not president. I do appreciate your call Joseph please bring your a game next time. I'm serious I'm not in I'm not being a Smart Alec your folks. It am I missing something. There's no substance here. All we hearing our campaign talking points and what I'm here's what I'm saying if you believe there is this. This monstrous. Deep states. You go before the American people. You put out some charts and graphs just like. Ross Perot did. Talking about the debt and the deficit years ago you remember that some review may be too young to remember that you put that before the American people and say look. This is the massive infrastructure of extra constitutional authority that's been taken on by this monstrosity. Of a deep states. I'm here to use to declare to you the American people your freedoms are in jeopardy. And we cannot allow this to continue their four. I imprisoning legislation right now. To get rid of Faisal. And completely. Disassemble. Everything associated with this deep state infrastructure. That has been put in put in place especially after the 9/11 air. This is my plan. Am I missing something here folks. Where is that playing in. All I keep hearing. Is figuring people complaining about how everybody's trying to take poured Donald Trump down I don't give a rat's rear end. About all this stuff. So much time and energy is being wasted on trying to defend up personality. Rather than trying to do what's best for the American people that's what frost meet folks. I'm tired of its six entire outfit and frankly it seems like. Only what affects Donald Trump personally on this subject. Gets his attention. And we had this. In these import this just a few weeks ago. This legislation was up for renewal. We care about was the fact that you despite a plot he was complaining about it. But when push comes to shove what does he do we signs this awful piece of legislation. One thing I don't have respect for I didn't like it when Barack Obama did it I don't like when Donald Trump did does it today. I am tired of presidents who were trying to be victims. We elected commander in chief not a victim in chief so caught off the victim act cutouts. It's time to be presidential. If you are in charge sure sure in charge stop whining and complaining on Twitter. And put together some legislation. To get rid of this crap. Once and for all not just for yourself but for the American people. I'm missing something here. If I am calling tell me. Because there's way too much at stake. There will be investigations on C once again. Congress money to invest if they want Mark Zuckerberg come and testify I don't give a crap about his testimony and I really doubt we'll. It's time we start asserting our sovereignty and especially in this area of privacy and and his pretty foolish of us if we're giving that away for free. 45 minutes after eleven you don't need yeah. Wounding at home. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley read your program would be talking about surveillance about the surveillance state beat. Also the mining of data from FaceBook. How will this used for political purposes and used very effectively. Inch what is mind boggling about this. Is now replaced were. I'm kind of surprised that people are surprised by this I don't think it's that Sharkey myself. Powell out of super street South Carolina good morning. They've been carrier. Street all total about 250 people a whole lot so so like. Under the words to a military trampled on their over the satellite period. WPP RW OK HD two and world security. Because global. That can be sure Delilah the FaceBook deal. They're not telling you that. The Obama administration to go out at the same thing to talk to try help I don't know some fair that the Liberal Party you'll never hear more about it. Of course not an agent I'm curious do you use up FaceBook and other social media. Okay I mean does this concern you the the idea that this made this date has been minding used for. Four political purposes. You're aware world. Just no way around you think distance there's no way to we can put the toothpaste back in the tube on this. Not getting not a question for you here. Also remember that out at duck boat drill won't let my final answer. Yes that was me. Yeah hoping you would have noticed that doubled that today most billboard diet and eighteen what are. Mun. Yeah eighth but I wouldn't speaking. Most people want to cover your Ayers. Are only get a teacher says both Fillmore that's my private man spoke about trying to block final answer is. That is why I'm smoking side but actually hop. Hey Sydney belts are beyond this and they will have some fun with this Alonso by the ways and indications Iraq. Perhaps were pursue this deuce in the email on this this'll be fun to develop in somewhere and thanks for your call Powell out of super street to South Carolina. Let's take a look at the he is not with this. Well deserved time off I might add. But she let's put Charles on the spot again because Charles always has a good time but these questions. This is the twentieth they Broadway were just a few minutes away from sprained his net loss of phone cards today yes it's today. The start of spring a little bit after 12 o'clock 1852. This particular. Book by Harriet Beecher Stowe was published. I'll give viewing hints. All the main character in this is often used in a derogatory way that name. To refer to black person like myself. What they call somebody like me assembled. Know who that's. There's they gave. I. You're the book I read the book as a kid okay. Those are all trying to do it. Can try the 1852. Next. No this is something that is but a relative. You'd call a whole. Time and I'll have in my game Diego it's a gay man group insurance. 1854. We have the lunch of this party to replace the Republican Party. Can depend I'm so I'm such an idiot I gave the answer all way. Yes just before me went into Republican Party replace independent part. Actually knows the league party we party that. That was what we announce. Let's give when we you can get I'm sure you get this 1969. This person married Yoko Ono John Money yes. Incorrect. This is kind of obscure I don't you remember this 1985. There was a poison gas attack on subways. And rerouted this happened. What controls although. Wasn't England France. Knows actually Tokyo. All right man went off. Okay if there's always tomorrow Terry is always tomorrow before you go their teams leave and we should receive. More time for this story this is bizarre. There are calls. For two closed down eight Paris sex doll brothel. Really yes. I'm a there are counselors and feminist groups are demanding the closure of a brothel. Where male clients are charged. Nearly I don't know how much it just a few dollars for the use of life sized sex dolls. Can you believe that their brothels for that purpose was don't complaining. 00 my goodness. That is pretty scary. No way this area really has. Are you Ed can you believe that we're actually having this discussion what country is this and this isn't free it's not what you wanna go there them but at at. Just floated as stood Dawes are spray cleaned. In a net zero. Of I'm serious folks this is what they do. They. Hunk is not to be compared to like a car dealership you're not. Saint you know you're not as driving and buying IE soon you get a rumor something they offered the use these clients rooms. With soft lighting music. And naked silicone dolls made in China. I mean. Personally I can't possibly understand the drawer for a really can't I don't get it. I need I don't know. By the way the clients are mainly men between thirty and fifty usually executive types clean as well as a few couples. Who come in for a new sexual experience. I hope the psychologists offices close. Yes good idea Charles. I told you folks I warned you this was really weird. I don't know what to say about what is happening to you what certain aspects of western culture but. There you ago. Any case enjoy the start of spring folks. Have yourself a great day and take care. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.